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Joined in May 2009

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June 13, 2009
Again, only a 7 for this girl. and though this is marginally better than her clubbing show, it has all the same flaws. she is only at work, and not in to the craft. again lack of explicit and promising more than she seems to want to deliver. this chick could be so much more, even if she is just working through college. girl, do some finger diving and actually live up to the slutty sultryness your trying to project. your not up to your potential on this site, and it shows.
Joined in Jun 2009

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April 10, 2011
Elya is already the lowest-scoring train wreck reviewed by myself. This card, though, takes the cake. It would basically be about equal to her other cards (rated in the 4-6 range on average), but for one thing: there is almost no nudity.

Scenes that should be "full nudity" and are labeled as such don't have it. In fact, most of this card is basically PG-13 at worst. Of the 23 clips, only one has any real content that involves full nudity and marginally explicit behavior ? the rest are pretty empty.
Joined in Apr 2008

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September 6, 2009
Great girl with lots of potential...unfortunately, the potential is unrealized. Great outfit, but zero explicit scenes. Indeed, Elya goes out of her way to hide her assets! This is true of all of Elya's cards. Still, this, along with Night Clubbing and Country Girl might be worth one ticket. The other cards are deletes!
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