Jana H show a0167 Californian suit

Jana H

Californian suit

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  • Duration: 30 min.
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Big Boobs
High Heels

User comments (1038)

McArooni avatar
One of the best girls on here! The day I find Jana boring and unappealing is the day I shoot myself.
Caveira avatar
É a unica que encontrei até o momento com um show realmente explicito!!! (Very sexually explicit behaviour!)
Snowman8360 avatar
This is Jana the way she should be seen! probably because the director had the brains in this one to leave this girl be and let her move it like she wants. and yes, she can move it nice. shy little smile, lots of teases, and natural moves that keep the routine flowing. and lots of curves and hot packed on to her small frame to be sure. probably Jana'a best show in my opinion, which just goes to show that when VGHD hires these girls to dance, let them dance! jana is another up and comer on here, I have no doubt.