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March 17, 2008
Best comment Zoe's a beautiful, sleek, slender, tangy,babe. Her long, lean legs rise oh so nicely out of those boots and up to her gorgeously muscled beauty of an ass which she likes to sway 'n' twang back and forth until fantasies of hugging and kissing/licking her there abound. She's going for that smokey sensual, seductive look and it works on the surface but doesn't go that deep into her performance.She's incredibly, leanly statuesque & all her parts are quite nicely proportioned and she looks exotic with her deep tan and hauntingly lovely facial features. She looks great "giant on the bar" it's too bad she spends so much time hiding herself and just posing. Also, Totem, what's with the ultra short animations? After the "I'm happy to show my new look" shimmy she did in the preview I wanted to see a lot more hot stripper moves. Still I love the lean, bubble topped loveliness of her combined with that sleek set of buns and the wiggle she does with 'em. She is better than most posts have said.
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June 15, 2009
Got this show and Rebel Spirit for my girlfriend. surprising how many of you guys buy her and then complain about her. do you even bother to read her stats or look at bonus photos? if not, then you should quit yer bitchin. nuff said on that. I gave this show only an 8 though, simply because the panties had loose straps hanging that should have been attached to some sexy stockings. But who knows if these chicks really have much choice on thier oufits? the boots accent her tall and slim look, giving her the more severe and dominating look in this show. good moves though, and not afraid to show her genuine pussy (for all you wags saying she is a sex change). not one of my favorites, but then I only have these 2 shows, so we'll wait and see. not a bad performer over all, with a slower dance style. not sorry I got her, and neither is my Girlfriend. so it's all good. worth the cost of a ticket if you like the dominatrix look.
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January 21, 2010
Just doesn't do it for me, largely because of those balloons on her chest and lack of real explicit scenes. Not worth one ticket, much less two.

Yet another card which advertises FULL nudity, but does not deliver...those long boots stay on in every clip.
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