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September 21, 2008
Best comment I'm not into Oriental girls, but Ting's performance here isn't too bad. There's a cuteness about her that makes her seem several years younger than she really is. She moves slowly and strips quite sensuously, but I concur with those contributors to this forum who feel that she seems a little stiff. Maybe it's down to nerves, but maybe this will improve with the shows that follow this one. I have to rate this show as a fairly solid 8 out of 10. She's not shy about showing her pussy, but Mai is the one you want if you're into Oriental Asians who are also explicit.
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December 24, 2009
Too many of you anglo-philes just don't have an eye for what makes Chinese girls uniquely beautiful. Ting is an absolutely stunning girl. Perfect legs, kissable belly, tight little ass, seductive moves, sensuous mouth...I play her all day
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September 1, 2008
WOW a 10. I really starting to wondering what members on this site really want. After all the neg. post i seen in the forums i thought i would be my own judge and im not disappointed. She has it all. The moves, energetic, and it looks like she likes what shes doin.

Pls bring more Ting.
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