Happy Days by

Angelina Crow

 3.83 (2296 votes)

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Joined in May 2009

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August 23, 2009
Sorry, I had to rate her a 7. yes, she does get very explicit, but that godawful make up job and crappy lighting ruin it. her breasts are natural, sure, but oh so tiny. another victim of virtua girl's make up and direction as well. hard to enjoy this girl with all that stacked against her. not to mention, despite virtua girls claims in her header, she simply can't dance. just another porn star with an overblown rep on here, I'm afraid. I wanted to like her more, but in this card she is only mediocre at best. the nice ass and legs and the explicit play are all this card has going for it.
Joined in Dec 2008

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December 17, 2008
This sexy chicken (is she really 27?) looks nice in black dots white with frontbound and long brunette hair. It seems that she have fun on what she is doing there. Her occasional, tender smile encouraged to watch whats comming next. On some scenes she drops her panties first to permit a view on her pussy.

Yes, her breasts are very tiny, but they are natural. This might disappoint the people who prefers bigger boobs, but anyway better than blow them up. Nice to see her hard nipples, let lick them a little bit:)

The explicite part is a benefit, I get wet. She strokes her pussy (small strip shaved) with finger insertion and shows her nice, well formed ass and pussy from behind nearly saying 'touch and kiss me':)

Angelina, kisses and a 9/10 from me
Joined in Oct 2008

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January 3, 2011
Angelina Crow is one of those brainless bimbos who have beautiful attributes but do not know how to use them; and for moneys they will go to any length. Her explicit exhibitions should be for the PORNO domain; as even some of her photos are explicit to say the least unwanted; you don't have to finger yourself and open your orifice to let anyone know what you had for breakfast; but you can entertain VGHD customers with normal sensual & desirable performances without trying to be a PORNO queen. Great pity, she has a perfect body, face & normal real boobs (ie. without rock-melons). My rating up to this point is ONLY 8 out of 10 that's because of her bodyline.
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