• City: Phnom Penh
  • Country: Cambodia
  • Age: 19 y.o.
  • Height: 5.25 ft.
  • Weight: 102 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 32" / 25" / 32"

Extending the reach of Virtua Girl HD to the South Pacific rim, we’re pleased to present this adorable dish from Cambodia. Mitsouko (pronounced mit-soo-ko) rolls off your tongue and stirs up the sort of exotic imagery her home country is known to have. Such a delicate flower!

Number of shows: 6

Mitsouko's shows

3.7 (219 votes)

Thai jungle

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 36
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 362 MB

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User comments (6)

Having Mitsouko appear on my desktop is very like having a past girlfriend, whom I've had great sex with,suddenly come back for some "for old times sake" sex, & have it be just as good!Thru the magic of video she's just as lovely & oh so sexy as she was back when. She has always been an instant & continuous turn on for me.Her serious eye contact glances as she pumps & wiggles her nubile young body always draws me into her AsianBabe Mystique!She has one of the finest asses on VG, so full yet so p...
Sweet and has strange eyes. Hot body.
Me Sheena. Me go hunt. Me put on leopard skins. Me put on lion teeth.Oh yes, mustn't forget my 'to die for' white pumps!
Big thanks for this card :) même si Mitsouko n'est pas ma préférée ;) Continuez comme ça :)
Note: This is a gap-filling release of an older "missing" card, so it isn't in the latest crystal clear format.Good to see Mitsouko's final card at last, featuring one of the better leopard print outfits on VG. The style suits both Mitsouko and the theme nicely.If you've seen her previous cards, you'll know what to expect here, since this one has pretty similar style and routines to all the others. In summary :-Quite static on the task-bar for the most part, but quite expressive, seductive and g...
2.7 (1218 votes)

Spring rolls

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 52
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 252 MB

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User comments (49)

Maybe attitudes and sensibility change over the years or maybe it's just me. but there is no anger in Mitsouko's face, a face that says I want so to be accepted, appreciated and loved. I see a kiss waiting for my approach and a HOT,ROCKEN bod. Take another look.
Very Attractive Dancer
Why does Mitsouko have a low rating? She is so gorgeous! I loved her show and I will most likely be buying more of her cards.
cette perle j'en veux tous les jours magnifique sensuelle a souhait 10 pour le plaisir qu'elle m'apporte
Except for the goofy shorts, this is another hot show for Mitsouko. Man, I could just drink in her eyes all day! Sweet!
Beautiful...justn beautiful......yummmmmmmmm......... ;-)
This girl is perfect. She is definitely under-rated. We need more asian girls like her.
I am addicted to this tangy li'l honeybabe!I just love her moves,'tude,& hot, sexy bod!LOVE that look she gives of direct sexual enticement.Love her walk on, set up and grind moves.She's soo gorgeous facially that she draws me in with that alone! I have no problem with her facial expressions,they seem totally in line with her wonderfully explicit performance.She brings a wonderful array of "the goods" and shares them freely, often, & most enticingly!She has the prettiest tits that she plays with...
can't get enough of my new favourite virtuagirl! You are adorable and that ass of yours is heaven sent
i love mitsouko she's the cute little asian of the website and she's got the most wonderfull ass hole
Very hot girl very hot show love the outfit as well, Thanks Mitsouko X Great card to have
Je la trouve bien mignonne cette petite Mitsouko et je suis sur qu'elle est très câline, je trouve sa moyenne bien basse car elle n'est vraiment pas désagréable à regarder.
Sexy young lady with a great body.
As with her Spring Rolls card, I can't figure out the lack of appreciation for Mitsouko. She's a very pretty girl with a tight, fit body, great ass, and beautiful breasts. The outfit and makeup in this card are nothing special, but I prefer that to the garish costumes and clownish makeup of some of her other cards, which take away from her beauty. If you like Asian girls, Mitsouko has it going on, which is why I can't understand the low rating on this card...
Not crazy about the two toned hair, but she is cute, and also, for her first time m modeling, she is doing full on nudity, I think under those conditions she did a pretty good may not be up to VG standards, but for a first timer under those conditions, she deserves some slack (+1) 9/10
Lovely girl. Never mind her show...i just love looking at her :)
Mitsuoko would deserve a 10 if she learned how to dance: cute face, perfect natural breasts, physically fit and she even spreads that sweet pussy. She was not rated fairly by many people on this card, in my opinion.
Bet the water sizzles when she showers. This woman is just plain and simply HOT!
very hot one sexy lady
Great body, nice breasts and ass. She is a beautiful woman, but I don't know why her facial expressions are sooo sad.Allthough a great show.
As long as i'm in love with Mitsouko, I can say nothing but that she's perfect like this, 9/10, not 10 'cause "Giant bee" il still her best one ^^
A fairly simple looking, but rather stylish black and white top with shorts for Mitsouko's 5th outing on VG. One of my favourite looks for her.Previously Mitsouko has been rather static in terms of her positioning on the task-bar and that didn't change here. She was more active in 4 of the 10 clips, but her movement seemed a touch disjointed. Also she seemed distracted and hesitant, with unusually poor eye contact and her usual seductive expression and charm didn't come across as very natural he...
Mitsouko porte, dans ce show, un short court qui met en valeur ses belles jambes et moule ses petites fesses et un débardeur noir et blanc, avec de petites dentelles, assez agréables. C'est agréable de la voir se caresser et se masser ses seins. Sinon, peut-être trop soft
Sie hat was was mich anmacht sie ist sehr natürlich und unglaublich schön.Geiler Körper plus guter Show also 8 Punkte.
Encore une qui m'a charmée. Elle ne sourit pas mais son regard m'a captivé et son corps ne pas laissé indifférent. Son show est bien.
Was not expecting much from this card. This is my second of her cards. Frankly in her other card she looked like a asian skank! This one is much better, she is desirable in this one. She has some sensual moves in this one.
I would love to eat Mitsouko's spring roll! This show is not as good as her Oral Test or Pink Butterfly show, but I still enjoyed watching her perform in this show. Mitsouko may not move as good as Eufrat or Sandra H and she may not be as explicit as Mia Hilton or Sharka Blue, but she has a kind of innocent and amateurish-charm that attracts me. I find Mitsouko to be a fine exotic beauty that I am willing to bet every guy (or girl) here would love to have a go-around with in spite of the rude or...
With this show I have all of Mitsouko's cards....all acquired by membership, not by choice through tickets. While she is not my favorite model, I think this is her best show. Unusual, because this is her lowest rated show, and I generally agree with others as to which show within a model's collection is her best or worst. This one features a clip showing spread pussy lips.
Small asian girls with big(ish) tits...whats not to like? Mitsouko has pretty eyes, petite body and really nice rack. Her dancing is not that special but that describes 75 percent of the girls on this site. Rating 8.
A nice woman,but what a pity in her cloths choose:but nothing to say about her show,classic but classy!
Got her show through membership, not one I would spend a ticket for. I admit I am not a fan of the asian body type. She is prettier than Mai, who is overrated I think. Watch her show rarely, but I keep her loaded. From the waist up she has an appeal, but thats it.
Mitsouko is young and pretty but inexpeienced and struggling to get though her routines. She is odviously being given direction how to move, take off her clothes, and where to touch from behind the camera. Someone needs to make sure she's ready perform before they put her in front of a camera. Let Mia or Chems work with her for a week to teach her to relax, smile, and enjoy herself, or find a new job. Mitsouko has real potential but help her to walk before you make her run. She earns a 7.0
nice body....not bad enough to cull...hope she has some better shows....
Mitsouko is beautiful... but very boring. disappointing show.
I would like to Mitsouko get a bit more explicit with her shows. She has alot of potental to be smoking hot, but for some reason she doesn't really catch my eye. Purhaps it is because her shows feel rushed or maybe it is because she doesn't seem into the moment.Great body, but needs more spark.
Mitsouko is hot, her body is built with great Asian proportions, and she has a great smile that she should flash more often. With all of that, this outfit is only so-so and her moves are ungainly and not very fun to watch. She has an attitude of uncertainty that makes her routine become kind of an embarrassment and a chore to keep watching.
Aw shit kinda disappointing and sad, not just Mitsouko's performance and body but she's like most white and asian girls, they look pretty good above the waist but below the waist is another matter. Unattractive abdomens, skinny legs and unshapely thighs and most are like Mitsouko and have a flat ass so can't give her more than a six. Guess thats why u can just look at their face and breasts while having sex. Black girls body has em beat hands down need more of them or more shows from the ones on...
was going to dlete but definetley a hot body but with exception of one clip doesnt seem to enjoy hersel and an almost ameateur performance.
Her eyes are dead in this show. Check out the 4th picture above where she's a deer in the headlights. That's what you get until she's 100% naked in the pole strip scene. Then she comes alive, and it ends. Hrm.The more I see, the less I like. She gyrates like a cement mixer.
Agree with the guy that said her facial expressions aren't sincere enough. She comes off like she is taking direction from the photographer. There is no sultriness to her glances. Nice looking lady, Hot body, ASIAN!!!! but bland. I WANT SHARKA, MORE SHARKA.
Not her best card and outfit, she made better, but also not in my type of girl that I preferr !!!
Reminds me of my good ole days in the Navy. Ping pong anyone?
Sorry VirtuaGirl, but this one I just HAD to delete from my disc. She looks like she is scowling or even slightly angry at times, and this i unnattractive to me; also, her dancing is uneventful and with no real effort put into it. VirtuaGirl, you'll have to inspire models better than this, or we'll be uninspired! She does have nice legs, but her make-up only accentuates her unhappy appearance. Her natural charms with a warm smile would be far more effective! 4/10. I've just got Sharka Blue, she...
She looks wonderful. She dances... well, shakes and twitches, exactly like Elya.
Terrible! the thing I like about asian girls is that they know how to put on a good show... she looks spastic in this and a total turn off. I dont usually bother to comment on any girls on this negatively, but this one takes the rotten cake bad.
tres belle je lui donne 10/10
wahouw comme elle se met a 4 pattes et qu elle nous montre son trou de balle et sa magnifique chatte en gros plan !!!!!! Mitsouko toujours aussi belle et performante comme dans tout ses shows !!!!
Nice Body -nice Women - and def. underrated. A solid 8.5 - 9.
Mitsouko hat einen schönen Körper, aber ein wenig erotisches Gesicht. Ihre Klamotten in dieser Show sind sehr langweilig und definitiv nicht sexy. Genau so wenig wie ihre Performance...tanzen ist nicht ihre Stärke. Eine schlechte Show! (Wertung: 2 von 10 Punkten)
2.9 (1395 votes)

Pink Butterfly

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 27
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 269 MB

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User comments (52)

When I bought her first card "Spring Rolls," I was skeptical, but, when I saw her perform, I could not have been more surprised of how gorgeous this woman is. As for this card, it is my top favorite from Mitsouko, but I enjoy the majority of them. I LOVE Asian women so she is perfect! Definite 10/10 for her!
@Mitsouko: A very beautiful asian girl with real wonderful tits/boobs... Your pussy is very delicious with marvellous lips... Very exciting! Want se more of your excellent intime body parts :-) :-D ;-) :-*
Mitsouko is perfect! Lovely petite body and beautiful too. Very sexy outfit. I only wish I had a girlfriend like her!
wow, she's my favorite, if she still single, let her contact me :-)
Mitsouko is really sensuous in this card...a really alluring honey! What she does with her fanny would stop traffic...except for maybe in SanFran. What a sweet babe!
Je suis FAN et sous le charme de cette jolie fille. Le nom me transporte :) Merci Mitsouko et à bientot car je te demanderai bientot en mariage aussi :)
very hot and sexy woman
I know there must be one, if not two more shows from Mitsouko out there that I wish VG would release. On her video, she is shown in a leopard skin with a necklace of fangs. She had a very sexy fantasy shamaness look. The *possible* other had her in a lace and silk black and white bustier or corset. I could be mistaken and it was actually the "spring rolls" show.
a smile sure would help please
The only good show according to everybody, so I had to find out for myself, this is the only card worth keeping, the rest went out the window, in this one, she at least gives an effort to try to perform.
A far better performance than her "Giant Bee" card! This card has totally redeemed Mitsouko in my eyes! I am very happy about that too because I do find a lot of Cambodian girls to be very sexy. Mitsouko has a very pretty face and in this card she smiles more and seems to be enjoying herself more, which is a very big plus in my book. Her movements are waay more fluid than in the Bee card. Very good effort and I just see her getting better in future cards. I give 9/10 for this card.
This is a very sexy outfit and she is the best Asian on this site.
Mitsouko - as formal DiscJockey there was always 1 song in my private top 10; Cambodia / Kim Wilde. If i would met a girl like you and find out that her character is even average as her perfect sexy body, well... (try to guess my thoughts). After watching this card i do not understand the low rating because "Pink Butterfly" earn a full 10 from this lucky guy :-) Mister Stanzeflasher - shame on you! Only 25 bonus photos but i'll try to create some sexy artwork as usual. Greetings from your big fa...
I disagree this girl and very cute --with a very nice butt/ass. I think worth keeping and getting
Mitsy is soo beautiful to me! I'm seduced & engorged by her every time she comes on my screen. Her moves are exactly like Jana's with the same exciting effect on me: just looking gorgeous,temptingly straight at you, sensually standing & pumping her petite, yet sexy body, in direct sexual come on,& showing it all most completely and effectively. She has a look somewhere between a girl & woman, a tempting, titulating, taboo & an assuredly potent seduction all tucked into that tangy pantied & comma...
asian girls are so wow varry sexy i would love to have a asian girl friend oops i do have one wil this one is varry sexy and hot i wonder what cide of asian she is
I agree with much of what has been said about this woman. She is beautiful, nice firm body but not great with the moves. Having said that I do not purchase women for their great dancing ability or the eroticism. I purchase women because I simply enjoy seeing a beautiful woman on my laptop. Dancing is only part of the whole picture and overall She is worth the tickets. There have been many that have expressed their interest in Asian women. For the life of me I do not understand why there are not...
lovely girl wish there were more asian girls
Wow lovely show Mitsouko 11/10 Thankyou Like the outfit... All the best to you for 2008 X
Stunningly attractive. She is one of those girls that you can't look away from. Really nice body for an Asian girl!!!
I must say, this girl is MUUUCH sexier than I would have ever guessed. Her trailer caught my eye, so I gave her card a try. Though she is petite, she is fit and trim, and she has great skin tone. She also gives a sensuous performance. Her skirt hugs her little hips just right, and she has a surprisingly cute tan line on her butt. 9 out of 10.
Mitsuoko is cute but lacks a certain originality and variety in her performance
I would love to meet her.
Like this girl she is gorgeous far better close up than on the pole at the back to far away very very sexy girl on close up clips ,you loose her beauty when she is dancing needs to be close up then her beautiful body shines out very sexy 9 out of 10 from me love her xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Quite good, but still not enough. She's so cute and I like asian girls. But this show is only average. She needs to improve everything. 7 points
Wow Mitsy! Sei veramente molto Eccitante e chiara nei tuoi shows!! Mi sono piaciuti molto tutti compreso questo, sei veramnte brava nei tuoi Striptease, vista la tua giovane età non sei certo timida a mostrarti in tutta la tua bellezza...anche fisica Tesoro! Wow! Wow!Quanto mi piaci Piccola!!! Kiss, Kiss...ovunque nel tuo splendido corpo.....
While the little dynamo Maya Mai (The Orient Express) continues as my favourite Eastern dancer, if your interest is purely attractiveness, Mitsouko certainly fills the bill. She has model good looks and a perfectly proportioned figure. Her 'routine' is as discribed mostly slow grinds and various poses. Facially, she varies from pouty to grining so you get the full range of her moods in one show. I love the outfit and it gives her something to actually strip out of. Though not particularly sensua...
A more everyday "girl next door" look for Mitsouko in her fourth card, with softer colours.On the task-bar she was again mostly static in terms of positioning, but there was more variation in her movement between clips, with more upper body movement in some and less in others. She was most animated in the clips where she rose from behind the task-bar (the best of the set), but rather frustratingly showed no more than her head and shoulders in one. Her demeanour was again quite expressive and sed...
Love Asian girls. She's new & she'll get better. That said, still give her an 8.5 She appears to enjoy herself and has a nice tight body (not a big boob guy)... except for Zuzana..
Mitsouko ( pink butterfly) she is beautiful with a fantastic body. Her show could be a bit more explicit ( show open leg poses) Also I love upskirt with no panties and whilst she does this ther are not enough of them
What a hot little petite body! Mitsouko is as cute as can be and her body is slender and sexy; unfortunately, while those sexy tan-lines on her beautiful ass are hot, her moves and dancing are not...I wanted so much more! Still, she is very pretty and I rather enjoyed her.7/10
Pretty and trying. Nicer when she smiles. I prefer asians with smooth long dark hair and dreamy eyes.. Still looking.
Did not work for me. Poor dancing. Not explicit enough.
What a great body!! I'm not a great fan of asian women, but Mitsouko is beautiful. All natural breasts, great ass! if you like girls in skirts, this card is great! Variety is the spice of life, and she really spices things up!
Well, just a bit better of her other cards, the outfit sounds fine, nice strip, in progress !!!
Average looking girl, I do really like Asian girls but she doesn't really do it for me. She does have a nicely propotioned body but there is nothing engaging in the way she moves and I found myself a bit bored of her after 10 minutes and switched her off probably for good.
This card was a disapointment for me. Mitsouko is a terrible dancer and stripper. Watching her makes me want to smack her in the head with a baseball bat to put her out of her misery. Her wide eyed facial expressions are even worse than her dancing. I gave this card a 3, it would have been a Zero but i gave her the benefit of the doubt because she looks pretty good. I will never wast my money on one of mitsouko's cards again.
Its nice to see some more Asian in VGHD, however with Mitsouko, her show didn't impress me and was a disappointment.It look like she didn't know what she was doing, yet she was giving the face of trying to seduce, but personal felt she doesn't want too. As of her show, there's isn't much maybe a few dances and that's it.5/10 from me.
She can't dance. No grace to her movements. Her eyes are dead most of the time. No thanks, waste of tickets, 5/10 deleting from HD.
sexy young lady but,im not here to knock her. She tryed her best i guess?.I still like to look at her. maybe a 7.
Another one of these frustrating cards that promises so much, but does not delver the basic tease elements I appreciate in many other cards.I love her outfit. It is a nice conventional outfit. It is just begging for some panty upskirt/flashing action. But unfortunately, she fails to flash her panties at all. And that is a crime in my books, as that sort of thing should be the bread and butter of VGHD in my view. But it is not because she is shy, because she does not hesitate in showing her bare...
My least favorite girl/card. Not a very nice body, performance is amaturistic at best, and since I don't like Asian girls in general when it comes to these shows(though I AM Asian), this is a no-no. I got her as a subscription, and she is among the very few I actually 'DISABLE' from my collection. I do not like this card at all. I give her 4/10.
YUCK!!!...Over 1,000 HOT Beautiful Dancer's On This Site, And...Then There is Mitsoko. O Well.....
REAL NEW TO HER BODY, I don't think she knows how BEAUTIFUL she is. needs to watch others like VICK S "Romantic Suite"
Ma petite cherie ...Tu es si belle !!
elle est superbe acheté toute c'est carte c'est un conseil
jolie brun de fille j'adooooore!
toujours aussi belle et chaude !!!! quel belle chatte bien mise en evidence et un beau petit trou !!! 10
elle semble parfois un peu maladroite, ses qualités de danseuse ne sont pas exceptionnelles, mais malgré çà, elle est tout à fait charmante, un très joli corps et finalement j'aime beaucoup le cambodge
Beau show, mais pourquoi vois-t-on la trace du bikini? Et le minou est fermé à clef.
Mitsouko hat einen wirklich sehr schönen Körper, aber ein wenig erotisches Gesicht. Ihre Klamotten in dieser Show sind nett, aber ihre Performance ist einfach nur langweilig. Strippen ist nicht ihre Stärke, ein Stripkurs wäre dringend notwendig. Lediglich die Szenen, in denen sie unauffällig einen Blick auf ihre glattrasierte Muschi unter ihrem Rock zulässt, wertet diese ansonsten einschläfernde Show etwas auf. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
2.7 (1440 votes)

Giant bee

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Bonus photos: 53
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 326 MB

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User comments (51)

I hope she doesn't sting!
Mitsouko is just one very sexy lovely lady. She will always be a 10+ for me. Great show and outfit.
ella es bella tiene un lindo cuerpo pero que saque nuevos shows mas sensuales
why in heavens sake is this card rated so low??she is one of the cutest looking models here,maybe not so pro as some of the others but a real nice tease nevertheless.highest ratings from me and every point deserved!!
Absolutely Adorable Asian!
God this woman is hot, my favorite by far, I hope for more cards from her someday. I have no problem with her dancing or her facial expressions, so she can dance on my desktop anytime.
i reaky like this girl
i hope she gets more cards? i have all her cards why cuz she looks hot to me and i love asian girls. they are a vary beautiful woman. they dont even need makeup
OMG! Mitsouko is the tang bang! This is my 2nd show of this lovely petite babe 'n' I gotta have 'em all!It all started with her incredibly sexy turn as a schoolgirl in "ORAL" & that vibe continues here with a seductively intense sexual focus on her part!First, she is an amazingly lovely women! Her look to you is erotically both seductive & intense, ala, "C'mon boy/girl..want some o' this?", & she blends it with a cute, come on smile too! Her wiggledance is of the style of Jana, sway, tempt, sway...
Is that really a tampon? I don't mind. It's unique. Her show is fantastic and she's gorgeous.
Awesome show. Love the closer-up shots in particular and this outfit is perfect for her.
Damn, she's my favourite... 10/10, and nothing else to say ^^ Happy new year everyone!
This outfit is simply wonderful. I love asian women. I wish you had more asian women.
Thankyou Mitsouko for a great show. Love to watch you on my laptop 11/10 all the best to you for 2008 and happy new year to you
Mitsouko - except of the fact that there is a little bit too much makeup on your beautifull face the "Giant Bee" is a very sexy show what i love to watch :-)
I gotta thing for asians so she turned me on. A little skinny but still kept my attention. i'll probably buy her other cards too since there are'nt that many asian 1's anyway.
well she is cute and has a beautiful body. but the dancing could be better. anyways, we need more cards with asian girls here!! btw. this one gets a 9.
Very cute, strange choice of uoutfit though!
Mitsouko is a real sexy babe with a very hot bod!!! Her performance should make any man or woman want her!!!!!
This show marked the first appearance of the "bee" outfit, which tends to result in odd card titles. I'm generally not too keen on outfits with a preponderance of yellow, but this one actually looks pretty good on Mitsouko.She was quite expressive on the task-bar, showing both a certain amount of charm and seductive quality, although perhaps not quite as much as previously. Once again most clips were rather static, but those where she rose from behind the task-bar were less so and featured good,...
Mitsouko is gorgeous and though she may appear uncoordinated in some scenes, she makes up for it in effort and raw sex appeal. Mitsouko is one sweet honey!
Lovely girl but would enjoy a bit of pussy delving.
I was surprised by this asian, even though I did give her just an 8. her dancing is more busy (like the motife of the show) than seductive, and a bit repititious. on the plus side, her face is actually atractive but she needs to smile more. the big plus was that she has a surprisingly full and round ass for an asian hiding under the skirt, and the lack of panties lets us see her actually quite nice pussy to good effect. still, she does appear somewhat gree, and lack of smiling and explicit play...
she's so beautifull! a must buy! i'm going to get all her collection
I've read some bad comments here, but after I saw the pictures I really wanted to try her. I bought her, and she's actually quite good! She's got a cute girl-next-door-face, a slim body, nice boobies and dito ass, and a nice p*ssy.She may perform a little slow, but that's not important. You should try her out! In my opinion she scores a solid 9/10
Must say, she keeps my attention
Great body, nice breasts and ass. She is a beautiful woman, but I don't know why her facial expressions are sooo sad. Allthough she did a good show.
I was hoping for better from the only asian on the site, but this show is kind of a let down. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt since this is her only show I have. Shes got the goods, she just need to know how to deliver them better. Nice body though
For "Asian Lover" - the show is TOP!!
The string is quite a turn off.
Pretty girl...a bit mechanical and awkward with in her movements though. Doesn't appear to be comfortable. I enjoy watching the girls that are confident and sexy in their movements. Cute girl though.
When I first saw this card in my monthly selection I thought "Great!". What could go wrong with an Asian woman in a bumble bee outfit? Besides that streak of blond in her hair her body is flawless. Not perfect but flawless. Perfect skin, all her lines flow into eachother and everything is porportional. Then I got the card and quickly learned that she is green (inexperienced). Her ability to dace is limited to one move. I hope you like it because you will be seing it alot. I agree with everyone e...
Seriously so-so. I'm someone who usually prefers Asian women, but she's a dissapointment. A nice little body, but she's a terrible dancer! The saving grace of this show is her occasional wide leg spreads. Otherwise a sleeper. 7
I love Asians, especially Sailor Moon, but this chick is no Usagi/Serena. This is the best of her cards so far so please buy it, so that she can afford to buy some dancing lessons.....
She gives a lot of nudity shows here, and even thath is not so bad. Some clips are horney, but of course she lose in quality respect the other. A good 6/10 here !!!
Got her outta curiosity (like asian girls) but was let down. Yes, she's got a nice body, but it looks like someone went to town with some blush upstairs. Her facial expression never seems to change, and she just stares at the camera with a blank stare. And her dancing is is too poor, noticibly poor. Very jerky and forced. With all that, I've gotta give her a 6/10, non-recommended. All that said... nice breasts.
Better card than Spring Rolls for sure, what ever that is worth.
Nice breasts and it has an explicit scene to it (1404.vghd). The costume is ok, the yellow is luckily not overly bright. I'm not sure what to make about her face or more precisely, the expression on it. The dancing seems a bit clumsy at times.Overall 6/10 because she has a great body, but this is just not the best show.
hot skirt
For me, this is a slight improvement compared to Oral Test and Pink Butterfly.I quite like the costume. Unfortunately, like in the cards mentioned above whe fails to use it well. However, at least there are a couple of decent upskirt clips. But too few to make this a great card.Other than that, the card is OK. But it could have been a lot better if Mitsouko took some lessons from the real experts of tease like Jana H and Jenni Gregg.
These ladies need to amuse and charm, then they need to make these positive points.Makeup: Yes Sympathy: Yes Measures harmonics in the body: yes Super sexy: no Know how to seduce: no Undress without stopping the dance: yes Be loving getting naked: no Playing whith his body: yes Clothing: no please be my wife: noMy vote is: 5I used a translator to write this text.
isnt this a transvestite ?
Attractive but lousy dancer and clothes on way, way too long
...YAWN!!!! oh-hum....Wake When She Is Done....
She is soooooooo bored and she can not dance. She moves her body like a monkey. p - o - o - r
hum, Mitsouko en bikini jaune, je l'aime bien, sa meilleure carte
Nice looking woman.
She is cute, beautifull body and lovely eyes. Not as hot as Mai or Devon Kim, but unique. Mitsouko strength is being cute, she is like the girl next door and reachable, where as the other two seem being unreachable. From me 9 / 10
Mitsouko est charmante mais sa prestation est vraiment modeste, ses mouvements manquent de grace, elle semble peu à son aise et le show est par ailleurs très léger, difficile de s'exciter.
Süsses Mädchen, in der Tat. Aber tanzen kann sie nicht wirklich. Sehr steif und "ruppig". Schade
Mitsouko hat einen wirklich sehr schönen Körper, aber ein wenig erotisches Gesicht. Der BH ist sexy, der Rock ist nicht so mein Ding und die Schuhe sind einfach nur hässlich. Die Show ist eher langweilig, denn ihre Tanzeinlagen sind unerotisch und langatmig. Mir gefällt die Show nicht wirklich gut. (Wertung: 4 von 10 Punkten)
2.4 (1242 votes)

Asian club

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 175 MB

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User comments (40)

Cool...Delicate Flower.
ella es buena pero se preocupa por si misma
Mitsouko is a sweet honey and in this card she is really HOT!
Mitsouko is just so beautiful! She struts out and just locks her hypnotically intense eyes into mine & I'm away for a S.E.Asian night of innocence & sleaze that'll take more than one postcard to write home about!She has an innocence here that translates as a woman I've met in a Bar in Penh, coming home with me, earnestly seeking to please me with her dance & seduction. Her intense desire is flaring in those eyes of hot fire as she strives to make her woman/girl body & it's moves merge with that...
all this girls are hot this girl i love
Thanks Mitsouko, 11/10 for this show. Great thanks. All the best to you for 2008
This outfit suits Mitsouko better than that in her first show for me. The style is very sexy and the colour looks good on her.As in her début she was expressive and very seductive on the task-bar, but this time with a little more variation and a good deal more charm added as well. It was nice to see more of her lovely smile during this performance. Only one clip featured full nudity this time though, and nothing explicit.On the pole she was again quite sexy, occasionally made an attempt to make...
噢呀,我的甜小的瓷玩偶。 我爱这个女孩。 好的驴子,好蠢材,好一切。 Oh yeah, my sweet little china doll. I love this girl. Nice ass, nice boobs, nice everything.
I liked everything but the boots, I am not a boots fan.
She not bad looking, but shows no desire to be on stage. I almost wonder if she was kidnapped & forced into stripping, by the Khmer Rouge(kidding just a play on her Phnom Penh origins)anyway, it's still a good card, just not great!
great model, great moves, great outfit.only let down, is the facial expression. kinda scary.8/10 overall
Cute face, exellently proportioned body, large black eyes, a frightened-deer look - not the best performer, though, but a good enough show. But - why did she bleach her hair? WHYYY, WHYYY? We see this a lot on young asian girls and women nowadays - annoying trend. I like my asian ladies asian-looking and not europeanised. It´s a shame, really.
She had a shapely thin sexy body---- Her body is sexy as many girls who have the same build or body figure on VG- Boots look awesome and sexy on her- shes a sexy and a KEEPER a sure 8-9 rating
Pretty enough for anyone, with a lovely little body. Her nipples are a most delightful colour. That said, the cozzie is entirely wrong for her complexion, her show isn't that explicit, and she can't dance. But the reason she gets a low rating on all her cards is her expression, which runs the full gamut from deep distaste to embittered melancholy. The overwhelming impression is that she doesn't like what she's doing - contrast with Maggie, or Mia Hilton, or Sharka Blue.
Although I'm not particularly into Asian girls, I have to say Mitsouko is not at all unsightly. She has a really nice petite body. Her breasts are nice and perky. I love that kind of breast shape you could ski-jump off where the nips are kind of tip-tilted. And I have to say, she has a beautiful tight little arse on her that I would have hours of fun with. The dancing, however, is not terribly stimulating: you can see it in any of those go-go bars in Bangkok. I would suggest she watches some of...
Quite good, but still not enough. She's so cute and I like asian girls. Outfit is nice, but the dance performance need some improvements. 7 points
I love that butt, and those tan lines. Very pretty girl. I like her.
Normally, Asians get an automatic good rating from me, she really does suck in this card. Maybe I need to see something else, but this is disappointing. I'd rather see Bridget the midget. She really is hotter than the overactive thyroid problem from Mitsouko
She's kinda cute, but maybe it's the makeup or her experience level, but she's looking at the camera like the person watching her has just curb-stomped her dog. Totally throws me off my game.
Yaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnn... Sorry, were you talking to me? A 7 for the cute body.
I hate to be negative becaues the girls wqrk so hard for to entertain us,but i was disappointed in this show.Mitsouko is a verry attractive girl and I love asain girls,but the show was boring ther was no flow to it and I didn't like the outfit maybe her other shows are better,
Girl is beatiful, but perfonaly dont like this outift, but "big bee" SO HOT!!
nada especial una carta del monton
This is not really my favourite costume of Mitsouko's cards, but al east we get a good bit of flashing. Although that is probably because it is impossible not to in that outfit.I do enjoy some clips of the card, but the cabaret costume and the lack of wow or dynamite factor mark it down for me.But still a decent card.
I like this card better than my last one of her. That said, she looks like a monster. Her makeup looks only slightly more like horror movie makeup than streetside whore makeup. Her eyes are wide like a coke fiend, and she can't close her mouth for some reason. I like her cute asian butt, and cute asian tits, but her movements are, same as last card, way too jerky, and unnatural. She was only slightly better this time, but she still is not a good girl for this site. 6/10: not recommmended.
Mitsouko ist eine schöne Frau mit einem tollen Körper, aber die Show wirkt zeitweise so als wollte sie nicht hier sein. Langsame Show (an sich nichts schlechtes) ohne freude beim Model.
Not really a good card. The make up makes Mitsouko look like a heroin addict and for some reason, her tan lines are really bothering me. :\ Not her best card; Oral Test was a much better card. 5/10.
Too freaking skinny!
Very uninspired and uninspiring. One of the most boring cards yet. Her expression shows she is just following an off-screen director and doesn't care what she is doing. Definitely not worth wasting money on.
Not my kind of girl, to much skinny, no tits and no body, I just like a little bit her ass, but anyting of special. 4/10.
One of the first shows I've seen I didn't really enjoy. Seems very serious and by the numbers, which might appeal to some, but not me. give me Lucky or Ashley any day, both cheeky and entertaining girls.
Μέτρια πράγματα
Normally I like Asian girls, but this one is not attractive at all. I think it has a lot to do with that skank dye job on her hair, it just makes her look so trashy. Deleted.
terrible, not worth one ticket. i gave it a 2 because i did see her naked
Sorry not good at all, I'll stay with my Parker.
Òàê âîò òû êàêàÿ - èçìåíà ëþòàÿ!;) Ïîâåëñÿ íà ýêçîòèêó - âûêèíóë áèëåòèê.
not very good sorry!
Outfit is nice but this girl does not know how to move. every show is the same, no variety. And she constantly stares at the camera.
Not a favourite.
Mitsouko hat einen wirklich sehr schönen Körper, aber ein wenig erotisches Gesicht. Dieser rote Fummel lässt sie einfach nur nach einem billigem Flittchen aussehen, und auch ihre Tanzeinlagen gefallen mir nicht. (Wertung: 3 von 10 Punkten)
2.9 (1682 votes)

Oral test

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 58
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 224 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (80)

perfect skirt strip
She is a natural Asian Beauty and I hope that she does not try to alter her appearance drastically by surgery in anyway. I Love her and enjoyed her show. I feel that some girls tend to get a low rating because they are not too"rude" which is unfair because it may mean that what turns us on is the really de-humanized side. Much Love and respect to Totem and thanks for another beautiful woman and another beautiful card.May God Bless.
Mitsouko gets 10/10 just because. :)
I had avoided mitsouko's cards for fear of being disapointed, i thought she could not be as good as he looked in the overveiw. Boy was i wrong,One of the best clips is when her bare ass is swaying back & forth , Her untaned ass is hypnatizing & whats not to like when a woman wears a skirt & no panties. As of now i can find no fault with this card. Well done Mitsouko .
bien je l'ai achete mais non reçu merci
It's amazing to see the low score for this cutie. How many of you would go out for a beer if she was waving that gorgeous ass of hers in front of you, as she does here? :-)
cutie cutie with no panties yessss
Après avoir fait un essai avec une carte à 1 ticket, je suis tombé sous son charme. Bien roulée, joli minois, son effeuillage comporte toujours une partie olé-olé. J'ai toutes ses cartes et toutes ont de l'emprise sur moi. Je le recommanderais sans hésiter à ceux qui apprécient les beautés de l'Orient.
Beautiful......just beautiful...... ;D
Ho-ly sh*t! This is officially one of my favorite cards! Mitsouko in a school-girl uniform. I think I am in love...or lust. It was really hot to see Mitsouko lift that plaid school-girl skirt and she was wearing NO panties! Some of the girls here on VGHD could learn a thing or two from Mitsouko. Seeing a girl lift her dress/skirt when not wearing any panties is a turn on...c'mon, it's like when a dog see's his master open up a can of his favorite dog food, he salivates. Same reaction for a man w...
Love the schoolgirl outfit! Plenty of naughty play. 9/10
Mitsouko / Oral test- sure know how to tease with her skirt on without any panty & that's good teasing & sexy, the lollipop sucking is great too. Great outfit selection & her performance is alright.
I love her she is so cute when she smile! 10
ohhhhh jear she is hooooot!
I have all her shows and will continue to download all future ones. She is narrowly the best that there is on offer here and I just wish she would add a few to her collection.
wow when i see her on my laptop it makes me feel so good and makes me what to have her in real life
I wish i could take her oral test hehe ;)
Oooh yeah!Came home & guess who was here waitin' for me? My hot li'l anime babe come to life, Mitsouko,twangin''n' bangin'to my C***s content!Yeah, she do rock that schoolgirl thang! Didn't know I had such a wealth of fantasy in that direction but, oooh baby!She sucks her meat puppet substitutes, her lolly & soda straw, with a sensual lip & tongue wrap that is a whole erotic experience all by itself! Dancing in that pantyless skirt is a treat of cute, sleazy, tease and the close ups on the bar o...
Of all the girls that I bought, Mitsouko is really the most beautiful. His body is magnificent and perfect from head to foot, and the eyes are magnificent. She is going to monopolize my desktop for a very long time I believe !:)
i love asians and she's perfect kiss!!!
hello you a so sweet
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning***** Very Very nice and a real beautiful girlxx A Very Merry Christmas To You Mitsouko xxxxxxxxxx
My new favorite girl right here!!!
Good job, maybe we can now get more girls of other cultures.
wow! Even though I'm usually a zuzana,nella,jana fan this girl has the hottest little body I was very impressed!
GREAT show!!! I love it!!!!! :-)
Hot asian women dressed as school girls are always a win in my book! :) Mitsouko does not have the smoothest moves, but she is hot and I love her naturally sexy body (no enhancements). I think Mitsouko is actually least in this card.
Why the hell is this card rated so low?! Mitsouko is very pretty, has a nice, slim figure and a gorgeous ass, is dressed as a schoolgirl, and gives plenty of pantiless upskirt action! Perky, natural breasts and a tight, shaved gash seal the deal for me. 9/10 from me... I'm glad I didn't believe the horrible rating and grabbed this card on sale!!
Wow, j'adore cette fille. Elle est juste énorme dans cette tenue.
Very nice. 9/10. Mitsouko has a great body, but I wish she would have smiled more. She almost seems bored with the lollipop. Still, the overall sexiness factor makes it a nine, this girl is really cute.
I'm no fan of Mitsouko and never will be. But she really gives me from the schoolgirl theme what i want to see. No Panties under that skirt and also the first move is not to remove the skirt. That's what made me sad in so many videos and most shows here as soon as the panties are off the skirt has to be removed too. So thanks for a show where it is done the right way.
some good upskirt in this one.
Avil give her 9
This card is very hot. I like her very much!
The lady is under rated, I have visited her country....before she was born. Amazing such a lovely flower came from such madness.
Quite good, the best show of her. She's so cute and I like asian girls like that. Outfit is nice, but her dance performance still needs some more improvements. 9 points
great stuff, 9/10. well worth the purchase, as asian girls performing solo are so hard to come by :(
Good show, she certainly knows how to perform but does she ever wear underwear?
One of my favorites! Very sexy and sweet. I must say I "do" like the smaller ladies with natural bodies. Big hard breasts are ok, but nothing like natural to add a realistic look. ;)Tony...
VERY good looking gal BUT she needs to smile more.... i am sure that you have a GREAT smile,so please use it!Thank you and keep up the good work. :)
Mitsouko is an exotic beauty from Cambodia with striking eyes. I dislike schoolgirl themed cards, but this outfit isn't overtly little girl like and is better than some I've seen.Most task-bar clips were a little static, but although she didn't vary her position much except between clips, her movement and demeanour were very sexy and one clip had explicit content. She was quite expressive, very seductive and used her props (a can with a straw, and a lollipop) with effective eroticism.Although sh...
Mitsouko est très séduisante dans cette tenu d'étudiante avec un petit haut qui met bien en valeur sa poitrine et sa jupe écossaise qui met bien en valeur longues et fines jambes. Elle a un adorable visage que sa coiffure encadre agréablement. Les traces de maillot de bain sur son corps bronzé attirent le regard. Elle joue avec une sucette en des gestes très suggestifs. J'apprécie particulièrement quand elle soulève sa jupe en révélant l'absence de sa culotte. Les caresses qu'elle prodiguent à s...
I like all women, all races and all colors. Although every woman has her virtues. Asian women, in my experience, are very spiritual, and also have a very narrow pussy. Obviously very pleasing. This card, is not exactly, the spiritual prototype of the woman is living in far east, with that look of teen sucking lollipops... But it's funny. Rating 8 / 10.
Hot little Aisan schoolgirl. Score would have been better if she had played the card coyly and innocent, not so much as a vixen. That being said, I would give it a 20 if that lolli had popped inside her and then she sucked it. Oh well, I can fantasize can't I.
Mitsouko my not know her way around a strip-er pole and her dance moves have no rhythm or fluidity; she does seem to have this intense gaze in her eyes that's a sure fire turn-on for me. She has become my Asian school girl fantasy.
Good show overall, cute little hottie rocking the schoolgirl thing. love the little glimpses of cooch under the skirt. But the lollipop has to go, she's enjoying it way too much.
good show but something lacking ,oh yea a smile!
She dose not move well but has a great body and don't mind to show it
This girl is smokin, but this show was not all that great. Hope my next download of her will be better.
great grils
Pros, Nice body, clear skin Con,s Tedious performance, very slow, skirt far to long. Good in some areas, generally boring. No pants on from the start, so no unveiling.
I have a HUGE Asian Schoolgirl fetish and I still only give this card a 7. There are a few good clips but on a whole it's pretty lame.
She is not bad, I like this show, but I think the eye make-up was a little too dark. It sort gives her a sinister, unfriendly look at times. I'm really a fan of Asian women, but I think lighter colors around the eyes is better to accentuate their Asian features.
Not for me this one. I've deleted it.
she's not bad looking but poor show. She spends to much time licking her lolly and drinking her drink than she does entertaining us.
Is this a bug or something? Every time I click "Please, strip for me." she never strips. I think there is only 1 clip where she even opens her top. This is by far her sexiest look, but there is zero stripping. Did I just not get the whole show or something when I downloaded it?
one night would be a dream come true. Not the best girl in all of the shows but quite nice to drool over.Very sexy eyes.Maybe a 8 and a half.Have a nice day!
I must say, i find asian women to be one of the most beautiful races out there and she doesn't disappoint on the body line, but the bulk of her shows are fully clothed, even when i just have it on allow full nudity shows or allow only topless shows she barely flashes her crotch area and she just hikes up her shirt a bit and you can't even see her nipples, the 2 very explicit shows she does have that shows full nudity are all right, but i've seen better shows with a lot of the other girls. i gave...
The BOTOXed lips just doesn't do anything for me. While there are legitimate therapeutic uses for BOTOX the cosmetic ones just look unatural. She might be a 8 or 9 without the fake lips but with, eh probably a 5 or 6. Plus those *bleep* props get in the way.
Very poor card, and not in my tastes, sorry, but for my opinion this is not a good card !!!
Tsk Tsk Tsk, you think this chick would remember being a restless young school-girl, but the dancing is more like a old cat-hording lady. So bad, so very bad, oh and my comment wasn't very nice either...
She is pretty hot but needs some personality you know. Facial expression, Smile at least.
Just like in Pink Butterfly, Mitsouko again fails to deliver the basic tease actions that I would expect to see from a girl in a skirt. Again, there are no panty flashing/upskirts worth talking about.Although the school girl outfit is unoriginal to say the least, it is one of these costumes I don't mind especially if the girl uses it well like Lucyanna, Britney and Mai. But Mitsouko fails touse the costume well, at least froma tease point of view.Apart from that I quite enjoy the card and am oth...
this card had so much potential too.... 3/10 or a low 4/10
thank you so much for the variety! I'm glad there's finally an asian, please keep trying to get girls of other cultures. Thanks!
She has a bratty scowl on her face in most of her scenes, smile looks more like a sneer. Turn-off for me.I bought her for the outfit and because others had said such great things about her, but I'm very disappointed. Waste of money.
Salut, Je ne sais pas ce que vous lui trouver,parce que pour ma part elle m'excite pas du tout.Elle est même souriante et on dirait qu'elle regarde derrière toi.Je n'ai peut être pas vu son show en entier mais cela ne vaut même un 1.
you have to like the skirt to appreciate this card. and i do. just not enough vag play and some of the props where a waste of time. other then that . not that bad but not that good
If you took one crazy looking Asian girl with really bad makeup. Made sure Stephen Hawking could beat her in a dance off. Stuck her in front of a blue screen and turned on a camera. This is what you would get. Don’t waste your money on this one boys.
wahouw super show bien chaud et explicite avec une fille sublime !!! je voudrais bien etre a la place de la sucette !!! un bon 9 bien meritée !!
genial est trop jolie comme fille je recommande a 100/100
Not the best, but she looks nice in the outfit.
Mitsouko n'est pas la plus jolie des filles du site, mais ce show intégralement sans culotte mérite une excellente note, très supérieure à sa moyenne actuelle.
Titten und Körper wie ich es bei Asiatinnen sehr mag, der Po könnte knackiger sein. Eine Menge Potenzial, von dem sie leider nur wenig zeigt. 9/10
Mitsouko hat einen wirklich sehr schönen Körper (schlank, schöner Busen und glattrasierte Muschi). Eigentlich mag ich ihr Gesicht nicht (ihre anderen vier Shows habe ich mit 2-5 Punkten bewertet und auch alle von meiner Festplatte gelöscht), aber dieses Outfit passt einfach zu ihr und ihrem vulgären Gesichtsausdruck. So stellt man sich eine versaute, asiatische Austauschschülerin vor! In dieser Show klappt einem wirklich das Messer in der Hose auf...die geilen Zöpfe, der freche Lolli und die nac...
Mitsouko, c'est dommage, on voit la trace du bikini. C'est 1 point de moins voir plus!
Show moyen Fille moyenne Corps pas mal 6/10
Elle est mignonne mais en dehors d'oublier systématiquement de mettre sa culotte..... vraiment pas convaincante !

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