Monica Sweet show a0035 Big heart

Monica Sweet

Big heart

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  • Bonus photos: 49
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  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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High Heels
Tiny Tits

User comments (49)

shrekthree avatar
Nice girl with a nice ass,tits and body but still doesn't do any thing for me.She may have a big heart but sorry 6/10.Must do better please vghd!!!
Spacephantom avatar
Monica again looks very beautiful in this one, with a hairstyle similar to that in "Love Romance", and the skimpy black outfit with stockings is very sexy on her. The "Big Heart" of the title kind of detracts from the overall effect a little for me though. No nudity whatsoever in this show's task-bar clips, but they actually featured one of Monica's better performances, with good variation of position and movement throughout, plus all her usual sex-appeal and seductive quality. Her eye contact wasn't perfect, with occasional glances off-camera and the short clips featuring her make-up set were charming, but rather throw away. So not faultless, but an enjoyable set of clips. This was her weakest pole routine to date. Slow and sensual in style, but she did very little of interest with the pole in all but the full striptease clips, which were much better than the others. The standing clips were similarly slow and subdued in style, with one performed entirely on the floor and too long spent on the floor during the full strip, although her striptease was again the highlight. Not Monica's best, but still a good solid show overall.
PerfectGent avatar
What a debut! I like the girl, I like the outfit and I like this card. Monica really knows how to work a pole and she's not shy about showing off her baby maker to the camera. Her tits are small, but nicely shaped for her body. In some ways, she actually reminds me a little of actress Rachel McAdams - not a lot, but she does have a similar body type and facial features. I look forward to catching more of her work and buying more of Monica's cards. She's a great asset to Virtuagirls. Or I-Stripper. Or whatever they're calling it this week.
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