Sandra Sanchez

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 25 y.o.
  • Height: 5.75 ft.
  • Weight: 132 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 32" / 24" / 31"

Sandra’s Thunderbird performance remains one the all time most popular ever. All of her work is worth watching, but that day dancing around a motorbike… there was just something so celestial about the timing of it all. It was like all the stars beautifully aligned for one moment.

Number of shows: 9

Sandra Sanchez's shows

3.3 (1147 votes)


  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 25 min.
  • Bonus photos: 72
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 200 MB

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User comments (29)

What a wonderfull girl. The big points 5.0
Reminds me of one of my gf's in high school hehe...
To each his own, but for me I like Sandra and will get all her cards.
It's Sandra Sanchez! What more can I say!!!! I want to marry her!!!!
Sexy for sure!!
What else can I say... I know Sandra is just a "virtual girl" on my desktop, and I know I'll never get to meet her for real (and, besides, she could be a real pain in the arse as a person and I would have no means to know it), but I can't help falling in love every time I see her. My heartbeat accelerates, my breathe gets heavier, and I feel like crying and laughing out loud at the same time. I now owe all of her four cards and I want more, more, MORE!!! Those who gave her low rates and bad revi...
Une autre grande exposition Sandra Sanchez X j'ai apprécié celui-ci. Une grande carte et une grande fille. Vous devez obtenir cette carte. Heureux j'ai.
Ooohhh mannn, she is so much sweet and hot, wath an horny ass she has, wowww, super lovely girl, just maybe her hairstyle could be better here !!!
i disagree with the critics... her figure alone is worth 7/10!! :) and since there are a 5 vids - 2 of which feature one of my favorite girls (Deny)- raises my score to 9 out of 10 for this card!
It seems like people either love or hate this card. Two reviews made me buy it. One said her “arse is a little too large for me” and the other said “nice tiny tits”. For me this makes the perfect woman. She is skinny but has thighs and hips, not large just feminine. I hate birds legs. She has a lovely face and nice expressions. I think the “bed head” hair is sexy. The eye make-up is a little thick but I can get past it. The cute little pudendum with a splash of hair is icing on the cake. I can’t...
Nice show, not quite as good as Intensive Care but then there's no Deny, strange title but she has a nice body although the hair is bad!
I am watching her dancing right now and she is very sexy in this one. she dances smooth, seems to work well with the pole, all natural. good job
Superbe fille, tout çà démarre très bien, malheureusement la partie nue et explicite s'avère trop décevante pour emporter l'adhésion, dommage.
Godddddd, Sandra Sanchez is a sexy woman! Unlike some of the ruder individuals who have commented here, I find this delicious young lady highly erotic to watch and extremely beautiful to look at. I think Rel1 maybe needs to watch himself in a mirror before criticising Sandra's pole dancing, which is perfectly fine to be going on with. If you don't like the lassie, don't buy her cards, and then we'll not have to endure reading your rather intemperate bile in on this messageboard. For those of you...
I really like this girl and the show. She has the look and she does a great performance...nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy. A solid 8 on my list.
Nice lady, moves well, shows all. A solid 8.
This is not a good look for her. The costume is not sexy and the hair, what were you thinking of there? Still the girl saves the show but she does need to learn how to smile.
meh. Not bad, but I'll probably never watch it on purpose.
Nothing gets me hotter than thinking about rent. Dumb concept, mediocre model. 6.
I dont know what it is I just dont like this card. She is pretty, she has a nice body and she is trying to please. I just feel.... I cant put my finger on it.
This woman reminds me of a real stripper but only for her looks. Sandra makes me laugh when she makes her crappy dance. This might be the first delete.
YAWN! delete.
Really beautiful woman, fantastic outfit.
Das Outfit war der Grund warum ich diese Karte gekauft habe!! Sandra sieht sehr sexy darin aus!! Sie at zwar kleine Brüste , aber ansonsten eine gute Figur.Etwas schneller könnte sie manchmal sein,aber ich gebe ihr trotzdem eine 9 für eine ganz gute Show!!
so sexy
Un bon show. Sandra est aussi sexy que sa tenue mais il manque le petit quelque chose qui fasse que le show soit parfait. Ma note : 08/10
Sandra Sanchez hat einen schönen Körper, aber für meinen Geschmack etwas zu kleine Brüste. Das Outfit in dieser Show ist sehr sexy, die Stiefel sind sex pur. Ihre Strips in dieser Show sind erotisch. Alles in allem eine gute Show! (Wertung: 8 von 10 Punkten)
Sandra is dancing like an old housewife. Her body is o.k but her performance is not good enough. She´s god a sexy face. 6/10
4.4 (476 votes)

Duo with Misa

  • Shows: 31 clips
  • Duration: 46 min.
  • Bonus photos: 69
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 688 MB

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User comments (13)

Two sweet girls having fun.
Two beautiful blonde girls enjoying each other. It's nice to see such a good chemistry operating between those two hot babes. Very good card.
wow!! coole show, hot and sexy, man gehts hier ab, wirklich Klasse
Show magnifique. Misa et Sandra se donnent à fond dans ce show. J'adore.
Mon 1er duo sur Deskbabes et je peux dire qu'il est excellent avec les bruitages :)
Misa is a fantastic and beautiful girl and this her show with Sandra a fantastic and sexy show. This points: 10/10.
Any show Misa is in is hot but with the new content and adding Sandra in Hmmm - love it. the deskbabes is a great boost to my VG collection!
...and I basically agree with Starrk. Two blonds faving fun.
I love watching Misa!!!
Magnifique et sincère !
I basically agree with lardbutt. It's a pity that level 4 clips aren't even remotely what they are on VG. A lot of fully clothed rubbing with hands and toys and licking on the clothes. Sadly this is true for all shows i've seen so far. I find that quite boring most of the time. But the Level 1 to 3 and the Level 5 clips are quite nice. Misa always had something that awoke my interest and that's why i bought this show. And yeah she is hot and makes some sweet noises in the x-rated clips. I just w...
There's quite a difference between the Explicit clips and the X Rated clips here. Although the Explicit clips are suggestive, the girls never get naked in them, and none of them have sound. The X rated clips all have sound, and almost all start with the girls being naked and work their way up from that level. Say goodbye to the striptease, it's nowhere to be found here. Unfortunately, there's about twice as many Explicit clips as there are X Rated clips, but the X rated clips are wonderful.
lardbutt and Starryk have already described and said everything exactly. It remains to you to allow the two sweet blondes to dance for you or not. I have ventured it and give good 8 points to the ladies.
4.3 (525 votes)


  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 455 MB

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User comments (16)

Fantastic great show. I would to see more Sandra. Five points
Wow, great show.
Super babe, GREAT body and a really delicious show with hot orgasmes! Whaaw baby, I really enjoyed you and your tpassionated show! Thanks! And please continue with this!
Et quand je pense qu il falait chercher le hot sur vghd la c'est hard Pour la note vu que c'est ma carte d'accueil 10/10
uuuuu babe:) get dress in skirt model 599 Coctail Party -long and nice 488 - Cocconut Milk -intensive and sensitive
I would sell my soul for Sandra Sanchez. I would risk my marriage just for one taste of this fantastic woman. She is an angel in the flesh. I think she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Oh, to be with her would be an absolute dream.
I wasn't a massive fan of Sandra's cards in VGHD, but this more sophisticated looks suits her very well.Excellent performance, but like many of the cards, there are too many scenes playing over the top of the clothes or reaching inside. Personally, I would have preferred if more of these were without underwear.Overall, one of the better solos, though.
Wow!! what a way to start off Deskbabes, Sandra is so sexy it hurts :) The sounds she makes are funny lol :) and her gold vibrator makes her even more excited to please me more. you will not be disappointed at all. I started VG with Sharka blue who is also a blonde, and I thought it only fitting that I start off Deskbabes with a blonde. She get a 10 in my book. simply amazing!!
Hmm, ce show de Sandra est vraiment hot et elle est vraiment adorable dans son nouveau lool :)
I really like this girl and the show. She has the look and she does a great she is a real hot woman nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy.
I didn't like this card...I can not put my finger on a specific may have to do with the way they made her look in this one...8/10
Sandra Sanchez In this solo act Sandra wears a black dress with black braces and glossy black high heels. There is little dialogue except a couple of one line intros. There is no pole work instead a lot of standing clips and many dressed or semi dressed clips.Sandra's style suffers from some overly camped up movements with a fixed smile alternating with an open mouth smile a la Bijou. There is a lot of rhythmic body sway back and forth sucking and holding the vibe up like an ice cream cone. Vibr...
Very disappointing...
boaff !! inexistante par rapport a tea, eufrat, ariel.
Awesome show
4.3 (787 votes)

Duo with Eufrat

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 44 min.
  • Bonus photos: 69
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 663 MB

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User comments (27)

Two lovely ladies with awesome bodies and very sexy, great duo.
how do wwe use it i cant figure out
this card is super sexy keep it coming!
schade keine analspiele......
You were my first choice after hours of deciding. I'm new to navigating this site and thought it would be sweet if you friended me. Lookin Smokin Hott babe,keep ur spirit and appetite alive. Thank You.
This card reminds me of a hentai vid I have of Sailor Moon, and Sailor Jupiter, doing this same thing only these ladies are WAY hotter...!!!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
These two gals r AWESOME, would sure like 2 b with this duo, makes my panties wet just thinking about it!!!!! LOVE U GIRLS
These girls do sex sexy
Sexy babes!
Damn, these two are hot together. I just can't get enough of Eufrat. Her attitude is so hardcore and enthusiastic; I get wet just talking about her. ;) And Sandra has a beautiful body with simply amazing tits. Watching the two of them get wild together is definitely worth the credits!!!
Geile Dildo Show ganz nach meinem Geschmack geil mehr davon.Schöne Fotzen und Ärsche so geil.
Eufrat & Sandra Sanchez here put on an excellent show. By keeping the vibrators away in early clips a good deal more progressive interaction is acheived. Eufrat seems far more at home looking at the camera than Sandra. However, both girls reaction to mutual stimulation to the point of climax is a journey wonderful to watch. The breast and clit licking, vibro work and progressive stripping are covered in outstanding detail on the taskbar leading to credible climaxes by both. Eufrat's rising excit...
Two beautiful girls.Eufrat was one of my faves on VG and I'm rapt to see her here on DB
if the outfits are not your thing, or they turn you off in any way, dont worry because a lot of the clips are just them being freaky in their panties. so dont pass on this! it has more x-rated than some of the neighboring cards in its series, plus eufrat has those legs of hers.
As usual, a great duo for Eufrat. I was surprised by Sandra's performance, which is very good in my opinion. I didn't know her at all, but she's definitely having fun with Eufrat. The show is very good then, and the outfit are great.
Eufrat has so freaking long legs with her shoes ... looking interessting while she is standing and Sandra use the dildo on her.
hot,steamy sex, muff & "nuff" said
two nice girls Eufrad specially performance in the average good outfit (+1)
omg how hot can these girls make you
Sandra sanchez est toujours aussi mignone mais Eufrat l'est un peu moins sur ce show. C'est pour cela que je ne leur mets qu'un "9".
A nice hot show of two enticing woman. Thanks ladies and 9 points.
I bought three tickets bought for them ... the girls from Deskbabes number 021 and it never even downloaded the update.
La qualité des clips est de très mauvaise , dommage, les filles sont excellente dans le show
très bon show à avoir et à voir et revoir note 9.5/10
Mwoa. This goes for the gals and the show. Nothing really good at this card but nothing really bad either.
Sandra Sanchez saves this show - she is sexy and hot! She actually appears to be enjoying herself while Eufrat is just going through the motions. Sandra's interaction with the camera is very nice. The ways she smiles and her look of lust while admiring Eufrat increases the heat. Eufrat seems to be in need of lessons in how to please a woman with a dildo. At times it appears she is not trying to please Sandra but simply and awkwardly moving the dido around instead of using it for arousal of sexua...
4.2 (322 votes)

Duo with Carie

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 41 min.
  • Bonus photos: 75
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 618 MB

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User comments (11)

This is most of all basically but also generally a great or at least real true good Show - that deserves more a rating around good 9.5 to 9.6 at least - rather than 9.3 or even below. It's this good most of all because of the pure Erotic Aspect - rather than the direct pure Sex Aspect. - It is also better than most of the Shows of 2013-14. Also the "clean (natural) Skin" of the Models is not really a Disadvantage. That the Show is in Truth so good is also because of the Erotic-and Sex Appeal of...
I was reading some of the commentson this card about the picture is not clear sounds is bad. I downloaded this card my picture &sounds is great. buy this card the show &girls are great. I rate this card a 10.
hot, great sound, lots of explicit action
hot and sexy show - but why not in the category: big boobs ?? i think so !
et je suis d'accord avec toi pat
Carie should definitely do a duo card with Lauryn May ! They look like sisters and I think that the result could be stunning ! Anyway, back to topic... I really like Carie's nasty stares, her beautiful body and captivating face. She's a very good performer, I already liked her on VG but now, she's totally amazing ! Now Sandra Sanchez... she's cute, not as great as Carie but a good performer. I didn't know her at all and she was a good surprise :-)
Something's wrong with the sound in some of these scenes. I hear moaning, but the moaning heard is clearly not the performers; almost sounds like the muffled moans from a shoot happening off-screen, or a bad recording of moans on a loop.
don't like video quality of this card. blurry like some old vg cards
This card was disappointing since it stars Sandra Sanchez, one of my favorites, and a (then) newcomer Carie. It is an early DeskBabes card when the site was still figuring itself out, but it is barely above what you expect to see on a great VirtuaGirlHD duo card instead of what we have all come to expect from an awesome DeskBabes duo.It does save itself on a couple of scenes, though. One of them has Sandra Sanchez and Carie trading places in a standing pussy lick and another features a great tas...
0/10 toutes les scènes intéressantes sont mal filmées une jambe cache toute l'action.
3.7 (1858 votes)


  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 84
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 254 MB

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User comments (77)

so sweet and loveble!!! Thx Sandra :))))
nice card. much better then rated
A beautiful girl with great legs in a dress as sexy as any I have ever seen. Some great clips here! This card is easily worth two tickets and is an absolute steal if you can get it for only one.
Very sexy girl. Need more of her, preferably with her hair loose.
She is hot and she gets COMPLETELY naked! Yes that means no shoes too :). Although it seems I am the only foot watcher around here.
One of my favorite shows! Sandra is incredibly sexy and I love her ass!
Now I know why the Ducati's exhausts are ... ERECT! Buy both, bike'n'baby!
Sandra Sanchez as always a great show and such a pretty face. She gets a 10 from me especially for that gorgeous ass and thighs that I would love to have wrapped around my neck any day.
She would make a very sexy Thunderbird at SUU(southern Utah University).
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
Sandra Sanchez surely is the woman of my dreams! A beautiful lady who knows how to arouse the guys - what else you want? 10/10
I love this bebe... sandra... you are hot. I wish meet you someday
Very sexy and hot show, very good moves and strip. Absolutely hot face and make-up - congratulations for the make-up Totem :) , good job. Worth watching and tickets, 9 from me.
I've got a few of her shows but this is the first one that got by blood pressure rising. Very beautiful, sexy and great outfit. Her legs are amazing. Going to watch it again. 10 out of 10.
Sandra is an absolute Honey, and her performance is one of, if not the best I've seen. Shame I'm limited to a 10 rating.
I'm not into motorcycles, but I'm into any place where I can see Sandra. Can't keep my eyes off her! She's gorgeous, and the word "sexy" has been invented to describe her. It's a pity I can't rate her higher than 10. She's a bomb!
Beautiful lady, very good dance and show, expressive and passionate, always with a warm and nice smile for the spectator: A little more devotion to what members of VG really want to see from such a wonderful woman and I would say: perfect, one of the very best!
Dear Lord, she's got amazing tits !!!! and a great body !!! I didnt realize she'd be that hot without her pretty red dress. Good thing i've bought it :)
Very very fine wine. I could drink of her all day and night.
Holy Sh#t! Great show!! Two of the finest things I've seen paired up yet =)
Sandra is one of the TOP VG girls out there.Sandra is one of my favourites,one BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.Sandra has one AMAZING body,one excellant show.Sandra you have ALL my RESPECT; "LOVE YOU"
Four words, perfect women, perfect machine, what an exotic combination
Any woman with an Italian bike is hot! Bonus when she sheds her knickers!!!
jolie fille,jolie moto,un mélange toujours explosif,le show et tres sympa merci
very good show very nice girl
One of my favourite models. Good variety in this show.
Two of my favorites; Ducati's and blondes!
Wow what a show Sandra Sanchez. 11/10 All the best to you for the new year X Thankyou
Sandra is very good! She is simple sex - bomb! I wish to it the good boy friend and happiness! It would be not bad to study in dances. Sandra mine respect!
Hottest set so far.Not a super-incredible body or face, but when you put everything together it came out so well that I believe she is among the top few VG girls out there.Something about this girl I like so much.
Szexi a csaj szexi a show csak rövid
peut etre pas les plus beaus seins de la planete mais quelle croupe mes amis,j'adore quand elle nous tourne le dos pour enlever son string,c'est un pur moment de pourrait etre un peu plus explicite,avec ce potentiel,ca ferait un malheur!
One of the sexiest models on VG.
Sandra is a lot better than the preview photos of her cards make out, it almost as if vituagirl went out of there way to put the worst photos of her on the previews. I give her 9++ for looks and for this card an 8+. However if you have not had any of her cards yet you do get 5 videos of her as well which is well worth the 2 credits. Even better when she is on offer for just 1 credit as she was when i downloaded this card.
Wow !!! This is my first card of her, and I have to say thath she is too hot, she have beautiful legs and ass, and finally I see a nice pussy, the way I like. 9/10 here.
Nice dancing and some good teasing is a very good show I give it a 9/10 Sandra is beautiful and has the best legs on this site
Sensual and sexy. Goes totally nude - no shoes. Don't like the bike though.
Great show - hot girl, hot bike! Makes me want to go riding, lol ;-)
Great show, and what a bike! Sandra is very cute but there should be more scenes with the motorbike!
Sandra Sanchez - if i did know before how sexy you perform, i would having download this card earlier! The Lady work a lot different than other girls, but that's just the way how i like to see it; doing a show with her own personallety :-)
This, after 263 cards, is my first of Sandra. This is a show I can recommend! Not very explicit, but a gorgeous body with perfect hair and make-up. Great dress which pairs nicely with the bike. Nicely done production. Could be a 10 if pussy and cheeks spreading were added. 9/10 from me.
Mmmmmm, seeing the gorgeous Sandra Sanchez draping herself over my desktop toolbar has the same effect on me as Eva Herzegova's iconic "Hello Boys!" Wonderbra street ad had on the traffic. Wow she looks soooo hot in that figure-hugging red bum-freezer minidress - your classic blonde beauty. Ooooooooeeeee, I could bend her over that motorcycle and do her because the way she minces around it swinging her hips just gives me the most spectacular stiffy. If this beautiful creature doesn't get your ju...
Just completely watched this show and it is worth every bit. My wife even enjoyed this one.
I really like this girl and the show. She has the look and she does a great performance...nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy.
her breasts are small but she is beautiful and has the best pussy & ass in the models.she is one of the best models at all
she is super hot... super hot babe... and knows how to entertain.
holly s--- she is f---in hot one of the best shows i have seen yet i would love to meet her no doute keep it up
She can ride me like that bike anytime she wants.
Sandra has great hips and fabulous legs. I also think this is her sexiest outfit. This hip hugging glove-like dress is a definite eye-catcher.You get to see plenty of Sandra's body, which is awesome, and with a little more variety in her routine, her show would have been over the top. 8 out of 10.
Beautiful blonde in a cherry red outfit with a matching bike. Again with the bikes it reminds me of those nude pin-up girls in those hardcore biker magazines. Stunning girl and a sexy performance. This point goes to the blondes!
not the best outfit for her body and im not a fan of large props. that being said, she has a very hot body, and when she's lying across the task bar... wow
Pros: Sandra is smoking hot here with an outfit/makeup/hair that is perfect for her face and body. A true blonde sexpot. I love seeing her work it next to the Ducati! Nice to see a girl with more of a natural full figure. Nice change from the usual twiggy girl build. Good variety of clips in this card. You get solo, pole work, prop work, and some nice closeups.Cons: Could of used a few more scenes with the bike. She could stand to add a few more moves to her repetoire.Overall I love this card by...
Sandra has a nice body, a pretty face and is VERY SEXY!Although I'm not a big fan of the distracting large props that take up more screen space than the girls, this show is still good since the motorcycle is gone during the nude clips. Sunny Country is still my favorite show from Sandra S. though.
she is good - i like the little titties. ok body. i prefer a tighter ass on the women. she was kinda boring. Gave her an 8
Ok it is a nice card but not as hot as expected. Not really explicit in my view but she has a good looking body. I give her a 7.
Speravo in qualcosa di meglio, carina niente di più.
Only lasting impressions this card left me with are Sandra's painted toes and the cool Ducati in the background. Pretty but that's about it7/10
glad it was a free daily card, not a fan of girls & bikes/cars myself, very pretty girl though
Sandra is beautiful down to the waist, with exceptionally well defined and paired nipples, and her knees and calves and pretty good as well. But her bottom is on the large side, as are her thighs, and that dress might have been designed to be as unflattering as possible. Bottle blondes rarely look good in red or pink, and she is no exception; worse, it's tight where it ought to be loose. For her, a generously cut, and perhaps pleated, mini in moss-green or umber (with or without knickers, and wi...
Well i am a Harley man my self,but she is vary sexy ,and i would go for a ride with her if she rode tank backards
To me; she isn't one of the best VG's. Good Points: nice face / nice butt and legs / good performance on the floor / good amount of nudity. Bad Points: small breast / not so good at pole dancing (same moves are done to fast) / repetitive sequences on the motorcycle / more nudity would help. The red dress is always on her in the mayority of the clips; perhaps to just show her butt and legs mainly, which adds monotony and boredom. A " 6 " to this card, good if obtained thorough a special offer.
Nice, not else.
Very cute. Not a perfect body but arousing none the less. Love that dress.
Quelle femme,une vrai déesse Des jolis seins Une croupe d enfer Une superbe chatte avec son petit triangle que j adore. Merci Sandra de tant de grace tu es voluptueusement sexy, je t'adore
Beautiful woman, good show, love the bike.
Wie sie sich auf dem Motorrad räkelt ist schon sehr geil!!
Cette jolie blonde est très sexy, bien sur elle s'occupe un peu trop de sa grosse cylindrée, si j'osais un parallèle osé, je dirais que l'on préfèrerait qu'elle s'occupe de la notre.
pour les adeptes de belles mécanique et de jolies carrosseries cette jolie demoiselle vous mettra dans tout vos etats
Un corps divin, une tenue excitante, un cul de diablesse et une jolie petite chatte agrémentée une adorable petite touffe. A dcouvrir.
Des seins un peu petits à mon goût, mais alors quel cul fantastique et quelles cuisses sublimes ! Joli minois (et minou) et cette petite robe en cuir rouge lui va à ravir. Elle bouge de façon très sensuelle, son show est une réussite.
nul nul nul !!!! ce n est pas mon type de fille et le show est naze!!! c est la moto qui est mise en evidence,en grand format,plus que la fille !!! show no explicit at all !!!! 1/10
un show correct. 8/10
jolie mais sans plus...
Sandra Sanchez hat einen schönen Körper, aber für meinen Geschmack etwas zu kleine Brüste. Das Outfit in dieser Show ist einfach nur grausam, ihr Lächeln wirkt manchmal eher etwas dümmlich als erotisch. Die Ducati ist ein echter Hingucker, welche man in dieser Show lieber anschaut als die Stripperin... (Wertung: 4 von 10 Punkten)
2.5 (1300 votes)

Marvel land

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 77
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 253 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (51)

She is a Marvel! Wow!
It may not be the most creative card available--at all--but what you DO get here is a gorgeous woman who massages her labia for you. I just can't give her less than an 8 for that. I mean, she's really attractive, and she shows and massages her beaver ... she's a quality woman, in my opinion.
Never really had a crush on Judy Jetson. Still, Sandra looks good naked. : ) The outfit is a bit too strange for my taste. Thankfully, she takes it off.
Sandra Sanchez - there are not much models who can show such an outfit like you wearing while presenting "Marvel Land". I just wonder, did rate this great perform with a full 10 but that changed not the result; it's still 7.13!!!???Totem Team - are you sure the rating work good? :-)
Is she from outer space? because she has a heavenly body.
Sandra, sweetheart, I think you're the most adorable thing on earth. If I was richer and younger, I'd travel the world to find you and ask you to marry me. That's the kind of impact you have on me. You move like a goddess -- and you look like one, too. You're my number one, beautiful lady. You truly amaze me! Love you.
Beautiful all natural woman...much better than rating listed. Alot of costume complaints...Fashion is NOT what I observe when rating a woman...come on now, taking points off for clothing is as stupid as drowning in the bed of a pick-up truck cause you cant get the tailgate down!!
each his/her own i guess. i love this outfit, and love the hair, was saddened when i looked at her other shows and realized it was just a wig.
Realy explicit shows: Jana H / Californian suit Vicky S / Golden River Vicky S / Strip Club Sharka Blue / Blue beach Axelle Parker / Pink circus Denisa K / Dance Teacher
Excelente show!!! Adoro garotas que mostram a calcinha durante o strip!!! E por falar em show, o dela é sem "frescura", mostra aqueles detalhes que nós queremos ver!!!
Sandra Sanchez At Marvel Land >> She does not need the wild & fantasyland assessories to perform an impressive show on our desktop; this Prague / Czech republicjewel of girl has the perfect body & look, but her brain is more inclined to follow others on this show business rather than be herself whenever she has to compete against them. She can be very sensual, explicit and entertaining if she only demonstrates to us how beautiful & all natural woman she is. To her personally I would say "Be Your...
Sexy body, and I enjoy her retro-60's costume
Not to bad can give to it. like it rate her 9/10.
the hair isnt the bad part of the show just the clothes, clips without the clothes are good so i gave her a 9 way better than some overrated girls.
You really have to laugh at all these silly humourless people who have complained about the lovely Miss Sanchez's outfit in this set. For goodness sake, it's not meant to be taken soooooo seriously!!!! I love this outfit, it's so delightfully kitch! You get tons of saucy panty flashes and it really evokes the age-old male fantasy of seeing a girl's skirt getting blown up by a sudden updraught of air. But with this outfit, you get this same effect without having to hire one of these electric fans...
Sandra is not my first pick among the ladies but she does a very good show --- in this case I would not of purchased the show because of the outrageaous attire but I would of missed out on something unique and very pleasant. As a performer i would rank here well above average. I wonder who has picked her sets though. She does not need the wild assecories (clothing here and the bike in Thunderbird) to make an impression. She carries herself with true dignity and would be a standout on her own rig...
Her bod is perfect, very much horny girl, lovely ass and legs, sweet pussy too, but the only ting wrong in this card is the outfit and the hairstyle, for my tastes !!!
Sandra Sanchez from Marvel Land is a trick-or-treater that I wish would come to my house. If you have a thing for Judy Jetson, or candy corn, enjoy. Of note: upskirt fans will love this, this hoop dress makes them constant. Also if you are a boot fan, these platforms never come off. Sandra has a nice smile, I only wish I'd have seen more of it. Also her legs are great to watch too.This costume lends itself to playfulness, And Sandra delivers with basic bopping around, using the hoop to good effe...
I'm in LUST with her!!!!! Great show!!! The wig works for me though they usually don't!!!!!!!! LOVE the boots!!!!!!!! Great show!!!!!! One problem - THAT DRESS IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE!!!!!!!!!!! I like girls in tight, super short skirts and dresses that show off their curves. This girl has them but that dress drops her from a 10 down to an 8.
I liked the panties and the wig is ok too - think milla jovovich as Leeloo in 5th Element - she is pretty and i will delve into her other cards, seeing her panties are not accessible.
Her outfit is horrible, but her beauty still shows. I give her an 8
Judy Jetson on ecstasy. It's my fault. Sometimes a unique idea doesn't work. It doesn't here. While I don't have a problem with the IDEA of a cartoon character being portrayed, This particular one flops. The hair I can live with but what's with the boots? The dress was fairly clever and Sandra worked it for all it was worth -- about $4.35. I can't find any real fault with Sandra. She obviously did all she could with what she was given. She's pretty, has a nice body and great legs for a slim girl...
Jól néz ki de a show nagyon gyenge
From the first moment she appeared what I wanted her to take off most was that Gawd-Awful wig. And the costume wins my award for dumpster fodder. That being said Sandra is sexy and explicit. Still I'm forced to give this card a 7 because she's hot in her boots and pantys. Despite the outfit and that wig.
Dommage. le show est correct mais cette perruque est plutôt un mauvais choix :(
Drop the Wig Please.
What is this a clown card? Seems a waste to you me.
The outfit sucks, the performance is sub=par, especially for a porn star, and th platinum wig makes it even worse
Real nice body But She did not like to show it enough I get a 10/3
I really like this girl and the show. She has the look and she does a great performance...nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy. A solid 8 on my list.
Terrible outfit!
not a bad show nice bush sexy leggs ok dancing all so sexy white pantys and a wind blown dress 3 star show
Sandra Sanchez porte une tenue amusante qui laisse de belles jambes. L'air de rien, elle nous laisse voir ses fesses, en dansant. Par moment, on a l'impression de voir une "Barbie" vivante... un rêve. En plus d'un agréable visage, elle a de jolies cuisses. En ses jolies petits seins, elle a un atout agréable.
Fabulous woman ... lousey outfit ... show way toooo long before any stripping ... love to eat her till she screams !
This is clearly not her best card. Again, the interview video is as good as the program!
Good show. Thanks Sandra Sanchez. All the best to you for 2008 X
I adree with the last two the outfit is stupid after she finaly removes the thing she crawls off 5/10
I'm sorry.....I have to say this is one of, if not the worst shows I have received. I might like this girl in another card, but I absolutely hate the wig and costume combination going on here. I usually like the whole costume/roleplay thing, but this one...heck, why not dress her up like an oompa loompa?!...geez. 5/10
What is this? Nice body, but nothing else in the show is any good.
Marvel land???? She has a cute bod nice little titties. Now what the????? were they thinking when they put her in that wig and outfit????????
Hot, petite little whore, though her butt sucks. Fairly boring little skluttle too. My rating = 3/10. This is a relative rating. I'm not going to rate every single girl above 5 just because they look good. Keep suckin' slut.
She has a nice photos, nice body, but stupid outfit. Does not get for me. Giving max 7.
Not exactly a great choice of clothing. And the hair? Come on. Her other shows were decent, but now this one changed it all. 4/10.
Just no! Cute girl but not enough nudity and terrible outfit.
YUCK. Sorry.
Some people find candy corn appetizing, but titillating? Not sure exactly what they were thinking with the outfit. Yeah, in the end it's what's underneath that counts, but when the outfit is so distracting and kept on for a long time, it kinda ruins it. I think I'll stick with her other shows, thanks.
Her outfit is not best choice and wig hides her beautifull natural hair. She is beautifull as usual, she would get 10 points, based on her body and beauty. As outfit and wig give a minus only 9 points.
l'habit ne fait pas le moine,a voir de toute urgence
bon évidemment son accoutrement, car il faut bien parler d'accoutrement et non de costume est des plus bizarres, malgré cela, l'ensemble de sa prestation nous laisse bien voir qu'il s'agit d'une très belle fille, pleine de possiblilités, donc avec un peu d'indulgence l'ensemble reste très acceptable, seul regret, elle n'enlève jamais sa perruque
Sandra Sanchez hat einen schönen Körper, aber für meinen Geschmack etwas zu kleine Brüste. Das Outfit in dieser Show ist einfach nur schlecht und die Perücke geht gar nicht. (Wertung: 2 von 10 Punkten)
3.7 (1549 votes)

Sunny country

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 53
  • Bonus videos: 6
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 175 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (60)

Very Beautiful . Perfect Body. 10++++
The name itself brings memories of The Tropics and The Caribbean(West Indies).Sandra & Deny are a joy to have Partying on my Desktop.Thanks ...nice Photos!
Not all girls can be another Melisa. I appreciate this girl for the beauty that belongs to her alone.This is why I rate her high.
10*10 magnifiques
beautiful blonde babe
Sandra is supersexy and I sure would like to get into her panties!!!!
Sandra Sanchez - this card earn a full 10, especial the show at the red blanket as well the TableDance at the pole are good performed :-)
Sandra is the most stunning girl I've ever seen.She has a perfect body(nice tits,arse & pussy)but I keep finding myself drawn to her beautiful face and gorgeous eyes.This outfit really suits her and I wish I could meet her in person. This show must rate 10 out of 10
Mmmmmmmmmmmm Ths girl is by far the best one I seen on here so far and looking forward to seeing more of her soon. I love the way she shows off her sexy silky red g-string. I give her 10 out of 10 for sure.
Mmmmm! Sandra is such an exquisitely beautiful young woman and she looks sooo sexy in this little red dress and when she lifts the skirt to reveal her sexy red g-string, you just want to get your dick out. Sandra really knows how to move to get you turned on. There is always the hope that once, just once, she'll have nothing on under that little dress. I love it when she appears from under the toolbar, absolutely naked as she was when she was born, then turns her back and pushes her tight arse a...
I liked the card , very lovely girl
Not the most explicit, not necessarily the best dancer neither, yet she's my favorite so far because she's simply the most beautiful woman I've seen in all my life. I've bought two of her shows, and I'll certainly get the rest pretty soon. I LOVE her, and I can't get enough of her. Moreover, she's a killer in this little red dress -- she drives me crazy. I'd give her 20 if it was possible. Try her: you'll never get tired of this fantastically gorgeous model. Wonderful, classy, dreamy lady! She's...
Man she is hot !! All natural and very pretty. She has some nice explicit shots as well. Well worth the ticket.
This honey first appeared lying full length across the task bar on my pc screen stark naked rubbing her pussy! I thought all my birthdays had come at once! Then followed a complete long lingering pole strip down to the buff, next she climbed out from under the task bar still completely starkers for a rub and a sexy squirm.. WOW!! She then just took over!!! Put her on your screen NOW! She is gorgeous. The original "let's get naked" girl. As djohn6996 says: definitely worth the 2 tickets! Lots mor...
I don't get the negative comments on this young woman. OMG she is beautiful. She is beautiful and her show is as explicit as any I've seen here and I have over 20 full shows, including ones others have said were "the best." She is a beautiful young woman, she shows everything, touches everything, and you can see a modicum of passion in her eyes, even if it's for $. What do you expect? True love? Geez. "10" a dozen times over in my book.
Realy explicit shows: Jana H / Californian suit Vicky S / Golden River Vicky S / Strip Club Sharka Blue / Blue beach Axelle Parker / Pink circus Denisa K / Dance Teacher
Sandra has a great body and looks verry hot in that little red dress.She has a nice ass and loves to show it off.thank you Sandra
Me pareceis fabulosa, muy sexy y vuestra belleza solo se compara con la de una escultura de los grandes maestros. Vuestros ojos son poesía, Teneis la infinita admiración de este, vuestro servidor.
such a beautiful face she has and she really turns me on wearing that cute short red dress.
I think this is a great little show. Thankyou Sanchez Sanchez 11/10 and you look stunning on my laptop. Happy New Year and all the best to you for 2008 X
Με καυλώνει απίστευτα,μούναρος.
So much hot !!! she is all pretty, one of the best girls of VGHD, finest legs, nice ass, hot pussy, she's perfect. The outfit is good, and she also moves fine. I just hope in Totem for a 1080p resolution of this card :)
I was going to give her an 8, but as I thought about it, she has two things that I look for...natural breasts and no tattoos...+1...Sandra is capable of being a 10, but this card will have to settle for a 9/10.
Sandra is a beautiful girl, only complaint with this card is she takes too long to strip
This is my third Sandra Sandra Sanchez card and it's the most explicit of them. I like the outfit and how she shows off her goodies here. I can recommend that one. This one gets 9 points from me as a thanks to her for finally stop hiding her pussy with her hand. Also thats the best hairstyle of all her cards.
In this card she is much better than in 'Marvel Land', because of her natural hair styling and her good looking little dress. Apart from this she is a very pretty young woman with nice lips and eyes, and all the rest is very ok to me, too.
Sandra is gorgeous, good dancer and nice breasts.
I really like this girl and the show. She has the look and she does a great performance...nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy. All in all, a hot show.
I like Sandra, she´s beautiful, lovely and good looking girl. Nice budy, lovely eyes. She really turned me on. Thank you Sandra. My best and kisses to you.
Wow i have to say i might i have paid two tickets for her if she hadn't been 1 ticket. Hot, girl is a freak when u click pls strip for me and she comes out already naked. Great card and will buy more.
Pretty face, reasonable curves, okay performance, clear skin. An okay card.
une jolie paire de fesses
Sandra is very hot. This card is pretty good, but the outfit sucks. What I like about this girl, though, is her accessibility. She doesn't look so perfect that you couldn't talk to her on the street like some of the beauties here. I love that.
Nice card, sexy girl.
Very nice. Only downside is the way she keeps looking off-camera to see what to do. An 8, easy.
Great show, vary nice body, a solid 8
a great body, natural moves, and a piercing gaze. The more I watch the hotter she gets. not my fav, but very good. 8/10: solid card
Great body, great face! Show is alright, but she tends to avert her eyes quite a lot. She looks at you for a second, then looks away for a second, then looks at you for a second, and so on. Her eyes are all over the place. Now I know it isn't like this throughout the whole show (mostly through the pole-dancing), but still... They should just be looking at me (or you if you're watching)! Stripping is art! Sadly, I have to give her an 8. If it wasn't for the eyes, I might have given a 10. Also try...
To each his own, but I agree that the negative comments are totally unjust ... Sandra is very sexy with a great body and a very pretty face ... definitely worth the 2 tickets. I love the clip where she bends over and spreads the whole time ... a great view and her motions are perfect to make you imagine riding that great ass. This is my favorite performance from Sandra since the outfits and hairstyles in the other two don't suit her well and Thunderbird would be good, but I don't care for the di...
It seem to me a married woman should not be allowed if ,she is a little pussy shy .if she shows it to her husband why not the people that buy her show.and what great pussy so show it more!
Well well well what have we here,another luscious blonde...she forgot to smile during her striptease-what a shame.Her breasts are small but seems fine with her complete sexy body...not much rubbing her pussy and so not explicit enough for me,I like it more her pussy preferably ! Maybe I need sto see more of her in the future,now low ranking(not 10)
too true! this is sandras best and most explicit card. great ass play and barefoot as well! hooray!
This card is all right, I like her but she is a little slow in the strip. I guess I'm still thinking of that ugly orange outfit they put her in. this card is a 6.5 / 7 in my book.
Well...let's see...I like her brown eye...ooops, I mean brown eyes. She's ok but you need to smile a little more honey. Here's your tip anyway....$1
I find Sandra Sanchez uninspiring ... flat performance (and body). She's not unattractive, but she's certainly not attractive, either.
Extremely lame! She's very average looking and a terrible dancer. She shows a bit, but what she shows is nothing to get worked up about. 6 at best.
i didn't like this one too much
I gave her a "1", She can't dance and she keeps looking over at somebody standing to the left of the camera man! DELETED!!!
the show is so lucid.It*s a pity we cannot give score higher than 10
Wer sagt Sie hätte kleine Titten,aber sie sind super...wer möchte dieses WEib nicht ficken wollen. Ich stehe auf solche Votzen,Ständer garantiert.
superbe fille elle m'a beaucoup plu , je lui attribue la note de 10
Sandra ... mmmm tu es ma blondie ! j'adore mater tes jambes Kissssssssss
J'aime vraiment beaucoup, elle est jolie, bien faite et très séduisante dans cette simple robe aux couleurs printanières, vive le naturel, on regrette juste que ce soit un peu trop court.
Un très bon show. Sandra est toujours aussi belle et sa tenue lui va à ravir. Avec de meilleurs mouvements le show aurait été parfait. Ma note : 09/10
sa tenue printanière donne envie d'aller piqueniquer dans un champs écarté des sentiers battu et plus si affinité
tres tres jolie , encore !
Joli visage, mais ce que j'adore chez elle c'est son cul et ses cuisses fantastiques. Dommage que ses seins ne soient pas plus volumineux. Ce show reste néanmoins très très agréable à contempler.
Elle est vraiment très bonne. Superbe corps, un cul de première catégorie, elle se caresse bien; mais le show pourrait être encore plus hot.
Sandra Sanchez hat einen schönen Körper, aber für meinen Geschmack etwas zu kleine Brüste. Das Outfit in dieser Show ist ganz nett, aber die Schuhe gefallen mir nicht. Leider kann sie nicht besonders gut erotisch strippen. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
Good show, nothing special, though.
3.7 (2603 votes)

Intensive care with Deny

  • Shows: 16 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 72
  • Bonus videos: 5
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 200 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (118)

Two very sexy Ladies.
5096546575 sextext girls only
oh mmm that is so f ucking hot,,, ,,. ..,i am cummming ruight now ,mmmmmmmmmmm
These two girls are amazing! They show passion for each other! WOW! xxx :D
beautiful show !
These two girls have great chemistry... they are really into each other. Beautiful, sexy, HOT!
by far my favorite duo, lots of kissing and touching throught many different scenes. both have perfect bodies and these ladies work great together
This is the BEST duo EVER! They kiss and touch each other like in no other duo card and in very big scene. Best duo ever for me after there's only Cabira & Carmen Gemini cards wich are awesome too. The rest of the duo cards aren't even duos.
This card is worth getting these two put on very erotic show , they are fantastic ,great bodies that blend together! made as my favorite gave it a ten !!
Two truly gorgeous ladies, Sandra Sanchez is so very sexy and Deny is the perfect partner for a duo strip with her. 100% brilliant!!!!
W la Suisse!
send me to the hospital any time with these 2. wow
Best duo I've seen
Easily the best duo you have, with plenty of body-contact.
I don't usually make comments but I HAD to for this one! HOT DAMN! If you only have 2 tickets left and have not seen this card are GOING to spend those tickets on this show! WHAT A DUO!
Two handr for this one OMG Great Jerk off to this Duo Big loads here 10/10
I was starting to lose interest in buying duos because most of them seem so tame. But this is the best I've seen so far. VERY HOT!!!
Easily the best duo card available at the moment. Great looking girls though I kind of not notice Deny so much as Sandra looks so fine here. The kissing is nice, but short and is something i'd like to see more of in future duo cards, a couple of long clips of girls really locking lips would definately help boost sales and ratings I would think, go look at the Art of Kissing movies to see what I mean. We get light mutual rubbing between the legs, again very nice and there are a couple of clips wi...
These two girls give me a boner !! Love it when Deny puts her head between Sandras legs,it does look like shes using her tongue on Sandras vagina,I just wish it was my tongue dissapearing between her legs! easy 10
Sandra Sanchez & Deny: Intensive Care- is intense in flavor as another favorite duo. I like the big size of the animation in a 1680X1050 resolution. Their natural boobs, sexy smile, dorsal view are good. When they touch each other and genuinely kiss makes them my favorite VGHD Duo nurses/models so far.
Great show, beautiful women. I give it a 10!
Sandra Sanchez & Deny - this is the most sexy duo i did get from this site! Wath others are doing in 3 or 4 take's this girl's performing in 1 and than there are very cute close-up's. Even the bonus photos and videos are great! I am glad to having download this card at the last day of this year :-)
I am horny! These two chicken let cook the blood in my veins! They are closed to each other while kissing and caressing! There is no shy, I think there was more than erotic kneeling star, there was humidity in the air. I get wet!They have fun while undressing each other, Deny's hard nipples bumps out her dress. I love the small, natural breasts of both. Wished they were here. To lick a bit:)While and after dropping the string and panties they stroke and kisses each other pussy (stripe and little...
If them 2 were my nurses I would never want to get out of intensive care!!!
Damn this is one of the hottest cards I have bought. Definately worth the price.
Sandra and Deny are a real sexy and beautiful couple that know how to have fun and it shows as they hardly look at the camera and are totally into each other! They are amazing and I gave them a 10!
Best show by far in my collection
10/10 first scene I saw was them kissing and rubbing each other's pussy... I haven't seen that in any Duo yet. Deny has a great smile. And the scene where it looks like Deny is eating her pussy but you can't see behind her leg! Wow! This is the best Duo I have seen! They've got all the moves. 10/10!
Holy Mother of... well any god... These two together make me wish they had a whole DVD of video. PLEASE more of them together.. the one thing I was hoping was a dual-69.. man I had to defog my monitor a couple times.. very very sexy without being crude.Bravo! Encore!
Ok, these two should be manditory. They are enjoyable and sexy and touchy... they dance good with all my music too! They are slow and so playful. Now if they'd just make this exact duo with huge breasted oiled girls, I'd be happy. EVERYONE should by this one. You'll never get tired of their sweet little sex games....yum!
I love this duo! Don't get tired of looking at them. They are perfect.
As far as Duos go, this is the best card on the site to date. The girls look so turned on to each other and enthusiastic. I love that they're not afraid to touch each other. I'd love to see more like this, keep up the good work.
I thought Carmen and cabiria duo was hot well this show is a inferno so hot the bar has been set all other girls should look at this show this is the standard they should be told you can go higher not lower this show is blow a gasket time two girls stroking each others pussys very very explicit perfect out of 10 got to be 12
This is one of my favorites on this site. They just work together so well. Plus everyone has the nurse fantasy!
i love this duo set.. they are very hot... i love nurses aka girls in uniform ,,,, makes my mouth water... please keep up good work
This is definitely the hottest duo to date. Both girls are obviously turned on by each other and enjoying themselves. It should have a MUCH higher rating so I give it a ten to help out.
This is how you do it. The very best so far. a 10
So HARD to type one handed, but busy doing something with the other! Just what I was asking for in a duo!
By far the most explicit duo, and their other duos as well. Love their shows together. They obviously enjoy each other in every way.
Two nice ladies in a show hotter then expected including kissing and touching each others pussy.
It's a Vaseline inducing experience. To say they work well together would be an understatement - much more than I expected. If ever there was a 'must have' this is it.
I don´t know how the universe didn´t blow up with this two sexual bombs. Totem people: you should have been more careful when you planed joined this two girls, they are dynamite, they´re the sexiest duo I´ve seen, they have it all: sensuality, charm, rhythm, energy, they are cute, beautiful...of course they have 10 & 10
just the perfect male fantasy
Deny is really taking INTENSIVE care of Sandra. The two are too busy kissing and touching each other to actually do a strip, but it's hot. 10/10.
Great show, really hot girls really getting into each other, almost literally! I love the bit where Den kisses Sandra's fanny.
one of the best shows loads of fun to watch they are the only ones i have given a 10
Wow. Now thats what i'm talking about. These girls are touching each other ALL over and look to be having fun. I know i had fun looking.
First of all, the nurses outfit are to die for (well almost then, broken are gets you there as well). And not only the outfits are hot, also the girls in them. Alone they are hot, together they burn a hole in your screen. They really interact well, lots of touching, fondling and kissing. They really seem to enjoy it. A great bonus is that they don’t mind touching each other pussy, and in one show, it looks like one is licking the others pussy. You don’t get a clear view, but the idea is there. T...
hola hola , je ne sais pas vous , mai la je me sent un petit tantinet malade .je ne sais pas , mai si vous connaisser des infermieres comme cela , je suis votre amis.@mitier ED
tres tres tres erotique il devrais y en avoir plus comme ca elles sont craquantes
It's really hot stuff. They seem natural, and smile a lot. Definitely worth the money.
c'est un show tres tres chaud...encore... note max 10/10
I agree - a great Duo this one. Some really hot stuff in this card. They really look like they are enjoying it. Great chemistry between them. Glad I spent the tickets on this one.
Great chemistry between the two, doesn't seem faked at all.
Now thats a duo !!!!!!!
I wish the nurses were like that in our ward. Whew... Definitely the hottest card out there at this point. Blew me away.
Very nice , I enjoy watching them on my laptop x great work
Constant Craving is more than just a song, it perfectly describes these two girls. Love the outfits, they were a perfect 10, they are prolly the two sexiest women on VG/DB, perfect 10's, they makeout quit often, and that is a 10 point shot, on every kiss. The only thing they left me craving was more, this hottness is only 24 mins long.!!!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Sandra szexi csaj ha Deny is ilyen jó csaj volna akkor még a show is izgatóbb lenne
Hellooo Nurse! This duo definitely did it for me. Sandra is smokin': cute face, great tits, nicely trimmed pussy; and Deny's a winner too with her long hair and legs, wonderful ass and pussy. They certainly look like they enjoy playing with each other as well. Who wouldn't want these two to resuscitate them! Keep it up girls and so will I! 9/10
For girl/girl, these two are one of my favorites. They really get into it and seem to enjoy what they're doing to each other. Hot! I'd rate 10/10 except that I hate those boots.Vixy :]
Not normally a big fan of the duos, but this is the best one I have seen. Deny is the hotter of the 2 girls and this card will be running in my playlist for awhile.
great girls :o) i'd join in there anyday!!! 9/10 shame they don't drink in my bar xx
oh my, these two aren't shy around each other at all, how nice. So many duoes barely touch each other, but this one has kissing, and touching, and sucking... I don't know if the whole show merits a 10 (it may) but it definatly gets a 9 from me, top card!
Very nice!A must have these two girls are not afraid to touch each other and you can tell they enjoy themselves.
These two ladies heat up the screen soooooooo much, you think your monitor is going to melt!! This is definitely one of my favourite cards! If only I could get in between these two! Wouldn't that be a dream come true? Please have these to perform together again, and again, and again.....
This is one helluva show guy's. My second favorite dou card following "student room" . These two really have good chemistry , lots of touching and kissing. And I just love Deny's form fitting outfit. Easily a 9 in my book.
Very hot show. Both women are beautiful. I particularly like Deny. They seem to really enjoy each other. They touch each other's pussy. They kiss. Overall a good show.
Definitely the most playful and intimate duo on here! All duo's should be at this standard ;)If only Sandra H & Viki had been this into each other........
There's a hot legs thing goin' on from the start with Sandy & Deny.Full, sensual thighs 'n' asses amplify any nice nursey fantasies you may be cranking up in your mind.Short skirts sliding up over pumpin', undulating hips while they kiss and caress each other is a continual turn on.Nurses enter, say, "Can I roll my ass across your face Mr...." seems a appropriate fantasy here. Perhaps it's "stripperbabe fatigue" but I thought this show would be "more".Found myself thinking,"How great if Viki & S...
I like solo shows better but that was a good show.Both girls are hot and I look forward to seeing more of both.I browsed the girls and found more of Sandra but not Deny. Hope its an oversite on my part.If not we need more Deny!
I'll agree, this is a good buy. Not a total waste but sometimes they seem a little distracted or clumsy if you will. However well worth the tickets.
If these 2 where my nurses in intensive care, I would either have a speedy recovery or have a masive heart attack.hopefully it would be a speedy recovery with hands on nurse to patient personel care.god I love those short skirts.
Two lovely girls, I very much like ther performance in "Solo" shows, they are very hot. In the "Duo" I find a bit loss performance, they shold make better here.
I give this one an 8 just because, they are both pretty hott, but they did look like they wanted to hurry up with it, always looking towards you like cut, stop lol, but still a pretty good show.
What's not to like about two women touching and fondling each other? While the kissing did not seem like they really wanted to kiss each other...It was a pretty good show, none the less. I'm giving it an 8!
Two is always better, why not three? :-D OK. 8!
I try to stick on ice and i surprise positive, this couple r dancing so exciten. Their pussyr so beautiful, no hair and it´s beg touch and licking. They have nice solid little brests. I like that and i give her 8
This one was hard to rate, I would give it a 9 maybe, but it is the sexiest show with two girls so for now I have to give it a ten.
Great show i think these girls are great together, I would like to see the open up a little more if you know what I mean.
These are two very nice lady's.Worth the ticket.The only falt i see is in the dancing.It needs to be more enterjetic.
I know Sandra Sanchez from czech website Ceskyholky. Nice girl.
Yet again, I didn't download this show by choice ... VGHD decided on it's own that I'd spend 2 tickets on it (amongst many others that I really dislike), but this one is one of the ones I didn't mind that as much even though I'd much prefer to choose how my money is spent.With that said, it's not a bad show at all, although I don't care much for the silly hats, which is why I wouldn't have downloaded the show by choice, but that's Totem's fault, not the girls' ... they're still hot.Be warned, th...
Two nice girls in a very hot show. One of the best duos here. I love both girls in this show.
Hottest duo here I've found, but there aren't many. The girls do get 'into it' at times, but they slightly fumble around too which seems odd. It's a great show though.
This team knows how to turn up the doesn't seem as fake as the other duos. They smile a lot and actually look like they're enjoying it, something I think the majority of the shows lack. I think being a girl I notice that and a lot of men don't, but it adds that extra edge of sizzle.
Oh yea I'd be the meat in that sandwich any day.
great girls,good show but still not as good as ariel and tea.overall i rate them 7/10 for the show.good card for collection.
An okay card in my opinion. Nothing too great.
Hopelessly corny and not very explicit
Wow! Now I would definitely like to try out some of the other duo cards! Very nice!
Deny does a great job, Sandra not so much the outfits are very sexy.
Hmmmmm, I'm not quite sure about this one. 24 minutes of two girls undressing and summarily stroking one another's bodies can get a bit samey. They look gorgeous together - Sandra Sanchez is a particularly beautiful young woman, but there are no really explicit scenes here - they touch each other's pussies for only about a couple of seconds. I don't think these two are intimately attracted to one another. Real lesbian lovers do not simulate their affection as these two are doing here. So unless...
I don't like the double shows, its as if the girls lose fokus, move at different speeds to different rythms/songs. This card is ok though, if not great.
These 2 are definatelly a pair of hotties, but I must say, It's not the best performance. Although they say in the description that they practically fell in love for each other, love isn't really what they need,... but passion.
this was the first and only duo i have ever purchased, and i was not impressed... both have nice bodies, but they just dont seem to go very well together...
These girls are hot but they are not good at performing for you. What's the deal with these duos anyway. I wanna see some deep kissing is that too much to ask. And I wouldn't mind seeing some hot grinding ( Ass to ass, ass to face, pussy to pussy) Now that's one card I'd like to see.
Duos are boring. Everything so fake.
got this as part of dou pack it is terrible i deleted it from my drive cant find words to discribe how much i dislike this card
Un duo très sympa. On y croirait car elles secaressent mutuellement. Le meilleur que j'ai vu pour le moment sur VGH.
Un show parfait. Deux filles magnifiques dans des tenues très sexy et qui interagissent bien ensemble elle n'hésitent pas à s'embrasser, ce caresser, se lécher... Ma note : 10/10
Ces deux la c'est du chaud, huummm les duos devraient etre tous au moins comme ça !! On en redemande.
trés beau duo, elle son trés excitante,que du bonheur pour nos yeux. a consomer sana modérations
Le plus beau duo, complice et coquin. Elles s'embrassent vraiment, se caressent, se frottent et se touchent leur minou... C'est presque génial. Et Sandra et Deny sont belles et super sexy.
il miglior DUO !!
Beautiful girls, not the best costumes.
Hübsche Mädchen, beide haben Titten wie ich sie mag, Deny einen hübscheren po. Geile Show, von den Mädels lässt Mann sich gerne pflegen ... oder einfach nur mitspielen.
N° 1 des Duos, Superbe et hors catégorie, un Must ! Merci Sandra & Deny ! Bravo !!!
C'est véritablement 2 belles filles dans un superbe show
J'aimerais bien me faire soigner par ces deux jolies infirmières. Superbe show, très sensuel et sexy. Le fantasme de l'infirmière a de beau jour devant lui avec Sandra et Deny !
Sandra Sanchez und Deny haben beide einen schönen Körper, aber die Brüste von Sandra sind mir etwas zu klein. Beide haben eine anrasierte Muschi und ein schönes Lächeln. Ihr Outfit ist sexy, auch wenn die Kostüme etwas billig wirken. Aber bei solchen langen Beinen können so kurze Röcke einfach nur geil sein. Kommen wir nun zur Show an sich...die ist DER HAMMER! Hier wird geknuscht, gefummelt, und an der eigenen und anderen Muschi gespielt. Eigentlich mag ich keine Duo-Shows, aber diese hier ist...
peut mieux faire pour un duo! a prendre exemple sur ariel et tea!!!
vraiment bof ce duo!!! quand il y a des scenes dites explicites,les filles sont en petit format une grande deception!!! rated 4

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