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Denisa K

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Joined in Sep 2008

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November 5, 2009
Best comment Pros
  • Body(9.5). Oozes sex appeal with an amazing all natural body and one of the finest asses on all of VG. Tits are firm & natural.
  • Moves(9). Real pro with smooth and refined stage presence. One of the finest hip & ass teasers on all of VG.
  • Sexiness(9.5). Denisa is wonderfully naughty and really knows how to use her body. It seems like her ass is always in your face and she is not shy about pussy play.
  • Variety(9.5). Large amount of explicits & closeups that are different & never repetitive.

  • Outfit(8.5). Not bad, but its not her best. Color choice was a bit odd to me.
  • Length(6.8). Unfortunately, this card is only 24 mins total.

Overall another outstanding performance by Denisa. She is so comfortable being sexual w/ her body and is definitely one of the more naughty girls on the site. Her moves are also solid and very well done. I still think "Dance Teacher" is her best card, but this one is still high quality and worth its price in tickets. A very hot 9/10.
Joined in May 2009

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June 27, 2009
I really tried to like this girl more. I really did. but in the end I could only give her a 7. the retro high school outfit really didn't work for her, but she also seems to only be working, instead of enjoying it. those 2 things, and lack of explicit brought her down even though I think she can do better. not sorry I got her, for sure. her body is hot, and she does manage a few "cum fuck me" looks during the show. but instead of slow and seductive, I found her to be slow and repititios. she needs to work on it a bit, and try to look like she is enjoying it more.
Joined in Jul 2009

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September 26, 2009
Denisa has everything what I've dreamed. She wears her hair in ponytail. I think, it's very sexy and attractive. Her tits are like large, soft, inviting pillows. I love them. Her ass is breathtaking, it looks phenomenal especially in that extra tight skirt. She really teases me with her seductive shapes.

But her real speciality is her delicious hairy pussy. She looks extremely sexy when she is playing with herself beneath her panties... Oh, my God, that's the heaven for me...

Amazing girl, hot heavy makeup and exciting ass scenes. What a sensual seduction! 10+++
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