Viki show a0178 Brazil fever


Sandra H

Brazil fever

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High Heels

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v20310905 avatar
Oh boy!!!!! Thank heavens for little girls who grow up in a most delightful way... like Viki and Sandra. Wow!!!! Even if these two incredible beauties were performing in an Arabian Nights scene, each wearing an islamic burqa, they'd still come over as the two most sexiest babes. I mean, just look at them!!!!! Viki and Sandra are sensational together. No need for expliciteness. The chemistry between them simply oozes lethal sexiness from their aura. These two girls have two of the finest slender hot bodies that are meant to be seen in a perfromance like this. Heck... even if these two babes just stood there, sucking their thumbs (nothing else) all through their performance, they'd make it look like the sexiest hottest performance on this site. Hallelujah!!!!! Praise the Lord for Viki and Sandra, and thanks for such a wonderful show.
plasonic avatar
I'm essentially writing this from inside these girls panties! ('cause I like them both so much)! Their duo striptease comes more from seduction and glam dancing then from any sexual explicitness. Which makes it work so well 'cause both these girls are incredibly sexy seduction queens!This is not a lesbian lick 'n' finger fest it's a playful temptation by two of the most beautiful dancers at the site.They play it to YOU (the camera)more than to or with each other because in's a seduction of YOU.They seem to be saying, " you want to see this?....How about this?...How'd you like to touch this?" As much as I would like them to indulge in more explicit behavior I'm happy to have these exquisite, hard bodied, godesses wiggling and glam dancing for my pleasure. (If you like the Viki temptation try "DIABLO" or "SILK" first then come here once you're hooked). Sensuality rules the dance here. Go to the beach with these girls...they want to wriggle in the sand for you!
tyxeveja avatar
This is so disappointing. Two of the most beautiful girls on VG-HD, but what was the point of dancing together if they don’t even pretend to have lesbian tendencies and desire each other? They should look at each other as though lusting for a slowly melting ice-cream, and gently caress and kiss each other. Such a missed opportunity; does no one give any direction?
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