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Joined in Dec 2007

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December 15, 2007
Best comment When I saw the card and still pics the make up job worried me abit. Not to fear though, Zuzana looks great here! Her sweet sexy look shines through.Good news (nudes?) the "cookies" have arrived as Zu shows more of herself with more stripperbabe moves and energy. More tease 'n' please from this gorgeous woman is always desired.Watching those floating perfect breasts and hips with her glide 'n twang thighs 'n' luscious eyes is a pleasure that has me reach to disable almost every other girl I've got. Try having her perform on top of one of the pics from this show. Wow! Double jammy whammy! Cyber-dream # 69-Please have Zu and Jana H. do a duo show!!!!!...(I've gotta get a more comfy chair fo' da biz!)

Take this baby home...she wants to curl her legs agound you!
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March 4, 2009
Total package. This woman could be as close to perfection as it gets! Whats up with the bruises though? Maybe some rough sex
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January 15, 2008
Beautiful girl and she is one of them that can actually dance, but looking at her director every 5 seconds kinda puts a damper on the show. She's got an awesome body and lovely (ahem) smile but what turned it off was the lack of concentration for those she was dancing for. Give this show a 9.
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