Romantic Suite by

Vicky S

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Joined in May 2009

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July 5, 2009
As I said before, Vicky packs a LOT of hot on to her frame. great pussy play and lots of enthusiasm and smiles make her a true performer. my only complaint is those ugly ass pointed shoes that look good on no woman at all and should be burned. but the girl is hot hot hot, and should be in any worthwhile collection.
Joined in Feb 2009

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August 8, 2009
Fumpser your opinion about Vicki is fortunately in the minority as mine is about Susan(totally overrated). It is sad that the Vicki no longer is making shows for VGHD as she is even with only 5 shows one of top 5 girls on VGHD. One the few girls here if I had to would spend 2 tickets get her cards. All her shows are a must have if you like beautiful blondes. Unfortunately for us she has moved on to bigger and better things.
Joined in May 2008

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June 14, 2011
Est-ce que Virtual girl pense me donner le gout de renouveler mon abonnement en m envoyant un autre fille au seins trop remontés. Il y as des club de danseuses près de chez moi les filles sont souvent plus jolies que ceux de Virtual girl. Pour ce qui a trait au model jolie et sensuelle.

Si vous aimez ce genre de modelle allez vous acheter des seins en silicone au sex shop.

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