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August 23, 2009
Best comment Pros:
  • Card length(10/10), is awesome @43 mins total. Her clips are nice & long too.
  • Superb clip variety(10/10). Her solo & pole clips vary greatly & her explicits are all different w/ lots of hot closeups. Never boring or repetitive.
  • Really sexy card(10/10). Marie is 1 of the least shy girls on VG & really knows how to get down & dirty. Posing, spreading, rubbing, & fingering w/penetration are all here & in large quantities.

  • Her looks(8.5/10). Not a bad body(although her ass is a bit flat), but her face really does nothing for me. Not horrible to look at, but definitely way short of anything spectacular.

Overall this is a good card from Marie & I recommend it as far as spending tokens goes. What she lacks in pure beauty she makes up for in naughtiness & sex appeal. Lots of content & one of the more pure sex appeal performances you'll find. If it wasnt for that overbite this one would have been close to perfect. A fun erotic ride that scores 9/10.
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March 19, 2009
Okay guys be honest. Marie is the girl you called if you want to get laid and she's the last resort in your black book. Yea, she's not real pretty and you call her to come to your place because you don't want your friends to see you with her. But she has a open mouth, nice tits, poking nipples, and wide open legs. That still earns her a 8.8
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November 7, 2009
Easily Marie's best card. Great outfit and hair, long show clips, truly explicit, and (unlike a good number of shows) FULL nudity is featured. But don't just enjoy the nude scenes...all the clips are worth watching.

Minor cons are her teeth and tattoos, but this show is still worth one and possibly two tickets.
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