Roxy Taggart

  • City: Bratislava
  • Country: Slovakia (slovak republic)
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Height: 5.68 ft.
  • Weight: 126 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 37" / 28.4" / 34"

Shy Roxy Taggart is 24 years old and has finally started to come out of her shell. As a teen she felt awkward socially but once she discovered the powerful effect her body had on everyone who saw it, she understood that the physical gifts she has been given need to be shared. Her new found confidence is a joy to watch!

Number of shows: 4

Roxy Taggart's shows

4.5 (824 votes)


  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 72
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 412 MB

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User comments (32)

This is her only solo show and it is sad because I would buy every single one of them. Her show is so hot it's ridiculous.
Typically the dirty amazing behaviour and eye glance of masterpiece goddesses
Lovely lady, great show.
Roxy I belive that your sweet pussy would swallow my cock and never let go! ;* Great show must have it ;)
Very sexy exotic girl! Those nipples just scream "SUCK ME"
Gorgeous rack and skin along with devine feet. 20/10
When you first see her with the green top and black skirt she looks so Plane Jane but WOW! She is so seductive. I even love the way she wiggle her cute toes.
Skin sexy sultry sensual Skin seductive sweet Skin scintillating superb Skin scrumptious supple Skin sylph simply perfection tits to toes. did I mention her skin?
absolutely perfect body and face and OOOOH so sensual
I love her eyes. I was as captivated by her eyes.
roxy,superbe brune avec des seins magnifique,j'aimerai bien qu'elle me donne le sein,et manger son adorable chatte
10/10.Such a beautiful girl.Perfect breasts, plenty of eye contact,and pretty feet too. please more solos from Roxy.
EXTRAORDINAIRE-de tres loin ma preferee-elle a un corps magnifique et paire de seins----- waooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Le genre de fille qui vous ouvre une bouteille de coca sans y toucher tellement quelle est hot.
ella es tan sexy y hermosa que no se que haria si la tubiera en persona no c si idolatrarla o solo pedirle que me aga el amor XD
Love the natural large breasts and it seems like she is really into herself and the viewer...just wink for me, I'd love to see her with a shemale!
one of the best on this site!
10/10 A truly hot girl, I mean smoking hot
supi endlich mal eine naturgeile maus... und sie hat wunderschöne augen...
Great teaser, nice accent and moaning sensually!
Awesome tits, awesome moans and sexy faces, worth getting.
Absolutelly delightful tits! I love it. Naturally and big! 10/10
Also eigentlich mag so große Brüste nicht,aber in ihrem Fall... Da passt einfach alles zusammen.Ein wirklich wunderschönes und stimmiges Gesamtbild.Eine glatte 9/10
WOW!!! She is so hot and very sexy. Love to be with her, pleasing every part of her from her toes to those lovely breast and that juicy pussy.
I don't feel compelled to leave comments very often, but damn this girl is nothing short of amazing I felt I had to this time. Hopefully she'll show up on VG some time.
This girl is hot. She's beautiful and she comes out onto the taskbar teasing you with very sexy sitting poses. Great eye contact. Before she even starts using the dilly on herself, I already had a stiffy. Amazing show.
An incredible sexy lady, keeps me rock hard until I cum for her every time.
Sensuality and intimacy are the key words of this performance. The show's solid, with a slow and sensual beginning, and the X rated clips are excellent. Something stops me in rating it 10, I don't know why, maybe because Roxy's just not my girl type. She's beautiful though.
Roxy está buenísima! Es muy sexy. De hecho lo único que no me convence es la cara. No deja de ser ampliamente recomendable, más para los amantes de las tetas grandes
She is very sexy. great show. seductive
Roxy Taggart is a gorgeous woman, but like a lot of the large breasted girls, she has the attitude of--I've got the big boobs look at me. Well, and that is what we buy her card for, but it's a very lethargic performance. I give her a 10 for looks, but only a 6 for performance, so this card IMO is only an 8.
4.3 (303 votes)

Duo with Ewe Sweet

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 487 MB

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User comments (12)

Roxy is a dream of dirty girl. Waiting for yhe 1080 resolution
If one like feet and footjob this is a MUST HAVE SHOW! Just wonderful playing with theit feets, touching the pussy and the breast. Highly recommendation for Leg and Feet friends.
Sweet & sexy.
"A foot lovers dream", said Ironman...Indeed, and I'm loving it! Still, there is more to this card than just some wonderful "foot-play", these lovely ladies perform exceptionally well together. It's always nice when a "duo" is obviously enjoying what they are doing. A definite 10!!!
2,trés bele fille au seins magnifique et un jeu de pieds trés amusant
A foot lover's dream.
Deux très belles filles avec des jeux de pieds très érotiques et des poitrines fabuleuses.
Great card especially if you like foot play, they should have added the naked feet tag. It has 2 full clips of foot play with massaging tits with there feet and rubbing each others pussy with there feet.
LOVE foot-play and feet fetish - and this is sensational for that, worth it for the toes in pussies alone :) Great card and would love to see more like it and include feet play with stockings and heels.
Good one if you have a foot fetish. Lots of footplay
Beautiful girls. Both Ewe as Roxy have great,natural breast. I luv them. Their show is good. Nothing special,just good. All in all a card that fits in every collection.
... interesting - but?
4.3 (336 votes)

Duo with Carol G

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 86
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 548 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (13)

WOW! That Carol G! Good looks; big tits' and can take it up the ass!! My kinda girl!!
I watch and enjoy the beauty babes! Very, very nice! aaa xxx
Two very lovely ladies just having fun,(AWESOME) 100+
This set is a score! Perfect Pair here... Two Big Breasted Sexy Women. All Natural ( . )( . ) A+++++
still one of the best cards on this site
10 +++ love these 2 are all naural Beauties.... I prefer not to see ribs on a girl hahahaha Just a wholesome body and a sweet ass and edible pussies mmmm
These two ladies are awesome. Thank you Roxy and Carol!
Pour tous les amoureux de belles poitrines, à télécharger sans hésiter, une carte magnifique ! Merci Totem et surtout merci Roxy et Carol !
This is the runner up in my book for best duo.. but sometimes I wonder if its number 1. very good pairing. they seem to be having a good time. awesome bodies.
There are two things that make this an awesome card: first, it includes two Amazonian women who are each hotter than hell and second, they are both great performers - one experienced, the other a newcomer. The only thing keeping this card from being a Perfect 10 is the fact that Roxy Taggart and Carol G have little one-on-one chemistry and perform mostly for the camera rather than one another. That could make for a great 3-way-style vibe, but misses the mark.As far as DeskBabes lesbian shows go,...
I thought I couldn't go wrong with these 2: Carol G is one of my all time favorite to see in pics, but both of these women suffer from lethargic performance brought about by relying on their large breasts too much. I really thought I would enjoy this card, but I don't--I've actually turned it off. 8/10 and not lower just because they both are beautiful women.
This is the first time i have commented about anything but these lady's are very sexy and extremely well endowed and there effort here i found was not anything they did but was the result of a very poor director. Who like most of the newer solos and duos does not do a good job of using the talents and showing the beauty of the lady's. Other than a lot of kissing there was very little touching between the lady's. Either of them selves or each other. In a few scenes there was a little use of a dil...
two horny girls, but obviously simulating
4.4 (365 votes)

Duo with Jordan

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 74
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 514 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (10)

Magnifique Couple ! Fabuleuse mais surtout tres apaisante rencontre... lol bien que l'on reste sur notre Faim.
I dream of being a dildo in their hands
Roxy is the sexiest Deskbabe I've ever seen!
Roxy est absolument superbe, elle a un petit air de ressemblance avec Marie Drucker pour les fans français, mais c'est Jordan qui imprime le rythme à ce show, elle est également très belle, très perverse et redoutablement excitante, une bombe que cette fille.
After seeing this show i am more happy than ever i recommended her for DeskBabes and did my part to make it happen. She is so hot. Great dirty talking in a so sexy voice. Of course she looks fabulous. Jordan deserves a 10 for this show. However as this is a duo i have to say Roxy is not up to Jordans presence on the screen. In many clips you can easily overlook her while all the attention is focussed on Jordan. She does the talking she is the leader and Roxy only tries to follow. In a few clips...
Both very sexy girls. Jordan looks like she's trying to give a good show, but Roxy acts like she could care less. I gave them a 9 based on their physical hotness alone.
Jordan is a great performer with a very sexy attitude perfect for hard core performances. Roxy Taggart is new and extremely hot with her big natural breasts and beautiful raven-haired look. She is somewhat submissive, making this a great duo.The two girls have some chemistry together, but not much. Because only Jordan can speak English (apparently), most of the performance is geared towards the camera rather than being totally between the girls themselves. Normally, this would be a show killer,...
Beautiful girls,great body's.But personally i find their show at best average. The interaction between the 2 models could have been much better.I got the impression that there was no chemistry between them. Two hot bodies but no spark. Yet no regrets for buying this card. Both Roxy as Jordon are hot enough to feast your eyes on.
Two really pretty girls with almost perfect bodies but their interaction is so artificial. It is never exciting. There is no show, it's a workout. I value it as a 8.
Roxy the best

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