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Striking beauty

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TheRattler avatar
Zuzana was my first download and what a great choice to pop my cherry! She's beautiful, classic breasts, good moves, fairly erotic with her hands. She appears to be right handed from how she uses them. Worth watching and enjoying.
Snowman8360 avatar
If you only buy one blonde on this site, this is the one to get. I rate her a 10, even though she is a bit shy about eye contact with the camera. that body is close to perfect, and the lingerie shows it all off to best effect. not afraid to rub and finger dive, either. this girl looks like someone that you could meet anywhere in real life, so natural in her makeup and hair style. she also knows how to move, with a slower, seductive dance style that gives her a hint of mystery. I wish she would look at the camera more, but on the other hand, that shyness seems to work for her and add to the attraction. I certainly am not disappointed that I bought this card, and unless your a eunich, you won't be either.
WyDude avatar
Without a doubt, Zuzana is one of of the hottest all-natural girls to come to VirtuaGirl.. ever. She's blond, beautiful, and has big natural breasts. What more can you ask for? I know what I would want: newer cards with performances to current VG standards. This card is a good one, featuring some kind of washed out lingerie (she's blonde, all white for an outfit isn't good). Her performance is about par for Zuzana, hindered heavily by the earliness of this card. There are a couple of great nude scenes and striptease moments, but overall it's a lot of desktop dancing (in Zuzana's slow style) and a little bit of tease.
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