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Dorothy Bank

Hot leather

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High Heels

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cavedog avatar
Oh my god. This girl is unbelievable. She has a smile that could light up a football ground, a body that would make you crash your car if you drove past her on the street and she moves like an angel. What the previous comment was about, god knows. She looks incredible!!!
Rince70 avatar
Though looking good, her acting on stage is quite disapointing, too fast, not natural at all. But most disapointing, no explicit shows and she seems to have a problem to show her puss. Finally, I rated a seven 'cause she is good looking as mentioned before.
davidh114 avatar
Dorothy Banks is my Favorite on the site. Dorothy doesn’t need to worry about the pussy hounds. If they turned off (Very Explicit Shows) and ran the program girls like Mia Hilton, Marie, Sharka Blue, Mia, Monica Scott, Natali Blond and other would all get 0/10 and Dorothy Banks would get all 10/10s. Dorothy does a great job on all her cards. Best wishes Dorothy.
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