Cherry bomb

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I have said it all about Marta in my comments on her other shows. this one she tones down the explicit just a touch, but you can't deny she fills that outfit out like no other could. always a performer in every way, this one rounds out her collection well, and she never disappoints me. in my book, hands down the most perfect bod on here, with Ashley running a damn close second. come to think of it, why not a duo with these 2, VGHD? talk about double trouble, whoo!
FAKE BOOBS ARE CRAP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! MORE! stunning girl, great body utterly ruined by two huge lumps of plastic bolted to her chest. If you like fake boobs youll love her as she is hot.
I've been with three women with implants, one quite similar to Marta after the surgery. The other two were like Jana H and Bianca relatively. I knew the one like Marta through her ex-husband and after she sent him packing, she did implants to fill out breasts that were little more than flapjacks. She took on a sexual confidence she never had before as a result, and I enjoyed several months of benefits before she moved off to another city. Normally I am not an implant fan, but she gained confidence with this move, or her regained confidence by kicking her ex to the kerb made her choose to be what she wanted to present. Anyhow, I see that not only in Marta`s build, but how she dances, how she looks as she dances. Marta is unquestionably confident that she is sexy, hot, alluring. And that is the source of her turn-on even without self fisting and total abandon.
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