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January 3, 2008
Ennie claims to be a professional stripper and I beleave her. If I was in Czech republic/ Prague I would deffently go to see her in person, and hope the strip clubs there is as hard core as they are where I live. she is a 15 in my book!!!!!!

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June 26, 2009
Ennie gives a sweet and teasing show. It's real seductive but not real explicit. She's appears as a private school dropout, not college, but overall Ennie earns a "Worth the Cost" and a 9.0
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March 12, 2008
The babe with the diamond studded cookie is back! Ennie is so gorgeous and those legs are some of the best on the sight! She is an example of a babe so voluptuous in her body yet long, lean, and not over bulky.The firm fullness of her body is a total turn on! I just want to honey-hug those thighs all night long, if ya' know what I mean. She has a sexy sway and glide presentation that goes well with her abundant curves and perfect tits.Her body is very much like that of Viki, same lines & proportions, only more voluptuous! There is explicit cookie pumpin' here, only it is offered, sadly, more on the distant animations and less on on the bar close ups! She does do some nice tease on the bar,but alas, most of the show is done in the mid distance.I'd like closer 'cause she's so beautiful and abit more naked and explicit. She is definitely a worth it buy with some definatly sexy moves and quite a nice fully naked close up shot, remember that diamond clipped pussy! Take her home 'n' glide!
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