• City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 22 y.o.
  • Height: 5.55 ft.
  • Weight: 107 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 25" / 35"

A huge fan of all the old black and white films of the 1950s, Mina loved being in a Gangster Movie of her own here on iStripperHD. She has performed here a few times but she said nothing made her tingle inside nearly as much as putting on her pinstripe brazier and lace garter-belt the last time we filmed her. This girl is amazing!

Number of shows: 8

Mina's shows

3.9 (1818 votes)

Tropical night

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 42
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 230 MB

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User comments (53)

Gorgious eyes! And other things.
Mina is my favorite girl!
Mina looks so great! But she'd look even better with my cock inside her delicious pussy
Mina (Jana Lysackova) is 25 and has no child. She's dating Demi.
Cards like this one make VGHD worth it! Great show!
She is really pretty, her face, her smile, oh god, i really got a boner. . ..
She is great beautiful brunette,hot body i want mooore!!
Mina - Hot, hot, hot! What a gorgious girl, this show is exotic and erotic. For the great perform i did rate this card with a full 10 :)
Gorgeous and real. No fake tits here and her move are great. Definitely a keeper
I can't say it enough...Mina is THA BOMB!!! This is a real cuty.....;-) .....BYE THIS CARD PEOPLE......and the other cards are also stunning :-)
Please sorry my english....Your belly means to me all I need to know to say, this girl are true and 100% seductive to me but she dont try it. She do it naturally. I must say Mina have a soft swing and knows how to make a man fall in love. I hope she always use casual dresses in your shows.
Mina is, THE most beautiful and SEXY brunette, in Virtua girl bar none
Very beautiful and sexy girl. Best in Virtua HD.
Very nice, sexy girl, good dance. Finally a little more explicit than the others. Go on, dear Mina, go on!
Jolie ,gracieuse ,souriante et elle danse bien :) un plaisir pour les yeux
gode stripper nice lang explicit shows hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tits ar asum hmmm
Mina is just so hot and very sexy. She knows how to turn a guy on, not only with her eyes, but with her sexy moves. Everything about her body is very hot. I would just love to lick on her, and love her as much as she would like.
Mina, Mina, Mina... just want to gobble her up! She's one hot fox!
I just love this girl. I have all her shows and she is just spectacular in all of them. The way she moves, the way she looks, her outfits are all first class. This one, though is possibly her best one. Highly recommended for anyone who doesn't own any of her shows - get this one to try her and see for yourselves.. 10/10 from me.
Très, exposition très gentille. Équipement de Nice et une fille très belle. A aimé chaque minute, et eu plaisir à observer cette exposition. Merci mina X en outre que je dis obtiens cette carte et apprécie.
She's wonderful... love her... Thanks MINA
Décidement, la Czéchoslovaquie nous cachait tout ces beaux trésors de femmes. Mina a des yeux envoutants et un corps de déesse. que dire de ce mont de Vénus qui semble si doux et lisse. Très jolie avec un beau sourire, Mina est incontestablement une des plus belles filles de VG. 9.5 sur 10
Mina is a hot, natural girl with a lot going on. Her moves are the only thing holding her back, though they aren't bad, just repetitive. Otherwise, her body is smoking hot, her face and smile are beautiful, and her performances are enjoyable.
Wow, this girl is just perfect, beautiful body, everyting is in the right place. Pretty face. All Beutiful and great show too.
She is so cute, cool, classy...and cuddly! And what a lovely, expressive face!
Lots to love about Mina. But it's her eyes and hair that turn the heads in Prague I bet. Everything else is a bonus.
She is a 10. This show is a 7 or 8 at best simply because she gets naked. She has at least 1 other show that is better and she looks better in it. She is still gorgeous here, the card is just not up to her "looks" level.
Gorgeous girl, but doesn't look like she's been around the dance pole for very long. So, 10 for being a beauty and minus 1 until she gets more relaxed and erotic at dancing. :-)
Mina is a really cute girl, and there's also a few explicit scenes. A good card indeed.
Mmmmmm, Mina is a truly yummy babe! I now have all the shows she's done for VirtuaGirl HD and she has never disappointed me. She is all natural; her breasts are beautifully shaped and firm enough not to require a bra - just the sort you like to see bobbing under a T-shirt or blouse. Her arse is nice and firm too. I like the outfit as well; Mina always looks good in a short skirt. The red one in this show provides a great colour contrast with the pure white g-string panties. But the good thing ab...
She's really a hot young woman. Beautiful body, sensual and seductive - very good looking to me. I like her moves very much and the show is as good as some others in my list. Great to have her in my Top10 collection.
very sexy girl!!
Should be mandatory that the girls wearing a dress have no panties like this.
Her communicative eyes , her succulent boobs,nice pussy give sleepless nights. Can be watched for eternity.I wishthere are more such girls/\.
Mina is a groovy chick . I don't know why a little midriff bulge should bother me . Nobody's perfect ,right? 8.5/10 from me, Mina.
Mina looks great and this card displays a kind of...softer side to her. Beautiful body and a nice sensual feel to it. Not really a card to lust after, but one to truly admire Mina's beauty.
Mina has a great body and moves vary well.
Mina is not really a pole dancer type, I was a bit dissopinted that her pole dancing wasn't good nor did they last really long. I think shes has a good body, but shes really needs to loosen up a bit, I mean just even watching her int video, shes sounds like a robot.Cute girl thou & decent qualities8 from me
The Doctor’s personal assessment – Appearance 9 (girl next door appeal); Outfit 9 (white panties always good); Technique 8 (amateur appeal); Dance 7; Rhythm 6; X-Factor 8; Hardness 10; Nudity 10 (I want more, great); Final rating (average) 8.37
As beautiful & stunning as ever!
nice face and boobs show in the average
Uff, Mina ist soooo heiß. Eine tolle super sexy Show in heißem Outfit. Ein tropisches Vergnügen ihr zuzusehen. 10/10
Mina danse bien. Son corps ondule et ses seins naturels m'excitent terriblement. De plus elle sourie et elle prend du plaisir. Un show plus explicite et ce serait le summum.
Mina a un très un beau visage, un corps superbe, des seins naturel un cul bien arrondi, un minou tout bien rasé. mais son show a l'air un peu coincé, malgré tout ses efforts .
Le temps doit être chaud en république tchèque avec elle ! Sublime !
Mina est un ange mignon à croquer. J'aime beaucoup ses jolis seins et son petit cul superbement dessiné. Je suis captivé par son regard de braise et je trouve sa gestuelle très sensuelle. Un très bon show à faire figurer dans toute bonne collection VGHD.
Algunas modelos, como Mina, no hace falta que sean muy explicitas para enseñar un buen show.
Un très beau corps bien épilé, mais c'est vrai qu'elle semble un peu coincé la fille.
Netter Body auf jeden Fall. Die Show wirkt für mich etwas gequält. 8,5 Punkte von mir.
Mina a tout pour plaire, un beau visage, un corps superbe, des seins de rêve, un cul de reine, mais son show a l'air un peu coincé, malgré les efforts évidents et un minou tout bien rasé.
ce show est juste bon pour admirer la beautée de Mira,mais n esperez pas de l explicite car il n y en a pas du tout!!! Et encore tres peu de nudité complete!!! une carte qui merite bien qu 1 seul ticket !!!!
Mina hat einen schlanken Körper (mit leichtem Bauchansatz), sehr schöne Brüste und eine glattrasierte Muschi. Sie hat tolle lange Haare und ein schönes Gesicht. Ihr Outfit und die Show sind leider eher langweilig. (Wertung: 6 von 10 Punkten)
3.7 (1975 votes)

Society evening with Carmen Gemini

  • Shows: 33 clips
  • Duration: 42 min.
  • Bonus photos: 83
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 436 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (74)

I love Mina (Jana Lysackova).
I feel like a 5 year old boy in a candy store.... ;-)
Was pleasantly surprised with this card. I think it would better be called 'Sorority Evening'. The whole feeling of the card was that of a couple of sorority girls at the window teasing the frat boys next door. There was a lot of posing and grinning but no heavy lesbian feeling. It was just two girls having fun teasing. Even Mina's gum added to that idea.Once that concept is granted, then it becomes a great card. Just sit back and enjoy the "knowing" show. I did with fond memories. Thanks girls.
Carmen est incroyablement belle ! A tomber pour elle !
These Two Girls Are HOTT!!! Love Their Performance....Keep Up The GOOD Work xoooxo
they're the most sexy duo ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I'm going against the majority, but I really like this card! I watched the trailer and really liked it, but was hesitant due to several poor reviews. Most of what was said is true, but it still really works for me. I don't think either of them ever looked better. The outfits, the hair, everything just works.
wow. 2 gorgeous girls, beautifull dreses. nice combo
4 me this is one of the best duo cards i own which isn't alot. I think they both have good chemistry and enjoy each other. Nice and playful. Both wearing those evening gowns are a huge plus for me. 10 out of 10
This is not to take away from Mina at all since she is also very hot, but I must say that Carmen Gemini looks incredible in this one ... she has always been one of my favorites since I first saw her earlier solo performances, but WOW now brown cow!!! I'm not even sure what is different ... it couldn't be just a different hairstyle could it!? Anyway, whatever it is Carmen looks hotter than ever in this one so if you're already a fan of hers, you have got to get this one.
These two have good chemistry and definitely compliment eachother. Both are hot on their own, but two is better than one! Great moves, facial expressions and breasts.
The Dancing was not very sexy. Not up the norm for either girl. However, both of them are laughing and having a good time.
Love the movement and expressions of the girls. This is the best duo yet! They look like their truly having fun, wish I was there!
Wow what a great show/card by these young ladies. This is another must have card to get in your collections I say. Great looking girls 11/10 Thanks Carmen Gemini & Mina X
Yeah I liked it. It wasn't a fake lesbian show, just 2 girls having fun with us. Lighter fare.
Yes the gum is annoying.. but the real problem directing wise is allowing them to both play to the camera the whole time. They are ALWAYS looking at the the camera not each other which a little is ok but in a duo does not work. I tried getting serous and asking for 2 strip shows and both girls were constantly checking out the camera. Focus in a duo should be each other.
Carmen is really charming in this card. She won me over. I like it when I get a glimpse of one of the girl's really personalities.
Is it just me, or does Mina look like a really hot Sarah Brightman?
Great hornry card, raccomended, maybe thy could make better, but this show is good. a great 9
I used a screenshot of my desktop with these ladies on it in a popular blog post. Love the side-laced dresses, the sandals, and the pretty and flirty girls. This isn't hard core, it's just double-your-pleasure dancing. Carmen shows supreme confidence; and there's something ineffable about her smile.
Eine tolle Show die die Mädchen hinlegen. Besonders Mina macht echt an, aber beide ergänzen sich auch sehr schön.
These girls are ever so hot
deux superbe filles 9/10
you just got to love does dresses.
me gusto muy bien
What a hot couple.. wathing them and you go straight to heaven.. with them!!
Carmen Gemini and Mina look great together and I like the fact that they are both wearing dresses. But I don't think that Carmen has as great a chemistry with Mina as she does in the Carmen and Cabiria duo card. Beautiful girls, nontheless and I am glad that I have this card. Frankly, I love duo cards. I like watching two sexy girls work it at the same time.
Wow! Ver4y hot pair.
I digg this card. I can imagine both ladies at a private party hanging out the party sluts. And yes, although terrible, including the chewing gum. I would certainly enjoy an evening with society like that!
carmen & mina are great alone or with someone else. colliedug thinks 2 girl cars are a wast but he was a my house i could charge him to watch, and he would love it.
Outfits are great, girls too. Show could be better...expression, feelings and interactions are missing.
I have to agree with the comments posted so far. The anticipation of seeing two of the most gorgeous (and my favourite)girls together was almost unbearable. The reality, though, was that it did not quite live up to the expectation. Perhaps a little more encouragement from the director when Mina's attention appeared distracted?? Anyway it was still good to see the two of them in a new card. Would love to see Carmen with Tereza or Walleria sometime!!
Agree with all of you guys... great dresses. sexy girls, but no any interactions! In many clips its like I am watching two single shows at the same time.Defenetly Mina is not comfortable in such show. I am wondering why she was agreed to make that session. And yes - that gum is not good idea...Still worth watching these sexy ladies, but I was hope for much better duo. 9 from me.
As everyone knows any show with Carmen is a hit with me.I love Mina's long black hair.The gum chewing is pretty annoying.We were warned that Mina isn't into girl-girl shows so take it for what it is.
nothing special +1 for duo show
Has good and bad points. Good points include Carmen, one of the (if not the) hottest girls on VG, and Mina, also very hot. Solo performances pepper this card in-between the duos and make for a good effect overall. Sadly, like most duos, these two girls just aren't that into each other otherwise. Carmen and Cabiria was a better matchup.
Love the outfits and the hair, a good card overall. But as others have mentioned is spoilt by persistent gum chewing so a 8 from me but get rid of the gum (a definate turn off) it would have made a 9
Carmen is one of my (many) favourite performers and Mina's usually a good show too...the outfits are great, very classy......which is slightly ruined by Mina chewing gum (which has been mentioned), why dress these ladies up in beautiful evening dresses and then damage the effect with something so 'common' as chewing?As an aside, I like this show, I've come to expect little in the way of actual eroticism from duos (and I can think of other sites should I need to see two women doing more), and jus...
this show has the one thing that i can't stand, and that is gum chewing... mina constantly chewing ruins this show... to bad too, cuz its a killer combo and gorgous dresses...
Putting two sexy, playful, women together in lovely dresses doesn't mean it's going to work as a duo. This card proves it. Yes they strip but there's no interaction between them. Most of the time it looks like they are looking for help.
very sexy girls, love the dresses, but while they are smiling together, they just go thru the motions together. light touching, pretend spanking, boring. they either did not work out something before hand or just don't like being together. if its going to be a 2 girl card the girls need to at least appear into each other
Git rid of the gum Mina! I hate dancers who are more interested in chewing gum than performing.
Un peu nul dans l ensemble et le chewing gum tu un peu la show 6 sur 10 ces la note un près juste je crois
Sorry, but the chewing gum throughout ruins this for me too, please dont let any more girls do this
whats a duo if the girls dont touch each other...? such a waist, average rating card
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
Honestly I'd have rather this had been Carmen only, she's stunning in this. Mina however is not at her best and the gum chewing is terrible. The two girls suffer when together, wish i hadn't bothered. Duos suck.
these girls are pretty , but the "show" is boring. 6/10
I'm sorry i have two duo shows and both of them are VERY VERY VERY disappointed,They seem to me as they just don't want to be together,I was going to buy the duo pack but what i have seen of the two shows i will be bypassing that. very disappointing 6/10
I was very interested in this card initially. Both are beautiful women and the comments here made me think it would be worth a try, but after watching them for a short time I was very disappointed. All of their shows that are marked "Explicit" have no explicit content. I'm ok with having no Explicit shows, but don't mark them if they don't exist. There is no chemistry between these models, it's more like watching two women doing solo shows than a duo. Carmen makes many attempts to cuddle up and...
NO NO NO...good god NO. Mina is great Carmen Gemini is great but together, absolutely not! First they didn't seem to notice each other and then there was way too much giggling. If you want to use Carmen Gemini and have a great duo then bring her back with Cabiria!
Wow I wasted a dollar! Geesh, Carmen is even skinnier then I remember! Thumbs down.
Super show,2 super filles mais svpl. Interdisez le chwing gumm!!! C'est INSUPORTABLE!!!Une si jolie fille qui à l'air si nunuche!!! On dirait une génisse au pâturage..Dommage car elle est jolie la paysanne....
Watching Mina chew gum throught the routine was a big turn off. She reminded me of a cow chewing her cud.
I really think two-girl cards are a waste of money because the vast majority that I have seen fall way short of expectations. In my experience, only two have really worked for me and they both featured Carmen Gemini and her friend Cabiria, so I was hoping Carmen's magic might rub off on beautiful Mina. Unfortunately, there is no physical attraction between these two girls and, consequently, this card goes the way of most duo cards ... down the yellow brick road to boredom. It is easy to think th...
they were better with clothes... i'm not very pleased...
they look lovely but mina always seems to pul away from carmen when she tries to make the show more a duo...im a bit disepointed, carmen does a great jobe but mina seems to uncomfterbul whit this..
I am afraid these two beautiful girls do not offer anything extra in full show...Really "empty" show....greatly dissapointed!
carmen is perfect as alwayz but... mina, atleast show us something.
i love you
amateurs! how can you let mina chew like an old cow while performing?!? ZERO for the cow and 5 for Carmen.
j'adore leur duo elles le prennent avec simplicité et sont magnifiques
Pretty good duo show.
Un duo de charme et qui ne manque d'atout. Excellent show.
Joli duo ! j'aime bien l'harmonie !
Je vous l'ai déjà dit, je ne suis pas fan des duos, ici encore, 2 jolies filles, beaucoup de sourires, de regards complices, mais pas de baisers, quasiment pas de caresses et surtout pas aux endroits stratégiques, alors à quoi bon un duo, je noterai bien malgré tout, car il y a Carmen et à elle est sublime de beauté dans ce show, il faut presque se contenter de la regarder seule, mais cela peut paraitre injuste pour sa camarade.
HOLA CARMEN Y MINA.. que bien bailais, os moveis muy bien nenas, Sí, OK teneis clase.. (oleeee!!)yeahhhh!!
vraiment tres belles toute les deux,tres bon show!!
Ein wirklich sehr schönes Duo !!! Carmen (rothaarig) hat lange Beine, perfekte Brüste, Bauchnabelpiercing, sexy Arschgeweih über dem Po, anrasierte Muschi mit sehr schönen kleinem Busch darüber und was für einen Kitzler! *wow* Mina (brunette) hat ebenfalls einen sehr schönen Körper, nette Brüste und eine anrasierte Muschi mit dünnem Strich darüber. Beide haben tolle lange Haare und ein süßes Gesicht mit einem bezaubernden Lächeln. Optisch lässt dieses Duo nichts zu wünschen übrig, und das Outfit...
jolie show avec 2 superbes creatures!
Die beiden haben eine sehr erotische Ausstrahlung, nur an ihrer Duo-Show könnten sie noch etwas arbeiten. Es sieht fast so aus, als ob Carmen allergisch auf Mina reagiert. Die haben ja die absoluten berührungsängste. Sie könnten sich ruhig auch mal küssen und sich gegenseitig streicheln - fehl am Platz. Ü - B - E - N
Carmen et Mina sont très jolies, les robes qu'elles portent sont vraiment sexy, mais je trouve que ça manque de scènes vraiment explicites (baisers, caresses). Dans le prochain peut-être ?
was ich hier vermisse wär mal eine dildo und mehr pussyshow , sonnst aber echt geil 10 p .
3.8 (1604 votes)

Gangster movie

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 39
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 224 MB

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User comments (46)

I love Mina!
A very beautiful woman with a fantastic body! Mina gives the camera some of the sexiest looks I've seen. Even though she's got a perfect body I found myself watching her face more. Simply terrific!
This is my favourite Mina card. I think she ususally does a good job, but she seems particularly more at ease in this one. She gives plenty of smiles and generally seems to be enjoying herself more . The outfit is great and she looks adorable in the hat.
Ein echt geiles natürliches Girl mit atemberaubenden Körper. Am besten gefällt mir die rasierte Pussy aber die Titten und Po sind auch nicht zu verachten.10 Punkte
Mina vit actuellement en belgique la température doit atteidnre des sommets là bas
WOW!!! What a smokin hot gangsta chick. Really sexy babe and great eyes.
There's a new boss in the town... Sexy and dangerous... She has killer good looks... Nobody can resist her stunning natural beauty, her tempting lips and seductive smile... The sin is in her eyes... There's no escape...
If you wanna, baby, get and kill me, ILY
Mina is a total sweetheart but she does need to smile a bit more great outfit. Mina is one of my favourites but I was a little disappointed with the duo with Carmen Gemini!
I truly love this woman. I fly to watch her in person anywhere in the world. look at her as she dances. her eyes her smile and the sexy hair. and a womans body she is so sexy. my very favorite card.
Mina is the most beautiful and SEXY brunette on virtua girl bar none
Mina has a perfect body. I collected all four shows and i want more!!!
Mina is a hot, sexy, and beautiful lady. I love her sexy outfit. She has such a beautiful smile, and she looks right at you with those sexy eyes. I can't wait to collect more of her shows.
Yes I agree another fantastic show. Thanks Mina X I would say get her in your collection. I look forward to more of her shows.
Another fantastic card from Mina. I love them all but this one is possibly her best card of the lot. I have them all - can't resist collecting them all.Oh well I guess we have just one Mina card left to collect - Tropical Night and then that will be it. But here's looking forward to it. 10/10 as always from Mina.
Mina, you are one lovely lady and do a very sensual act. I wait with bated breath for your next card.
Lovely girl, beautiful smile thats seems to look right at you. This is her best outfit yet. Can't wait for the next one. 10/10.
Is it just me or does Mina have a little "baby bump" going on in this card? Very sexy outfit and beautiful girl but I keep looking at the her belly. otherwise I would've rated it a "10".
Pas mal du tout, avec du charme et un rien de classe, une belle fille très agréable.
Mina is one of the best girls on VGHD, she is simly hot, her body is fantastic, nice tits, ass, and pussy, but not her best card , for my opinion. 9/10.
Mina looks awesome in this outfit. It works really well.
Mina really fits this theme, she really looks great in the gangster get-up. Very sexy, very sensual. I would definitely love to roleplay with Mina in this outfit.
Pretty girl with a great body. Well worth getting
IXSA! I wish you and your body sculpting cronies would take a trip out of that Hollywood obsessed zoo you live in to any town or city and then you would see what flabby tummies really are and stop insulting Mina with your inane drivel!
HOT SHOW. I knew Mina had the goods to deliver a great show. Really hot costume in this show. He dancing is way better than the other show I have of hers. Fantastic tits, great ass, beautiful legs, and of course nice pussy. 9*
She has nice tits and puts on a good show.
I like the girl - her body may not be perfect, but that's just the sort of girl I love the Prague coffeshops for: not a stunner, but good-looking, good-humored - natural and pleasurefull. Good show. Wellcome anytime :-)
lovely girl but... where are the stockings ??? I buy the card because I love the idea of seen her nude only with stockings and ....no stockings.
One of the better gangster shows. The competition is not that good, though.
Mina is a great performer and has great body. But VG says 107 lbs? can anyone tell me what kind scales and meshering device these people use?
I agree with the last comment that she needs to smile a bit more,because when she dose it's cracking.She also hides what we all want to see that is the honeypot so all i can give her is a 8/10.More if she was to smile more and show more.
Nice girl, hot bod/face. decent eye contact. Nice smile, but could try smiling a tiny bit more. No explicit either. Otherwise a good show. 8/10
Not sure about Mina yet... 8/10
She's really hot. Beautiful body, sensual and seductive. I like her moves and the outfit in this show very much. Great to have her in my collection.
Very pretty face, but I've got just one word for you, Mina... crunches!! If you could just firm up that flabby tummy, you'd be extremely hot! OK, show, but not as good a dancer as you might like and not explicit. A solid 8.
Not one of the greatest! Good thing it was a free card and I didn't have to pay for it. I turned it off.
nice face and boobs but the adom and ass... show in the average
No smiling. Nothing new here. Tedious
Nice outfit, beautiful girl.
Wieder einmal eine heiße Gangsterbraut. Mina sieht Klasse in diesem Outfit aus. Super scharf, aber warum zieht sie die Stockings bald aus ? Das störte mich dabei etwas. Keine schnelle Show, aber Mina ist dabei trotzdem hot...hot...hot. 10/10
Un très bon show. Mina est très belle et sexy et sa tenue de gangster lui va très bien. Si elle dansait mieux ce show aurait été parfait. Ma note : 09/10
très classe ,elle bouge bien,et sons corps est parfait
trop belle
MINA, J'ai l'impression que l'europe de l'est est bien représenté,notamment la ville de PRAGUES. Une trés belle brune ,peau bronzé ,souriante. Beaucoup d'elegance dans sa tenue de gangster. Cette fille est trés coquine, comme ont les aiment quoi! Un striptease de bonne tenue quand méme note:8/10 Elle est vraiment au top dans ses bas. J'aime beaucoup ses seins,un joli peti' cul à carresser. MINA,merci de me donner du plaisir ,je t'adore .HUUMMMM!!!
Mina hat einen schönen Körper, nette Brüste und eine rasierte Muschi. Sie hat tolle lange Haare und ein schönes Gesicht. Ihre Performance ist nur durchschnittlich, das Outfit in dieser Show gefällt mir gut. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man vergeblich. (Wertung: 7 von 10 Punkten)
3.7 (1530 votes)

Miami spice

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 49
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 237 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (37)

I like this show and I like Mina (Jana Lysackova).
Mina is sexy, has a great body and is a lovely lady. Love the outfit and hope to see more of her soon.
TEN!!!!! nothing wrong "ass" far as I can see
adorable breasts so nice
she has a good looking body, but her face "OMG" now that hot
Mina - after almost 24 hours waiting i can rate this show now, but it was worth to wait for your sexy perform that long time because it's grandios; especial the close-up were you show your pussy while still wearing that magnifique costum is unique! :-)
Mina has most beautyful brests. I like it!!!
Wow. Mk? Wow. I'd highly recommend this card to ANYONE. Mina is a stone cold FOX, and she has some great moves. This is HOT.
To much make up? Where? Anyway i checked most of her content and you would be missing out if you delete her. Some finger insertion and a sweet honey here. Nicely dressed and friendly looking. A definite 10 for me....
Very Beautiful, Full figured girl. Excellent moves, good outfit. An Excellent show. A solid 10
Another great card, Mina is definitely in my top 10, she could wear a sack and still be a 10!
mina very very hott
Mina is so damned sexy, from head to toe...the best brunette card in the deck, so BEAUTIFUL
I have to say she is very cute. I do like this show. I would say it is interesting. Maybe could add a little more to the show but not bad. This is worth getting. Love the tease. I am a sucker for short skirts and not wearing any pantys. I think you should add this to your collection. I am looking forward to seeing her other ones.
Great show!!! Like the other three!!!
Wow so very stunning Mina. You are a very beautiful girl & I just love your shows. Thankyou & I look forward to see more of you X 11/10
une jolie poupée mais les shows sont nuls
Ein echt geiles Luder aber sie wirkt mir ein wenig schüchtern weil sie zeigt ihre Fotze zu wenig. Die ja wirklich geil ist die Einstellung wo man ihr von hinten in ihre Fotze und ihren POPO sehen kann ist meine Lieblings Stelle von ihr.Ihre Titten sind genau richtig und der Arsch ist der Hammer ein echt Geiler Körper 9 von 10 Punkte
Wo w, just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! she's very hot, nice girlto get ather performance of her.
She's really a hot young woman. Beautiful body, sensual and seductive - very good looking to me. I like her moves very much and the show is as good as some others in my list. Great to have her in my Top10 collection.
She has nice tits, but her show lacks a lot. Not a very good show I think. maybe in time she will get better at it.
Thanks for your sexy show!!!
My rating: 9/10Dress/Appearence: strappy top, white mini skirt, high heels 8/10 Dance/Movement: decent dancer, sensual movement, good eye contact 8/10 Explicitness: some pussy shots, almost no touching 7/10 Body: Natural large breasts, beautiful legs, a little pooch belly 7/10 Enjoyment: some smiles, not sure if she is having fun or not in some clips 9/10 Mina is a great addition to the natural beauties on VGHD. She is one of my favorites,b ut is not nearly explicit enough. She is not a pro at s...
Mina looks great in her tight top and short skirt. Pretty girl with a mouth watering rack. Strange hairline though...female pattern baldness setting in??
I like Mina a lot - especially those exquisite tip-tilted breasts. She's very pretty too with a sexy smile. The top and the miniskirt give her a very pleasant girl-next-door feel and I like the no-knickers upskirt shots. It's a "nice" show, but somehow I feel it is missing the "spark" that would turn it into a great show. It needs a bit of pussy because she has a sexy cameltoe, but she doesn't quite exploit that here. It also needs a little bit more tease and erotic tension to lift it out of its...
Very beautiful, she moves very well.
quite boring show.
Mina est une belle petite brune avec de beaux seins naturels et un charmant sourire
Very pretty woman, not a fan of the outfit.
Mina est agaçante car elle semble peu motivée et peu souriante. Son visage est pas mal pourtant et elle a une bouche de bonne gobeuse! J'aime son corps car il est pulpeux et j'aimerais bien lécher son petit ventre dodu , en descendant jusqu'à sa superbe chatte pour la faire hurler de plaisir! Comme ça , elle se dériderait un peu! Et son cul est magnifique et il donne envie de le caresser pendant des heures en accentuant les caresses:) Sa croupe est très accueillante avec son petit oeil bien ouve...
Bof ! on a vu mieux et moins réservée
Mina, j'ai pas vu le sourire. Aurais-je mal vu? Le minou semble interdit. Dommage, peut-être plus tard.
Mina ist absolut heiss
Mina hat einen schönen Körper, nette Brüste und eine glattrasierte Muschi. Sie hat tolle lange Haare und ein schönes Gesicht (in dieser Show mit etwas zu viel Make-up). Ihre Performance ist guter Durchschnitt, besonders die Großaufnahmen der Muschi (von hinten) sind gelungen. Das Outfit reisst mich nicht vom Hocker. (Wertung: 6 von 10 Punkten)
4.0 (3594 votes)

Seaside story

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 25 min.
  • Bonus photos: 40
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 193 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (125)

Mina aka Jana Lysackova is very sexy girl!
Indeed, all the talk about a baby may well have some merit...BUT I think women look absolutely lovely when they are pregnant. Regardless, pregnant or not, Mina is radiant in this card's "show". I also agree wholeheartedly with those who love the women in short skirts with no underwear, that really is appealing to me too. Watch this gorgeous woman with an open mind, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed...at least I certainly I am not disappointed...Not disappointed at all.
This show was excellent and I love Mina.
Shes sexy and she knows it.
Really love this girl. Very nice face with good eye contact, amazing boobs and nice upskirt scenes. All in all nothing to complain about.
Mina (Jana Lysackova) vit en belgique actuellement elle n'a pas d'enfant ^^ et sort avec Demi. Elle était au salon mondial de l'automobile en octobre (2010) en tant qu'hotesse.
Mina es una de mis favoritas.
sexy girl in the world
pregnant, in this card? She's got a beautiful eyes and a deliciuos body...
I've read other comments about this lil darling. I believe I have all of her cards. I don't see a difference in them. (seems if pregnant, the baby would be born by now) not saying I'm right BUT, if she is I only have one complaint. It ain't mine.
Extraordinaria belleza la de esta mujer; su show es realmente fascinante; sus piernas, son preciosas; es sensual y provocativa; tiene unos senos espectaculares; el hecho de llevar la falda sin ropa interior es realmente excitante. Bellos son sus ojos, su boca y su piel, nada de ella desagrada. Feliz de disfrutar de esta preciosidad.
Geil sind trägt Rock ohne String geil aber sie könnte zeigen was sie hat.Aber schönes Girl mit festen Brüsten und geilen Arsch also muss es 10 Punkte geben.
hey peeps wass up i hav this card she a beutiful hot women she makes my day i give her a top 10 of my list.
Sexy lady with a nice body. 10+
This woman is amazing. She has the perfect body and the perfect moves. Definitely gonna get the rest of her collection. I would recommend this to anyone. Even though it doesn't have much in the way of explicitness, she more than makes up fo it with that body.
If I was at her live show I would leave with a smile on my face and no money
Mina has one of the best non-costume cards around. She's hot and with a bikini and denim mini on it's difficult to decide if she looks better in or out of it! 10/10
Daammmnn! Mina is so damn sexy in this card! Mina looks so tasty in the swim suit shes wearing and as if wearing a thong wasn't hot enough she also shows off a nice camel-toe too. One of the best things in this show is when she wears that nice tight little jean skirt with no panties underneath! The tease factor just went up a notch with that one. Very sexy show, very beautiful girl. 10/10
She is so sexy. And she has has quite big boobs and very sexy body and really exciting moves.
Awesome Show! AAA+++
this is one great show. See the skirt in the overview? In many clips she wears nothing under it. So thats 1 bons point for no panties. The Clips declared as Full Nudity would be declared Explicit in other cards. Won't ever understand Totem. Here they have a big chance to declare a card as explicit and they don't do it but on other cards not explicit at all they do. Anyway a clear 10 for me. I waited long to get her as a Trailer(because of Full Nudity only) and now i wish i hadn't. Mina surely is...
This sexy siren has the most perfect body I can ever ask for. She is amazingly sexy and seductive. One of my favorite Model so far.
Mina is stunning she has by far the best body on vg if only she were a blonde omg
Perfect 10!!!!!!!!!!!
I keep coming back for more. ten!!
WOW. Mina is gorgeous... And her body is a 10 !
excelent, very sexy and hot 10+
Lovely woman... nice show... the bodies here are very attractive where slim or meaty...Escpecially like her looks
She is fuckin gorgeous and those perky stand-up and poke u in the face boobs r just perfect,,,, my god, we will trade US gals for a few of those Czech lovelies any day,,, mmmmm , how come they r all so gorgeous and we got all the uglies?
women in Czech Repubilc are this hot and this is a great example...10+ freaking awesome woman!
Wow!!! A great body, Good dance, lovely face. What more can I want, except to have her actually here.
why is this beautiful lady so damn hot
Many of these girls are gorgeous, some are explicit, but I would just love to see them put a dildo in instead of their fingers. A nice big one to bore out that pussy!
She is a very hot woman :). Love her breasts, legs and face... I am not into tatoos so I would give it a miss but at least it's not huge. I gave her a 10 as she is really sexy :)...
mina is hot beutiful long hair and legs nice ass perky breasts all around she is definetly a 10
If i was Adam i would want Mina to be Eve. She has the perfect body and looks.I know she gets some stick in general for having a tiny belly but lets be honest who ever she's with is damn lucky!More Mina please
She has 2 b 1 of d best, perfect body & super cute face, 2 bad all u can giv is a 10!!!
Baby bump? I dont see it. Might be im in love on 1st sight. I hope i can get her on my bed. Very sexy... she never fail to amaze me to no end. Atleast a 9/10 no lesser then that.
I thought that Morgan was tha bomb...till..Mina came on my screen ;-) Mina is just like the girl nextdoor type, and is very natural!!! No fake breasts...just natural and very HOT This is a wanna have....
Oh my! a must have! just too hot to handle.
I have not been able to download a show for more than a week. I think i got ripped off
Such a LADY!
10 +
this is one sexy lady just bought her colection been playing hot in the city by billy idol and it fits in really well
This women is just fucking beautiful!!!!!!!!! A perfect 100
Mina's hoooooooooot!!! I like her so much!:p
She is great, she could move more she is a little slow, she has a great body but doesent like to show it off, to bashfull.
I could watch Mina all day and all night! The girl is HOT!
She is hot, I wish she was my girlfriend
This girl is absolutely sexy i dont think she is fat at all she is gorgeous
What I can say ... 11/10 Perfect !
very good I love you
Mina is really a sexbomb.
Smoking hot show. Nothing gets me hotter than the upskirt no panties thing. A solid 10.
WOW !! Perfection !! Nuff'said 10/10 (^.^)
Wow, Mina is a really special girl, great body, great little mover, never disappoints, I would love to see her in another duo with Nikky Case or maybe Jana H or Lucianna
She is so very ... S E X Y ... that I have to show her off to everyone that comes over to my house!!!! The only bad thing about it is that, only if she was real.. Then I could really enjoy her!!!
This girl has it all, pretty face voluptuous body and she can move. Extremely sexy. Just cann't say enough about her.
Mina is yet another classy lady... she pushes her envelope farther here than in the other released card...love the close ups on this one...cant wait for more of her
Another great card from Mina. She is one of my favourites VirtuaGirl's ever. Can't get enough of her. Highly recommended.
She is far the best and the sexiest girl on that side! well done Mina!
Wow what a great show Mini. Thankyou X & I look forward to more of your shows 11/10 & all the best to you for 2008
Amazing !!!!! She is so incredible hot, I love her, she is too much sexy. You just gonna have her cards !!!
Mina is very attractive and has a nice figure, but she has an edgy kind of look like; You wish. (Tess Lyndon has a simular look). I know she says she's hetro, but I wonder... Whatever... I enjoyed the routine and think she did a good job.
Mina is such a lovely girl, all this talk about a baby may just be true by the look of her belly, not that it isn't just as gorgeous as the rest of her. Pole technique needs a bit of work, but she is sexy and seductive, nice card just the pole dancing that stops me from giving her a 10, I do like a girl that can dance as well as she looks, sweet body every inch of her.
im just an old cowboy thjats traveled halfway around the world in all 4 directions. i must say this lil gal is one of the most attractive and closer to my personal view of perfect that ive seen in over 10 years
Would like to see her not pregnant!!!!!!!
Mina's biggest asset is that European beauty look that so many of us fall in love with. Simply gorgeous face, lips, and long, dark hair.Her boobs are quite nice, They are large and have that effect of spreading to the sides a little when unencumbered, which i kinda like. It's a good effect on Mina. Her pussy and as look ok... nothing too special.The outfit is a great fit for her, The crisp white bikini really contrasts with her tanned complexion and really heps to accentuate her tits and ass.The...
This card seems to have gone chaotic. I specified 'no nudity', and got a dance with the pubes in evidence. I specified 'topless', and got a dance with them more in evidence. I specified full nudity, and got them very much in evidence. I'm not complaining (well, not very much), but classification seems to be in disarray. Oh, yeah, good 9.
I've been waiting for this one for sooooooo long--------------------
Her Labia drive me crazy!!
Hot girl with a boring show. 7/10
Actually, if a chick has got an interesting or sexually appealing look I don't mind if there are no explicit scenes in a show - but somehow Mina, although looking very beautiful, couldn't manage to satisfy me completely. Maybe if there would have been some explicit scenes in the show I had given it a better rating than 9/10?
She's really a hot young woman. Beautiful body, sensual and seductive - very good looking to me. I like her moves very much and the show is as good as some others in my list. Great to have her in my Top10 collection.
This is my first card from Mina ... mmmm, she's a stunning looking woman and I love her long flowing dark hair! Some misguided idiots comment unfavourably on her belly. Funny guys! Forgive me, but I can't see this alleged tummy paunch, but then I live in the real world and not the Hollywood zoo. Mina has a very pretty face and an amazing gorgeous shapely body. Her breasts are absolutely perfect - wonderful natural palm-fillers with sexy and suckable tip-tilted nipples. There's a nice firm but sq...
Seaside Story was my first card and is still my favourite. Mina is so beautiful. Short skirt, no panties and completely shaved makes it the perfect show for me.
this girl just need to work on her abs a bit then she will be perfect, 9/10 !!
she look good but not my favrit
i found her show to be both entertaining and very sexy.
Mina,what more needs to be said!!Shes beautifull and cant get much done when she starts to dance on my lap top!!!!!!I love this site!!!!
what a sexy girl
Sweety your show is super! You are my favourite!!! Kisses
this girl is hot only one show left to get and can't wait
Shes a verry hot girl.She also shows more in this show.A good card to have
very, very simply nice girl!
A perfectly gorgeous young lady. Mina is a natural beauty and my favorite VirtuaGirl. Sexy...very sexy.
nice girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
She looks great and moves well. No explicit content. I love the outfit. 8/10
luvly tits, ass and pussy a real beauty
Mina is a good looking woman with some nice curves. However, her performance wasn't the greatest. The funny thing is I can't tell you exactly why I think this. I just found it lack luster so I gave her a 8/10. Strickly because of her body though.
This girl is SMOKIN HOTT! You have to luv the way she moves....If you don't, u must be gay!!!! Luv Ya Mina....if your ever in Dallas, give me a call baby!! I will have somethin 4 ya!!
Gotta love the face. Very alluring overall. I love this card because she just really bares down all nude in contrast to some I've seen here. She has a slight belly, not extremely bothersome however. 8/10
hot and beautiful. one of my fav. brunettes. pity that she has no explicit show here.
She Looks at you and locks you in for the rest of the show...
Mina, Mina, Mina... You'd be so hot if you'd just loose that tummy pouch!! Crunches, Butterflies, Hanging leg raises, whatever, just do it! A pretty nice show & explicit, even though she's not much with the pole, but TMT (too much tummy)!! 8 for her poses.
Sorry ... but this show is fair ta middlin ... Adrianna M Red Fire puts her to shame . Beatrixdown on all fours of course rules second place .
Nice slow moves of her nice body is fascinating. I recomend this card. 9 points.
she's cute, and I love the outfit, but the cards missing some dance. no explicit, not enough movement, and she needs to smile. Like the girl, but this cards lacking. 7/10. It's good, but don't necessarily recommend it above the others.
Not bad, but I'd swear she looks like she's about 6 weeks pregnant...
Nice face, good rack, but that skirt isnt very flattering. I liked the upskirt with no panties though, nice touch.
I thought these girls are supposed to stri i aint seen one of them take no clothes off!!! Am i doig ometing wrong/
I am REALLY disappointed in this girl! I have 3 cards by her, and all of them she's pregnant in, and sucks!! It's like she is afraid to perform at all! VG should NOT let pregnant women do this since it's obvious they are more distracted with the baby in the bun than anything!
She got big tits though, she got big belly,too! Don't you think so?
Beautiful girl.
Tout est bon chez elle, y'a rien à jeter!Et se noyer dans son regard!...
Mina, tu es splendide: des yeux extaordinaires, un corps magnifique, tu allumes le feu sans aucun doute
Super süße geile Stute dieses Girl, beim Anblick ist ein Ständer garaniert!!! Volle Punktzahl 10
Diese geile Sau (sorry, aber besser kann man es einfach nicht ausdrücken) ist derzeit meine absolute Favoritin. Dies ist einer der wenigen Körper, der nicht künstlich wirkt. Die Figur ist perfekt. Das Gesicht ist sehr hübsch. Diese Frau ist einfach heiß! Ich würde 20 Punkte geben, aber leider geht's nur bis 10.
ich muss mich euch anschließen, die is so hammer geil,.. da wächst mir glatt mein rohr *pfeiff, hehe
Mina è proprio una gran bella gnocca! ^_^ Ha un viso bellissimo, belle tette e un corpo da sballo! XD Quando poi si sfila le mutandine e continua a ballare in minigonna è molto eccitante! Anche il suo modo di ballare è molto sexy. WOW! XD Voto: 9,5!
Mina est une fille superbe mais un peu distraite, souvent elle oublie de mettre sa petite culotte sous sa jupe en jean, un vrai régal pour les yeux.
Mina hat etwas verträumtes an sich,Ihr unschuldiger Blick der reist mich wirklich vom Hocker.Ihr Körper,wirklich makelos.Sie bekommt auf jedenfall von mir die höchste Punktzahl 10 einfach Klasse ihre Bewegungen.
Très mignonne... Dommage que son tatouage, sur sa fesse gauche, ne soit pas très visible
Hübsches nahtlos braun gebranntes Girl mit dunklen Haaren, dass gern ihre blitzblank rasierte Muschi zeigt. Die Brüste haben die perfekte Größe und die Performance ist gut. Der Körper ist fast perfekt, lediglich der kleine Bauchansatz könnte noch wegtrainiert werden. (9 von 10 Punkten).Alter: 23 Jahre, Größe: 1,69 m, 89/63/89, Gewicht: 48,5 kg, BMI: 17, THV: 0,714 Kopfhaar: schwarz, Schamhaar: komplett rasiert, Piercings: keine, Tattoos: Po
Beaux yeux bleus, regard envoûtant, jolis petits seins fermes, un cul divin, Mina est vraiment une superbe fille. Pour ne rien gâcher, elle bouge très bien, son show est très sensuel. Seul regret, un peu court.
jolie brunette avec un corps parfait. elle ne nous cache rien, mais sa jolie petite chatte que ses doigts n'osent pas approcher de trop près mériterait plus de caresses
Mina hat einen schönen Körper, nette Brüste und eine glattrasierte Muschi. Sie hat tolle lange Haare und ein schönes Gesicht. Der Bikini ist heiss, und der Minirock ohne Slip darunter einfach nur GEIL! Die Schuhe sind eher langweilig. Ihre Performance in dieser Show ist wirklich sehr erotisch (deutlich besser als ihre anderen), vor allem die Blicke unter den Rock machen mich an. Aber auch ihre geile rasierte Muschi sitzend auf dem Hocker zu sehen ist sehr lecker. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet...
Quel gachis! Cette fille a un corps sublime, un joli visage mais son show est fade, ne monte pas en puissance...faut apprendre à sourire jeune fille!
Ou sont les clips explicites de Mina ?? c'est frustrant, d'autant que son show est bon, qu'elle se caresse assez bien le corps mais pas le minou tout ça c'est moyen, heureusement on la voit en gros plan lorsqu'elle se met entièrement nue et on peu bien voir ses petites lèvres; 8/10
jolie mais impeut trop enrobee pour mon gout dommage elle est belle
Show pas mal mais pour l'explicite faut pas compter dessus . 6/10
na, not for me
3.3 (1735 votes)

Honolulu with Nikky Case

  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 47
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 385 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (52)

She is very sexy!
I have read several comments about these girls being boring. This is a lie, they are very good together. If you are having second thoughts about getting them, go for it.
Nikky Case dans toutes ses prestations demeure Nikky Case, une beauté transcendante comme celle qui font le gratin des concours de beauté ou des pages de Playboy. Ajoutez deux modèles de bikini bien choisis et la hâte de s'en défaire. Le charme fait le reste, sûr.
wondermix, we love'em
great bodies, ok show
Mina needs to cut down on that Czech beer. I hear it's good but she puts on more weight every new card. The cold careless look doesn't work. These two girls are very boring. 5/10
To every one that has posted a comment to the effect of "the girls don't seem to like to touch each other"; If you had watched their interviews they Both say that they are Completely Heterosexual. How enthusiastic would you be about fondling another naked guy on film? I think Nikky Case is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON THE PLANET, bar none. Mina is gorgeous also. I am more than happy to pay to watch them doing Anything. When either one of them appear on my desktop I immediately stop what I am doin...
I've been waiting for this card since I got "Christmas Jewele" is my introductory selection in January and it has been worth waiting for, they are no longer my favourite duo since I discovered Cabiria & Carmen Gemini but they are a close second I'm just pissed that I've only got 3 of each of them solo, more please!
these two work great together, excelent show and interesting to watch
Oh my, these 2 are AMAZING together, their bodies compliment each other beautifully.... fav show so far
Gorgeous and seductive, behind the simply stunning sandra h & viki this is one of the best duo's on VGHD. Fabulous.
Wow, stunning. Thankyou Mini & Nikky Case, A must have card. 11/10 & all the best to you both for 2008 X
+ 1 for duo show two pretty girls + 1 for outfit
Two very cute girls... However, after seeing Nikky Case in some real lesbian sex in several rare scenes, I must admit that the kisses in this card looked more like "sister kisses" than real lover kisses.What happened ? I don't know, but what I do know is that Nikki Case can be MUCH more enthusiast.But it is still a good card, in my opinion.
Bre16anne (is Mina pregnant?0 yes in her video Mima told the interviewer
Mina is still great, no matter what anybody says. Upon further review, Nikky's ass takes the prize. I would have lost that bet. Great asses are a thing of beauty. 2 great asses in 1 show is priceless. Mina- I Do.
Very good duo! Excellent interaction between these lovely natural girls :) and nice moves too. Not much clothes for real strip - 9 from me :)
Two amazing and beautiful girls. This duo is really hot and sexy. The show is great and gets a straight 9. The tickets are put on really well.
Best duo animation 2008.
Great card, very nice duo, but it will be perfect if it haved some explicity shows.
Good show, gorgeous girls
The only reason I downloaded this show was the mention of the "baby bump" on the below posts. I gotta say, it's barely noticeable but it's there. I love pregnant women, they have a natural glow. The interaction between the two on this isn't that great. But both girls are hot and Mina is glowing beautifully. I would give it a 10 just for that, but the show lacks what a Duo show shouldn't lack: interaction. So I'm going to give this show an 8. I'd like to see her stripping when she's a bit more pr...
Non male il vostro show Piccole! Siete veramente Sexy ed Eccitanti, poi 2 Fiche al prezzo di una è ancora meglio da vedersi !! Wow!!
not a bad show but they need to move as one they look like they had to guess what to do next
there's nothing worth watching on this one...boring
Really sexy and beautiful girls. However they acted more as sisters than as girlfriends...
Pros: Nicky Chase Cons: Minayou can see nikky actually trying to make a connection but mina is completely unresponsive, makes no eye contact with nikky or the camera so has no Idea of what is going on.Nikky makes her best effort to play along with soulless Mina but without success. good effort my dear.However, I wont delete this card as just the sight of Nikky saves this card.
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
VGHD is just like a real strip club with their own knocked up bitch, I give this one a 7 for keeping it real
Nicky & Mina are two sweet beauties.Ever have a lover who had a nice round belly & you'd come up behind her, hug her belly from behind as it pooched over the top of skin tight jeans, & said to her "Oh baby,your belly is like another tit?" That's how I see Mina's tum tum!Luscious bunny pucker pillows on both girls help the sway to be more interesting.Beautiful breasts claim my eyes often throughout this set.Great babeage here! BUT ..like many duos here it serves mostly as a nice intro to two girl...
Okay but not that special. Not that much chemistry between them, and the bikinis do nothing for me.
Very disappointing!
i bought this card because Mina is in it, her looks blow me away every time!!! The show is a little bit boring, and the girls don't like to touch each other so it looks... overal the looks are there but there is no action...
So far, I'm not liking it. I like the girls, espeically Nikky, but it looks like they don't like each other., they won't touch each other at all. I'm critical of duos anyway, but they need to do more than just stand there naked. At times, Mina looks distracted by something off camera, and on one occasion, Nikky looks bored. I kept waiting for something to happen, and nothing did. dissapointing. 6/10: not recommended.
I agree with Buck, don't waste the credits, what a disappointment. Hot or not they bored the crap out of me. Don't put two girls in a show, if they're not going to get hot and heavy. 0/0
ok i love Nikky Case very much but this show is not so good... ladies are so beautiful but there are lots of things missing in this show... :(
Why even bother I know that was a bad show . Nice bodies and afraid to show it .Need to MORE laid- back .We would enjoy the show more Thnx MJ
Never thought a 2 girl card could be so completely freaking boring. Here's some info... if the girls look bored and disinterested, guess what? It has exactly the same effect on a viewer. I swear, Nikky even rolls her eyes at one point!Complete FAIL. Not even worth 1 credit. 0/10
one is pregnant and one is pissed off. All in all It sucks.
ok only 1 word: sucks!
Yipes. Mina's got a little baby bump and Nikki's afraid to touch her anywhere above the waist. Given their other duo, this could have been quite hot had the timing been better, but...yipes.
They need to send Mina back were she came from, @lest till she drops that child she has in her. They are as boring as most of the females on here. I gave this one a 1 cause of Nikky and her beauty. Other than that they don't deserve ZIP!
Totally boring
A ces deux-là! Beau tandem et superbes rondeurs. Dommage ce manque d'ouverture (hum, hum!) et de conviction dans les gestes.
Nice duo show, beautiful girls. I like.
Ein super heißes Duo. Wobei natürlich die sexy Mina bei mir in diesem Fall den Vorzug erhält. :-) Wer dieses Duo sich holt wird nicht enttäuscht. 9 Punkte
Sowohl Nikky Case als auch Mina sind beide sehr attraktiv. In dieser Show haben sie zwar nicht viel auszuziehen für eine Stripshow, dennoch ist die Show sehr nett. Die Interaktion zwischen beiden ist so, wie man es von einem "Duo" erwartet. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man allerdings vergeblich. Die Videoqualität ist etwas schlechter als bei den Solo-Shows, und der Rechner hat natürlich mehr zu tun, als wenn nur ein Girl zu sehen ist. Ich pers. bevorzuge lieber Soloshows... (Wertung: 7 von 1...
Deux très jolies filles incontestablement, mais le show n'a vraiment que peu d'intérêt, à quoi bon un duo dans ces conditions, peu ou pas de contact, on bouge mollement l'une à coté de l'autre, je ne suis vraiment pas convaincu.
Un show plutôt bon. Nikky et Mina sont mignonnes et sexy mais je ne suis pas du tout fan de leur tenue, leurs maillots de bain ne me plaisent pas du tout et leur maquillage est moins réussi également. Je ne suis pas vraiment fan non plus de leurs interaction s dans ce show non plus. Ma note : 07/10
Mesdames et Messieurs circulez! Y a rien à voir!
belles filles mais pas trop explicite
3.8 (1997 votes)

Special unit

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 207 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (79)

Superbe fille, un corps de rêve, le show mériterait une réédition aux conditions techniques d'aujourd'hui.
Great show from Mina again. Very sexy and love the outfit.
Mina is one of the all around hottest girls on VG. She somehow comes off as being a bit shy while flaunting a perfect natural body. One of my favorites.
Nice brown haired babe.
Mina is so sexy with eyes to make any man droole; I used her pictures and did a small slideshow videoclip and I can tell you that on the Panasonic 58in 3D Blu-ray Plasma screen she is tremendously sensual with her FULL flesh ie. lips, pussy (ecspecially when viewing from the rear) etc. Forget about the VGHD Bonus Videos as they have the same music with some of them of poor quality which do not reflect the qualities of some of the VGHD Girls; like Mina, you just need to make your own HD, Blu-ray...
She looks so hot.
all I got to say about this is" Owooooooooo" I need her
Another very fine performance by Mina! 10+
love the show need some more
Gorgeous girl! Love the way she moves and she is oh-so sexy! One of the best looking girls on here.
GORGEOUS GIRL!! Body is crazy. Get this show. I would do anything she wanted me to (to her or her friends and family).
Very attractive woman and worth downloading. i'm definately going to get more of her shows.
Mina! Very beautiful girl! It is very sexual! On such it is possible to marry and love its one all life! I madly want it!
One of my favourites. Mina has a great body and soo sexy. Just breathtaking.
Mina gives an amazing show, as always. While some may disagree with me on this, I think she's got the most amazing eyes. I like the way she moves, extremely sexy show. Highly recommended, at least from me. Perfect score.
This is just finger licking good, Damn!!!!! an 11 Totem, get girls with full figures just like this young lady. Put her with Sharka Blue and let them go for it, down and dirty.
Love the outfit. Good Show. Great Body.
I have to get a new keyboard now because of her the amount of drooling my god!
Lovely lady, quite seductive I must agree...look forward to more from her.
She's HOT! My main squeeze says she would do her in a heartbeat! I just love CRAZY BITCHES!
watching her right now and she is very beautiful - she has another one of the perfect bodies dances pretty good too. I love Mina, wish i could meet her
It is great show
Definitely one of the sexiest girls on the site. Her show is amazing, I can watch is non-stop for hours.!!
The only thing I can say, she is perfect!
Wow, I thought her Christmas show with Nikky Case was great, but Mina on her own is just as special, what a girl!
Mina is one class act... I place her at the top with Sandra H. and Jana
Mina is great, Mina is best!
I like the booty shorts in this one. I'd tear dat ass up, girl. Good job, keep shakin' dat ass like dat.
I realy like this girl, verry hot and real body,I hope you guys have more of her comeing our way.
With her perky little breasts and tight ass, Mina is the very definition of "eye candy". A definite pleaser!
Short and sweet this giel is hot a must have
She's really sexy!
I just bought this show after seeing her on VirtuaGirl 2 and wow, she is even hotter on VirtuaGirlHD. Thank-you Totem for bringing her to HD. This card is highly recommended for anyone looking to expand their collection of beauties.Roll on more Mina cards to HD.
Thankyou Mini for all your shows. 11/10 You always bring my laptop to life. We got our wish for you to come to VGHD LOL. I look forward to see more of you. Thankyou "x" Also all the best to you for 2008. Happy New Year
she is a Pretty Lady
Not a fan of the outfit but what a great natural breasted beauty
Dark sexy eyes.hair, with long legs and body this card is hot sesnaul and sexy----a keeper guys
I've got nothing anyone else didn't already say, love the show.
Mina is a remarkable find. She will let you support the troops while enjoying what feels like a real woman body. Young and fresh, she smiles just enough to catch you looking her over. These boots seem like common footware for virtuagirlhd, not my first pick, but Mina makes them look good. Her white necklace does the trick keeping your eyes in all the right places. You buy this card because she brings on a show you will always enjoy.
This is my second show from Mina and once again I find her soooo easy on the eye. She has such a perfect body. I love those sexy tip-tilted breasts and I love the way her peachy buttocks peep out from those wonderful tight hotpants. Mina is a wonderfully sensuous performer and there is real tease in the way she pulls her hotpants down over her swaying bottom. The only thing I don't care for in this particular show is the footwear. More insightly high platforms! But Mina has produced another ente...
Wow thats all you can say WOW!
Perfect breasts, what else can I say. I hope she stays natural. Just amazing to have her on my screen. A surely must have.
She's really hot. Beautiful body, sensual and seductive. I like her moves and the show very much. Great to have her in my collection.
sensual body... nice pus** good show worth it totally...
If one day i wanted to be married i would choose a girle whom hade your eyes and your smile Mina. Love your works, i wish i could know where you are from?
cute and lovely i love fer cute short!
She is really nice!!!! but.... is she pregnant??
good quality and error free download. 9/10
Mina is the ultimate girl next door dream. She has everything from auburn hair to a hot, natural body and beautiful gray eyes. I will definitely be looking at more cards from this desktop dancer.This card features a so-so outfit that Mina looks great in, but that isn?t really anything special otherwise. Mina doesn?t have a lot of desktop dancing ability, but she is good at basic striptease and makes good eye contact as well. She maintains a half-sweet, half-sultry demeanor that?s provocative as...
Mina is always one of the best girls on VGHD, she is very very to hot, but I have to say that I don't like very much this card, becouse her outfit is too simple and there are none explicity shows, maybe this can be her worst card. So in overall I give here an 8/10.
Pros:Like the outfit(9/10). Its sexy & compliments her body & style well. Amazing looking girl(9.5/10). Beautiful face, long legs, nice shapely ass, & amazing all natural breasts. Very very sexy.Cons:Moves(8/10). Pretty limited here. A lot of dancing in the same place & repeats the same things over & over. Sexiness(7.5/10). Her body is amazing, but her posing & teasing are almost non-existent. No explicit clips in this card. Card length is a measly 26 mins.Overall:Average card that could've been...
Always a great show from Mina
Her single flaw is that tattoo. Otherwise, she'd be a 10. Very nice in spite of it!!
Great body, I just wish she would smile more and look like she is having fun with what she's doing.
Like her other card, lacks anything explicit, but that may be the only problem. She is flat out hot, with a hint of cuteness. She has perfect breasts, and I like the outfit as well. She's not the best out there, but she's good, and sells it on flat out hotness. solid 8/10
Guys - Mina has the best tits - download her show is my advice.
Mina is a very pretty girl with nice (but not outstanding) legs and ass, and a top notch rack (tits) similar in size and shape to LUCIANNA's. Decent girl, decent show, nice addition to my collection.
I like Mina but this is not her best card. Don't pay two tickets for it. In fact dont pay one she has better cards. It is mainly the outfit does not fit her percived persona. YMMV
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; Small to Natural Large Breast 10; Boots, Stockings or gloves -3;
who is watching her shoes dumb ass............
very beatyful girl, but boring show
Un peu décevant, c'est une sainte ni-touche, on se régale pas trop avec elle sur ce show, un peu boudinée, très pudique, et elle n'enlève pas ses bottes, déçu... Moi qui suis fétichiste des pieds mais dans le soft et bien je n'ai pas eu ce que j'attendais d'elle... suivante.
Simple and neat, nothing out of the blues, and yet worth a view. A baby pussy, wasnt that bad after all. Nothing explicit, simply a musuem.
Sorry people... I really dont like her in "this" show...
Nice body but her moves are like watching your dad dance at a wedding!
elle est très belle un bon show
Mais quel canon cette fille, j'ai rarement vu une fille aussi belle qu'elle est elle mérite bien la note que je lui est donner c'est à dire 10/10 Grand bravo à toi miss, est continue de nous faire rêver ^^
pour moi c'est vraiment la meilleur !!! je lui met 10/10... je vous la conseille
Mina, eres una chica guapisima. Quizás esa pequeña tripita te hace interesante frente a otras chicas con un cuerpazo perfecto.
Che bocce... e che culo!
Un bon show. Mina est mignonne et sexy et la tenue l'est également. Cependant je ne suis pas fan du maquillage ni de la couleur du costume, le vert ne va pas forcément bien au teint. Ma note : 08/10
Geile Klamotte an einem heißen Körper. Mina hat perfekt geformte Brüste und eine sehr erotische Ausstrahlung.Sie streichelt sehr gekonnt ihren Body und hält profesionell Augenkontakt. Sie könnte allerdings etwas mehr zeigen. --- H O T ---
Nachdem Mina sich des schrecklichen grünen Outfits entledigt hat, präsentiert sie ihren weiblichen, nahtlos gebräunten und (bis auf das Kopfharr) haarfreien Körper. Die Show ist eher langweilig. Die Bewegungen sind langsam und unspektakulär. Beim Streicheln ihres Körpers lässt Mina die hübsche Muschi leider aus. Ihr Gesicht ist sehr hübsch; in der Show wirkt es aber langweilig und nur selten anmachend. 7 PunkteAlter: 23 Jahre, Größe: 1,69 m, 89/63/89, Gewicht: 48,5 kg, BMI: 17, THV: 0,714 Kopfha...
Mina hat einen schönen Körper, nette Brüste und eine geile glattrasierte Muschi. Sie hat tolle lange Haare und ein schönes Gesicht (mit etwas zu viel Make-up). Das Army-Outfit ist sexy. ihre Performance in dieser Show ist gut, und ihre geile rasierte Muschi sieht man immer wieder gerne. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man leider vergeblich. (Wertung: 7 von 10 Punkten)
Nice looking woman.
Gutes Aussehen.....ja Das war es aber auch in dieser Show......langweiliges hin und her gewackel und ein Gesichtsausdruck wie...."Muss das sein ?" Gestern bekommen heute von der Platte gebannt.....Mina hat bessere Shows.....
3.5 (2040 votes)

Christmas jewels with Nikky Case

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 33
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 336 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (58)

They are very sexy!
Two gorgeous ladies in Christmas Red--there is nothing sexier than that! Both are beautiful and sensual, but I favor Nikky. To me Nikky is the prettiest of the two and I love her slender legss and her long pretty hair and pretty eyes! I agree the action in tis card is lamish, but I still recomend te card for the pretty sights. I give the card a 10.
Two lovely girls, good show.
In The Moment of Creation..."I am yours & always shall be" & "Live Long & Prosper to All"...and man will live forever more because of Christmas Day...may The Spirit of Truth,Love & Family last with us forever...& I would imagine that I also Romped,Played & had fun with ALL of you.Thanks...God be Praised & may God Bless.
Mary Christmas to me. although this duo aint much of a duo, I gotta have all of them.
Very CUTE... Love it!
I love this set.. i am looking forward to more duo/trio holiday sets... well... i would love to have Christmas in June this year? ..... slim..
Wonderful Card and Beautiful Girls,
Αγιοβασίλη μου γλυκέ σ'ευχαριστώ για το δωράκι σου αυτό
perfect girls i love them!!!
Happy New Year for the cuties Nikky Case and Mina ! I had held a grand celebration at last night with them . We made love between two years and I had exploded for three times on their faces . In fact , on my computer monitor !! Hehe . . . hehe he . . . . . .
Can I have Mina wrapped up and given to me for next Christmas? :)
Thanks TOTEM for the free ticket.
Please, more of Mina!!!
je t adore beaucoup vous trés jolies noel
i love them both very lovely ladys
I would love to eat these two for the holidays. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!! I wish they were under my tree.
Very nice, and its great to watch them on my laptop. They bring the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning***** Very Very nice and real beautiful girlsxx A Very Merry Christmas To You both Nikky Case and Mina xxxxxxxxxx
two of my preferet girl two pretty girls + 1 for outfit
I miss in this show one thing. I'd like to see they kiss each other. Yes, that i misss...
A nice card to use for Christmas time. The 2 models are great , and we all know this. An only ting that I don't like, is the way that they dance, I can't understand !!!
i wish i had these two for a christmas gift... :D Very well done!!!
Two amazing and beautiful girls. This duo is really hot as they're. The show is hot and gets a straight 9. The tickets are put on really well.
Thanks too to TOTEM for the free ticket. :-))))
A great xmas gift!!! Thanks TOTEM!!! With a xmas background and xmas song, the 'Xmas Jewels' dance and strip in my desktop, giving me a beautiful and hot Christmas day!!!
Wow ! Wow !! Wow !!! Gran bella idea , le 2 "Mamme Natale" sono proprio indovinate direi visto il periodo !! Quello che conta è che sono le "Mamme Natale" più Sexy, Bone ed Eccitanti delle festività natalizie !!! WOOOOOOWWWW !!!!!!
Definately one of the best duos. Great costumes and a lot of chemistry. Makes me think of what I really want for Christmas! Thank you Nikky and Mina!!
RATING CHANGES, effective March 1, 2009 1. Natural Beauty 10; 2. Shaved / Smoothie 10; 3. Small to Natural Large Breast 10; 10 + 10 +10 = 30 / 3 = 10 - STARTING TOTALS . Minus a. Clean shaved w/ some hair -1; b. Clean Shaven w/ bikini line full bush -3; c. Tattoos Identified in categories: small but discreet -2; d. Tattoos Identified in categories: but large -3; e. Tattoos NOT Identified in categories: -5; f. Boots, Stockings or Gloves -3; g. Over done Body Piercings -3; h. Just does not look Na...
boring but i want to bite nikki behind....
definitely a pair of hotties here both have great bodies with perky racks. The costumes were a nice touch, but both of them could have interacted with each other a bit more. Still very hot show. 8*
Two beautiful women, but this show was very very TAME !!
Nikky Case and Mina get a rating of 7.5
This decent enough card features two sexy ladies. Wish they could look a bit more interested though.
Nikky Case is one of my favourites, but this showjust lets me down, its as if she loses all sense of rythm and grace when she's with another girl.
Needs more interaction between them.Also,it could do with being a bit more explicit..
Las chicas están guapas, pero el baile entre las dos no me convenció. Es como que simplemente se movieran por moverse, simulando bailar. Como que les faltó entrega y pasión al baile
Unless you're a fan of duos that do nothing, don't waste your time or bandwidth with this card. This is another one of Totem's "no show" cards. For those of you wondering why there are so many cards with no pussy showing, ask yourself a question. If you pay minimum wage, what do you get? Minimum performance. Even though they're making money hand over fist, I think they're too cheap to pay the models a decent fee, so most don't give their all. Can anyone find a flaw in that theory? One plus for t...
Apart from the apparent timidity in the dancing these girls are georgeous. However the description of this show was "SEXUALLY EXPLICIT BEHAVIOUR" where is it???? Rating 6 becasue of this. Who writes the descriptions - VERY DECEPTIVE"
This card isn't all that great, mediocre at best. I love the costumes but the girls just are not into it at all and it shows. In addition to the lack of enthusiasm the moves are boring and robotic like cwvruic said.
Beautiful but boring: Nikky Case is a stunner as always, and this is definitely the best I've seen Mina look, but the dance for this card is mindbogglingly boring. It's like watching one of those dance circles that forms at parties. The girls' movement is made up of slight, repetitive movements largely confined to their individual areas, usually ones like tossing their skirts around apathetically or looking around as if for a clock. I've seen much better performances from each of these girls whe...
Great girls, great theme, NO ACTION... Very disappointing 4/10
For Nikky Case and Mina with there being two of them,I expected more then that out of them very sexy but they hide thier boobs with there hiar most of the time,and I can see thongs a the beech all the time they need to step it up alittle
Not too much interesting, almost the same moves in every show.
my bad 4 buying it 3/10
Very awkward oviosly it doesnt look like they want to dance with eachother it was ok
Okay, so i don't know where to begin with this one; such a sexy pair up, and an amazing costume set up. however, when i read that these girls were actually partners in real life, i was shocked to see their dance. It looked like one didn't even want to be touched or to even touch one of the other. she was pulling away when one went to kiss her and it just seemed awkward for them to be on stage together.... i don't know, i expected more. but they are still both very sexy. i gave it a 3/10 but in a...
deny/sandra sanchez, sandra h/ viki, cabiria/ carmen: good duos( as good as can be found on the site anyway. if the girls are unwilling to at least match those performances, please dont make any more duo cards. you should at least not make duo cards with models that dont like other girls and say so in thier interviews! that said, i dont care that these two arent like carmen/cabiria....i do min that they are clearly uncomfortable with each other. its awkward to watch as they seemed forced to be t...
Explicit my ass!!! Nice thought about giving Christmas gift, but please, next time do it with girls that DON' T get so BORED during the shooting!!!
Just Boring... the girls don't don't like to really touch each other and the 'dancing' is like an animation with 2 Barbie's :/
Very dissappointing... nuff said.
L'ayant sur mon bureau, je puis assurer que la petite tenue de Noel reste érotique toute l'année.
Un show parfait. Nikky et Mina sont très belles et sexy en Mère Noël qui leur va bien. Et pour ne rien gâcher elles sont très joueuses … Ma note : 10/10
Ja Weihnachten kann kommen. Zwei heiße Girls in einer Show. Schade nur, dass dort die Chemie der beiden nicht passt. Jede tanzt für sich. Das schmälert den Spaß ihnen zuzusehen doch erheblich. Outfit ist ok. Gebe den Ladys trotzdem noch eine 8.
ca donne envie de croire au pere noel lol
Ce n'est pas la saison du père noël, elles n'ont pas leur place sur VGHD.
Sowohl Nikky Case als auch Mina sind beide sehr attraktiv. Diese Show gefällt mir dennoch nicht all zu sehr, denn sie sind zwar die ganze Zeit dabei den anderen irgendwie zu streicheln, erotisch ist aber was anderes. Das Weihnachtsoutfit ist im Dezember natürlich eine nette Idee, aber auch nur dann. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man vergeblich. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)

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