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March 25, 2009
Wowwee! This is GREAT! A gorgeous girl who puts SO much energy into her show, and dances with natural flow! She is lovely, and it is nice to see her REALLY smiling and HAPPY! That kinky schoolgirl outfit shows her off to the maximum! This isn't just sexy, but makes me feel happy looking at her enjoying herself SO VERY MUCH! PLEASE, more of this. Great thighs, and very sexy body. But that face is cute and sweet! Could she come back in another skimpy uniform, with sexy knee white length socks? And a striped tie. She would blow MANY minds away!!! 10/10.
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May 22, 2012
Lucy Nova in her School Days. If you like blondes, braided pigtails, naughty schoolgirls, here you go. Lucy has a very girly but dirty outfit here. Upskirt shots are guaranteed when the skirt is this short. Her eye contact is excellent throughout the 34 minute show. Her moves get slightly repetative, but that's OK. There seem to be an above average number of "no nudity" clips, but they arn't bad!

It is nice to see a cute girl who is energetic, a good tease, and knows how to shake her hips. She does a few swings on the pole and smiles alot in this card. I like this outfit: interesting corset-like top, normal style heels and tights; all spot-on for a naughty schoolgirl. Lucy has a nice round butt, above-average sized breasts which are firm and perky, and a sparse blonde landing strip pussy. There is very nice rubbing and spreading with Lucy showing off herself well.

This is exacly what VGHD describes: an erotic strip show on your computer. Although not my favorite, a 10 out of 10.
Joined in Jan 2009

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June 26, 2009
Lucynova makes you think of Vicki S with her bubbly and playful dance. She is just as explicit and exciting. Well worth the price and 10.0
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