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August 26, 2009
Best comment Pros:
  • Decent outfit(8.5/10). The long shirt w/ no pants is a good look thats unique & different than what we normally see. It also fits Elya's look & personality well.
  • Good body(8.5/10). Nice face & all natural figure. Decent ass & big, sexy natural breasts.

  • Card length(5.5/10). Only 15 mins total? Seriously, thats pathetic.
  • Clip variety(6.5/10). No explicit, only 3 full nudity, & the clips get very repetitive.
  • Her moves(8/10). She goes too fast! She makes good effort, but needs to slow down her performance. Everthing seems rushed, nervous, & hurried.

Overall this is an average card at best. Elya is a nice looking girl, but her moves are too hurried & unpolished. Couple that w/ the god-awful card length, repetitive clips, & lack of anything explicit and I have to say pass on spending tickets on this card. There are just so many other choices where you will get more for your money. 7.5/10.
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April 17, 2011
This isn't Elya's worst card, but that's not saying much. As I've said before, this girl produces some of the worst desktop dancing and striptease every recorded, but for some reason (like a train wreck), you just have to look anyway. It could be her spectacularly bad performances or her extremely well-shaped natural body. Who knows?

This card features some bad acting, more uncoordinated and off-tempo dancing, and a lot of short, fully-clothed clips that appear out of nowhere and disappear before you realize they've been there. The entire card is only 15 minutes long - making it of about average length for this desktop dancer.
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January 29, 2008
I love the way she flops her boobs around in her she I think she needs to show more crotch shots for the most I do agree with most of the comments about her but not all
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