Cold Drink by

Katerina H

 3.38 (1597 votes)

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Joined in Dec 2007

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February 16, 2008
Katerina H's / War Game sent me to look for more, and I found it in Cold Drink.Explicit behaviour, yes, and that is what I am looking for. A cheap crack whore no, if you dont like explicit behaviour I suguest you stick with 7.00 and under rateings,and leave this one to the big dogs!!!!!
Joined in Apr 2008

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November 21, 2008
I am NOT a fan of Katerina H. But....this is her best show. Nice outfit, and her best hair style and make up. I would get this show if it is available for one ticket. If you really like her, you can consider her other shows...which I have deleted.
Joined in Dec 2007

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February 7, 2008
When I saw Katerina's preview I said"Eh,?".Kept looking at that tempting beauty shot on her card 'tho and the idea of a hot slim bim began to grow in me.Watching her trailer the fantasy of her as a prostitute arriving on my doorstep took hold, I was off to the downloads, & I wasn't disappointed! Look above and to the right. Blondie cooks the cookies 'n' serves 'em up smokin'!That cute face under that peek a boo hair style,suggests the hottie pro ready to play for pay.Her small, pretty tits, covered by that filmy blouse invite me to caress 'n'squeeze'em right away through the fabric.When this lady gets down on the bar my cookie dreams come true.Tho I wish more of the good stuff was filmed close up it's nice to see my slutty honey doin'it to it!And she does do a complete gig close up and explicit!She's so cute with her smiles and perky slimness it's a nice fantasy to have this slender, tender, honey babe of a workin' girl..workin'it!Take this cutey-tutey home..she gives good cyber!
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