• City: Paris
  • Country: France
  • Age: 25 y.o.
  • Height: 5.41 ft.
  • Weight: 117 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 26" / 37"

The best of France, Pepito is from Paris and at 25 years of age she has already built a huge fan following in clubs throughout the city of light! You don't need to line up at the door to see this sexy minx in action thanks to your iStripper collection! So many outfits and such a high-impact honey to enjoy them in!

Number of shows: 6

Pepito's shows

4.1 (549 votes)

Lime cocktail

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 72
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 507 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (22)

Pepito is such a sexy babe. Love her moves.
Simply stunning!
Exotically beautiful! Incredibly sensual! Absolutely fantastic!
she is all woman,a real temptress!
Nice butt, sexy movements overall Ill give her a 9
this girl flirts soooooo muchhhhhhh !!! everytime i finish ... and i see her flirting with me ... i have to start again .... up to 12 times a day.... my record is 16 .... i dont know but this girl makes me so crazy ...pepito make me so crazy .... please forgive me that i love Jasmine Nadreas more .... but she is my first virtua girl .... please dont be sad ... i like you too very much honey ... but she is the number one .
Pepito is sooooo sexy and hot. I like all the outfits. Please make more Pepito!
a high five for each butt = 10 for this babe !(-x-)
The last of Pepito's 6 cards, and I have to say this isn't my favourite outfit for her. But lets face it, she would look great dressed in an old sack.Pepito seldom fails to impress on the task-bar and this was another top-notch performance. Utterly charming, very seductive, with plenty of variation in both movement and expression, always moving as smoothly as silk and finding the perfect positions to show off her superb body to best effect.This was also her most consistently good pole dance perf...
Pepito this is the first time i make a comment on a Virtuagirl. Thanks for existing. I will buy each and every of your cards forever. You re perfect.
One of my fav girls in one of my fav outfits. of course a 10/10
Le show est bien, la fille a beaucoup d'allure et malgré une poitrine refaite, il faut reconnaître que de ce point de vue le résultat est bien moins désastreux que dans bien des cas sur le site.
Pepito is very hot. My only complaint is that we don't get to see her fully nude for more than a few seconds (unlike in most of my cards). One doesn't get to appreciate the full extent of her body. Nevertheless, she has my 10.
Pepito is hard to place. She has an oddly oversized head, but it seems to only add to her exotic look rather than be really distracting. Her big fake breasts are nicely done and aren't a distraction either. She has a very sensual, exotic Latina look that is very alluring.Most of her striptease is made up of slow, simple movements that accentuate her body and alternate between seductively steamy and sizzlingly teasing.Her movements are perfect for her style and look and makes for an overall very...
Pepito weiss was sie hat und lässt uns daran teilhaben. Danke, mehr davon!
Those bronze panties look great on her bronzed body. Pepito is as sexy and fine as ever. The dress is cool, yet not quite hot enough for a babe of Pepito's caliber. As such, 9 out of 10.
Avec Pepito, c'est sur la fin que ça devient meilleur ^^
Hot all the way but she really doesn't need the fakeys.
Une belle brune aux formes généreuse. En regardant la vidéo de son interview, j'ai put noter qu'elle avait une voix agréable. Elle porte une robe courte, couleur vert citron, qui met en valeur sa silhouette, ainsi que son léger teint bronzé. Elle danse avec des mouvements séduisants. Elle sait faire de la barre un complice voir un allié utile. Son string souligne les douces rondeurs de ses fesses. La façon dont elle nous dévoile ses seins est amusante. Les clips explicites sont agréables à voir....
I had a hard time deciding on what rating to give Pepito. On the up side, she's sexy, and her movements are nice to watch overall.On the other, her she does have a large head, and she looks older than her description states. I don't care for large breasts.All that said, I would definitely buy her other cards - when they're on special.
Really sexy woman. Love her.
4.2 (786 votes)

Winter evening

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 69
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 502 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (35)

Love Pepito, love every clip.
Amazing woman
When I saw Pepito in the previews, I checked out her card, it read like my shopping list for VG. She definitely delivers everything I expected and more on this card, from her sexy outfit to her smoking hot looks and solid performance, this card is excellent. 10/10
It's my favorite as well.
This is my favorite card of Pepito. Awesome butt shots that never fail to make me hard. Thank you Pepito for doing what you do to me!
Ah que dire de Pepito elle est super canon sympa et elle danse comme une pro. Ce show fait partie de mes préférés et vraiment elle est adorable cette petite française un rancard?
Pepito is awesome, she is my favorite. The more I watch her, the more I want to watch her. She looks great in this outfit, she looks great out of this outfit.
The outfit is great and really suits her. Too bad she takes it off...
For me she's a must have! She is absolutely gorgeous!
quel corps,pepito a des fesses magnifiques,elle joue de la transparence de sa parure avec brio et exhibe son corps magnifique,ca manque surement un peu d'explicite,mais le show est bon!
Pepito my princess is a very exciting woman I love her figure the best outfit of all the cards.
Hands down, Pepito is the most erotic girl in VGHD. Everything about her screams SEX and I have over 300 cards to judge her against. She is not the prettiest or with the best figure, although they both are very good. But those are not her strong suit.On the task bar, she is slow and deliberate with her suggestive body language and facial expressions. Her eye contact and interaction are first rate. She performs just for you.From the lower than expected rating, it suggests she may even make some u...
Pepito = 11
Siski ze Best 5++
10, 10, 10, 10! Thank you Pepito, Thanks you VG for this amazing show!
Sehr Geil! Das ist einer ihrer besten Shows.
Luce realmente fantástica. Mi nueva favorita definitivamente.
This is one of those outfits which looks fantastic on the girl, but where there is a danger of detracting from the striptease by revealing too much too soon. I needn't have worried though. Pepito really made it work for her and it's actually my favourite outfit from her 5 cards so far.For me, Pepito is among the best task-bar performers on VG. Incredibly sexy, with sultry personality and a great teasing sense of interaction. Some of the positions she managed to contort herself into were truly im...
Just plain filthy really!!
Luv that booty...
She's toooo sexy for my screen.Very nice job Pepito.
Pepito me recuerda mucho a Martha, un cuerpazo!!! pero no de las más bellas del programa. Sus shows son buenos y muy entretenidos. Sólo por eso no es un 10 para mí pero sin duda una carta que no te arrepientes jamás de tener.
I just realized I haven't commented on this lady. I know she's not the prettiest in the face; but I love her fishnet top and hose, and I sense her attitude would strongly tend to make her a keeper, making sure you stayed satisfied by draining you nightly.
no a girl, she's a woman
This is the most sultry look Pepito has had to date.She is as curvy, slinky, and sensuous as ever. I never get tired of that bod of hers. She also supplies ample hot action as usual.My only quibble is the top she wears. I have to agree with the sentiments of one of the previous posters; this extra-sheer top kind of spoils the surprise factor. Mesh tops that are a little thicker work better (ex. Mandy's white outfit). All in all, this show still shines. 9 out of 10.
J'avoue que j'ai du mal à adhérer complètement à ce modèle, en plus le costume ne me plait pas et pollue le show.
... hmm not really clear and dosnt turn me on, looks Silikon Valley but not my Style, sorry ;-(
Pepito In Winter Evening >> A gal supposing to be a latino but perhaps an Arab Harlem Stud like those taking over PARIS; she has a too large mouth; too big implanted boobs; and she is too eager to show us what she had for breakfast. Overall, it would be frightening if you do meet her in a dark alley on Halloween night. My rating stays at 5 out of 10.
Wo ! Pepito ! Pas très belle, fesse molles, seins refaits, je l?ai effacé de mon disque dur. Elle serait parfaite pour l?halloween ?elle fait peur.
Une belle fille, un regal des yeux. Des seins parfaits, un cul magnifique des jolis hanches, une belle chatte tres bien entrenue. Un must, assurement plus que 10.
Fantastic show, glorious woman.
Mmmmm Mmmmm Gooooood
4.1 (545 votes)

Substitute nurse

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 454 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (15)

No, she's not the most beautiful girl on the site but she's one of the sexiest. Pepito has the moves. I cannot take my eyes off her she has stage presence.
Pepito - those swollen lips, come on expressions, built perfectly for comfort, you yummy one. When can you cum and be my fulltime nurse, gorgeous sexy woman. Am very crook - need lots of tender care, massaging, etc, etc, etc. Promise to do whatever you ask. xxoo
She soo sexy in this nurse outfit. :)))!!! She can be my nurse anytime
I love this woman,she is just super sexy, that body of her's looks fantastic in that outfit, black underwear does her proud.Very sexy show 10/10
I'm exactly the opposite of "ILikeEmCurvy." I like em skinny, but apparently Pepito satisfies us both. She's tight, and her curves are in shape. Amazing body. Great outfit. Her fake breasts might bum some out, but I'm not a hater. Not shaved, nicely trimmed snatch, a perfect Dorito.
This show is just more of what I love from Pepito. To me, she takes anything and makes it hotter. The way she comes out of this nurse jacket to display the goods is just ooooh la la. Keep it coming mami. 10 out of 10.
I'm not usually a big fan of nurse outfits, but I have to say this one looks absolutely gorgeous on Pepito. The shiny red latex looks great on her, and the revelation of the sexy black underwear beneath is a bonus.On the task-bar her performance was as varied and expressive as ever and certainly didn't lack sex appeal. She did seem a touch short on her usual charm, however, although the clips were no less entertaining than in her previous shows.On the pole her performance was very stylish and ne...
Lovely Pepito, hard roking body, very much horny and hot, nice moves, good and funny outfit, almost perfect, card to have ;)
Nice and hot, great show, like the shiny red thing and the way she takes it off, dock one point for a terrible boob job
Great outfit, great performance, great body and face is ok. Good staring, dancing and pole working. So why 8 ? Because of the bonus videos. First of all, she doesn't look that pretty in these. Secondly, she always talks about her boyfriend, and I hate when a VGirl does that (seriously, we don't care !). At last, the subtitles are very bad (les sous-titres sont vraiment mauvais). "Mans", "triller",... C'mon, who translated it ? The card is ok, but the extras are extremely disappointing. I wanted...
sultry, sexy, and her chest just doesnt stop, 9 for me
Elle n'est pas ma préférée, mais j'avoue que cette infirmière a de quoi faire monter la température au delà du raisonnable et de quoi provoquer des accidents cardiaques pour les messieurs un peu trop fragile coté coeur. Bref si je vais à l?hôpital, j'en veux une comme çà, tout pareil.
My type of girl....HOT!
Pepito, very attractive. I'm not sure what kind of material that coat is made from , but, I love it. I am addicted to it.
Sexdy woman, gorgeous body, really not keen on the outfit.
3.9 (492 votes)

Jungle warfare

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 68
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 531 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (19)

Usually not a fan of women in fatigues but damn, Pepito is a south american jungle babe!
10 for Pepito. 10+ for the beaver.
This is a great show. Pepito can dance. I think she's really sexy. I'm not a fan of the army outfits on any of the girls and the panties are not flattering to the outfit or her skin tone but she is so stricking it's easy to overlook. There are so many different costume choices for theme cards. It sucks that we keep seeing the same thing over and over again. I prefer her hair down. Her bone structure is very definitive. The hair pulled back makes her look too severe. If that makes any sense. Anwa...
She is the best!
Pepito is a dream of a hot StripperBabe!She has a fulsome,curvaceous, body, lovely exotic beauty, and a torridly, sexy, sensual,pro stripper DanceAbility!She's put her motor on "Constant Seduction" and just slinks, pumps, spreads, & purrs along, full on for orgasm!This card is her "lap dance" as opposed to her other cards as she gives us more explicit showing, full spread action in her clips.She does the outfit great justice as a tight short skirt, riding up over those active pump & sway,sexy hi...
I've never been keen on military style outfits, but they have been getting better lately and this sexy camouflage costume looks good. The pulled back hair doesn't really suit Pepito's face though.Pepito was once again excellent on the task-bar, with agile, fascinatingly sexy movement (some of it quite unusual), great eye contact and a good sense of interaction. Very seductive and equally entertaining to watch.On the pole she performed with great style, agility and a superb range of movement, mak...
Damn right Pepito is amazing and I sure like to be her P.O.W. after watching her performance here *drool* \m/
I don't normally write comments but in this case, I felt I should.I knew Pepito was a good performer, but this is the show I knew Pepito had in her. She is launguidly sexy, the consumate seductress. Her pole work has always been good and this show is no exception, but in this one her taskbar work is some of the best you will see. There's not a move out of place not a misplaced step. I also think the outfit works well, and she wears it to great effect, another winner in the recent run of Camo out...
stupenda !! da 10 !!
Nice outfit, nice hard rocking body, she knows how to make you horny. Nice performance, card to have :)
En dépit d'une poitrine refaite Pepito c'est pas mal du tout, pas mal du tout.
Until Melisa returns, Pepito is my new go-to girl.Pepito's legs and ass are awesome, and her skin tone is great. Beautiful face, lips, and a great attitude. I also like this outfit on her. Her stylist did a great job on this one.Pepito puts on an energtic, ready-to-please performance that compliments her banging physique. Nothing acrobatic or over the top, just good, solid stuff. The only demerit she gets is for her boob job. She would have been much better off natural, in my opinion. Still, I'd...
I like Pepito but this isn't the hairstyle and definitely the outfit don't helps. Her other cards are from other world beside this one.
Eh...Pepito is not really one of my fav's, but she does have some nice curves...especially the ass, and the outfit is sexy.
Damned!!! Totem should warn users if a girl has fake boobs. I just hate fake boobs when they are made that bad!!!!!
I really wish VGHD would stop releasing cards of Pepito. She is by *far* the worst girl they have on their site. She's got no appeal whatsoever and she dances like a brain-damaged clown. Please VGHD get your standards back up.
Stunning woman. Lovely to watch. Love a woman that looks like she could break you.
3.9 (520 votes)


  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 59
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 448 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (17)

Pepito is a very sexy and lovely lady.
4th card that steals are money
Oh my God, soooo sexy!
Members who do not think Pepito or this card is hot must have something against hot sexy sultry looking brunettes for this what she is a very steamy sexy card I GIVE IT A 10 AND A KEEPER'
Enfin une autre française, dans cet océan de tchèques et hongroises. Pépito est superbe et ses mouvements lascifs nous font vraiment de l'effet. Bravo et merci Pépito.
Pepito is made for that shorty-tighty-ridin'-over-the-ass skirt! I am so jealous of her hem-line!She moves with a heavily seductive,sensual-flow,erotic-exotic,allure that'd have me willing to pay good $$ to just lick her sweat after the show!She has incredible, slow,VERY sensual ProStripperDance ability that always suggests it is YOU she's twining around continuously!Her body is the most lusciously contoured & filled combo of Incredible girl muscle & balanced AmperDolls!Her moves are hypnotic, h...
Just H---O---T! Parley vous a humma-humma (C&C)
Perfect Baby!
merveilleuse pepito , quelle belle brune au regard de braise , son show est au top , au debut je n'aimais pas trop sa bouche mais au final en y regardant de plus pres maintenant je l'adore .
Pepito looks very fetching in this little leopard print dress, but I think I preferred her previous outfit.She certainly has all the moves on the task-bar and was active and expressive enough to put on a very good, entertaining and sexy show. Her style was slow, languid and sultry and her eye contact was mostly very good.In the pole clips Pepito performed with style and agility, made great use of the pole and pulled off some impressive moves in a measured, but highly erotic and entertaining rout...
Pepito is a "PERFECT 10" \m/
The dress, the tone, the build, the flow... How can she be anything less than a 10.
Omg she's got the sweetest bum!
Pepito, ¡¡Fuck Yeah!!
La carte précédente n'était pas terrible mais celle-là l'est encore moins. Je ne sais pas ce que vous reprochez aux filles de l'est mais les boudins français commencent à me sortir par les naseaux.
There have been girls here that I thought were average looking but none that I thought were just down right ugly until now. Seriously, she looks horrible and dances worse. This card was given to me as one of the daily cards from my subscription so I console myself that I didn't pay for her card. Every one of her cards that have been given to me or that will be given are immediately deleted. VGHD please don't waste my time with this one. No more Pepito cards *ever*!!!
Very sexy woman, good show.
4.1 (623 votes)

Black cherry

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 475 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (24)

Pepito macht mich scharf 10/10
This little Frenchwoman is smoking hot! I wish more of her trailers would show up in my software, so I could get them for one credit.
Pepito has it all going, she is HOT !!!!!!
Love the landing strip and the outfit.
"In my collection." Won't download. What's up with that?
Pepito is an utterly gorgeous brunette with a beautiful body shape and loads of charm. She looks great with her genuine tan and a very suitable sexy outfit.On the task-bar she was very expressive with varied seductive movement, a great sense of viewer interaction and a kind of knowing confidence that exuded sex appeal. Her movement and positions were quite unusual in places and she never failed to hold attention. A practically faultless performance.Although obviously not a pole dancer, she used...
Pepito is a gorgeous, lush bodied StripperBabe.She emits a potent Gypsy allure as she performs a show heavy on sensual wiggle & elegant on-floor stretching & undulation moves, like a stripper in a club doing a floor show.She's got the looks for this exotic style of movement.Her peek-a-boo hair style adds to her mystique.Her body is lusciously fine, from the incredibly shapely muscles of her legs, hips, ass, deliciously fulsome cunny,to her nicely body appropriate AmperDolls, and she presents it...
wow is perfect sexy woman and very very HOT yes more please.
She's so pretty and hot! My first impressions are very very good!
Very nice. Cant wait to see more.
Very nice. Excellent addition!
Now PEPITO I have two other cards of you I do like them but I must say you look very sexy in this card. Yes I am a BIG BOOBS man it is just the way you look your outfit and the way you put on your make-up on 9/10 for me.
MEGA!!! Gerl!!!
Woooooo lordy. This girl is great to look at. She has the best legs and ass combo since Melisa. Beautiful skin tone, juicy lips, and a face you can get lost in.She puts on a fun and sexy performance too. I never got tired of seeing her. If only she didn't have those ostentatiously fake boobies. Ah well....9 out of 10.
This girl has a great body and look, but why do developers not pay attention on teaching models how to show theriselves? Only port stars know how to show them, to smile, to touch, but even them do not know how to dance striptease. I believe, that shows should be directed with a choreograph. Still give 10 to a model and 9 to the show.
Now this is one sexy woman Pepito is a natural I cannot wait until the next card her body is to die for
Le show est d'excellente qualité mais reste toujours le point noir de la poitrine refaite.
Maybe just not a nice outfit and make up here, but her body is very stunning, I think she can make better of this !!!
Definateley has some good moves to match her sultry good looks. Would have marked higher, but I really don't like the surgical 'enhancements' to her breasts :/
Une perle ? Elle a due tomber dans le vinaigre parce que j'en ai vu mieux que çà :-\
boob jobs are ruining otherwise perfect girls
Disappointing-her tits are obviously face and not nice to look at and her face looks plastic too
Pepito As A Black Cherry >> Seriously the taking such name which supposed to be a man's name. She seems to be from a mediterranean-arab family tree who moved or passed from a higher to a lower standard thus while at her teenage years rebellious to her family opted to join the bimbos' nightclubs and of course have a boobs' job. In fact she may be just one of many hard-core nightclub stripteasers downtown Paris; hence she should be a God-Send Eye-opener for all hard-core voyeurs; but not for decen...
Gorgeous woman, love the outfit.

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