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Joined in Apr 2008

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June 11, 2008
Bernadette has so much potential, but this card is not so great. Too much coat...not enough skin. Explicit? My definition must be different than others. This card is not explicit!
Joined in Oct 2007

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December 18, 2007
Another bull's eye for VGHD. Rank up there or better than Nikky Case in terms of beauty and class.

However, it is quite a disappointment she doesnt move as well or show much of her beautiful body.

I wont mind to have more of her though.
Joined in Dec 2007

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March 3, 2008
This set is pure sensual temptual & Bernadette rules the glide path of elegant beauty with a graceful invitation to cuddle in her furry splendor! In my fantasy I can feel her body wiggling under my hands through that coat, love the sets where she undulates,nearly nude, within that white smoothness. She tempts with classic seductive shoulder baring moves coupled with smokey over the shoulder glances. She does a beautiful full strip that has her pumping and swaying with only those boots on, accenting the majestic rise of her tangy legs and long lissome body! Not an explicit show-You have to be here because you've been completely seduced by her perfect beauty.You have to want to climb all over and inside her and let her sweet ass & eyes tempt you into lustful fantasies. She is so beautiful and that's almost enough 'tho I long, achingly for sweet pussy/pucker kisses from her.(that completion thing)Sigh.In imagination for now! Take her home-she'll show you her cookie in your mind!
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