• City: Koln
  • Country: Germany
  • Age: 26 y.o.
  • Height: 5.48 ft.
  • Weight: 110 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 37" / 23" / 34"

iStripper HD is always on the lookout for new talent and when we started seeing more requests for German dancers, we knew importing pole-dancer Shabba from Cologne, Germany would have our community of strip-tease experts smiling with every shake of her sexy ass!

Number of shows: 3

Shabba's shows

3.2 (837 votes)

Pool party

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 49
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 257 MB

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User comments (60)

Could use more nude scenes, but awesome girl.
Bon, ce n'est pas la plus jolie, ni la plus sexy mais elle est très souriante, joueuse, elle a un beau corps, elle est sportive et bouge bien et un je ne sais quoi me laisse à penser qu'elle doit être bien bonne sous l'homme oups.
Shabba bring exquisite skills and much needed humor to VG. Facial Expressions = 10+ Upper Body = 10 (full natural tits) Lower Body = 10 Costume, theme = 9 Performance Taskbar = 10 Performance Standup = 10 Performance Strip Pole = 10+ Sexuality = 8 Bonus photos = 10 Bonus Videos = 10+ TOTAL = 97/100 Full Nudity? No, shoes & coif Explicit? No.
Shabba card´s; always a pleasure. Great show. Love you Shabba.
Am dressed and ready for a pool party with skinny dipping. Couldn't take my eyes off you.
Shabba at a Pool Party is a great bikini show from a fair-skinned beauty who's just fun to watch. Imagine your school's dance instructor in her early days. She gives the perfect combo of sensual and playful. Shabba's eye contact and interaction are flawless. Unlike many girls, she has good pole skills! If Suzie Q is a 10 on the pole, Shabba is a 9. Her full striptease on the pole is incredible!Shabba obviously loves to dance; her fantastic legs reflect that. Her breasts are sized for your palms,...
A MUST BUY card if u look for dance performance 10 out of 10, More of her please Totem (y)
Shabba sets off fireworks in my pussy!!!! Shabba's sensational.
I for one agree with S***********, I like the way that Shabba interact with the viewer. She makes me feel that I am part of the show and when she is making the cute faces it is at me and not just to a screen. She is a very attractive woman and her show is one of the best, well at least in my opinion.
Shabba is a gorgeous acrobatic burlesque dancer. If you enjoy performance-oriented virtuagirls shows, this card is a must-have.
Thank you, S***********, for the new comment of Shabba's performance. I think, she is one of the best of burlesque. And I also hope to see more of her.
A sexy woman just amzing 10/10.
S*********** you are so right. Shabba is by far the best entertainer I've seen here! I got so caught up in her routine I forgot she's also very attractive. If any performance deserves a perfect 10 average this one does! Come on people! Unbelievable haha
I took S***********'s advice and got this card.IT IS A 10 for me.Shabba makes it so much fun to watch,also she is very hot.Really hope she does another one soon.
A breath of fresh air funny performance made my day a ten for me anytime.
It's not her looks, it's her attitude, you can tell she is having fun, and it can make anyone watching feel good, or even get a laugh. SHe's a character, call her a humor stripper, well maybe not but you get the idea. Get her cards, well at least this one, she is enjoyable to watch, plus I think she's a pro
Within 2 minutes of viewing this card i added it to my favourites. Shabba has to be the most entertaining, funny and outgoing girl on here, and this is without a doubt my favourite card on Simply amazing
10+very good
I would give Shabba a 10 for this card based on sense of humor and attitude alone...... except for the fact that she is also the absolute best pole dancer on this site, period! She's amazing! Strong and also graceful, she leaps onto the pole, throws herself all around it, slides up and down it... whew! I'm tired just talking about it, and she actually does it!She has a great body as well... strong legs, great ass and the palest, most beautiful pink nipples I think I've ever seen!This card really...
Shabba is not your typical 10. She's not erotic, so there's none of the fingering/spreading/rubbing, etc. But she is by far the best performer on the site, with pole skills that are second to none. When she hands upside-down on the pole, using only her calves to hold her in place, and strips her top off...WOW!!!
Shabba really does deserve some better costumes! It is to her IMMENSE credit that she doesn't let tracksuit bottoms and that ridiculous sailor outfit spoil her cards!!Her smile and her self confidence shine through though and once the naff outfits come off, you get to enjoy her stunning curvy body and hot moves. I have all three of her cards and will any buy future ones too.
What the dudes before me said - Shabba's a great performer and you are losing out if you dont take her. The best pole dancer around.
I've waited quite a long time before I got myself this card. And to be honest I only bought it, because there was a special offer on it.Even though there are SOME girls in VG that look more beautiful than Shabba to me, she still is quite a pleasant sight. And her performance is even more than a perfect 10 to me! It seems to me as if she's the only girl in VG that knows how to use the pole properly. The other clips in which there is no pole action are so damn sexy as well. She really turns me on...
Love how she is realy playing with you the 'watcher'.. She teases very good..and seems to have fun in what she does... A shame that she doesn`t have more cards...
Man oh man does this woman know how to tease.
I don't think I have ever commented on a card before, but I noticed that Shabba has low ratings and felt I must comment on that. I think that her looks may not be what most are expecting (blonde, pornstar types), or perhaps she is not explicit enough. These are the only reasons I can imagine why so many might rate her poorly. In reality, she is probably the best stripper/pole-dancer in all of Virtuagirl. She is also very beautiful in a "real" way. No, she does not fit the mould of euro-pornstar...
Something I hadn't commented on with the other cards I had bought, but this is much more in keeping with my experience at strip clubs. Dancers usually have worn more than one piece of clothing at the places I've gone, and particularly they have both knickers and a G-string. More to play with and peel, as well as to stretch out the show and collect more money.There is no question - unlike a good number of ladies that have only limited experience at striptease, this is a woman that has worked in k...
Shabba has the most sexist moves of all. It's a delight to watch her. She's a real turn-on.
Shabba quickly became a favorite simply because she truly enjoys what she is doing here. always playful and teasing, and totally real as if you could meet her on the street. to me this makes her far more erotic than many of the porn has beens and mediocre talents that you can find on here. this girl rocks, and rates a 10 from me and all her shows are in my collection. and I have never regretted buying any of them. Virtuagirl needs more "real" girls like Shabba.
Very beautiful. Love watching her.
Awsome! Should be rated much higher. A REAL preformer! I want to see more of her in costumes like nurse, french maid, christmas, etc. MORE PLEASE
Shabba really knows how to do a stripTEASE. She shows you just enough to leave you begging for more. She has grace and charm and CHARISMA. She makes me happy.
Shabba is hands down the most light hearted performer on this sight and for that alone she deserves kudos. But with her work on the pole along with that sense of humer makes her one of the best performers on this site. Plus I love her 10/10
Shabba, girl of my dreams, so sexy, great cheeky smile, wow.
Shabba can come and swim in my pool any time
I (like others) So enjoy Shabba and Suzy Q's playful fun shows SO much more than some of the robotic mannequins with higher rankings. More professional Pole Dancers that actually look like they are enjoying dancing!!
A very energetic show! 10
Next to Suzie Q, she is the next best pole-dancer and her shows are really fun to watch.
To my mind this is easily amongst the best of all the cards on VGHD. In addition to being a very beautiful lady, Shabba is a great pole dancer, very playful and a lot of fun. You really can imagine that she is interacting personally with you. Shabba makes me smile and feel very happy, and that counts for a lot. This is certainly her best show so far and I really hope their are more to come from this wonderful performer.
I kinda agree with Spacephantom. I went with 9 because there are probably other ladies whose cards I'd collect first, but she's, at turns, coy, playful, downright silly and then quite saucy too. Great card and outfit and a fun show. If she's your kinda gal you'd be wise to get this card.
No es de las chicas más guapas pero tiene nuen cuerpo. Lo que sí, es un show excelente! Es buenísima en el tubo. Ojalá consiguieran más chicas como ella! 9
My take, Shabba does NOT have my idea of perfect face or body. I like the skinny models like Jewel or Bernadette. What Shabba does have that gets me going is her personality & insane dancing ability. She works the pole better than most Vegas Strippers. Because of her action & eye contact, this is easily one of the more fun cards to watch.
Wow, she has a different look, and overly animated, and it wasn't til she started working the pole did I sit up and really notice her, one of the best pole dancers I've seen yet.
This is another excellent card from this fun VirtuaGirl. Shabba has a great attitude, plays with the camera a lot, and showcases her body while drawing in the viewer with little expressions and direct one-on-one eye contact and gestures. She is one of the most fun of VirtuaGirls to watch, especially when she mixes pole work (which she excels at) and close up interaction.
Shabba is wonderful. She is awesome on the pole and unlike many of the girls here has a fantastic personality too, which shines through the whole performance. Download and enjoy. You won't be sorry!
Shabba is a sweet treat . I'd jump on her bones in an instant !!
The best pole dancer, the best tease and she's a show-woman at her best. She's charming and have very nice breast...I love you Shabba!
Where are the videos of this sexy, funny girl ??
There are only two girls on VGHD whose cards I automatically purchase whenever new ones come out: Shabba is one and Suzi Q is the other. It's obvious that both are experts at pole dancing and yet both continuously receive very low ratings because they're "ugly", don't "spread their legs" and are "not explicit".I will admit to being disappointed myself with Shabba's #535 (costume and make-up), but her latest card more than makes up for it. She's playful, carefree and a joy to watch -- even though...
This is a very funny show with a freaky girl. Not too explicit but highly amusing scenes. Shabba is very neat, playful and communicative. Joy and happiness glows from her. I like her beautiful natural body with those adorable breasts and fetching ass. 9/10
Lively and puts energy in her show.
Shabba is a wonderful performer. No, we don't believe she has the prettiest face here at VG, but that's about the only negative thing about her. She is still beautiful in her own way and can she dance! She is lovingly engaging and very playful. We love watching her, she definitely keeps us entertained. She is a true stripper. She can tease you and make you love it. We paid two tickets to get this card, because it looked so much better than her other card we have. NOT DISAPPOINTED in having to do...
Wow..great card, sexy woman. She knows how to move and dance. Thankx
A very playful card. I love her long hair and firm body. Good work on the pole. So much better than her Happy Ship card.
I didn't buy the previous two cards from Shabba because of the questionable outfits and poor comments. Nice outfit for this show; I would say this card is worth getting for one ticket. Shabba dances better than 90% of the women on this site and has a great natural body free of tattoos. Really could be improved with some lips and cheek spreading. That would make this card worth two tickets! She has a nice muff. So much unrealized potential.....
Love Shabba's body, especially her breasts. The gradation of pink from her skin through the areolas to the nipples is wonderfully defined. As for her face and her acting, she projects a cheerfully raucous personality, which is unusual, but no less welcome. I think the lipstick is too deep - it should be just one shade darker than her nipples - and her eyebrows are over-plucked, but that's minor. And she understands the pole. One the other hand, what is it with pole-dancers? She's one of the best...
no entiendo su baja puntuacion pues diria k tiene algo muy especial en movimientos exoticos,carisma,simpatia y soltura en todo el espectaculo.pues es un espectaculo contemplarlo,recomiendo esta targeta para esa jente que sepa balorar todo estos matises un dies para ti shabba...10
Fun show, first good poledancer on VG. I like her outfit too. Attractive woman.
She is as usual underrated. Beautifull women and one of the few who knows how to use the pole-dance, plus she knows how to deliver a good performance. She is the only one so far who can even perform a nude comedy show like in her show "Happy Ship". Maybe not the must have model, but once in your collection very nice to have. 9 / 10 points
J'aime beaucoup sa peau blanche qui a l'air douce comme la soie. J'apprécie aussi son beau sourire qui montre qu'elle s'exhibe avec plaisir dans un show très vivant. Merci pour tout Shabba :)
2.6 (913 votes)

Happy ship

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Bonus photos: 63
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 303 MB

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User comments (53)

Shabba is sexy as it gets!
Bonus Videos (in AVI mode) don't display properly for Windows 10. Totem needs to fix the problem and provide an app that will display the bobus videos.
Nice change, great show Shabba.
Ok, it seems time once again to remind people that if they want pussy up against thier screen, to go to DeskBabes for that. Shabba's cards are all wonderfully executed, and the fact is, she is a very hot woman. others seem to rate her low in this show, apparantly because they have never seen a "pin up" girl from the 40's and 50's and which she obviously is paying homage to here. her make up and costume here are perfectly chosen to that end. the show is carefully performed to capture several "pos...
Shabba is awesome! When I first got this card I wasn't too sure about it, just because it was so different. I gave it a chance and watched it to some old 40's swing music and it all came together. It is now one of my favorite cards. I love that she actually puts on a show. A lot of the other girls here are boring in comparison because they just move around and look pretty. Shabba actually has some skills and is funny, entertaining and sexy! It's a shame that a lot of the really good entertainers...
Criminally under-rated. Sexy fun is exactly the right description of this card. She's a little sedate in some clips (my 9 rating is for that and some odd off-camera eye contact), but I can't say I have a problem with this beautiful, acrobatic girl slowly flexing her stuff for me.
IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Shabba and Jenni Gregg are the co-winners of the Gypsy Rose Lee Prize for Personality and Fun on VGHD !!!
Shabba a gorgeous performer, sporty and cute. She's sensational on the stripbar, true champion. My rate: 10/10.
Shabba is my absolute favorite! She is greatest perfomer I've seen! I love You!!! ;)
The best dancer here, she beats Tarra White's Magic Trick and Karina's performances by a long shot, even tho she does not specialize in pussy shots and the like, her shows are what I would call ENTERTAINING and playful. Maybe not the sexiest, because we've got different tastes, but definitely the best performer and stripper on the site, period.
k here is the thing..... the only thing i can realy find wrong with the card is that i dont find the girl that hot and that is my taste and i dont want it to affect my rating. the show was exellent.
I wasn't looking for a German performer here. Other than the Berlin sex show clubs, the only German ladies that catch my interest regularly are the ones in the beer gardens and halls with the overflowing mugs and bodices. Shabbas is not well rated overall. and I can understand the reasoning why. And I cannot stop watching her in any of her shows. The points that raise complaints for some marking her down are part of what contributes to making her shows so intriguing. She works silly costumes or...
not bad, good pole dancer. why i gave her a 10.
i agree w/ the spots of make up on the corner of her eyes, but ennie little devil is worse, being in the navy the outfit is sexy 2 me, most of her outfits r not the sexiest but guys just think of jennifer galbina orange soda, or even dorothy bank pirate city. we all get cards we may not like quit bitching just delete them quit sounding like a rotten fish (hopefully u dumb*sses got that who bitch all the time.anywat a solid 8
She is one of my favort. I hope to see more of her soon.
This is a very underated show. The pole work is great and she is very playful and entertaining. Those who are complaining about her no being explicit enought should just aren't mature enough to enjoy this clip for what it is. I find her outfit cute and the makeup around her eyes really does add to the showgirl look she was going for.This more like the stuff that you would see at a decent club, as opposed to girls laying around fingering themselves.
Shabba dabba dooooooooo!! love the show but not the outfit, but somehow she makes it work in her favor, very nicely done, her playfulness drives me crazy in all the happy ways, This is why i love VG for playful women like Shabba, Still a show well worth buying and she hasn't lost her charm, that's what makes this show so special
Céline Shabba - i like to see such a cute marine uniform like you wearing at the Happy Ship show! At the pole you are great as usual while showing a excelent TableDance and for them who love the 'very explicit' option you have perform some sexy clips also :-) Thanx!!!
S***********'s comment is incorrect. this is in fact the least comedic of all of shabba's cards but the most slow and seductive. there's the same amount of pole dancing as in all of her cards. her most interactive and funny is in fact Pool Party. As always though, i love shabba.
Shabba has a great body and she is great fun as a dancer.She is great at pole dancing.Her show is check in a berlesque rather than pure raunciness of explicit sexiness.She makes a nice change from the other dancers when I am in the mood for a little fun. Her dancing makes me smileI hope we will be getting a new card from her soon.
Shabba is a wonderful performer! I love it when she shows up in the rotation. My girlfriend even agrees that watching her is both entertaining and sexy. 9/10
Holy crap! I find my dream girl and she's in a godawful get-up! Thats ok cuz Shabba's a goddess and other tthan the hat, she rocks that outfit! Not the best but damn good. Thats why I give Shabba a 10/10 but the show a 9/10 cuz of the hat!
This card gets a 9 from me for sheer comedy value alone. Shabba's cards are all a lot of fun, but some clips in this one are genuinely laugh out loud funny. I wasn't at all sure about the silly costume and clownish makeup at first, but once I got my head around the fact that the show is supposed to be funny I saw the joke.I would still say this the poorest of Shabba's cards though - there's not much of her usual pole dancing gymnastics in this one, and it's not a very erotic performance compared...
Some of these comments are ridiculous...I think Shabba is very hot! What great muscular legs, and nice pole work. I was quite happy with this card. Now I just need to get her other workout card. Great show!
To the usual "not explicit, boo hoo hoo, we were cheated!!" mob, you clearly don't know a good thing when you see it. Shabba is a playful little tease, with a lovely burlesque routine, fabulous costume, some great moves, and is clearly having a lot of fun. I've said it before and I'll say it again - if all you want is point-blank pussy shots, go and download some porn. Girls like Shabba are what makes VG as good as it is. She gets a solid 9/10, and grateful thanks, from me.
way underated... fantastic... don't be ashamed if you spent 2 tickets :)
Nice outfit! If she was singing Good Ship Lollipop this would be an 11 rating for sure. These kids who are rating the outfit bad are just too young this is some sexy stuff.
Oh FFS...I ask again, PLEASE give this gorgeous girl something sexy to wear! Her body is sensational but boy has she got the rough end of the costume deal twice now.Lingerie, stockings, etc. please!
nice pole dancing this girl has stript before no amature a litle bit of pubic hair i allways like to see that i am a legg man i perfer high heals over boots or stockings unles they take the stokings off in the naked clips a good dancer its a shame we culd not all so see her dance in regular standing clips and get rid of her boring task bar ones all in all not a bad show real tits curvy body amazing pole work i give it 4 stars
Shabba is an awesome VirtuaGirl performer. She is generally underrated, I think, probably because she doesn?t have the toned perfection of some other popular girls and her desktop dancing is more about her fun attitude than it is about any specific skill. She is, however, one of my favorites precisely because of that attitude.
she's fun
She has an horney body and has a good dance pool. But sorry for the contest of the shows, too poor , she can make better. 8/10.
Awsome! Very Burlesque, Should be rated much higher. A REAL preformer! I want to see more of her in costumes like nurse, french maid, christmas, etc. MORE PLEASE
Wow...great card, sexy woman. She knows how to move and dance. Wait for more.
She has a playfulness in this one I like.
Who does her makeup?
I have no problem with a model on here not going the explicit route or not that explicit. I did not like this performance though because of her make up. The bright red lipstick and the eye liner was a bit much. Pretty girl, good body, ok moves, definitely looks like she is enjoying herself which is always a plus since some of the girls on here just don't seem to like what they are doing, but the old-fashioned makeup turned me off.
Shabba On The Happy Ship >> Guest what > this happy ship is sinking; someone has to tell this girl that she is in fact on a Porno Website and as such she needs to reveal more of herself; in her photoshoots here she seems to be on a fashion parade catwalk. She should be leaving the skin business. My rating has now dropped from 8 to 6 out of 10.
vary lame show not worth the time.
Shabba has a beautiful body, but this costume is so distracting and the makeup unflattering. Also, she makes many fast, jerky movements that jar me out of my fantasy. I would like to see more of her, though, she is very perky and cute.
Her performance is very disapointing imho. Girl, you can do that better. Sry, thats a 5 for me.
This didn't work for me. Going through the motions is not the same as projecting sensuality. I missed the sensuality. I had the feeling she has done this kind of dancing too much!
Wanted to like it. Tried to like it. Did not like it.
I could give this a 10 if not for the very distracting eye makeup. It ruins the whole look. Please redo this with better makeup.
Can't watch. Body not bad but makeup is terrible! Don't take even for free, it's quite worthless.
This one is terrible. The face is not attractive and the moves are not sexy at all. I got ripped off getting this one. The only nice thing i have to say is that here body is pretty decent but she does such a bad job at showing it off it doesn't really matter. She does have some fun moves but most of them you are sitting there wondering why is she doing that, not only is that not hot but its a complete turn off.
Horrible makeup, absurd costume, silly moves, a clear 0 from me.
She does have a great personality. I like her.
Je trouve sa note bien injustement faible, si elle n'est pas la plus jolie, si sa peau très blanche peut ne pas séduire totalement, elle reste bien faite, son show très original est un petit spectacle, avec une réelle performance physique, loin de ses filles qui se trémoussent mollement pour ne pas dire paresseusement, essayer Shabba, elle vous déroutera au début, mais au final elle vous plaira sans doute, en tout cas moi je ne cracherais pas dessus.
Her show is like a comedy show, funny movements and gestures. It is realy different compared to others. If you like a funny comedy striptease get her. 9 points.
J'irai volontiers naviguer avec ce joli matelot. Seul sur notre bateau, on ferait naufrage sur une île déserte, et là .... Je vous laisse imaginer la suite. Merci et bravo à toi Shabba, tu es magnifique.
3.2 (1319 votes)

Fitness lesson

  • Shows: 31 clips
  • Duration: 42 min.
  • Bonus photos: 33
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 331 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (106)

Shabba "Fitness Lesson" is all that and much more. You'll see authentic exercise reps, fabulous pole work, ballet twirls and Vaudeville slapstick, plus the most inventive "taskbar over" striptease. WARNING: you risk serious injuries if you try to duplicate her stunts. Just sit back and enjoy as if drinking distilled water from a primordial comet. Facial Expressions = 10 (impish) Upper body = 10 Lower Body = 10 Costume, theme = 10++ (essentially Shabba) Performance Taskbar = 10+ Performance Stand...
Shabba, aka Céline Shabba Le Gall, is a professional poledance teacher and one can easily see this in her awesome show. Her stunning poledance skill goes well together with her great body, which is trained yet looks fragile. Her beautiful red hair is looking great on her pale skin and her flirting looks and teasing moves let your blood flow into some specific body regions with ease. Her moves are sometimes fragile like a swan, sometimes full of passion like a storm of lust. Her show is incredibl...
Everything about Shabba is just wonderfull. 10+ Please bring her back soon.
What oh girl! Lovely and cute not to mention her brilliant skills as a pole dancer...P E F E C T I O N. I really enjoyed this card, highly reccommended.
Nice to see that another user did thier homework here. Shabba OWNS a pole dance school so to all you low-raters, the woman knows what she is doing! also, should be noted that Shabba knows what "burlesque" truly means and incorporates that into her shows. all you users under 35 might want to look that term up so you get it! older users like me have always known what Shabba is about. she is above all a permormer, in all meanings of the term. you want in your face porn, there are other sites ( like...
Shabba is a great performer, easily one of my favorite cards.
Great performance. Could watch her pole dance all day.
By the time i post this i have 260 VG cards snd most of DB cards, the BIG Q is what ur lookin in the card, if ur look for a Pole dancing, HERE IT IS, if she's a '10' rate then other performer of my 200 more cards is just an average '8', i bought Shabba First card by carousel, but once i saw the performance i immediately bought all her card, This is the best pole dance in the site, ^___^ A MUST BUY Card, Totem more of her cards please, Thanks
Shabba should be rated higher than what she is, she is very sexy and a great performer.
I have very few comments in this forum, I for one like the way she interacts with the viewer. She is one of the best pole dancers that I have seen to date. Her looks and body are that of the woman next door that you would like to hook up with. Although there are no videos yet, (soon I hope) I will keep looking for more cards from Shabba. Love the way she moves so smooth and the upper body strength to be a very good pole dancer.
she is soo good with the pole dancing. I strongly recommend.
I know that I had written on Shabba before commenting on this card, but it is gone now. Not sure why, as this is a wonderful dancer that looks like she has trained with many of the best actual strip club dancers to know how to meld the pole and stage floor with revealing herself.But she doesn't just do that. She has a full artistic show built around a fitness workout. She does this with each of her cards - something some others do, but not all. For Shabba, however, it is now something that seems...
Nicht direkt mein Typ, aber die Show macht das komplett wett. Sexy as hell ;-)
i like her great tits and i like de ple dancing
Please buy this card and rate it highly I cannot belive she has such a low rating she knows how to turn you on trust me.
Gentlemen (and ladies), if you're looking for raunchiness, don't bother buying this card. There is absolutely no fingering, spreading, or rubbing for that matter.Now, if you want to see a great performance, BUY THIS CARD. Shabba has to be the best pole performer on the site...yes, better than the great Suzie Q.Shabba is fun! She is a great tease! She knows how to move her slim, athletic body. She flows. She's graceful. She's art in motion. Wow!
gorgeous body knows what shes doin on that pole but wtf is up w/ the ribbon? it dont even go w/ the outfit!
Has to be one of my favorite cards, she hass an amazing personality to her that makes her extremely enjoyable to watch. I actually get a laugh when watching her (she can make any man happy)
there are prettier girls here but shabba is fit as and exudes confidence and has some of the best moves on the site good card.
I Bet Shabba Is GOOD In Bed...She Is a TRUE Strip TEASE, I LOVE How She Works The Pole With Her Long Lean Sexy Body!
Este show me llegó como parte de la suscripción y, considero que aunque hubiera gastado 2 tikets para adquirirlo estaría igualmente contento. En mi opinión, me pareció excelente aunque no sea precisamente explícito como habría de esperarse; quizá sea por eso la baja puntuación. De cualquier forma, yo le doy 10.
I don't think I have ever commented on a card before, but I noticed that Shabba has low ratings and felt I must comment on that. I think that her looks may not be what most are expecting (blonde, pornstar types), or perhaps she is not explicit enough. These are the only reasons I can imagine why so many might rate her poorly. In reality, she is probably the best stripper/pole-dancer in all of Virtuagirl. She is also very beautiful in a "real" way. No, she does not fit the mould of euro-pornstar...
Finally a girl who can use the pole! We need more girls like her that can actually use the pole.
I think she's great , the way she teases almost like she was in a strip club doing her duty. 10/10 babe keep it up!!!
Personality and a great body. I love her smile and how shy she is (not). A def 10+
1st off I just LUV ur moniker... Ok now with that off my chest. Shabba in my OPINION is far 2 under rated. A consummate stripper who's well versed on the pole. I must admit I have a penchant 4 her refulgent style. I believe its worth 2 tickets, esp. good deal 4 just 1 ticket
Awsome! Should be rated much higher. A REAL preformer! I want to see more of her in costumes like nurse, french maid, christmas, etc. MORE PLEASE
Absolutely 10 out of 10.Excellent use of the pole, and a great body.
Shabba is a excellent example of why I go gaga over red heads. Gorgous body with pale skin, sexy smile and is just a helluva lot of fun to watch! She's the closest thing to my fantasy girl I have ever seen! Sexy and funny in one awesome package! 10/10 PLEASE bring Shabba back for more!
She might not be the sexiest, but much like Karina, she can actually dance. 10.
Sexy feet. Great soles. Please, more feet shows! Rated 10!
she's really great, supertits, she can dance, she's natural, she laughs, a 10 for me...
A very energetic show!
shabba is the sleeping princess of the site; she is quick and slow, graceful and spry and a mime with a withering sense of humor; she's a ten plus, but beware for adults only.
shabba is beautiful! and moves so gracefully, she is for sure one of the best pole dancers. go shabba!!!
Definetly fills a void as far as different outfits/ shows go. Uses her athleticicism VERY well, and moves with a grace of a dancer. Consider her a #2 to Ms. Suzie Q in the pole department, (which isn't a bad thing.) Enjoyed this show quite a bit!!
i give her show a 10 mainly for the things this girl can do with a pole! most of the girls tho amazingly beautiful and sexy should take some pole dancing classes or take some tips from this model. worth the download
Interesting. My brain gives her a 10, but Mini-Me gives her a 6. Life is complex. Well Mini-Me, you'd have to do her anyway.
I love this girl and her moves. 100% my taste.
I think I'll pick Shabba as my favorite! She has real charisma. She's bright and sparkly and lots of fun to watch. She's having so much fun, she even falls off the table in one clip! It's also nice to see someone who can really DANCE with the pole. What an acrobat, and graceful too! She looks real. Her breasts are just right, and she actually has Hair between her legs, just like real people do! Only little girls have bald pussies! This is the kind of tasteful quality I would like to see more of....
Now there we have a very gorgeous and talented girl with a great body tone and lovely boobs et al. She is certainly a professional pole handler and I dont mean just dancing in a club. She could do more tricks on 20cm of cock than a monkey could on 100 meters of rope. Love her need more of her and definitely a 10
This German chick is probably one of the best here. She's a prof stripper and has really got a clue what she's doing. Plus her great fair skin, amazing titties, round ass, cute shaved pussy, nice feet, and a beautiful mad driving smile. By definition, everything a guy would ask for. Love you Shabba 10/10
Shabba's performance is a breath of fresh air for VGHD. She clearly has been trained as a pole dancer instead of just another glamour model.Shabba has great skill, very entertaining to watch. Also nice to see a woman with a little hair, once you've been around abit you realize once you've seen one bald pussy you've seen them all.
It is rare to see a skilled dancer with a kind face. Altogether very sexy 10/10
When I first saw the outfit and the initial pics I was prepared for dissapointment but her talent as a dancer, an excellent performace both on the pole and as a dancer in general and her engaging smile pulled me in and made me a fan. This show is a definite 10 for me. Shabba, thank you for a wonderful show and thankyou Totem for bringing her to us. --- da bullfrog
Excellent card !! Thank you VGHD. Pretty woman & a very nice body with outstanding moves ! Very happy.
Pleasantly quirky looking lady with a stunning muff and some cracking moves on the pole. Give her something remotely sexy to wear for her next show though please!
Shabba - Hallo Du Hübsche, Grüsse nach Kölle am Rhin und Wilkommen auf meinem Puter! ;-)) Now the comment in english: First of all i think Shabba is a beauty, a great perfomer and with Fitness Lesson she did give us a very sexy show in all 4 category's. Is it nessesary to tell that i did rate her show with a 10? However, everyone has a own taste but i love proffesional PoleDancers and this girl does it very well :-)Stanzeflasher - just a small collection of bonus photos but they are all excellen...
Anything Shabba lacks in the model department in some people's opinions, she more than makes up for in the performance one. This card has all around high entertainment value that will put many a smile on a face. Something quite different from the monotony of going from point A) clothed to point B) unclothed, with plenty of fun in between. An exhilarating breath of fresh air indeed.And, Apparently no crew members were harmed in the making of this card which is pretty surprising. Miraculous IMHO!!...
the best pole dancer
She is so amazying with here show!.
mail me baby- for a meet up arrangement
Quelle file sensationnelle. Superbes seins elle est la Déesse incontestable du poteau de dance. Énergique, enjouée, charmeuse et agaçante elle donne un super show. Dans cette carte elle porte un petit short en spandex qui nou montre sa petite craque sublimement.Résumons en deux mote: Viva Shabba!
I do love your show. My wife does no She has no taste I think.
Shabba is incredibly gorgeous - she's definitely got the right moves, and all the right curves. She's certainly not the most exposed model, some women have different comfort levels with this stuff, but she definitely has a really wonderful strip.I can't wait to buy all of her cards, if you don't get Shabba, you're completely missing out on this amazing woman. Every time I watch one of her clips, my heart definitely gets a work out!
You want dancing and pole work? Get this card. Not explicit; another one of the cards that should be labeled just "full nudity".In my opinion, Shabba is better in this show than any other model when it comes to pole work and movement. And, she's artificial boobs or tanning.I just wish she would be explicit. Show us the goods! of the most underrated cards available.
there is one clip that makes the whole card worth it. She starts off fully clothed, and begins working the pole. shes in the same class as suzie q in terms of her pole work. slowly she begins stripping, all the while working the pole and just being so sexy. while some of the clips may be a bit dull, that one clip makes up for it. you'll know which i mean when you see it
Excellent unique moves at the pole, her body is very nice too. highly recomended if you apreciate a girl who really knows how to use the pole
I and my fellow Cardinals and Bishops have been behind closed doors all day with his lovely blessing from heaven. We have come to the conclusion that she is one of the best Pole Dancers VG has. Have decided for consideration upon her retirement that she be Canonized as a Saint of the Pole.May the Lord Bless Her and You whom partake in her visual wonders. Amen.
Man, I wish my trainer had those moves. What a doll.
I gave her a 9. The show should be changed to Full Nudity and take off the sexually explicit behavior. She does nothing explicit. The teasing goes a little to far. You never get to see whats between her legs. But, overall the card is pretty good. Great pole work (wink, wink) Beautiful breasts. Cute face. Worth the 1 ticket...but, no more.
a nice bod but could use a few fitness lessons and a proper diet--just look at the fat belly----still----this is OK-------she does have the basics
Best dancer ever....She is sexy as well. Turned out to be my favorite V girl.
Wow..great card, sexy woman. She knows how to move and dance. Wait for more.
What can one say about Shabba? This girl is why I downloaded the program to begin with. She has a great natural body and damn she knows how to work a pole. Most importantly, watching her dance is just too damned much fun. I wish there were more shows of this wonderful dancer.
Great performer with a nice body. The outfit didn't really do it for me though. Still, a solid 9.
Great performance on the pole and off but to me she doesn't take the place of Suzie Q. Though she's a great addition as a second professional pole dancer. 9 dollar bills out of 10. :)
nice to see some bush (finally) good dancer, hot body 9/10
Let's hear it for the new girl Shabba, she is beautiful and talented in so many ways, I love how she takes off her shirt while on the pole and just flings it like a hot potato, I also like the dolphin move she does when she was lying down on her belly, i give her a 9, (i'd give her a 10 but she looks like my aunt lol)
Shabba At Fitness Lesson >> She attracted a lot of critisms of how good a performer she is; but her face & bodylines could had been from the girl next door with all her natural attributes; it takes more than that to be among the best (there are few really attractive, nice & sensual girls at VGHD). I can now understand why most commentors had been holding back on their ratings; also while no videos and her snapshots are just average for a german girl (nothing to evaluate for). I for one, my ratin...
beauty body outfit nothing special
hubiera sido más explicito
Pretty lady... nice performance... but can do more! i'm waiting for more...!keep it on girl. Love you...!
Shabba is echt ein süsses mädel, nur leider ist sie nicht sehr explecit... aber das macht sie durch eine grandiose show eirder wett. Zudem hat sie einen der schönsten Busen aller VGirls. Diese Show ist auf jeden Fall unterbewertet. Sie hat viel Power und macht durch ihre Akrobatik diese Show zu etwas ganz besonderm. Leider ist ihr Outfit in den anderen beiden Shows eher abschreckend für mich... Schade, aber vielleicht kommt da ja noch was
Great pole skills, not overly attractive and certainly not explicit, I give her a solid 8.
First and foremost Shabba is a phenomenal pole dancer and performer in this card. It’s true that her show isn’t too explicit, but if I wanted explicit I would have paid for a full on porn site rather than this ‘Strip Tease’ site. She isn’t the best looking girl on this site but she isn’t the worst either. I currently have collected 156 cards/62 models. Each one purchased individually. I’ve noticed that some girls lean more towards modeling like Sandra H, while others are clearly porn oriented li...
Super moves,on the pole especially. No smiling a lot. All in all, pretty good. Above average. I give it an 8 for the moves.
Very pretty nipples, and really knows how to use the pole. Also, the pallor makes a nice change. On the other hand, not really explicit. I'd downgrade to 'full nudity'.
Shabba habba habba!! waiting for the next card, can´t we get more dancers like Shabba?? Maybe next time a girl from holland??
8/10 she is a gooddancer nice performence,show is creative. Only not really my kind of girl. Expected more.
Pros - very strong and graceful body; stunning pole skills; she has a very noticeable level of trained refinement, but she is still very playful; she hits sexy moves here and there, more of this would have been greatCons - lose the neck ribbon; in attempts to be cute, she gets corny at times; there's only one explicit clip; she repeats certain moves, too conspicuous; her show is mostly pole clips, more standing clips would have added variety; she's not so daring when she is fully nude (coochie s...
Ok, I admire the way she hangs upside down on the pole and takes her top off, her agility on the pole is sublime, but she seems afraid to show anything, especially her pussy, so what do I want these cards for, admiration of pole dancing or fit nubile girls playing with themselves for my entertainment? I think the answer is obvious, sorry Shabba, deleted.
This girl is without doubte one of the best pool dancing, and she is simpaticy too on some strips. She has a nice great body, but I don't like soo much this make up in this card, and she never spread and touch her pussy, just a few times. In overall, is an avarage card , for my opinion.
It was a good show, she was cheerful, happy doing what she was doing, and does have a good body, the only thing missing was her little pussy, there wasnt much to see. However worth for the collection
What a pleasure to watch, This is a dancer that knows how to perform using the pole to her advantage.
This was not what expected.She looks wild in the trailer but the show was a dissapointment.Too much teasing and not showing the pussy - not what I wanna see.
Not the best looking model on VGHD, but lovely firm breasts, sexy n playful and knows how to work the pole ;)
i love the body, but the way she move is not great
Shabba is unquestionably the hammiest performer on the site; a few of her moves, like the "bra" she makes out of the ribbon around her neck, are cute, but most of them are akin to her tiptoe walking and mouth-kissing as maneuvers that seem silly and childish to me. Not at all what I'm looking for in a seductress.
Sorry to buck the trend here - I think she is not so hot. For a 'fitness' theme - she looks pale, has smoker's teeth, and a bit of a pouch belly.She may be a good pole dancer - but 95% of the other models on VG are more fit and prettier IMO. Perhaps if she was featured in another type of scene, got a bit of sun, polished her teeth and toned up her gut I'd like her - but not in this card. Worst since Silver. 4/10
diese Frau geht mir echt auf den Keks!
Nicht nur kokettieren, bitte auch etwas mehr zeigen.
Seeing these disgusting cramped feet apepar on te stage is ike anighmare come true. Sh maybe as pretty or good pperformer but leave those crumpled looking paws out :)... a 0 for this
I'm pretty sure her fitness routine is very pleasing!
The first really good poledancer on VG. Nice looking woman, fun performance. I liked her a lot.
Its a good card with a unquie performance.
tres jolie fille son show est extra 10/10
...excellent; ich liebe sportliche Frauen... weiter so !
what a great dancer!!And what a beautiful body.She's made for this job.She's got an incredible ass and she knows how to use it.12/10
Elle est très souple sportive athlétique, un rien joueuse, assez souriante, bref pas mal du tout, manque juste un peu de perversité, elle reste trop pudique, dommage, on est davantage ici, dans le nu que dans l'explicite.
Naja, ganz nett. Ein besonderer, interessanter Typ. Es fehlt wie meist eine gehörige Portion "Explizites"! 9/10
Bienvenue à toi Shabba, ce show est très prometteur et j'espère que la suite sera encore plus chaude.
Diese Stute ist ok, ihre Titten sind schön geformt..nur ihr Fickloch bekommt man(n) nicht zu sehen was natürlich mit roter Behaarung geil wäre.
quel show impressionnant !!!! cette fille est une pro de la barre !! tres souriante,joueuse et cochonne!!! dommage que son visage,pas tres beau par rapport au corps ne suit pas!! enfin un show en pieds nus,naked feets!!!

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