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August 7, 2011
Lucy Nova is very hot, extremely sexy, and has great striptease skill and presence. This is an earlier card, so what passes for explicit and the mix of nudity to stripping is smaller than with newer cards, but that doesn't make this one any less desirable.

The outfit is pure 70s and a great look for this hot model. Lucy has the same basic appeal that Jana Cova does, but with a slightly more curvy body with less in-your-face sexual dynamics. In other words, she has her own style.

This is one hot MILF that I'd like to see more of and will definitely get more of her cards over time. She would b e a great fit for newer card sets (hint Totem) and perhaps even for DeskBabes. This is an excellent card that is well worth the download!
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January 15, 2008
Oh Lucynova! Great show, nasty flower-babe! Peace & Love!
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December 21, 2008
She is my favorite. Her face is beautiful, her body gorgeous and her expicit show is among the best. She is a dream woman.
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