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Joined in Nov 2008

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December 6, 2008
This girl has got a body I really enjoy watching, I just love a girl with her kind of curves, pretty face,succulent breasts,plenty of ass, and trim snug pussy. Let's just say, it's something worth having on this fine ass menu of beautiful women. A 10+
Joined in Dec 2007

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February 25, 2008
No explicit show! Realy explicits Shows:

Jana H / Californian suit

Vicky S / Golden River

Vicky S / Strip Club

Sharka Blue / Blue beach

Axelle Parker / Pink circus

Denisa K / Dance Teacher
Joined in Nov 2007

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15 days ago
Face: Pretty model, used to fancy her a lot. Full star.

Body: Great figure, shame the dress doesn't always come off but a full star all the same.

Moves: Sexy moves, capped at half a star by the fact that most clips are No Nudity or Topless only.

Outfit: Sexy and simple, a full star. Note the dress doesn't come fully off, not sure if I like that or not but it's novel at least.

Footwear: Cute shoes - more like this please Totem - and they stay on, full star from me!
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