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Nikky Case


  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Bonus photos: 92
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  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Level: Nudity
  • Filesize: 204MB

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High Heels

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WyDude avatar
Nikky Case is one of the most classically beautiful girls to have appeared on VirtuaGirl. Her blond hair, natural, curvy body and beautiful supermodel face are a great combination. She is a little aloof from the viewer, but otherwise has a great performance style overall. Being an earlier card, of course, this one has little explicit activity and only about half of the scenes contain any nudity. The outfit is a good one, but not that great. It's got a good 70's appeal and Nikky Case has a sort of hot 70's blond thing going. Her moves are average, but for this VirtuaGirl, it's all in her beauty and natural curves. Especially her exquisite ass.
fgdfg avatar
wow, amazing! 10/10
laurabellum avatar
Nikky has one of the best bodies on here, no doubt. She's absolute perfection, and her tits are, for me, exquisitely perfect. Yeah, she isn't explicit...but in my opinion, she more than makes up for it in pure sensuality.
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