Sandra H

  • City: Ostrava
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 21 y.o.
  • Height: 5.6 ft.
  • Weight: 110 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 24" / 33"

It’s truly refreshing to find a confident young woman like Sandra. She doesn’t have breast implants because she doesn’t need them! She knows how perfect her body is and unlike so many other dancers, she has the internal strength to rely on her talents without compromises!

Number of shows: 9

Sandra H's shows

3.9 (2588 votes)

Dark master

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 80
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 191 MB

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User comments (128)

This is one hot card!
oh, i love this card!!! hoping to get fantasies stuck in my head!
Sandra ist sehr Sexy, Sie hat ein niedliches L?echeln, hat ein sehr gutes Outfit und hat eine gute Show geboten! Hoffentlich bekommt man irgendwann auch Karten von Ihr in 3K. Ein sehr suesses Babe!!
Fille sublime au corps délicieux portant une tenue lingerie vinyle qui la rend terriblement excitante et désirable!!!!.....
What a gorgeous woman!! Beautiful eyes and a great ass! Delicious bush!!
Ma V girl préférée, un corps sublime, un regard coquin, et une tenue fétiche superbe !!! trop sexy Sandra !!!!
Cooles Outfit - bitte die Auflösung etwas aufpolieren Totem!
Not my favorite costume but still top marks for Sandra H here. I do like the hairstyle even though it doesnt show how long it is when its up like that. Either way you cant go wrong with Sandra.
There is a funny quote from the American comedian Steve Martin who was commenting on a actress from the 1980's; Ms. Kathleen Turner. Ms. Turner then had the same build as our Sandra H in this video and Steve Martin is supposed to have said of her, 'Kathleen has an ass that I could eat lunch off of everyday of the week!'Sandra H., has such an ASS and in no other video is that ass shown off better than here with the Latex riding chaps. I would do more than just eat lunch and that would bring out S...
Elle a un Regard qui tue,J'adore son Fetishisme ,le vinyl lui vas très bien .
vraiment tres tres sexy et des yeux terriblement envoutant
what a card. sandra h is so sexy!
Sandra H is my all-time favorite, she really has it ALL!!!!
tough enugh!
She can be my dark queen any time.
She has it all! Wow! :)
Love the latex leggings framing that great ass and bush!
Sandra has to be one of the hottest girls on Vghd and I love her trimmed but nice bush
Sandra H is the most senseual and sexiest woman i have ever seen she will get anyones juices flowing male or female perfect 10 all the way
WHATTT!!?!?! like the best card there is :O
Sandra H is so hot and sexy, she makes my panties so very, very wet!!
This girl is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!i would give anything to watch her live for sure this number is just HOT seductive very classy yet dirty hmm hmmm
I love Girls in fetish Stile
Perfect misstress, beautifull ass, body. She is good enough. 10
Another of my personal favorites, this outfit leaves a lot to the imagination. She has the legs of a goddess and since she takes off everything but the chaps it's easy to picture her wrapping those legs around you.
I have all of Sandra's cards, and she has the best moving ass of all the girls, she is beautiful and I love to watch her move. She is the best you have to offer, I would love to have more of her!
A patch, that's one big difference in a girl and a woman.
Awesome,Beautiful,Sexy----Sandra H Forever!
Sandra H. just keeps getting better! 10/10
This costume is really fun and Sandra makes the most of it. I gave her a 10.
U could be my master anytime, Wow
love the fact that she's not all shaved!!!!!!very hot
I really didn't think I would like the hair but bought it anyway cuz i love Sandra. Ya know, the hair wasn't that bad. Great Show. Love the way her perfect ass was exploding outta her chaps. Hmm, shows what I know. Keep it up. 10!
Awesome girl! Love the way she dances and strips, she definitely knows what she is doing. This is one of my favorite cards. The girl is simply beautiful and she teases oh-so-well. It is also nice to see a girl with some nice pubic hair. 10/10.
Absolutely hot! She moves like a goddess and has a hypnotising smile. Definitely the hottest girl on VG!
This one of my fav's she can move as well as she looks
I love the outfit,very horny !!!
I agree in a ll leather catsuite this show be extremly hot--ots very hot as it is-- a 10 10 10 and a keeper
would like this show with catsuit , should be awesome..
This is how keyboards get sticky. Absolutely her best show and she is the best on VG.
Bubbly hot.My first and favorite.
OMG HOT!!! Please make more vids of this girl!!!
What a girl. I have some cards of her (cancun sand and sensual silk), but they're not as hot as this one. And those others where very hot already! The outfit is just amazing. And she wears it so well. With her hair she can be from sweet to sensual to devastating. Give her some years and no implants and an even more wicket outfit and she will be all you'll ever need!
Juist had to get another of her shows, WOW - I'm in Love. Please keep her coming back
Wow, there is nothing that I can say that can explain how simply awesome this one is. Sandra H really sells this one, the choice of costume is a perfect fit for her, I find myself searching for her to dance for me. This really is a must own because of the moves, the costume, and most importantly the sexy confidence that she radiates. A 10 in my book.
this card is fucking hot! even if she is not my favorite, her outfit perfectly compliments her body. the ass play is fantastic. her eye makeup may suck, but it always does. those others complaining about her hair...well, i hardly noticed. i'm not looking at her hair!!!!
this happened to be the final Sandra added to my collection but i wish it would have been my first. Lots of ass shots. MMMMMmmm goood!!
as good as it gets sandra is tnt 10/10
Гут =)
Wow. What a cutie. This look definatly does it for me. Shame it is not longer. Fav so far.
This girl knows how to move, very subtle, slow, sexy movements (not like others with fast lifeless moves). She draws your attention and pulls you in. Nice. I'd like a show of Sandra H with a tight miniskirt (and heels or boots and long nails)...
Sweet meat on a silver platter. The first dance she did on this set was her appearing with just the chaps on. A dream come true. This is the hottest dancer when it comes to using what nature gave you. I hope for a lot more from her. I think a duo with Sharka Blue and letting them go for it would be the hottest ticket ever. An 11
Sandra H is always one of my favorites. I had doubts about this one when I saw her hairstyle, not being a fan of freakish hair, headgear or outfits. Sandra is so photogenic, and such a beautiful ham for the camera, I could look past the unusual hairstyle. The bonus photos for this one are the best I've seen on the site. I especially loved the picture of her biting her bottom lip. I'd like to see more of that. She's a beautiful girl and an outstanding dancer, and I always welcome more of her.
what a tease i like the wicked look and the performance was first rate go keep it up girl sandra h is one of my fav's
it's hard to miss one of her shows. she is so damn hot! i also like her performance and her outfit in this card. its really worth the tickets! 10*
I love her well trimmed pussy !! It had to the sex appeal she already delivers !! I wish more ladies had a landing strip like hers !!
Another great show, Sandra is one hot momma!
OMG This woman is amazing. Sexy! Beautiful! She just became my new favorite. I can't find a single thing to complain about in this ticket. A perfect 10!
It's like a dream come true, but it's one of those dreams you don't say in public but when you have them it's one hell of a night.
The "Dominatrix" theme is usually a turn off for me.BUT this girl makes anything she's in look great.I would buy a clip of her in a NUNS HABIT
Perfect face and body! Sandra H has the sexiest eyes gorgeous hair and thats hard to notice while she shows all her other charms. Great card as always. The biker chick look is new and she transitions to it well. By far the best looking dancer I have seen on this site or in person.
For this dance set, I would echo the same comments as Sensual Silk - she's a beautiful tease !
wow verry hot.Love the outfit and Sandra is as beautiful as always
Сладкая девочка!!! FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE!!!
Sandra H has an amazing body, and has some great moves.
Sandra H is amazing!!!I cannot find a single flaw on her body or in her personality on the stage. Additionally, she is the best performer I have seen on VGHD. This girl would rise to the top in Las Vegas. I've been to a few strip clubs there and I can only remember one better performer.KDog ass rating = Perfect 10
another gr8 show keep on rockin
very hot girl sexy show
nothing to say but perfect!!
She is soo hot! What is it with these Czech republic woman? Such a high concentration of HOT chicks - is that how you all heat your homes ;)
sweet sexy outfit again:)!! here body 10
I will say it again wow she is by far the sexiest woman here
Sandra is really hot and so is her outfit. The video quality isn't as good as some other ones though.
awesome one of the best on the site
Wow!! Stunning 11/10 Great show Sandra H & All the best to you for 2008 X
I think she is crying out for some counseling. Let me slip into my birthday suit so that we may begin.
hot body good show nice face
I bought it as a "latex" clip and there's not latex, just pvc :( But Sandra makes up for any shortcomings in the latex department, she's gorgeous and those chaps boots are fanastic. Great show :)
This girl is perfect - she is like a private show in some of the most exclusive European clubs, without leaving home
One of my favorite girls but I prefer her performance in 'Shopping Fever'. Still a 10. :-)
verysexy,beautiful smaller girl!!naughty but nice!!!i love her show but wish she would smile more,she's even more beautiful when she does!!
baby got BACK 9/10
Sandra has a most de-lick-table body. A most lovely shaped backside and just the most perfect breasts. A very nice thing is that Sandra has a very nicely trimmed but natural look. All in all I,d be tripping over my tongue if I ever saw her on the beach. Your a great looking gal Sandra. Thankyou for the smiles !
This very hot girl looks great in leather. Even though they say she's shaved, she isn't and that makes her particularly gorgeous. I wish there were more unshaved girls like her. Very good show, which is absolutely worth buying!
Nice and sexy ass. :)
Hair and make-up seem overdone, and tits are very tiny. Hairy beav as well. All that said she moves her hips like a demon (that's a good thing - a very good thing) and the outfit is hot.
Stunning body and so very cute, again the outfit is so my thing ^_^ love how Sandra's ass was showing hehe more dom/fetish gear please, tighter the better.
She is a real cutie. I love her and her seductive dancing. Soooo damn hot and sexy. Her look is gorgeous, I recommend this show.10 points for all fans. Thankx Sandra
Sandra is awesome! This card could use a bit more expliciticity (yes, I just made up a word), but she has a very sexy stage presence. Just like seeing your favorite dancer at the local club! She knows how to work her fine body--very seductive moves. Hot outfit!
I want smothered with her ass..its stunning!
Sandra is very pretty in this card. I don't like her hair but the fetish outfit is amazing and she knows how to move.
The super-shiny vinyl is absolutely wonderful; the frizzy hairdo is not great. The rest of her is somewhere in-between; overall she's good, but not quite one of the best on the site. Still, I don't regret this purchase, although I do slightly regret getting another card of hers where her outfit is less interesting.
Not her best card, although she is a stunner. 9 for the exceedingly silly haircut and outfit.
Sandra H is very beautiful imo but the outfit and the hair style just doesn't do her justice. 8/10 because of bias :P
Pros: Sandra is one of those girls that oozes sex appeal even when she's standing still. I love the black assless latex chaps. Wow! The way she moves her hips is intoxicating.Cons: I didnt care for her hairstyle much in this card. Not the most moves. The shows can start to seem the same after a while.Overall another great card by Sandra, although in my opinion she has better ones. Still, she does a great job and Id totally recommend it for any collection. 8/10.
She is not my favorite girl by far but I like this card. Her hair looks bad but the outfit is great and I love that she has some pubic hair, the shaved look gets boring after a while. She also has some nice moves. If you are a Sandra H fan get it, if not it is still worth a look.
This hair does not look good on her but her ass does look great in this outfit.
Mmmmm! Sandra has an amazingly sexy bottom and boy, would I love to warm my hands on it! I love this girl's head of hair, not matter what way she chooses to wear it. I also liked her pubic bush. Too many girls seem to favour that ridiculous thing called "a Brazilian" if they're not going to go down the completely shaved route - Sandra's sexy trimmed triangle was a pleasant surprise. I would like to see this girl smile more though because she has a pretty face. One day she will try to smile and f...
I think what Sandra needs here is more of the 'Explicit behaviour' heh, other than that, I loved it; The moves, the attitude... It is definately 8!
Girl:10 Show:7 Outfit:6 graphic quality:6 makeup:7 average grade:7,2
Pros - Fit and fine, attractive and alluring, and has the prettiest little triangle you could ask forCons - Repetitive moves, little explicit content, those darn pants never come offAn uneventful show for Sandra, which is a surprise. Guess nobody's perfect. 7 out of 10.
Beautiful girl but fatal qualityHD :(
I like her. She not a ten, but het moves are very nice. I love her pubic hair, not to much, just enough to turn me on. She get a 8, its nice card.
Black plastic waders. No, not for me. I like naked. Great moves and great body, but I just click next because I didn't sign up for girls in waders.
One of my Fav girls...But in this show.. Bad hair and Bad outfit got in the way of her true sexiness...She is hiding the sexy legs I adore and she is 20X hotter with her hair out..
I expect more from Sandra H. Her glorious hair is not displayed to best effect. Her dancing is not up to par. Finally, the "bottoms" stay on throughout the show, covering her legs.For a lesser girl, a good show. But for Sandra, not her best effort.
I second he comment about shaving. Why is she billed as "shaved"? I've pointed out the distinctions before. She's not shaved. She's maybe a little trimmed at best. Compared to most others, indeed most others I find attractive, "werewolve" quality bush.Shaving ought to be non-elective and taught by men in high school gym class, age 16 and up.D.J.
Nice one, sweet smile, a little bit disappointing when it comes to "explicit" content.My biggest complain is that she is advertised as "shaved" - in fact she is hairy as a werewolf.
I love that haired pussy, nice face, but not a great outfit, and she never seems to much explicity, sorry but she can make better. 6/10.
This chic is hot but the her hair looks fucked up, not her best card 6.
Well, I'd give an "A" for almost triing
Like the Girl, but not shaved -> delete...
Her best outfit, I think.
J'adore son "look" sur cette carte avec cette belle coiffure
Eine süße Maus!! Sie hat zwar kleine Brüste , die sollte sie aber nicht vergrößern lassen , denn das passt nicht zur übrigen Figur! Und dieser niedliche Popo !! Ich mag zwar die ganz jungen Girls nicht , aber trotzdem hat sie die 10 verdient!! Alles passt super zusammen!!
Sandra hat einfach eine geile Figur. Ihre Show ist echt klasse! Bei ihren Shows sieht man, dass sie auch richtig Spaß daran hat und das ist wichtig. 10 Punkte!
good outfit.Good moving.Very nice girl . I just miss a little bit of flesh....
Sandra sans sa tronche de gamine c'est mieux, et sans les cuissardes ce serait plus que parfait.
Das girl hat einen süssen knackigen hintern, trotzdem hat ihre Darbietung einige kleinere Fehlerchen was aber wegen ihrer süssen art nicht weiter tragisch ist. Mit nem noch etwas geileren Fummel bekäm sie von mir statt eine 8.7 vielleicht ein 9
Sandra H hat einen sehr schlanken und durchtrainierten Körper. Die kleinen festen Brüste passen zu ihrer sportlichen Figur. Außerdem ist sie sehr hübsch. Die Show ist erotisch, wenn auch eher lansam - was aber auch seinen Reiz hat. Das Lack-Outfit ist sexy. Besonders der offen gehaltene Schritt ist heiß. Leider wirkt Sandra's üppiges Schamhaar dabei wie ein zweiter Slip. Zu diesem Outfit würde sie mir komplett rasiert oder schön getrimmt besser gefallen. 9 PunkteAlter: 21 Jahre, Größe: 1,70 m, 8...
Sandra tu es si belle. Dommage tout ces poils sur ta petite craque. Tu a un petit corps parfait et de très beaux cheveux et d'appétissantes fesses...!
sandra est une fille superbe, avec un déhanché redoutable et un petit air mutin qui ne gache rien, par contre sa coiffure banane n'est pas ce qu'il y a de mieux à mon gout, de même que son costume et notamment ses cuissardes nous prive d'une partie de son anatomie, le show reste à cet égard entre autre un peu léger, à peine le minimum syndical, dommage.
Miam!miam!On en redemande
J'adore cette nana mais son show manque de sensualité, c'est à cause de ces pseudo bottes, cela tue le charme et le mouvement. Heureusement, je peux apprécier son minou poilu, petite mais agréable consolation...
Sandra H ist hier bei VGHD ein ganz besonderes Girl, denn als große Ausnahme hat sie noch einen (anrasierten) Busch über der Muschi, und ist nicht (wie die meisten hier) komplett glattrasiert. Sie hat einen sehr schlanken und gut gebräunten Körper mit dazu passenden kleinen Titten, und einen geilen, süßen und knackigen Arsch. Was mir an dieser Show nicht gefällt sind ihre Frisur, ihr Make-up und ihr Outfit. Eigentlich stehe ich auf Lack und Leder, aber das hier gefällt mir nicht. Auch die Show a...
3.7 (2680 votes)

Chicago girls with Keana Moire

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 68
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 305 MB

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User comments (109)

beautiful, beautiful!
My Favorite Duo..."Chicago Girls"....once the cattle were said to have been herded to Chicago...Even as a Cyber tourist site its amazing...Thanks for another thoughtful card.Bug Hug & Kiss.
Great show loved it like too see more of these two beauties
Sandra H is one of my favourites and although this card isn't the most explicit on here I think these look amazing together! I like it!
Anyone who does a duo with sandra h gets a 10 automatically
This is one of the best duo-performance we can get.
Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT chemistry, and it truly shows throughout the various scenes - especially the one where they pop up from the taskbar and render each other topless. I certainly hope they come back, both for VirtuaGirl and especially for DeskBabes - with chemistry this good when they are rather hindered by rules, KM&SH would be even better with sound and fewer rules!
the hottest duo, before the deskbabes come 1
very hot girls need more like them
These are 2 SMOKIN HOT ladies! All I can say is wow.
I think this duo is Sandra's best. Keana has a nice butt and she knows how to use it. She is a perfect fit for Sandra.
Quite possibly one of the best duos on the entire site. 10/10!!
Sandra H is the best
wow. Sandra H is the best. very nice show
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10;
Yes, I miss Sandra's bush too. This is the best duo I've seen. These two are hot hot hot. I've archieved Ariel & Trisha.
We can repeat it over and over again, but it's always the same result: This couple is hot and steamy! Two sexy lady's at her best, performing a duo so as it has to be! Keana 10; Sandra 18 ;-))
The way these outfits look on them and how they moove and react to each other-- makes a favorite of mine. Very sexy and steamy.
What a great pair. You can tell they both love to show off their bodys and they seem to like touching each other
OMG their has never been a sexier couple then these two feeling each other up and down and going doggy style showing u their gorgeous pussys perky tits and tight asses a must download! do it now!
Would be fun to have these to flank me on both arms on a double date. After a nite on the town these ladies would take me down.
perfect match, damn sandra H is so cute, so sexci, jsut my dream
these two are my current all time favorite duo set. i would give them a 20 if i could.. ? two 10s make? well keep up the good work totem..slim
Who on earth couldn't be "jelly-fish-o-fied" by their jaw dropping, drool spilling performance?
While I have handed out a few 7's, 8's, 9's, mostly there are 10's or there are 5's IMO, especially in the Duo category. These girls are definitely a 10 performance. Keana does a wonderful job of "wearing the pants" while Sandra H is a lovely demure skirt. If I could suggest room for improvement I would only say try to stay in character a little better girls. This would be the top download on the internet if, when Sandra takes off your trousers, Keana, you had been wearing a strappon. While the...
its nice having 1 girl dancing on your desktop but 2 are better. they both are really pretty but a little skinny for my taste
Well worth it in my opinion, very sexy! Especially if you like them "small" ;)
these girls have everything i like - they hot they playiful the way they look at u dam... probably the best show of virtuagirl 100/10
This is the best girl/girl card in the deck. Sandra is perfect as always. Keana is a little thin for my taste although she is very sexy. The girls really seam to enjoy each other. They are having fun and the show is fun to watch. In the end they really get serious and sell the lez action.This card has great bonus pics!
So painful, and joyous to watch you both dance on my desktop. For the pole dance, I had Barry White "low rider" playing, and this dance syncs up pretty darn close! :)
Really great show, these girls seem totally into each other and really put on a show muh sexier than some of the bustier girls although I still prefer Mina & Nikky Case!
elee sont belle et elle s'amuse , bravo
Great show! Anything with Sandra H is SMOKIN' HOT.
hot girls in a good show
great duo show!!!! very hot girl!!!!
Superb duo. Best one I've downloaded so far.
These girls are very sexy. I give a 10. They really raise my temperature. They work well together.
very sexy and very nice girls
The absolute best duo so far. The theme is great. I love the costumes and the chemistry between them. These two raised the bar on how I rate duos. Looks terrific on a nighttime/city lights background too. Would be foolish not to have this duo in your collection.Sometimes when they're sitting on the taskbar, a black patch blots out the links on my taskbar. I think the production team will fix this. I will edit this comment when they do.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning***** Merry Christmas to xx
Hot, but Love to see an Update at a High Res, the 720 sucks
I think this card could use a little more chemistry, but the ladies are excellent. I like how they strip each other, and they are pretty playful with each other, but I get the feeling with this card that Keana and Sandra spend a bit too much time asking each other for permission to touch their other's body. Otherwise very hot!
Nice show, but the resolution is just not up to date.
Excellent duo. Sandra H is one of the most beautiful girls VGHD has to offer. Keana Moire is no slouch herself. Nice level of explicitness! Highly recommended!
Not bad, not bad at all. Sandra H is absolutely cute as bug. I could spend days looking at her ass alone. And when she bends over there's the double treat of looking at her ass with her adorable little snatch right there for all to see. She may be petit, but she's got curves in all the right places and seeing her naked is always a treat. I find Keana a little too thin and angular, however. She is hot, and she moves well, but she needs a little more meat on her. They do dance well together, and t...
this is a good DUOS set Keana Moire & Sandra H are great as aq duos group.
nice duo but Sandra is better for me ;)
Get this show!! I'm willing to overlook Keana's flat ass for this one. These girls like each and have natural bodies. 9/10 for lack of body fat in the right places, but 10/10 for show.
2 pair of natural ibt's vary nice
So many girls stare at the camera, witch is fine when their alone. But as a couple its distracting and not believable. When your with someone your with them not the camera, these two did pretty well I liked it they made me want to believe.
As duo's go this is pretty good even though it does fall short of a perfect 10 score for me. positives... They do look good together, similar physiques, both being slim but not too skinny. Lots of physical contact with both girls hands moving around the other girls body nicely. negatives... like all the duo cards there is one thing missing here..kissing. I'm not expecting or asking for totem to include mutual penetration or licking (not that i'd complain) but i'd like to see the girls kiss a lot...
Keana Moire & Sandra H.: Chicago Girls- The hats they wore add greatly to their characters.They have nice little curves, nice little hair on their vulva & nice jewelry.Nonetheless, A little make up would added to their character/ performance.
This show is fun and sexy. one of my many favs. These girls know how to turn you on. Very tasty stuff.
Sandra is the hottest girl on this entire site! WOW !
its great! is there a more sexy duo yet? - this is definitely the most enjoyable one - Keana reminds me of David Bowie...! ;-) A bit masculine with my favorite Sandra (and long flowing hair, ah!). By the way - could you organise some mixed b/w duos of intelligent, natural women? You'd make my day!
v good tewasing show - where in Prague do they dance? Phil
a excellent girl/girl show. hope there will be more of them. 9*
Two hot girls feeling each other up... What's not to like about this show?
Sandra H. is one of my favorites already, but you put her with another hot girl and 10+10=20!!! Keana is a little too flat-chested, but that's ok since I'm not a big tit man anyway ... proportion and shape are more important to me than size so Sandra's are perfect to me. And, Keana makes up for what she lacks in racks with tight little ass and perfect pussy that she's not afraid to show. I'll take more from these two any day!!!
SSSmokin: both of them are hot and they work well together its a show worth having
real hot duo... make me watch them again and again.
I like this show, I love the girl's nice tiny breasts.They have really hot bodies - very sexy show. Warning explicit!
Great show I just wonder if they got as hot performing this show as I did watching it
Great chemistry between the girls. They have passion.
Keana Moire doesn't do anything for me but Sandra H alone gets a 9. Would be a 10+ if they had paired Sandra up with a better looking partner. Still, they seem to have some chemistry together and the show is pretty good.
Sandra looks really good in this set.
2 girls better than none!
Sandra H is gorgeous! I love to watch Sandra H, but I thought her duo card with Viki was better than this one. Keana Moire and Sandra H are two girls that bring their own style of sexual energy to the table. Unfortunately I thought that these two girls were not rightly my opinion. There just seemed to be some sexual chemistry that was missing between these two hotties. Nevertheless, it was great seeing these beautiful girls stripped and naked at the same time for our viewing pleasure...
Great show i love the dous, somone come over to night and we can do this.
Sandra H is my favorite VG so perhaps I might be a little biased toward her. Keana Moire lacks shape in her body and isn’t as erotic as Sandra. Sandra H knows how to combine sensual erotic movements and facial expressions with good dancing and stripping. To me its obvious that Keana Moire is just a model where as Sandra H has spent time performing in strip clubs. Together their overall performance is pretty good in my opinion. I gave them a 9. There are other duo’s that are a bit more explicit l...
These two ladies definitely work together better than any of the other duos I have in my collection, but dearie me, Keana Moire badly needs to have a square meal or ten. God, she is painfully thin - she must eat like a sparrow! But there is a chemistry between these two girls which those who prefer skinny girls with tiny boobs will enjoy watching. It's an 8 out of 10 for me because I prefer curvier ladies.
Its a nice show if you like watching 2 indeviduals dance side by side. Needs more interaction and not be afraid to touch each other. They looked uncomforable in this one.
Nice show but, needs to be more kissing and touching of each other. If they had I would have rated a 10 instead of an 8.
From 21 clips, only 2 & half show some decent pussy...! Poor Keana is trying..., but Sandra seems to be afraid of any close contact!!! As a duo this card is a big failure, BUT if you consider them as individual, performing one next to the other, this card worth even 2 tickets!!!
hot show!!! would have got a 10 but those breasts are just tooo small
Two very pretty girls who perform well together. Some of the other duos don't look half as convincing as these two. Neither are exactly curvy, but if you like your girls built for speed not comfort, then you'll like this a lot.
This card would've been so much better with Sandra H and Viki rather than Keana Moore.
We got this one because it sounded like a good duo card from the comments. Very disappointed. KEANA is definitely into it, but SANDRA sucks! Little titties and she doesn't look like she is having any fun. If they are going to put a duo together, make sure that the girls A)Are into each other, B)Are into other girls, C)Know how to dance and D) Enjoy what they do. It is so obvious that Sandra doesn't fit any of these. Too bad, could have been a good card. Don't waste your ticket.
Cute girls, dumb outfits.
I'm a little jealous of Keana, because i want to play with Sandra H. She's great. This is the best Duo-show on this side.
Costumes- 5/10 Sexiness- 6/10 Pretty Girls- 4/10 Dancing/Stripping- 5/10 Erotica- 4.5/10Overall= Save Your Creds...
These two go to prove you don't need bit tits to be horny
Dumb Dont waste your time
really not an impressive card. Yes Sandra H was sexy and is really the only reason why I rated this card so high, but it was just uneventful. The costumes had the potential to be really sexy, but they seemingly did nothing right with them. There wasn't even a full strip at all. I could not take Keanna seriously throughout its entirety. She kept looking over to Sandra to mimic what she was doing, and then half-assed the imitation. And she clearly wasn't taking it seriously and just came off looki...
whats this
Nothng of special in this duos card. Maybe in indidually show they can be better, but here the show is very ridicoluos for my tastes. I just like one clip here, the explicity one. From my part a generous 5 !!!!
you guys are so full of shit....these reviews are way offbase...
Love the outfits. Girls are average looking. Not much kissing. Very little interaction between the two. 5/10
Elles ont vraiment l'air de s'ennuyer en prenant les instructions du caméraman. Elles ne sont pas naturelles comme si elles s'aimaient. C'est dommage car elles sont mignonnes
I don't think it's a good thing that I'd rather they pull out a couple of Thompsons and start shooting up the desktop.
As I go, just can't get into this Girl on Girl no matter how much I try, it's like AC outlets trying to find a connection, ther isn't any, and ther aways looking at us as asking, is it ok do this.
Both of these girls would be great for pirate's as a wife. "SUNKEN CHESTS"!!Not that great Gets better at the end,yet,not a great show.
I like these girls individually
Tellement Sublimes toutes les deux !
Keana Moire hat trotz der extrem kleinen Brüste einen tollen Körper und eine glattrasierte Pussy. Blondes Gift halt. Sandra H hat extrem lange und volle Haare, einen kleinen Busch über der ansonsten glattrasierten Muschi, kleine Titten und sieht wie Keana genauso geil aus. Zusammen mit dem super sexy Outfit, bekommt man hier eine Show der Extraklasse. 2 heisse Girls (beide mit String), eine gute Performance und es wird sich auch gegenseitig an den Titten gespielt. SEXIEST SHOW EVER !!! DIESE SHO...
splendide entrambe, tanto bella sandra, quanto sexy e stuzzicante keana!
Whow, wahrlich die hübschesten und schärfsten Gangsterbräute Chicagos. Die soooo süße Sandra und noch die sexy Keana dazu, das muß ja nur so knistern vor Erotik. Wieder mind. 100 Points von mir an dieses Traumduo. Warum aber nur diese klobigen Schuhe Sandra ???
Geile Mädchen, geile Show! Für alle, die wie ich kleine Titten mögen ein Muss, wer's üppiger braucht, sollte es sich gut überlegen, aber die beiden habe auch schöne Ärsche und lassen was zwischen den Beinen sehen! 10/10
superbe,elle sont très complice une comme l'autre,elle sont très belle et sexy
Die Show der beiden ist umwerfend. Ihre zährtlichen Streicheleinheiten finde ich atemberaubend. Dies ist bis jetzt eine der besten Shows im Doppelback. Da könnten sich die anderen eine Scheibe abschneiden. HOT - HOT - HOT
Un très bon show. Keana et Sandra sont très belles et sexy et leur tenue l'est tout autant. De plus, elles n'hésitent pas à interagir entre elles. Dommage que les vidéos bonus soient les mêmes que celle de Keana Moire. Ma note : 09/10
ho comme elles sont mignones ces deux la !
Fabuleux, vite un autre show, vous êtes sublimes !20/10
2 belles filles mais je reste toujours sur ma faim pour les duos, est-ce le cahier des charges du site qui le veux ainsi ? j'ai l'impression que les frôlements sont factices, les baisers à peine du bout des lèvres et les caresses presque inexistantes et surtout pas aux endroits stratégiques. Soit, ce sont les filles qui ne se lâchent pas, soit, on les en empêches, dans ce cas pourquoi des duos ?
Zwei so heisse Frauen die sehr gut miteinander spielen ist schon scharf. Leider bekommt man in der normalen Show so gut wie nichts, ausser zu kleine Titten, zu sehen. Wer wissen will wie das geht der schaut sich diese Show an. Da bekommt man bei Playboy noch mehr zu sehen.Die Explizit-Show ist nur eine, und da bekommt man dann alles zu sehen worauf man schon die ganze Zeit gewartet hat. Aber auch die reisst es nicht mehr herum weil sie nicht besonders ist.Meine Bewertung: 7 von 10 Punkten (aber...
trop maigre deçu
Zwei hübsche Gespielinnen, aber die Show lässt viele Wünsche offen. Die beiden wirken sehr steif und die Interaktionen zwischen ihnen sind mehr als dürftig.
4.1 (2944 votes)

Cancun sand

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 207 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (130)

Lovely girl. Great outfit.
Love the way she's looking at me! That's important. Both sensual and playful moving. Very cute face. And I love that she has some hair above her gate to heaven! Why so many without??
was she a true dancer id say yes ,, with her movement on stage . her body , her small brests she is my type of girl .a girl id wwould love to kiss right down to her pussy then fuck
All Virtuagirl girls are wonderful. Each of them makes us feel and trigger different emotions and desires in our bodies and minds, more or less intense, depending on the emotional situation in which we find ourselves. Honestly, I congratulate the entire team of Virtuagirl, that makes this great software full of wonderful emotions.Congratulations! Great Striptease of Sandra H. I love this girl, with a face and a body can only imagine in dreams. She is really wonderful.
eine super Frau... schade, dass sie so "wenige" Karten hat.
Hmmmm..... well, after a LOT of thought, I admit; I'm a butt man. LOVE love, Sandra's but!!! Could look at it ALL DAY! Thanks honey for showing it to us hungry men! :)
You cant go wrong with Sandra H. She is the epitome of a perfect women. Beautiful skin and eyes. Nice pert ass and the perfect size tits (you only need a handful). Nothing but to marks for Sandra.
... very, Very nice. It would have been even Better if Ms. H "smiled" more often. She has alot of potential.
Sandra H is simply beautiful. I love her small petite frame and those petite sexy breast that just adds to her sexiness. She doesn't move she flows and she flowed right into my heart.
Absolute perfect body. HOTTIE to the max !!! Very inviting & seductive.
This broad's amazing! Her legs go on forever.
Eine wunderbare Frau, klasse Formen, schöne Brüste, geiler Po und das schwarze Dreieck zwischen den Beinen (könnte gerne mehr sein!), wunderbar! 10/10
So ein süßer Apfel. Da möchte man sofort reinbeißen :=)
She's hot! Love her beautiful nude body! Well worth the download, cute accent in the interview.
Would say that Sandra loves to, and knows how to pose in front of a camera.
Excellent card! A beautiful girl in a sexy outfit - nice tease ;) And I also would like to see an 'Unshaved' catagory added.
Sandra H with CanCun Sand >> She is happy of what she does; she is a poser and a pleaser with the spread of her lovely legs & her Honeypussy lips on the widescreen is in all a GOD Send for us the VGHD Desktop Viewers !!!. Here she showed us that you the VGHD models don't have to always smile like these true bimbos and/or have your natural body turned into zombies with a lot of undesirable & unattractive attires such as piercings, tattoos & implants; and most of all offering yourself as porno sta...
In a class of her own. 10/10
Yow! This one just popped up and blew me away!! Lovely little bum. Bit too much hair above the pussy, but very nice
Disagree about the outfit Adinell. Sandra may be the only to pull this thing off and not look trashy in it. She is postively elegant in it and out of it. Lovely woman with a better A$$pect.
I love watching Sandra, and especially this card. Can't get enough. Sandra, marry me!
She moves so naturally, better pole dancer than any other girl on this site.
Awesome---Sandra H Is So Hot,Sexy,And Beautiful. She Has An Amazing Body. Her Small Breasts Are Perfect And She Has The Best Ass On The Site. Her Performance Is Very Seductive. This Is One Of Her Best Cards.
I can't take my eyes off hers when she performs for me. 10/10
Hands down, the best card of my 130+ card collection. Sandra is the only VG model who could pull off an outfit like this~ I had to enable topless and nonnude shows just to get more of her! Normally I prefer shaved, and a little meat on the bones, but this woman is just gorgeous. One of the few models who seems to enjoy what she's doing, knows how to make eye contact with the camera, and can be seductive, teasing, and enticing with the blink of an eye.
Sandra H. just keeps getting better and better 10/10!!
This is one of my favourite cards.Her body is absolutely fantastic and it's nice to see a bit of bush for a change. Variety is the spice of life ;).
Finally a woman who doesn't shave her pussy! Don't ever shave that lovely pussy. A lovely sight to see a Woman!
Sandra really works this costume and I enjoy this show. I gave her a 10.
Have to recommend this one she knows how to move and waste no time showing what she has under what little she has on. SUPER HOT!!!
The more I see Sandra the more I think that this I am falling in love. Best show of hers to date a solid 10.
I am totally in love with this girl. great face, great body, great performance.just outstanding.
Another one with small breast, I LOVE it!! I wish I could find all the girls with small breast for my collection..Jax
She is so hot this show is a must have very nice
One prety pussy hair style are founded in this card. The Movements became more seductive.
I think Sandra H. is the most sexiest of all the girls. Nice perky tits, cute round ass and perfect legs. I rate her a 10 all the way!!! I think I'm in love!!!!!!!!!
Absolutley Gorgeous! She has got one of the best behinds I have ever seen.
Pretty face, a nice slender but not too skinny frame...small but oh so kissable breasts and a peachy ass. I like the hair, both on her head and the trim downstairs, much better than shaving the lot off. This is my first Sandra H card and it won't be the last :) Only quibble is the bonus photos...she keeps the outfit on far too long and we only get a few shots of that lovely pussy on the last few pics :(
No words 4 this girl… she is so good… desirably ,, I love the way she looks at , a real prove of be sexy… the way she move and break her lower back is terrific …my Ipanema Girl.. Second show of her … second 10... Top five girl in my farm… gorgeous !!!
I yust adore her... such a beautifull face perfect body and she realy dances to sensual... 10+ for me ;-)
She is the best Girl i´ll ever seen! I´ll meet her!
to me she´s the most hottest girl in virtual girl; she can only be compare with nikky case , she dances in a very excellent way (maybe the best i have ever seen), i will buy her collection , right now.
After 15 years of searching I have finally found my muse - My last muse was local but got out of the biz. I searched high and low but found no one even close until now. Inspiration has returned. Many thanks Set to the proper music this is a truly perfect entertainer
As a fan of small breasts all I can say is WOW. A real joy to look at Great eyes
Classy, sophisticated and an absolute tease! Like to get lost in her little Bermuda triangle!Agree with JohnnyH, but if the girl is such a tease, it's ok to have a less explicit card. And although Axelle Parker is fun, she's not that explicit either. At least not the golden eyes card. In no way Axelle reaches the classy look of Sandra. Big 9 for this card!
Sandra H is hands down, by far my favorite girl on the website. She's way above other girls I've rated as a 10, in my book she is a 15/10. She is incredibly sexy, graceful, beautiful, and she has mastered the art of the tease!! More Sandra H cards would make this world a better place :)To Johnnyh3571 (comment below), for explicit sexual behavior check out Axelle Parker.
Absolute best VG girl ever!!!
I usually only like women larger than myself but Sandra H is an exception, she is stunning. The still photos make her makeup look severe, but she is as beautiful as ever, if not more so. She is a perfect Bond girl in this outfit.
I've seen more comments implying that you/she should be fully shaved, so its time to sound the other side as well: Your body is astonishing, including the most intimate part, wich is
Best card of them all, very nice outfit and great moves.
my second card of her, and not my last for sure! sexy, cute and a show you can't take your eyes off. imo, she would be a lot hotter with a clean shaved honey pot ;)
Excellent job!!! worth the ticket(s) for this show. very beautiful nice ass, beautiful body, although she does need to smile more but that is a minor detail.
Sandra H., You were one of the first girls in my collection and are one of the hottest! I love you so much!
What a cute bundle of female sex appeal. She will only get better with age.
Another cracking card from Sandra... I really enjoy all her cards. Like all her cards it's she doesn't show *that* much so 'explicit' is not really accurate - it just doesn't matter for Sandra though, she's too gorgeous!I tend to agree with the guys who say let her hair down because I love really long hair like she has, but it's still nice to have a bit of a change and it also confirms that she's really got a beautiful face and is not just hiding behind that wonderful mane of hair!Come back soon...
As close to perfect as I have seen in a while (but then I do need to get out more). She still gets a 10 from me.
This lady is hot and breaks it down in dancing so sexy, I give her a 10
She's so beautiful!! my favorite she is, that's sur!
S eductive, she is, A mazing, she is, N oticeable, she is, D ivine, she is R emarkable, she is, A ddictive, she is.H eaven is now on my desktop.I would love to tell her all of this, one to one.
Simply c*ck candy! STUNNING!! Loved her hair up like that and the outfit. Id do anything to see her in a baywatch outfit!
wonderful show! She is the most sensual model on this site and she has the best body without a doubt. Perfect perky breasts and her amazing backside make this one a 10/10
very cute and pretty
i love fer cuteness
nice!!!! sexy outfit she is the best
Sandra moves like a gliding eagle, with such GRACEFUL lines. her eyes have that something ... and those legs are to die for... hope to see many more from her..
She is sooo hot, oh boy, I wish I could meet her
avery hot ass woman i would reccomend to anyone who is wanting to get a full charge from their desktop 5 boners up
You know this kind of woman. Petite,seductive,nicely dressed,yet a swirling flow of powerfully assured sexuality when aroused.That's the vibe I get from Sandra's dance.It's in the undulating pump of her hips that say slowly, with erotic force"Come on baby, lets go for a rrride!" . The suit was made for her to wear and then come out of!That sweet lean body just ooozes womanliness.When she rolls 'n' pumps her cookie delights I want to sniff the air before the taste. There is a maturity to her "loo...
she is one georgous lady
omg!!!! she is just so sexy
The system asks you to rate this lady, unfortunately I could not do that properly. On a scale of 1-10 I would have to rate her a 30. Such a hot firm body and awesome smile. Petite but strong and awesome to watch.
You are absolutly MARVELOUS!!!! Love everything about you and this Magnificent outfit. It was made for you and only you.
This girl makes me want to move to the Czech Republic. Never before have I found someone so amazing. She is perfect in every way from the perky breasts to the sexy sultry voice. I can’t seam to find a flaw one. I think I like her hair the most, I could run my fingers through that hair all day.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star*****
nice girl!!!
Beautiful moves!
Ah... Sandra... She's amazing. She does this thing with her hips as she dances around the pole that I can't quite describe, but it's a real turn on. She may not smile a lot, but she know how to work it.
Sexy lingerie, smooth dance moves, a pretty girl face and a sexy body. Just do not give 10 because the pictures should be a little more explicit and missed some explicit clips
Cette jolie blonde a des mouvements fluides. Elle sait jouer de son regards. Elle possède un corps adorable qu'elle mettre en valeur et caresser avec art.
hot body good show nice face
Living proof that the tastiest morsels are made with all-natural ingredients...
This one has a very nice vagina. Would have preferred without pubic hair though
AMAZING, the woman could could probably seduce any man out there were she a little bit younger. Good buy guys, do it ;)
My favorite to date. I disagree... some of us like small, or even next to no breasts. It was refreshing to see a girl that caters to my personal likes.I also like the repore she keeps with the viewer. It doesn't feel forced as it does with some of the girls. She never looks bored.Keep 'em slim Totem! :)
What a cutie!
Sandra H (Cancun Sand) #119: Hot and sexy, Sandra's Carmel skin and hairstyle in this card has a latina feel to it, I like that. ;) The way she dance is very sensual and she know how to work that great ass of hers. She has on a one piece bikini so it is easy for her to get fully naked :))CONS: Small breast, and only light rubbing of pussy in explicit shows.CONCLUTION: 9/10 Even with the leak of explicitness this is still a great card. Don't like what she is wearing get another one of her cards....
recently I've been seeing alot of cards I like despite having traits I don't like, just goes to show that any girl can be great... lessee... nice hair, cute but, usually I like shaved, but I like her bikini wax. Don't normally like bikini dances as much, but like her. Usually want them to smile more, but I like her expression. Mostly, I like her dance, sespecially on the pole. A critical 9/10. top card with no flaws
This card is not the best of Sandra H's show (Sensual silk is). I think the outfit and her hairstyle doesn't match with her body shape. I would still give it a 9 because her dance and feminine charm alone would worth it.
Mmmmm! I don't know why, but I can't stop watching Sandra H's shows. She's not what I go for in a physical sense - her tits are of the bee sting variety, but there is a delicious coquettish quality to her that is immensely stimulating. I do love her legs and the hypnotic way she moves her gorgeous bottom, not forgetting that tempting little pubic triangle. I don't like her hairstyle in this show - it looks like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards. I much prefer it when it's just allowed...
I love this girl. She has the look. I love everything she's wearing. Her hair, nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy are so beautiful. 10 points
Soft,fresh and very nice girl! But next show must be more explicit, excitable and sensual!
I much prefer her in match point with her hair down. This one is good though, Great body
Great hair, but it needs to be loose and flowing not tied up like this. She does have an amazing body, and I especially love her backside and the little patch of hair between her legs (more models need that). All in all some good moves and a nice show.
I initially overlooked this lady, as I did not think she was my type but thanks to the encouraging comments below, I used up a token to buy her and I am really glad I did. This girl really knows how to move and entertain us. Thank you Sandra for brightening up my desk top.
I little "tidy" Bush that dosent cover up those sweet lips. My new favorite snack. She is yummy.
Sandra is incredible, petite with the muscles of a true dancer, she glides through her routines with a grace that is a joy to see, definitly one of my favorite shows
This girl may be petite, buyt she has some good moves and knows how to work the pole, She can work my pole any time. Very hot/
Κοπελάρα σκέτο μοντέλλο.
sexy girl like to watch her strip
Hot stuff
Girl:10 Show:8 graphic quality:6
Sandra ist optisch ein echter Hingucker.Tolle Figur mit,süssen kleinen Brüsten,sexy Beinen,knackiger Po und einer super Ausstrahlung. Ihr Show gefällt mir sehr gut,speziell an der Stange macht sie eine gute Figur. Außerdem finde ich ihr Intimbehaarung sehr sexy,obwohl ich sonst eher auf weniger bzw. gar keine Haare im Schritt stehe.Ihr steht es aber sehr gut....alles in allem eine tolle Karte und 8 Punkte von mir
Flawless...., what can I say..... 10....
You have to love her hair. Needs to be pulled down thow. Amazing body. Wish her tits were bigger but have to say a must have. Love the outfit on her.
I bought this card because someone said that, she has pubic hair. It is true, the pubic hair style in this card looks very good on her. This card is pretty good.
sweet innocent look, nice outfit, boring show
I love watching Sandra, but this is my least favorite card. This outfit doesn't really compliment her body and she tends to wear it a little long for my taste. Once she takes it off, watch out, you're in a show!
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10; Hair Clean shaved -3; Tattoos Not Identified and or Large -5; Plus 5 small discreet
she is the best girl i see on this side
Belle à mourrir de plaisir dans ses bras... Joli visage, corps voluptueusement sexy, ondulant sur votre écran, un sexe désirable à souhait qu'elle sait caresser lentement, rien que pour vous. Un peu plus de gestes intimes et de clips explicites et Sandra, princesse de vos écrans, en deviendra la reine, toutes catégories. Achetez tant qu'il y en a encore! 10/10
Sandra gehört zu meinen TOP 5. Die Figur ist ausgezeichnet proportioniert oder anders - relativ einmalig. Die Hautbräune ist für mich nicht entscheidend. Helle Haut (ist auch gesünder) wirkt genauso appetitlich und sexy. Ihre Bewegungen sind etwas zu simpel und könnten noch sportlicher sein. Ich könnte mir Sandra mit d e r Figur und dem Gewicht gut als Partnerin für Partner-Gymnastik vorstellen.
cette fille est parfaite
Sandra tu es mon reve de femme, je te veux, superbe, magnifique, sensuelle, trop top. Je l'adore, merci a virtuagirl...juste une petite demande elle pourrait etre un peu plus coquine ? mais sinon ne changeai rien je l'aime, je pars en republic check moi!
Un vrai corps de reve, elle incarne toute la beaute feminine
il est vrai q'elle ne laisse pas sans réaction,bien faite malgrés un petit manque?!!!
trés pro, trés beau corps. a conseiller.9.
Meine Sandra H wieder einmal. Aber warum mit dieser Hochsteckfrisur ?? Ihr Haar ist so wunderbar schön. Warum versteckt sie es hier ?? Ein Punkt muß ich ihr da leider leider dafür abziehen. ;-) Sonst ist Sandra meine ewige Nr 1.
A mon goût, pas assez épilée, si non elle est parfaite.
Sandra H ist hübsch, sehr schlank und hat einen geilen durchtrainierten Körper. Die kleinen festen Brüste passen zu ihrer sportlichen Figur. Auch der knackige Arsch und die schönen Beine sind sehenswert. Die Show ist erotisch, wenn auch eher lansam - was aber auch seinen Reiz hat. Sandra streichelt sich die Brüste und die Muschi, saugt an den Fingern und tanzt an der Stange. Sie ist in dieser Show freundlicher und anmachender als in anderen. Der Monokini ist sexy, wobei Sandra bei DEM Körper kei...
Sandra est une fille sublime, des petits seins tout mignons et un regard coquin, en définitive tout bien partout
a fine girl with a fine show...
Très belle fille incontestablement, très séductrice, mais un peu paresseuse, on a toujours l'impression d'avoir le minimum syndical, heureusement que les clips nues et explicites rattrapent le début.
Sandra H nous fait un très bon show sensuel, ondule comme une liane elle caresse son corps avec volupté ainsi que ses petits seins qui sont jolis, dommage que ses clips explicites sont si pudiques. 8/10
Un show plutôt bon. Sandra a un très joli bikini sexy et est mignonne mais je n'aime pas sa coiffure dans ce show qui dénote avec le reste. Ma note : 07/10
Très sensuelles !
Nice looking girl, not a fave.
Sandra H ist hier bei VGHD ein ganz besonderes Girl, denn als große Ausnahme hat sie noch einen (anrasierten) Busch über der Muschi, und ist nicht (wie die meisten hier) komplett glattrasiert. Sie hat einen sehr schlanken und gut gebräunten Körper mit dazu passenden kleinen Titten, und einen geilen, süßen und knackigen Arsch. In den 'very explicit shows' spielt sie sich auch gerne mal an der Muschi rum. Ihre Klamotten in dieser Show finde ich allerdings sehr schlecht. Mir gefallen weder das Ober...
3.9 (3468 votes)

Brazil fever with Viki

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 73
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 199 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (145)

It's fun to watch the ladies show off their beautiful bodies!!!
Two unbelievably hot babes dancing together naked. They seem perfectly comfortable together. They don't get down and dirty, but did I mention they're both works of perfection? They don't exhibit themselves in an explicit way but who cares. I love them and I love this show.
Both of these girls rate very high with me. They have natural bodies, are gorgeous, and know how to move. Too bad they don't attempt to use the pole at all.
These girls could pass as sisters. Both are equily hot and sexy.
Those two girls together makes an amazing duo, LOVE IT!!
Zwei wunderhübsche Mädchen, ein süßes haariges Dreieck (leider nicht mehr richtig wuschelig!), schöne Show 10/10
You two togather are like cake and icecream. I enjoy having the both of them on my plate at the same time! Mmmmmm good.
They are my two favorite girls. I just can not appreciate them below! :) Not hot? Yes. But the beautiful and elegant as always!
Sexy, des corps de rêve, attirantes ... vous êtes parfaites les filles, continuez !!! ;)
Okay; stop me if yu have heard this one. Two Denise Richards look alikes wear bikinis to a nude beach. Then along comes a man from Nantucket... etc etc etc.
This card is not the most explicit but both women are super hot and they look good together. I like it!!
two beautiful women!could pass for sisters,id like to crawl between those bears and get warm brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
Viki is..... amazing! Sandra H is..... superb! Sandra + Viki is.......... EXPLOSIVE!
I wish these two did more cards (or atleast longer). Or how about Totem giving us more Veronika
Very sexy show!!I'love you
two best sexual girls on site!
sooo hooot!
I like these pretty Ladies after a long day . It's nice to set a watch them enjoy what they do best . Just like all the Ladies here do !
Wow. Some people just don't appreciate a good duo. I love both of these girls, and that what makes it a good show.
please smile more
What do you get when you team Sandra H. and Viki together? A performance that is pure HEAT!! These two are phenomenal together. A SOLID 10 all the way. Hotter than napalm!!
You CAN NOT go wrong with ANY of their performances. A perfect 10 all around!!!
God smiled when he made these two
would love to be the meat in that pussy sandwich :) a perfect 10 all the way.would love to see something more explicit from these two in the near future
Two ladies who together prove that large breasts are not an essentail ingredient for being too sexy for words. FABULOUS SHOW!!!
Sexy, sexy, sexy! I love these two girls together. Truly a marvelous decision by VGHD to put these lovely ladies into a duo card together. 10 for this knock-out team!
they beautiful!
Sandra H is perfect. and with Viki at her side even better !
My 2 favorite girls in a duo. Great action, great bodies, great show!
most definately the hottest duo to date! both have GREAT bods and show 'em off. Yes, there's not a ton of intimate action, but then again what one does? I give it a 10 for sure!
Sandra H is the best now with a girl on girl this is cool.
I love this one. Both ladies are well matched and equally sensual. They love to caress themselves and each other. They play lovingly with the camera. True, Sandra H is well matched with Keana Moire and that is a favorite as well. But here Viki is just so beautiful and they both move so hypnotically well together.
The very best of all shows! A musthave!!
Wow! Best Show I have yet seen. Absolutely Gorgeous Girls
What a duo, these girls are absolutley gorgeous. If you aint got it, get it now.
Great show, excellent tease, beautiful eyes watching you and each other. These are two very beautiful slender young ladies that are so pleasing on many levels. Let your imagination provide the details.
Again i find myself saying "people, people, people...its a STRIP show, not a SEX show!" if you want hard core action, go to a hardcore site. sitting here whining and crying that there wasnt enough ation or that it was boring without giving reasons for your view or constructive critisism on how there can be improvements does nothing more than tell the performers what a leech you are.this show was incredible all on its own. the dance routines werent spectactular, but two girls does tend to crowd t...
Blueparrot has a good point. These women are 10s without a doubt, but these moves are just ok - they could have used just a little inspiration. I didn't click the "next" button though.
The two most beautifl women you well ever see together. Viki and Sandra H. are the best. Hope they get tgether again.
Wow, Viki and Sandra H are two of the most "model hot" girls on VGHD. This is my favorite card right now, a 10+. I couldn't figure out why this wasn't the highest rated card on the site until I read the comments and discovered that it is insufficiently explicit; I was mesmerized by the heavenly women on my screen and didn't feel like this card was lacking anything.
Two of my top 5 together as a duo...gotta be a ten!!
terrific GIRLS, they're a BOMBSHELLS! both lovely n seductive! i love them together...good chemistry!
Yes yes yes... Now if only I could have Viki, Sandra and Camille all on one card... 11/10
viki & sandra h. together? in bikinis? i got to say that this is a must buy - you wou't regret it :) i want more cards of these girls together!!! 10*
omg my two favs together at once if I could not have dreamed it better Thank you please more of them both. 10s all around once again thanks
two great ladies. You can tell that Viki know whats shes doing and that Sandra is still new to this but shes a natural. Most of the clips are pretty shot however they're all still very good and leave you desiring more.Definitely worth picking up
these have to be my two favorite ladies on here, and to have them together, what could be better. More shows of these two together please
These two in one show? Hell yes!! This has got to be the most underrated card ever. Jana's California girl card pales in comparison to this show. If you like Viki and/or Sandra H---get this card!
Who these two girls his fantastic show taken, it may feel himself in the heaven on earth. Double 10
One show with two of the hottest girls on VGHD (or anywhere else for that matter)!!! Definitely a must have!!! I'd buy VGHD if it was nothing but these two stripping 24/7!!! Bravo!!!
This card completes my Sandra H collection. Magic..I'm keenly waiting for more from her.
I have died and gone to heaven
Two of the hottest bodies on this site WHOA!!!!!!! why isn't this the top rated duo card?!?!?!?! those two whit girls aint got nothin on these two! Both have very pretty faces and amazing tits not to mention the asses and pussies!!! this is for sure a 10/10 AMAZING show, a must have
So SEXY!!! I love them, specially Sandra.
this show is a must buy 1 10/10 very hot
Two of the hottest girls in the collection together on one card?? You're INSANE not to buy this one! Sandra H or Viki by themselves are tens... I guess that makes this a 20+....
2 deliciously graceful blond beauties for the price of one, dancing sensually together... Not enough explicit moves, but they are so lovely it is a 10/10 anyway ! A must !
great show!!!
This show the girls are so seductive any more bump and grind would take away from the fantasy. Lots of nudity and not very explicit. Who cares! These girls would stop traffic standing at a bus stop. This is the best pairing I have seen so far. Sandra H is my favorite on this site. Viki is a new dancer to me at 19 years old does that make me a dirty old man? I think she is extremely hot and sexy. Ladies you make me feel young again!
Both girls look amazing,first Iv seen of viki, must see more!
And I'm spent!!!!! 2 of Virtua Girls' hottest models together in a sensual show of perfection.....
Simply the best show out of the entire site...Viki is my fave
I'm essentially writing this from inside these girls panties! ('cause I like them both so much)! Their duo striptease comes more from seduction and glam dancing then from any sexual explicitness. Which makes it work so well 'cause both these girls are incredibly sexy seduction queens!This is not a lesbian lick 'n' finger fest it's a playful temptation by two of the most beautiful dancers at the site.They play it to YOU (the camera)more than to or with each other because in's a seduction of YOU.T...
These girls ae F**!IN AMAZING!!!
Absolutely amazing two of the hottest women alive in one show.
Very nice, and its great to watch them on my laptop. They bring the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star*****
best duo on VG. Both ridiculous hot
I really liked this show. These two are extremely fucking hot, and look as if the really do like getting naked together. Can't say that I blame them! They are a nearly perfect match, as well. I could go on for hours about each and every inch of their delicious bodies, but I'll just say that I could devour them both. They did get a bit sill at time, but that just showed they were having fun. Kepp it up girls, and I will too.
Two sexy girls enjoying each other I love it go girls
I like beautiful! They are that. I fell sorry for the guys that are not happy because they don't finger each other. Perfect match up, I could trade places with either one and be a happy man.
Of all the duos, these two girls must either have corriographed their show, or they know what the other is thinking. Excelent show Viki is one of my most favoritest virtuagirl. Wellworth the price of a ticket.
Viki and Sandra H - Sandy & Verunka - I love to see two gorgious and sexy Lady's giving away such a good perform! Sure, one clip is too short but for the rest is this card a good show and worth a 9 :-)
I must confess ANY set with Sandra is a must have for me, I can't get enough of her
Perfect! Two of my absolute favorites. Thankx Sandra and Viki for that show.
VIKI and SANDRA H are absolutely two of the hottest Virtuagirls on the site! They are also of all Virtuagirls, so alike in face, form and figure that they could pass as sisters. Most of their show is synchronized choreography with minimal contact between them. There is a little touching and rubbing here and there but they do not kiss, nor do they touch each other in any private parts. Still...their combined total hotness kind of makes up for the total lack of explicitness..............kind of.
Two wonderfull girls together. Ouch, so pretty
Two of the prettiest girls on the sight & Sandra H can slink around with the best of them! Again, not particularly explicit, but if you want that then go to a porn sight! But, if you're looking for 2 very pretty ladies showing just enough to keep it interesting without getting sleazy, you'll like this one! A solid 9.
Deux bombes anatomique,mais un show ultra light
Oh yes...nice girls..i want more of those 2 girls
Very nice indeed... As mentioned earlier, not very explicit, but most enjoying. 9/10
Viki HOT. Sandra H HOT. Viki+Sandra very HOT
There are 2 ways to do a 2-girl show. 1 is to do a lesbian type tease. The other is a competion type. As uncomfortable as these two seem to be with touching or being touched by the other it would of been better as a "Can top this?" type competition with the second one watching in appreciation. All said and done about how I would have it doneNow about the perfomances as done. I thourghly enjoyed it. These ladies are the cream of the crop and seeing them at the same time was very pleasing. The sti...
Die zwei sind ja sowas von heizzzzzzzz
Sorry but I have to agree with both statements that jununger made.That said I still gave them a 10 (5 each) because the only thing better than a VirtuaGirl in HD is 2 VirtuaGils in HD...Come on girls, if you are going to do a duo...get with it!
Viki and Sandra are sooo lovely.
I love Viki's smile and Sandra's bush [which she since has shaven off :( ]. The show isn't great, but the girls are hot.
Se reunen en esta oportunidad dos chicas bellisimas...lamentablemente existe poco juego entre ellas y falta de erotismo lo que hace que no se produsca una buena mesca... tengo targetas de cada una por separado y son mejores de lo que muestran aca...un 8 por el intento
Un petit duo avec des mouvements sensuelles. Elles se déshabillent mutuellement en s'accompagnant de caresses. Dommage qu'elles n'aient pas plus de complicités.
I must say Thanks for perfect performances full of thrilling moments. Just can't get satiated by such pretty babies. Mmmmmm :-D God, OK, recomended for 10 points.
Very soft.. Shy.. So obvious they are both very straight :D Barely touching each other's POIs. Still, the best looking two women in VGHD. It is an honor and joy to have them dance together for me, if only just to see their perfect naked bodies.
I'm pretty critical of duos (always expect more out of them) but these two ARE hot, and for anyone else, I'd recommend them. Solid 8/10
Hot girls no action!
i enjoyed most of this card, the girls are cute, outfits good, but the only reason they didnt get a 9 or 10 from me is there are long moments where they arnt actualy dancing together just next to the other . but when they do its hot no question
IMO, Viki alone is a 9+, Sandra H with such nice outfit and hairstyle probably worths another 10. But this card worth less than a 9 when these two awesome ladies put together.
By themselves these girls are tens with out a doubt. But together, while still hot, just don't seem to flow as well. Hopefully these girls will get back together for a show that will blow all of our minds once they get comfortable with the girl/girl thing.
This is so disappointing. Two of the most beautiful girls on VG-HD, but what was the point of dancing together if they don’t even pretend to have lesbian tendencies and desire each other? They should look at each other as though lusting for a slowly melting ice-cream, and gently caress and kiss each other. Such a missed opportunity; does no one give any direction?
Unfortunatly nothing happens except two of the hottest dancer moving around each other. I think part of it is VGHD's lack of policy on what is in bounds for a show and what is out of bounds (discused often in the forum). The other could be this was the first time the girls had worked together. For a non-lesbian duo show it was pretty hot. Viki and Sandra H are two of the hottest actual dancers of the site so watching them move together is incredible. Can't give them a 9 or 10 because of lack of...
Deux bombes ensemble, mais le show est assez decevant 7/10
2 girls better than none!
Eben zwei Girls auf der Weide, kann Mann aber prima Bockspringen machen.
Of course they are two nice pretty girls, nice body and great moves, but I find some clips too much short, and the explicity shows are not soo explicity. 7/10 here.
beautiful girls but uninspired show. No explicit nudity, too little eyecontact. This beautiful eyes of the girls deserved more
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10; Hair Clean shaved -3; Tattoos Not Identified and or Large -5
Both Sandra H and Viki are so hot. I was disappointed on this card.... way to much dancing with their clothes on and not enough nudity.... where is the pussy play? I would like to see them do another with a lot more pussy play. Sorry but I thought this was boring :-(
Like all the duo cards I've seen, this one is dissapointing :( Not what i was hoping for at all.
Both are good looking and have great bodies. I have individual cards of both of them and I feel that they performed better in their solo cards thena they did together. There is so much more potential for them in this one.
hot heat
ok looking girls, but the show is so boring and uninteresting, no chemistry what-so-evergirl/girl fail
Two hot women...yes, but at times it appears there are two separate clips playing at one time they are so dis-interested in each other. Not one kiss, not one tweak of the nipple not one probe between the legs. Just so-so IMHO.
I don't what to say here. Somehow I struggle to get into two-girl sets. No matter how hot the girls are I find the fact that there are two of them a distraction. I prefer to concentrate my attention on one girl. Viki and Sandra are both hot girls but all this show seems to consist of is two girls dancing, two girls taking each others clothes off and then walking off stage. There's no intimacy between them - no sexy touching, no kissing, no pussy play. It all gets a bit samey. This has got to be...
The girls are gorgeous, however show was boring
This overview has a typo - it is not sexually explicit - it is sexually boring.
Bad description... This show features full nudity but not sexually explicit behaviour...
too many side shot not enuf full shots from behind or front - need to get tips from Vicki S
I don't like the faces they make while dancing lol
Both of these women are ridiculously hot on their own, but when you put them together... Nothing! There's no "there" there. No chemistry. No verve. They barely tough each other.And the so called "explicit" scenes, well, to say that they are disappointing would be an understatement. The only scene that could be categorized as explicit in my book showed only Viki from the rear (10/10!) with Sandra H in here full outfit (albeit bent over very nicely) and lasted maybe 15 seconds!The women could have...
I definetely agree with the previous comments that it's just an clip two girls together. Even looks like they want to ignore each other.... Girls are beautiful but very disapointed with the show.
Not the best looking girls. I don't like Sandra but I do like Viki. Very boring show. I don't see how the theme is Brazil either, unless you mean their tans. Another boring card I wish I could trade in for another. One of the sad things about being a member: I can't choose what cards I get :P... 5/10 2 for Duo, 2 for Viki, 1 for Sandra.
This was definitely nit worth 1 card, they are scared to play with each other, NOT WORTH GETTING.
I thought it was pathetic. I deleted it after seeing like 2 min of the show. Boring as hell, they just sway most of the time. I've seen better dancing in mosh-pits at concerts. The only reason they even got a 4 from me is because they have nice bodies. The out fits suck, how is the theme Brazilian fever? Don't buy it.
I've never seen two girls so uncomfortable with each other.
very disapointing
waste of a chemistry at all between them..
it looks like the girls are bored and the show was not hot but warm
One word: boring.
aaah thats suxcckks. it`s so booring. no kissing
Duos are boring. Everything so fake.
due corpi fantastici, ottimo show, 10!
Zwei absolut traumhaft schöne Mädchen mit süßen kleinen Titten (beide). Ich finde, sie könnten ruhig ein bisschen mehr zeigen! Aber auch so noch 10/10
duo super sexy et très sensuel, j'adooooooore!!!!!
Dieses Duo gehört natürlich mit in meine Top 10. Beide sind sehr hübsch und sexy.
Wie ich am 22 Nov. 2007 schon als BloodyK bemerkte: Sandra H and Viki are sooo sweet. Das meine ich 2009 immer noch :-) Das beste und hübscheste Duo hier nach wie vor.
Nice show, Viki is stunning.
Deux très jolies filles, mais le coté duo, n'a guère d'intérêt, pas désagréable toutefois, compte tenu des individualités.
Diese beiden sind eine Augenweide! Die offenen Haare und die Hüftkette von Sandra H sind einfach SEXY, und vor allem die sehr schöne rasierte Schambehaarung, welche nicht einfach nur kahlrasiert ist. Auch Viki sieht mit ihrem Bauchnabelpiercing, dem Halsband und ihrer anrasierten Muschi einfach lecker aus. Zusammen weiß man eigentlich gar nicht wohin man zuerst gucken soll. Leider ist die Show nicht das, was man von einer Duo-Show in Sachen Interaktion miteinander erwartet. (Wertung: 8 von 10 Pu...
two lovely girls, not really into one another though
Un show plutôt bon. Les filles sont sexy tout comme leur maillot de bain. Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas plus d'interaction entre les filles et que les vidéos de bonus ne montrent pas le duo, seulement Viki. Ma note : 07/10
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Sensual silk

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  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
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User comments (408)

H is for HOT!!!
This has been my favorite card since I found it over four years ago. Everything about it is amazing for the time it was recorded. I sincerely hope Sandra returns to record more cards for us some day. She's just so amazing.
I have found that I never made a comment on this woman's excellence years ago when I rated her the full 10/10. Her gyrating ass is remarkable and is alone worth the price of admission. I recall her being a prize surprise back when erotic was rarely explicit. All I require is that an uninhibited vixen make herself the most desirable woman in the world while she is onstage. Sandra H is All That in her Sensual Silk card. Go Girl!
Stunningly beautiful and perfectly proportioned, Sandra's pole dance has always hypnotized me. I'd love to see her return for more shows.
I think SandraH is one of the most sexiest girl there is, I realy love seeing that cute little ass wiggle that she does during her routine, it's AWESOME !!
Stuningly Beautful ! Think "I'm in Love"
Cette fille est superbe, un corps de rêve, le plus joli petit cul qui existe, beaucoup de sensualité et des cheveux magnifiques.
I'm not big on blondes, but Sandra is absolutely stunning! I'm lucky enough to have all but one of her cards...
Yum, what a beautiful body!!! just in time to look at for Valentine's Day!!!! Again, THANKS!!! for SHOWING it :)
Sie ist und bleibt die Beste. Totem sollte Ihr das mal vermitteln (hat ja ne riesige Fananzahl). Sollten Sie Viagra brauchen, stellen Sie um auf Sandra-Clips
she is VERY HOTT and SEXY in the show
possibly my atf card! that hair, that body. and while i'm sure there aren't too many female VG customers, if any of u ladies are wondering "what do guys consider a perfect pussy?" that's it right there...perfection! i could spend days buried in that gorgeous muff!
ooohh... wow! how about once more?
My favorite girl and card!
She is one of my favorites. I love her sexy body.
Love Sandra Hs long hair and in this card she left it down and straight. Sandra H is my favorite girl and this is my favorite card of hers. The hair flowing around everywhere just drives me crazy then add the perfect body of Sandra and it just sends me over the edge.
Too sexy to be true
Sandra H you make me wish I was 40 years younger and born in Chechoslovokia. I would be asking your father for your hand in marraige.
absolute perfection. Gorgeous lady, body, moves, she has it all.
Absolute Eye Candy! Nice moves! Sexy and seductive! Hard to take my eyes off her. Long legs, tiny tight but, soft warm skin, beautiful hair! Top rated!
OMG her body is just smoking HOOOT!!
she is just a perfect angel
You make me want you all over and your sexy in PINK!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra is supersexy, I just love her neatly-trimmed pussy!!!!!
Sandra H is HOT! HOT! HOT! I just love her neatly trimmed pussy
What a beautiful gorgeous and sensual woman. Woof!!!
I love women with long hair down to the ass. Tight body. Potential to be great dancer means good sex she has. ;D
This girl is still one of my favorite! And I have this show more than 18 month ago ...
a professional and cultivated girl ... not always value the physical, and very pretty.
Sandra H, very, very sexy, my favorite !!!!!!!!!
Sur ce show aussi tu est top, tu reste dans mes favorite! continue et je te demande en mariage lol!!!
So very sexy, my most favorite V-girl.
To all users of VirtuaGirl. I have a tip that you may find Strange. First go to "my Collection", Find Sandra H in "Sensual Silk" & "Match point", Remove all others Find a copy of Betoven 6th Synphony "The Pastual" and play the last movement go to "settings" click on Screensaver then click on "outer space" Then watch while Several copies of Sandra Glide around in time to the music. I Know its odd, Who ever heard of a stipper danceing to a synphony but I found it very compelling. Danceing is near...
she and Melisa are my favorite girls they are so sweet and cute i wish that i could meet a woman like this
oneof my favorite shows in all of VG. THANKS!
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
Sandra H. is so sexy, I just love her cute little wiggle, she really gets me HOT!!!
What can be said that hasn't been said about Sandra H! I guess all I can add is PERFECT in every way.
Schönheit liegt ja bekanntlich im Auge des Betrachters, dennoch kann ich diese Karte uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Die Frau ist eine wahre Augenweide und das wollen wir ja, denn sind wir nicht alle Voyeure?
I guess, if I had to pick a favorite one, Sandra H may have to be it. Heavy sigh.
Sandra H is supersexy and my kind of woman. She's YUMMY !!!!!
This Girl is absolutely gorgeous. most girls look better with some cloths on however she looks just as stunning without..
Impressionante,seduisante,elle a yout pour plaire an'importe qui meme a celui le moins osé. je vousla recommande fortement
What an awesome body and the way she moves that as hell
Lovely lady! Are there asses-in-motion sweeter than this girl?s?
This is the cure of homosexuals... just saying
wow this girl is somkin hot, super sexy
this card is always on my playlist , this girl is a babe ! another 10/10 from her..
Sandra H is the most senseual and sexiest woman i have ever seen she will get anyones juices flowing male or female perfect 10 all the way
Amazing how she's so confident dancing in the nude! Very fluid and natural movement which is rare with many girls here. This is a top notch card for sure.
I picked up Virtuagirl as a demo, and never thougt of buying in.. until this card was a demo. Sandra is a 100% babe. Sexy, beautiful and tasteful. I could not resist...
I love you 10/10
She´s amazing, but not explicit.
What a beautiful woman! Her long hair looks as silky as the rest of her. Best I've downloaded so far.
Ah ! Si j'avais 20 ans de moins ...
beautiful girl but this is the only one of her cards i liked
Yes Laura it was nice to see a little bush, but alas its now all but gone. Chicago Girls with Keana Moire....
Sandra has THE sweetest ass. The way she moves it makes you think about burying your face in it. This girl makes me weak in the knees. I love the fact that she has a little bush too. Very rare here. Makes her seem more womanly (to me). Her moves and her ass swirling are delicious. Just wish there was a tad more explicitness...but in a way...I can appreciate the lack of it.
There are three words that I can say for Beautiful,Gorgeous,Lovely Sandra.....Sexy.....Sexy......Sexy, Oh one more word.....WOW!!!!!!!!
Sie ist wunderbar. Trotz ihrer nur sparsamen Rasur im Intimbereich regt sich bei mir die Leck-Zunge.Ihre voluminösen Haare und ihr katzenartiger Gesichtsausdruck bringen mich um den Verstand. Sie ist bei mir in der Playlist "geile Schnitten"
Sandra H is an 11/10!!! This is my favorite card of hers and if I were to start my collection again I would pick this card 1st or 2nd! :)
Oh yeah! Sandra H is so fucking hot it's unreal. Her long hair, not to mention her long legs, are fucking gorgeous! She's got such a tight body, that I can only imagine how tight her puss is. And what a pussy it is, especially when she's bending over. Wow! Keep it up Sandra, and so will I!
hands down the best card on the site. SANDRA H is my personal favorite girl on the site and this is by far her best card. 10/10
This is the only Sandra H card I'd recommend out of her collection. She looks hot in this outfit. She has great pole dance moves in these clips. She just sexes up all my music videos.
SandraH is supersexy, makes my panties wet as HELL!!!!! I want u baby!!!!
hands down the best model on VG. just 1 thing tho, need 1 more new card with her and sume pussy popin = )
Sugar n? Spice and everything oooh sooo nice? Sultry, seductive, sensual, a little sassy? and very, very, sexy! A definite 9.5 on the bogle-Ooh-meter! One of my first cards, and after collecting more than 100, still one of my favorites. I could just eat her all up. She makes my stomach growl, wait?that?s not my stomach?gotta go?
one of my favorite cards of all time! Sandra H. is spectacular!
What a dress on this woman. If you have a heart condition, have your nitro-glycerin handy. Dressed, panties only, buck naked, it doesn't matter. This girl blows the doors off the hinges, plus I finally found a dancer that hasn't hacked off her whole bush. Nice patch down there and great performance.
The way she moves in this outfit really gets your imagination working. When she takes it off you see just how much your imagination missed.
I'll second that, WOW and add a Va Va Va Voooom!!! What a girl! This girl has got it all. The looks the moves and a rockin' body. This girl knows how to pole dance. What a show. Excellent 10/10 for everything.
Wow! Thats all I have to say
Was für ein süßer Po , zum Reinbeißen !
This is absolutely THE hottest card of all. I like her funny looks too, nice lips!
Ce n'est pas mon style de femme mais pour elle je ferai facillement une excèption à mes goûts. Sa sensualité ingénue et lacive a su éveiller en moi des ardeurs malgré ses petits seins trés beaux, la tenue est simple mais elle la rend trés sexe. Trés joli show. @+ les femmes. SonnyCraquettes.
Einfach sinnlich die Kleine sie hat einen geilen Körper. Niedliche Tittchen, Geilen Arsch und das wichtigste eine absolut geile Fotze. 10 Punkte.
Sandra H is amazing. I would love to see more by her. 10/10.
My personal favourite.
Very good figure and body. Nice to watch :)
I would have to give a 10 on this girl , perfection at its best !
It amazes me how some of these other girls score higher. In my eyes, you're perfect, just perfect. Way to go.
Most of the women here are beautiful, no doubt, but she is more that just that, she`s gorgeous. Long hear, senzual and natural moves, perfect body(in my taste), very attractive look....10/10
Sandra knows her charms and seems to enjoy using them for our enjoyment. The pale silk of her dress makes her appear soft and approachable, but her long toussled hair hints at a wild encounter should you win her attention. 10/10. I only wish she'd had on a little white lace bra to extend the striptease a little more.
She is the best. Lovely long hairs. beautiful eyes
Beautiful.....just beautiful...... :D
Words cant describe just how mesmerizing this amazing woman is.
mmhmmLuvItSoWet'm glad it's not illegal to be as hot as she is! She is definitely at the top of my list. Wow...encore! mm mm good! Yum yum I would love to have some!
the toolbar upskirt in this one is worth the price.
God, everything about her is incredible. Great legs, great ass, love her tits. she has the most amazing hair, such a pretty face, and her eyes are gorgeous. and i like the belt. its a nice touch
Hi all,this is for Sandra,all the ladies on Totam/Virtuagirlhd,all staff and all extra helpers. A very MERRY and HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all of you from a very happy old man!!!
Looks like a movie star. Easily the most beautiful girl on the site, with a perfect toned natural body and effortless teasing in her dancing. Awesome. I'd be ready with a diamond ring if I knew where to find her.
a truely sensual and beatifull experience of sensuality and dance and good cloths
Tall, tan, tight and beautiful... Has to be one of the best bodies and faces out there. Easliy a 10/10.
Easily best Ass on this site I have seen, absolutely sexy dancer and perfectly proportioned tight little body Beautiful! 10/10
She is so beautiful. I really like how sensual she is. Her body is perfect and with such beautifully long legs
All I said on the hot stewardess card holds true for all of sandra's cards. With that body and that golden mane she is one of the few women on this site that could just stand around on my desktop and make me happy! 10/10
If I interpret the figures right this Sandra is just about 5 feet 7 and a quarter inches tall, wow, with heels on that'd be practically as high as me! It's the legs that does it y'know LOL. Superb. Hubba hubba. Just the right amount of everything in all the right places without going OTT. A perfect balance. Very elegant. Deffo a fave and a 10. :D
This is my favorite card by far, and Sandra H is my overall favorite, I just wish that Totem would get her back to do more shows. I say to Totem; If she asks for more cash, GIVE HER MORE CASH!!
Wow everything I want in a girl! Fantastic long legs, great hair. good moves not too fast. I want her!
Sandra H is a very sensuous young lady and I just love her moves, very sexy. I rate her a well deserving 10.
This card is my favorite of ALL. She is gorgeous! Face is smokin, Hardbody is perfect, Hair is great, Good sense of humor, and she moves sensuously. I also love the outfit. The only bad thing I can say is it could be more explicit (not that she is shy by any means) On the other hand if she stuck a finger in I think BOTH of my heads would explode, not just the usual one. A definite 10.
Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! Very Sexy And She Has The Most Beautiful Ass!
It is a pleasure to see such a beautiful woman. Her grace and body suggest ballet training and she has a great sense of humour. I give her a ten
holy crap
she is perfect
Sandra H has a phenomenal body, she knows it and works her assets like a rock star :-) A can't miss purchase!
PERFECT! 10/10
The BEST body and the moves to match...Best card money can buy!You can't go wrong with any of Sandra's cards.
I love her small tits, and what a beautiful ass. She reminds me of Brooke Shields with blond hair.
I will take all of her I can get. She is absolutely Beautiful! A real dream girl. She is so sexy, and a tempturess.
zo mooi, zo mooi, deze sandra, vreselijk mooi.niet tegeloven.
Awesome card !!! Sandra is totally Hot!!! More please 10/10
Gosh! What a tremendously sexy lady. Those legs are perfection and her figure in general and her breasts in particular are a dream come true!!!!!!!!!!
I can't handle how gorgeous this girl is. On top of that she has the perfect moves, sexy but sensual at the same time.
Absolutely beautiful, one of the best looking girls on site.
only wish i could find her would love to just talk to her and admirer her beauty in person
without a doubt the hottest and best looking woman on vghd damn i love the performance, the perfect body, that beautifull ass, that long hare, shape shaved pussy, and the sensual movements ar making her the the perfect lady of vghd, the only - point is the duration of 22 min, damn couldn't that be longerbut it's a lot of naked for so a short show. make sandra come back
Beautiful, sexy, hot body, exotic eyez and full soft lips.
Thank goodness I gave this woman a second chance by picking up this card. I was disappointed by "Hot Stewardess" maybe because I hate green. Hot pink is much better for Sandra. In it I can fully appreciate her pretty face and the long flowing hair that sweeps across a tight, sexy body. 9.7/10 but I'll round it up to a 10.
One of my top shows. I gave her a 10.
Simply the best! Great body, great attitude, sensual striptease. She knows how to show off her sexy petite frame with a cute smile!
Sultry + seductive + classy = sexy! Sandra's fluid moves set her dancing apart from the rest of the girls on this site. Women who live a little to the imagination are the most alluring. Sandra strikes just the right balance between teasing and pleasing.
I want see her back for more and better shows :D More explicit shows :D Maybe with fingeringGOD please Totem stop cut out the fingering scenes from new shows.
Sandra really dances well, the way she moves her hips and bum is outstanding, really hot.
she beautiful!
she is way too gorgeous to be real...
Perfect. She's number 1.
Ahhh, she makes me think very bad thoughts :)
All I can say is total enchantment, Sandra H, is ever so erotic, and I would love to brush her hair, just so sweet!
there is something about her that makes her so perfect in every way
I also have Sandra H's "Sexy GI" card, also a 10. But I like this one better for a couple of reasons. First, she does a better job of keeping her beautiful hair out of her beautiful face in this set. And second, this outfit does a better job of showing off her awesome legs. This card also, obviously, gets a 10 from me.
So is so sweet, so could get to my heart
Damn!!! Sandra H is a very sexy lady. Little, small but perfect. No other words 4 her. I have all her cards and they are worth the money.
By far one of the BEST dancers on VG. She has a way of making it look easy. A lot of the other girls dance jerkily and like they have no idea what they're doing, but Sandra is a PRO. She should try and teach some of these other girls how to dance.Now her sex appeal is strong, her looks are alluring, OMG her hair! and that cute little triangle of fluff . She's got it all. But compared to the likes of Sharka, Mia, and a couple others, her show isn't very explicit.
What a Body!!! I'd have to stuff my big Hairy nutsack in her sweet Pussy while I gave it to her in the keyster.she's beautiful
don't mention any more! she's quite good. perfect.
Damn I cant get enough of Sandra H. The first card of her I got was a bonus and I thaught I would not care for her since I prefer fuller breasts but damn was I mistaken she is soooooo sweet and her body is so well proportioned that her breast are just perfect. She also has the moves and that liquid body motion when dancing that I have only found in my fav Krystel. I dont wait for bonuses cuz I am definitely a Sandra H fan now.
The show is not explicit at all neither the bonus photo and she's never nude for a long time ! But she's gorgeous,natural and very sensual.She's a beautifull angel,the TOP MODEL of VirtuaGirlHD.My first really 10/10 is for her.
Sandra H is HOT! She has a flawless body. Perfect to my standards. Great legs, nice tits and a perfect ass! I would like to see more of her.
Gorgeous absolutely Gorgeous!! Best pure dancer and that HAIR. WOW!!! Love you in the vedio Sandra.
She so SEXY but.Who is sandra H?????
She's absolutely gorgeous.
Omg, she is sooooo cute n sexy.
Sandra H. is hot. She has great movement and will ALWAYS draw you away from whatever you are doing when she appears. I would suggest having all of Sandra H.'s shows as it is fun to switch her outfits. She is one of the best.
Moooc hezká Ostravanda
An absolute sexy kitten.... she moves devinely and has a gorgeous body.
She is so pretty and sexy. One of the hottest ladies to appear in front of my eyes.
What a body, perfect. That beautiful long flowing hair is something else. Sandra is beautiful much like my favorite Julya, but not in the same league.. Richard.. Australia
Sandra is proof that good things come in small packages. The way this woman moves and looks at the camera sends chills up my spine. She oozes of sexuality without having big breasts or being very explicit. Must have! 10/10!
The perfect 10. Simply sick.
Stunningly sensual, sexy and very classy performance form Sandra H. Whilst I love explicit as much (if not more) than anyone else, Sandra shows us what true class is all about!!!! Fantastic - a VG classic :)
loving this strip ! 10/10
The outfit maybe simple but I love body tone-a lsigh tan- and she has great cuves highly recommend any shows with in them.
Sandra is absolutely gorgeous in every way. She is very exotic with the hottest little tight ass. What more could you ask for. Easily 10/10.
Sandra H gets my blood pumpin in this show! Super great body and has no flaws! Very hot show ! She should come sit on my face! I give her a 10/10
wow she is truly amazing, i usely prefer more curvy girls but she is well just plain wow, she moves whit the best sensual grace iw ever seen 10/10
I have SandraH in my collection. Her small breasts do not hold her back. She is hot. Totally hot. It's good to see some women still like to keep a bush, I find that sexy, as long as it is kept trimmed. Sandrah, you do it well.
My fav of all, dat pink top looks so gd on her!
As if 'Female Lioness',,,also very cute in personality! What a lovely woman,,,
And God made Eve, she is so beautiful. I have a hard time taking my eyes off of her.
she is sooo sexyy..i have all her shows..lets get some new show with her...plzzzzz
This gal is HOT HOT HOT!!!
its her hair. That's what makes her so good. That long, dirty blond hair that looks almost like a mane. And its so long it makes the rest of her gorgous petit body look even smaller and cuter. This of course doesn't slight her almost perfect body, or her slow soulfull movements, or her piercing eyes. Even if she isn't the most exciting girl on the site, she is damn near perfect in her execution of the body. I was gonna give her a 9, but I can't hold back on her. 10/10: perfect girl
Man oh man you can't find a better one! she is the sexiest by far.
A must have. 10/10
this chicks not the nasty of all the shows but she is the hottest chick on here thats fo sho
There is absolutely nothing i could say bad about her. I love this woman, she has such and incredible ass and the outfit works so well with her. not as explicit as i would like to see her, but that's not bad.
i want her . 100% good only bad thing is litle boobs but very nice legs and ass and the perfect horny face
The most divine woman in the world! Ms. Universe!!! 100
She has a perfect body and is one of the best dancers on the site. I give her a ten and highly recommend her.
Very sexy perfect 10 great show
best body on vghd
She is just soooo damn fine and moves beautifully - great entertainment - and her Duo's are great too - get the card go on you wont regret it!!
What can i say that already hasn't. Simply bueatiful. a 10 in my book.
This Lady is very sensual. I just love the way she comes out of the floor of my computer and crawls up onto toolbar.
Amazing. Looks, moves and mood....just one word: amazing
Very nice show. Beautiful girl. Knows how to use her movements and her wardrobe to accentuate the tease. 10 of 10
This girl is so very hot! her eyes... her hair ... that body.... And the way she moves and the little clothes she wears ... grrawww!A perfect show. EXACTLY what i want from a strip show. Quality!
very very good girl
very sexy girl!I don't have words to descride's a pleasure for eyes.I would like to see her with naked pussy
One of my favorites, third show from her. Just her and Zafira should do something together. Man they are both the hottest!!!
I don't like skinny girls, but in her case she is slender and sexy with bedroom eyes. Her eyes tell me to rub her body with scented oils until she glows, and then make love to her until she faints from exhaustion. Yes I am pretty sure thats what she is saying to just me. This is the most sensual dancer Totem has. A solid 100
Absolutly gorgeous,a girl you'd love to meet.
Sandra just blows my mind with her beauty. A perfect body and gorgeous long hair and legs. A body to die for, 10/10.
Totally in love ...
i've never comented on any of the girls, but sandra is smok'n hot. beautiful face, perfect body, better than any stripper i've seen
What a wunderfull girl. Look also at her additional video. If I would be her father I would be very proud.
I think I'm in love with this woman. She is perfect in every way, her hair, body, eyes, smile, voice everything. If ever there is a way to meet such a perfect beauty I would jump at the chance. Hell I would settle for being a pen-pal. Keep this lovly lady you'll never find another like her ever.
Perfect 10 as always, easily the best of everything on VG. Nothing wrong with Sandra, ever!
i love this girl and this card, i love how she shows just a little panties whn she is dancing, if you like upskirts like i do, i recommend this card
Jesus Christ! This girl can dance! She truly earned my respect for small chested women! This is a MUST HAVE card!
I alwayes look for sth beuty when I am sad. You are my beauty - you make me happy. Thanks
Wow! Sexy seductive dancer! HOT tight body! Very thin but with great curves! Gorgeous exotic face! One of my favorites! I love the long hair! She also makes great eye contact coupled with erotic body movements. A perfect 10!
Now THIS is the deal. You can have all the other girls, this is true gorgeous beauty! And that silk top, daaaumn. Looks so good on her.
Just when I thought things couldnt get any better. The short outfit is to die for, nice pole work, very sensual.
Amazing beauty. Moves like an angel and hot as she can be. Its nice to see a well kept bush too.
sweet hairy puss. mmm need more girls like this, she is the best
Wow, 10 Best ass in vghd
I love the way Sandra looks and moves. She is a 10. It's probably good she doesn't live next door.
Wow! I definitely have a crush on Sandras! :) I'm still in love with Sandra Sanchez (the most beautiful woman in the world), but I'd cheat on her with Sandra H anytime! ;) Though this one is a bit skinny and looks a bit young to my taste, she's really gorgeous and what a terrific dancer! Sandra Sanchez, my love, you have a serious contender now (yet, you remain my number one...) 10 for both Sandras; ten times for each! (On second thought, maybe twenty times for Sandra S.)
She is just sexy as hell. perfect titties that fit her bodie better then i have ever seen. Her body has all the right curves in all the right places. Looking forward to getting all of her cards
your my fav. in your the best one
nice girl very hot!!
if you know of one that moves better please tell me...she is amazing and so the length of the locks. and the chain
This lady is beyond beautiful. The most sensual and lovely creature on earth!
Sandra is HOT
Please, please, more Sandra H. soon. All the girls are beautiful but this girl is spectacular. Make as many of her as you can because I'll buy them all.
I have palpitations every time I see that package. I wish she would spread her legs and play with her pussy. Will that give me the chills!!!!
Nice legs. Very nice. I just want to touch them.
Finally a girl able to dance and move erotically! Surely one of the best dancers here and sympathic, sensual, with a perfect body: a very clear 10.
Very grace and sensual, it is simply the best show I have seen on this site! This one is an artistic piece. Her eyes are hypnotic. The chain at her waist is nice. It deserves much higher than 10. Perfect!
The trailer alone own many other full shows, and can conquer you with its sheer magic in a nutshell. The moment I first saw her dress slip up on its own with a quicker turn flashing that panty made my jaw fall with "awe"... (The main reason to purchase the show was to keep it after the expiration time, all the more content was just an added plus - although inarguably top content as well.)
sandra in not just great looking girl , but also a vary saxy and femenine girl , love her shows
God how hot & Yummy. A delicious sexy babe
I am really confused here, I have always been a lover of big breasts, long hair and a full bush below or at least some hair but this girl is really something. Out of my 135 shows I have all of hers and when she comes on I just have to stop whatever I am doing and give her my full attention. She is just so perfect and moves so gracefully it's just hard to believe that any woman could grab my attention so fully.
Sandra H. is HOT!! A gorgeous face, very sexy eyes and lips, beautiful hair, an absolutely perfect ass and, in my humble opinion, natural tits are always better so hers suit her petite body just fine. Sandra moves well and is very sexy ... Sensual Silk, Sexy GI & Shopping Fever are among my favorites from any of the girls on VGHD. I'd love to see more of Sandra!
Wow!!! She has a really nice ass!!!
She Has yet to make a bad show....Worth Everything...!
Probably my favourite outfit from the stunning Sandra H - I always enjoy this girl. It would have been nice if she'd shown us a bit more of that lovely pussy but perhaps that was her choice which you have to respect. Either way, I'd like to see her come back, she's simply stunning!
Wow THIS IS THE BEST EVER SHOW//////////////
Sandra H dances like butter melting on my tongue!Her whole sexual sell weaves itself around her seductive undulations, flowing body elements and serious, erotic, eye contact with you!When watching her trailer I was taken by how the silken garment draped itself across her petite tits,caressing her pert nips,and rolling across those liquid sex hips!If you've not noticed yet, she has the best ass & movements on the site, her hair is an active caress of her luscious slim , ultra fit bod. She makes y...
This Chick is by far the best...there's no doubt. She looks great, moves great. Out of here collection this on s the best, you can tell she has gotten better since she first started dancing. Her hips move more and her thighs look great. I hope there is more to come of her, because I for one will be downloading more of her.
Wow. #1 girl here - no question. Love to se her in some more outfits, including some stockings et...
you are very hot and sexy
Awesome body and whole package.I agree that it could be more explicit though.I wish that a few more girls would take a leaf out of her book and leave a bit of "Thatch for the Snatch" so to speak..(there are too few pubic hairs on display in most clips)..
Sandra H is the most SEXY and NAtural girl on the whole site..... Her long flowing hair.... Sexy as hell legs.... perfect ass.... perky tits you want to suck on for days.... awesome trimmed pussy..... just makes you wanna be with her all night long!!!!!
Perfect. Never in my Life has sleep been so sweet. My dreams now are flooded with her. Perfect. Oh by the way, there is a God.
very very nice i love her great moves great ass moves great just a sexy woman i would marry her if i had the chance
What a hot lass ... sexy, moves great and that ass! Wow, would I ever.
It is performances like this one that make Sandra H my favorite VGHD girl. She has the hottest body and SHE KNOWS HOW TO MOVE IT. soooooooooooooo sexy! perfect ass, breasts, and pussy THIS IS A MUST HAVE! GET THE FULL VERSION!!!
I want one............................. or two.
moooooooc pěkná slečna very nice girl
that's sensuality!
This is the perfect girl. I don't know how you can call her tits small, their perfect for her body type. There isn't a flaw anywhere. On a scale of 1-10 she's 135.
Awesome body. Great dancer. Could be a little more explicit for my taste.
Awesome! really nice girl, I just love her tiny but very firm tits! and she knows how to perform!
Very sexy girl, she has a great body and knows how to show it off, one of her best shows.
The goodess of the stripping art. The sexiest girl in the site. Each moves she makes, each looks, each smile, her hair; each one has that magic touch, that makes you fly. I´m not just going to give her a 10, I´m going to declare my love to Sandra H.
Sandra H can dance and tease - she has a sexy body. Love to see more of her. She is stunning. Love the way she plays with her hair as she strips.
OMG Sandra is beautiful as can be,amazing face,amazing body,amazing,ass.10,10,10.
What makes this girl hot? Let me count the ways:1) Seductive eyes 2) Luscious lips 3) Sexy smile 4) Succulent little titties 5) Long legs 6) Perfect ass 7) TIGHT body 8) GORGEOUS full mane of hair 9) She knows how to move 10) She's mesmerizing!10/10!
Very beautiful woman with sensually fluid movements. Here eyes are enticing and her expressions are seductive. Worth every viewing moment!
Ñàìàÿ ëó÷øàÿ, ó òåáÿ î÷åíü êðàñèâàÿ ôèãóðà!
very hot in my eyes
This sexy woman really turns me on. Her eyes, her smile, those long sexy legs and her movements. Different strokes for different folks,I guess, but the clincher is the hair on her pussy, not shaved as the intro suggests. She has the natural look. Up to now she is my favorite. I like all the girls, shaved or not, but this one has that extra, "here I am come and get me look". Every thing about her turns me on. She is a 10 plus. What more can I say.
She is a very sexy woman. I love the way she moves around, and shaking that beautiful ass. I just love that ass of hers, and the way she shakes it. Such a big turn on for me. If I met her in person I would give her these compliments too. She is such a hottie.
Absolute Perfection,she is so elegant and fluid in her movements,she draws you in with her eyes,I would not change a thing about her,perfect body and presence,heaven is upset they are missing one more angel
Not bed, but only 5+\10
the one is the best one by far
very cute girl good show
Very sexy woman and very sexy smile. I love the dimples when she smiles. very good show. I wishes she would have showed more...
So Sweet...
sensuelle avec de tres beaux cheveux et une maniere de bouger tres agreable
i like
she is the best !!!!!!!!!!!
Hot! Hot! Luscious, there would not be a dry spot on her.
Please marry me!!!
Another great show from Sandra, she sure is sexy!
Nikky Case(free Time) and Sandra H (Sensual Silk)are the cream your pants of the crop. These two women are perfect! I find them very clean and erotic. I just cant find anything negative about them. I like how everything is nice and pink. Clean shaven with a tidy patch of fir up top. Beautiful hair and infatuating eyes. And body language that makes your heart flutter and skin tingle with excitment.
the best stripper on the site:)
Very pretty girl, I like the eye contact. Its a very good show.
A really beautiful girl, I wish she jump out of my computer.
This is a truly attractive girl. Buy any of her shows and you won’t be disappointed. If you have a thing for long hair or the thin supermodel body type Sandra H is the girl to see!The belly chain in this show is a nice touch.
Девочка прелесть)) кто нибудь говорит по русски тут?)) This babe is wonderful! I wanna merry her!))
This girl is the hottest ! The 1st girl I've given a 10 rating to.
to kalytero mouni ever
I got an error downloading this show, can anyone help? Here's a screenshot:
I just love the scene were you have the outfit on but the panties are gone. A simple must for all you other work!
this Girl who is definately an 11 out of 10!,needs a much better promo 'banner',.some of the 'still shots' from this collection, are much better than the (close up ) you used for her existing banner !,.please do this beautiful girl some justice,.NEED NEW BANNER promo's,.and actually IF the new Banner was as good as this main picture 'overview',.i would promote the hell out of it! and also ,. wouldn'y mind if it was twice the size of the existing banners!,.yours truely, VIC
UN-BE-LIEVABLE!!!!! I need to disable this show just to get some work done! I'd rate it a 20 if I could....
Sandra,you are so beautiful and those legs are H O T ! ! ! Very seductive face and eyes
very cute and becomes nasty and makes me smile
Sandra.... wow.... so much.. really like this girl not only is she hot looking but I think she is melting the screen on my laptop.. just needs to learn to make love to the camera... always a 10 tho in my book.
Sandra,you are so hot,even my wife loves to watch you dance.whenever my wife is at the computer she get so hot she slips off the chair and then attacks me..... thank you so much :)
Very seductive face and eyes, love those leggs
This Girl is hot WOW Im in love ,that's a nice bum
She is one of my favorites. VERY SEXY
By far the hottest girl ever.
Incredibly sexy!!! I keep her as my daily favorite. Wonderfully seductive smile, and GREAT petite body!
Realy Worth Having In A Collection. Her Ass Could Stop Trafic At rush hour!!!!
Sandra is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Rating her a 10 doesnt do her justice. There are alot of pretty girls on here but she is by far the most gorgeous.
This girl makes me want to move to the Czech Republic. Never before have I found someone so amazing. She is perfect in every way from the perky breasts to the sexy sultry voice. I can’t seam to find a flaw one. I think I like her hair the most, I could run my fingers through that hair all day.
SANDRA I´am falling in love !! You are sooooo beautyfull !!
la perfection existe ! parfaite de haut en bas, parfaite !
cute and sexy... Wow!!!
she is my fav girl.I am only unhappy that she does not pleasure herself in the show. Why not? I am not sure I understand wat sexualy explicit means.
OK. WOW! for anyone following my adventures here, this is my perfect girl. the hair, ouch! and her body and her freckles, i'm in love. damn computer keeps putting up one of the others. off to buy some more Sandra lol, pant, gasp, giggle.
A delight to watch. Very attractive.
hot body good show nice face
Muy muy tierna y es una chica erotica ni tiene buenos pechos pero su dulsura es increible...Un 9
The only reason she is not a 10 is because her tits are too small.
If I had not seen Eufrat, she would deserve 10... but Eufrat exists, so she has just a 9.
Sandra H hands down in my opinion is no doubt the most beautiful sexy sensual woman I have ever had the privileged to set my eyes on. There is not a flaw in her show her beauty is unmatched by any other woman.
No problem with her small looks perfect to me for such a young lady of 21...her long hair is awesome and her ass is supersexy and therefore her show is very to kiss and fuck her at the same time,lift her up and then let her down and feel my cock sliding in her hairy pussy and make her mature in one fuck...ladies love it when I do that to them...!
wow this girl can move. that thing on the side of her nose is hard to get past
She has a great body and nice moves. 9/10
this girl has probably the most beautiful ass on earth!
I agree on the gorgeous body and definitely knows what men like in the moves dept. Love the pussy and how it is trimmed(perfect).One of my favs.
Phucking Phenomenal!! LOVE that belly bracelet too!
F^*#ing Beeeeutiful.Nigh perfect.At last some pubes.Too many chicks shave it all off.Like looking at children.BRING BACK THE BUSH i recon.Anyway back to Sandra H.She's great in pink but i would have liked to have seen some more pink and a bit of touchy feely never goes astray.Dont like to rate becouse it's personal preference 9.5 to me. Tassy boy
This girl is gorgeous, she has an amazing body. Her show is very good and her messed up hair look is cute. The look on her face is seductive. Her breasts are average size, but not small. Her pussy could be shaved, but it is nice looking this way to.
Gosh! What a lot of hair! This one could do a 'no nudity' wearing just a thing, if she brought it all forward - and wouldn't that be erotic! This is a pretty show, and the costume suits her, but she was more explicit in Chacun Sand. And for some reason, her nipples were a lot darker that time. Solid 9.
Very sexy girl, glad to see just a trimmed bush and not shaved off. Long lovely legs, nice moves. An excelent addition to any collection.
Seductive. I like her waist chain. That's different.
wow.......beautiful girl....more please :)
This girl is gorgeous and sexy... even though she only moves her ass, that's good enough to enjoy!
The Captain’s personal assessment – Appearance 10 (The Hair, Ann Margaret beautiful face, ; Outfit 8 (nice simple); Technique 10; Dance 9; Rhythm 8; X-Factor 8; Hardness 9; Final rating (average) 8.85
Cuttie! something about that long long hair baby I love it! I want to brush it all nite honey!
Perfect body. Nothing else. Like a beautiful girl next door.
Very sexy. Love her hair and the pink sweater. Works great for this card. My first of hers and hope the others are as good.
sandra h...mmmmmmmmm. excelent everything. i dont care that she dances great, she could just sit there. what a body. wow.
One of my favorite
This is a very nice show. I like your body and the whole composition. Nice work. =D
If it wasn't for Eufrat, Sandra would steal take me away. Wow!!!
Anyone that didn't enjoy Sandra's performance is getting a lot more than I am or they are just plain nuts!
Very hot and the outfit is very sexxy. To bad the segment is really short. It would get a ten if it was twice as long, but it is well worth the tickets. Good job Sandra!
lovely girl with a fantastic ass
she is good but seems to lack excitement for what she is doing. Not even smile - rated her a 9 due to that
Great set, Gorgeous girl with a great body that knows how to move it.
DAMN!! Now this is a hot lady! Very sexy dancer, gorgeous, fit, firm body! The only reason it's not a 10 is that we don't get to see enough of that very nice pussy! A very solid 9!
I love this girl. She has the look. Her long hair is hmm....nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy. 10 points
Yum! Not the best and not the worst, but very good. Worth the cost to see if the curtains match the drapes;-)
I have bought her, but i am new on this site. Can anybody say how i get her on my computer?
Beautiful...absolutely beautiful girl! Love the performance and everything about her.
Very sexy girl!!! She dance and moves as a professionist lapdance! I like her very much!!!
Sandra, you are a perfect woman. Where were you when I was looking? I can watch you for hours and never get tired of seeing your wonderful body.
You are very good with your body I, love how you stop just before over expossing your self with that come and get it look, leaving our imaginations to do the rest. this drives me insainly crazy, I love it.
Super Sexy with beautiful Hair and one of the nicest asses of them all!
One of the sexiest girls and for sure one of my fave!!!
She is very nice I buy it but won't to download......Why?""After you bought a girl on the website, please go to the "Download" tab of the software Option box and click on "Check for Updates" button in the lower right corner.""
This girl is very, very beautiful. She has a lean, fit body, albeit a little too slim for my tastes, but she has super alluring moves that make up for it. The only true downside to this card is the glaring shortage of nudity. You see a couple of bosom flashes, and that's about it.
She is one of the most beautiful women I have seen (and I don't usuually like blondes). I gave her a 9 but if she had smiled a bit more I would have given her a ten. She is wearing a fantastic outfit which is extremely sexy.
Man, what a huge disappointment! I don't get why this show of Sandra H got such a high rating by most of the other VirtuaGirl users. The scenes in this show aren't really explicit and IMO this chick's body doesn't look better than Jennifer Galbina's body, who is rated worst by most other people on here... I'll give this one an 8/10 rating, because the girls on here aren't worse than an 8, but to be honest there are much more explicit shows available on VirtuaGirl!
I've got a few of her shows but this is the first one that got by blood pressure rising. Very beautiful, sexy and great outfit. Her legs are amazing. Going to watch it again. 10 out of 10.
Man girl, eat a cheese burger. Other than being a bit too skinny the show is ok.
Sandra H is one of my favorites. She has such smooth and sexy legs. If only I could touch them.
nice babe... sexy arse and beautiful tits... and lovely hair (not down below that sucks) nice moves worth 1 ticket
I would rate her a ten if she were more into it when touching herself. I'd like to see a less "technical performance" and more expression of femine beauty and sensuality.
she is bad no pink
mot explicit
Very sexy, and a great body, has a Denise Richards look to her.
Oh Sandra, a lovely HARD body, a beautiful face and smile, she flows like silk...mmmm, what else could a man ask for??? Maybe just a little more naughty...but you are so nice!
Gorgeous very sexy lady BUT her show is too short and certainly not explicit. Only gets an 8 from me
Not overly impressed with this girl. Another one who rarely smiles and far too skinny!
Nothing special, average-looking girl doing average dance routine
Nice, but she's not a goddess... There are better girls on the site.
Very Sexy, Very Nice...
really nice a little to skinny for my taste nice bush though.dont like ankle tatoo.
Stunning appearance, looks mostly interested but doesn't have many moves. Not very "explicit" either. Shame, she could have been SO much better. I'd rather see a minger who knows how to tease a little with the dancing. 7/10
Rate about 7 love the long hair & sexy moves but if she show more would give her a 9 even a 10 Babe shaved it off
I think I hear bells. . . Yes, an angel just got her wings!!!!Thank you, Sandra, for blessing us with your presence and gifts.
This woman could stand to eat a cheeseburger, a pizza, or something. There's just too much rib in a few of the shots. Still, she has a beautiful face and nice legs.
Un peu d'inflammation sur les compliments là. Sur le coup, je dirais belle... mais de loin. Car à y regarder de près, on a vu mieux et moins commun.La robe rose la mets bien en valeur, pas de souçis. Le show se regarde mais sans plus.
Im disappoined, I don't like very much this girl, Im gotta go on delete!!!
I have a few of her shows, and I can't get past the bones. She is a beautiful girl, and would have a great body if I couldn't see her ribs and neck bones. Just one mans opinion, and obviously lots of people love her, I'm just not one of them.
Sandra, I thought you were marvelous in Cancun sand. You look great in this outfit but too much panties showing between the cheeks. No panties or string thong would have made you and this show a SUPER 10.
hmm what to say about Sandra, nice figure, nice looks, nice movements, all nice but struggle to put my finger on something that makes sandra stand out. Thats not to say I wouldn't give my right arm to be with her but thats not the criteria here is it. The outfit doesn't do much for me, a sort of sunday morning type of outift again nice.
Really cute and attractive but that is really it is for me. She is sensual but boring overall. There are other sensual chicks on here as well but they are exciting and not as shy as she seems to be. Sandra H is just cute and doesn't do it for me. Love the outfit though.
Sandra is an extremely beautiful woman. Though she has small tits, she has a very pronounced mound which her panties accent perfectly. I love the way she moves her body and lets you peek at her nipples. Her mature face and long, thick hair give her a very sensual look, but I feel there is a lot missing from this show. She doesn't mind showing her pussy but she seems to have problems touching it. This limits her possibilitys and without feeling comfortable with sexually explicit behavior, the sho...
I was disapointed. She's way less hot then the profile makes her look. I wish i would have watched her free trailer first. I just wasted 2 tickets on an ugo.
bof !!!! pas terrible.
Basically just dances, not well, standing up, yes nude but thats it - not sexy or sensual - waste of a credit.
Just can't stop watching her wiggling her cute ass. Dammm she's too hot.
This woman is just below average with her looks, if not borderline. Her show is decent though, so I'm giving her a 2/10 instead of a 1.
would b good if i can fucking get vher on my laptop 2 dances
i like her style but she is not sexy ... suitable for those who love small ass and breast
just perfect 10/10
Nearly perfect, based on my opinion. 10 / 10 !Why not fully perfect ? Cause she is not my girlfriend ^.^
Mit diesem Gesicht kann sie wirklich den Betrachter in ihren Bann ziehen!! Eine süße Maus mit einem niedlichen Popo!!
Sandra ist der Hammer. Das schönste Mädchen das ich je sah. Einfach nur perfekt. Für mich die absolute Nr. 1 bei den Virtua Girls. Danke Sandra das es Dich gibt und das wir Dich so sehen dürfen. Einfach nur ein Traum. Mehr sog i net. 100 Punkte von mir ! Sandra ist mir mind. jederzeit 2 Tickets wert.
Si belle! Si sensuelle! Quelle corps ondulant au grè de nos fantasmes. Merci Sandra de ces sourts moments de rèves. ajoute un peu plus de moments intimes explicites et tu sera la reine de VGHD et d'autres encore.
J'aimrais bien êt son voisin avec une vue sur sa cour ensoleillé
Wenn einem so sehr Schönes wird beschert, das ist schon einen extra Spritzer wert!! Wunderschöne Frau, lässt von mehr träumen 18/10
Meine absolute 10. Alles an ihr ist perfekt: Körper, Bewegung und Ausstrahlung. Und wie freue ich mich auf die wertvollen Augenblicke, in denen ein Lächeln über ihr Gesicht geht. Es ist schon ein Segen, daß es solch ein Geschöpf gibt, das uns so freizügig erfreut!
Esta mujer es la mejor !!! Gracias Totem por Sandra. 11 Puntos.
Sandra j'adore je me la passe en boucle, petit seins mais tres mignon et ça evite que ça tombe. des fesses et des cuisses a tomber, une foufoune pas rasée entierement ça change aussi mais je prefere shaved. Une sensualite de femme incontestable dans tous ces mouvements. UN seul petit regret pas assez explicite peut etre sur les prochains a voir...
Vraiment une bele fille
Yo creía que la perfección no existe, pero después de ver a Sandra ya no lo tengo tan claro.
Cuerpo de 10, elegante vestuario, solo la máxima calificación!
tres jolie fille,je suis fan!
Per quanto mi riguarda Sandra non appartiene a questo mondo, è divinamente eterea e troppo perfetta! 10/10
A quand un duo avec Zoé ?!? J'en rêve...
Hard to believe this card was released so long ago. Pretty woman, but never been a favourite.
Echt nett die Kleine. Kleine feste Brüste (es muß ja nich`immer übermäßig groß sein, oder?) von mir gibt esd 9 Punkte. Hat sie sich verdient.
superbe creature dommage que ces doigts reste timide sinon un regal pour les yeux merci Sandra
magnifique blonde 9/10
Elle remue beaucoup trop et elle ne connait pas l'épilation. C'est bien dommage pour elle, si non, elle est belle.
c'est la première carte où je trouve autant de commentaires (24 pages) j'en suis impressionné, mais par rapport à la première carte achetée de Sandra H (Cancun Sand) celle-ci ne comporte que très peu de clips déshabillés (4 ou 5) et il est vrai pas plus explicites que pour la première carte et c'est vraiment dommage, parce qu'autrement tout y est. et ce petit triangle qui te donne tant de charme et va si bien avec ton caratère de sauvageonne, n'y change surtout rien, c'est ce qui te différencie...
belle,belle belle comme le jour!Disait la chanson.Une vrai poupée Sandra H.Y a rien à jeter et tout à garder
Sandra est l'incarnation de la poupée Barbie. Elle est mignonne à croquer et sa belle chevelure la rend extrêmement sexy. Superbe show.
très belle nana
tres belle nana aux petits seins appetissants et,ce qui est rare chez vgh,a une tres belle petite toison pubienne!!!! le show n est pas explicite du tout et vraiment trop court!!!! un show a voir tout en ecoutant la chanson en version longue de 10 cc : i m not in love !!!!
Mouais ca va... pas super comme show, son cul est parfait mais elle est un peu trop maigre à mon gout. 8/10
Kleine Brüste, doch sie strahlt sehr viel erotic aus und macht was her!
Sandra H ist hier bei VGHD ein ganz besonderes Girl, denn als große Ausnahme hat sie noch einen (anrasierten) Busch über der Muschi, und ist nicht (wie die meisten hier) komplett glattrasiert. Sie hat einen sehr schlanken und gut gebräunten Körper mit dazu passenden kleinen Titten, und einen geilen, süßen und knackigen Arsch. Ihr Blick und die volle Haarpracht (die bis über den Po reicht) machen Sie zu einem echten Hingucker! Das Oberteil in dieser Show ist nicht gerade mein Geschmack, dennoch i...
Un peu trop maigre à mon goût (je n'aime pas voir le squelette) mais il se trouve que son cul m'exite grave. Allez comprendre...
Sandra est une très belle femme,sensuelle et souriante
tres belle , pubis poilu , bien foutu mais le show n'est pas assez explicite . 7/10
Hübsches dunkelblondes Mädchen mit geiler, durchtrainierter Figur. Die Brüste sind nicht allzu groß (dafür hängt nichts), passen jedoch noch einigermaßen zum schlanken sportlichen Körper. Ihre Schamhaare hat sie lediglich auf ein etwas größeres dunkelblondes Dreieck zurechtgestutzt (oben und seitlich), die Schalmlippen sind rasiert. Bezüglich Intimrasur könnte es noch etwas mehr sein. (7 von 10 Punkten).Alter: 21 Jahre, Größe: 1,70 m, 84/61/84, Gewicht: 50 kg, BMI: 17 Kopfhaar: dunkelblond, Scha...
great ass, but rather tame card
not so good ... not really bad ... just medium !
4.1 (3260 votes)

Shopping fever

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  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 59
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User comments (172)

She gives me a fever alright, but not for shopping!
Sandra is one of the reasons I came looking on VG.
Would love to see Sandra in 3k!!!! please totem??
Oh how I wish you would bring Sandra back - or remaster her cards...
I love you Sandra H !!!!
Sandra H is so sexy and a really great preformer !!!
I love how shes wearing almost nothing but it would still be ok to wear in public. The little peeks are great and the thing comes right off. Great card but all of Sandras are.
Sandra H is so sexy and I jus love hat cute little ass wiggle of hers, she really turns me on !!!
Absolute Perfection
The 'Girl Wth the Golden Mane' does it again in her classic "Music Box Dancer' style. Watching her lets you know why the cobra comes out of his basket. She absolutely mesmerizes with her charm, her sensual movements and come hither glances which all compel you to watch. There's not a lot of variety in her dance, but in her case- it doesn't seem to matter. She doesn't overtly flirt or even seem to try and appear "sexual". She just is. She demonstrates in her dance the difference between sexuality...
Sandra H is so hot, makes me cream my panties when I watch her perform!!!!!!
Sandra is so sexy and I just love that special wiggle of her ass she does, gets my panties sopping wet!!!
She is easily Jana H's rival. Yummy tight buddy. Actually with all grils she would be the first one I choose to marry. Beautiful babies ya know. A yummy tight pussy too
She's my all-time favorite !!!!!!!!
sandra has the a perfect ass beutiful eyes and a wounderful smile she is te ideal woman. i own all her cards
I love this girl! I also think she was unfairly tagged with "Tiny Tits" label.... compared to Jewel(not tagged with "Tiny Tits"), Sandra's breasts seem pretty big. Seriously Sandra's breasts look normal sized, not Tiny.
I just love watching Sandra H perform, and that sexy special wiggle of hers makes my pussy just cream!!!!!
Sandra H is by far one of the hottest models on your site. Even tough she is sweet and petite, she embodies sexiness in a way only a few others do. something about her just makes me stir within when I watch her dance. I hope to see more of her...I gave her a 10 but would've given a 12 if it were possible.
I just adore Sandra's hairy pussy, I want to eat her up !!!
@DaviLuvsGirls: you're right. I think Sandra's Show's are the impressive onest i ve see. She isn't only beautyfull and lovely. Her face shows intelligence and a wee bit mystic. What a honour that i can draw her next year :)
Sandra H is awesome. I think it would be cool if the models were able to set up Amazon "Wish Lists" on their profiles so that we viewers could show a little appreciation! What do you think?
I just adore the hair left on Sandra's cute little pussy, gets my panties sopping wet !!!!
such a beautiful woman i would pay all day long for her strips
I absolutely adore this woman!! She is built perfect, moves perfect and everything you could want in woman. If you want to be turned on just buy any of Sandra H's cards and you won't be disppointed! ;)
Sandra H is the most senseual and sexiest woman i have ever seen she will get anyones juices flowing male or female perfect 10 all the way
Sandra H is so cute and sexy, she makes my panties, very, very wet, go girl !!!!
This outfit is not as good as her Stewardess outfit. With that being said she is still smokin HOT!Her only drawback is that she isn't fully shaved. I even think that, in this instance her small breasts work to her advantage.Sandra has a youthful sex appeal to her and an ass that even God has to look at and say "Dam!" Sandra also moves flawlessly. Her pole rutene is well performed and her toolbar clips are impressive. (This is a very undereated card!)Great show again Sandra H. 9.6/10You spoiled m...
I like a woman with Morgane-like tits. Not into tiny tits. BUT. Sandra literally makes me weak in the knees. She's a pure tease...but in a good way, I think. Oh yeah, I wanna see more of that pussy...but there's something to be said about the way she toys with you. That hair. When she swings it around I'm in heaven. If only she had bigger tits. Although, she's so hot, she really doesn't need
Sandra, je veux me noyer dans ta jongle !
Sandra H has it all except a smile. I have no idea what she is pissed off about in this show but it sure does detract from an otherwise excellent card. It seems like she is being forced to perform which could be hot in a different outfit and dungeon venue. Watching her hot body is OK with me but her enthusiasm keeps this card off my favs list.
während meines Studiums hatte ich ein Praktikum an der "Vysoká ?kola bá?ská", heute TU in Ostrava. Schon damals waren die tschechischen Mädchen unwahrscheinlich hübsch. Auf den Quadratmeter gerechnet, gab es doppelt so viele Schönheiten, als in jeder mir damals bekannten deutschen Stadt. Offensichtlich hat sich das mit Sandra nicht geändert. Sie ist eine meiner Favoritinnen.
I think Sandra H is one of the most sexiest VGHD girl, I just love her long brown hair and that neatly -trimmed pussy real gets my panties wet!!!!
I wish this was the Girl Next Door- and that she was my girlfriend---until guys get the card keep for she is sensual perfect 10.
Hotness personified.
I tell you this much..... except for Lorena, I have seen NO other girl on VG with as much raw sex appeal that Sandra H has. Everything she has comes together...the body, the moves, the smile, the god! A must have for your collection. 10 out of 10.
WOW was für eine Frau ! Perfekter Körper !
she just gave me shopping fever I'm here to tell you right now I'm in love. She is so graceful, and the way she moves and beautiful. And I like the hair. They should have called her honey and I could say money what's for dinner. That H was stand for Honey
Wait, no. This is Sandra H's best card. Or is it Sexy GI? Or Sensual Silk? Or Hot Stewardess? Why decide? Get them all!
Sexiest girl on the planet !!!
yes, indeed! she's so amazin:)
Sandra is a dream!!! She is amazing....
Gorgous girl from head to toe, what else do you want? 10/10
Although I am not a fan of tiny tits, she is a beautiful woman! The show is a little bit short, but still recommended cause of her beauty.
She is....BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY !! I could not miss this card, I must had it, my dream Girl!Eres una chiquilla adorable, natural natural y linda y muy buena de todo !!!!!!
The rest of the girls might as well go home. Sandra H. is the best I have ever seen.
Sandra H is not over-rated. Yes, her breasts are small, but so lovely, perfect and natural. Her ratings are probably high for at least two reasons: she is absolutely and spiritually erotic; and, her small breasts are totally refreshing and desirable when so many performers fill their tits with so much silicone that they look like cartoons.
tits are tiny but body is great and with a very nice siluette, ass and face this make she one of the best girl here
Sandra H is nothing short of the eighth wonder of the world with those dance moves. That captivating seductive, smile could melt the glaciers. If this beauty could fall from the heavens to earth, the fall would be that of perfection- and the landing that of astounding gracefulness. Truly, a jewel of the nile as well as a treasure from the mines of Solomon. Please continue to captivate and seduce with that gifted smile, hair, and dance moves.
Was wiilling to go 2 tickets for this card so very pleased it came on special.. Wow, another great show by Sandra H. and a 10 for my rating. In this card I love her fuzzy bush,, mmmm,,, and shows her hair colour is natural,,, as if we really care.
Finally a show worth using a ticket for even if it is only 21 minutes of clips. Sandra is a must have in my collection, only 2 I don't have now.
One of the sexiest and most erotic girls here on VGHD. Sandra H has crafted stripping into a freaking art form. I love her ass, one of the best asses on VGHD, and I love her furry little puss. 10 from me.
I think that Sandra H is the most sexiest of all the girls. I really love that hot little wiggle of hers in her dance. A very beautiful girl!!!
She is so hot, I love it when her hair is down, and that tight body!! Dear lord!!
Monica Sweet , Nikki Case ,Jana Cova ,Viki ,Sandra H. , Jennifer Max and Jana H. are the prima c*** t**s*s of VirtualGirlHD !! Discuss...
highly erotic
Sandra H - Best legs, best moves, best ass (possible exception - Laura)on VG - period.
The best ass of the site ! 10/10
where can i find this girl?she's unbelievable sexy would like her to get more explicted
Classic Beauty! She looks like a young Lauren Bacall. For those of you who don't remember Lauren Bacall, Lets just say, It doesn't get much better than that.
I love this girl so much. She was my first purchase and I never tire of watching her. She has none of the twitchyness that some other girls display. She's obviously very comfortable with herself. What more can I say? She is the only girl I have seen so far that I can honestly rank as a ten.
perfect girl !
Sandra H is definitely my kind of woman !!! Absolutley gorgeous, a woman who knows how to tease. If you're looking for a woman in your life, then I'm her, Sandra !!! You are so sexy, I love you!!!!
An absolutely beautiful woman. 100% natural, 100% beauty!!! I love everything about her, number 10 for me. She moves so sexy, love that long hair! Sandra, you're the best! You need a man in your life?? I'll be waiting!!
Words don't really express how good this angel is. She's like sugar on my tongue. got to get me some. after this one your gonna need a root canal. Very very tasty.
Sandra is the epitomy of glamour in this show! I love everything about this show from the outfit to her hair and the way she moves. This show is an instant 10 in my book and one that I will always have ready to perform. And lets not forget how amazing her body is and the way the outfit compliments her figure. Wow, I feel light headed just thinking about her!! This show is worth a download and then some.
This girl is my absolute favorite! I don't know how you can't love this girl. Ladies and Gentlemen this girl is pure perfection. everything about her is perfect from her long legs and tight ass to her beautiful eyes. The only thing I wish I could do is tell this straight to her
Now Sandra is something I wouldn't mind going shopping for!What a nice figure!
Very hot. Knows how to dance and is very sexy. Very nice body. Want to see more of her. I love Sandra H and will buy all her tickets.
Man this Girl rocks!!!!! Serious stripper!!!!!!!!The hair and your seductive face put this ladies in my top 5 strippers list. Her sexy unshaved pussy is very important in a stripper show. It helps the moves to became more HOT !I loved the surprise. (^_^) I rated 10.
Cute as a Bug
I think Sandra H is the most sexiest girls of all!!!
Pretty ass, sexy belly and I love that triangle of fur on her stuff. She has more hair than most of the girls. don't know about you but I like a girl with fur. I like this show because of it. I cathc myself anticipating Sandra dropping her panties just to see that furry muffin. Bet she taste good!
Her dance is the best experience this site can offer. The way she sways her waist and her ass is something to die for. Her cards are never sexually explicit, but still PERFECT 100/10! If you haven't download this one and her Sensual Silk card, just do it now!
SANDRA is such a beautiful woman,and i know she knows it.I love every inch of her body from head to toes.She is a type of a woman a man can walk down the street with,hand in hand,with his head high up in thr air and say "hell yes " she is mine and very proud of it.I think every man here will agree with that.honey a big 10+
sandra h has it goin on. great body. great dancer. im glad i chose her. she is a 10 in my book.
once again, another 10. she is by far the sexiest woman on here.
Another 10 freom me.Sandra H. Beautiful an evey way.Head to toe the perfect body anyone would die for.More please,cant get enough.
Great! She is so sweet and sexXy --> I love her ass
Sandra H OMFG and you people don't have her as a 10. I gave her a BIG 10 and she didn't even put any fingers in!
Sandra H. has the cutest and hottest buns of ALL the VGHD girls! I wish she could be here to give me a personal lap dance! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!
Playful, sexy, deliciously built and one fine dancer. Sandra H is my all time favorite. What I wouldn't do to have one night with this yummy "H"ot lass! Ooooh, her body is a wonderland!
she sexy,playful and can't take my eyes off her.
just waited for more show from you cause i had all of collection and 10 out of 10 for all of them your the best :>
still sexy as hell I would like be wih her and my wife also thinks so. If your willing my wife and i would like to get with you:)
OMFG you have to have this one.
Sexy beautiful woman
Sandra H... You are definately Very Hot.. Great bonus video's to go with the shows also.I can see why they had Sandra as the model on their program you see all the time.She has all the right moves and perfect everything.
Sandra H! Nuff said.
Sandra H. is incredible and this is one of her hottest performances!! She has an absolutely perfect ass and, in my humble opinion, her perky natural tits suit her petite body perfectly. Not to mention a a truly gorgeous face with very sexy eyes and lips and very beautiful hair. Sandra moves very well and is very sexy ... Sensual Silk & Sexy GI are also among my favorites from any of the girls on VGHD and her duo with my other favorite Vicki is a must have too. More Sandra H. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEA...
Sandra is very hot, sexy, and so beautiful. She has a beautiful face, and tiny titties. She loves to show off her body and it shows. She is somewhat explicit in this show, and I don't care about how explicit she is, but how she teases with her smile and her sexiness.
Sandra H is just stunning, plain and simple... gorgeous body, beautiful face and I just love the really long hair. I'd love to see her some back for more!
Something about this show turns me on. Sandra being sexy as hell thats it!
Yust an super Cezch export!! ;)
Wow... wow... One of the best by far! The look the moves the style... All we need is some finger action and she would be the Greatest!
This woman is hot... I love the hair and everything it's attached to. She's definetly got the look and my vote.....
She is simply the best on the site, I'm most likely going to download all of her cards just because she is so amazingly sexy. She can sure dance and she is damn fiiiiiine 10/10
La plus jolie et la plus sensuelle du site, j'ai quatre vignettes qui sont toutes excelentes! Quand elle veut elle viens vivre avec moi!........
A longhaired sexy tightly dressed beauty moving around highly sensually. A great teaser. An absolute 10!
Sandra has got to be the hottest woman I have ever seen. When will she have more shows, I already have all of her.
Sandra is supersexy!!!If you don't get hot watching her then something is wrong with you my friend. Sandra is a doll!!!!!!
Perfect, STILL my favorite dancer, love those leggs!!!!!
sandra H...what a beauty to behold! very sensual girl, one of my FAVORITES! stunning n gracious, not to mention a SEXY body!...she's no. 1!!!
Definitely one of the best shows on the site. The outfit is realistic and amazingly sexy. She has great legs and nice moves; a joy to watch all day. I would love to see more in similar outfits.
What a great show, Sandra is a very special lady only Jana H and Zuzana come close!
Sandra is absolutely beautiful,I love to watch her do her thing.She moves with grace and style ,verry classy and still a little naughty.
Sandra is a very beautiful woman with a lot of sex appeal. Her body is a knockout, one of the best here. I would love to see the in person. If you love class, she has it.....
Love you darling. Another great show from my favorite girl. I would rate you a 20 if I could.
she really looks sexy in this outfit.
one of the best stripper i ever have seen whit Jana H:)
Mesmerisingly long hair, come to bed eyes, perfectly pert little titties, long, long legs that lead to a divine ass....I'm in Sandra Heaven!
Ohh Baby!!!Sandra seduces! She swings her cheeks 'n' twangs her legs while holding you with those smokey eyes. She offers that wonderful set of cheeks in a rolling sway while holding back her perky and luscious tits in a complete sexy seduction that has me feasting my eyes on what's showing 'n' begging for what's not (yet)! She has a great undulating pump move when she takes off her panties. Those legs, ohhh how they must feel!!!I love the way this lady moves! Mesmerizing is the word that comes...
I just love the nasty look she has when she strips. Great girl
Incredibly sexy, sensuous, and erotic. Fantastic body and I love that bush. I want more of her!
Sandra, you are incredible. You define stunning. Thank you :) to everyone else: She doesn't get as dirty as some girls do, but it doesn't matter. She is incredible. She knows how to be sensual and provocative. Her looks are as good or better than any girl here. You will not be dissapointed.
Yes it´s true. Sandra you are so wonderfull ! I´ve never seen a girl like you before.
This girl makes me want to move to the Czech Republic. Never before have I found someone so amazing. She is perfect in every way from the perky breasts to the sexy sultry voice. I can’t seam to find a flaw one. I think I like her hair the most, I could run my fingers through that hair all day.
this is the show that compelled me to join. WOW. Grrrrr!
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work
Love love Sandra, VG makes the best ISP and Home Page.... you get the ladies you want and the ladies get the guys they.... want!
... Well Done Ms. H ~ but you will have to smile [more that a few brief times] to earn a 10 from this User. Try it - - - Sandra.
A classic show.
After watching Sandra in this performance you'll want to go shopping with her everyday.
belle fille naturelle avec,pour une fois,un minou non epilé,ce qui fait vraiment femme et non pas gamine,ce qui devrait etre plus frequent sur vghd!!!! certes le show est assez soft,mais pour sa petite pilosité je lui met un 9 !!!
My kinda babe! Gladly shop with her on my arm at La Perla and Agent Provocateur. She movez and I catch her musky aroma. Ahhhhhh...
She is so beautifull and so hot, just that the show is a bit short so I give her 9 instead of 10
Sandra H I love how you dance, you are a really beautiful woman, you look really sexy in the shopping fever show, I am glad I found you and watch you dance your hair looks awesome. I love your hair and your eyes I love everything about you. You are so hot, I send you a kiss only for you.
My Dear Sandra, i know you are a shy girl but you are a lion in the bed... you have a nice boobs i like it... and your pussy are magnificent.. you are an angel in the night... from your love. "PB"
Reminiscent of Denise Richards when she did "Starship Troopers" Ah, those were the days.
Sandra is very lovely.One of my favourites =).
Sandra seems a little sluggish in this show. Not her usual energy. I keep it to fill out my collection of her work. I gave her a 9.
Hottest girl in my collection. Very petite, sensual.
I love this girl. She has the look. Her long hair is hmm....nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy. 10 points
Great body. I Like.
can you say sexy, everything about her is sexy. i wish she would get explicit though, but other than that wow she is in the top three.
Very beatiful girl. I love that long hair. Pretty face too. Give me more of her.
I love her hair (no the hair on her head), it would be better if it was red but... Sandra is one of the best actual dancers on the site. She can move in ways that mezmerize you for minutes on end. Excellent show. Only Neurodancer is better.
Best clip in this is a no nudity one
Running into Sandra while in a department store?! Stop, stare and drool..., grown man or
Smoking hot body. Love her legs and that ASS!!! Boobs are average and her face is hot. But im not a fan of the BUSH!!! Its a bit of turn off for me. No girl wants you sneezing on her poon poon....suggestion......shave the bush!!! 7/10
Sexy beautiful woman... Great show!
this girl is great love the show
This girl is very nice, she has a skinny body, but I love her pussy lips , wow a lot inviting to go in there, nice haired pussy. But she must fingered her self a little bit more, for my opinion. 7/10 for me on this card.
Pretty girl - average show - show is a bit short and a little over rated
Very sexy.
She's not in my type 6/10
Shes overated and flat chested not worth it
No sex no glory, an older card that's way it so prude ? No apeal at all.
Boring card, in her slip most of the time and barely dances. Its also a very short show. I think her Sensual Silk is one of the top cards on here, but this has to be one of the worst in my collection. Her body looks good and all but just standing on my screen doing nothing doesn't cut it.
Attractive girl with sexy slow dancing style and petite body with itty bitty titties. Rating 8.5
Sexy girl, best outfit.
superbe chevelure , beau visage , petit seins sublime , joli petit cul , une chatte poilue comme je les aime , tres sensuelle , enfin une nana humm comme j'adore , pour ce schow jolie SANDRA je te donne un 10 et tu passe en tete de ma collection . gros bisous
Sandra als Special Offer ist ein Traum. Das schönste Mädchen hier in einem wunderschönen sexy Outfit. Da kann ich niemals wiederstehen und holte sie mir sofort ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken :-) 100 Points für die sooo süße Sandra.
Sandra a des fesses magnifiques, un vrai régal pour les yeux. A la fois sexy et distinguées, Sandra est à tomber!!!
Impresionante !!!
du style des geste tres sensuels un regard à fondre very nice
un trés belle personalité,le show manque un peu de provoc,mais elle est trés belle et trés élégante
une superbe femme de plus un corps de rêve un visage très mignon des cheuveux superbe également des fesses wow bref pour moi un 9/10 est obligatoire.En toute honneteté c'est le genre de femme que j'aime!!!!!!!
kikou, j'adore quand elle joue avec sa chevelure qui est magnifique, elle bouge bien, dommage qu'elle est un peu trop minceBisous Sandra H.
tres jolie fille , petits seins et tres joli fessier ! encore
Sandra H ist hier bei VGHD ein ganz besonderes Girl, denn als große Ausnahme hat sie noch einen (anrasierten) Busch über der Muschi, und ist nicht (wie die meisten hier) komplett glattrasiert. Sie hat einen sehr schlanken und gut gebräunten Körper mit dazu passenden kleinen Titten, und einen geilen, süßen und knackigen Arsch. Ihr Blick und die volle Haarpracht machen Sie zu einem echten Hingucker! In den 'very explicit shows' spielt sie sich auch gerne mal an der Muschi rum. Ihre Klamotten in di...
fine moving , beautyfull Hairs , good show !
Sandra est une très jolie fille avec un visage de petite salope comme on les aiment!!! Ses seins sont petits et mignons... Mais le bonus c'est sa croupe qui nous laisse deviner qu'elle aime être prise souvent et ardemment :)) Elle a un cul superbe qu'elle bouge bien pour nous exciter... Je ne suis pas fan de sa chatte poilue , mais la partie gênante , c'est qur l'on ne voit presque pas ses lèvres!!! Le show est sensuel , mais on reste sur sa faim à cause de cela... Bilan 8/10 et c'est dommage ca...
Encore une très jolie fille, très sensuelle, des cheveux magnifiques dont elle joue à merveille, le show reste cependant un peu léger à mon gout, peut surement faire beaucoup mieux.
Sieht gut aus, kann sich bewegen, zeigt aber nicht viel :(
4.0 (2450 votes)

Match point

  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 73
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 165 MB

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User comments (117)

Will Sandra ever reappear in new sets?
Another great show Sandra, Thank you.
This is a great costume for Sandra H. She has a nice perfect athletic body and the sports outfit matches it perfectly. Sandra is a wonder to behold.
While I have seen that most of your admirers like "match point" best' they're all best. You do not have any that are not great. I also love that you do not stick any thing in you, and your obvious discomfort with your dance with Vicki/and hers, was affirming to me that was only a contractually obligation and that you are a true example of a Woman.
Sandra H is my all time favorite, she's SEXY !!!!
It took 34 cards, but finally found someone who moves as well as Jana Cova. As a newbie, this gives me hope there's more. I enjoy the dancing as much as the skin. These two take me back to the old Studio 54 days. Thanks for the memories!
Thank you for the new quality update now i'm taking a look at cards that i wouldn't have before because they didn't look as good as the newer ones coming out. And this card is a absolute "10".
Reminds me of one of my first childhood loves. HOT!!!!!!!! and smart too.
She is super cute. She got perfect pussy and the cut of her bush is perfect. Damn fuckin sexy. She can move her hips which makes me cock throb.
What a little sex pistol. She moves her taut body so naturally. She knows exactly how to tease and tantalize. Her ass is so tight. I like my women more curvy. Still, Sandra H drew me in with her "Denise Richards" lite looks and sensual moves.If you like fine dancing and soft pleasure, you'll love this card.
Natural looks,more energetic in her dancing,like in the virtua girl classics which also had more variety in costumes.Angel face look,her hair,and subtle expression is a turn on. Doesnt she look good in sneakers!
Very beautiful and talented.
Sandra H is SEXY! SEXY! SEXY! I would love to see her on DeskBabes as well, what do you think?
Buacaban perfeccion a qui la tienen no hay una chica mas senxual que sandra h lo digo yo que tengo una gran coeccion sandra h es la mejor
best girl
hottest girl on VG
she is a babe . want more..... this card is a 10/1o keeper :)
Sandra H is the most senseual and sexiest woman i have ever seen she will get anyones juices flowing male or female perfect 10 all the way
she is perfect and make me feel good
This girl is HOT!!! If you're on here reading this you NEED to download this girl!!! She really knows how to move and has the face and body of a goddess. Guys you will be hard and girls your panties will be wet! A must have for any collection!
Every move that Sandra H makes gets my panties soaked!!!!
Ok, I am convinced without a doubt that Sandra is the most sensuous woman on VG. You can feel her sexual energy in every move she makes.Add to that a gorgeous frame and a face you could never get tired of, and I call it perfection. 10 out of 10.
This girl is INCREDIBLE.
Sandra Dearest Sandra H is a delight to watch & perve on; all but praise for her natural body. We mortal critics are here to spell out when we do see fake and/or real across our eyes; VGHD should vet very carafully the models they do choose to perform on our desktop as nothing is worst than having either a skeleton or a over-implanted or even straight-from-the-tree figure (body) wriggling on our desktop. At last VGHD has done a good choice in choosing Sandra H to be our eyes-opener.
PLAY BALL!!! Love the outfit, LOVE Sandra H!!!Beautiful, sexy, fun..... I want more of her!! :)
Waaaw i am mouth open (Sandra (H) is Magnifigue (Nice and pretty) What hair that face and it is eyes i you passes its mouth naturally pulpy it makes me crack is within small but natural with two hyper hottt i am as an ice before it and it a sun so i bottom under are charm a body of dream it has something special may be that simply i am fell in love of it DISPATCHED lol.And for me it is the number one followed from (Eufrat) takes no blond has report??!.LOL.kiss+++ Miss (Sandra H).Cyborg36.MUAHHHH
This is my favorite of her cards. Not only does she have an outstanding body and the confidence to sell it, but her outfit is low key enough that her performance leaves you feeling that you could have her if you wanted. Definitely a 10 on this one.
She is the best girl for me great body ass and the best dance!!always 10/10 for Sandra!!!
one of the best out there
She's gorgeous, but would it have been that hard to actually find a pleated skirt and striped top instead of buying some cheap polybagged Halloween one-piece? Really ruins it for me.
Oh, I can't believe this card is rated so low. It should AT least be at a 9.2. But oh well. Great outfit and I love the hair.
My boner gives her a 10/10. Simply astounding perfection. She has the looks and attitude that drive me crazy.
Sandra is rill go-getter nice ass nice tits nice dance sweet body cat like moves sweet over all 12.5/10 give's me a rill hard on lovely.
In one word VOLCANIC!!! 10/10.
Monica Sweet , Nikki Case ,Jana Cova ,Viki ,Sandra H. , Jennifer Max and Jana H. are the prima c*** t**s*s of VirtualGirlHD !! Discuss...
FacE oF N AngeL BodY oF A Godde$s KandY EyeZ Lu$ciou$ LipZ DamN MamI Y0uR A D!mE
Simply I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!! has an angel face is beautifull, has the kind of body and faces expresions that drives me crazy, i would to like to meet her, I LOVE HER !!!!
Sandra H is simply delicious! Definitely one of my favorite girls! The sporty outfit is a great tease-role for her to play. I also love the fact that she has hair between her legs. I nice change from all the shaved girls on here. Great card!
Sandra H and the way she shakes that gorgeous cute little ass is worth a 10 alone. Perfect body for a small lady and she sure knows how to move it. First of her cards that I have gotten cuz I thaught she would have tiny boobs but damn she's very well proportioned. Will certainly not be my last card.
One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Sexy and preety, gorgeus smile, an angel from God!
Hey guys have tppve a girl in sport socks , tennis shoes, an wearing just a sex panty---wow what a sight. A 10 and a keeper guys
Sandra H - i love to see you moving and dancing on my desktop and enjoy your smile during the close-ups. You are one of the best performers on this site and for Match Point you earn a full 10 :-)
I have never left a comment about any of the girls but Sandra drives me crazy... WOW!!! She has the sexiest moves I have seen here not to mention a killer body. All I would ask is a little more cookie exposure and action with it. I kinow the scale goes to 10 but that is not enough for this Gorgeous Lady!!! 20 minimum!!!
Sandra H is too hot for words! Please make more available of this stunning woman!!!
Deffinitly the best girl on here!
Match point, sensual silk, hot stewardess, I think Imma download all her collection. She is just a perfect, cute girl.
WTF!So sexy and she knows how to dance!I love her!20/10!
Reall good. Must see. Very nice body.
If Eve looked this good, I can fully understand why Adam ate the forbidden fruit! And she definitly proves she has experience dancing! 10!
tenstocks, 10/10 & match point Sandra is hot just luv her
When your hot your hot.This girl is HOT 10/10
I like a little hair around my pussy. Sort of like a landing stip guiding you in !!
Sanndra H is without doubt the finest girl on VH in any outfit! Please feature more of her.
I originally rate this card as 9 because the outfit isn't her best one. But now I watch the clips with partial stripping this card win another 10 from me. Her slim body actually looks great with her curvy hair down. And she actually looks cute with the nearly girlish smile and panty, which is not seen in her other cards. But again, Sandra H is stunningly beautiful no matter what she wears.
Certainly my favorite, cute body and a superb arse
damn fine show!!she could wet my wistle anyday!
Toujours aussi jolie,un corps superbe, avec un excellent show
Best in the site without a doubt. Sexiest girl here period another fantastic show *10
Outstanding.She's the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.I'm in love..
SANDRA H. is by far, hands down, the most beautiful woman on the planet! I have never seen a more gorgeous face,sultry eyes, and absolutely perfect body! God's finest handiwork to be sure.
She's the best looking girl I've ever seen. Her eyes are the best feature.
She is one hot and sexy woman. I love the way she looks at you with those bedroom eyes. I have downloaded both of her movies, and I love her sexy voice. I love all of her moves with and without her clothes on.
By far the sexiest woman/girl I have ever seen in my entire life. You stunned me girl, I do think I'm in love ;) I've downloaded all her movies, and I can only say one thing: "It only gets better by every movie" .. This girl is an angel. And she deserves the best. Keep the movies coming, I don't care about the nudity, with that face and those eyes. WOW! You're stunning. Rated 10 from me!
Smokin HOT!!! super babe
More please MORE!!!
She really knows how to move. Very sensual and sexy. My interest in sports is at an all time high now. I want to play whatever game she wants to. She's cat-like and that's way sexy.Definetly a jewel amongst wemen.
Sandra is the sexiest girl Ive ever seen!!!!
she is so hot,i wish that i could bring her to life and tell her just how she makes me feel
I would not call Sandra my type of girl. There is something about her face,hair and rock hard young body I find I am drawn to. She has a perfect balance of quality's that are hard to resist.
Hezké holky se urodily v Čechách, což?
Worth every ticket will eventually by all of Saundra's sets.
I THINK I’M IN LOVE.This girl makes me want to move to the Czech Republic. Never before have I found someone so amazing. She is perfect in every way from the perky breasts to the sexy sultry voice. I can’t seam to find a flaw one. And this outfit she has on, well let’s just say that I had to clean up some drool.
OK.. Sandra is HOT n Sexy.. very much the pro in her dancing can only say Id like to see more of that wonderful body minus the outfits
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work
Girl:10 Show:10 Outfit:10 Makeup:10 Graphic quality:6 Average grade:9,2
She looks great, but the resolution of the show is damn far from hd.
Lovely lady! Are there asses-in-motion sweeter than this girl?s?
hot body good show nice face
Wow! This is nmy first card of Sandra H. I can't get enough of her! Vavoom! She is so sexy. I like that beautiful long hair, perfect legs for her body nice ass. Just sexy all over! I will be adding more of her cards. I just heard recently she retired. That's a shame. Totem get her a raise and a bonus! Bring her back!
The makeup and the hat kept me from truly enjoying this show. Sandra's energy is great and the costume (other than the visor) is fun. I gave her a 9.
Pros: I LOVE this outfit. Sandra has such a hot natural body and such a sultry sexy look. Her movements will have you begging for more. Some really hot closeup vids.Cons: Would still be nice to see her add some new moves and put in a little pole work.Overall I highly recomment this card. Sandra's always one of the hottest performers here and this card is one of my favorites of hers. Definitely pick it up. 9/10.
Would be HOTTER, if she smiled more.
I think Sandra H is the best dancer and I especially love her duo show. She has a great body, a great smile, and is really cute. Would love to see her be more explicit.
Sandra H is one of the best overall performers on VGHD and I think she's incredibly hot too. She has a nice thin athletic body, she dances with such elegant sensuality, and she makes coy flirtatious eye contact. 10!
Sandra H- Match Point: Sandra H is an incredibly sensual dancer. That is her strongsuit so expect to see a lot of that in this card. Her pole work is impecible. It really makes you wish that all women could dance like this. The upclose shots in this card are short (about 45 seconds), but the dancing and pole work are very nice and compensate. She's not super-fond of showing the "V" so don't expect to see her spread eagle or anything like that. The sports theme is just the outfit, don't expect an...
I love this girl. She has the look. Her long hair is hmm... nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy. 10 points
The "H" in Sandra H. definitely stands for HOT!! She has an absolutely perfect ass and, in my humble opinion, her perky natural tits suit her petite body perfectly. Not to mention a a truly gorgeous face with very sexy eyes and lips and very beautiful hair. Sandra moves very well and is very sexy.Sensual Silk, Sexy GI & Shopping Fever are my favorites from any of the girls on VGHD (and her duo with my other favorite Vicki is a must have too), but this show is definitely a keeper.More Sandra H. P...
You've just got to love this little lady! She's just so fresh and slinky! Not as explicit as some shows, but a steal for 1 ticket! Her little hip grind makes my day! A 9 plus!
Very nice, and nice to see pubes for a change!
Bye Sandra H , devo proprio dirti che sei veramente Carina cavoli (espressione italiana per dire che sei proprio Bella); oltre un gran bel corpo hai proprio un bel viso , sai poi essere veramente molto eccitante !! WOW !!!
It's very plesant to watch her, maybe the best animation of her :-)
Avec elle, c'est toujours la même chose, un potentiel fabuleux mais une prestation toujours au mini des minimums, dommage vraiment dommage.
+awesome moves +awesome girl +awesome miusic.. oh wai... thats mine-too shortcould use more explictsOVERALL: 9/10
About the girl: An absolute stunner. Natural, perfect, petite body with an incredble ass and it's so sexy to see a "bikinitrim" rather than the usual bald pussy so many girls have. Sadly, she shows neither her ass nor pussy very much.About the card: Great outfit! I was looking for a tennis themed card when I got a tip about this. Although I doubt the dress is actually for tennis (never seen a tennisplayer with name and number on the back) and she only has the racket in the photos, not in the sho...
Another fine show from Sandra H. It could have been better without the socks and shoes, which I find a little distracting. Not very explicit, but this is Sandra of the best of the best.
Sandra is a sexy girl in a hot outfit. Her dance moves are okay, but not more than that. Her striptease acts are very good, and she doesn’t mind rubbing herself. Also the young girl look is great for her. She’s got a pair of perfect tits and a firm ass, so that’s all good. Worth your time and money, it's only a little short
Reminds me of the girl in " dead like me" the one who was killed by the toilet seat. Love the sexy panties to..
she great to look at. i hate the hat or what ever its call it. it just does not work with me in some way
Card model 7/10 ... cute
Well, I am just dumb-founded. she doesn't even look like the same girl as in Sensual Silk. She is no where near as pretty in this one. I am not happy with this one at all. I give it a 7. And believe me, I am usually hard pressed to ever give less than a 9 or 10.
umm.. I think the hairy 1970's - 1980's aesthetic is over. Hairy pussies are just like hairy armpits.
Dear Sandra... Your dance is good and hot... Great show in spite of the bad quality of the animation. Virtual Girl HD team! What happened to this video?
I love this outfit! Not a big fan of Sandra H, but this card is HOT!
I dont know why but she reminds me a monkey from "Planet of the Apes" here, and its not good.
MMM Yet another show lacking "sexually explicit behaviour".
M B Sandra H again? She is cool, hot and sexy!!!
Oh ja die allerliebste wunderschöne Sandra H heute etwas sportlicher. Sandra ist einfach ein lebender (Männer)Traum. Natürlich wieder volle Punktzahl. 10/10
Das Mädel würd ich am liebsten auf den Schoß haben. Die ist einfach geil => 10/10
Ein absoluter Hammer, nicht nur das Mädchen, auch die Show. Besonders gefällt mir, dass die Muschi noch ein wenig behaart - wenn auch gestutzt - ist, ich stehe doch eher auf Frauen! 10
La Diosa de VGHD. 10 Puntos...La mejor. No puedo parar de mirarla, es Hermosa.
Sandra H ist hier bei VGHD ein ganz besonderes Girl, denn als große Ausnahme hat sie noch einen (anrasierten) Busch über der Muschi, und ist nicht (wie die meisten hier) komplett glattrasiert. Sie hat einen sehr schlanken und gut gebräunten Körper mit dazu passenden kleinen Titten, und einen geilen, süßen und knackigen Arsch. Ihr Blick und die volle Haarpracht machen Sie zu einem echten Hingucker! In den 'very explicit shows' spielt sie sich auch mal an der Muschi rum, und die Klamotten sind ein...
une tenue sexy et un show soft qui lui va a merveille. petit plus cette fille n'est pas rasée ce qui la differencie un peu des autres.
Sandra H est super mignone, belle de la tête aux pieds, un corps galbé et musclé, elle danse bien mais peut être un peu trop vite, cette carte n'a pas beaucoup de scènes dénudées, les caresses de Sandra sont rapides et superficielles, on aimerait des doigts plus explorateurs voir inquisiteurs et ce serait parfait
mognonne mais je l'aime mieux dans d'autres schow !
4.1 (2906 votes)

Hot stewardess

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 187 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (141)

THIS IS WONDERFUL! :) Always wanted to fuck a stewardess when a little younger. Fits a lot of us guys' fantasies, right guys! Be honest. :)
The more you watch the more you love her.
Ooohhh! WOW! She's Greate! Awesome body? and how she sexy dancing! mmmm ! WOW! Ohh! May be more Sandra cards!
Loved this costume. Especially that short skirt giving great peeks of her perfect ass. Cant get enough of Sandra.
... Hot. I'd have given her a 9.5/10 if I could - - - merely for the Lack of a smile.So Ms. Sandra H, SMILE !
This girl is awesome!
Wow wow wow!!!! Exquisita y deliciosa mujer, cómo me gustaría verte de regreso!!! Cómo esté vestida y en el show que sea, esta delicia se ve estupenda.
Sandra is sooo hot. I really like her trimmed kitty .... not bald. Makes it more seductive. Wonder if it tastes as sweet as it looks ?
Großartiges Mädel mit traumhafter Figur und schönem Haar, mit ihr würde ich gerne fliegen! 10/10
Sandra H, I love you!!!!!!
Esta es la chica perfecta tengo tergetas de melisa de aleska, kami, ferrara gomez,hana y de lo mejor pero todas y digo todas se quedan a tras de sandra h, es la mejor chica virtual que hay que esperan para ponerla asta enfrente
She has great hips and thighs and LONG legs! She's also very suggestive in a pleasurable way. These girls are a lot of Fun! I NEED to send more tips.......Hmmmm.
This girl took me by surprise, I usually don't go for blondes, but her dancing skills won me over! Now I'm anxiously awaiting her next cards showing up on my daily demos. I have a feeling I will end up with all her cards. She has raised the bar for all future additions to my collection. Can't dance/work the sale! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
god damn marry me super woman
Buy far my favorite girl. Beautiful and has a nice Bush thats well kept and perfect body.
Sandra H is the most senseual and sexiest woman i have ever seen she will get anyones juices flowing male or female perfect 10 all the way
the perfect card... makes me want to join the mile high club
This girl is one of the top 10 performers on VG..She has beauty, talent and she works to put on a hot show. Never a disapointment
A beautiful girl, the most professional Virtuagirl I've seen on the pole. She's listed as being shaved but in fact she's got some hair down there which is great for a change. And even a tuft under the arms, I think, which is tantalising. She's a woman apart and all the more gorgeous for it. And the stewardess outfit is fab. Makes me look forward to flying away on holiday even more!There should be a category which is "unshaved" or similar....
Disclaimer: I'm not that partial to blonds. With that being said Sandra H's choice in outfits and the color blew me away. If she never took a stitch of clothing off during this entire ruiteen I would still have been extreemely satified.Great body! Too much makeup for my tasts though. She has an unusual face also. One moment I find it plain and the next moment It's irresistable. However her hair is amazing (full, bouncy, and a lioness like color to it).There is a fair amount of simulated explicit...
Poor Sandra! I think she suffers from an oral fixation, since in many clips, she puts her fingers to her full, sexy lips or even inside her mouth to suck them! Thankfully, this isn't a distraction (unless, like me, you LOVE that), because Sandra is also blessed with a fantastic body, particularly her lower body and specifically, her strong, slender legs and absolutely gorgeous ass!She's a great dancer at the pole as well as away from it, and she puts her "assets" on display very nicely! And whil...
It doesn't matter what this girl is wearing/notwearing, she knows how to move and has the face and body to make anything sexy! This is the girl for me. I'd really like to see a duo with her and Melisa...
Ooh la la! Une tres belle femme! Come fly with me!
Oh ich liebe sie ! Sie ist so sexy WOW !
Oh she is perfect 10/10
I love this girl!!Gorgeous 10/10!!Plz more of her!!
She is just amazing. Very cute
Sandra H is my kind of woman, SEXY! SEXY! SEXY!!!!!
I don't normally give small tits a 10 but this is one sexy lady.
super bon show et fille vraiment magnifique,avec sa belle toison pubienne!!! un bon 10 bien merité
She is my favorite. Its like music in motion watching her move that bottom.
another my favorite girl :) gorgeous!
Sandra H, What a work of art, easy 10... The look, the eyes, the ass, and she tops it off by having the perfect fur....
Sandra H is an absolute goddess! A perfect all natural body, brimming with sex appeal and confidence, and best of all... that spectacular mane of golden brown/blonde hair. A woman to die for without a doubt. And she's a fine performer too! 10/10
She remains on my top 5 list..another 10 for this card
What can you say about Sandra H excepy sexy! Sexy! Sexy!!!!
Another 10 for Sandra H. This girl just gets better and better!!
This is definitely my favorite card..., at least so far. She's absolutely yummy, and you can tell that she knows it as well. My collection of her is almost complete..., she's definitely my favorite VGirl...,
Sandra H is in my top five favorite girls of VGHD. I am completely infatuated with this girl. What a beauty, and again, I really like the nice hairy puss she is sporting. Sandra H puts on a great show everytime. 10/10
BEAUTIFUL---for a small girl sexyyyyyyyyyy--GRRRRRRRREAT
In my opinion one of Sandra's very best shows. I gave her a 10 and recommend you add this to your collection.
I love love love you sandra h
Sandra H - Hot Stewardess did earn 10 points!Thanx for the sexy TableDance at the pole :-)
Absolutely gorgeous girl. Very sexy look, would like her to smile more, and lose the hat.
this is my favorite girl,she's so fine,flawless from head to toe!!!! just a gorgous girl
I have absolutely no problem with her -I love fly on her plane any time-- shes a sexy sensual knockout
Pure eye candy!! I love Sandras gorgeous long hair,also love her pubic hair between her legs soooo sexy! hope she keeps it that way and doesn't give in to temptation to go bare down there.
I like this girl because she has a great shape, fantastic bum and is very sexy. Also like the little bit of hair she has, (most girls are shaved) ....she's a babe.xx
Very lovely charmin air hostess , her dress remember me the time of Thunderbirds movies , face and body are Superb!
My only regret is that I now have all of Sandra’s cards and there is nothing left to download.Thank you Sandra!! 10/10!
wow! the cutest girl that I`d like to come round my house to dance for me! :-)
I like sandra she has hot little body show could be hotter
One of the first ladies that i fell in love with. (BEAUTIFUL) My first virtuagirl love!
yeahh this girl really know how to dance, and her looking is so cautivating, hair, legs and face are very very beautiful, shes like telling you "do you like me??, if you do, then come to all yours"
Sandra H is hands-down (no pun intended) the best dancer on the site. Her tight, petite body, gorgeous long hair, & sultry moves are incredibly sexy. But it's Sandra's seductive eyes that set her apart from the rest. (The cut of this skirt that shows off her "assets" doesn't hurt either).
I wish I met a stewardess like her, I'd b in heaven!!!
I am an unabashed butt man and this girl is the real deal. Legs from heaven and the rest fits her perfectly. Also theres just something about her face, she's cuter than gorgeous. The prettiest best proportend girl I've seen.
She is the hottest girl with the best dancing I've ever seen!!!!!!
oh yes, sandra is the girl that could not get the words out to ask her out but your eyes told it all thank you god for her.
o-yes, I love this girl.Sandra is one great woman.She has the most perfect beautiful body a woman could have.I didn't like this outfit on her as she had in her last show.Especally the hat.Her hair is to pretty to cover it up.But still you have the best looks and body of all the girls here.Another thing ,you wore you clothes to much here.Other than that it was great.your still a big 10+
Nice costume, nice body, beautiful girl that knows her way around. Excellent show.
She may have a small chest, but she has the hottest body here. A definite 10
Eufrat and Sandra H are the hottest girls!! I wish these two would make a show together..
A 10+++.Must see.The most beautiful lady i have seen so far. Well worth the tickets.The more i see her,The more i download her.
My very favourite virtuagirl, and in a stewardess outfit. It doesn't get better for me... (Well, maybe a maid outfit...)
This is the best on the site. I hope they get her for some more!
Not The Best Looking Girl On This Site, But Having Said That She Is By Fare The Best Dancer, Must Be A Professional Pole Dancer, And The Way In One shot She Plays With Her Knickers, Fantastic!!!!
Absolutely Gorgeous!! perfect in every way, gotta love them flirtacious eyes!! more shows please...;)
This is the sexiest woman ever wow love the way she bites her fingure so hottt
You simply can´t take your eyes off Snadra H. This beautifull and gracefull girl allways go beyound the expectives and always capture you as she was a siren. She has that magic in each sensual moves and looks. With Sandra as a stewardess I´d go where ever she wants to take me.
Three Sandra H cards in, she just gets better and better. 9/10
This girl may have the best ass on the entire site.
I love a girl in uniform and I love it when they love me.
Perfection.She is a beautiful girl.(I'm glad there are more clips of her,but how about making some of them just a little bit more explicit,please)
Great show, mind you Sandra would look gorgeus in a rubbish bag!
Sandra is a perfect girl, nothing on her is messed up at all. She has long lovely legs, a tight sexy body, with nice size breasts, and she is so beautiful. Sandra's best card so far. I give her a 10, please give us more Sandra.
pefect body i love you sandra
Nice curves!!
As always I think Sandra is hands down, the best dancer at Totom. She has graceful sexy moves that just rivet your eyes to the screen and the way she eyes the camera make it seem she is looking right at you and dancing just for you.... what more can I say.. always a 10. OK now to all you other dancers at Totom... get in line and take lessons from Sandra... she is the best!!!!
Another outstanding performance by the most beautiful woman in the world. I only have words of praise for what I have seen here today. The words I wish to say can only be expressed in person. I love you, sweetheart. Forever yours.
HOT HOT !!! nice ass :P
Leggy,Sexy,ass to die for and just a perfect dancer.
She is very sexy. The splendid body dances, beautifully. The intellectual eyes see me. I love Sandra H
I love the scene where she keeps on the oufit but looses the panties. Just perfect!
Lovely outfit and she brightens up my computer whenever she shows up and it look like she has a good chin rest if anyone gets the joke. Once again lovely and good dancer!
Every time she graces my computer it gets better and better. I just wish i had girls that looked like her whenever i fly!!
The more I watch her, the more I like her. Very nice shows. Keep up the good work!
Absolutely beautiful. Her body is one of, if not the sexiest on here. She moves with grace and sensuality. A perfect 10 for sure. Please make more for us. can't wait to see you in another sexy outfit.
Καυλιάρα αεροσυνοδός
Very Very nice, I love her and her shows. She brings my laptop screen to life lol. Great show and can't wait for more xx 11/10 5 star*****
As a panties/knickers lover, I am doing a quick survey concentrating on underwear ONLY - Nice outfit and she would be grabbed constantly as she went up the plane aisle. Love the matching panties
Wow - what airline does she work for ? She would make flying fun.
She's a real beauty, once she got rid if that hideous outfit, she's got a smokin' hot body, and has that pouty look that only the european girls have.
one among my favourite girls nice dancing. not slopy like some girls hee
Sandra is always fun and flirty in her shows with looks and gestures that make the common man fall in love with her quickly. While this is not one of my favorites, it's still well worth the price.
Good show and a very hot body and lovely hair too.BUY THIS SHOW!!!!!
Got it for free, she has a beautiful ass, which is why I keep this card active.
Those might be the best legs I've ever seen. Not just the best legs on this site....the best anywhere.
this stewardess is hot. where do I book the flight?
She's soo cute. I could love her for life... Wake up next to her every morning...
Pros: Sandra is so hot! Long hair, tan skin, perfectly shaped tits, long toned legs, the tightest lil' ass you've ever seen, and a look on her face that says "come and get it." And it's all packed into that hot flight attendant outfit sooooooo well. Damn I love how she moves. Not an expert on the pole, but the way she grinds, twists, turns, and writhes about you wont care! She knows she's hot, she knows youre watching, and she knows how to get you hot. Sandra isn't shy! She bares all and gets ex...
Was this a pleasant surprise. I normally like big breasted woman. but Sandra H - Her eyes, her face, her hair, her body language - She ROCKS! She is the absolute sexiest stripper I've seen to date.
Sandra H is one of the best overall performers on VGHD and I think she's incredibly hot too. She has a nice thin athletic body, she dances with such elegant sensuality, and she makes coy flirtatious eye contact. 10!
I love this girl. She has the look. I love everything she's wearing. Her hair, nice tiny tits and a perfect pussy are so beautiful.
Great pole work! Sensual, gracefull, eye contact is killer, although that hat would be on the floor in micro seconds =D
Very nice girl with cute tiny boobs:p
Absolutly gorgeous woman!!By far the most beautiful model on the site.My only wish is that she would be more explicit.Solid 10 for all her cards that I own
hello, this is, fredlu10. this girl is veryt very beautiful and sexy, she have a very nice body in looks real good in what she is wearing, i will give her a 10 , thank you,
sehr schönes Mädchen, welches mehr zeigen sollte.
Legy Babe,with a face that just says f*@k Me. Nice Trim, a little lite on top,But nice. Also one for the bare feet mob! Worth the 2 ticket flight, a hot stewardess. A finger Licking 9/10
Sandra H is my goddess of performances. Infatuation at its best. Also is tops in using the hair to aid steaming flair. I just cannot help myself when it comes to her! Another 10!!
It's not easy being green. The outfit and makeup hurt Sandra in this card. She has a beautiful body but I find myself more concerned that she showed up for this video suffering from the flu. It almost turned me off to her completely. Turns out, I find her much much hotter in Sensual Silk. 7/10
She is the balance of beautiful, sexy & great moves. A show that is worth more than the rated. Only got a problem, when its on full screen, the green outfit turns on poor quality (but we pay to see her nude =P)
Sandra has a great show nice to some hair on a pussy for a change.
Money well spent!
Not her best show but mann... you get your moneys worth..
I'm really hoping this is not Sandra's best show. It is just good enough not to disable her while hoping she has something better in store.
I find the graphics in this show to be blurry. Like when you take a low def image and blow it up to a larger size. Annyoning and drags my rating down. This show is overrated.
Worth the watch, a standard show.
Charmante autant par sa beauté(sa chevelure, son regard et tout son aspect physique) que par son show) mais elle reste trop réservée et me laisse déçu et insatisfait. 4/10
Show locks up every time it plays
Ma petite cherie J'aime ta sensualite
Des yeux d'enfer, sandra j'ai craqué dessus avant de voir le reste ! Et mon dieu que la mariée était belle. A conseiller. Peut etre une des cinq meilleures cartes du site ? 10 sur 10. sous la robe verte, j'aurais mis un slip blanc ou un string.
Oh ja meine Sandra wieder als Special Offer. Das traumhafteste Geschöpf dieser Site. Perfekter Körper, süßes Gesicht, traumhaftes langes Haar, perfekte Show. Kurz: Sandra. 10(0) Punkte
superbe 10/10
Une vraie figresse qui dance super bien! testez, vous serez pas deçu par la carte
Sandra H ist meine absolute Faforitin. Einfach zum verlieben.
si me mandan a volar, que se con ella.
Sandra H...sin lugar a dudas la mejor. 11 puntos es perfecta.
... Une vrai bombe ! Cette fille me fait littéralement rêver ...
Sandra est une poupée de rêve. Quand elle ondule son corps avec ce regard d'ingénue... C'est hyper excitant !
Sandra H ist hier bei VGHD ein ganz besonderes Girl, denn als große Ausnahme hat sie noch einen (anrasierten) Busch über der Muschi, und ist nicht (wie die meisten hier) komplett glattrasiert. Allerdings bekommt man diesen in dieser Show immer erst recht spät zu sehen, was die Erotik in dieser Show aber nur noch steigert (Vorfreude ist ja bekanntlich die schönste Freude). Sie hat einen sehr schlanken und gut gebräunten Körper mit dazu passenden kleinen Titten, und einen geilen, süßen und knackig...
fantastic girl, great show
Délicieuse à souhait! Belle petites fesses et sourire en coin.... Son costume, et sa couleur surtout, lui vont à ravir!
Je n'ai vu qu'un show, je ne peux rien dire.
Sandra H ist hübsch, sehr schlank und hat einen durchtrainierten sexy Körper. Die kleinen Brüste passen zu ihrer sportlichen Figur. Ihre Beine und der knackige Arsch sehen im kurzen Rock richtig heiß aus. Die Show ist gut, könnte aber etwas flotter sein - es fehlt etwas die Leidenschaft. Intime Nahaufnahmen vermisst man. Auf dem Kopf trägt sie langes Haar, den Intimbereich hat sie nur etwas in Form eines Dreiecks zurecht gestutzt. 8 PunkteAlter: 21 Jahre, Größe: 1,70 m, 84/61/84, Gewicht: 50 kg,...
nul meme pas un sourire
awful outfit, pretty woman.
4.2 (3187 votes)

Sexy GI

  • Shows: 19 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 65
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 178 MB

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User comments (129)

This woman is absolutely Beautiful ! Sure wish I was a few years younger, might just have to be one of her "stalkers". Is she accepting marriage proposals?
i will be very happy when i find similar girl like Sandra H , i want have wife like her
For terrific background music that matches Sandra's slow and sultry style, play the YouTube clips of Robin Trower's Daydream and Bridge of Sighs. Sandra never looked sexier than strutting her stuff while Trower's music soars behind her. Put on the headphones and turn up the volume!
You out did your self on this one, a super great show, Thank You Sandra.
Didnt like the pants in this one just a little to baggy I would have loved to see that ass in a pair of tight pants. The gold panties are a good touch though. Sandra H is not a girl to miss.
Truly Refreshing & definitely endowed with many assets...Well performed.Thanks Sandra H Sexy GI for my desktop & VG.
Collectors Alert !Sandra is the ultimate dancer of the slow and sultry school. She is my benchmark against whom I judge all other dancers of this type. She has the perfect body for it and uses it with a craftman's perfection. Usually...She actually breaks form in this card which you won't see anywhere else. She cracks up with a wardrobe malfunction- (shoes, of course). She recovers almost immediately, but it's a joy to watch. It's my second favourite VG clip (after Blue Angel's aborted backbend...
Sexy as fuck, thanks to the upgrade in quality i gotta get more of her cards.
For this one I would take my hat off. Too bad all the good ones are taken.
Wish she would come back and give us more. Very foxy lady
chp223 make my day..everyday!
Her best card, hands down.
ton show est top, ton corps aussi reste nature n?essaie pas le silicone se serait dommage,bisous Sandra
Sandra H is the most senseual and sexiest woman i have ever seen she will get anyones juices flowing male or female perfect 10 all the way
Sandra H is so sexy, she makes my panties wet as HELL!!!!
She is gorgeous...10/10
Too hot.
If only all females in the military looked this good...
Magnifique demoiselle, la douce Sandra (j'adore ce nom de fille)
Metallic clothing can make just about any woman appear sexy, but once you see it on Sandra you'll start to wonder why you've been looking at other women to begin with.
one of my fav girls, the score; performance = 9 body = 10 outfit = 10 over all all good, perfectly shaped Brest, not too big and not to small, great hourglass body shape, perfect long legs proportionate, beautiful gold hair. the outfit is nice and she removes it oh so elegantly with out any problems. overall i give her 10/10
Mmmmmmm Yummy!
What an alluring little figure!! The best ass on this site! Especially when she has some lil panties on!! Just the right smirk, beautiful hair, sexy understated moves. . . 10! 10! 10! Check 'Chicago Girls' with Keana for more. . .
another words I like small small breasted women because they usually have the largest pussy lips and makes it even better when they have a landing strip inviting you in !!!
I love this stunning lady. She is absolutely gorgeous and easily the best model on VG. She is in a league of her own. She has grace, elegance and beauty in abundance. I can watch her all day long and never get bored. Everything about her turns me on: her 'come to bed' eyes; her long flowing locks; her succulent looking natural breasts, her most exquisite and deliciously shaped ass, her exciting and perfectly pleasing pussy! She is incredible!
drop dead gorgeous, and best tease on the board.
My favorite woman, my second favorite card..., rockin' the sexy thong under the camo ^^ ! 10/10
Sandra H. is by far the very best! 10/10
dynamite what a women (my dream girl)sexy from head to toes
Sandra is the most gracefull,and one of the prettiest dancers there. She could fall down and it would be gracefull
Sandra H is one of my top five favorite girls. This girl never seems to disappoint me. Sandra has one of the nicest asses I have ever seen and I love her petite body. I love how she exudes confidence and true sex-appeal! 10 for this lovely girl.
This is a good show. I gave her a 9.
Sexy GI is definitely a surprise for me, in a good way. Sandra really knows how to move!She has a very vulpine (foxy) look about her and her hips, butt, thighs, are perfect.She's a bit small on the breasts, but at least they're natural.overall she gives a very sensual performance with good amount of full nudity and nice movement
sandra is absolutely stunning. A perfect 10! I love her moves, her shape. Everything about her. YUMMY!
Sandra is absolutely magnificent! She is a wonderful mixture of glamor, sexy and natural curves, grace, adorable face, beautiful brief, Sandra displays all the qualities required for a fantastic and unforgettable striptease.
Beautiful face,lovely mass of long tresses, fantastic, slim, but shapely body, one of the best movers on this site. Only criticism is her mouth is too wide; 'probably wouldn't look so bad if she were to pout less and smile more. I stll have to give her full marks because she looks so gorgeous and dances so well.
Top Babe Right Here!!! Every time she comes up on the screen I have to stop myself from cumming everywhere!! Sexy from start to end!
yeah--i like big tits but this little girl is just so perfect--she almost reminds me of a lauren bacall type--slim--not really skinny--sexy-sultry-mysterious--beautiful--i didnt notice the texture of the makeup--love the pussy hair
10 cuz its rl nice & relaxin 2 watch her!!!
Great outfit...! Loved your show.
What not to enjoy and like about this sexy exotic erotic model. Love the hair- body- outfit(***********) all of it makes her a complete and extremly enjoyable show to watch.
im not usually turned on with a small cupsize but sandra is amazing.. the long legs, the baby face, and the perfect torso keep me begging for more.. she's a hottie!
Sandrs is th girl for me, she is the one I fell in LOVE with first.Sexy, very beautiful , love her body. She knows how to work it . Thank you Sandra !!!
Sandra, you are simply the best of all the girls.
Best girl ever..
I can't take my eyes off her bush for long. Proof that all those that shave have been influenced by peer pressure, and if they tried, they can make theirs just as attractive as Sandra's! 10!
Another 10 for my favorite VG. The way she dances with her waist and her ass can stop the rotation of the earth.
This is one of the few girls here that can actually dance. Most girls here move in a sort of awkward, artificial way. Not her! you can tell that she is a natural at this, and she looks like she actually enjoys doing it. I gave her a 10: she has a great body, she is beautiful, and she's got the right moves. Bravo! This is a show even the ladies can enjoy ;)
my dream, nothing els to say
absolutly stunning. she is quite possibly the sexiest woman alive. and good god how that accent gets me every time. you are a goddess sandra.doc
For me She is PERFECT! It doesn't matter that her breasts are small, she is perfect the way she is and for breast augmentation, I wouldn't like that on a woman because that would be using something that isn't natural. I love her Gorgeous eyes and that mischievous look on her face and the way she moves....Don't you worry Sandra , YOU ARE PERFECT!
Fur burger anyone? Love the Dorito chip hair cut.
Sandra H. is HOT!! And, to each his own, but I don't think she is too thin at all. A gorgeous face, very sexy eyes and lips, beautiful hair, an absolutely perfect ass and, in my humble opinion, natural tits are always better so hers suit her petite body just fine. Sandra moves well and is very sexy ... Sensual Silk, Sexy GI & Shopping Fever are among my favorites from any of the girls on VGHD. More Sandra H. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!
She is SO beautiful!! I could brush her hair all night long.(Especially her pubic hair)
Sandra H knows exactly what i like lol. its like she's in my head.. my favorite by a long shot.. i love the long hair and tight body.. there are shows with 2 girls in them and she is better than them put together. shit i just turned 21 Sandra baby you need to look me up. ;) ~B~
This girl truly knows how to dance and use a pole. Sooooo sexy, she is probably my favortie on the site right now. Well worth the buy
Sandra is one of the hottest babes around, puts some of the bigger boobed girls to shame!
Yeah, very nice.
I think Sandra could make any outfit look good. she has the prettiest smile I have seen in a long time. I just want to know if you are single and looking for an American man. That way I will get off this damn computer from watching you. So far I haven't seen any of Sandra's shows that were disapointing. shw is worth more that 2 tickets IMO........Call me babe!
You have to be one of the most beautiful and sexy women I have the pleasure of seeing in some time. Your thick sandy golden blonde hair and deep skin tone, the sensuality of your movement gets me every time. It was a pleasure to view poetry in motion, you put your heart into your shows. You can tell you are enjoying yourself . What Astrology sign are you ??
I have now found my future wife and favorite VirtuaGirl. You are perfect in every way. Gorgeous body, eyes that could melt my heart, legs that run up and meet an absolutely beautiful butt, long flowing hair that adds to you seductiveness. AGAIN MY FAVORITE AND OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE. LOVE YA!
super sweet woman sexy show:)
HOT baby
this hotass girl definitly knows what she is doing one of the best girls i have . iwould love to meet this one for sure she would probably kill my
She looks at you, like you wished all women would look at you.
Damn... face, body, ass, pussy...... just... DAMN......
skělá holka! (very nice girl)
She has got the sweetest ass, and her body is kicking. I would give anything to spend just a day with her. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! This scene I downloaded is awesome as well, her pussy is so sweet.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star*****
Pas mal du tout
Girl:10 Show:9 Outfit:8 Graphic quality:6 Makeup:10 Average grade:8,6
Sandra is good looking, and the army related outfit, something about it. The only thing is why must she have such heavy eye shadow.
Sandra is slinky and sexy as always in this card. Her hips are hypnotic, and her body is a work of art.The only reason she gets a 9 is because she changed nothing up in this card. Same Sandra, different outfit. If the dancer was anyone else, I might not have even bothered posting, so you know Sandra delivers. 9 out of 10.
Sandra H is a girl with thin body, very well proportioned, and little tits. I like the hair on her pubis. I've got this card, by subscription. It is a good selection from Totem team. They perhaps know a little about my preferences...Let's enjoy it!
Bella ragazza, un bel 9 se lo merita.
nice bum, nice firm breasts, sexy eyes ..... I want to marry him.... i give her 9
Avec Sandra c'est un coup sur a chaque fois. Cette fille est si belle. Tout lui va bien. C'est une fille en or et son costume le dit bien.C'est ma quatrième cartes et je n'ai jamais été décu jusqu'a ce jour.
She makes me dream in Paradaise. A perfect body.
Again a short show, but she is beautiful, and I like her hairy pussy a lot! Recommended!
explicit, candid, graphic, somebody help Meeeeee! 10/10
I believe this is her best card 9
Tits: Small; small areolae; perfect shape Ass: Amazingly round, firm, tight & lickable Pussy: Shaved lips; patch at top Legs: Thin; nicely shaped; proportional Expression: Seductive, beautiful face Figure: Astounding Movements: Sinuous, sensual, seductive, maddening Pussy show: Almost none (a few quick peeks) Pussy play: Touches herself only when covering Explicitness: 1/5 Tattoos: None Piercings: None My face, her crack: As long as she'd let me stay Overall rating: 9/10 IMO: This woman is a sir...
A lot better card than her 'Match Point' one. Very sexy. I like her, now.
she is just so hot. does anyone no if she has a fan-club.
SANDRA H - SEXY GI-->RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lovable face, irressistable eyes, kissable lips, sexiest but and perfect breasts. I would love to dance Lambada and having a pillow talk with a girl like this one! Perfect TableDance with ladylike move's and nice close-up's make's this card worth a 9 :-)
Yammy... :-) I must confess that I've needed a considerable time until I am aware what for a beauty Sandra is (sorry, my english) I deleted her shows after first and second seeing, downloaded they again, deleted once more, and after a while I missed her ... Cracy, isn't it? But now I'm sure. The "Sexy GI"-show is the most impressive performance of her, I have. I love her >>>unshaved
i liked everything except the makeup and one mini hair detail for this one. The makeup was too bright against her skin for me. The light coloring under her eyes emphasized the lines more the hid them. The hair looked a little dry. Not sure if i am seeing hair spray or not. If not I suggest more conditioner or perhaps a stronger one. I'm giving it a 9/10 since these were mini details and the show itself is good
Mmmm, Sandra is a cute young lady. She has a doll-like quality about her that is soooo fuckin sexy. I love her long thick light brown hair which reaches down almost to her pert sexy bottom. She clearly takes care of her body because it is beautifully toned and is gently curved. I am mesmerized by her dancing. Would I be right in thinking she has a background in dance? I'm intrigued because she moves and spins so gracefully on the pole, and I love the way she wedges the pole between the cheeks of...
She's just so gorgeous I can't give her less than 9, but I'd love to see a little more of that lovely pussy in future shows! Sandra... are you listening?
Such a great ass in those army trousers. First girl bought and really, should I bother getting anybody else??
She is a cutie. I love her.Her look is gorgeous - 10 points
Καυτή πατάτα
I don't think I could last 5 min with you performing these very sensual erotic moves and looks in front of me and not loss control. my heart would probably pop. lol! or some thing else would. :)
It's pleasant to see her now on my computer :-)
Just came by to see what you were like.
sie sollte ruhig mal richtig die Beine spreizen.
Sandra is at least a 9, and her performace is great (none of that looking at someone off camera and obvious following of direction), but the viewpoint is all wrong half the time. Buy another camera so we can get more than one perspective, guys!
oh yeah almost 4got love that long hair #8.5
SEXY! small tits, small but shapely ass and SEXY!
one of the few girls I like better with her hair up... Cute butt. nice body. Like the g-string, and LOVE watching those fatigues come off. And don't miss that elusive smile. despite how much I like her outfit, I give her an 8/10 a solid recommended card.
If I could have given her an 8.5, I would have. She does have a nice body and a sweet ass. Her breasts are ok but could use some augmentation. Someone said that she is too thin but I do not think so. That pout is AMAZING but she could smile once in a while but I think she is still getting comfortable.
I gave this 8/10 mostly because you see way more of her back than you do her chest and I think she plays with her hair a touch too much.
great show great poll dancer but this girl need to eat can see way to much of her ribs and her breast are a joke but that what happens when one dont eat
un show moyen. dommage je suis déçu
Nice girl, great body, good moving dance, sensually. Not the top of her shows, but its ok !!!
She needs a shampoo, she would have shined more, otherwise a good show.
Totalement incandescente, indécente et magnifique ... Un réel fantasme vivant.
Son meilleur show à mon gout, même si on est toujours un peu court sur la durée, Sandra dégage ici une sensualité et un érotisme qui mettent formidablement en valeur sa beauté, un régal.
Aaah wieder meine Sandra H. Traumhaft dieses Geschöpf. So stellt sich ein Mann doch seine möchtegern Freundin vor. Meine Favoritin forever.
Waoh! She is so great! Sandra, continue tu est magnifiquement sensuelle, pour tes fans sois un petit peu plus explicite ton sexe et tes fesses sont superbes et superbement désirable! Je sens que tu sauras rester du bon coté de la gine qui sépare la vulgarité de la sensualité. Toutes ses cartes sont des must-have. VG devrait améliore son logiciel pour avoir 3 belles filles ondulant à droite au centre et à gauche de l'écran en même temps. Faites le, je vous fais cadeau des royalties sur l'idée......
Das beste leute ich wurde am liebsten gleich anrufen :P 10/10
Die Frau ist einfach nur geil Volle 10 Punkte
Eine absolute Traumfrau. Die Kleine ist richtig zum anbeißen
Perfecta Perfecta Perfecta. Simplemente 11 puntos, 10 no alcanza.
J'adore la toison de sa petite chatte, cela nous change des minous rasés sans saveur. vraiment magnifique. Elle nous ensorcelle. Elle mérite vraiment d'être bien notée. Pour moi, elle vaut bien 10
Wow, c'est le premier show complet que j'achète; et je crois bien que je vais prendre toutes les cartes de Sandra ! Superbe Créature : un regard qui tue, et un corps qui réveille.
encore un show agréable de Sandra H, le regard brûlant, la moue coquine et son corps menu qui ondule, ses mains qui caressent, tous les ingrédients d'un bon show
SENCILLAMENTE DELICIOSA! un show fino, sensual, nada explícito, pero esta chiquita está EXQUISITA!.. tiene un culo divino, tetas pequeñas pero muy mordibles, piernas hermosas y bien formadas y una carita de "quítame las quincenas"... MUY RECOMENDABLE!... le doy 9 por no ser más explícita...
Ein zuckersüßer Hase der sich lustvoll auf dem Desktop räkelt. Ihre Klamotten find ich total passend. Sie hat zahrte Brüste, die wunderschön zu ihrem Body passen. Ihre Bewegungen sind schwungvoll und erotisch. Ihre teilrasierte Muschi ist zum anknabbern. Hot-hot-hot. --- sinnlich ---
Je suis d'accord avec mon prédécesseur sur ses commentaires , mais je suis moins sage que lui :) SandraH est une très belle femme dont le corps attire le regard et fait durcir notre attribut masculin!! Ses petits seins sont adorables et sa croupe est sublime! Son cul me donne avant tout l'envie de glisser ma langue dans son sillon et la lécher goulument:) Et bien évidement de la pénétrer avec douceur car cette petite femme est délicate :) Je ne suis pas fan des poils , mais son pubis est rasé av...
Un bon show. Le bikini est très sexy tout comme Sandra, seul bémol je ne suis pas fan du maquillage et du pantalon camouflage. Ma note : 08/10
Vraiment mignonne !! un jolie show mais il manque un zeste de je ne sais quoi pour que ce soit parfait !
belle femme , petits seins , petit cul , beau visage mais son show manque d'ouverture . 7/10
Sandra H ist hier bei VGHD ein ganz besonderes Girl, denn als große Ausnahme hat sie noch einen (anrasierten) Busch über der Muschi, und ist nicht (wie die meisten hier) komplett glattrasiert. Sie hat einen sehr schlanken und gut gebräunten Körper mit dazu passenden kleinen Titten, und einen geilen, süßen und knackigen Arsch. Ihr Blick und die volle Haarpracht machen Sie zu einem echten Hingucker! Was ich an dieser Show bemängel muss, ist die Tatsache, dass sie fast nie in dieser Hose zu sehen i...
Not my fave.

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  • Height: 5.6 ft.
  • Weight: 106 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 24" / 34"
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Nikky Case

  • City: Brno
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.41 ft.
  • Weight: 108 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 24" / 36"
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Jana H

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 22 y.o.
  • Height: 5.41 ft.
  • Weight: 104 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 24" / 34"
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