Sexy Secretary by

Ashley Robbins

 4.11 (6186 votes)

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Joined in Sep 2008

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August 25, 2009
Best comment Pros:
  • Top notch body(9.5/10). One of the most fit girls on VG. Her thighs & ass are amazing and her tits, while fake, are very well done & still have plenty of jiggle & wiggle to them.
  • Sexiness(9.5/10). One of the hottest teasers/posers u will see. Everything she does is crackling w/ attitude. You'll be drooling every sec shes on screen.
  • Moves(10/10) are phenomenal. One of the best pure performers on VG. Her dancing is second to none & all her moves are crisp, fluid, flawless, & professional. Has total command of the stage.

  • Crummy card length(6/10) @just 22 mins.
  • Weak variety(6/10). Zero explicits, very few closeups, & only 2 full nudity clips.

Overall, poor length & variety keep this card from being totally perfect. And god Ashley, PLEASE do an explicit card someday. All that said, shes so hot & such a terrific performer, this is still a card I recommend for ticket spending. She is a TOTAL pro & so much fun to watch! An 8.5/10 that I wish I could score higher.
Joined in May 2009

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June 13, 2009
I honestly think this chick could do her grocery shopping on here and still get high marks. next to marta, the smokinest body all around on here, and great face and smile to match. little bit different dance style for her here, but as long as she shows those awesome assets, who cares? always a 10 by me, and well worth the price of a ticket. she feels warm and approachable, and gives the impression that she actually enjoys this as opposed to just working. I never regret getting her shows. nice outfit here to, showing what she has to good advantage.
Joined in Dec 2007

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January 25, 2009
Gorgeous, girl love red heads (I married one). Wish she was explicit though! She has a beautiful body & face to match, would be so hot if she'd slide a finger in that pretty, pink hole. (I looked online for more pics of her that's how I know her box is very pretty & she does play with it in the pics I have) Hope Totem can get her to do some more cards & with disappearing fingers *wink,wink* She's is hott, she got an 8, she can be very explicit!
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