Jana H show a0057 Old school chum

Jana H

Old school chum

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  • Duration: 28 min.
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User comments (91)

Snowman8360 avatar
I had to give jana only an 8 in this one, simply becuase she can do better. her Californian Suit performance is much more natural and better. she seems to glance off stage a lot and probably needs to tell the obviously annoying director to F*** OFF! here. this girl can actually dance and packs a lot of curves and hot on to her smaller frame. but it seems obvious the offstage director is annoying the hell out her in this routine. but the girl is hot, and her shy little smile is warm and natural when she shows it in her other shows. VGHD should let these girls have more creative freedom, to avoid not quite a hit shows like this one. especially when we know the girl can and does do much better in other routines. but I got this one on special and here she is worth the one ticket. I don't think it was her fault that this show was not better. are you listening VGHD??
Saturi avatar
This reminds me of how the girls in high school where making the transformation from a young flower to a seductive goddess. I would have enjoyed helping you make that transfermation.
shorty1200 avatar
I have all but three of Jana H's shows and will have them before to long what more can I say about that
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