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May 21, 2011
Silver At Road Work >> Here is a teen girl that is aiming too high for her breeches; she should stay home and/or pursue a fashion model career with a big fashion shop, instead of lurking herself in the skin trade. Her lips' puckering and other facial impressions are a sign of anxiety & nervous stress whilst on stage for explicit performances. It would be unhelpful to her if she gets high ratings, as low ratings will be a message to her to get out of this venture. At present she is in whole natural, cute & fresh and with any more encouragements she will end up on the brink ofbeing another statistic of the Bimbos' & Porno's World. I do feel sorry, for a such innocent good-looking girl with face & body with her natural attributes such as pure & nice pussy, boobs & Arse. I have to keep my rating at 5 out of 10 ; in another world I would had given more more than that.
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December 21, 2013
I think she's very pretty but she doesn't seem to be cut out for this. She has an odd expression on her face while stripping. I suspect stripping isn't her thing. Hope she made enough money to do what she wants. She's a pretty girl and she looks sexy with that ponytail and outfit; the pics are very nice.
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March 23, 2018
The poor rating is not fair so 5 stars. I like this card although quality (720p) could be improved. Some digital mastering.
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