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Sharka Blue

 3.98 (2082 votes)

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Joined in Sep 2008

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November 17, 2009
Best comment PRESENTATION: 9
  • Body (9.5) Perky all natural tits, rock hard thighs & ass, puffy pussy w/ landing strip, and one of the cutest faces & smiles of any girl around.
  • Outfit (9) Hair & makeup is good, not great. Color & style are a good fit although a thong would have been a better choice w/ the short skirt.
  • Moves (8.5) Good, but not her best. Most are done well, but some are repetitive.

  • Sexiness (10) Posing & teasing are top notch; great ass & hip work; "explicit" contains spreading, heavy pussy play, & masturbation w/ finger penetration.
  • Variety (8) Decent variation; fair amount of closeups; could have used a few more "explicits" (only 3).
  • Length (8.2) Decent @31 mins total.

Overall this is a good card from Sharka, albeit not her absolute best. As always, Sharka delivers one of the most explicit performances on VG, but her moves have been better on a couple of her other cards. Still worth picking up though. A down & dirty 8.75/10.
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April 30, 2012
When are we gonna see Sharka on dbs

Joined in Jan 2009

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January 28, 2009
Sharka earned her 10 from me. Her perky nipples, little girl smile and disappearing finger between her legs shows she knows how to captivate any woman or man. Yeeeaaaa.
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