Olga Barz

  • City: Moscow
  • Country: Russia
  • Age: 28 y.o.
  • Height: 5.51 ft.
  • Weight: 121 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 23" / 33"

Olga Barz is one of our fan favorites. She's a redhead beauty made in Russia and now she has taken her modeling career out of Moscow and onto the world stage! Trained in classic dance and ballet, Olga is the iStripper you have been waiting to see. Every move is perfectly timed and her eyes are always on target. Let Olga show you something special!

Number of shows: 6

Olga Barz's shows

4.3 (933 votes)

Quick service

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 504 MB

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User comments (37)

5 star
I think she is a great dancer and so sexy makes me smile.
All Virtuagirl girls are wonderful. Each of them makes us feel and trigger different emotions and desires in our bodies and minds, more or less intense, depending on the emotional situation in which we find ourselves. Honestly, I congratulate the entire team of Virtuagirl, that makes this great software full of wonderful emotions.Congratulations! Great Striptease of Olga Barz. I love this girl, with a face and a body can only imagine in dreams. She is really wonderful.
Hot is an understatement, the way Olga moves makes one feel as if they are in a club somewhere. Seductive. sultry, 10+ for this card.
Definitely one of the top dancers on VG and I'm really sorry to see her go-- only to be replaced by some groin grabber. The advantage of VG is that I'll have Olga's dances forever to add to my relatively small TOP PERFORMERS Playlist. This outfit is great for Olga as she fits into the Rat Pack/ Matt Helm style perfectly. Her wild, sylistic dancing is fantastic as always. She just can't do a show less than a 10. Come back soon Olga!
Olga makes this outfit work better than any other VG babe. She is sooo orgasmically sexxxy! Why hasn't she been on DB?!!!
Too Hot !!!! NICE in every way .
Easily in the top 10 hottest on here.. She is one of the older ones on here she is not old though she is just older than most on here...Anyways, if any of my family was lookin like this at this age..I think I would have ALOT of problems...Fortunately, there isnt....This girl is tight. P.A.T. Pussy, Ass, Tits...Daaammnn
She's Hot, very energetic pole routine, I miss the part where they say she's a redhead, doesn't look like that on my screen, but Hey, she's a beauty.
Superbe femme, très sensuelle, un corps de rêve et beaucoup d'abattage, ferait tourner la tête à un moine.
Olga Barz - Quick Service, the seventh card I accumulated from VirtuaGirl. Oh, my goodness. I remember thinking maybe I want this card later. Well, I say get it sooner.One thing about Olga -- she's absolutely dynamic and bursting with energy throughout her performance. She is absolutely not shy about anything -- at least three Level 5 clips will attest to that -- and she knows what she wants and what Olga wants, Olga gets. She will forcibly make you stop doing whatever it is you're doing and tak...
Olga is so smokin hot in this outfit that you almost don't want her to remove it. . . Then she does and wow. This girl is my deffinition of hot.
Super sexy Girl!!!
Why not Olga in DeskBabes?
I luv ya,she is so sexy, what a fantastic body,I love her long hair and that sexy look she has. Oh baby you do it for me, your pussy is yummy, I'm in love yet again......
Damn I Love This Outfit!!! Olga rocks it like no one else can!
I thought that was taking a chance with this card. I hadn't even seen a previiew of Olda's. It well is worth the purchase. After downloading this card a mew tab opened up in "Desktop Seting" That tab was "X-rated" No other card in my collection triggered this setting. I have 44 cards. If you set aside that very entertaining new feature of hers I would only be left with a WOMAN who knows how to dance, work the pole, tease the viewer, keep good eye contact, and remain completely sensual. She has f...
Love girls in leather boots and Olga wears them well. She is a fantastic pole dancer, not Suzie Q, but she does an excellent job and is a good change of pace from the other girls when she steps out.
Olga is one of the older models here. She has the look, the body and some nice seductive energetic moves to be one of the favourites. I like her show very much. Performance, make-up and outfit are awesome.
A big farewell to my sweet (and wild) Olga, the best performer in a very long time on Virtuagirl, will be dearly missed., If Olga decides to visit us again, I would be happy to shell out for more credits to have her do the wild thing 6 more times :) Thank you Olga
WOW Boner...
Olga is the hottest of all these fabulous beauties! No contest.
Holly Shit, I love ths woman
Je n'étais pas fan d'Olga depuis ses débuts ici mais aujourd'hui elle mérite vraiment un 10 pour ce show parce qu'elle est vraiment magnifique avec ses bottes cuissardes :)
Para mi gusto, esta es la mejor presentación de Olga. Esperemos que no solo sean 6 shows los que nos ofrezca, sino que sean otros 6 mas. Olga, en definitiva, es una de las mejores modelos en este sitio.
YES! This is what it's all about!!! 10
Is there any outfit that she dosent look good in? 10/10
Feeling really knocked out, what a sexy redhead, smooth performance and sensually slow, great body and loved the smart business look she carried it off well. Moves nicely, not great but nice, definitely have more of Olga's cards in my collection.She is a good mover, she never leaves you thinking you should have got more, I found the whole performance very sexy, but due to her lack of sheer sexual explixcitness I can only give her a 9.
I hate those boots
More Olga Barz goodness. This hot redhead is back, this time dressed in a one-piece sort of jumpsuit that features one of my favorite things on any outfit: a front zipper for quick removal.Olga is as hot as ever in this card, doing a lot of sensual and explicit action as she powers from scene to scene. Her desktop dancing is featured in a few scenes in this card, but most of the good stuff happens on the taskbar (as usual).Olga Barz is one of the few unshaved (trimmed, not shaved) girls on Virtu...
A must card to get!
OlgaBarz > This redhead russian beauty maybe something or even trained in classic dance and ballet; but the matter of fact is that her personal characters, manners and portrayed image of herself have to be evaluated before rating this girl. In my view, she loses some ratings with her body piercings and too explicit nature of showing-off her body to the VGHD customers even when stripteasing. Facial & body peircings show her as cheap & tacky; and her explicit show-off shows that she had beeen attr...
Nice looking lady 9.
This is the final card from Olga's first set of 6, but I certainly hope it isn't her last. Olga is undoubtedly one of the finest, sexiest and most entertaining performers on VG, although I have to say that this one isn't her best. That said, even a slightly below par performance from Olga is many times better than most on VG.Those who have seen Olga's previous cards will know what to expect. Great pole dancing (more in the style of Karina than Suzie Q), performed with such dynamism and enthusias...
hot girl, good dancer, WEIRD outfit. Try 'smart style' instead.
Fantastic outfit for her. Great show. Love her.
4.2 (736 votes)

Tenderness break

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 45
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 378 MB

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User comments (32)

This woman is on fire!
Olga has a great body (especially her legs) and does a great really playful show.Her moves are quite passionate and her gestures are very enthusiastic. She really enjoys her body and seems with her expressionistic dance a bit demanding in a subtle way. Don't you get distract or you would otherwise wonder where her next movement did evolved from. However, she does such a great show, that you really can't get distracted, so there's no problem with that.She does a great job with everything and her...
heavenly days, ms olga barz . . . would really enjoy a tenderness break with you . . . dj
A little more Burlesque than typical for Olga. It's a nice pace change. I prefer the more traditional style she's so good at, but variety can't be argued with. I have several cards by Olga and haven't watched any of the X clips (not my thing), but as a performer, Olga always nails it. She always keeps the 'viewer' engaged and gives the impression of personal presence as well as any of the girls here.
... ;) a 10/10 for the well trimed puss and the X-Rated clips. I was suprised this being VG.Definately worth the credit(s)
Oh just go for it Olga Barz, the bards are always a go-go gaga for more of your holy hot shit girl.
Olga is a great performer and with a body like hers, I see her doing greater things down the road, she is my favorite redhead, love you Olga.
Tenderness break? Sheesh...Olga acts like she'd break the bed frame in this card!Pros - tight, fit body; tons of chutzpah; aggressively entertains for you; nicely groomed carpet; does not play around in the explicit clips, worthy of DeskbabesCons - a little too zealous at times; border-line corny anticsTalk about a girl who'd work you over! Her enthusiasm is over the top like crazy, but it works. Ass slapping and bending over are right up my alley. Add to that a very nice cheerleader physique an...
Sublime, peut être la meilleure tout simplement, belle, drôle, sexy, beaucoup d'énergie, chacun de ses shows est un régal. Mériterait d'avoir une carte spéciale n°1000 et bien d'autres encore.
Olga is so sexy and vibrant, this is a must have card
She is charming, very sexy with her cameltoe and fingering inside and she has a wonderful sense of humor. For me she is the best stripper here.
She is SO SO HOT ....yummy!!!!!!!!! 10 10 10..
How is this not her highest rated card? Don't get me wrong, I like all of hers, but this one is something special. She's sexy, funny, hot, and I have never been turned on so much by...cameltoe. My only problem with Olga...implants. I'm not a fan, but at least they're not huge. She still gets a 10 in my book.
wow, she`s sexy, I love the way she dances, watch her video interview, I love her personality, she seems like a fun girl..I gave her a 10
hot great clean show need more
Wow. So sensual. We adore you, Olga.
My favorite show from a very lovely lady, I love the way she has her hair done up and that outfit looks really incredible on her. She takes her time in this performance and she really stands out as one of my favorite girls, superbe interaction and eye contact, and that girl can DANCE!! If her and I spent anight on the town she could be my dance partner all night long, and then go home to have a little after hours party :)
10/10 bien méritée car Olga joue sur scène et nous communique toute sa bonne humeur par un beau sourire. Coté danse c?est plus que parfait et pour l?érotisme, que dire... Elle assèche la bouche. Oui , c?es sobrement dit :) Merci Olga :)
I like this one because it shows more of her pretty face. Them eyes. and that gap in between her teeth make her look so sexy. She has became my no.1 top V girl. Who did that song? "I am in love with a striper?" lol
Without a doubt, this is Olga's best VGHD card to date. Gone from the taskbar is the hectic frenetic pace we saw in several earlier cards. Instead, here we have Olga in full confident bloom and dancing as only a woman who has experienced wonderful climaxes can. An interactive story teller Olga eminates a great feeling of vitality and joi de vie. There is always comedy and drama to her dance which is endearing and seductive. The video quality is a tasty preview of the new camera and lighting tech...
Olga is one of the older models here. She has the look, the body and some nice seductive energetic moves to be one of the favourites. I like her show very much. Performance, make-up and outfit are awesome.
Something about her that makes me want to give her a creampie.
Olga .... very yummy russian girl ....hot as always 10/10
A very great performance...her best yet!
As I have said previously Olga Barz is not a girl I find attractive. To be honest though, she is such a fantastic performer that it doesn't matter any more and her outfit here really suites her, even though the makeup is a touch overdone.Olga’s attitude and style added to her dynamism always make for a sexy, exiting and entertaining show. And this (her 5th card) is her best yet.Her taskbar clips are as sexy and seductive as always and she gets as explicit as is possible in VG. As usual though, h...
cute - sweet and sexy. 10 of 10
Eine schöne Frau mit einer geilen Show. Sehr schön, was sie zwischen den Beinen zeigt, könnte gerne noch mehr Haar zeigen! 9/10
Very slutty. I like...
I've seen one of her movies, she's as slutty as they come. However still drop dead gorgeous. Can't help it buying her cards.
un show correct et bien ;)
normally i don't rate on just 1 aspect but her trim job gets a perfect score from me!!!
Very good show. Stunning, as always.
4.4 (1088 votes)

Apple juice

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 498 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (66)

What a performer and a great body too and when she wiggles that ass, oh my lord!! Sexy sexy sexy girl :)
Bonus Videos don't display properly in Windows 10. Totwm needs to fix this problem or provide a legacy app that will present the bonus videos.
Impossible not to love her!! Stunning show! And I love her talking on the interview! She really enjoy to make the shows!! Bring her back for more, please!
Olga Barz.... That pretty much says it all! This woman has a frenetic energy that shows she loves what she's doing as she dances around for us, the viewers. I'm currently watching a pole dance, and I'm enjoying every second if it. She could dance on my pole any time....I very much like her looks. Her elfin face, her seductive smile, her long hair, her longer legs, her perfect butt, her slender waist; all together, her body screams, "Make out with me!! You won't be sorry!!!!" to any guy (or gal)...
Appletini me in till the apple juice runs down my leg... Olga Barz the door.
This girl knows how to move for a performance! Great outfit, super sexy girl, nice heels, and a dangley necklace. I love seeing Olga pop up in the lineup. 10/10
10 for Olga. 10+ for her bush.
For those of you too young to know-- Olga is the best example of what 'Go-Go Girls' were like. These girls reigned from around '65-'75 (pre-Disco) and kept the bars and clubs full of eager, thirsty guys. With names like; Sunny, Bunny, Diamond and Jade, they raised the temperature and heart rates to keep the drinks flowing. They didn't want equal rights- they knew they were in control of every guy in the place-- and loved it. Demure domination by tyranical tease. Exquisite torture! Thanks for the...
sehr gute karte ,olga ist wirklich hübsch,schöne lange haare, ,tolle titten und ein klasse arsch,sie kann sich gut bewegen und es gibt viel von der muschi zu sehen,besonders gefällt mir die stelle wo sie die beine wirklich bis zum anschlag :) spreizt so das die einblicke die sie gewährt wirklich keine wünsche mehr offen lassen ,das darf man sich nicht entgehen lassen
she needs on deskbabes
Olga is so slutty nasty she's freekin' goregous
Cute !!
Olga is so HOT !!!!!
Absolument fabuleuse, probablement la meilleure du site, toute note inférieure à 10 est injustifiée, donnez nous encore plein de shows avec Olga ici et chez les deskbabes aussi, merci.
I'm sure; - Olga is the best girl and absolute number one in my harem. I like her flaming red haar, her funny eyes, the natural born boobs and her the nice ass. Her cute pussy-beard remembers me to old dad Stalin, or was it Lenin? I love it how she allows some of her fingers diving in her sweet, hot, wet cunt... In this way i agree with the red russian revolution and i am sure that she will make a amazing good ride on me, the tiger if she arrives the west and i will melt her on my tiger-tongue (...
olga,olga,olga wow this babe has it and then some. Haven't watched her in a while boy am I glad I did. She is better the second and third time around. Active, hot and nbatural beauty. Olga can eat crackers in my bed anytime.Beautiful natural breast and great pussy play with fingers in & out, love to lick those fingers. Whew that is goooood.
she is very cute and very nice show :D
I wasn't attract to her at first but she love to dance and you feel it! Nice warm show! sexy and hot! Can't ask for more! Bravo!
I've gotten very low on credits again and hence picky about spending the last few, but seeing this girl's demo made me give one up for her. I got a bargain! Attitude! And she's talking to the camera! Nice touch. We can all imagine what she's saying. Oh, the energy! The moves! Her hair! This girl is still prime, but should watch the sub-Q booty fat and try a session without the red toenail polish. Get this one. Did I say this show seems the highest resolution I've seen on VG?
Olga's sexaul ranking is easily be number one. Her explicitness has yet to be matched. She has her own setting in the "Desk Top Settings" menue. ("X-Rated!) Think I'm kidding? Download her with that menue open.If rankings were determined by Poll work it would be between Olga and Suzie Q. (Olga would easily win though.) Her previews speak for themselves.If forced to say something negetive about Olga or her performance I guess I would have to comment on the fact that I'm not a pubic hair guy and s...
class ,graceful,and elagent as well as beautyfuly hot . and she can realy dance as well . this is why she's one of my favrites .
Oh, yes, she does work hard as she mentions in the interview. She's very...enthusiastic, I love this. :)
In my opinion Olga is probably the hottest girl here. Olga seems to really enjoy her work... and it shows!
She is a little fast and too herky jerky for my taste but when she gets down to playing with her pussy she is dynamite. Gave her a 10
OMG! Took a chance on this card. Figured it was 1 ticket so what the hell right?... She had a good rating but I'm not normally really big on redheads but she is 100% worth it. She can move, has a pretty face, a great set of tits and a fabulous pussy. She smiles and engages the viewer, good eye contact, sexy moves and great explicit content.
I relly like her 10 for don`t need to say anymore.
Olga is my latest girl to dance for me. She did and does a splendid job for me . her sexy moves makes my old bones feel young again.She deserves a 10 plus which I gladly give him.
Wow. I love Olga. She is so passionate. Totem bring her back!!
This dancer/model Olga has a great body great figure and she knows how to dance. A give her a 10 10 10
Olga has some of the most outstanding dance moves I've seen on this program. I used to put Suzie Q as the best pole dancer but I believe Olga has knocked her out of the top spot and put her at a close second.
mmmmmm I am booking a flight to Russia!!! Olga, Will You Marry Me??? I heard about them mail order brides Ha Ha!!! SHE is One HOTT Dancer....Dam! I LOVE How She Moves It.....
cannot download this girl supposed to be in my file
Yes!!!! 10 Punkte. Olga, was für eine Frau. Ein MUSS für jeden. Lohnt sich!
Virtua Girl should bring in more Russian chics like this one. Absolutely gorgeous! Now this is what, back in the day, would have heat up the Cold War.
Motivée et y met du coeur :) Un vrai plaisir :)
Wow this is really a hot girl, she knows how to dance !! Best show in my collection, 10/10 !
???????! ?? ???????-?? ????????? ???? ??????? ))) ????? ?????? ??????? ?? ?????!!!
It's cards like this that compel me to buy more cards!! Hurray Totem! Women should feel free to express themselves and men should be free to indulge in hot fantasy.More, more, more :)
I always love Olga's shows and always keeps me watching for hours on end sometimes. she just has that ability to draw you in, I thought the dress was a real eye catcher, loved it! Olga is a locomotive that can't be stopped and her performance will drive you insane from lust. Keep dancing my Olga baby!! :)
10/10. Awesome girl. I like the way she moves!
Olga is one of the older models here. But she has the look, the body and some nice seductive energetic moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much. Performance, make-up and outfit are awesome.
Very powerful show, Olga is one of the most outstanding performers here. An unstoppable force of nature. Enthusiastic, sensual and beautiful... and what a fantastic body she has... Don't hesitate, you have to see her!
Olga est aussi chaude que les hivers russes sont froids, un vrai volcan ! Bravo et merci, reviens vite :)
Lots of energy great smile great body great dancing what can say but just great 10
Olga , Olga , Olga ...Very yummy Russian woman .... love it .... bring on more of this russian girl......
C'est chaud, merci olga !
love that hairy pussy i can see my lips in it
It took me a few day to get this card. O M G I should have got it a long time ago. She is so HOT that I watch the show over and over. Just the way she moves, WOW long nice red head. with boobs and a butt. That she can move very well. a good 9/10 for me.
Very energetic girl.
Olga - WoW Energetic to say the Least, Fantastidally Lovely Body, with One of The Sweetest Honey Pots to be Seen, My Other Two cards are in The Favouits Category, She is One Helluva Sexy Woman,Any Hope of a Card with HER / OLGA wearing Stockings ? Thanks Olga and Totem.
un show excellent.Olga est belle et sa prestation est un vrai régal pour les yeux.
Olga puts on a sizzling hot show. A lot of these gilrs seem to be going through the motions but Olga really gets into it and I give her major cool points for that. She has a sex appeal that is hard to describe & it sets her apart from a lot of the other girls available. Not quite a 10 for me but if i could give her a 9.9 I would.
As I’ve said previously, although I don’t find Olga particularly attractive, she is certainly among the best performers on VG. I have to say I’m not too keen on her outfit in this card though. Although the style of the dress suits her, I don’t think the dayglow green colour does her any favours, and I also find it a bit hard on my eyes. Thankfully though, the dress doesn’t stay on for long in very many of the clips.Although this is another very good performance from Olga, I don’t think it’s her...
Peut-être le meilleur show de la série ;-)
Go, Olga! Green looks good on her, much better than black. I guess so would blue and purple. I have one request - next time could you wear your hair in a BRAID or done up?
Great body but she should shut her mouth sometimes. We don't want to see those disturbing teeth all the time. Except that, decent show.
Omg! Chill Out sexy babe!!
Charmante et délurée c'est une des shows les plus chauds qu'il m'est été donné de voir... si je suis le dernier a me plaindre de ses initiatives je déplores un trop plein d'enthousiasme en général qui "agace" un peu... (je sais je fais mon difficile).
...maybe a little too much self-gratification in this one?? Got this card for it's fairly high rating and just not feelin it kids... 7/10...
russian girl
Fucking sexy woman!
Very sexy girl. I love her hair.
4.2 (1097 votes)

Smart style

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 49
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 591 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (43)

She is AWESOME! Have her back, please.
Olga est fabuleuse, à tout point de vue fabuleuse, redonnez nous encore plein de shows d'elle en 3k.
Olga Barz is one wildcat I'd really like to tame. There is so much energy in her dance. That and the fact that she has a beautiful face and body makes her shows something special in my collection. This is s must have card!!!
Olga is one fine sexy lady. 10 for Olga. 10+ for the bush.
Despite having more pubic hair than I personally prefer she rates a 10.... If I could give a higher rating ,I would.... Her performance is breath taking, she loves to tease and perform.... You cannot get bored.... You must have this card....
Olga Barz is the sexiest woman on vg; she was the first vGirl to earn an X rating; I want more of she; have i all six. Want more.
Another pussy- wetting show from Olga!!!!
A total 10 from me. I like her looks. Well shaped body with sexy tits and a hot pussy. Also I like the way she teases and moves. Reminded me a bit of Jana Cova. Can only recommend to get this card. So worth it!
Really sexy woman who seems to enjoy what she is doing. High energy show wich keeps you engaged if your not just looking to get up. Keeps eye contact really well and makes you feel like she is dancing just for you.
fuck u old weird guy with grim reaper pic u dnt perve at sexy lady and then say shes not attractive u fag fuck u fat old kunt
Very, very hot babe!!!. I love the beautiful pussy she has. It has plenty of lips to embrace my rod.. ;-) Please get more Olga cards..
teo2010? have you tryed her shell?:)when you saying is wet:) olga is sweet thats true smart with high performance...will be nice to hear her voice:)
10/10 11 for the outfit, -1 for the bush.
Such a hot woman! Knows her way around a pole to boot :D She is a little too energetic but overall very good.
Olga is a exciting performer, out of my collection. This is the one card that has my captivated the whole time. 10/10 I like this card alot!
this girl oohhhh man she is amazing and she knows how to move her body like in the strip clubs i recommend this card i hope to see more of her
tu dépase facilement les autres filles ,superbe tres joueuse avec son minou ,tu fais le grand écart d'une façon tres explicite ,tes mouvements donne envie de te mettre en avant mais il te manque juste une petite chose pour te mettre 10 c'est un petit doigté qui pour moi te propulserer au sommet
This girl really know how to perform. Her interaction with the viewer is great she knows how to move with and without pole and she is explicit. 10 points is a must for such a great show. This should be shown as an example to new girls what performing means. Not 1 boring minute in her shows.
Une femme superbe !
Olga e'spettacolare fa uno show bellissimo molto espicitito.Si accarezza e gioca con la sua figa in modo stupendo. GRAZIE
I've watched this show over and over and cannot fault it. This is Olga's best at her own very unique style of striptease. Physical, youthful, passionate and explicit all rolled in to one excellently timed performance.Of the Russian, French and American artists featured this week, the Russian star Olga Barz excels. Extra High quality New Generation VGHD card and the best of those presented to date.Well done Olga, could watch you all day long. @Rex, I hope we see more like this somehow. Don't let...
In terms of looks, Olga Barz is really not my kind of woman. I just don’t find her very attractive. That being said though, this outfit really suits her, and I found her more appealing to look at here than in her previous couple of cards.Olga’s main appeal though is in her attitude and style, which combine to make her a very sexy lady. There is no doubt that she is one of the best performers on VGHD, not to mention one of the most explicit, and I think this is her best performance so far.As alwa...
Finally. A model who does things that I want to see. Please bring more!
Totally hot performance...a "must have" card. 10
This is my 2nd card on OLGA. Just like the 1st card just as good. love this red head. I like the way she move her hips. I think she sexy in her own way. 9/10 for me.
Does anyone not like Olga Barz? She is a hot, talented Virtua Girl who just exudes sexuality. In this card, she gets pretty explicit in some scenes and she shows off some good desktop dancing striptease as well. The only thing killing this card is its abundance of short clips.The outfit is pretty great for Olga's body and style and fits her nicely. She uses it well too, pulling it strategically around to show teases of flesh.Her taskbar scenes are, as usual, really where it's at with this card,...
Olga moves very fast. She is very vital, not because has not good style ... I really like, her sea-food, with these hairs well cared. Her pussy is open, bright, and wet. ... She is highly recommended. Her tits on the other hand, are standard size medium, and tasty. Enjoy her shows!
Sexy and energetic! I think it was a great show! Love the pussy lips!!
great show enjoyed
Nice looking girl with a very good body, certainly is entertaining and can get around the pole... she just seems to be moving a bit too fast and jerky. I prefer a bit more a sensuality and seduction, but over all a good show. She is not timid about displaying her charms.
Nice show!!! I like this girl, she is perfect, nice body and good explicity shows.
the best show almost perfect
Olga is one of the older models here. But she has the look, the body and some nice seductive moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much. The make-up and outfit are awesome.
She certainly has awesomely fit legs, and she knows how to move. She also has a great nude shot (you'll know it when you see it). Not sure about the odd outfit though. 9 out of 10
Great body movement. Certainly a first class pole dancer. Overall I rate this card 9/10. :)
this girl can take her clothes off in style, I just love her
fast and sensual ,slow down a little and would be a very erotic 10
Olga has more age than maturity; not a good combination. Lorena is an awesome polar opposite, 7/10 is generous.
Not one of my favorites however downloading added a new level to my Advanced Settings for show level. Now in addition to light sexy, nude, so on I also have xxx with her being the only girl I currently have that has a show for this level.
After buying more cards and seeïng what other girls do and after comparing with my best Melisa and far behind Melisa my #2's Mia and Natali I degrade Olga very much. You get not horny after looking at her but you get tired, she moves so fast she works so hard that it's not sexy anymore. 6/10
This is too hottt!
Really, really good performer. Very sexy woman.
4.3 (1113 votes)

Blazing hot day

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 54
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 539 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (61)

questa e una fica di primordine se l'affitta me ma compro
NOT attractive? Olga? She is one of the most beautiful women in all the world. Donna and Jake
Bonus Videos don't display properly in Windows 10. Totwm needs to fix this problem or provide a legacy app that will present the bonus videos.
Olga is so hot and sexy, very good performer !!!!
Have all your show Olga, and they are all great, please do more soon.
ein schönes girl ,herrlich lange haare ,feine titten mit ansehlichen nippeln,der arsch ist auch nicht schlecht ,macht spass ihr e show zu sehenvolle punktzahl
Olga is so sexy and seductive, this is a must have card.
She is perfect!! Lots of personality, sexy moves and skills on the pole!! Which is something most of the girls lack. She has good eye contact and seems very comfortable showing off! The kind of woman that would be fun to be around or so it would seem. ~10+ for me~
Olga packs a one-two punch of raw sexual power and emotional intensity. I can't imagine what her DeskBabe solo card would be like. Total ecstasy!
To me Olga is a 10 All her cards are great
I didn't know anything about her before she was added on my subscription, but she's now one of my favorites, she's got a Smokin' Hot body, Red Hair, which I love, a great pole routine, and she's energetic.
So vibrant, so energetic, so hot, so explicit, so engaging. Olga fires on all cylinders the entire time. All her cards are this way. Consistency, baby. 10 out of 10.
Olga is so cute and that hair on her pussy makes her even cuter. I just adore her!!!!!
10 ce n'est pas assez pour Olga, elle est parfaite, beauté, sensualité, tempérament, humour, vraiment parfaite.
Olga is very gorgeous, and the fact that she is a redhead gets me even more excited. A great card.
Olga is HOT! HOT! HOT!
Olga is one sexy hottie !!!
Olga is by far the best girl here. Atractive and sexy and when you see her on your desktop it will bring light to even the worst days
yumm, love Russian chicks
Hi Olga I really love the hair in your vagina it looks really sexy I love when a woman has hair like yours in her pussy, that's just perfect for me, don't shave it please keep it like that.
The only v girl I have the complete collection of. Would buy any card she is on. If there was a word beyond "drop dead gorgeous?" she would be it. And all that energy she has? she would be real fun in bed
Wow what a woman! Super Show, wenn auch manchmal ein wenig zu hektisch. Ist aber wohl Geschmacksache! Zumindest kann sie sich bewegen und man(n) schläft nicht ein beim zu schauen. Super Outfit! 10+
Just a word: amazing.
Ochen krasiviye ! ya lulbu tebya olga !
Red hot Russian! If this was still the cold war era and Olga was interrogating me, I would take defecting into strong consideration. I love her pole moves. A solid 9 only becuase there are a few I favor above her.
Olga is one of the older models here. But she has the look, the body and some nice seductive moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much. The make-up and outfit are awesome.
Very enchanting, hot, fine performance! 10
C'est un bon show. Olga à de l'énergie dans ce qu'elle fait et ça vaut le coup. Hésitant au départ, je ne regrettes pas. Fille vraiment intéressant.
My God!! This woman is so hot!! She is hot looking, but her moves are smoking hot!! Thank you!!
wow this woman is sexy and she can move !!! I like women that move seductively and don't jump around like cheerleaders and she delivers.
Avil give her 10+
She is good dancer but she wont often Stripping her clothes off...
Olga is one of the most enthusiastic girl on vghd. She is full of energy, full of power and vitality. It is not too hard to realise that she enjoyed her show all along. She puts everything she has got into everything she does. She unleashes the powerful magic within her. Her sensuality, her creativity makes her one of the best performers here. She hold the eye-contact all the time, so her show is like a private performance with some unique moments only for us. Her passion insures our sensual ple...
The outfit makes Olga the true lady in red :)Everything about her just makes me so excited to see more. keep em' coming Olga :) rated 10
Wow, amazing show. Definitely worth the 2 tickets.
Great show worth 2 tickets 10/10
OLGA performance is outstanding in my eyes. I love the way she move in her show. very pretty red head with a nice body. 9.5/10 for me.
she really likes to dance :D its fun to watch her
Olga GREAT BODY love everything about you your red hair and round body. So I rate you a 9.
Lovely Russian girl, nice her pussy play, great body, and nice classic style. Good card !!!
Nice looking girl.
W O W Olga, so hot... , I want you on DeskBabes.
FINALLY! After many, many pretty-faced, perfectly-grown clothes-taker-offers with LAME shows again a pretty-faced hottie with a really hot, non-boring show. EXELLENT. Confident dancer, no inhibitions whatsoever while nude, all natural, non trashy - looks (no fake boobs, no tatoos) all classy outside that betray totas exhibitionism - Hitchcock would´ve been pleased - the perfect stripper! Would love to see more of her - then maybe with her hair updone or worn in a braid in something green or blue...
We are happy for another card in high-resolution. Olga wins 9 points from Ogami San. Thanks for nice stand-up performances.
Olga Barz is not a girl I find very attractive, but there is no doubt she is among the best performers on vghd. In this card the red dress suits her, but I have to say she looks better in her bonus pics than in her clips.Olga's performance overall is very seductive and entertaining, and she has a great sense of interaction with the viewer. Her performance in the close-up task bar clips is highly erotic and she does get very explicit by vghd standards. She moves and strips well in her standing cl...
Red outfit and lipstick looks fantastic with her red hair.She's also a great mover and natural performer.Excellent card.
great body
Okay well the name caught me Olga, I know that was russian and those woman can look fine, but also it's snowing horrible and I have alot of homework to do so I bought her with my rainy day money you might say.Olga has a style of her own it seems giving her a uniqueness to the other girl, the only thif i don't like is that she needs to slow down alittle
Good looking model. Really jerky and fast moves at times. I like the slower stuff and would prefer she slow things down a bit.
Bonjour ma cherie tu es divine dans tes exercices
I recon this is olga's best card.
It is only my humble opinion but for me Olga is the woman of my dreams.
Oh dear...you are hot!!!
Very sexy woman. I like her a lot.
Yes Olga !!!! Ein reizendes Töchterchen von Mütterchen Russland. Kann ich nicht mehr hinzufügen. Einfach nur geniessen und entspannen. Toll !!10 volle Punkte
c'est beau l'experience. mais les doigts , y sont où???
This girl is very hot, the best in this area.
Veramente una bellissima performance di OLGA. Estremamnte eccitante, non vedevo l'ora che finisse il downland per potermela gustare tutta. Una delle mgliori ragazze!
4.2 (1066 votes)

Jungle queen

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 602 MB
  • 1080p: 888 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (56)

@cncbehrends29..."Nobody cares" is a rather bold assumption to make because unlike you...I care...very much in fact! I think Olga Barz is a very beautiful and talented woman and nothing you can say and/or do will ever change that! Point Blank ;)
She is too hot to kill me.
Loves to entertain with wonderful performance especially using the pole. Well trimmed pussy.
This pussy look so Great in 1080p good job team, keep it up!
Thank you very much for updating the resolution of Jungle Queen...Olga has never looked better. Please hurry with the rest.
olga est trop sexy et c'est show son splendide top5
Na, Olga weiss wofuer sie eine so geile Moese hat.Sie bearbeitet Ihren Kitzler, als waere sie alleine in der Shoe. Wow einfach super anzusehen.Volle Punkte
Splendide, simplement splendide. Comment peut elle ne pas avoir toujours 10.
Olga Barz, wunderschöne Frau sowieso, ist ein Urweib im besten Sinne des Wortes. Charmant, selbstbewußt Ihrer Schönheit, ihren schönen Körper voll beherrschend, fast alles preisgebend, nicht aber die Seele. Meine Bewertung: 10/10
best one by a clear mile! 10\10
Sie ist mit die Geilste sie zeigt was sie hat, sie lässt tief blicken. Wie sie sich bewegt einfach geil.Geiler Körper und heiße Show.10 Punkte
She's got the moves. I'm buying all her cards. Love ya Olga!!!
This chick is freaking sexy
This girl is very hot, the best in this area.
I absolutely LOVE Olga :) she has become my top favorite woman in no time flat. She is just so fun to watch and I can't start my day without her. More Olga shws please, she's definately worth every penny.
Absoluting fantastic show. If you haven't bought it yet, get it now. Olga is a beautiful great looking women. The she is fun, playful, engaging and very sexy. More shows please. Just loved the interaction and teasing play.
Olga is the one of the most "natural" women i've seen on this site.Yes she has a few "flaws", but who dosen't? SO WHAT?!? She is still very hot, looks to be having fun, & a pure joy to watch. I also like the fact that she keeps her bush,(nicely trimmed), instead of shaving it all off like a barbie doll. PLZ MORE OLGA!! AT LEAST 12-15 SHOWS :)
Incredible is absolutely right!! She is hot & very sexy!! These cards lately, have been smoking hot!! I'm VGHD fan for life!! The site is better than ever!!! Thank you!!
Olga is incredible! Can't wait to see more of her cards. Definitely worth the tickets
Yes I can see better resolution. Everything much more natural. The one who against could watch a.e.i.c.n movies and be happy whith imaginated world of....
I love her outfit-- love her body and face looks so natural. She is hot and a keeper. I see no flaws just a very sexy hot lady who can move. When I see she reminds of a hot dancer in strip/exotic club'
HMMM...All of a sudden,I have the urge to try Russian caviar...If you know what I mean. *wink* *wink* LOL.
One of the best new shows I have seen on here in quite sometime.I hope to see more shows with Ogla.
Play Olga to a faster beat. She is a live-wire and the graphic quality is superb. The music she chose does not allow for slow even on the taskbar.The makeup and hair get special mention as does her very well manicured bush. Olga's eyes and their attention to the camera are mesmeritic, expressive and her sense of play is just plain out-a-site cheeky including the explicit rubbing.If I can see any shortcomings they might be that Olga tries to pack too much into one card, but hey, its a jungle them...
the best show i've ever seen.She moves perfect in every situation.Really wild and hot woman...10
cant wait for her to do more shows ! 10/10
A 'must have' card for anyones collection--great performance! 10
Beautiful girl, costume and especially the bush.
Yeah. me likey. can move on the pole, killer smile, long hair theat does nothing but help. Athletic, Natural but too athletic body. (you can actually see her butt jiggle when she spanks herself!) Sultry Look that makes eye contact that gets you and don't let go. More ladies of this caliber, Totem!!!
WOW, WOW, WOW This show is hot. The new Video Quality is amazing and she puts up a great show. Get it and don't heed the warnings some think they need to give of the new Version needed for this show. No shows will be deleted. It may just be you have to check for updates to get them back in rare cases.
Decent looking woman, but personality and body language elevate her to the elite club. And she scores extra points for not only having hair on top, but all around her pink bull's eye!The bonus video has some great beaver close-ups too...
Lovely lady (woman) and Finaly a trimmed pussy. Can't wait for the next show. Well done.
what a chick :-) 10!
Wow, she is awesome to watch. You have to get new version to see it right, but you should use old version first just for fun. The synchronization is off with old version leaving her dancing inside of her own window. Weird but in a good way. After you had enough, download new version of VirtuaGirl.She is a very talented dancer and it shows with her dances. She is a must for everyone.
Another great card of Olga Barz, nice playing pussy show, very grea. She knows how to make you horny. Reccomended card !!!
Olga n'est peut etre pas la plus sublime des modeles,son accoutrement ne lui rend pas service mais son energie,son implication dans les scenes les plus intenses,le fait qu'elle ne nous cache rien des moindres recoins de son anatomie meritent que l'on s'attarde sur elle
Olga has a physique that is not completely athletic, yet not doughy and soft. She is right in that sweet spot, and she loves to work her body, particularly her ass, which is fine by me.Olga also exudes raw sexual energy. She appears confident, and at times dominant. She puts on a show, which is what you want to see. I think you could get lost in a sexual romp for hours with a babe like Olga. She just needs to get those clothes off faster next time. 9 out of 10.
very nice show, Olga is in my TOP10 VGHD
Très belle rousse élégante et sexy et non intégralement glabre, ce qui a son charme. 9.5/10
I'm new to VG but Olga has made an immediate impression. Soooooo sexy! Teasing, witty, charming and horny as hell. More of her PLEASE
About that outfit - the only good thing is, that she takes it off. Show´s exellent. It would be nice if her kind of performance would serve as a role model for the future of VIRTUAL GIRL, if others would learn from her - in any way: Length of performance, number of clips, explicity... everything.
Olga i love it we need MORE!!!!!!!! plz awesome show
Olga is one of the older models here. But she has the look, the body and some nice seductive moves to be one of the bests. I like her show very much. The make-up is awesome.
WOW Olga Barz, I love hairy pussy, lol :)
First of all I want to comment on the image quality of this new format. Wonderful crystal clear, great definition. Absolutely fantastic! I'll stress again for those who need reminding that you need to be running v1.0.4.5 of the software to see this show properly.Olga Barz is not a woman I find particularly attractive. I don't find her relatively narrow hipped body shape very appealing, and her prominent, uneven teeth are a little off-putting (and made more obvious by the high image quality). The...
Improved image clarity is not always a good thing. There may be a reason why people put off dealing with eyesight that isn't the sharpest anymore as both they and their partner age - it hides the wrinkles and cellulite from being noticed across the kitchen table.Olga is nice - implants are not obvious until she lies down, but parts of her jiggle in ways she probably would not want noticed and the belly is not as toned, teeth are not straight, and all of the other flaws that I would see of the re...
I like the outfit, but I'm NOT a fan of the shrubs.
Although Olga has got twat I want, she is obviously ADHD or as others have phrased it—aggro. Perhaps as little as 20% of mature women avoid cellulite, but Olga has an excessive amount—too much to present herself as a sex bomb. Olga has way too many deficits to earn higher than 7/10 = not recommendable but not deleted either. This card/model IS NOT an auspicious start for a new venue.
I have to agree with Hosedhead that for some girls the new clarity is a disadvantage - she is one of them. I see more of her than I want to, especially her flaws. Also her movements seem a little unorganized. She wants to shake as much as she can in a little time as she has. I have to lower my initial rating on her - sorry.
Nobody cares, Spacephantom. She's ugly. Point blank.
WTF this file requires new software install and deletes all previous purchases with no added functionality. Where is customer support on this site.
I love this show! Very attractive woman, very well done!
Top, Ihre Titten sind nicht ganz frisch/ fest mehr aber trotzdem schön an zu schauen. Was aber aber zählt ist Ihre Votze endlich mal wieder eine Votze die ganz rasiert ist. Ihr Loch lässt keine Wünsche offen und zählt zum geiolen Fick mit Ihr ein.
Oh Mann Oh Mann!! Eine neue Software und dann noch ein neues Girl!! Zu der Karte kann ich nur sagen: 10++++Punkte !! Und Totem sollte mit Olga so weitermachen!! Diese Karte kann ich nur empfehlen!!!
Good performer, and very attractive.
Un gros bug d'entrée de chez Totem, j'efface et je retélécharge parce que le show et mal enregistré et l'image et l'ombre en décalage complet

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