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Joined in May 2009

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June 13, 2009
While I wanted to like her more, I had to deduct points for the uninspired dance routine. she seems a bit shy to really show the stuff. her face is beautiful, and while I prefer bigger breasts, her shape is not displeasing. a different outfit and some good moves, and she could do well on here. I rate her at a 7, strictly based on the lack of real dancing. a little more work, and this girl could really rev it up.
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May 5, 2010
As a first impression, I didn?t like this card at all. Bernadette is a beautiful, lanky girl and she sports a classic body style and beauty that is hard to put down. In Night Flight, however, the first four scenes to come up (in a row) for me were non-nude desktop dancing with not even a hint of stripping. In early cards, this is not unusual as VirtuaGirlHD attempted to emphasize the ?tease? (and usually failing).
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June 15, 2010
Bernadette has one of the top faces on VG, maybe THE best. The only competition I can think of offhand is Jana Cova, whose look is a bit more mature. When Bernadette appears on your screen, your eyes, head, and mind become transfixed on her; and that is your nervous system telling you what a sexual priority she is.

Bernadette has the bone structure to be one of the world's top models. She knows how lucky she looks; one can only hope she is not an insufferable bitch behind it, and I don't sense she is.

One thing I liked about her interview video is that she wasn't asked about her sexual orientation. VG, I don't want to pay to see some girl who has a taste for something I can't satisfy. In this fantasy venue, I'd rather not know. I will never spend a dime on this new DeskBabes thing for that reason. What's great about VG & even better than a lot of hard core is that the models' focus and eye contact are perceptually, even believably, on ME, not on some stand-in Dick or girl.
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