Demi show a0116 Sexy hiker


Sexy hiker

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  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Level: Nudity
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Tiny Tits

User comments (17)

TallandSlimMan avatar
The title of this card is "sexy hiker"...but there is nothing sexy about this outfit. Trying to be authentic? No serious hiker would wear these clothes or shoes. OK, maybe some great clips? Sorry, no explicit or X rated clips, and only 22 minutes total. A card only for those who want complete collections or (like me) got stuck with this card through subscription.
Amelly avatar
Merci d'avoir ajouté cette nouvelle carte de Demi, c'est trop super :) J'espère que vous continuerez avec les autres modèles :)
Jigen76 avatar
I've always had nothing but love for this gal. I haven't made a purchase in over a year, and when I saw her in my demo list I had to complete my set. I love the natrual look. Great ass, and I honestly don't care if her dance moves look less than streamline. To me it adds to a more authentic sexiness. I've never been a fan of highheels, or over lacy victoria secret style underwear. The more everyday look is far more appealing to me. It's a great contrast to her high class body. I totally love the fact that she wears this plain get up, and takes her shorts off first with no panties. It's like a more primal t-shirt and no panties look. Mega sexy to me.
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