Nikky Case

  • City: Brno
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.41 ft.
  • Weight: 108 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 24" / 36"

Do I really need to present Nikky? This pure marvel delights the online world for a few years now... And she offered us two fantastic days of shooting !

Number of shows: 9

Nikky Case's shows

4.1 (4878 votes)


  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 92
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 204 MB

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User comments (140)

Still one of the best!
She makes my lolli go pop, alright!
I really love Nikky Case's perfect ass.why not give us UHD version.
I give Nikki A 10/10!! She is the most gorgeous Lady I have ever seen. I love that dress (the colors) and those high boots, although I certainly did not mind when she took the dress and panties off and I could see all her hot assets! Nikki Sizzles!!
Great Card!My absolute favourite! Please, make this one 1080p!
Why Nikky's cards have so few minutes Totem? I want more of her, please!!! Publish more cards with 40 minutes or more.
yum, yum, ms nikky case . . . would love to share a lollipop (and a few other things) with you . . . dj
my fave
Awesome i am sure i am going to buy antother card of her
this lollipop bom is making me kill i wnt to meet here can any one tell me that where she is living i wnt to fuck here
I just love this blonde sexbomb. She is slim has a great ass and nice titties. She has also long and beautiful legs. And when she gives me this hot look, I melt like ice. I have every card of Nikky but this is my all time favorite. The outfit is sweet und her moves are great. From me: 10 of 10
Her ass is Absolutely Beautiful; nice proportion too. Lovely face. Her routines don't do it for me though
the best! 10
hi if anyone knows which country and city living because Nikky currently planning a small vacation and would like to know sprubowa? it or even see (Sorry for mistakes) No speak English
Nikki text me . . i will wait for that . .
Nikky Case - Lollipop is my first (and free) card from the site. I think it was a good choice, and got me wanting to check out more of the VirtuaGirls on here. She's very pretty, sexually interesting and overall very promising of the good things to come. She teases well, allures, and is just sexy and hot. I would definitely say you can't go wrong with this card.
drool lolz shes beutefull :p
La plus belle de Virtuagirl ! j'espère qu'elle fera de nouveaux shows ! elle est magnifique.
Nikki Case With Lolipop >> Not much to say about her as she does attract a lot of men who have taste for her most sexiest attributes; however in her photoshoots she does not show much of her innerself. She needs to keep some fur to her pussy as her bare pussy is hardly visible to the close-camera shoots; her pussy in fact looks very too soft and tender which does not protrude enough for camera capture when it is unshavened.Overall she is a perfect material for desktop babe business. I still rate...
Nikky has one of the best bodies on here, no doubt. She's absolute perfection, and her tits are, for me, exquisitely perfect. Yeah, she isn't explicit...but in my opinion, she more than makes up for it in pure sensuality.
This babe has the best ass I have seen on VGHD. Yes, she is so sexy.. I would love to see a little more explicit show with her. Beautiful young girl!!!.
geil geil geil
silmarilion,sexy & pretty woman!!!
This women is just plain out sexy!
great show need more
We need more of Nikky!
Nice ass and specific beauty :)
I have to say nikkey is one of the most sexiest. she has a very beautiful and sexy buttocks. it looks very soft and tender which compliments her breasts very well. i would give her a 10++ if i was to give her a score out of 10
On ne se lasse pas de contempler Nikky Case. C'est un pur régal. Il est à espérer qu'elle reprendra du collier dans des scènes de caresses partagées sur Desk babes. Jamais assez de Nikky Case!
Lovely girl. Great body movement. Deserves to have a better overall rating. 10/10.:)
Very hot...9 1/2 +
Nikki's costume is pretty bad, but this woman is a stone cold fox. Her pics don't do her justice! Gotta wonder if Virtuagirl has considered a new photographer -- there are a lot of beautiful women on here that have terrible photos. Dunno about all you other guys, but I select what cards to pick up based on photos and the demo videos ---
You just gotta love a girl with a 36" ass. Damn she know how to work it too.
I've got all her cards...I love her...she's incredible
Sensual moves, perfect body, beautiful face. Don't like the boots, but that is a matter of taste.
In this show, Nikki dances very passionately and energetically, with a lot of little flourishes like sweeping her hair back with one hand or shimmying her way down into a crouch. I recommend this show for anyone who likes a quality dancer rather than someone who just stands there and preens.I have seen other shows by Nikky where she is less active, however, so maybe this show was not typical of her repetoire.The only thing about this show I didn't really like was the goofy hand-shaped chair she...
Best use of a chair/seat I've seen thus far on VGHD. If you appreciate women making use of things such as straddling chairs, BUY IT!
God i love this car, got it somehow on accident but was deleted off, went threw the trouble to reprchase it and glad I did. Love the outfit, girl, dance, ext
great body nice tits super ass 10 10 10
Pray for death since you can't have this. Georgeous. Not a blonde fan, but oh my GOD! I WANT MORE!!!
She is very sexy I don't know what you all are talking about. Those boots sure do look good.
Finger lickin good. Nikky has a perfect body, great ass and breasts and terrific show and dancing.
Monica Sweet , Nikki Case ,Jana Cova ,Viki ,Sandra H. , Jennifer Max and Jana H. are the prima c*** t**s*s of VirtualGirlHD !! Discuss...
The more I watch Nikky in this set the more I want to sink my teeth into that luscious juicy butt of hers
Probably the best ass on this site!!!!
nikki at her best she is absoulty gorgeus in this vid 10 outa 10 for sure i want her as my wife
perfect performance. and i love that outfit. i like the strips, and just for her performance, i'd give her a 10 for that.
This woman is perfect. This show, in particular, brings out the best in her. She looks absolutely stunning in this outfit. Her moves are sensuous, and she maintains eye contact at all times. And that arse... Damn!
Holy God in Heaven! She is incredible, I now know I must own all her cards!!!!!! 10/10
Nikki Case ...oooh lala...what a sexy white as milk...natural boobs....naughty style of striping which turned me on...she keeps eye contact with viewer which could make any one fall for her.....I personally give 10/10 for this performance
Nikky has a sexy butt, a like her ass:p
If ever a girl needed to be fucked in the doggy position,it's definately Nikky,that arse is to die for!! mmmmm yummy!
face: 10 (beautiful) body: 10 (the best body this site, beautiful) pussy: 9 (pretty pussy) explict: 9 (she show pussy but not a lot, but enough) dance: 10 (the best dancy this site)TOTAL: 10
,... Baby got back
Nikky has a fantastic show. She shows great enthusiasm and has a very nice ass. I mean a great ass.
Nikky is my Goddess. I wanna worship at her alter.
hot and sexy
Never fail to mesmerize... stunning... sexy... drop dead gorgeous... boobs that i cant get my eyes away from... seduced me at just one glance. 10/10
Nikky Case has a perfect ass!! Her body is a 10! She's got the frame of a professional model with a long torso, athletic abs and legs as long as History class. Her sultry eyes dare you to look away while her swaying hips mezmerize your imagination. As she prances around, she'll snap her legs up while pulling on her tits. The outfit is spot on with the thigh-high boots - a lovely show!
She's FINE!!! Why does she need to be more explicit? This is'nt a porn! lol She can dance she strips nicely & I just bought her to see if people were talking shit! They are!! 10++++
WOW! i'm in love with Nikky! She is most definitely the sexiest Girl on VGHD. Let's see more of Her!! 10, 11, 12 +++ ...the more i watch Her the bigger my score!
She is so fine but she needs to be more explicit.
xtintit moves...she's one of a kind.
WOOOW... I looooove her ass!!! Just the best!! :-D
Wow she is really one very hot girl.. such a natural to.
nikky...hmmm..only one word..she is the best..aghhh..ughh
If God wanted to paint a picture of a perfect woman, Nikky would be His Model... No matter what language one speaks, mere words will always fail miserably in describing her beauty. Thank You Nikky very sweetly darling for breaking my heart everyday for the rest of my life!
She is extremely beautiful and great. Great dancing and her ass is THE BEST, just so beautiful and her boobs:)mmm, great, absolutely great. Also her blond hair are hot! She is a hotty!
I've had this card for awhile now and I still love when she comes on. I immediately stop what I am doing to be entranced by her utter beauty and uncannily sexy moves.Unfortunately this is the only Nikki Case card that is worth to download due to some unfortunate wardrobe choices.
Sweet Irena/Nikky Case is a 10 in my book
I saw the Trailer... After this my fingers bought her automatically 10of10 Points for the full show PERFECT!
Absolutely gorgeous and I love that heart shaped ass. Good dancer, looks a little bored every now and the, loses her balance a few times, but somehow that just adds to the appeal. Definate 10.
Nikki is the SEXIEST girl here! Don't listen to "Club54!" This woman knows how to move her body and keeps you more than entertained! A complete delight to have on my desktop. This is the second card I've gotten and plan to get more. Keep'em coming Nikki! BEAUTIFUL!!!
One hot Momma. Give us more.
This outfit doesn't do Nicky justice at all so I much prefer her Free Time & Blue Lagoon performances, but there's still no denying Nicky is damn near physically perfect ... very nicely shaped with a great ass, thin yet not skin & bones, and very nice natural tits that suit her body perfectly. Oh yeah! I almost forgot ... an absolutely gorgeous face ... very sexy eyes and lips that no sane man could possibly resist. More Nicky Case PLEASE!!!
Absolutely amazing play with hand-shaped chair! Thats why I give her 10! Really TURN-ON show :)
Sensational girl. I think this is her best performance myself especially when she's having fun in the chair. Positively the best.
SHE IS UNBELIEVABLE! I just watched her show and I don't even know what my name is. She is so sexy and charming. Her eyes and smile...She's Afrodita's daughter and the most beautiful woman from Wenus. I gave her 10/10, and you should do that too.
Wow I love this girl. A great show again. Thanks Nikky Case X And keep up the good work. A great card to own.
This 1 is definetly HOT!! I have to say that this is the hottest card of Nikky Case.
wow, amazing! 10/10
Nikki Case just became the number 1 girl I'd like to see return to do some modern cards. She's absolutely beautiful, with a perfect natural body and seeing her dance (even though she doesn't do any real acrobatics) you'd think she has worked in a strip club! The only reason I'm not giving a 10 is that the poor quality is preventing me from enjoying it to the fullest. Oh how much I'd love to see her return for new cards!
Nice performance, very sexy, very pretty girl, good figure. But Video quality very poor, you can barley see any detail.
Tony73 come si fà a vedere lo spogliarello completo delle card acquistate????
Nikky Case is one of the most classically beautiful girls to have appeared on VirtuaGirl. Her blond hair, natural, curvy body and beautiful supermodel face are a great combination. She is a little aloof from the viewer, but otherwise has a great performance style overall. Being an earlier card, of course, this one has little explicit activity and only about half of the scenes contain any nudity.The outfit is a good one, but not that great. It's got a good 70's appeal and Nikky Case has a sort of...
Oh bonne mère Holly mother of god Mama mia Santa MadonnaQuel cul ! Witch Bottom ! Quale sedere ! Cual culo !
I love Nikky Case, she is a natural beauty nice curves and a joy to look at.
This girl has "junk in the trunk" and knows how to move. Very aware of her sexual prowess.
dunno what it is i like about het, but theres something about her that is amazing. Plus i really like the outfit
(Channel Jeff from Coupling here.)Bottom is perfection. So spankable. You just want to squeeze and kiss and bury your fingers in her soft creamy cheeks. Lovely breasts. Sorta' ugly dress and nasty boots. Made a performance suggestion in one of her other cards that would be EXCELLENT . Always good performances.
NICKI is fun, flirtateous and sexy in this card. Love the outfit and the boots. She's HOT. Great addition to any collection. RATING: 9
she may not look young but she's remind me of Michelle Pfeiffer. and I love that. ^ ^
I agree this has to be her best card for her as of yet. I highly enjoyed this card and definitely encourage anyone to purchase and keep this card for your collection.
Nikky Case. I think there is a song that would fit here. I rate her a 9.3
She is a beauty. She is magical. she can make things staand that have no feet! And she can dance, would love to have a lapdance from her. Highly recommend her.
Everything nice except the boots. The boots say "I'm a professional dancer" which is just ok, but it's not what I'm after. But that's nit picking because Nikky is great.
Great girl, great show. Excellent moves. I loved everything except the boots. 9/10
I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. I always thought that when I first saw here as Irene ..she is just about perfect. a face like a storybook princess.. and the softest nicest boobs
Nikky is a very nice and sexy girl. She has a beautiful face and lovely hair. These boots make her thighs and buttocks so cute. Very good show by this gorgeous lady.
Absolutely hot show. Sensual body, natural sweetness. She's so gorgeous.
Absolutely perfect body and a beautiful face. Lacking only a little more explicit exposure.
Nice nice nice
Great Show. I actually like this show better than the higher rated "Free Time".
Einfach nur Geil die Frau.
Elle fait partie de ces filles qui font mettre tout le monde d'accord : elle est très très jolie!!!
Very nice show, i like her body..mmmm
She has a nice ass. I'd give her an eight.
Nikky is very hot in this card! I especially like the high-heel leggings she's got on. Very nice strip-tease and as always, a sexy body. Nikky puts on a good show!
I didn't expect her body to be as crazy as it is. Her ass is spectacular and her tits and face are good if you get that far. Almost perfect body. Damn close.
You know, looking sexy and wearing a stylish dress isn't everything - being prudish isn't en vogue these days! 8/10
The Doctor’s personal assessment – Appearance 9 (nice moist lips, great body, gorgeous arse and tits to die for, with stunning areola); Outfit 9 (simple but cute, and sexy, love skirts/dresses, personally I could live without the boots); Technique 8 (moments of brilliance); Dance 6 (likes to swing the hips and I am not complaining, but what dance?); Rhythm 7 (all in the hips); X- Factor 7 (try performing in front of someone you really desire); Hardness 9 (I bet the arm of that sofa smells sweet)...
for all bum lovers nikky always should get top marks, buns come in all shapes & sizes but rarely are they as nice as this!!doesnt hurt that shes hot too!I hope to god totem get her back for more shoots (would love to see her in french maid, or wearing a slingshot bikini, in the meantime think i'll join her site :)
She is so damn hot, lovely body and a fine ass, but she can make better, I want to see her in explicity shows for rate her a 10. But for now, onestly I need to rate her a 7.
she is the beautiest girl on VG very nice and lovely
I'd recommend Free Time over this one... but this one is still pretty hot... and besides you really can't go wrong with nikky case.
Bof, she's pretty and she knows it... where's the charm?!? All her move are mechanic. The only thing I like about that show is her chair.
what can i say about this girl,nice little ass,nice tits and the moves not bad either.Thats it did nothing for me and yet again this girl is far too skinny you can see her pelvis when she performs.Sorry 6/10
This is a TERRIBLE routine,her movements are jerky,I don't know if it's the boots , if it is, please never wear them again.A 5 at best
no explicit show,video's suck,2 good pics,alot of make up,very disapointing
She strips in such a provocative manner which forced me to watch it many times and I would come every time.
Beautiful woman, love the boots. Good show.
Pleaseee make NIkky come back for a new card!!!! She has been the most amazing model that you had so far.
Heißer als die Hölle!! Besonders scharf sind diese Stiefel!!
En effet, cette fille est un véritable phénomène. C'est LE symbole du charme sur le net. Un visage angélique, un corps de rêve, mais surtout un cul magnifique s'animant au moindre de ses ondulations... J'en ai l'eau à la bouche...!!
Nikky Case ist hier bei VGHD eine meiner Favoriten. Sie hat einen einfach geilen Körper (sehr schöne Brüste, knackiger kleiner Arsch, Bauchnabelpiercing, anrasierte Muschi) und eine fantastische Ausstrahlung. Sie ist eine der besten Stripperinen hier bei VGHD! In dieser Show wird das Ganze noch mit absolut heissen Lederstiefeln und einem super sexy Minirock-Kleid getoppt. Leider muss man auf 'very explicit shows' verzichten, aber das macht der kurze Rock mit dem geilem Arsch darunter und die lan...
Je suis du même avis que vous Messieurs. Nikky est une fille canon mais dommage qu'elle ne se fais pas plus plaisir. j'ai regardé et elle n'a aucun clip explicite. Dommage mais je lui mets quand même un petit 9/10 en espérant qu'elle en refasse avec plus de sensualité en de plaisir non seulement pour elle mais aussi pour nous...
Superbe créature, très sexy, très sensuelle, manque juste un grain de folie pour nous transformer en loup de Tex Avery, mais bon superbe néanmoins.
Magnifique jeune femme qui bouge bien, domage qu'elle ne s'implique pas + dans les caresses... mais vraiment une superbe femme, son show est sympa !
sie hat einen richtig geilen aesch und ihre bewegungen sind einfach erotisch
spot on, sexy and engaging
une des plus belle femme mais son show n'est pas assez sensuel et pas explicite . 6/10
3.4 (1715 votes)

Daytona with Bernadette

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 64
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 299 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (58)

Fine show by me...I enjoyed the photos and the video.Beautiful Girls and not vulgar at all which is a plus with me.I'll keep them both close to my heart in prayer.Thanks and God be Praised!...again an honor and a pleasure.
two of my preferet girl two pretty girls + 1 for outfit
??????? ??????? !
nikky case is the best thing about this card in her sexy racing costume and she could drive me any day.
Two smokin hot blondes in tight little dresses in fun one up game. I cannot even begin to choose wether I like Bernadette or Nikky better, they are both GODESSES! 10/10
Bernadette is beautiful in every way, I think she is great. However, if she is going to be in a girl/girl duo, she should not appear with a Goddess such as Nikky. Nikky is #2 behind Ariel in my book because she doesn't have as much fun. Judge for yourself. Still, this is worth it as a card in terms of entertainment, and isn't that why we are all here? Buy without regrets...
Two of the most beautiful ladies on this site and if you agree that two girls is better than one this is the card for. However if you are hoping to see two beautiful girls in any type of sexual interaction, you will be disappointed. I rated the card a 10 only because they are so freaking HOT. Bernadette seems to be trying to get something going but Nikky won't play along. This could have been a truly amazing card if Nikky would let it happen. All in all two babes for the price of one is worth bu...
2 very hot blondes, nice show
Bernadette & Nikky Case - i love to watch some of your solocards allready but as such a sexy Duo i enjoy both of you much more! Rating: Theme of the Daytona Card = 10. Outfit the girls wearing = 9,5. Dancing moves from the girls = 10. Personallity while flirting with the audience/camera = 10.TotemTeam - why do this girls perform only 1 show as duo? I would love to see more from them, greetings :-)
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10;
Bernadette & Nikki C.:Daytona- They dance very well,their short skirts look very sexy & they turn nicely while dancing. Although their boobs are petite, I still give them credits because they are natural. The way they touch each other is also amazing & excellent.
Bernadette is the nicest girl I ever seen,and this show is the best on this wedsite! I gave Bernadette and Nikky Case 10 points, but if I could, I would give it 20 points, it really worth it!
very good. this is real striptease, not porn. my two favorite girls together, my logic math unit in my brain was fried when i tried to calculate which one is the best. 10+
very cute. I like em
Wow just love this show. A great card from two hot girls. Thanks Bernadett & Nikky Case X I'm so glad I have this card & I say get this card and enjoy.
The best duo totem has put out. these two girls are amazing. they really know how to strip each other. both very beautiful girls. amazing bodies. small yet very perky tits. I couldnt wait to download this one.. i watch it over and over again.
deux filles superbes dans un duo magnifique bravo,encore des duos...
Home run!!! My 2 favorites in one show
Great duo, love you both.
Bern and Nikky are my special favorites amazing bodies especially that Nikky's booty and ass mmmmmmm!!!!
These are 2 of my favorite models in a Duo card... I should love it. Sadly, they really don't play well together, they don't even make eye contact with each other. Buy this card if you are a hardcore fan of either of these models, if you aren't a fan, just skip it.
These women are very hot but I have to agree with other comments that they are very boring. They definitely don't know how to dance, and they never get explicit with eachother. Not worth your credits unless you just want to complete your collection of one of the girls (Nikky is very hot)
they have nice asses,even with the celulite.Enjoyable card.
Nice duo. Bernadette has never looked better, and Nikky is, well ... pretty much perfect :)
This is really a hot duo show. I love to see them dancing and stripping on my desktop. 9 points
I don´t know...when this two lovely girls work alone, their performance is interesting, creative, seductive, you really love them. But as a duo...I don´t know, something is missing, for me this card is simply bored. I was dissapointed. I was expecting more of this beautiful girls.
they are a beautiful hot duo!!!
Two gorgeous blondes, Nikky Case and Bernadette. Both I love in their solo cards, but together...well, I wasn't feeling the chemistry there between them. There were some sexy movements exchanged by both but for some reason they didn't seem to vibe off each other the way I have seen other girls in duet cards do. Ariel and Trisha being a prime example of two girls feeding off each other and making a great duet card.
both girls are pretty but I did not find their movements together enticing. if you are going to have duos on this site, they should pick girls who actually like girls so their playing together looks like they actually want to be with each other. these girls just look like they are going thru the motions
I just will give them both a 8.They do good, and they both play a lot but the clothes needs a change a diffrent skirt perhaps, for both of them would make them more hotter.The hot part for me is that they tease each other.keep it up girls.
Nikky Case is nice but Bernadette's tits is to small.
A very beautiful duo, looking forward to more from these two honeys!
Not bad. They rate a 7.7
This has to be the blandest, boring duo I have ever seen.
I think all duos should have good interaction between the girls. That is what is lacking with this card (as well as many other duos). Explicitness is also lacking, but the card provides good eye candy.
A bit of a yawn. Decent looking girls, but the show is a cure for insomnia! A 7 because I'm a nice guy.
mabee if they acted like they were having fun i could have rated them higher but it looked like they were uncomfortable with each other. just give them some booze and tell them to makeout
Well, two nice girls with greats ass, lovely body's, seems two girls of next door, but in this duo they loose them self, they don't give all thath they can give, I mean they give better in single, I feel this sensation, maybe Im wrong, but I don't like them in duo, they moves to slow and her faces are all the time sad. Nothing against this two beautiful girls, but in all honesty we need more entusiast on here, come on girlsss, be happyyyyy :) lol
I have to admit when I saw these 2 beautiful girs together. I could not wait to download. As most people know there is nothin better than racing and the hot women who go with it. After waiting so excitngly to see them you can only imagine how eager I was too see it after opening it up I waited and waited and wonder when is this going to become exciting what a snoozer. Has to be the worst I have ever seen to hot babes acting like little teenagers instead of the hotwomen they are I gave it a six b...
I love Nikki & Bernadette separately but this card seemed forced to me compared to Ariel & Trisha. Was expecting more but disappointed. 6/10
Shame on the staff for not directing these pretty women. It's like the women really didn't know what to do so they just languished. Could have been pretty good.
Bernadette never looked so good. Maybe because she is next to Nikky. This is a very boring show and I hate to say it because I love Nikky. Oh well I will always have my solo Nikky shows to fall back on.
Weird situation... I really like the suits ands setup, they dance ok alone albeit when interacting it's very artificial... Given these were two seperate cards I'd give each 8 or 9 but together it'll be lower...
These two act like they were forced to dance together. their expressions and obvious avoidance of each other made the show a DRAG. If you want a good show. one where the girl is doing what you paid to see. SHAKA is your girl. Get her. She is the best of the bunch. I only wish these two get a chance to ask her how she does it before she stops dancing for us.
i gave them a 2 bbecause they are boring
Most overated card, i really was hoping for something better, they are really boring, they don't dance well, they don't wrok well with each other, it was like they where trying just to end it quickly
Ich finde alle Mädels geben sich sehr viel Mühe uns zu gefallen. daher muss ich fast allen volle Punktzahl geben. Auch einen Dank an den Fotografen usw. das ganze Taem die es erst ermöglichen das Wir uns daran Erfreuen können. Danke
Not a bad show, and they both look great in the outfits.
J'ai déjà dit plusieurs fois n'être pas fan des duos, idem ici, l'une des deux filles est beaucoup plus excitante que l'autre, mais elles font leurs numéros en individuels plus qu'en collectif, pour amateurs.
Un show plutôt bon. Certes Bernadette et Nikky sont mignonnes et sexy mais leurs tenues ne m'ont pas convaincu et ne me plaisent pas vraiment. De plus le reste du show est moyen. Ma note : 07/10
deux pour le prix d'une mais rien de vraiment sensuelle.a vous de voir
jolies filles...mais pas de show explicite! on reste dans l'effeuillage gentillet!
je ne suis fan de duo mais celui-la est assez bien sauf qu il n est pas explicite du tout !! ne vaut qu un 6 !
Die Vorschau war ja vielversprechend, leider nichts gehalten. 6/10
Bernadette & Nikky Case... ein heißes Duo. Beide haben einen fantastischen Körper, wobei Nikky Case etwas größere Brüste und schönere Kurven hat. Nikky trägt ein Bauchnabelpiercing, und beide haben eine glattrasierte Muschi. Die Show an sich ist sehr erotisch, auch wenn mir pers. die beiden Kostüme so gar nicht zugesagt haben. Die Interaktion zwischen beiden ist sehr gut, und beide zusammen nackt auf dem Bildschirm zu sehen (es gibt teilweise sehr schöne Großaufnahmen) ist echt nett! Für alle di...
as garfield would say : It's BORING.....
4.1 (2152 votes)

Sailor girl

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 18 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 141 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (78)

Nikky you have one of the best face pillows I have ever seen...please cum back and ASSphyxiate me some more :P
Sailor girls like her make sailor boys jump ship!
Her perfect ass makes me cum.
She's really quite good. Plain and simple, graceful and sexy. Female all the way!
sexy smile and i like the costume
sexy sexy!!
so sexy
What a cutie, she reminds me of Barbara Bach's little sister I love the dimple's on her cheeks(the lower ones)
show is too short but damn good :D
A truly short but sweet performance. I normally don't rate a card this short very highly, but Nikki rocks in this outfit. Her body is, and the upskirt shots.....just wow, and her performance....ohhhh yeahhhh!! 10 out of 10.
love the out fit makes me hard she tops
Plz take me on a boattrip.. to somewhere very quiet plz !!! Gorgious girl with sweet moves and superb outfit 10 / 10 !!!
I`m too old to join the NAVY, but I would sneek on the ship for this foxy lady...
Nicky never dissappoints with her sensual dance she is so delicious I could eat her if she would let me.
Monica Sweet , Nikki Case ,Jana Cova ,Viki ,Sandra H. , Jennifer Max and Jana H. are the prima c*** t**s*s of VirtualGirlHD !! Discuss...
absolutely love the outfit. while I like explicit shows, this show is a great example of where you don't have to be explicit to perform a great show. gorgeous girl, just wish it was a bit longer
There have only been 5 girls that I loved so much that I bought extra tickets to get more shows of them...Nikki was one of them. As amazing as her pictures look, she is even better in motion!
Nikky is great looking girl, lovely body, very attractive nice size breasts and a mmmmm beautiful round firm butt like that usually just found on black girls. Card is kinda short but to make up 4 it Nikky does get her clothes off quickly so I am more than pleased with it.
you put on a beautiful show!!!! I love your toned and natural physique and you are a trully genuine beauty. Hope to see a lot more of you in the future!
Darling Nikky ... one of the most drop-dead gorgeous women on VG.
she is so hot, no matter what outfit she is in
She is so vibrant, and a great dancer. Beautiful face and great visual focus, feels like she's looking right at me all the time. That ass is out of this world. Love the Navy whites. If only those filthy sea wenches in the Navy looked like this.
Sexbomb 10/10
nice body, nice moves, cute smile, Great ass. If the girls in the Navy really looked like this, I would have stayed in
Wow! i'm in love with Nikky! She is most definitely the sexiest Girl on VGHD. Let's see more of Her! 10, 11, 12 +++ ...the more i watch Her the bigger my score!!
she is the best of all virtual girls
Being in the Navy myself I love this uniform. Though the rank on her right sleeve throws me a off a bit. I mean i know its not a big deal but if your going to have a sexy uniform do it right by stitching a petty officer insignia not something from the army. She gets a ten in my book.
Nikky ist the best!
OMG I LOVE THIS GIRL. what a beautiful ASS and nice perky titties.. this is a good card so is free time !!!!
If God wanted to paint a picture of a perfect woman, Nikky would be His Model... No matter what language one speaks, mere words will always fail miserably in describing her beauty. Thank You Nikky very sweetly darling for breaking my heart everyday for the rest of my life!
Top class girl, just why we promote her most.... What A Fox!
Actually my favorite show.
This show is incredible, and has shown again why Nikky Case is amazing, she is stunningly beautiful, moves her body very well, and delivers where it counts.And to Nikky herself, I normally prefer clean shaven to a strip of hair, but not only does it not matter with you, you look amazing as you are! Your gorgeous and keep up the beautiful work!
She is a beautiful woman with a great body.Nice butt,long legs and knows how to move...encore...encore.
simply said the best girl put out there.....
I don't know what it is with me, but almost every card on this site, with some kind of military, government, law enforcement, navy, marines...etc., all end up being some of my absolute favorites on the site. What can I say, I just love a girl in uniform. Nikky is so hot, has a nice sexy body and looks outstanding in this outfit. I love this show. I give it a 10...More please
After a dance like that you could easy die a happy man
Best of the best... 'nuff said.
Simply GORGEOUS! This lady is always one of my favorites. This show is a must have for any of Ya'll. I wish that we had sailors like her back in my day.
The hottest Show of the hottest girl on this Site... My Desktop is melting away. Her Moves are very sexy when her skirt moves up a bit and you can see this breath taking as of nikky... Please give me more of her.
Very, Very nice show. 11/10 for me. Thanks Nikky Case, your an angel X & all the best to you for 2008
added her as one of my favourites for now - great body
Nikky est d'une rare beauté, ce show 100% sans culotte est à ce point de vue très réjouissant, malheureusement beaucoup trop court, beaucoup trop.
Incredible natural body. Cute, playful, and with an ass that launched 1,000 ships. Absolutely beautiful woman. 9/10
Nikky Case - i also agree that 20 clips in just a few seconds more as 18 minutes is too short; but i do enjoy the beautyfull sexy close-ups in the "Sailor Girl" show! Great perform from a very cute Lady :-)
Cute outfit a sailors dream.I would sail anywhere with her.All aboard!
Just liek renperson said...SHE KNOWS HOW TO MOVE... and you respond
Yall can say what u want about this woman but she delivers on both the cards i have. come on now she does the shot with no panties underneath that skirt. This is a rare thing on this site i luv every card that does a no panties/ skirt outfit. 10 all the way.
This show is absolutely hot. I like her sensual body, the natural given sweetness. She's a gorgeous woman and I love to see her everytime she comes on my screen to strip'n tease.
Very nice ass. Wish i could have seen a bit more of her, but leaving some to the imagination can be great too. Very nice show, its worth your time.
my first purchase! very nice indeed aye :-)
nice!, she has a real sexy ass
she is the beautiest girl on VG very nice and lovely
Great outfit in this card, and we know, she has a finest horney body. Good card even if here is none Explicity shows.
Nice legs.
Alright card. She has a nice buttocks. I like the lower curve of them.
Very sexy girl...did not like the outfit very much, but the clothes were quick to come off and the moves are sexy. 8/10
Nikky is amazing. This isn't the best card out there, and frankly it could use some explicit bits, but it's hard to argue with the sheer hotness that is Nikky, and her captivating moves of a professional. 8/10
This is so much better than her Scratch Me card. Fun times. Not hard core at all but lots of fun. A little naughty too.
Nikki has one of the nicest butts out there, dances very well and works that body to a nice tease. I tend to forget she's in my collection and pleasantly surprised when she comes on 8/10
well hate to quote any one so just read wingman1954's comment that summs it all up for me as well
If you are looking for an explicit show, this is not it. I love women in skirts. Please keep your shows coming. Some time could you get a little more explicit?
she is a very hot girl and a good dancer, however i believe her clips were too short
she is sweet she is gorgeous she looks sexy thats why she is here on VGHD but there needs to be done much more to be a 9 pointer.... this girl lacks it (at least in this show). average performance. she needs to know what men wants. her moves are not much erotic she doesnot make your imagination go wild... 7 pointer.
I agree with the short clips. Makes it way too choppy of a card. Good looker and good dancer.
girl (10) show (10) explicit (0) = 0/10 overall
Quelles fesses! Parfaitement sphériques et qui semble avoir le poli du marbre. Je serais prêt à n'importe quoi pour aller faire trempette avec un matelot pareil.
Leider zeigt Nikki nicht alles ( scheint sie wohl nie zu tun). Trotzdem : Sie sieht sehr sexy aus in dieser Uniform , hat wieder diesen typischen Blick - dem wohl kein Mann widerstehen kann , und dazu diese Topfigur!! Leider sind ihre Shows immer zu kurz!
Incontournable, Nikki. Toujours aussi sensuelle. Ses mouvement sont trés élégants et trés purs. Voilà une fille qui va troujours à l'essentiel, naturellement. C'est aussi cela la beauté...
Nikky Case ist hier bei VGHD eine meiner Favoriten. Sie hat einen perfekten Körper und eine fantastische Ausstrahlung. Sie ist eine der besten Stripperinen hier bei VGHD!!! In dieser Show wird das Ganze noch mit absolut heissen Matrosen-Outfit und einem super sexy Minirock getoppt. Leider muss man auf 'very explicit shows' verzichten, aber das macht der kurze Rock mit dem geilem knackigem Arsch darunter locker wett, zumal sie keine Unterwäsche darunter trägt. Ebenso die anrasierte Muschi und das...
Que cette fille est belle, une vraie poupée Barbie avec qui j'aimerais bien jouer. Magnifique !
Un bon show. Nikky est toujours aussi belle et sexy et sa tenue lui va très bien. Dommage qu'elle bouge beaucoup trop rapidement. Ma note : 08/10
Nikky Case est une très jolie fille!!!! Elle a un corps parfait : Un cul magnifique et sa croupe ne demande qu'à être prise!!! Elle bouge ses fesses à merveille :))) Sa chatte est bien épilée mais on ne vois pas ses lèvres (un comble!) Ce show est trop court et elle parait s'ennuyer , nous aussi!!! Je lui met 7/10 pour son superbe cul mais cette carte n'est vraiment pas indispensable!!!!
Ein bildhübsches Luder! Aber die Show ist mir leider etwas zu flach... Die Süße kommt einfach zu schnell zur Sache, das wirkt dann schon fast wieder etwas billig.
3.3 (1735 votes)

Honolulu with Mina

  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 47
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 385 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (52)

She is very sexy!
I have read several comments about these girls being boring. This is a lie, they are very good together. If you are having second thoughts about getting them, go for it.
Nikky Case dans toutes ses prestations demeure Nikky Case, une beauté transcendante comme celle qui font le gratin des concours de beauté ou des pages de Playboy. Ajoutez deux modèles de bikini bien choisis et la hâte de s'en défaire. Le charme fait le reste, sûr.
wondermix, we love'em
great bodies, ok show
Mina needs to cut down on that Czech beer. I hear it's good but she puts on more weight every new card. The cold careless look doesn't work. These two girls are very boring. 5/10
To every one that has posted a comment to the effect of "the girls don't seem to like to touch each other"; If you had watched their interviews they Both say that they are Completely Heterosexual. How enthusiastic would you be about fondling another naked guy on film? I think Nikky Case is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON THE PLANET, bar none. Mina is gorgeous also. I am more than happy to pay to watch them doing Anything. When either one of them appear on my desktop I immediately stop what I am doin...
I've been waiting for this card since I got "Christmas Jewele" is my introductory selection in January and it has been worth waiting for, they are no longer my favourite duo since I discovered Cabiria & Carmen Gemini but they are a close second I'm just pissed that I've only got 3 of each of them solo, more please!
these two work great together, excelent show and interesting to watch
Oh my, these 2 are AMAZING together, their bodies compliment each other beautifully.... fav show so far
Gorgeous and seductive, behind the simply stunning sandra h & viki this is one of the best duo's on VGHD. Fabulous.
Wow, stunning. Thankyou Mini & Nikky Case, A must have card. 11/10 & all the best to you both for 2008 X
+ 1 for duo show two pretty girls + 1 for outfit
Two very cute girls... However, after seeing Nikky Case in some real lesbian sex in several rare scenes, I must admit that the kisses in this card looked more like "sister kisses" than real lover kisses.What happened ? I don't know, but what I do know is that Nikki Case can be MUCH more enthusiast.But it is still a good card, in my opinion.
Bre16anne (is Mina pregnant?0 yes in her video Mima told the interviewer
Mina is still great, no matter what anybody says. Upon further review, Nikky's ass takes the prize. I would have lost that bet. Great asses are a thing of beauty. 2 great asses in 1 show is priceless. Mina- I Do.
Very good duo! Excellent interaction between these lovely natural girls :) and nice moves too. Not much clothes for real strip - 9 from me :)
Two amazing and beautiful girls. This duo is really hot and sexy. The show is great and gets a straight 9. The tickets are put on really well.
Best duo animation 2008.
Great card, very nice duo, but it will be perfect if it haved some explicity shows.
Good show, gorgeous girls
The only reason I downloaded this show was the mention of the "baby bump" on the below posts. I gotta say, it's barely noticeable but it's there. I love pregnant women, they have a natural glow. The interaction between the two on this isn't that great. But both girls are hot and Mina is glowing beautifully. I would give it a 10 just for that, but the show lacks what a Duo show shouldn't lack: interaction. So I'm going to give this show an 8. I'd like to see her stripping when she's a bit more pr...
Non male il vostro show Piccole! Siete veramente Sexy ed Eccitanti, poi 2 Fiche al prezzo di una è ancora meglio da vedersi !! Wow!!
not a bad show but they need to move as one they look like they had to guess what to do next
there's nothing worth watching on this one...boring
Really sexy and beautiful girls. However they acted more as sisters than as girlfriends...
Pros: Nicky Chase Cons: Minayou can see nikky actually trying to make a connection but mina is completely unresponsive, makes no eye contact with nikky or the camera so has no Idea of what is going on.Nikky makes her best effort to play along with soulless Mina but without success. good effort my dear.However, I wont delete this card as just the sight of Nikky saves this card.
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
VGHD is just like a real strip club with their own knocked up bitch, I give this one a 7 for keeping it real
Nicky & Mina are two sweet beauties.Ever have a lover who had a nice round belly & you'd come up behind her, hug her belly from behind as it pooched over the top of skin tight jeans, & said to her "Oh baby,your belly is like another tit?" That's how I see Mina's tum tum!Luscious bunny pucker pillows on both girls help the sway to be more interesting.Beautiful breasts claim my eyes often throughout this set.Great babeage here! BUT many duos here it serves mostly as a nice intro to two girl...
Okay but not that special. Not that much chemistry between them, and the bikinis do nothing for me.
Very disappointing!
i bought this card because Mina is in it, her looks blow me away every time!!! The show is a little bit boring, and the girls don't like to touch each other so it looks... overal the looks are there but there is no action...
So far, I'm not liking it. I like the girls, espeically Nikky, but it looks like they don't like each other., they won't touch each other at all. I'm critical of duos anyway, but they need to do more than just stand there naked. At times, Mina looks distracted by something off camera, and on one occasion, Nikky looks bored. I kept waiting for something to happen, and nothing did. dissapointing. 6/10: not recommended.
I agree with Buck, don't waste the credits, what a disappointment. Hot or not they bored the crap out of me. Don't put two girls in a show, if they're not going to get hot and heavy. 0/0
ok i love Nikky Case very much but this show is not so good... ladies are so beautiful but there are lots of things missing in this show... :(
Why even bother I know that was a bad show . Nice bodies and afraid to show it .Need to MORE laid- back .We would enjoy the show more Thnx MJ
Never thought a 2 girl card could be so completely freaking boring. Here's some info... if the girls look bored and disinterested, guess what? It has exactly the same effect on a viewer. I swear, Nikky even rolls her eyes at one point!Complete FAIL. Not even worth 1 credit. 0/10
one is pregnant and one is pissed off. All in all It sucks.
ok only 1 word: sucks!
Yipes. Mina's got a little baby bump and Nikki's afraid to touch her anywhere above the waist. Given their other duo, this could have been quite hot had the timing been better, but...yipes.
They need to send Mina back were she came from, @lest till she drops that child she has in her. They are as boring as most of the females on here. I gave this one a 1 cause of Nikky and her beauty. Other than that they don't deserve ZIP!
Totally boring
A ces deux-là! Beau tandem et superbes rondeurs. Dommage ce manque d'ouverture (hum, hum!) et de conviction dans les gestes.
Nice duo show, beautiful girls. I like.
Ein super heißes Duo. Wobei natürlich die sexy Mina bei mir in diesem Fall den Vorzug erhält. :-) Wer dieses Duo sich holt wird nicht enttäuscht. 9 Punkte
Sowohl Nikky Case als auch Mina sind beide sehr attraktiv. In dieser Show haben sie zwar nicht viel auszuziehen für eine Stripshow, dennoch ist die Show sehr nett. Die Interaktion zwischen beiden ist so, wie man es von einem "Duo" erwartet. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man allerdings vergeblich. Die Videoqualität ist etwas schlechter als bei den Solo-Shows, und der Rechner hat natürlich mehr zu tun, als wenn nur ein Girl zu sehen ist. Ich pers. bevorzuge lieber Soloshows... (Wertung: 7 von 1...
Deux très jolies filles incontestablement, mais le show n'a vraiment que peu d'intérêt, à quoi bon un duo dans ces conditions, peu ou pas de contact, on bouge mollement l'une à coté de l'autre, je ne suis vraiment pas convaincu.
Un show plutôt bon. Nikky et Mina sont mignonnes et sexy mais je ne suis pas du tout fan de leur tenue, leurs maillots de bain ne me plaisent pas du tout et leur maquillage est moins réussi également. Je ne suis pas vraiment fan non plus de leurs interaction s dans ce show non plus. Ma note : 07/10
Mesdames et Messieurs circulez! Y a rien à voir!
belles filles mais pas trop explicite
3.8 (1714 votes)

Scratch me

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 42
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 216 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (62)

Amazing Figure and just has that look.
I rate it a 10. Nikky Case is beautiful and sexy as hell, even when the outfit is not the best. She has the feline movemnets down path. Scratch Me is because she is a at in this Card. While I am not a cat person, this is definitely one pussy [cat] I would love to pet and play with!
Great show Nikky, give us more sweetie.
ein sehenswertes girl nur die ohren sind lächerlich ,i(ich meine die künstlichen auf dem kopf ,wie kinderfasching,) die anderen ohren (titten) sind perfekt und sie wackelt mit einen der schönsten ,süssen ärsche hier , also kann man kaufen
Nikky can do no wrong, as far as I am concerned. Her physique just agrees with me. She's got it in all the right places, and she knows how to work what she has. 10 out of 10.
C'est bien dommage qu'une aussi jolie jeune femme est succombé au gonflage de nichons.Car elle a un corps magnifique surtout de derrière avec un cul d'enfer.j'en mangerait quand même a tous les repas.
de mis favoritas, que trasero tiene...
Top 10 of the 439 cards I have. a must own!
Marvelous looking woman. No regrets.
I skratch U!
Nikki is a beautiful girl, smart, has a perfect body, it is sophisticated and refined, I love it.I recommend it fully.
dame i must say best girl iv seen yet shes beautiful amazing dancer perfect body i give her a 1milion on a scale 1-10 shes off the scale i would not change enything about her performance exept maybe have her doing it in my room but yea i recomend her and for only one ticket its more then worth it
Nikky is absolutely stunning what ever she wears. I think her moves in this set make it my favourite one of hers or the freeones. beautiful sexy nice natural rack the perfect dream woman. xx
Wow! i'm in love with Nikky! She is most definitely the sexiest Girl on VGHD. Let's see more of Her! 10, 11, 12 +++ ... the more i watch Her the bigger my score!!
Nikky has the looks for sure. I doubt that it would be on many people absolute favorites list because she is wooden in her moves. She got lots of kind comments from people, which I like to see. But we are on VirtuaGirl for more than this....well some people may really like her cautious, hesitant style.
If God wanted to paint a picture of a perfect woman, Nikky would be His Model... No matter what language one speaks, mere words will always fail miserably in describing her beauty. Thank You Nikky very sweetly darling for breaking my heart everyday for the rest of my life!
wow, excellent!!
she is just down right beautiful
Nikky is one hot woman. I own two of her shows right now. I love her outfit. She has one hell of a beautiful body. I love those long black boots that she wears. She has a very sexy smile, a beautiful ass even after she pulls her panties off. She has a gorgeous body. I wish she would spread those booty cheeks.
Nikky puts on a great show hot hot hot and what a great ass.
Wow nice outfit & great show. 11/10 Thankyou Nikky Case X All the best to you for 2008 Ps you look stunning on my screen.
A true beauty in a great show... Although I'm not too keen about the cat "outfit".
Beautiful sexy girl
I like this card. Others may say they do not like boots, but I like that much if it fits to the type of girl, and here it fits perfectly. I vote 9 of 10.
bring back Nikky Case
Gorgeous, sexy dancer, great card Lose the silly cat-ears.
Nikki is one of the prettiest women on VGHD. In fact, she's gorgeous! She has a perfect body and one of the top 3 asses on the site!She has a way of glancing at you then dropping her eyes, then glancing at you again that is her uniquely seductive move.Check it out, flash, blink, flash! Wow! Her moves are sensual, curvy, and sensual stroking. Her dance is a combination of wiggle erotica & self caress. She does one nice open cookie routine and it's a beauty. Every time she turns her honey pillowed...
She could scratch nme any time. Nice body, good dancer and everything is just the right size..
Nikky is one of my favorites. Love the boots and the ears! This one is a must have!
love her
Very very good and hot show of Nikky
very pretty
Nikky Case est une jeune, avec un physique agréable. Elle porte une lingerie sympathique qui va bien avec son serre-tête fantaisiste "léopard", mais les bottes et les gants noirs ne vont pas du tout avec. Sa petite culotte met en valeur les douces courbes de ses fesses.
Nikky is awesome. I love the cat outfit. Wish she would smile a bit more, or move a bit more. She's great, but she's more personable in some other cards. I say Nikky gets a 9 or 10. But this card gets an 8/10. Will reccomend it in a heartbeat, but not the best of the best.
This show is absolutely hot. I like her sensual body, the natural given sweetness. She's a gorgeous woman and I love to see her everytime she comes on my screen to strip'n tease.
Have to agree with 15qigydu... got to adore Nikky's Beautiful Curvy Ass and that Amazing Sexy Body... This girl is HOT!!!
Simply stunning, love the boots, adore that curvy ass!
not the best but ok
her other cards are better but still not a bad show this 1.
she will give you cat scratch fever. sweet body,ass,pussy, and tits. worth the money to watch.
Very pretty girl, and I liked the bikini marks. Would have liked them even more if the base tan had offered a stronger contrast. Not keen on the boots, as I like pretty, dimpled knees; also, facial expression could have shown more variety. Not the best, but not at all bad.
Nice is the girl, bad is the outfit. Hot body, I have other of her cards and are fine . Her body are excellent, hot ass, great girl. I'ts a shame about the outfit.
Not explicit! Long boots are worn in every clip, so NOT full nudity! Easily her worst card...skip this and pick another one!
Il più bel culo di tutte!!! 10 10 10
She ok, if you like the look of her, then buy her, she ok going to good but i think she could been better
Nice curves bt in places her actions were a bit wooden
Boots? Never a good thing, sorry.. Immediate turn off and it's sad because Nikki is such a pretty girl :)4/10
I agree with TallandSlimMan. Boots and gloves are a major turnoff. I normally give Nikki good points, but this card is only worth a 4.
Iam sorry, but with this ears she looks like a stupid...sorry...
This is Nikky Case's Best Card. Her ass is friggin' swollen phat. The Cat Ears are weird, but its a super hot outfit anyway.
Not normally a fan of "ears", but that's a very, very sexy puddy-tat.
Warum um alles in der Welt dieser komische Kopfschmuck???? Ansonsten ein sexy Outfit !! Gerade noch 10 Punkte!! P.S.: Schade das es nicht`s mer gibt von Nikky!!
Super süße geile Stute dieses Girl, beim Anblick ist ein Ständer garaniert!!! Volle Punktzahl 10 Diese Titten mensch, mega hammergeil !!Eines der geilsten Girls hier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cette fille est vraiment trop exitante !! elle a un super cul et elle le bouge bien
es una mujer hermosa no me canso de verla
Cette Nikky est une fille absolument superbe, bon les oreilles de lapin n'étaient pas absolument indispensables, mais à part çà un excellent numéro.
Nikky est vraiment coquine dans cette tenue et ces longues bottes subliment ses jambes superbes. Elle est vraiment super sexy et elle bouge divinement bien. Une valeur sûre pour 1 ticket.
Nikky Case ist hier bei VGHD eine meiner Favoriten. Sie hat einen einfach geilen Körper (was für ein geiler, knackiger und süßer kleiner Arsch) und eine fantastische Ausstrahlung. Sie ist eine der besten Stripperinen hier bei VGHD! In dieser Show wird das Ganze noch mit absolut heissen Lederstiefeln und sexy Dessous getoppt. Ihr erotischer Blick lässt einem das Messer in der Hose aufklappen. Ihre Performance ist allererste Sahne! (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
Un bon show. Nikky est très mignonne en tenue de chatte, j'aime beaucoup à l'exception des bottes qui dénotent avec le reste du costume. De meilleurs mouvements auraient permis au show d'avoir un meilleure note. Ma note : 08/10
Trop bonne l'un des plus beau cul de virtua girl je recommande
niente di speciale
3.9 (2231 votes)

Blue lagoon

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 48
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 162 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (82)

I wouldn't mind being on a desert island with her!
Nikky Case est splendide, séduisante et très souriante. Son cul est divin, un show agréable à regarder. Merci à toi. M.M.
My perfect woman, what else can I say?Please, Totem, get that beauty again!!!
Nikky is the perfect woman. Everything about her is wonderful. 100+/10
I always pick cute girls with nice ass and can move that body 10
She could do a lil more dancing. but her body ranks pretty close to Jana H. body...Love her hips and ass. Pulsating cock. haha
Oh bonne mère Holly mother of god Mama mia Santa MadonnaQuel cul ! Witch Bottom ! Quale sedere ! Cual culo !
She is sexy as hell
cant believe i waited so long to download this card. It is one of THE BEST cards on here, I love the outfit and what a beautiful girl. fantastic bum and not shy to give some nice views of it.I would love to see more cards with some flattering outfits like this. I am so sick of the tooth floss up the crack look.
a godess...10
Four cards, ZERO disappointment! Lollipop is the best, all the rest are just fine. GEORGEOUS woman!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy... yummy... more!!!...
Nikky Case is undeniably hot. This is my fourth card of hers and quite possibly my favorite. I love watching Nikky move that sexy body in that skimpy little bathing suit. She has such a great body and a really nice firm looking ass. Type of girl I would see lounging near a pool at a hotel resort or even an apartment complex. Hot!
Beutiful, absolutely amazing, she moves like a godess, and she have a pretty face, she will give a plus on you computer, just excellent. . ...
A very good show!
Nikky is a sexy lady and her rating should definitely be a lot higher than it is! She is beautiful and sensual and I like to watch her move on my desktop! She needs to smile more but other than that she is great! A 10 from me!
Wow! i'm in love with Nikky! She is most definitely the sexiest Girl on VGHD. Let's see more of Her! 10, 11, 12 +++ ... the more i watch Her, the bigger my score!!
Nikky is one of the best model in VGH.she has the best body and beautiful face.i give her 10 for her body,8 for her show and 9 for this model at all
simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L..... this is a must have dream girl.crap. why there's no more girls like that in my neighborhood?
Beautiful face and hair...perfect ass and this color looks great on her. Overall 10 at least
I think what it really boils down to is "would you kick her out of your bed if she were in it?" Ahh, Hell no! She could do me anytime. Not likely to happen, but the thought is very nice fo sho!
I agree. I would like to see some more explicit shows as well. But in any case; I do enjoy the technology presentation. The shows are nice. But definitely none of the 33 I own and have watched have anything I would consider explicit. Pretty girls though, and I think for the price it is definitely worth it.
Nikky is hot, Nikky is wonderfull, Nikky is beautyfull, she are the perfect Woman on my Desktop.
for me she' is the perfect girl and hoooooooow sexy!!!!!!!!!
I second that!! Nicky is physically perfect. She's thin yet not skinny, still has a great ass (most thin women don't) and, in my humble opinion, her very nice natural tits suit her body perfectly. That's not to forget her incredibly sexy eyes and lips that no sane man could possibly resist. To me, the hats in the other shows only hide her beautiful hair so Free Time & Blue Lagoon are among my favorites from any girl on VGHD! More Nicky Case PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!
Not only is this girl a 11 out of 10, absolutely perfect and beautiful in looks and moves, but she has also the most beautiful and most perfect pussy i ever seen on amy girl, and i have seen many!!!!! I buy every show of her that will ever appear online without any question. Her body is simply divine and her personality is sexy as hell!!! Nikky keep stripping, i cheer for you..... ;) you can have a date with me anytime you like ;)
No words for Nikki ... 11 / 10 and I think that my rate is very low ...
If God wanted to paint a picture of a perfect woman, Nikky would be His Model... No matter what language one speaks, mere words will always fail miserably in describing her beauty. Thank You Nikky very sweetly darling for breaking my crusty ole heart!
Nikky always gives the goods, always looks sexy ,one of my favorite girls.You cant go wrong with Nikky.
I think that Nikky is sexy, and very attractive woman. She has a gorgeous body, with lovely boobs and a hot ass. She is not very explicit, but I love her show anyways.
Nikky is gorgeous! Great body and cracking boobs, The only thing better would be another show with Mina!
very hot girl sexy show
estas buenissima she is perfect i like see her in my desktop or direct show muak
Nikky, Nikky, Nikky... hmm. The first set I purchased with the free tickets that came with my subscription.Nikky Is a very hot girl, she's pretty, has a great body, and a good and varying range of facial expressions, when I downloaded VGHD, this was the model I chose for the free show, after seeing the show overview on the site and sample pictures. I decided it was one I was definitely one I was going to have to purchase.I love the choice of outfit here, it really suits Nikky, she's great both i...
Thankyou Nikky Case for all your shows. 11/10 You always bring my laptop to life. You are a stunning girl. Look forward to your new shows. Thankyou "x" Also all the best to you for 2008. Happy New Year
If she so enjoys doing what she does, and lets face it, she does do it well, why on earth can she never break into a smile. Nikky has the most fantastic body, cannot find any fault there, performance is a bit weak, and when she looks at the camera you do not feel anything but "run and hide", more style and softness would be pleasing to see.7/10Great body, moves performed well but quite repetitive especiall the pole work, Nikky needs a bit more training.
Very nice card. How seems somewhat... lazy.
supercalifragilousdafuckmealidosious!!!! she`s a 10
Nice body but the movement isn't good.
If Nikky could convience me she was happy about doing her shows I would give her higher marks. Not one I would spend a ticket for. If acquired through membership then worth a look. Honestly pretty girl, nice body, but done with no umph t.o her show 8/10
Nikky Case - always a sexy show and Blue Lagoon is close to perfection :-)
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; -1 Small to Natural Large Breast 10;
Gorgeous gal, great moves. Would like more of a sexy smily, so only gave her a 9 of 10. Beautiful!
Absolutely hot show. Sensual body, natural sweetness. She's so gorgeous.
Very nice,great dancer and body. A 9 all day long.Need to see to belive.
a very beautiful girl and a very sexy show.
Can't say enough good things about Nikky... she really is a stunning babe.
How do you improve on prefection?? She ha beautiful eye's great legs . Her body is perfect in every way. She moves with grace and style could watch her all day and night. Can not wait to see the rest of her stuff.
Beautiful girl, but many of her moves seem kind of forced and unnatural. She seemed a tad nervous, maybe that's it. Still glad I spent the ticket, though.
Toujours très jolie cette petite Nikky! Mais peut mieux faire!
PRESENTATION: 9Body (9.5) Fantastic face; perky natural tits; rock hard lil' ass; cute landing strip pussy. What a beauty! Outfit (9) Color & style fit her well; hair & makeup are perfect. Would have been nice to have a thong though. Moves (8.5) What she does is performed well, but very repetitive. Strange cuz u definitely get the feeling she could have done much more.CONTENT: 7.4Sexiness (8.5) Again, she definitely held back. Amazing posing, but only average teasing, & extremely tame explicit (...
Alright card nothing special. I give it an 8.
Very generic show by a model type not a stripper... not much hot about this ticket... does not display herself more completely. No good, close or revealing posterior views. Just a very pretty girl with a great body doing relatively boring swaying routines.
nikky has quite a nice body and an even better ass she's very beautiful and a pretty good dancer but she don't look like she's having fun. a real good tease though. i give her an 8
A 10 all the way. Beatuiful natural breasts. One gorgeous girl
Nikki Case and Nella are the best models on VG period!
Great Body!!!!But if she is going to dance as a stripper she could use some lessons.Pretty face, great body, yummy breasts.
Beautiful girl with a very sexy body. Not the best dancer, but still well worth a look.
I think I hear bells. . . Yes, an angel just got her wings!Thank you, Nikky, for blessing us with your presence and gifts.
very pretty
Expected more of her in this show
I like very much this girl, she has a lovely ass, but this card is too poor, sorry, but is a 7/10 here from me.
This was the first of Nikky Case's shows I purchased, and compared with the other two I have in my collection (i.e. Highway patrol and Free Time), this is probably the least impressive. It's not that she does anything wrong perse, it's just that it is merely 23 clips of an attractive blonde gyrating around and stripping out of a blue bikini. She'll do many more exciting and stimulating shows than this one in the future. This does not mean that I am aligning myself with the views of Abbaphan or F...
Ho hum. A very plain program. I gave her a 7 only because she gets naked. She also could use a boob job.
I'm only speaking for this card. Yes she is hot! Although I was disapointed when she turned. I got ripped off!!!
Nikky est ravissante de corps et de visage. Elle a une façon de bouger qui est très suggestive tout en étant très soft. C'est sans doute ce que je lui reprocherais un peu: bien qu'ayant pour elle des atouts de charme percutants, elle reste un peu soft. Elle s'offre assez peu aux caresses du regard des internautes qui voudraient bien ne avoir un peu plus. Elle est néanmoins charmante surtout quand elle entièrement nue. J'en suis tout émoustillé. Je lui ai mis 8 pour cela.
I really like this beautiful perfect girl; but, this show is terribly boring. I don't recommend it. Get 'free time' instead.
I agree that there is nothing explicit there, besides where is the smile? Smile girs, this supposed to be fun for us. Boring show
Very unaffectionate. not very revealing. Spend money elsewhere.
Nothing explicit here!!! Too much shame for this beautiful creature! Also mistakes on labeling the shows... Very ''quick done'' job!
Son corps est sculptural et la finesse de ses traits font de l'effet. C'est une beaut transcendante. J'ai toutes ses cartes parce que je voudrais explorer chaque détail de son anatomie.
Blaue Lagune...! Mit Nikki allein am Strand , das kann ich mir gut vorstellen!!
Super süße geile Stute dieses Girl, beim Anblick ist ein Ständer garaniert!!! Volle Punktzahl 10 Diese Titten mensch, mega hammergeil !!
Beautiful woman, nice outfit.
Une de mes cinq meilleures cartes actuellement. Elle est belle. Avec un sourire de temps à autre, j'aurai mis 10, donc 9. Mais parfois sans sourire ça le fait bien, dans le scénarion trip domination. Alors selon votre humeur .. les cartes c'est fait pour choisir .
Je suis un homme heureux, avec ce show j'ai la collection complète de Nikky. C'est vraiment un super canon ! Merci et bravo à toi, j'espère qu'on te reverras bientôt.
Perfect body and v e r y long legs. Her dance performance could be a little bit hotter. She´s spicy! 8/10
elle est mignonne mais je n'aime pas ses seins et elle semble toute timide...peut-être trop !
Nikky hat einen sexy Körper: schlank, perfekte Brüste und einen runden Po. Ihren Intimbereich hat Sie bis auf einen schmalen Streifen enthaart. Die Show ist durchschnittlich, der Haarreif steht ihr nicht und sie wirkt teilweise etwas gelangweilt. Könnte insgesamt etwas mehr Pepp vertragen. (7 von 10 Punkten)Alter: 23 Jahre, Größe: 1,64 m, 84/61/91, Gewicht: 49 kg, BMI: 18 Kopfhaar: dunkelblondn, Schamhaar: dunkelblond, ganz schmaler Streifen (Iro), Piercings: Bauchnabel, Tattoos: keine
Nikky Case ist hier bei VGHD eine meiner Favoriten. Sie hat einen perfekten Körper und eine fantastische Ausstrahlung. Sie ist eine der besten Stripperinen hier bei VGHD!!! In dieser Show trägt sie einen Bikini, dessen Farbe mich nicht wirklich anmacht. Dazu die recht hässliche goldene Kette und langweilige Schuhe = schlechtes Outfit in dieser Show. (Wertung: 6 von 10 Punkten)
4.0 (2280 votes)

Highway patrol

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 47
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 164 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (85)

This is one of my favorite cards of all time. Can we get it in a higher resolution finally?
Horrible resolution .. Please Update . Your not doing this girl "JUSTICE"....get it !! Bur 5 stars anyway cause not her fault
Nikky Case is a perfect 10!!! Of course I love a lady in uniform and in Nikky's case a beautiful, sexy, energetic lady that is stripping out of her uniform! Nikky can handcuff me anytime, just as long as she gets on top.
This lady is a megababe!!!. I wish Totem could make a couple of cards with her on 3K!!!. She is so beautiful and perfect that it hurts my eyes..
I love NIkky. She's beautiful and one of my favorite girls.
la tia con mas clase de eta web elegante y estilizada, natural y preciosa, ademas una gran bailarina
I just ejaculated on my tv screen.
Which law do I have to break to get this cop to show up? I feel so guilty! Crazy hot!!
Thanks for a great show & sorry that my eyes are not Blue...However in these modern days even that can change in a second. Much Love and a Hug and Kiss.
Nobody works short skirts quite like Nicky. Her upskirt shots are treasures to behold, and those thighs.....Her attitude and presentation are always on point. Nicky never fails to please the eye. She's an easy first stringer. 10 out of 10.
Semplicemente divina. Uno dei più bei posteriore di Virtuagirl
get the cuffs and call me guilty,, WOW
Amazing show. This girl rules.
This is Nikki's best card and one of my favorites on the whole site. Amazing body, gorgeous face, great outfit...and this girl REALLY knows how to move. 10/10
Pleas cuff me and I`ll stuff the....10
Happy New Year, Mrs. Nikky Case.You and Nicolas are my favourite movie Cages`!:) Saidito
Awesome outfit. Hot girl. One of the few with some panty free upskirts, if you're interested.
Not her best show, but that is not a negative comment. Super beautiful and always great moves. All cards worth the small price. Buy 1 or 2 and you will see. Lollipop rules!!! ZERO disappointment across the board... Fabulous butt! and everything else too..
Nikky interrogate me, please! I will tell everything!
The more I see of Nikky the more I want to see
I had seen photos of Nikky in artistic nude sites, and liked her very much, so I picked this show to see how she looked in movement. In one word: WOW :)
Oh no i just wrecked my boss is gonna kill me lol
This is her best show of yet including the duet she had. She very sexy and her body is erotic and fantastic in this show. The outfit is just added treat. YES YES TO THIS SHOW
The GREATEST ASS on VIRTUAGIRL hands down!!! She does'nt need to be explicit she's stripping not doing a porn shoot. 10's across the board!!!
Goverment should use her as a mega police force recruiter. 10/10
show was perfect, but doesnt include explicit show!!
Wow! i'm in love with Nikky!! She is most definitely the sexiest Girl on VGHD. Let's see more of Her! 10, 11, 12 +++ ... the more i watch Her, the bigger my score!
Whenever Nikky Case shows up in my calendar, I simply can't wait for her to download. I always know I'm going to get a great show with her! One of the best bodies on VGHD and very likely the sexiest dancer. One of the few 10s in my book. Six more days and then I get Lollipop! Yes!
If God wanted to paint a picture of a perfect woman, Nikky would be His Model... No matter what language one speaks, mere words will always fail miserably in describing her beauty. Thank You Nikky very sweetly darling for breaking my heart everyday for the rest of my life!
Love this girl :)
This lady is so hot and moves so well, that if she did any explicit scenes, my monitor would burn up. Me as well. Hot as a supernova. Bring me more!!
My favourite girl. Absolutely gorgeous. Very sexy. Ella es una diosa, las palabras son muy toscas para describir su belleza y gracia
wooowww!!! nikky case...stunning,...beautiful,...SEXY! gorgeouse! I LUV her...that's I BOUGHT HER!...twice!!!!
Η τέλεια καυλομούνα, σκέτη θεά
Just absolutely gorgeous and sexy woman.
Very Nice Indeed ! A + + +
One of my favorite girls!!! Perfect all around
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning***** Very Very nice and a real beautiful girlxx A Very Merry Christmas To You Nikky Case xxxxxxxxxx
Mais que fait la police!!
Sexy as hell, with an amazing outfit, I think Nikky could do more in terms of show. A bit too short, to soft, she could've done better. But there's originality and the result is more than satisfying. Can't resist to that perfect face !
Nice and sexy babe.
An beautiful ass ! Her show is correctly but not more ! She has potential to be much better.
Nikky Case - i would love to have more Close-Up's, that's the only reason why i did rate this card with an 9 ;-)
WOW...Gorgeous girl. She reminds me of my wife's cousin!!! HOT DANG!! Her and Gemini have the best boobies. Wanna motorboat those puppies. Wish she would be more explicit.....or even show the beaver for that matter. Very little of that if any....cant remember (pot head). Still worth a 9/10.....I think.
she, is, sexy! She's got it and definatly knows how to flaunt it. There are better looking girls here, but watching her move makes me think, "she's the kinda girl I would love to get a lap dance from" even more than watching her strip. Some girls are so gorgeous, you almost just wanna sit back and watch the show, but Nikky is the kind you just want on you. 9/10
Always good. 9/10
Super Sexy!!!!
Absolutely hot show. Sensual body, natural sweetness. She's a gorgeous girl and I'm a bad bad man :)
WOW She's HOT!
Type: Stripper Appearance: 9 Costume: 9 Pole Dancing: 8 Free Dancing: 8 Overall: 9Explanation Model= Appears to have no/little professional dance experience. (e.g. Nella) Dancer= Moves influenced by classical dance training. Tends to emphasize grace over "sexy." Treats the pole as a dance partner. (e.g. Sandra H.) Stripper= Moves with overt sexyness. Works the pole like a sex partner. (e.g. Nikky Case)
... I think ... a day I will do a crime, so...she arrest me and ...I will be the most happy man of the world!!! Now, I please itself to watch her strips and dances in my desktop, but a day... :->!!! She is very very very HOT girl!!!
Her ass is her best part of her body, then I find this girl very performance, nice tits and hot legs, she moves and srips well, but not her best outfit here !!!
I like Nikky Case very much, but i also think that totem wasted a lot of potential in this card and other cards with nikky.The idea with the complete naked poledance, where she wears no panty, is very good. But the clip is a little too short and it coul've been an explicit clip. A little bit slower moves, a little bit more passion and a bit more teasing would've been nice!The outfit is great and it got a lot of potential, like i said.But where to hell are the explicit scenes? I've got three card...
S'il faut vraiment chercher le petit hic, je dirais que c'est juste un peu court pour en profiter pleinement!! Bon show!
she is the beautiest girl on VG very nice and lovely
Nice and natural it. Please handcuff me and do whatever you want with me Nikki.
Hate boots. Like to see her in a little lacy underwear set with garterbelt, nylons and strappy shoes - no platforms. Give her some handcuffs she puts on. Provide the pole with a hook and handlebars she can flip the cuffs over and wiggle around from. Have her roll around on the floor and put her legs thru to get them behind her back without her panties on...niiiccce.
Nikky is hat little card, love her.
Nikky is a perfectly shaped blonde with eyes that see right through you. For the looks only i would bye this card ;-) The only thing that bothers me with THIS card, is that she moves too fast and non-erotic. it's like she has to catch the bus. But still i gave her an 8/10 for her stunning looks ;-)
Cute and hot. I enjoyed her performance, but would have liked more sexually explicit behavior.
Nikki Case is always on fire. Gives me a tingly feeling every time I see her perform. She has the moves, body and the cutest face. I wish she would just step out of the screen and pay me a visit. lol. Her titties are nice and perky with those light pink nipples. You won't regret taking a Nikki Case card, this one included.
great show great body
beautiful very hot body but i'd like to see more
show trop soft et trop court !!! decu !!!
cant get this to work
Pour ce qui est de l'esthétique, beauté du visage et du corps, Nikky Case me fait un effet boeuf. J'ai tous ses strips et j'attends les prochains avec espoir.
Nikky est l'une des plus sensuelles, des plus belles de la collection, ici elle est à tomber à la renverse, merveilleuse.
Jeder Kommentar ist überflüssig!! 10 Punkte
es una hermosa con sus verdes ojos y su blanca piel cautiva a cualquiera. definitivamente es una eminencia de mujer
Eine Augenweide, vor allem der Blick unter das Röckchen. Mann würde sich gerne mal von ihr überprüfen lassen. Tiefere Einblicke wären schön. Trotzdem noch 10/10
Nikky Case ist hier bei VGHD eine meiner Favoriten. Sie hat einen perfekten Körper und eine fantastische Ausstrahlung. Sie ist eine der besten Stripperinen hier bei VGHD!!! In dieser Show wird das Ganze noch mit absolut heissen Outfit und einem super sexy Minirock getoppt. Leider muss man auf 'very explicit shows' verzichten, aber das macht der kurze Rock mit dem geilem knackigem Arsch darunter locker wett, zumal sie keine Unterwäsche darunter trägt. Ebenso die anrasierte Muschi und das Bauchnab...
tout simplement sublime, en plus le charme de l'uniforme!! j'en redemande
Good cop card, not my favourite.
Un très bon show. Nikky est toujours très belle et sexy et la tenue de policier lui va à ravir. Avec de meilleurs mouvements le show serait parfait. Ma note : 09/10
que tu es belle ma poupée
Super süße geile Stute dieses Girl, beim Anblick ist ein Ständer garaniert!!! Volle Punktzahl 10 Diese Titten mensch, mega hammergeil !!
Nikky est une vraie poupée Barbie, un régal pour les yeux. Ce déguisement en fliquette est très sexy et excitant. Superbe !
Magnifique et très sexy, mais sur ce show elle bouge presque trop vite et par moments on a pas trop le temps d'apprécier ces mouvements. dommage mais elle reste hyper excitante...
Nikky ist hübsch und hat einen schlanken, heißen Körper. Da möchte man sich gerne mal verhaften lassen. Sie lässt schnell die Hüllen fallen, hat perfekte Brüste und einen weiblich-runden Po. Ihren Intimbereich hat Sie bis auf einen schmalen Streifen (Iro) rasiert. Die Show ist in Ordnung. (8 von 10 Punkten)Alter: 23 Jahre, Größe: 1,64 m, 84/61/91, Gewicht: 49 kg, BMI: 18 Kopfhaar: dunkelblondn, Schamhaar: dunkelblond, ganz schmaler Streifen (Iro), Piercings: Bauchnabel, Tattoos: keine
3.5 (2040 votes)

Christmas jewels with Mina

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 33
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 336 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (58)

They are very sexy!
Two gorgeous ladies in Christmas Red--there is nothing sexier than that! Both are beautiful and sensual, but I favor Nikky. To me Nikky is the prettiest of the two and I love her slender legss and her long pretty hair and pretty eyes! I agree the action in tis card is lamish, but I still recomend te card for the pretty sights. I give the card a 10.
Two lovely girls, good show.
In The Moment of Creation..."I am yours & always shall be" & "Live Long & Prosper to All"...and man will live forever more because of Christmas Day...may The Spirit of Truth,Love & Family last with us forever...& I would imagine that I also Romped,Played & had fun with ALL of you.Thanks...God be Praised & may God Bless.
Mary Christmas to me. although this duo aint much of a duo, I gotta have all of them.
Very CUTE... Love it!
I love this set.. i am looking forward to more duo/trio holiday sets... well... i would love to have Christmas in June this year? ..... slim..
Wonderful Card and Beautiful Girls,
Αγιοβασίλη μου γλυκέ σ'ευχαριστώ για το δωράκι σου αυτό
perfect girls i love them!!!
Happy New Year for the cuties Nikky Case and Mina ! I had held a grand celebration at last night with them . We made love between two years and I had exploded for three times on their faces . In fact , on my computer monitor !! Hehe . . . hehe he . . . . . .
Can I have Mina wrapped up and given to me for next Christmas? :)
Thanks TOTEM for the free ticket.
Please, more of Mina!!!
je t adore beaucoup vous trés jolies noel
i love them both very lovely ladys
I would love to eat these two for the holidays. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!! I wish they were under my tree.
Very nice, and its great to watch them on my laptop. They bring the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning***** Very Very nice and real beautiful girlsxx A Very Merry Christmas To You both Nikky Case and Mina xxxxxxxxxx
two of my preferet girl two pretty girls + 1 for outfit
I miss in this show one thing. I'd like to see they kiss each other. Yes, that i misss...
A nice card to use for Christmas time. The 2 models are great , and we all know this. An only ting that I don't like, is the way that they dance, I can't understand !!!
i wish i had these two for a christmas gift... :D Very well done!!!
Two amazing and beautiful girls. This duo is really hot as they're. The show is hot and gets a straight 9. The tickets are put on really well.
Thanks too to TOTEM for the free ticket. :-))))
A great xmas gift!!! Thanks TOTEM!!! With a xmas background and xmas song, the 'Xmas Jewels' dance and strip in my desktop, giving me a beautiful and hot Christmas day!!!
Wow ! Wow !! Wow !!! Gran bella idea , le 2 "Mamme Natale" sono proprio indovinate direi visto il periodo !! Quello che conta è che sono le "Mamme Natale" più Sexy, Bone ed Eccitanti delle festività natalizie !!! WOOOOOOWWWW !!!!!!
Definately one of the best duos. Great costumes and a lot of chemistry. Makes me think of what I really want for Christmas! Thank you Nikky and Mina!!
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
boring but i want to bite nikki behind....
definitely a pair of hotties here both have great bodies with perky racks. The costumes were a nice touch, but both of them could have interacted with each other a bit more. Still very hot show. 8*
Two beautiful women, but this show was very very TAME !!
Nikky Case and Mina get a rating of 7.5
This decent enough card features two sexy ladies. Wish they could look a bit more interested though.
Nikky Case is one of my favourites, but this showjust lets me down, its as if she loses all sense of rythm and grace when she's with another girl.
Needs more interaction between them.Also,it could do with being a bit more explicit..
Las chicas están guapas, pero el baile entre las dos no me convenció. Es como que simplemente se movieran por moverse, simulando bailar. Como que les faltó entrega y pasión al baile
Unless you're a fan of duos that do nothing, don't waste your time or bandwidth with this card. This is another one of Totem's "no show" cards. For those of you wondering why there are so many cards with no pussy showing, ask yourself a question. If you pay minimum wage, what do you get? Minimum performance. Even though they're making money hand over fist, I think they're too cheap to pay the models a decent fee, so most don't give their all. Can anyone find a flaw in that theory? One plus for t...
Apart from the apparent timidity in the dancing these girls are georgeous. However the description of this show was "SEXUALLY EXPLICIT BEHAVIOUR" where is it???? Rating 6 becasue of this. Who writes the descriptions - VERY DECEPTIVE"
This card isn't all that great, mediocre at best. I love the costumes but the girls just are not into it at all and it shows. In addition to the lack of enthusiasm the moves are boring and robotic like cwvruic said.
Beautiful but boring: Nikky Case is a stunner as always, and this is definitely the best I've seen Mina look, but the dance for this card is mindbogglingly boring. It's like watching one of those dance circles that forms at parties. The girls' movement is made up of slight, repetitive movements largely confined to their individual areas, usually ones like tossing their skirts around apathetically or looking around as if for a clock. I've seen much better performances from each of these girls whe...
Great girls, great theme, NO ACTION... Very disappointing 4/10
For Nikky Case and Mina with there being two of them,I expected more then that out of them very sexy but they hide thier boobs with there hiar most of the time,and I can see thongs a the beech all the time they need to step it up alittle
Not too much interesting, almost the same moves in every show.
my bad 4 buying it 3/10
Very awkward oviosly it doesnt look like they want to dance with eachother it was ok
Okay, so i don't know where to begin with this one; such a sexy pair up, and an amazing costume set up. however, when i read that these girls were actually partners in real life, i was shocked to see their dance. It looked like one didn't even want to be touched or to even touch one of the other. she was pulling away when one went to kiss her and it just seemed awkward for them to be on stage together.... i don't know, i expected more. but they are still both very sexy. i gave it a 3/10 but in a...
deny/sandra sanchez, sandra h/ viki, cabiria/ carmen: good duos( as good as can be found on the site anyway. if the girls are unwilling to at least match those performances, please dont make any more duo cards. you should at least not make duo cards with models that dont like other girls and say so in thier interviews! that said, i dont care that these two arent like carmen/cabiria....i do min that they are clearly uncomfortable with each other. its awkward to watch as they seemed forced to be t...
Explicit my ass!!! Nice thought about giving Christmas gift, but please, next time do it with girls that DON' T get so BORED during the shooting!!!
Just Boring... the girls don't don't like to really touch each other and the 'dancing' is like an animation with 2 Barbie's :/
Very dissappointing... nuff said.
L'ayant sur mon bureau, je puis assurer que la petite tenue de Noel reste érotique toute l'année.
Un show parfait. Nikky et Mina sont très belles et sexy en Mère Noël qui leur va bien. Et pour ne rien gâcher elles sont très joueuses … Ma note : 10/10
Ja Weihnachten kann kommen. Zwei heiße Girls in einer Show. Schade nur, dass dort die Chemie der beiden nicht passt. Jede tanzt für sich. Das schmälert den Spaß ihnen zuzusehen doch erheblich. Outfit ist ok. Gebe den Ladys trotzdem noch eine 8.
ca donne envie de croire au pere noel lol
Ce n'est pas la saison du père noël, elles n'ont pas leur place sur VGHD.
Sowohl Nikky Case als auch Mina sind beide sehr attraktiv. Diese Show gefällt mir dennoch nicht all zu sehr, denn sie sind zwar die ganze Zeit dabei den anderen irgendwie zu streicheln, erotisch ist aber was anderes. Das Weihnachtsoutfit ist im Dezember natürlich eine nette Idee, aber auch nur dann. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man vergeblich. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
4.2 (3665 votes)

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User comments (167)

Nikki Case is one of my favorites. I love her long slender legs and og course that beutiful spot between her legs (hot and moist). Nice Ass and she has the prettiest face and hair! My bed is reserved for Nikki anytime she wants to use, I mean share, it with me!
Nikky Case est splendide, séduisante et très souriante. Son cul est divin, un show agréable à regarder. Merci à toi. M.M.
Her perfect ass drives me crazy.!
Certainement l'un des meilleur modèle de VG, dommage de ne pas pouvoir l'avoir en HD
Nikky is the perfect woman. Everything about her is wonderful. 100+/10
Great show...i'll take bottomless over topless anyday.
I got this one of Nikky first and fell in love. Now I 'em all. She has an incredibly pretty face, great body but for me it's all about her butt.
Great advertising tool! Love it. nice tight body. Thumbs up all the way.
Wow...I downloaded Nikky Case and I am completely in love. She is just so gorgeous so sweet.
Christmas New Year Wish I made a Christmas wish for you, For a holiday full of pleasure, Friends and family all around, And memories to treasure. I wish for you a Christmas filled With joyous holiday cheer; I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a very Happy New Year!
Son meilleur show sans doute, plus souriante qu'à l'ordinaire et belle, tellement belle.
Holy Mother of Gad is absolutely correct! Nikky Case is the real deal. It took me three nights just to get through all of her sets, if you know what I mean! Yes her ass is deliscious, her legs are phenominal, her flat tummy is oh-so-yummy (sorry, the mood to be corny just struck me), her tits are simply perfect, and don't even get me started on her sweet little puss...just thinking about it gets me all worked up. Now that her appearance is well established, let me just say that her performance i...
beautiful babe yummmmy
Nikky Case is a very beautiful young woman.Seriously, this is a "MUST HAVE" card.I highly recommend this card, especially since it's only ONE TICKET right now. I got it for one ticket and am very happy with it.If you want a gorgeous woman getting naked on your desktop, Nikky is your girl.This is my first card of Miss Case's.I will be collecting all her cards in the future.Real tits, great legs, fabulous face, and a heavenly ass all in one.Definitely Worth Downloading.Keep up the great work Miss...
YUMMY eye candy 10
She just populate my dreams!!! I love her!!! Thats all...
I simply cannot keep my hands off myself when this card is on it is too sexy to stop. In my top three of all cards. Gorgeous Nikki all the way around, face, butt, chest "Y". She is perfect. A previous commentor proposed a Nikki and Ariel show. I heartily agree. I would never get any work done however, ah well, who cares, bring it on.
Super...Super Girl
the chick is super hot did anyone else notice when you get the full show its a mirror vision of it (words on undies and Tshirt are backwards)
I would pull her out of my monitor and eat herr great body nice tits super ass 10 10 10
Just cannot go wrong with Nikky Case. Great moves, gorgeous face, tight body, and AMAZING @ss! Totem, you should do a "Best of CL@SS" show with Nikky Case and Ariel. Both have positively amazing posteriors! Butts to die for!
Excellent card. ALL of her cards are excellent. Worth the tickets. Great face, great body and good enthusiastic moves. Second only to Ariel, and a VERY close second at that! No regrets...
one of the 3 best shows ever.
abolutely lovely, a wonderful body and a beutiful ass with sexy move make she the best girl here for me
god man sexy can wank all day to her
What a knock out. She has one of the most perfect bodies. Love her hips and the way she moves them. Beautiful legs. I can watch her ass all day. This card is worth having. And a must at one ticket. If you can get it. You would be a full to pass this one up.
My darling Nikki I love you, so so HOT !!! 10/10
Monica Sweet , Nikki Case ,Jana Cova ,Viki ,Sandra H. , Jennifer Max and Jana H. are the prima c*** t**s*s of VirtualGirlHD !! Discuss...
Nikky is a very hot sensual performer makes me drool at the mouth like a puppy dog. Wish I was her puppy dog!
Perfect Ass!
I have never seen a girl like her.Perfect body,sexy charm and i just adore her face and hair.These colors of her shirt match perfectly with her hair colors.100% dream woman.Very easy to fall in love.Happy to have her card in my collection.
How sweet it is to have Nikky Case on the desktop,, she is one very pretty lady, beautiful body and face, lovely firm nice size breasts and an ass to die 4 mmmmm round firm and she knows how to shake it and dance. 10+
If this girl had bigger breasts she would be maybe the best girl here. Amazing feet nice movement lovely smile and attracting expressions form the great show Nikky does. When is her next work coming out????:P
She looks amazing in jeans and a t-shirt. She looks amazing in anything. Love me some Nikky.
OMG! Seriously one of the hottest girls on VGHD. I love to watch Nikky move. 10/10 from me
NIKKY is a very pretty girl, and a Libra too, so she has to be well balanced. Too bad she hides all the red in her hair, her "mohawk" shows a lot of it, and I REALLY like red heads, they are 3° hotter and there is "fire in the hole". It would be nice to see her smile more though.
Although i gave it a 10 i was alittle bitter that there was no show were she stripped from the jeans to naked, they all start with her in the bikini bottom... nothing hotter than a good pair of jeans being stripped off, and it didn't happen :(but other than that this is a fantastic show.
One of the best girls on this site. Lovin' it!
Wow .. All I can say. 10/10.
Great Show, Great Body and Great Dance Moves Show gets 10/10 and Nicky Case is my favorite Virtuagirl are we going see some more Nicky Soon?
This girl is the most beautiful this site. She has the best dance this site. YOur smile is the best. score: body, face, pussy, dance, smile: 10 explic: 9 (she show pussy but, don't a lot) TOTAL: 10
Nikky is absolutely sexy!! WOW! Everyone should get her! You gotta love the jeans and t-shirt look! It's a classic that will never lose its appeal! This card is a solid 10!
Lingerie and outfits are really sexy and all, but there's just something about jeans and a t-shirt that's so hot! Add to it the fact that it's Nikky and....well...enough said!!! 10/10!
one of the first girl i downloaded and well worth it a 10 in my book deffinatly get this card another great show
oooh nikky you so you so fine you blow my mind.....oh and something else to
Wow, she's gorgeous, i don.t like blonds, but nikky is beautiful, 10/10, perfect, i garantized this show
All members should get this card. LOVELY. 10/10
WOW! i'm in love with Nikky! She is most definitely the sexiest Girl on VGHD. Let's see more of Her!! 10, 11, 12 +++ ... the more i watch Her the bigger my score!!
"the only problem with her is she make me cum too fast"my dreamgirl.
It is perfectly clear from all the comments on Nikky's showcases that she is one of the true stars of Virtuagirl. She has a supermodel look although she's only five foot four tall. Her body is wonderful and curvy, her breasts natural and pert apples, waist slim and sexy, her buttocks are softly rounded and squeezable. I love the double creases that curve round the underside of her cheek and up into her cleft. They're like two arrowheads that say, "this way for the hottest and tightest little kit...
AH NIKKY she is HOT love those perky titties and that ass is to die for keep rockin nikky..
If God wanted to paint a picture of a perfect woman, Nikky would be His Model... No matter what language one speaks, mere words will always fail miserably in describing her beauty. Thank You Nikky very sweetly darling for breaking my heart everyday for the rest of my life!
she is really hoot :=)
1 of the most sexiest girls i seen
I love nikky
Впечатлен =)
HOT | HOTTEST || SUPERB |||hi nikky till than i saw your performance i hungry about you, please help ,i like you ,i want
so beautiful 10!!!!!!!!
Wow. Nikki comes off so natural in this card. A pleasant distraction every time she shows up on my desktop. I have yet to find a card of hers thats not smoking. My heart skips a beat imagining those thick thighs wrapped around me.
If Cheryl Ladd and Elizabeth Hurly had a love child, Nikky would be it. That ass, those tits that face. Shes the third (of 39 in my collection) stripper I'm giving a 10 rating to.
Very nice body.A very nice plum butt.She is a 10 to me.
All the time I spent viewing her show, isn`t wasted time
I second that!! Nicky is stunningly supermodel beautiful and damn near physically perfect. She's thin yet not too skinny, still has a great ass that most thin women don't and, in my humble opinion, her very nice natural tits suit her body perfectly. That's not to forget her incredibly sexy eyes and lips that no sane man could possibly resist. Free Time & Blue Lagoon are among my favorites from any girl on VGHD! More Nicky Case PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!
surprising wonderfull very wonderfull girl
with her perfect body my number one girl
love da way she movies, get's me hypnotize
Tight body. Nice tits - WOW on the shape. Moves well. Enough said.
Sexy girl her dance is slow and seductive. Nikki has nice well shaped breasts (C cup I'm guessing). This sight has some of the hottest girls on the planet. Unfortunately sexy large boobs are lacking. This is a good card, NIKKI has a great body.
Probably the most sensual girl that I have seen on the site. A true pleasure to watch.
If I could vote higher than a 10, Nikki would get the vote. Very artistic in her moves and most beutiful body. Her eyes and expressions are flawless.
She's so beautiful! Must see!!
wish she ishown nude taking shower
This girl is a little firecracker. Legs to get wrapped up in, not to mention the rest of her. Having her in your collection is a must. How do I get some 'free ones'?
I just love Nikki. She has an awesome body. That includes a hot, sexy ass, beautiful titties, and long, sexy legs. She has a beautiful face along with that smile. I love the way she dances as she strips.
she is hot, she can really dance.
Definitely a 10! One hot woman. Great curves, titties, ass, legs, face, eyes, ... the whole package ... one of my fav's! If she was more explicit ... showed us more of her pussy package that would make her without a doubt #1!
She's drop dead gorgeous. I love her.
Nikky is a total babe, what a body she's just as hot on her own as she is with Mina, every card in the valentine's day offer is a total peach!
Nikki's show is the best so far. She presents what you go to a stripper to see. Not hands covering or quick peeps as most of the shows I seen so far. Definitely a must have.
I am in aww. however iI cant seem to download the whole show. there is not option. I purchaced her but still only have the trailer. I long to see the rest of her show.
Beautiful, sexy and Hot!! Love her shows.
verry sexy a good card to have
WOW, Nikky got it all: a cute face, an outstanding body and HOT moves. And she shows really everything in this show. ;-) That's how a striptease has to be! She's my absolute favourite girl.
Nikky, a 10 in every sense of the word. I have no idea why we don't have more shows.Happy Holidays,792
Nikky is just the most beautiful lady here. I truely love her in this set. All of Ya'll need to get this one, you will not regret it and you will not get tired of seeing her, guaranteed!!!
The most beautiful girl on this site.. also have the best model-liked figure. Just wonder why there are only two collections...
Fantastic. What a beautiful woman.
by far the best girl on the site
:O :O :O :O I'm fallen in love ;-)
holy smokes!! way worth it.
Nikky .... give us more!! You are hot!!
CANT download, it says it is in my collection but i cant see it!
More Please
WOW and Goodness Gracious! Awesome lady.
great buy! shes stunning!
This is it. This girl will make people BUY ANYTHING.
the best
Well what more can you say about this girl apart from sexy sexy sexy beautiful. And did i mention sexy well that covers that. More please lots more.
My favourite girl on the Net. 10/10. Please feature more of Nikky Case soon.
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star*****
Pros - ultra nice body; major league little thong; fun attitude; seeing her naked is a treatCons - those damned jeans hide too much and show up too often for my tasteNikky + jeans = underwhelming tease. Nikky + thong = heaven on earth. Nikky naked = tunnel vision.If you are a masochist, you will enjoy the slow torture of watching this card get to the good parts. Me, I'm not so patient; I think she should have burned those jeans, but good googly moogly, this girl is fine. 9 out of 10.
One things for sure... Nikky has a great ass and we get to see it a lot on this card! Even in her sexy tight jeans, that ass looks fantastic!The highlight for me, though, was, since those jeans were so tight, when she does her full strip, her shoes have to come off for those jeans to come off! Nikky fully nude and barefoot was worth the wait for it! Wow!A very nice 9/10 :)
Love a hot woman in a nice pair of jeans and Nikky is exceptionally hot. Though she is just as sexy after the jeans come off.
I like this card much more than Lollipop! Nikky only gets a 9 because she won't smile for me. She is hot hot hot with a great outfit.
I love Nikky in those sexy jeans!
trs belle carte de nikki qui n'hésite pas à nous dévoiler son corps de reve,un poil d'exhibitionnisme en plus n'aurait surement pas nui.j'essaierai d'autres cartes avec plaisir
Cette fille est un baton de dinamyte. C'est une explosion de beauté, de sensualité et d'érotisme. Je suis heureux de l'avoir dans ma collection.
Girls in a good pair of tight-skinny-jeans are the BOMB! ;-) Nikky is great! Good performance, if you like Nikky, download this one :-)
Very Erotic.
Absolutely hot show. Sensual body, natural sweetness. She's so gorgeous.
Nikky Case is Hot! Perfect tits (If they’re not real the doc did an awesome job), Nice curves, amazing plump little butt, nice legs and a pretty face. She’s also a good dancer/stripper, obviously spent some time on stage. I have one minor complaint, her appearance especially that of her face is just all too common to me. I could walk down a busy street in NY or LA (especially LA) and see dozens of girls who look just like her. For that reason she gets a 9. I guess I’m just more into girls with a...
Damn!!!! Nice!!!! 10/10
She's good and she pleases well. I want her.
This is what I'd like to see more of, chicks in denim. Hot, very hot. Azz and jeans can never go wrong.
Very well done. Beautiful lady, good dancing. If more explicit, it's a clear 10.
Very beautiful. I like her butt and legs the best, but her breast are beautiful also. Great dancer. I wonder if she really likes black?
smokin hot!! no time wasted on taking her cloths off. Nice little set of titties, great ass and wonderful dancer.
Wow her presence is so strong on the screen. her dancing is great too.
All natural... Girl nextdoor look... Sweet bod... good moves... if you like that buy this card..
good show
Very nice, pretty young lady, and her act has a high raunch factor.
A definite "MUST HAVE"!
very hot! I hope Totem have some more of her lined up.
Another Virtuagirl HD exclusive, cannot get anywhere else. She's hot in those blue jeans.
Si elle prend sur son temps libre pour le plaisir de nos yeux, je prends volontier de mon temps libre pour la regarder!!!
Oh bonne mère Holly mother of god Mama mia Santa MadonnaQuel cul ! Witch Bottom ! Quale sedere ! Cual culo !
Great show, this girl is beautiful, so sexy, with a nice rounde ass. 8/10.
This one is better than her lollipop card.She is one hot girl but her waist is too skinny.8/10
cute girl. nice show and a smokin body. worth 8*
very pretty
Dommage qu'elle ne se donne pas plus. Je la trouve un peu fade.
Great face, great bod. She doesn't do very much though. Doesn't seem very enthusiastic at times though. She has a few decent pole moves but the rest is just mediocre so I'm giving this a 7/10
Far better card than Blue Lagoon! Nothing explicit of course, but 2 - 3 close up shows with clear pussy view!!! Worth to spend 2 tickets for this!
Very Sexy! Plz more!
Disappointed in the fact that she cant smile.Even in her video she dosn"t look as tho she even wants to be there.Im glad I only paid 1 card for her.Sorry chick, but you lack some "Enthusiasm". 5/10
Again, an offer of objectivity.The Lollipop card, performance wise, is better. She is more active. Here, she, at times, does not know what to do. In one scene, she just lays on her stomach and looks at you. That's it. It displayed a lovely view of her soft ass, but still I need more. Her dancing is better in Lollipop and in that card she looks better too.She IS addictive because she is really attractive but like I said, almost every girl on this site is hot and many reviewers do not get past her...
ma quanto è bona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How the hell she scores above 9? She is boooooooring, nothing happens, no sex, no explicity, no dancing, hardly moving. Sometimes at almost the end off a show she looks angry in the camera ( probably because someone tells her that she can't stop performing yet. Other times she looks right or left to look if it's okay she stops. Again, no pussy, no dance. She is beautiful and it is a miracle to score whit that kind off beauty a 4/10 And 4/10 is high for this misserable performanse.
Nope, does nothing to me. Out of synk with movement, she tries to look innocent, but does not convince me. The "very explicit show" is a joke.
un physique plus que moyen, pas de quoi en faire un film....
Old, but one of the Best!
trop choux j'aime ++++++
One of my old collection card and one of the top. Nikky is awesome on every way !!!
Elle arrive avec une tenue de tous les jours. Un prodige de beauté comme Nikky Case n'a pas besoin d'un grand attirail. Je me sens vite devenir marteau.
Dies schönen Beine und der knackige Popo in engen Jeans-das muss einfach sexy aussehen!! Ich habe mich damit abgefunden , das sie nicht alles zeigt!! Nikki ist eine hocherotische Frau , die sich auch gut bewegen kann!!
sie ist eine der schönsten girls von vghd für mich klar eine meiner lieblinge. tolle figur, schöner passender busen und ein wunderschönes gesicht
Ein schönes Mädchen, das sich prima zu räkeln weiß. Könnte gern ein wenig mehr zeigen. noch 10/10
Wer nicht mit einem prallen Ständer vor dem PC sitzen will, muss diese Show von der Festplatte löschen,dieses Girl ist megascharf, der Arsch ist himmlisch und der Muschi göttlich. Von mir volle Punktzahl,Sie ist es wert!!!
definitiv eine traumfrau, aber leider nur in dieser performance... 10 punkte von mir
¡Fantástica! Tiene el cuerpo ideal para mi gusto. Es un primor
Dieser geile Arsch von Nikky Case macht mich voll heiß. Ihr Body und ihre Titten sind erste Wahl. Ihr Face ist absolut erotisch. Ihre Bewegungen sind einfach graziös. mehr-mehr-mehr-mehr
Je connais Nikki depuis un certain temps sur le net. C'est pour moi le symbole de charme sur un écran d'ordinateur, entre autre...
todas las chicas estan buy bonitas gracias por su programa es 100% felicidades
Nikky Case ist hier bei VGHD eine meiner Favoriten. Sie hat einen einfach geilen Körper (was für ein geiler, knackiger und süßer kleiner Arsch) mit natürlichen Brüsten und einer fantastischen Ausstrahlung. Sie ist eine der besten Stripperinen hier bei VGHD! In dieser Show trägt sie eine sexy und superenge Jeansröhre, sowie ein Tanktop und Slip von '' (dort findet ihr viele Fotos von Nikky Case unter 'Sweet Irena'). Dieses Outfit ist total sexy, weil es so natürlich wirkt. (Wertung: 1...
Bildhübsch die Kleine! Die Augen sind der Hammer und ihre Figur ist zum niederknien geil! 10 Punkte!
the scene when she does the desktop is worth it alone, unique show
Ein gütes schow und sie ist wircklich hübsch. Marta bleibt aber längst die perfekteste....
Quel joli corps , cette Nikky!!! Tout est parfait et son cul est un appel aux hommes :) Mais elle nous cache sa belle petite chatte , dommage :) J'irai la voir sur internet!!!!
elle est trop belle et bouge bien mais elle devrait s'exprimer beaucoup plus . 7,5/10
Eine schöne Frau die sich zu bewegen weiss in einer guten Show. Mehr nicht. Ihre Explizit-Show ist nur normale Kost ohne irgendwelche Extras. Daher gibt´s auch nicht so viele Punkte wie von meinen Vorschreibern.Meine Bewertung: 8 von 10 Punkten

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