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May 26, 2008
Britney is an extremely beautiful and very sexy girl with a great smile, but that's not to forget an absolutely outstanding awesome body with nice Pussy Lips!! she's not afraid to show it either ... some very nice spread shots from every angle and even some juicy wet lips.

Especially if you like the fashion model type ... gorgeous face, small but not tiny and perfectly shaped breasts, long legs, shapely hips and a great pussy lips and 8" High Heels, OMG !!!

I think Britney will be my new favorites and this is a must-have show for me! More Britney PLEASE!!! PLEASE MORE LIP SPREADING!!

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October 19, 2008
Britney is a lean, fit, shapely beauty, with one of the most serenely beautiful faces on VGHD! She is NOT SKINNY but lithe & lissome, with the body of a voluptuous ballet dancer,or a runner,with supple breasts & a curvy,incredible,ass.Her slow sensual seduction moves are so connected to her eyes & the looks she gives you so as to be liquid in their combined action.She is gracefully erotic,but also extremely hot & sexy. She spreads and offers her sweet cookie & asshole, as of she expects you to move right in and squelch away.Hypnotically beautiful, she mesmerizes with her eye contact and is a confident, comfortable in her body, woman who truly exudes her sexuality, effortlessly, powerfully, completely.Where other women try to be sexy, Britney, simply, honestly,almost effortlessly, IS HER SEXINESS! This is why, simply standing and swaying with the grace of undulating seaweed,she is extremely sexy and makes me cum, dependently, enjoyably, and easily. She is truly easy on the eyes! 10+
Joined in Dec 2007

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May 21, 2008
Acceptable moves, but a perfect girl from head to feet. Shows her nice pussy often and clearly, one short look at her also nice ass.

Hope to see more (more shows and maybe a lil more action ...) from her soon.
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