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August 30, 2008
Felina's got one of the best sensual glide wiggles I've ever seen! She knows how to pour smooth & sexy into and throughout her performance and has one of the most voluptuous bods to flaunt in a seduction that has me howling internally and dreaming of a slide 'n' glide over her exquisite skin! She undulates in a smooth liquid series of dance moves with a fluidity very like that of Sandra H. but totally all her own.She knows how to wiggle her ass to elicit the horny lusty demon in me! She squeezes her super amped honeydolls to show they are indeed supple if also gozonga! She has a beauty that claims all the power of an erotic, curvaceous woman in her prime and presents it with a confidence that is, in itself, sexy and inviting! When Felina bends over and offers me pucker kisses I feel as if I'm cummin' home! I cannot get enough of this wonderful woman and would love her sexiness no matter what her breast size!All her cards are uber sexy! She is a stripperbabe supreme! She is so herself!
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December 29, 2008
beautiful eyes and face paired with a body, that even if augmented, is wonderfully toned and taken care of. Her moves are amongst the best I have seen on this site, flowing gracefully from one to another. I never tire of seeing her appear on my screen.
Joined in Oct 2008

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November 29, 2008
Felina is the Hottist lady you have, keep her coming, she is the Bomb baby. Thank you.
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