Big melons by

Jenny McClain

 3.7 (3063 votes)

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March 8, 2010
Best comment Presentation Avg: 8.5
  • Body(9): One of, if not the best set of large tits on VG. Legs, hips, & ass are well formed. Pussy is fully shaved & very nice. Face has a "trashy" look & doesnt do much for me.
  • Outfit(8.5): Color, style, & fit accentuate her traits very well. I thought the bottom should have been a thong. The shoes are very plain & forgettable.
  • Moves(8): Her stripping is very nice, but her dancing & pole work are subpar at best. A bit awkward.

Content Avg: 9.3
  • Sexiness(8.5): Her posing & tit play is very nice. The explicits are pretty tame--petting at best.
  • Variety(9.5): Clips are never repetitive. Lots of closeups. Lots of explicits.
  • Length(10): Outstanding @42 mins total.

Overall Avg: A good card that is fun to watch, but not a "must have" for sure. Jenny is great window dressing, but her clunky dancing & tame explicits can kill the mood. It is hard not to smile when those tits of hers show up on screen though. The twins earn this one an 8.5/10.
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March 21, 2010
There’s no getting around the fact that Jenny McClain is very, very well built. Sadly, that is about all this VirtuaGirl has going for her. While she is very hot, she is over-rated, in my opinion, by VirtuaGirlHD subscribers. Her moves are barely adequate, she continually has a strange sort of sick-to-her-stomach look on her face, and she seems not just nervous, but downright uneasy about it all.
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May 19, 2009
I don't have that many girls/cards, but from about 40 cards I have, Jenny, the Big Melons is arguarably my favorite of'em all. Great body, wonderful smiles, sultry dance, gorgeous long blond hair. What more could you possibly want. If you want your money's worth for a great card, download this one. Highly recommended. A definate 10.
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