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Joined in Feb 2009

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August 1, 2009
I ask the same question as everyone else, she is in a bunch of outfits in her video and only 1 card. This card is ranked in the mid 8's so it not clear why no more cards has been released. Giselle is very cute and she has a great ass and should have more from her.
Joined in Apr 2008

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October 29, 2008
Giselle looks like she is really enjoying herself. One of the best attitudes on this site. She is not shy, shows her assets...but I would like to see some pussy and ass spreads. Absolutely awesome legs and ass! Unless you are one who refuses to buy cards with small breasts (preferable to "enhanced" breasts in my opinion)I recommend this card. Certainly worth one and probably two tickets.
Joined in Jun 2008

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June 6, 2008
Ah Giselle! A girl who knows the best part of striptease is TEASE! She's all smiles and keeps solid eye contact with the camera throughout the show. That puts her above most of the other girls. I kept looking for something negative in her performance and I really can't find anything. She's a sweetheart and a 10.
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