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Joined in Jan 2008

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February 13, 2008
Moves were ok but looking at her body is just perfect. Perfect breasts, ass, legs and hour glass body. She has a lot of curves and meat that I want to crawl, lick and suck to give her hicky marks. Very lovely lady and hope to see more of her shows.
Joined in Sep 2007

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December 17, 2007
Karina's Hands Up (full version) rocked my world. This kinky cop has my full attention. I would actually love to see more kinky "girls with guns" in the future.
Joined in Jan 2010

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April 17, 2010
Karina is awesome. she has tons of moves. love her curvy body. she's awesome. she is number 3 in my top 4. Lorena 1, Jenni Gregg 2, Karina 3, Marta 4.
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