• City: Warsaw
  • Country: Poland
  • Age: 22 y.o.
  • Height: 5.28 ft.
  • Weight: 106 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 25.5" / 35"

Marta may look familiar to some of you because she has appeared in Playboy magazine and several other top tier mens publications. In all of them she attracted plenty of adoring fans and those were just still-frame images. Here on iStripperHD you can see Marta make the most of her opportunity to move around and showcase her beautiful body for you!

Number of shows: 12

4.4 (811 votes)

Sweet evening

  • Shows: 26 clips
  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 591 MB
  • 1080p: 875 MB

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User comments (40)

Such Luxurious Beauty! I don't ever want to take my eyes off of this girl.
More Marta, more!
She is gorgeous. Totally!
marta marta marta !
a perfect woman with a high sexual body , also your eyes take me with you in mine greatest sexlife and fantasie. Go so on mine dear,xxx(i like you very much baby)
Some say Marta is perfect. No she isnt! Some say she is a Goddess. Well may be she is! the Black One! Some argue about her tits. Who cares? When I see her eyes I just know I am gonna enjoy her fantastic show whatever she is gonna do! Marta looks stunningly sitting on the taskbar! Btw good choice republishing this to full HD! Marta is the best when watching her closely. so if you like MArta or like her pictures this card is a MUSTHAVE! no doubt 10!
Oooohhhhh Marta !!!! Thank you for exist !!!! I have no words, everytime I see a clip af her card, just simply fantastic in all !!! She is my type of girl, the kond of girl thath I like. I love you Marta, I hope to see you here on VG forever, you simply drive me crazy !!! 10 +++++ Of course reccomended at all !!!
all i can say is that this card of marta is the very best of her. It*s so fucking thrilling to watch her dance in this show, i just can't get enough... perfect Marta, absolutely perfect
Thank you, VG for converting this to 1080p!! This card was great before, but now it's even better!
I wish that she had a Desk Babes card.
Hands down my favorite card on this cite. Marta literally has me drooling every time. It's the eyes; her eyes break down all your defenses and then her body overwhelms you. She's just way too sexy... and as a bonus, she's wearing my favorite hairstyle in this performance. She is a Goddess, ALL HAIL MARTA!
very perfect girl that you are. Your body makes me hot,your eyes mekes me dizzy. I think for me you are marveless and very sexy!!
Marta my dear is living loving art, a sheer heart attack in black as night's sweet dreams.
She is a beautiful woman :)
Marta is amazing, a dream of a thousand and one night .. 10,10,10! The most beautiful legs I've ever seen, fabulous tits, face and eyes to love, pussy rocking! She moves her body in a sublime way, so sensual, so sexy! A dream polish, a special person to be admired in all its glory!! Marta always the best!!! ... sorry for my english ...
WOW! Marta is back with a vengeance to show once again why she is THE hottest girl on here. a new look, but still the favorite I have come to love and adore. more explicit, more smokin' and more fun if that's possible. just goes to show that some of the girls actually read the comments. thanks for the personal note, Marta. I am looking forward to yet even more shows from you! I have always thought you were perfect from the first card I bought, and now even more so. this and her other new shows i...
Wow! Also fabulous with those his legs is always sexy with that adorable face,adorable legs and feet 10/10
Hot as ALWAYS.
When I saw the trailer - I couldn't resist - Her legs are out of this world; and her legs and thighs are perfectly proportioned, nice arches too and she is right at home in those pumps. Beautiful body. I Love how she moves and pose too, Knows how to be sexy and make you Adore Her.
Marta est trop sexy trop hot!!!!!!!!!
always a 10...marta *exudes* sex & her darker look is hot as hell!
I would love to lick every inch of Marta's fantastic body!!!!
This diminutive diva has always been a vixen, but now 332 card numbers since her first card she is also uninhibited with plenty of nether shots showing her entirely downward facing vulva that is hidden in every frontal view. Marta is an optimally buxom pixie whose return to vghd is so welcome. Marta presents herself as the horny babe that makes me horny that I came here to see. I gotta go 10/10 for the new Marta. Luv ya babe.
Pros - Marta hits on all cylinders on this one, slow and sumptuousCons - ZeeeeroooooEver have everything come together for you as it should? Marta has that on this card. It's one of those great days for her. 10 out of 10.
dem kann man nur zustimmen - Marta alle cards sind große Klasse, mit eine meiner ersten Mädels, schön das es so viele schöne cards von ihr gibt - würd sie auch gern mal bei DeskBabes erleben !! weiter so, volle 10 !!!
This is a great show! When Marta comes on the screen it feels like the sun just came out.She is a pure natural beauty, physically my idea of perfection with a cheerful friendly personality that makes her very endearing. Long may she be this way.Thank you Marta you are my star!I hope Virtuagirl will have the sense to ask her back again. HINT HINT.
I'm not really qualified to judge Marta on her dancing skills, but I know what I like, and Marta has ALWAYS pleased me. In fact, when my computer's storage limitations let me keep only twenty or so cards, Marta's always stayed (along with JoJo's, Morgane's and Melisa's) and she will always be one of my favorites.
Will miss Marta this being her last card. This card is the main reason Marta needs to be on Deskbabes. Please make it so.
Marta, you do look beautiful in this little black number! xx
A classic little black dress for Marta in this one, but there's something in her overall look that is extraordinarily beautiful here, so don't let a less than flattering card pic fool you.On the task-bar Marta was simply magnificent. Mostly slow and sensual, but unbelievably sexy. In fact this is among the most erotically charged performances I've ever seen on VG. The way she connects with the viewer through the camera in particular is absolutely electrifying. Combined with Marta's delightful ch...
Whole package looks very inviting. Nice job on the breasts. Very sexy blue eyes to look into.
i have all her collection and am never disappointed in any.recommend to any boob lover
Wunderbare schwarze Haare, schöner Körper, für meinen Geschmack aber zu große Brüste. 9/10
Hats off to Marta for a great, artistic and tasteful show! Here, a most creative virtua girl plays out yet another markedly different theme in a really good, crafted strip show that lasts over 35 minutes.This show's entertainment value derives from Marta's fluid, slow movements, and her persuading me that she wants me - what an actress! Marta does get totally naked, which is nice, but I can't imagine her cavorting on DeskBabes.Sexy, seductive Marta managed to make the show feel private and perso...
Marta's second set of cards (885-890) are all much better than her first set (353-358). She has lost weight and looks more athletic. Her fake boobs look somehow less fake than the massive balloons of her earlier cards. Totem has done a better job of producing the later shows with the new camera.This show might be the best of the new cards. Easily worth one ticket if you can find it on special offer.
Schöne show, outfit nicht ganz so schön aber Ihre Titten sind doch Grandos.
Nice and sexy babe.
Huh, wouldn't it be nice to have Marta back? I'm betting she has only gotten more beautiful with the years...
Einmal, meine männlichkeit in ihrem Hinterteil !
Fantastic, always puts a smile on my face when I watch her.
4.3 (555 votes)

Happy land

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 69
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 468 MB

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User comments (24)

So very Happy!
Being with Marta ould surly put me in Happy Land!
And it is a 10 on this card too, she don't miss a card ;-) she is faboulous, her body talks it self, she rocks, simply hot. I repeat again, you most have all of her cards !!!
It's Marta, what can I say that's not already been said? Any time I see one of her cards pop up in the demo, I buy it. She has never disappointed me. She's beautiful, great body, and gives a higher energy performance than many of the other girls--I really enjoy her cards. 10/10
Marta is a perfect lady. Everything about her is wonderfull.
Magna Marta is so damn smart at the sexy arts of the wild at heart.
Marta is just unreal. Perfect breasts, perfect moves, perfect ass, perfect face, and unique all at the same time. I swear, I worship this woman...
Marta is so HOT !!!
Marta I like more and more in his strip is very sexy in attitudes strip socks and shoes .... for true lovers of the generis,I hope time to its new cards, for example in DeskBabes nion is present as ever? I hope that in DB nue performances appear in VG Meanwhile here is truly DIVINE buy all 10 + + + + + + +
i love martas cards she rocks!
*love* marta's new darker pink & black is *sooooooo* hot. always a 10 in my book
Yes, AWESOME as always! :)
Holy shit, Marta is AWESOME!!!!
I usually don't like big boobs, but Marta is definitively an exception to that rule. Her breasts are natural,but well shaped and her body is in good shape (another rarity often for bigger breasted woman). She is also gorgeous and sexy and her show is amazing.
Wow was für'n "Glockenturm" , da wär Ich gern mal der Glöckner.
What a true professional, Marta has this uncanny abilty to draw me into her show with her amazing eyes and facial expression. Her shows just keep getting better!
I really want to see more of her and still praying that she will end up on DB soon.
Marta at her best. Gorgeous good looks, tanned sexy body with perfect breasts it can't get much better than this.Would like to see much more of Marta please.
Dans cette nouvelle série, cette carte est son meilleur show avec sa plus belle coiffure :)
This incredible woman gives me very naughty thoughts..............
My Love Marta!
Marta looks fantastic in this pink lingerie set. My favourite outfit from her new cards so far.This is as close to her best on the task-bar as I've seen yet in her new shows. She stripped from the entire outfit including the shoes and stockings and again got more explicit here than in any of her first 6 cards (L4). Every aspect of her performance was spot on and it's very difficult to find fault. If forced, I would have to say her movement seemed a touch static in a couple of clips, but that's a...
Another fantastic card from the stunning Marta.
4.3 (817 votes)

Secret mansion

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 469 MB

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User comments (27)

The scret is definately out!
Co wielkie cycki i tylek!
Ohhh man !!!! another great card and outfit from Marta. As I mentioned in comments of her other cards, Just one of the best girls on VG. Forever 10 !!!
Another great show from lovely Marta.
If she were to consent to explicit penetration, this would make an excellent card for Desk Babes.
More and more sexy look in this show but did not have her beautiful TITS that I love so much excited to watch as the swing is a true Miss STRIP fabulous .... I LOVE YOU .... The black gives it a lot, I guess in a sexy French Maid outfit with black stockings and heels Sexy Super then paraded around the end in a normal show and Private Show.
Super freggin SMEXY!!!
one of the best girls on the site! mmmmmm so sexy!
She's HOT!! She totally pulls off the bad-ass girl look. I love a girl thats tan, without any hint of Tan-lines.
A real Goddess. I am melting away when I see her in this black dress!!!
Congratulations VirtuaGirl, you definately got it right by combining the magic of 2 iconic exclusives, The Awesome Marta (that Classy, White Hot, blue eyed, body perfect,stunning,sensational, Brunette) Zawadzka and The Sensual and seductively enticing Patrice Catanzaro French lingerie. I must have died and gone to heaven, I'm speechless. My Challenge to VirtuaGirl is that Marta present the full 2010/11 Catanzaro Catalogue on VG HD. I along with the rest of the world would love to see that!
MARTA IS "BACK IN BLACK"...The most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen and the most sensual mouth I've ever imagined having sex with belongs to Marta.Marta is to women what Rock N' Roll is to music.Marta's got it all if you are looking for a blue eyed brunette with a killer body.Whether Marta is fully clothed or totally naked she will captivate you with her incredible beauty.Marta looks younger, hotter, sexier than ever and she gives it her all in her "Explicit and X-Rated" performances.I really enjoy...
Love Marta. Hoping very much for a DeskBabes show. Want to hear some moans from those sexy lips of hers.
Beautiful.Marta just keeps on getting sexier.Can we have more shows by Marta please!!A bit louder.MORE SHOWS BY MARTA PLEASE !!!!
Après "Cherry Bomb" et "Cotton Cloud", cette carte me semble être une suite logique! En plus dans ce corset, OMG! Je la découvre à l'instant.... Parfaite! Vraiment, Marta, tu es troooop belle!!!
OMG!!! Marta, just can't be beat! To me she is the finest woman on all VG! I so so so would love to see Marta on DB *drool* \m/
Marta und Catanzaro ... eine wunderschöne Kombination!
Marta is the one of the if not the sexiest and seductive model on here- no matter the card she is the bomb. Really a superb treat perfect boys and tan. She is simply the best --guys what do you think SHE A 10 FOR SURE AND KEEPER FOR ANYONE
Sexy, seductive, sultry. And a look in her eyes that says very, very naughty!!!
great unique show with an unique beautifull model. awsome, perfect. 10 of 10 points
I am 10 for 10 on Marta's cards and she gets a 10 every time ;-)
Fake tits, fake lips (duckface),... I don't like fake girls. But the show is entertaining with good interaction. Don't forget : be natural !
those deep dark eyes are bedazelment and the way she moves just makes me cum every time
see is so hot
Pros - Fabulous physique, alluring beauty, hot-to-death outfit, true sexual vibeCons - Kinda skimps on the explicit contentI never liked this outfit, but Marta looks great in it. I don't know how she went off and scored that hour glass shape, but I like it.Concerning this card, she scores off the chart in eye-candy-ness, and with more peach shots and upskirt tease, the show would have been perfect. 9 out of 10.
Marta as dominatrix in this one and she looks both very sexy and suitably imposing.On the task-bar she was slow and sensual with a touch of slight disdain, knowing glances at the camera and a hint of a sardonic smile, which was very erotic. Also, the way she handled the outfit - not the easiest to strip from - was exemplary and when she peeled off the tape, revealing erect nipples, it was stunningly sexy. A slight disappointment was that Marta only got fully nude in one level 4 clip.Marta was st...
I could watch her all day.
4.2 (1205 votes)

Happy birthday

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 78
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 600 MB
  • 1080p: 879 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (51)

Damn she is so sexy. She looks like a fancy Mercedes Benz in human form.
maybe the hotest babe since sophia loren. have 4 of her shows and will get more. blazing hot!!!
What a present that would be for my birthday!
another great card from marta
j'aimerait tellement pouvoir voir la jolie Marta danser a mon anniversaire ! j'adore c'ette femme ! pouvoir l'admirée en vrais ! le genre de beauté que j'aime !!!!
Happy Bertha-Day Marta, you look marvelous!
10 of course, I already sayed so many times on her other cards too, she is a Top VGHD, she is part of it, one of the best girls even seed on here. This card is fantastic, nice outfit, nice dancing and I like her nude clips, she tease me a lot !!! You just gotta have all her cards ;-)
even though it might be a spray tan...i like her skin tone it contrasts well with the colorful baloons and her bright clothes. lots of bare feet pleases me too!
geile wuchtbrumme
?????????????? ???????!)
I love you martaa
Watching Marta perform always makes me happy !!!
happy birthday to me :) well...not for almost 7 weeks but wthell & i did buy this card many months ago.*smokin'* hot...all these words describe marta here i would *love* to get her as my birthday present & have her rub her balloons all over my body :)
Hot times 1000.
Wow! Very quickly became one of my favourites. Anyone know her last name I'd love to see some more of her stuff.
Nie ma to jak Polska dziewczyna :)
Pour faire court et un peu brutal, une bonne grosse cochonne, parfaite pour nous.
This is a very hot card and Marta is in great form for it. If ever there was a present to unwrap, Marta is it! She is both playful and naughty, teasing and sexy, and most of all she?s creative with both her props and her outfit.This card is on a sort of birthday theme, though it could be any great holiday involving balloons (which feature in some scenes) or a hot Virtua Girl like Marta.The outfit is very, very sexy and just right for this desktop dancers excellent curves and big fake breasts. It...
Yet another Quality performance!
Hmmmm.... Quand c'est trop bon ça doit être interdit. Son look de petite coquine pas très sage est vraiment très sexy. Tout est parfait, son regard, ses couettes, son corps de poupée, sa façon de bouger... Dangereuse et sexy elle bouge à vous en rendre dingue, mais toujours avec classe et élégance. J'adore!Délicieuse petite sucrerie. J'ai envie de la croquer. Un show différent, coquin et sympa mais tellement irrésistible.Merci Marta... toujours parfaite, toujours 10.Je en veux encore et encore ;...
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY"Man, I'd have a Happy Birthday if Marta did this striptease for me "In Person" on my Birthday. WOW!Marta has the most gorgeous eyes and the most sensual mouth I ever imagined having sex with. This babe is HOT!Marta is looking younger, hotter and sexier than ever.Her body looks better than ever, delicious tits, fine ass, and beautiful legs are more than anyone can ask for.Full of smiles and hot moves on the pole, she capivates you with every move.Looking like she's a teenager agai...
Dang. Never wanted to be a balloon so much in my life.
I'm in lust with this beautiful bombshell all over again, best of the new releases by far! If there was only a 11/10 score available!!!
The Brunette Bombshell MARTA has returned in spectacular fashion! She is one of my all-time favorites! And now, with this card added to my collection, EVERY DAY is my Birthday! MARTA is Magnificent!
Marta is always special; this show is one of her bests!Merci! Thank You! ;-)
Great girl & great show. Thankyou
Just had a paradigm shift (that's a sudden radical change in opinion) because of this card. You'll like Marta.I did NOT like strip pole, pig tails, little girl acts or fast hi-energy cards - not until Marta here. Had chosen not to get this card - big mistake.She really nails it all. She is great in everything (standing, task bar & pole). Previously "little girl coy" acts turned me off. But Marta is very sexy while simultaneously being a little girl flirt. She is having the time of her life and m...
Lovely Marta!! :) Now I'm waiting normal version of software! =) Current version ( with bug - freezing models with high number (~750 and higher) on desktop!:(
Oh yeah what a wounderful thing, I got the vip card of marta, although i'm only platinum. I'm happy now she is very exciting on that card, it's a pleasure to watch herVery very nice
How sweet and today is my birthday
This is my Marta as I love her !!!!!!!!
lovely card, beautifull model unique and amazing10 points
we're gonna party like it's my birthday... 'til the crack of dawn
Encore une autre bombe polak cette fois ci puisque je suis d'origine donc je bande grave. Elle est sympa mais ses shows manque un peu de dynamisme.
Está buenísima pero su cara nunca me ha convencido. 9
Thanks Virtual Girl for new props like 'Balloons'. Q- Can Marta Burst the balloons in an update file? I would like to see more models bursting them ...WOW that would be worth seeing on my desktop...Squeezing & sitting on them i'm sure it would be a turn on for other admires....Thanks!Marta THANKS & hope you consider my request......xox Virtual Girl Rocks! & Pops :)
I would say that Marta has everything a man like me could want in a woman like her. Natural breasts, exotic good looks and a playful nasty side. She sets my pants on fire with every movement and devilish girlie smile. I will get all of her cards eventually. If I gave out 10's she would get one. In this card though she gets 9.5 overall
I love the way she me being a BIG BOOBS MAN, she got what it takes Love this VIP card. Thank You MARTHA !!. 9/10 for me.
Pros - Alluring beauty, outstanding bod, short sexy outfit (daddy likes), lots of hip/ass shaking and plenty of energy.Cons - Performance is at times too fast and jerky, appearing forced instead of natural.Conclusion - Marta is certainly a premium babe who you don't want to pass up. Her metamorphosis from her earlier shows is quite apparent, and this card is a good addition to any collection. 9 out of 10.
Marta has scorching hot looks and a knockout body. Nice balloon show, with both kinds!
Got this one for free,thanks Totem. This has to be Marta's best card yet! She shows more personality then I've ever seen from her before!She has always had the body and tan. Her other cards show her as a more distant and perhaps colder type. This card is totally different. I was going to hold off on this card because of the outfit.Glad I got it,it gives a whole other persecptive to her.
I've never been a fan of this kind of the little girlish look, but Marta is certainly no little girl and lets face it, she looks amazing in practically anything.She went for a full on little girl act on the task-bar as well though. These clips were full of fun, with some great viewer interaction from Marta and lots of child-like shenanigans with balloons. In some though, especially the non-nude ones, much of her usual eroticism was lacking for me. Given the theme, it's a real credit to Marta tha...
Fake tits, fake lips (duckface),... I don't like fake girls. But the show is entertaining with good interaction. Don't forget : be natural !
Not the best VIP card and is not much of a show for me. Little sad about because I like Marta. It just doesn't fit for personality for me. Love her natural curves but I found myself looking away from this show..
Can't make my mind up about this card. Performance a bit poor, very few moves that i like and when they happen they are short lived It's okay, I suppose.
I liked many of martas older cards much better than this one. While yes she does look FANTASTIC and much younger in the newer cards since the hair cut (bangs and in many, pigtails) she just isn't as explict as she is in many of her older cards. I miss that! But although I deleted most the clips in this show, it's Marta, so I had to give her a 7!
Breasts are too balloonish... I rather like the sweet, tender types... This girl just seems naughty, not even sexy. Not very feminin.
Gorgeous trimmed pussy and beautiful body.
Just love this show. She never disappoints.
4.4 (788 votes)

Big injection

  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 72
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 469 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (39)

Marta is a welcome addition to your nurse collection. She is stunning!
it's marta need i say more
Marta infirmière il y a du bon et du moins bon, à coup sur elle ne favorise la baisse de la température encore moins celle de la tension artérielle, elle peut provoquer des arrêts cardiaques sur les patients âgés ou trop émotifs par contre c'est sur sa simple présence guérit l'impuissance et elle est capable de réveiller les morts.
Have to agree with snake353solid... I want a million million of the new, improved, more mature MARTA!!!!!Couldn't help but give her a 10/10; very well built body; big, shapely boobs (don't like saying tits in these reviews... seems a bit disrespectful); great, perfectly shaped legs, made for wrapping around a man (did I just say that??); sensuous butt; sweet, sweet honeypot; lips just begging to be kissed (and kissing other things); and long, luxurious, silky black hair. What more to say, except...
10 Forever !!! I should like to have milion and milion of her cards, I simply love this girl, just in my type. I can only repeat the same things as I said for her other cards. Thank you Totem and expecially Thank you Marta !!!
It don't get no better then Marta.
One of the best Cards 10/10. Please Upgrade to HD, she deserves it.
What Can I Say.... Marta has it all.... sensuous, sexy, erotic..... lots of EYE contact... smoking HOT
Full naked with barefoot Marta it's just EPIC!
I love her.. the best for me..
Nurse Marta, my family jewels badly need polishing and are very sick. Please help me.
i LOVE this gorgeous virtuagirl!
Marta dürfte mich gern mal Gesund pflegen, mit Ihrem Sexy Körper und Grandiosen Brüsten. Bitte mehr von Ihr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
marta can be my private nurse *any time*. love to have her wrap her lips around my cock to take my temperature :O
WOW! Marta is Hot, Tan, and willing to expose her wonderful nether-land. Marta rises to her potential that she previously missed due to her inhibitions present in her first set of 6 stripteases. Luv ya Marta. You now qualify as an uninhibited vixen--my favorite type of VGHD model which earns you 10/10.
Pros - Fit, curvy, tan, bodacious bod, sexy, sexy, sexy outfit, great up-skirt shots, plenty of peach shots, killer thongCons - Nope....none.To me, this is an outstanding look for Marta. This outfit so works with her frame, and that thong/landing strip combo....sweet. Marta has grown into an alluring sex goddess. 10 out of 10.
Marta is dangerous, addictive. Lovely, elegant and definetily with a body to die for. Although there are other sexy and beautiful girls on VG, the way she moves and the way she looks at me (I'm sure she was looking at me... sorry not you guys!) set her appart from the crowd on a upper level in a category where she's the reference.She can dance, she knows how to strip and for sure is expert in playing with men and make them go crazy. Her new shows are hot, she's showing more and has gone more nas...
happy days ........
A GODDESS....never dissapoints
OMG I just added this card , and all i ve to say is amazingly HOT10/10 Points
I'm a Marta fan, having most of her first cards.This is the 2nd of the 'new' Marta. The card is now 9.47, up from the 9.25 when I got it, (proving you can't keep a good woman down). Here are my ratings, comparing her to other VGHD girls.PHYSICAL Facial beauty overall: 9.6; Facial, sexy: 9.9; Figure basic: 9.7; Long legs: 9.5; Boobs: 9.9PRESENTATION Eye contact: 9.8; Interaction: 9.8; Smile 8.8; Sensual: 9.8; Dance moves: 9.0; Costume: 9.0 (better than average nursey outfit) ; Strip routine: 9.8;...
I simply LOVE!!!! Marta's new look! She has done something simply AMAZING with her face and not quite sure what it is but it's GORGEOUS!!!! You GO GIRL!!
one wordSUBLIME
My fevered brow needs a wipe! A nurse sent from heaven, or maybe hell!! ;-)
Absolut traumhaft, sehr geile Show
I'm not usually a big fan of cards with a medical theme, but I'll make an exception for Marta. She looks simply magnificent in this sexy nurse outfit.With only 17 clips in this show I though we might be bit short-changed, but all are on the long side and add up to a reasonable length of 33 min. On the task-bar Marta was just her utterly charming and incredibly sexy self. She's one of the very best and it's really very difficult to fault her. This is also a good one for bare feet fans, and I love...
Thank you, thank you, thank you.... Now, where is that lotion, I'm burning for MARTA!!
Wow what a sexy lady. Sex on legs, smoking hot, beautiful looks. Lots more of Marta please!!!!!!!!!
Very nice show!
WOW noticed the card number, 3 curvacious 8's for this seductively curvacious lady. Marta is most deserving of this honour. Sensational card and the stills are of an extremely high standard, I even got a wallpaper that my wife let me keep, Marta gets her hot too! 10 out of 10 for the costume, great contrast of colour. I want more please!
marta, a unique beauty. of course full points. lovely and sexy, a true beauty nothing can deface.
Je préfère cette seconde carte de Marta (depuis son retour sur VGHD), même si le costume n'est pas des plus original. Les formes généreuses de Marta sont un régal pour les yeux.
Not the best outfit, but she's still my ALL-TIME favorite girl!
I am quite taken with Marta! This card proves that I can't get enough of her. Awesome body, fluid movement and a playful style. The faux nurses outfit is quite flattering on her and fulfills a nurse fantasy for me. Very well done! 9.75 - 10!
Marta With Big injection >> While viewing her snapshots on the widescreen you can see the jumbo sizes of her mouth-pieces & boobs (good for a nice blow-job & fondling); yes which might be a debating factor about her having the "Big Injection" !!!. Other good attributes are her eyes, nicely gabbed legs, rounded cuddly arse & well-defined honeydew pussy, overall whcih makes her very sensual & erotic on the widescreen. For that I am prepared to give her 9 out of 10. As for her videos the HD quality...
Fake tits, fake lips (duckface),... I don't like fake girls. But the show is entertaining with good interaction. Don't forget : be natural !
Marta is amazing in all her cards. One of the best.
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Final lap

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User comments (38)

I wish this race would go on forever!
Gorgeous girl. She gets my heart racing!
marta is on fine form in this card
J'ai toujours une petite réticence au départ avec Marta et puis à la fin je mets toujours une bonne voire très bonne note, cette fille est une bombe, très énergique elle respire le sexe à chacune de ses prestations, avec un mécano comme elle, j'irai très souvent me faire vérifier les niveaux et la pression.
Explosive !!! Simply Explosive !!! Marta is a natural sexy bomb !!! She dance and strip in a fantastic mode. I think everybody knows good this model, so... I do not need to describe her. Outfit pretty funny with that wheel. 10 ++++++
Badass beautifully full of "It" girl and more woman than humanly possible to pass up.
C'est un plaisir de regarder Marta. Elle a un corps de rêve avec une belle paire de seins. Elle a des jambes sublimes et une bouche qui ne demande qu'a s'exprimer. C'est dommage que l'on entend pas sa voix Quand fera-t-elle un show dans Desbabes?
love the sexy half top & watching her strip out of it. the positions she gets herself in lying in & around the tire(s) are *very* erotic. her dark mysterious seductive looks just suck you in & won't let go
Marta jest najlepsza
Marta J'adore, malgré son origine polonaise, la première fois que je l'ai vu...j'aurais juré qu'elle était italienne,peut être à cause de ses yeux brulant de désir d'en mettre plein la vue à ceux qui oseront détourné le regard. Serait-ce un effet d'optique de la voir amincie dans cette tenue noir?(par rapport aux cartes précedentes).En tout cas elle nous livre une magnifique prestation, superbe retour...10/10
MARTA IS "BACK IN BLACK"...The most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen and the most sensual mouth I've ever imagined having sex with belongs to Marta.Marta is to women what Rock N' Roll is to music.Marta's got it all if you are looking for a blue eyed brunette with a killer body.Whether Marta is fully clothed or totally naked she will captivate you with her incredible beauty.Marta looks younger, hotter, sexier than ever and she gives it her all in her "Explicit and X-Rated" performances.I really enjoy...
Marta is back and this is the first of her new cards on VirtuaGirl HD. And it's a doozy. She's still the same, sexy, uber-hot Marta, but after a little age, she's improved in her performance and desktop dancing skills. In fact, two things set this card apart from her earlier appearances on VirtuaGirl.The first is the fact that she does actual desktop dancing now (rather than just a few gyrations and a striptease, which made up most of her earlier cards). The second is that she is a little more e...
I dont know how i could get along without that card so long, Damm simply hot the dances and the close shots. Gess I've to give her at least 10 points
I simply LOVE!!!! Marta's new look! She has done something simply AMAZING with her face and not quite sure what it is but it's GORGEOUS!!!! You GO GIRL!!
It is great to see the Sensational Miss Zawadzka back with a new card. I am somewhat disappointed with the props provided. Marta has that mysterious aura of quality and class usually found in the pages of Vogue magazine and Virtuagirl dress this Angel as a mechanics offsider?. Please Virtuagirl show some resect! What you have done would be no different to painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa Scorecard Marta ........................................................10/10 Wardrobe department take a...
One of my favorit girl! I have all cards with her! @WalTy58c4D Totally agree! And wellcome back, Marta!
I am glad Marta is back. Have all of her previous cards. Cant wait for the rest of her cards to come out.
The Magnificent MARTA is back!!! And she has not lost a step. As alluring, sultry and sexy as ever...MARTA is still very much the total sex bomb!
AAahhh. The highly anticipated return, and rightfully so. Marta was the girl that first caught my eye when I joined VirtuaGirl, and she is still my favorite.In this card she seems to have lost some of the "Sweet Innocence" of her earlier cards, but it has been replaced with a quiet, confident and sultry vixen. I always wondered what she would look like with a fairer complexion, but I guess we'll never know - Hey, girls from Poland love the sun.There is more explicit content here, but honestly th...
As one of my top favourite VG girls, I'm delighted to see Marta return for another set of shows. This outfit doesn't strike me as particularly sexy, but it does look good on her and the makeup perfectly accentuates her amazing beauty.Every clip in this show was a complete joy to watch from start to finish. For me Marta is one of the most seductive performers on VG, and on the task-bar here she was as sexy as I've ever seen her. More active and considerably more explicit than previously, with her...
Welcome back, MARTA! You are definitely worth the wait, but please don't make us wait so long again!! I LOVE your new explicit clips. The only problem is that I'm afraid something just might break, it's so hard. My favorite clip is Ex-06. I know where I would like to spend the rest of my life! Thanks MARTA for being so gorgeous, and thanks totem for bringing her back. Please give us LOTS more!!
Wow, Marta returns and she's even better than before. No longer is she "shy" in hiding anything, this time around. Her beauty and mannerisms are as beautiful as they were the first time around but with more confidence and more energy in the show.Cannot fault Marta in any way. Can't wait for her other new shows. Always love Marta - 10/10.
There is a God in Virtual Girl Heaven.Thank you.More, more, more Marta
A model worth getting and glad she came back. Marta is a 10 and a keeper-- I new exotic hair style with the still sexy figure very curvy.All is there to like for Marta a 10 andguysts get her complete collection.
welcome back, marta luckily back again, a dream girl has returned amazing - sexy - beautifull too bad it is not possible to give more then 10 points
A Goddess.....
Another oblique facet of the precious, finished jewel that is Marta Zawadzka! She brings everything we've come to love & expect of Marta, & she has decided to emphasize her high energy moves & light-hearted sense of fun, with VERY enjoyable results.Returning with longer hair, a vivid make-up job, and all the beauty & grace that has always made my heart pound fast & my breathing get heavy, Marta once again shows why she'll always be my favorite girl. The grace, the luscious curves, the innate cre...
Marta looks fabulous once again, even the daft novely tyre's don't distract from a phenomenal card. Welcome back sexy!!!
Marta my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is Sexy
The Return of Marta! My first love!!! Looking better than ever and I'm so happy that she has graced our presence one more time... long live the Queen!
Elle nous montre tout,chaude comme la braise,marta est la prefere toutefois en cherry bomb...ce show est un pneu too much
Marta is the epitomy of a woman. I love the way she moves. She's not as explicit as I would normally go for. She's very hot without all of that. In time and money allowing, I'll own all her cards. The outfit is ok,makeup is great and movement is elegant. 9.5/10
This is a very good card, that held my interest. For a change, it has a proper theme and title. A spoiler was the black outline to Martha's body.Marta moves continually throughout and doesn't simply stroke herself. Her wiggles flow together and include little flourishes, and I didn't see her lose balance. She plays with her clothing a little, but as with most cards, there could be alot more of this.Marta is wearing too much make-up and looks much better in Cherry Bomb, where her clothes were mor...
Sexy. Aber es gibt geilere Show's von Ihr.
Marta looks as good as ever! I don't much like the outfit,but I do like her face and makeup. Her tan body is still delightful!If your a Marta collector you'll want to add this to your collection. Marta I hope we hear more from you soon. How about a new Desktop Babe card?
I am not here to see spastic movement or tires. Underwhelming. But I am thankful that all of Marta's other cards are better than this. Perhaps 7/10.
Some models bore me, Marta is never one of them. Brilliant show.
3.9 (2553 votes)

Neapolitan coffee

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  • Duration: 37 min.
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  • Level: Full nudity
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Sample pictures

User comments (99)

I would love to put my Ukrainian ???????? in her Polish poch!wa
Marta n'est pas mon modèle préférée, néanmoins elle porte ici une petite robe noire hyper sexy sans jamais rien dessous et tous les clips en gros plan sont terriblement excitants.
Well, that got my hands to write a review about the show Marta. Very beautiful. Boob such that the eye can not take. Juicy, beautiful, tanned - you can see everything and so. Definitely one of the best models in the VG (although everyone has different tastes, so that those who disagree - I do understand). Collection without it - as a Faberge egg without one half. View demo - is necessary. Download her show - especially))). All the nice view!)
best virtuagirl HD model
Marta will always be a 10+ in my collection
Marta has such a beautiful face, amazing body. This is an incredibly sexy outfit.
Another excellent look for Marta here, with a classic little black dress which has the added attraction of being split down the side.I wouldn't say this was Marta's very best or sexiest task-bar performance, but she certainly was at her most charming and her sense of interaction was great as always. Although not particularly explicit, it's a great show for those who like to see a short skirt with no panties.Her pole performance was sexy enough, but not her best. She seemed a bit restrained by th...
A sexy babe.
a gem, une reussite
I wanna know how I can delete sum from my batch of girls that I care nothing now to observe. I like Marta and Marta only. Whats up, can u help me?
i totally agree w/ ghostdick implants shmimplants!!!!! any one of u guys would do absolutely anything in ur power for her if she was ur girl! and u know it!!!
This scene is perfect, who cares about implants.. at least they didn't mess them up
Marta is awesome. that face is a wonderful sight. love her curvy body. she's awesome. she is number 4 in my top 4. Lorena 1, Jenni Gregg 2, Karina 3, Marta 4.
Marta reminds me of an ex - I knew her first as a teen in our mutual school days, when she was attached at the hip to her high school sweetheart but was barely able to fill out a training bra.I ran into her again a decade later to learn that she was a widow, having lost both her husband (the high school sweetheart) and their son in a house fire. She had gone through a weight increase and then a hard effort to return to a healthier build, resulting in formless breasts. She got similar implants to...
Marta is without doubt one of the greatest asset's Poland have produced she must be to Poland as Elle McPherson was for Australia only not as tall. Non explicit yet you cant help but be completly satisfied with the content of her shows. Check out boise wallpaper and you will be blown away with the quality images of Marta available. For me she is a must have
Marta is one of my favorite , and here is the maximum of the exibition. 10+
Marta's Body is a piece of art,She has the body of a goddess.Her perfect big tits,beautiful face,sexy long legs... her whole body is simply mind blowing.The dress emphasizes her curves excellently.i can cope with the lack of explicitness in the show,marta's beautiful body and presence alone makes this card a perfect 10.please VG, get her back for more cards.
The more I watch Marta the more I fall under her spell. Her Eyes are magical and mysterious, her body is Heavenly and her moves are pure SEX.I highly recommend adding Marta to your collection, she's hot. I gotta have more. I love the way she strips.Marta is elegant, classy, and sophisticated. I play "Sleepy Time, Time" by The Cream, while she's stripping and she comes to life in a whole new dimension.Marta is gorgeous. I love her smile, her face, her legs, her whole body. I am going to be collec...
this is the third card i have--just upgraded all 3 to 10----how can I not?----any woman thisw drop-dead georgeous--deserves it even if she doesnt show her insides--and I dont care for tattoos on women
Another 10 for Marta! in my opinion, THE HOTTEST and best body on the whole site. Ashley runs a close second, but Marta is f'in built! everything in perfect proportion, good moves and sizzling sultryness. you can never go wrong with one of her cards. maybe not as explicit as some, but still a straight up on the boner scale unless your dead or a eunich. this girl is what hot is all about, and no collection is complete without her. great skin tone, gorgeous face and smooth moves make this the top...
I would give 20 if i could. Tits like watermelons, as big as her seducive face. She is attractive woman of men's dreams. Lucky girl.
I wish that you could find out more about her, without becoming a stalker, because she is the type of woman I could fall for. She is absolutely the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I can't wait until the download is finished.
Marta honey ur just fuckin gorgeous and what a perfect body n as always a 10++++++
she can dance for me anytime what a body
This show is 100% sexy!!! Super hot babe with a smoking hot body giving me the tease of my life!! Sit back and yank it to this card!
i would highly recomend this to anyone she is how a woman should really look nautrally beautiful
Gorgeous looking girl!! the dress blows me away entirely!! stunning! recommended
this babe is hot
The sexiest girl I've found here. Best at seductive dance. Looks like she's enjoying herself.
Boy is she beautiful...
Simply the best... I love her in this outfit, I have all her cards.. she is so sexy... 1000/10
Marta has an incredible body. I just wish she were on my lap, not my laptop. We could talk about the first thing that pops up... Seriously, that outfit is awesome, but like any other piece of clothing, it looks better on the floor when Marta is around. Thanks for another awesome set of clips. Please give us more!!
This girl is thick, that is to say she's far from skinny. Yet she's toned not an ounce of fat. She's not only gorgeous but if you listen to her video she has a real cute voice. She really does it for me an absolut 10!
OMG Marta is the best yet... That smile, those eyes.... that body is wonderful... again, OMG. more, more, more of this beauty please
My Favourite costume in her collestion so far, all of Marta's performances are breathtaking, but that dress reaching to just there, and virtually not there down the sides. OMG she's just too good. We'll worth filling up your collection with this magnificent woman. Deadset Goddess.
Wow! great to have you back, Marta. Ignore the reatrded jackasses like fuckmepls and bigbigdog. they are as ignorant as they are impotent. wether or not youre performing, teasing, or just being sexy, youre always worth every bit of time and expense. alot of the other girls could take a que form your eye contact, smile, movements, and stripping. you are EXACTLY what this site needs to make it worth being a member!!
Absolutely gorgeous in every way. My favorite girl on the site! Luscious lips, face, hair, and body! Beautiful!
i just cant say enough about marta....she is such an angel....every show she has is amazing...we need more marta....6 shows is not enough
Wow.... VERY good pole dancer (I love when they do the pole-between-the-boobs thing... hmmmmmm). Great body (looks like she could crush me with those legs). She looks a little like a young Gina Gershon.Very expressive and sexy. Good one!
Marta is just gorgeous here in great sexy outfit, so exciting.
Marta really knows how to move her beautiful body. Really good teasing going on if you like to be teased. This is after all, a virtual strip isn't it? It's not a porn site.
This one is my favorite card. As a fan of the brunettes she's my #1 on this site.Write me Marta!!!
Tease me all day... You know what I like!!! Her best outfit ever, hands down. She never looked more hot.
Défaut de la reproduction sonore ce qui une exposition stuuning, par une fille stuuning. C'est a doit avoir la carte. Obtenez-le dans votre collection. Je suis heureux j'ai. Merci Marta X 10/10
Great girl, great outfit, bored performance.Looks like she is concentrating on every move.Invite her back but give her a wee drink to help her relax before she starts.
A classy outfit for a classy lady. This is Marta's best outfit to date. It goes so well with her sophisticated style. This is one outfit that I prefer to see her in rather than out of it as strange as it may sound.If you only get one Marta card, make sure it's this one. Fantastic -10/10.
Sexy black haired girl.
I just downloaded Marta and already I'm in love. Those hips, lips, eyes and big ass tits are to die for. If I gave 10's, she would get one for looks alone. So, by that token, she gets 9.5 for looks an 8 for dancing and a overall 9/10. Great job totem! Where has she been all this time? Never suggested to me before.
could have been perfect, if were not for the implants
PRESENTATION: 9.33Body (9) Exotic face; big voluptuous tits (fake but VERY well done); nice hard ass; landing strip pussy. Outfit (9.5) Makeup is good; style & color are great fit; very unique & sexy. Moves (9.5) Slow & sensual to the max; all moves are very fluid & work great as a whole; very little repetition.CONTENT: 9.23Sexiness (9) Posing & teasing is outstanding; really knows how to make the most use out of her body type; explicits are not the raunchiest (expect light petting), but still v...
Good show, and very goog outfit, which fits perfectly to her. I give 9 points.
Marta - Neapolitan Coffee is a great and sexy show; in all four possible cattegories worth a solid 9.5 :-)
I think the dress is the best on this show
Marta has a very sexy body (the dress shows everything off in a teasing way) and a look (love the eye contact in this dance). Agree with the last comment on her great curves.Marta, you're one sexy dancer and I am looking forward to more of your work.
The best show of her's that i own. That tight short dress with no panties is no contest. Even the non-nude teases make me cream. Fake or real her boobs r so sensual.
Lovely face, lovely body and great act Marta. Gorgeous cleavage and I'm sure it's all natural, hence no scars.
Wonderful looking woman who does me a power of good, anyone who says otherwise has to be ignorant. More please Marta!!!
This dress makes her so gorgeous and sexy. She has a lovely face and very sensual lips. The bust and the bottom are very nice too. Very exciting girl.
She's so hot. I love to see her in all of her shows. Marta is a wonderful and gorgeous young woman. I'm very impressed of her continuously. Great 10 points
Absolutely beautiful young woman, rapidly becoming my favourite Virtua Girl! This outfit is just pure sultry sexiness :)
bought my wife this same dress after we watched her shows. Marta is amazing
I agree entirely with SamBadAss.
Well I gotta say this is probably the sexiest card that I have seen of Marta's thus far. Her eyes are really hypnotizing and she has a really curvacious body. Nice big round tits and the outfit really compliments her nicely. Though she does not really have any explicit clips, which really doesn't bother me at all. As long as the model has a sexy body and a beautiful face...explicite play would really just be a bonus for me. But those who are really fiendin for the hardcore stuff...this may be a...
Marta is another of my favorites. She doesn't disappoint in this show. Okay she could be more explict, but look at that body.
Big sexy great
What a girl,great show,more please!!! 8/10
She has an absolutely amazing body. Her tight, sexy peek-a-boo outift accentuates her beautiful curves. However her dancing is a bit lacking. Her face, while pretty, is also a bit lifeless. I wished she would try some more different facial expressions.
I love the dress and the body but the expression is just to faked. Good moves, though. An 8, I think
This girl Marta is very much a slow burner. This is my third card of Marta and I like the sexy black slashed minidress which hugs her voluptuous figure like a second skin. It is very short and she shows she's not a prude by doing the whole show having left her panties in her underwear drawer. Like the other two shows I have in my collection of Marta, there are no explicit scenes, but this is a striptease site, not a porno site. The tease lies in the keeping what we all know is there just out of...
I really don't like the dress.
Bad card ,bad performance,7 it`s fair
She might be well equipped, however, the description claimimg that the show contains "sexually explicit behaviour" is definitely not adequate. Not worth the money.
I usually just read the comments to get a flavor of what people like and dislike. Y'all fooled me this time. I do not usually purchase anything below a 9.0 and this one is a good example of that.This is the only Marta I have purchased and glad I only wasted one credit. I like the tease part of the striptease but this was almost all tease. There were not many fully nude clips at all and her hand liked to cover her pussy most of the time. Not sensually massaging it, just covering it.Sorry but this...
Didn't know you could get footballs implanted - hope the foootballers aren't too unhappy at the lack of balls at their matches!
Dont see the limited facination with this girl, Fake breasts, Brief kitty sightings and looks like she is having as much fun as a man with his pecker stuck in a box of hornets!
Always stunning.
She is an amazing very erotic beauty. 10/10If You like pantieless Upskirt szenes she is a must have.
cette femme est superbe, très belle sensuelle mystérieuse!!! rien a redire, rien a jeter! à mes yeux la perfection
marta qu'elle est belle 10 sens probleme
SUPER MARTA +++++ elle nous montre pas tous ...... c'est ce qui fais son charme!!! 20/10 pas
What a hot body. Very cute face, and very sexy moves. She's definitely worth to download...
J'adore Marta,une femme très sexy avec un superbe corps de déesse.
Superbe, Magnifique, Torride, un corps à couper le souffle, encore encore et encore plus de MARTA et cette robe Super SEXY lui va à merveille...
Marta : a 10 !!! WHAT ELSE !!!!!!!!
un show correct avec du charme. 9/10
Eine heiße Show von Marta sehen wir hier. Eine super heiße Lady in nem heißen Fummel. Und diese Boobs :-)))
J'aime beaucoup Marta,elle est magnifique! Vous connaissant,coquins comme vous êtes,vous aller dire que c'est sa bouche qui me fait fantasmer! Et vous n'auriez pas tort:) Mais tout est beau et excitant chez cette bombe vivante! En plus,elle porte une petite tenue que j'arracherais bien avec les dents:) Bien sûr elle a refait ses seins,mais le résultat est sympa , non? Sa poitrine ferait un bon fourreau pour mon membre totalement affolé:) Et son corps de Madone est terrible! Observez bien la faço...
Quelle femme magnifique
de la haute couture
Eine wunderschöne Latina. Ihre fraulichen Rundungen sind perfekt. Ihre Gesichtszüge verführerisch und erotisch zugleich. Ihr Outfit ist eins der heißesten hier bei VGHD. Die "explicit show" vermisse ich bei ihr ein wenig. Ansonsten hätte sie die volle Punkzahl erhalten. Zu ihren Titten: "ohne Worte - sprachlos!" --- Der Hammer ---
Marta ist schon eine scharfe Braut , aber bei der Karte stören mich zwei Dinge : immer dieses " Handvorhalten" damit man nicht zwischen die Beine sehen kann und dann diese Frisur! Sie hat so schönes langes Haar , warum muß das zusammengebunden werden??
J'adore superbe tenue de soirée !
Marta hat einfach geile große Titten (natur?), eine anrasierte Muschi, schöne lange Beine, einen gebräunten Körper und ein kleines Tattoo über dem Po. Das Outfit trifft leider nicht meinen Geschmack, die Show ist dennoch sehr sexy! Leider ohne echte 'very explicit shows'. Schade bei einer so schönen Pussy... (Wertung: 7 von 10 Punkten)
superbe mais elle a peur de montrer son entrejambe allons allons un peu plus de relache serait apprécier ...
Ouais, si tu aimes la daube au jus de navet; alors ici tu es servi! Sinon, l'Ami, un conseil; passes ton chemin. Même pas une étoile au guide,vaut tout juste la moyenne: 5/10.
je la trouve sans plus descu de l'avoir achete
4.1 (3526 votes)

Cherry bomb

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 71
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 226 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (172)

Marta is one kot tamale! Love this girl.
I would love to pop her cherry!
she looks great in red sets of her hair and eyes perfectly
I now wish that I had commented on this card years ago when I first acquired it. Marta is by all accounts (here)a vixen. Her status as being uninhibited is not affirmed. Somehow I awarded her an undeserved 10 that I will not now rescind due to her later cards where she was definitely more uninhibited. Actually Marta's inhibition in her early cards made me beg for more, which eventually Virtuagirl allowed her to provide. TY VG & TY Marta. Go Girl! You represent Poland so well.
marta belle comme toujour .
Marta will always be A 10+
Lethal weapon of love.
I always loved to watch Marta cards. She's extremely sexy!!
Marta in red, oh my.. 10
une tenue très sexy,un beaux visage, pas trop de maquillage, des beaux seins ,avec un show show simple .marta est une très belle femme j'adore .
Marta in this series, 353 and so on, she's fantastic!. a 10 indisputable .. but in the second series, 885 886 and so on, she is sublime!!, a mix of sex and sensuality .. and with those legs, that face, those tits, she is one step above .. she is absolutely the best!!!
marta is one of the best girls on the site i have all her cards
i have 6 cards with marta. This is the BEST one! i love you marta
Marta is a bombshell,and I want to eat her up!!!!
She puts me very ill... 10+10!!!
Vraiment, là, je fonds... Sa tenue, son jeu avec l'objectif, et que dire de son corps... Pour moi c'est 10 sur toute la ligne, Merci Marta!
Love this outfit on her.10/10 Very good card.
genial - einfach sexy ... meine absolute Favoritin!
cannot play the show, why???
I found this beautiful girl's card sexy with fantastic routines and a lovely smile.
This is a wonderful look for Marta. The outfit and colour suit her perfectly, and I love the more natural looking hairstyle.On the task-bar her slow, sensual movement and a sense of seductive viewer interaction was never better than here, helped by the occasional nod, wink and subtle, but knowing smile at the camera. Her expressions as she entices and teases just make you want to melt before her magnificence.This was also Marta's best pole performance. Slow and sensual in style, but interspersed...
excellente , j'adore , une carte a ne pas manquer !!!
Body to die for
would be nice to see a show more "explicit" from her
After an year when I have this card, still I gave 10 for her body and performance.
All I can say is OMG. I love a woman with a full, round figure and Marta does this so perfectly. She has a beautiful face and when she looks at the camera it never seems bored or uninterested. She is not the best dancer or the strongest at the strip tease, but her moves are so damn sunsual and she just oozes sex appeal. Of the four cards I have of hers this is my favorite but ALL of them have hit the mark. I took a chance on this card when it was one ticket and the more I watch her the more I am...
nice show, nice body
This girl is absolutely hot!
She really got sex appeal
Well build body, very good show
FENOMENALE, divine, exquise dans cet ensemble plus que sexy. Comment ne pas craquer. MERCI Virtual Girl pour ces moments de pure plaisir en leur compagnie, même virtuelle !
WOW! OMG MARTA you are so sexy! You make my nuts so hard and full they go to explode...
Marta Zawadzka. Poland, Bialystok ;)
Damn. she is the bomb (sex bomb).
Geile feste Titten die würde ich auch gern mal durch knetten.10 punkte für diesen Körper.
Ma Chère Marta, Tout n'est peut etre pas naturel mais le plaisir est total et c'est bien l'important. Te regarder est t'adopter... C'est beau ça :) Je dis 10/10 :)
I've been with three women with implants, one quite similar to Marta after the surgery. The other two were like Jana H and Bianca relatively. I knew the one like Marta through her ex-husband and after she sent him packing, she did implants to fill out breasts that were little more than flapjacks. She took on a sexual confidence she never had before as a result, and I enjoyed several months of benefits before she moved off to another city. Normally I am not an implant fan, but she gained confiden...
Viva POLSKA !!! Boobs is crazy, very sexy girl.Dzenke krasna pannochka. East european ladies the best in world. Ja tebe kohau
Marta, Marta Oh my Marta...OMG. So So beautiful, senual, a gem that stands on top of her profession. So serious and smooth with each move. Very Hot!!!!!10,10,10 Love everything about you.....each smile and move is elegant.....You Go Sweetie!!!!!!Love ya, Bill
As an exception this beautiful black haired beauty-who cares if she has implants in her gorgeous breasts?-I love it as she shows it to us and her moves,face and beautiful hair gives her something mysterious looks...I prefer blondes in my bed but she's welcome as all blondes this lady Marta is also very fuckable lady!!!
she does have a gorgeous body. i love her sexy moves,even though her breasts are implants. so what? any man would be happy to be with her. she is plum.....gorgeous. hats off to you marta.
Unbelieveably beautiful and with curves and moves to match. Really glad I bought Marta.
Absolutely Beautiful Woman. I love here slow sensuous moves. You will find it "HARD" to take your eyes off of her when she is on the screen.
You are so BEAUTIFULLLLLL!!!!!!
I'm in love... enough said ;-)
Fantastic, A one. If you only had one card to buy,buy this one.
I have said it all about Marta in my comments on her other shows. this one she tones down the explicit just a touch, but you can't deny she fills that outfit out like no other could. always a performer in every way, this one rounds out her collection well, and she never disappoints me. in my book, hands down the most perfect bod on here, with Ashley running a damn close second. come to think of it, why not a duo with these 2, VGHD? talk about double trouble, whoo!
This is my compatriot Marta's best performance. Of course, I wish she were more explicit, but this show is still very enjoyable.By the way, VirtuaGirl, why is Marta the only Polish girl on this site? Have not our dear Czech and Slovak sisters, and Marta herself, proved the incredible potential of the West-Slavic genes?! So why Marta alone to represent Poland, by far the biggest of the three countries?More Polish girls please! No chance of being disappointed, I assure you!
Marta is a priceless,gorgeous perfect woman and she is a must to any collection,,,,
WOW-----VG please send more ASAP---mmmmmmmm beautiful
Marta is my favorite performer, and this is my favorite show of hers and I have them all. I think she is the sexiest of all the ladies.
Marta's strip tease piques my imagination. I love her for that.
I Think That Martha "Cherry Bomb #353 Is One Of The Most Sexyest Women In THE WHole
Drop dead gorgeous
I dream about those lips. She's got the prettiest face I've ever seen.
I wish her next show she show a little more of her pussy and beautiful round- She is really lovely!!!!!!
Marta is (in my opinion) the best girl on the site. Great body and her tits and ass are perfect. I have all of her cards and she never disappoints! Can't wait for more from Marta.
super the body at this beauty, very much was pleasant to me, the body is simple super and very well dances
VirtuaGirlHD should just have women in lingerie more and just forget some of the outfits they have their models in, like in Jenna Sweet/Jungle Soldier and Felina/Warm up lap. It’s hard to go wrong with lingerie.
I have all but one of her shows and truly a exotic beauty. Her body and face are very sensual and sexy and hearing her voice also would drive me wild as well. I highly recommend this model for any and all her shows.
WOW!! I have all of her cards, and if she had twenty more, I'd grab all of them too!! I originally bought the tickets to get JANA H, and afterwards found Marta in Cherry Bomb and fell in love. I thought I liked 'em skinny, but MARTA is everything a man could want. The more I see of her, the more I want. TOTEM, MORE, PLEASE!!
she is just favorite
what a sweet sexy girl! whit curvs for ones in a while, my favorit so fare, she knows how to make you hot!
Marta is pure sex on legs, she is easily my most favorite girl on here. :)
There is something about this woman,wow. She is a sultry sensual beauty with a sexually charged fluidity of movement that mesmerizes.
i am deeply in lust with this woman i will hang up two stockings this christmas and hope she fills them
WOW i know im in love. what an amazing girl. by far my favorite. now this is what im looking for. AMEN :)
By Jove, I think Marta has finally got it right! This is my fourth Marta card and in the previous three I felt: attractive girl but there is something missing, she was a slow burner, holding something back. In this set she's the sex goddess: she smoulders, she oozes with sex appeal and horny eroticism, she teases, her dancing is erotic and exciting and she actually looks as if she's having fun. She looks absolutely sensational in red with the black stockings although I think suspenders would hav...
Love it!
MARTA full of temptation - her eyes promise pleasure and her body is a sensusal temple XXXMore of this please Virtuagirl!
Enhancements or NOT, Marta is the quintessential VirtuaGirl!You couldn't ask for a girl who exhibits more raw sexual energy, more sensuousness in her lips, or more raw seductiveness in her eyes (which NEVER leave YOU, by the way)!This girl's body is PERFECT - perfectly proportioned, moves smoothly and flawlessly, and is everything a man could want physically!To be honest, I especially like the fact that when she references a preference for guys (sexually) in her bonus video, that she names "Mike...
cherry bomb is right...this girl is so stunning....i cant take my eyes off of her...we need more marta....please more marta
Okay fake boobs? Are you friggin blind? Those are not fake, look at how heavy they are and how naturally they fall across her chest. Besides she has the most beautiful eyes I have seen as well. This is truly one great looking woman sho isn't dieting herself into oblivion and has sexy curves to prove it!
Really hot and absolutely sensual. What a distraction! a big 10!
Yes yes... like all have said before, she just H-O-T!!! Absolutely frakin' AWESOME body! with tits to die for! :)
This woman exudes pure sex. She doesn't need to be sexually explicit to be one of the horniest girls on the site.
What a beauty! Marta is certainly helping to fill the gap left by the departures of Jana H and Zuzana, Virtuagirl might have found it's new queen!
Marta is the best because is from Poland :-) Pozdrowienie piekna Marto :) Patrzec na Twoje cialo to sama przyjemnosc :-)
Marta You are my number 1 on virtua girl . So beautiful and sexi lady I have ever sin. From me 11/10. Nawet Kubica i jego formuła nie mają najmniejszych szans;].pozdrawiam
Sexiest woman you can download here.. period.
This is one sexy woman...
smoking, just smokin. Marta is BEAutiful.
Wow, get this show you won't be disappointed. I had to give her a 10 on this. Amazing body!
Beautiful girl, beautiful body!!! She's very, very sexi!!! Marta, I love you!
She is a beauty, thats why shes in my favorites.
beautiful girl just a beautiful body love marta go girl go.
Marta is really polish bomb;)
Your awesome Marta!!! I do agree like I have said before you can be more explicit. You are #1 in my book, keep up the good work.
Very sexy, love the expressions
Jaw-dropping show.
Very sexy girl! I could watch for hours. Great sensuality and erotic tone. She is definitely one of the hottest girls in this catalog. Mouth opening performance!!!!
Sensational looking woman, very sexy breasts and curvy body, great smile, moves well, more of this lady please!
Marta is one sexy babe in this outfit (I love the combo of the red lingerie and stockings. I agree with the previous comment saying that she is like Karina. She loves to teases and moves well. It may not be the most explicit, but she's a tease and a great dancer. Nice work Marta and hopefully we will see more of you.
Le défaut de la reproduction sonore ceci était une exposition renversante. J'ai apprécié celui-ci. Une grande carte par une belle fille. Obtenez cette carte dans votre collection et voyez. Merci Marta X
WOW she sure has a great pair of tits on her. This one is a must have.
THis is one of her best performance, wish I could see her in long black/white leather boots too
Marta looks absolutely sensational in this set, especially wearing them hold-up stockings! My only slight pang of disappointment is the lack of 'explicit' content but she gets a 10 still from me for sheer sexiness :)
she was great with her move but did not do much that got me happy
Pi?kna i sexowna. show 10 brak explicit -1=9=-
I was surprised at this card, after reading some of the comments I didn't know what to expect. Let's just say I am more than happy with it and it was well worth the tokens.Marta is a fuller figured beauty, more curvy than many of the waif like girls on the site and this makes a pleasant change, she's beautiful too, and although the show isn't one of the best in terms of performance, Marta certainly works the camera in her own, sensual way.I was turned on and captivated by her and will definitely...
I f there was one girl I could pick to fall in love would be Marta. this young lady is "HOT"
Ok... if i said she is the best ive seen... body, outfit, looks... facial expressions, everything wise... who should i download next?
Niiiiiiiice! Veeeeerrrryyyyyy niiiiiiice!
I really like that she seems to be an expert at rubbin her tits. Only one thing that this girl could do to make her shows better. Explicit on her pussy. Need more angles, more shots, more touchin.
Awsome!!! TREMENA Mujer!!!! She moves to the cancion de CALLE 13 Suave RMX so sexy..
No explicit clips, but this is her best show!!!
Marta is very voluptuous and pretty. Her show is good. She is a bit shy a tries to hid her pussy a little. She needs to relax and let loose a bit more.
Marta - if i was Adam in paradise than i would wish you as my Eve ;-)
wow... this show is a wonder. It's full of things I don't like, but despite that, I can't help but love this card. She doesn't move enough, she isn't explicit enough, she's got fake boobs, and she's got that strong spanish look that I usually have to be really in the mood for. Despite all that, there's something special about this card that I just can't put my finger on. In spite of my own tastes and critical attitude, I give this a top 9/10
Marta is so hot and sexy in this show. I like very much this lovely brunette in this nice red suit.
Think you've gone on holiday to spain.. You see a sexy latinoesue girl and you want to Jump here... THAT is MARTA... I wasn't impressed with trailers at first.. BUt when i downloaded her i was not dissapointed.. Perky, a tease and definatly captivating
c'est une vrai bombe.que du plaisir ,mais on la sent un peu avec de la retenu.dommage
This show is a great one! though i think i'd like if even better if she where more, shall we say, natural? as in, without the "enhancements". If i buy a girl, i'd like to see a girl, plastic enough all around us ;P no offense meant.
sexy performance, the show could be a bit more explicit. 9*
very good show. i gave her a 9 for lack of pussy
Very Sexy Girl!! Im like putty!! Good show & very erotic but needs to show a bit more pussy! 8/10
The show is really hot. She is a beautiful young woman and knows to how move. I love the outfit, very sexy. To me all looks fine and seductive.
hey folks she is a hottie
Marta is THE BOMB an artist that moves with compelling sensuality.
This girl has a nice body but she doesn't seem to show it enough in this routine. Skip it.
Marta is a beautiful woman. Too bad she got that terrible boob job. They just look so fake. I would have loved to have seen her natural tits.
She is gorgeous and has some good vids but others are a bit on the dull side as far as moving sexually goes. Other than that she is about as sweet as eye candy gets.
Marta is a really gorgeous girl. But I do like explicit and she is not very explicit. if she was more so then I would give a 10 but hence only a 8.
I agree with Enjoynit. Pretty. Good dancer, but nothing that really stands out from the pack, except for her face. So, an 8 from me.
Damn nice but i like big fun better
Quite a Gurl! Aye mast say; aldough not explicit enogh, just a teasa. . . No pussy! I dunno, she like da easy play... kinda gets ya wanning more! lol. Vary short sho, missin more action! Needs to put her at 2 tickets if dat gets more skin shone!
If She would have did this show spreading toward the camera it would have been great....But she didnt show enough Twat...Still love her in stockings...
Marta can really get my juices flowing as she sits up close on the toolbar and strips oh so slooooowly and seductively. Her large and well formed (but alas fake) breasts and her sultry facial expressions are so YUM! Yes the plastic surgeon who installed her tits did a fine job, but when she pushes and moves them they don't deform like a natural breast should. Still give her a solid 8 rating. At least she did'nt commit the other deadly stripper sin of getting a tatoo.
I was really looking forward to this card actually. Since the promise of Martha being more naugthy. And with her dance she really have improved a lot. I like the way she blend in with her outfit and body and make them both look sexy. But as I kinda of knew even before I bougth the card. She does not play a lot with her pussy, which was something I kind of was looking forward to;)
FAKE BOOBS ARE CRAP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! MORE! stunning girl, great body utterly ruined by two huge lumps of plastic bolted to her chest. If you like fake boobs youll love her as she is hot.
Beautiful lady with great breast. Disappointed she never really shows her pussy. Go see Lucky if you want a truly hot lady. Her tits aren't as big, but she really works what she has!
Marta has one of the sexiest facial expressions I have seen here, on VGHD. She has a nice rack and seems to be loving what she is doing...but I have to agree with the majority, if she had more of an explicite show (or at least more poses showing more of the "goodies") then I think the rating of this card would be boosted tremendously.
wow show me more
they are the fakest tits i have ever seen, the dude commenting below has obviously never seen a real pair of large tits!
Nasty fake breast
Je suis amoureux
it dosent get any better than this
Gorgeous, a goddess.
Marta hat einen tollen Körper!! Da bleibt einen die Spucke weg!! Und dann noch dieses Outfit! Hier MUSS man 10 Punkte geben!!
une bien belle tenue pour une jeune femme trés apetissante.J'adore cette coquine qui sait si bien jouer la transparence
10 / 10 points One of the best models.
Un show parfait. Marta est très belle et attirante. Sa tenue flamboyante et transparente mets parfaitement son corps tout en rondeur en valeur. Ma note : 10/10
Shes an hot girl, I hope that she makes ather set's.
like3d your pussy boobs tits all all
la taille ne fait pas tout moi je la trouve craquante dans son show
pour moi c'est la plus sensuelle la plus belle elle bouge SUPER bien de partous meme les mains
elle est très belle sons show est super on prend le temps a la regardé se déhancher son d'habiller est superbe .s'est un canon
J'ai viré toutes les autres et pris toute la collection de Marta. C'est la plus grosse bombe de toutes. Et même si elle ne s'enfile pas les doigts elle est atomique.
Une brune aux yeux verts, et quel corps...!!! Une véritable petite bombe atomique...!! Alerte rouge...!!!
Petite par la taille, mais quels magnifiques seins. J'adore sa tenue sexy à souhait
the full sex power package of marta is indescrivible !!!!
algo para disfrutar, una morena fascinante
Vraiment craquante avec une poitrine somptueuse et le reste du corps aussi.
j'ai toute les cartes de cette bombe sexuelle. une invitation a l'amour
Ihr Body ist atemberaubend - voll abgefahren - an ihr ist alles am rechten Fleck und das aber üppig. Leider hat sie keine "Very ex. show" --schade, ein bischen mehr hätte sie schon zeigen können! Ihre Ausstrahlung ist aber hammerhart.
Marta number one with vicky s
Appeler les pompiers ! Bombe incendiaire en vue !
Marta est une fille très belle avec un visage magnifique! Bien sûr,j'aimerai dévorer sa bouche et la laisser déguster mon trésor avec l'entrain dont je la sais capable:)Hum! Sa poitrine est très attirante mais il est un peu dommage qu'elle ai fait des implants superflus! Son corps est superbe et sa peau est soyeuse. La façon dont elle se caresse en est la preuve! Et ses cuisses gainées de bas sont terriblement excitantes! Elle possède une sensualité innée qui alliée à un physique de rêve en fait...
Wahouuuu !! Ça c'est de la bombe
Dicke Titten (natur?), geiler Arsch und tolle Kurven. Marta hat einen schlanken und gut gebräunten Körper, eine geil anrasierte Muschi und einen vulgären Gesichtsausdruck. Bei diesem Anblick kann man kaum still vor dem PC sitzen bleiben. Ihre Dessous hauen mich nicht vom Hocker, und auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man vergeblich. Diese Show ist guter Durchschnitt. (Wertung: 6 von 10 Punkten)
Beaucoup de charme, mais gros seins refaits et hanches étroites.
Petite par la taille, petit spectacle. Elle n’offre pas grande chose. Je suis très déçu. Je ne suis pas d’accord que c'est la plus grosse bombe de toutes !
3.9 (2766 votes)

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User comments (132)

Perfect in every way...
Vive cuba libre! Marta is smoking hot.
Cette femme est la sensualité incarnée, elle m'a fait abondament éjaculer !
abosultely stunning
Love the milk. Marta, my goddess
I wasn't sure what to expect, but she sure pleased me. A toast to Marta!
Marta is a stunning brunette, has a very sexy body. I would love to see her more often with new updates (news) will buy all his cards. She has very sexy legs and even his fabulous feet. A new idea for a new card, dressed as a belly dancer walk naked, its plants you would see even better: P My favorite is Marta Marta News with new hope. When the parades and shows her High Heels Feet crazy. I love you: * Rating 10/10 Super Body Fantastic
Marta has an awesome body, love those big tits !!!!!!
How do I redownload her since my program was uninstalled none of my girls are on the program once I reinstalled it?
Super Sexy, Super Titten, Super Körper, Super Show, Super MARTA!
Marta rates a 10 just onlooks alone, however her show was one of the best I have seen. the outfit matched her the milk scene is classic..Thank you Marta!!!
fantastic ! more please! my favorite
It's very sexy and fantastic... upload more cards like this xD
I read of VirtuaGirl HD. I closed my eyes & dreamed of the best of everything I hoped to find. I clicked. I opened my eyes. I saw Marta. Dream fulfilled.From her gorgeous, so expressive face, down her incredibly beautiful & shapely body & legs to her beautiful feet, Marta is a wonderfully voluptuous woman whose every curve & feature is a precious treasure. She is the epitome of feminine grace, beauty, sensuality, & sexuality.When Marta moves, she can stalk onto the stage with all the grace of a...
This iconic show often used to promote VG, features Marta in a sexy orange bikini and a t-shirt - very nice, although I'm not so sure about the pigtails.Apart from some poor eye contact in a couple of clips, this was one of Marta's sexiest task-bar performances. Her sense of viewer interaction was spot-on. Her expressions, movement and everything else just came together in a stunningly erotic show. The t-shirt's purpose became obvious when she poured milk all over it in one of the most erotic no...
I Was A Goner When Sexy Marta Took Off Them Shoes mmmmmmm I Want To Suck On Her Toes, Lick On Her Feet and Kiss My Way Up Them Tanned Legs....She Is One Fine Lady
Marta has definitely grown on me...WOW what a smokin hottie!!
When she pours the milk over herself it is so erotic
IS THE BEST Card in Virtual Girl. I loved when she take a shower with milk. Es la mejor carta Comprala, no te vas a arrepentir. Derama leche sobre su cuerpo, es IMPRESIONANTE !!!! Excelent!!!!
Jeste? bardzo atrakcyjn? kobiet? pozdrowienia
damn, she is smoking
?????? ???????
Awesome show, she's so sexual. Love her big boobs.
Marta is awesome. have you looked at her, wonderful. love her curvy body. she's awesome. she is number 4 in my top 4. Lorena 1, Jenni Gregg 2, Karina 3, Marta 4.
she is the best - MORE OF HER !!!
Marta is a sexy goddess! U a fool if u miss her!
WOW Nuf Said
This show is sublime !!! You have just buy it, it is fantastic. Marta is one of the best girl of every times!!! 10+10+10 !!!
HOT!! I love the wet t-shirt and the clip with her close up, sitting, and pouring a pitcher of milk down her front. Not the most explicit, but worth the tickets.
Love this one! She's super hot and sexy, love wet t-shirts and nice boobs! 10!
Marta is so hot! I think she would make a burlap sack look sexy!
Very Very Very nice Show i want more!!!!! 10/10
Another hot show from my favorite. the milk is a nice touch, and as always lots of smiling and enjoying herself. always a 10 by me. not as much finger diving as other girls on here, but she seems to have a touch of class lacking elsewhere here. knows what shes got and knows how to show it. nuff said?
Marta is seriously hot. What a woman.. Get this card...
My new favorite!
Awesome what she can do with a can of milk! A feast for the eyes. This is my 10/10 card.
I love marta and this is her best card ever 10 10 10
This is an amazing lady Marta is as she pours milk all over her beautiful breasts and down her front and wow it sure was nice to see that! This is a good card and well worth the tickets and she gets a 10 from me!
she is so sexy and really enjoy watching her on my screen i love her
Two Words Sexy and Hot!!!
She's a GODDESS, no doubt about it!! I love her sweet curves and watching her gyrate her incredible body. She has quite possibly the most beautiful boobs I have ever seen, and she knows how to play with them and her gorgeous pussy so that I'm spent three times over, a pretty good trick for me. Thanks Marta and thanks Totem. Pleases give us more!!
yeah - milk and honey - indeed the best cure against a cold !
she is the most horny woman on VG.
love this one, have to watch over and over again tryint to decide whether I like those big beautiful breasts more when they are straining against the shirt or when released in all their glory, what a woman, More Marta please, you wont be disappointed.
what a wonderful show...i love to see martha on my desktop und i especially love this clip: most favorite of any time...wait to see more new stuff of Martha.
This completes my Marta 6-pack, and boy, this is easily the best show of all! Marta started out as a slow burner, now she's really cooking with gas. Ever since she bombed her cherry, she's got hotter and sexier. Those who brand her boobs as fake and portray Felina (the woman with the fakest boobs on the site) as the benchmark of "natural womanhood", clearly wouldn't know a pair of natural boobs if they fell over them. Marta's boobs are firm and natural: they hang beautifully when she goes on all...
wonderfully beautiful! the fact that she never fully shows her pussy is a very wonderful tease that keeps you coming back for more.. ;)
CHIMICHANGA!!! OMG this girl is HOT!!!This card has everything I like: big boobs, bare feet and MILK! This is the most EROTIC card on the site! You can tell that she is having fun in this card. Her smile is great & her expressions are fabulous & her eye contact says "take me!"...and I will, gladly :-0 I loved the "Hulk moment" when she almost ripped off her shirt!Gorgeous girl! She will be my second complete "6 pack" after Chikita.10/10. Worth 5 tickets!
this is by far the hottest show on the entire site....marta is an absolute angel...we really need more shows/cards for marta...
She is the one and only reason I even decided to get a membership,but now I have many other beautiful women to look at also!Still, Marta was my first "love" ;)
Wonderful looking woman, words are not enough. More of Marta please :o)
I love this show, one of my favorite things is wet T-shirts, I wish they would make more shows with wet shirts. Marta is also very beautiful and sexy in this. very good show all around.
remind me to take a trip to poland!
I love this show for several reasons. The title, actually, means something. Can we see more of this? Marta's outfit is simple, yet very effective; the theme would dictate this. The scene where she pours milk over the front of her body, is awesome. You could count the beads of milk on the inside of her thighs, if we only had a pause button. Great camerawork, guys!If Marta's shows were any hotter, that Webster guy will have to add qualifiers to the term, Global Warming. Marta, este 10 es por ti. H...
This girl is a fucking hottie, I damn near couldn't beleive she was real when I saw her.
HmmmLove watching this girl on all 4's and her big tits hanging through that tshirt with no bra on. Should do more Like this with girls with big tits.
Really love this set. Pictures are good too. Please post more sets of girls playing with food and drink :)
Damned pretty girl!!
Love though tits, but don't care for the milk thing.
I just love watching that milk pouring down her chest. Lovely.
WOW what a fox
now she has some nice tites nice and big good to suck on yummm
Best girl on VGHD. I can watch her 24/7. Marta jestes najlepsza
with such a body she can do what she wants !!!!
Carte renversante et une fille renversante. Merci Marta X peuplent également obtiennent cette carte et apprécient.
She's one of my new favorites. Great show!
Thank you very much :)
Definitely her best yet.She is certainly warming up!
she is so deliciously hot!!!! Pleaeeeeeeease marry me Marta
Pros - Awesome, buxom, fit, and perfectly tanned body; goes from energetic to sultry and sexy; the orange bikini looks great on her; you have GOT to see the milk clips; love the wet t-shirt shots; I think she actually orgasms in one clipCons - she plays "hide-the-coochie", a BIG no-noMarta gave me a rise with this show, for real. The show is nearly perfect; her only big misstep is not showing good peach shots. I don't know what she was thinking. Still, I can recommend this show for the remaining...
Great show - especially loved the use of the cream jugs!!
Marta is hott! it seems like it takes forever just to get a clip where she shows some skin. But over all the card is good and is a 9/10 for me. I like her outfit and she's a very good looking girl. I'm glad I know how to choose my cards. This one is a really nice card!
I think Marta's great...although personally I prefer the outfit in some of her other cards.This was a good solid show that I would've rated as an 8/8.5 up until a jug of what I hope was milk appeared...then it was instantly boosted to a 9/9.5 - If only she'd had another jug or two!Great fun and always a pleasure to watch...thanks Marta!
Wow! This performance reminds me of the wet t-shirt contests on South Padre Island! There is such a spring break feel to this card, and I love it! Very fun and very sexy. Marta is incredibly sexy in this card. It is arguably her best performance yet. I highly recommend for anyone who has ever partied hard in Cancun, South Padre Island, or anywhere else that is worth going to during spring break! Get this card, sit back and reminisce with this voluptuous beauty!
Could this women be erin ellington or nick name erin angel ? she has so much resemblance or from other site all picture have www. on it but link broken
Thank You, Thank u for this SEXY Polish Goddess MARTA! I NEED MORE PLEASE!
Positives: very nice smiles, the water/beverage she pours down her boobs is cool, the panties rubbing her snatch, moves.Only negative is the obviously fake breasts.
Wow what a beautiful woman love to meet her sometime!
Marta is very hot, with her tight shirt and boobs just waiting to come out. Her act is ver hot. She is a 83/4.
Milk does a body good. She is soooo SEXY. I only have a problem with the dirt on her ass. It's distracting because I would have preferred to put it there myself
Pros: Marta has one of the most smoking hot bodies on VG. A sultry exotic face, tight little body and cute ass, and a pair of the most amazingly massive juicy tits you've ever seen. Great moves from Marta in this card. She's so sultry and sexy in her stripping and her dancing and pole work are very good. Everything Marta does is really sexy. Get this card just for the milk show, hehe. ;) Decent variety with pole work, dancing/posing, teasing, and closeups. Good card length at over 35 minutes.Con...
Her body rocks!!Also, great dancer.
she very hot! nice body,good show
great card and woman. is there any thought of doing a winter theme?
I like full figure brunettes. Marta "fills the bill". Add to that her range of expressions and her erotic teases - that's the WHOLE package. I gave her a Nine only because I don't give out 10's.
Really hot, I like big breasts and dark so shes almost perfect naked....However I'm not a huge fan of the outfit. I saw the t-shirt and was skeptical, but took hope in the fact that orange bikini top would be shown plenty too. Maybe i havent seen the whole show yet, but I haven't seen one scene where she strips out of the bikini top, all the topless scenes ive seen have been good, but just involved taking that white T off...All figured shes really hot, and I'd happily get another card of hers
I had one ticket, and I spent it here. I regret it 0%. :) A really good show, 9/10 from me.
I to Love her show
gooooo poland!...what a Stallion of a babe!!!
How did she know I needed more calcium in my diet. Mama mama. Yum!
I was really excited to see a new Marta show. This show is the best of her now. I give her 9 points, she's beautiful and sexy inspite of her faked boobs. Thankx Marta, I love to see more.
This card features Marta, who's very hard not to like. She has an exotic, almost Latino look and her huge breasts and beautiful face are awesome to behold. This card features some great wet t-shirt scenes, which is a fun take away from the usual dancing done at VirtuaGirl HD.Aside from the wet t-shirt scenes, however, this card is fairly routine. Marta has a kind of movement sequence that she falls into in these older cards and she does so with this one for almost every scene.So although she is...
Great job Marta - keep up the fine work. You are a doll!
Love the pigtails, love the outfit. Marta has a classic supermodel beauty. Not exactly my type, but I can't slight her for that. I'd say the best thing about her is watching her gyrate in this card while she runs her hands down her body. A solid 8/10 = great addition to anyone's collection. If she didn't have fake breasts, she probobly would have gotten a 9, but even as someone who loves natural breasts, her fake ones arn't that bad.
She has an awesome body, The water and milk really show off her chest, but she seems really afraid to show between her legs. overall 8/10
I'm not a big fan of fake tits, but she makes it work. Beautiful girl and moves very well.
indeed she's a real hottie.
Not into the whole fake rack or the pigtails. 7
plastic not fantastic. no more fake boobs. stunning girl ruined by plastic tits, total turn off
Sexy body and performace, but no cunt show! This should be mandatory. If I went to a sip show or lap dance and the girl did not give me a good look at her cunt, I would be dissapointed!
She is prob one of the hottest girls here, but all of her shows there is not even a flash of her you know what down below. Very disappointing.
Boring, bad dancing, unnatural.
This young lady is just woof. Full figured beauty just dripping with sex appeal.. Excellent show. A10
I'm usually indifferent to Marta (she's not my favorite, but she's not my worst either) always anyways, but these HIDEOUS shoes!! They are so awful!! Destroy any degreee of sexiness this card might have had....
5th card that steals your money
I don't agree with most of the comments here. Deleted her immediately. No explicite scenes, no real crotch views, her expressions reminded me of an old East-Dallas Bar Stripper. Sorry. Delete and spend money elsewhere.
Thinking about deleting her.
Damn this woman is sexy. Take it off... take it all off!!!
If only it was possible to watch Marta in 3K, or taleast 1020p... What a magnificent woman.
Takie piekne ogromne cycki!
Seriously lovely looking woman.
Die Nummer in der sie sich Milch über ihr Shirt kippt ist einfach nur geil. 10/10
10 of 10 Points, that should say all.
eine heiße, geile Frau !! die letzte fehlende card im angebot - danke für dieses present !! eine show besser als die andere aber kein wunder bei diesem hammer aussehen, leuchtende Augen, süßer mund und zwei argumenten, die männerherzen schmelzen lassen. eine glatte 12 ;o))
Marta hat einfach geile große Titten (natur?), eine anrasierte Muschi, schöne lange Beine, einen gebräunten Körper und ein kleines Tattoo über dem Po. Das Outfit ist für diese Stripshow ist sehr sexy! HAMMER TITTEN, SEXY OUTFIT, GEILE SHOW AN DER POLE! Leider ohne echte 'very explicit shows'. Schade bei einer so schönen Pussy... (Wertung: 10 von 10 Punkten)
Meine absolute Favoritin!!!!!!!!!!! geiler Blick geile Figur geile Show`s (könnte trotzdem ein wenig offner sein )habe alle ihr Show`s 10 Punkte
Très belle et très sexy, j'adore!
top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top sur toute ces cartes top 100 %%%%%%
Una belleza de mujer
Tout simplement ma préférée. Corps de déesse, visage d'ange, magnifique poitrine bien tendue. Et voir ses seins à travers son T-Shirt mouillé, un vrai régal pour les yeux. 20/10 et on en redemande
Für dieses Outfit und die geilen Titten gibt es ganz klar 10 Punkte. Eine echte Bereicherung meiner Sammlung.
Un très bon show. Marta est toujours aussi belle et sexy. Sa tenue plutôt simple devient plus sexy lorsqu'elle est mouillée mais je ne suis pas fan de ses couettes. Ma note : 09/10
Excellente ! Sexy, jolie, un corps parfait mais le problème subsiste : il n'y a rien de sexuel.
encore une reussite
Cette petite polonaise est une véritable bombe. Pulpeuse à souhait, terriblement sexy, Marta a tout pour faire monter la température ambiente. Ce show en est un bel exemple. B R A V O !!!
Ma préférée avec vicky s quand elle veut pour moi pas de pb
C'est une belle gosse avec des seins bien gros et une bouche qui laisse rêveur!! Dommage qu'elle ne s'occupe pas de sa petite chatte!!
pas mal mais les chaussures gache un peu
Belle fille Marta mais vue de profil ça ne veut pas dire grand chose. A revoir si possible.Les filles sont toutes belles en général, Virtua devrait évoluer dans sa prochaine version si non, il y aura un client de moins.
3.7 (1917 votes)

Cotton cloud

  • Shows: 29 clips
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Bonus photos: 71
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 311 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (65)

Marta is a spicy angel. Loved every clip.
so hot amazing woman
what a stunning woman !
What a hot and sexy lady.
Marta gehört zu den top 4 Girls Meiner meinung nach. Denn Sie hat einen Göttlichen Körper, Ihre Brüste sind atemberaubent Schön.
Marta is so freaking sexy and beautiful!!!
In big fun Marta's dancing if you can call it that was painful to watch, here she seems more gracful.Maybe because she is more or less basicly posing which is a good thing,even her boobs don't see over the top enhanced . All in all i enjoy this card
Now one with BIG BOOBS this what I like that go with legs. very nice and pretty girl. give me more.10/10 for me.
Marta is the hottest thing on VG. Lovely skin tone, nice moves, wonderful eyes. oh and did i forget the puppies. oh yes the puppies are super! well if your not up on Marta, you need to be. Oh yea, she's coming with some new shit and she promises to give us some naughty action. Make sure you get all her cards and recommend her to your friends, because Marta is like fire.
Quite an unusual look for Marta in this card. A white and fluffy outfit with a curlier hair style. Although gorgeous as always, you could almost take her for a different girl.On the task-bar, although a little more subdued in this show, she was seductive as ever, and her sense of viewer interaction was spot-on as always in another incredibly sexy performance.Marta's pole performance was again a bit on the slow side here, although she did make good use of the pole in a very sexy routine. The stan...
I luv this woman but she needs to show more pussy, thats the whole Idea!!!
she has those eye that say it all. I like big boobs. she it and more. So I rate her a BIG 10.
Poland girl is the best in my country so many much this beautiful girl.
Have had Marta a while but never set up her clips in VGHD Player2 and then added music with a beat that matches her dancing.I have to upgrade my rating of her. She is a sexy girl with a dynamite figure that is one of the top three in VGHD. Her clips show that puts Marta in the top ten models.
Oh Marta!!! My second favorite girl !!!Maybe this is not her best card, but who cares? You just need to have all cards of this girl, she's so damn hot!!! I hope that she return for new hot shows, and with more explicity shows. 10/10 on this card, of course !!!
Elle me fait réver
This is what a woman should look like
This girl can do no wrong...!!! I have a right mind to disable all my other dancers and just let her perform for me... who am I kidding, I have already done 10/10
Thanks Totem for the big boob booster packs. They introduced me to the most beautiful woman on your site. She has gorgeoua tits, but I really love spending time with my face buried in pussy, so a few close-ups of her playing with hers would have been great. Thanks Marta for being so hot and thanks Totem for Marta.
Oh Marta! If you like this outfit as much as I do, lets get together between some satin sheets and play with some fur handcuffs ;-) Guys, this is her sexiest card. Get this one! Her hair, her outfit and her great boobs make this card a must have in every collection.
I do not speak English and used a translator to write this text. These ladies need to amuse and charm, then they need to make these positive points.Makeup: 10 Sympathy: 10 Measures harmonics in the body: 10 Naturally sexy: 10 Know how to seduce: 10 Undress without stopping the dance: 10 Be loving getting naked: 10 Playing whith his body: 10 Clothing: 10 Please be my wife: 10My vote is: 100
Mmmmm, the more I see of Marta, the more I love her, and she looks soooo good in that sexy babydoll. She has also mastered the art of striptease too. There's far more sensuality and femininity in her work in the last two cards I have purchased of her. Her dancing has improved too and she is a far sexier woman now, especially when she fixes her gorgeous dark eyes on you. Oh yes, and her boobs are definitely real - fulsome, firm and natural. There was one scene where she was bending over the deskt...
mmmmmm marta....god i love this woman...she is the most smokin on the entire virtuagirl site...please give us more marta
Another great show from Marta, I don't know why everyone else is so mean about her as she seems great to me, nobody gives Vicky S or Jana H a hard time about their boobs so leave Marta alone!
Thank you for all your nice comments :)
As you can see from the pics, she is really gorgeous to look at. I'm not a great fan of huge fake breasts but she gets away with it nicely. If you're thinking of getting a Marta card, get this one. It's the best one so far. Definitely worth a 10/10 just for her gorgeous, beautiful face.
Sexy y voluptuosa! Le vienen mejor otros outfit. No es la más guapa pero si uno de los mejores cuerpos. 9
gorgeous girl! we let ourselves be captivated easily!
Superbe créature, tenue affolante, un peu sage dans le dénudé dommage mais très bien quand même.
einfach nur geil
Kobieta mazen. show 10 brak explicit -1
Marta is a super babe and knows it. She works it with the best of them and it just makes for a great card!
By far the hottest brunette on the site, she is so beautiful, slim and stacked with nice big tits. Marta is so sexy, and she really knows how to turn a man on. I love her, she is one of the best if not thee best girl on the whole site.
@markhouse - you really said it all, I totally agree.@Markxx - Je suis d'accord avec toi, Marta est absolument merveilleux.
Une autre grande carte. Exposition de Nice, et équipement intéressant aussi. Grande carte au propre. Merci Marta X
Mart is hot and a definite favorite for a lot of Virtua Girl fans. This is one of her older cards and features an excellent outfit for this hot model with the big fake breasts.The outfit is a slinky "cotton cloud" as the name suggests and opens while she's wearing it to reveal just enough to make you stay interested - not that this is required when Marta is on deck, of course. But it helps.Outside of the outfit, however, Marta is generally uninspired in this performance and while it is good and...
Damn... fake boobs always bug me. But ignore that and her body is great. Absolutely love watching her crawl around, and I love her smile. 8/10
good show
Very beautiful and sensous woman wtih an outstanding body, but if you're going to strip it all off you should show it all. In every one of here shows she acts as if she is ashamed to show her pussy to the camera. I have to give this one a 6.
Beautifull girl!!! full nudity show: 10/10 explicit show : 10/0
Don't waste your tickets. I've seen more skin on TV than she puts out. I think she's a transvestite. There is no exposure of what's between her legs. Her routine is redundant and boring. Gentlemen, even her hair should have been fixed before she performs. Worst whatever I've seen in these offers. I know you have better to choose from to offer. I only gave a 6 for the tits.
Boring,dull,bad fake tits deleting NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fake breasts are grose
Marta is very cute, but htere was no energy in her performance.
the 3rd card I find and thought I would enjoy but these girls are just stealing are money shows like this buy ther full show to see them naked and to see how members there are yeah she does look great but stealing are money with shows like this
I have VGHD for one reason, I THOUGHT i would get a strip show where they gave me EVERYTHING my manhood desires. So when the dancer goes out of her way to prevent the viewing of her PUSSY, CUNT, SNATCH, CRACK...Whatever, It pisses me off. THIS Dancer does just that. She got a three cuz i like her tits. It sure as hell wasn't for rating a pretty pussy. SHARKA RULES!!!!
Marta, why do you face straight into the camera until you pull off your clothes, only then to always turn sideways? While you have a beautiful face, your other features combined with your minimal dancing demonstrations don't encourage someone to keep you on the screen, or even on the computer, especially when you seem embarassed to show everything. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else comment on this in previous posts. Virtuagirl subscribers are entitled to know when they're getting ripped o...
WTF why no explised content her there 2 show where what a waste
beurk, just silicon
Always gorgeous. She's just lovely in every show.
la plus sexy des filles de virtuagirl, sans mentir, c'est Marta, elle a un regard tres accrocheur qui vous captive et vous envoute, elle sait se bouger, elle a une jolie paire de seins, le seul bémol physique (qui reste très mineur), ce sont peut être ses fesses un peu plate, mais pour le reste je vous la recommande chaudement, elle est tres pro et c'est un pur delice de la regarder, je lui met 20/10 sans hésiter !!
Un show parfait. Marta est toujours très belle et sexy. Sa tenue blanche et cotonneuse est très sexy avec sa poitrine qui exploserait presque son haut et son string très appétissant. Ma note : 10/10
aaaaa..... MARTA il te manque juste des ailes pour avoir l'air d'un ange ........................................BOUMMMM le canon touer... toute des bonne carte avec MARTA +++++++++++++++
Belle bombe cette Marta. Si vous voulez retrouver toutes ses photos sur la toile elle s'appelle MARTA ZAWADZKA
another 10 for the best girl in the crowd .she makes dreams come trough !!!
Marta ist schon eine Hammerbraut!! Ich glaube schon , daß die Brüste echt sind! Ihr Outfit ist nicht mein Ding , aber es passt doch irgentwie zum Thema. 9 Punkte , weil ich ihr doch sehr gern zusehe!!
Marta est un ange, le paradis est tout proche, je suis sous le charme.
muy caliente
Marta hat einfach geile große Titten (natur?), eine anrasierte Muschi, schöne lange Beine, einen gebräunten Körper und ein kleines Tattoo über dem Po. Die Dessous sind nicht gerade nach meinem Geschmack, und 'very explicit shows' gibt es auch nicht zu sehen (schade bei einer so schönen Pussy...). Dennoch sind ihre Titten einfach der Hammer! (Wertung: 6 von 10 Punkten)
Cette fille est super canon, son show est très sexy, son corps absolument parfait... Mais la coquine nous cache son minou, qui doit être si beau...
Un satisfecit pour sa nouvelle coiffure et sa petite tenue mais alors ses gros nichons surgonflés au Bottox,moi ça me la coupe! Et à part cela, y a rien à voir...allez hop! je désinstalle.
3.8 (2175 votes)

Big fun

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 90
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 240 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (86)

Marta, you just keep getting better and you are so Hot.
How great Marta is at this, and how wonderful Marta did that. Marta Marta Marta!
Now it's my favorite, I'm crazy about her when he does the strip sensual eyes, sexy body, moves very well excite the viewer has a nice body on this card I wished his feet could be seen even more, however I like a lot Marta. Super Sexy 10/10
one of the best! i love her cards
I havbe three of her cards and she is great. One of the best dancers here, most of the other girls could learn from Marta the art of sexy dance!!! But as beautiful as she is her only fault seems to be that she does not show her pussy. She always keeps it coverd when the camera gets close. Show that pussy Marta!!!!
Marta is the hottest thing on VG. Lovely skin tone, nice moves, wonderful eyes. oh and did i forget the puppies. oh yes the puppies are super! well if your not up on Marta, you need to be. Oh yea, she's coming with some new shit and she promises to give us some naughty action. Make sure you get all her cards and recommend her to your friends, because Marta is like fire.
A kind of sporty outfit for Marta in this one. I prefer her hair free and flowing I think, but this look certainly promises a fun show.On the task-bar she was sexy and charming in equal measure with some very seductive teasing, great viewer interaction and an added dose of fun. A prime example of how to perform a wonderfully sexy show without being too explicitIn the pole clips Marta was quite dynamic. She performed with enthusiasm and style, making effective use of the pole, despite a slight st...
Why this Girl doesnt have a perfect 10? i do not know, what i do know is that she is fucking HOT, Grade A Meat. beuatiful face, Huge Tits, Nice Ass good dancing skills; who cares if she doesnt show her Cunt she looks great from everyother angle.
I can watch Marta over and over and over. This card is great
Marta looks spirited, with her feline movements, has art. She seems from south of Spain, such as Andalusia. And those two jugs she has. How much joy ... Macarena?
Marta...Marta....Marta!!!! I WANT You!!! NICE Tits mmmmm She Is a Goddess....
Anything ess than a 10 is just not right.
I gived her a 10. She is too hot!!!!! Im sad of one only thing, she don't make see her pussy in an explicity mode, but it's ok, she is so damn hot !!!
Holy shit, I want to play with her tits all day. I love that sexy dark hair in those pigtails. Marta's got a body that could melt my pants and I love the way she pouts. This is my all time favorite card. I seriously hope VG can get her back to do more. Marta can be my sex slave any day.
Super. Wracaj Mata do Polski :)
Can this woman do anything wrong? not in my book! hands down my favorite girl on the site. sultry face, perfect porportion to her body and lots of enthusiasm! another great outfit here as well that accents everything shes got and believe me shes got plenty! Marta never fails to please, and any of her shows are worth the ticket no question. good moves, and sizzling sexiness come naturally to Marta, and I wish VGHD would give her a duo with Jennifer Max. fire works there, for sure. not only do the...
Oh! my god! What a woman totally out of this world. A true stunner This beauty has the poles up there with the best babes on the planet
Another great show from Marta, glad to see that the unfair comments seem to have stopped. Marta has proved herself to be the star that I predicted she would be!
Marta has a simple beauty. She has some meat on her bones, but she isn't too big. Her curves are smooth and sensual. Then she wears this fun little number and doesn't seem to try too hard at all. It just comes natural.
Gorgeous!! Marta does look like she would be BIG FUN in bed; I just love her boobs and pussy. I wonder if they taste as good as they look. Please give us more!!
i dont no there is just something about this outfit that is just really hot and the pigtales add to it
Yes Marta has the body and moves to be very hot and s exual.
she is the most horny woman on VG. Want more of her.
this is my second favorite show from falls right underneath cuban libre...she is the sexiest woman on all of virtuagirl. we need more marta...pleeease
Marta: Jesteś piękna! Translate: Martha, You are pretty!
Say hello to the BRUNETTE BOMBSHELL !! MARTA teases & tantalizes with beauty, style & a body that will blow you away! They were not kidding when they named this card "Big Fun" !
I never get enough of Her !!!! a sex bomb!!!
Pretty girl but this show is the first one i have been a little dissapointed with. She keeps her hand down deliberately and wont even give you a glimpse down below and maybe im being picky but i didnt like her hair in this show either, she looks prettier in her other shows. Definetly better shows to be seen than this one.
she's one of the most beautifull women i have ever seen! she's a knock out! she moves like a goddes and my favotite! alltough i would like more asian, black and middle east girls she's the best for me! Take some middle-east girls stripping from a burka just to ennoi moslims that would be great!
Her casual confidence comes across well. Little things like the wink and "uh-uh, no peeking" gesture are a nice touch. Beautiful body, cute face, I'm sold. (Even with the blue shadow glitch).
Really hot. She knows how to ... and we notice it. What a body... a she moves and plays with confidence.More of this beauty ;-)
Marta is my new favorite, she can dance, she has an amazing body, I love the outfits, I wish she was a little more explicite but I love her I give her a 10 and hope to see more of her on VGHD
this is her best card i think. you should think about getting in. she a sexy women
sexy card worth getting
MARTA i love your cards it always a pleasure to see you popup on my desktop.
i hav buy several girl, how do i activate the them in full view on my desktop
J'adore ses seins, ils sont "naturellement implantés" sur sa poitrine. Je donne une mention d'honneur au chirurgien qui a fait ce magnifique travail de seins. C'est un Rembrant du scalpel. Tu es simplement une bombe Marta, et plus on te regarde plus on en veut. A mon opinion, les trois plus belles paires de seins de VG sont Chikita, Zuzanna et Marta.
This girl is nothing short of awesome. She has probably the best desktop dancer moves of any girl on VirtuaGirlHD, has a lot of great attitude that really comes through in her performance, and she is about as hot as they come. There are only two things that hold her back: her extremely fake breasts and (in this card) her wayyyy too tall shoes. Not sure who decided that stripper boots are hot, but they aren't.
Marta is amazing. Not too explicit, but very fine body. She is adorable in her interview too. I want more of her cards!
Marta is undeniably beautiful, and this costume is really the icing on the cake in this show for me! Id be happy watching her move around in that all day long even if she never took anything off! LOL
I don't know about any of Marta's other cards but I saw this one and I knew I had to have it. Her body in that outfit alone is worth the price of admission. She exudes sex appeal and those pigtails only aid in the fantasy. Her dancing was also good. I don't see enough women on this sight that are capable of seducing me with their dancing alone. So far Marta and Felina are the best at that. Felina being the better of the two. The only problem I have with her was her show was somewhat tame. thats...
Marta - welcom to my collection. Polska Lady's are always very sexy and i love to see some cute one like you doing a great perform :-) Stanzeflasher - thank's again for a great collection of good photos!
arguably her best show, one thing that annoys me is her breasts are in my opinion a bit to large
Some girls just have an unfair advantage. Marta is so nice and sexy.
Great looking lady, not much for big breasts, but Martha pulls it off. 9/10
I am a Marta convert, she is erotic, sensual and buxom. Her eyes are sexy and engaging.She makes you think of what is between her legs. Remember the mind is the biggest sex toy around.
All I can say is wow.I love this babe, ESPECIALLY her big fake tits (why all the hate?).Regardless of the what the overview states this set is not "sexually explicit" so if that's what you're looking for you might have to look elsewhere.She's probably my favorite HD VG (none will ever surpass Aria), so a solid 9/10 from me.
Marta is wow. She is up there with Ashley Robbins in the big breast category: real or fake.
of the ladies i have seen she puts on the best dance moves very sexy
What a lady --- elegant with just the right touch of risque to make her show very enjoyable --- I give you a very well done and recommend her to one and all.
The show is really good. She is a beautiful young woman and knows to how move. Her body is hot and she try to show everything. 8.5 points
Marta's titten sind super, show nicht ganz so schön.
super canon ,tres jolie
Nice looking. Not my favorite, but no-where near the bottom of the heap. I would give her an 8.
The ladies are all beautiful so I just rate the card. Theme/costume- 7.....Dancing/performing- 9 Sex appeal- 8.....Explicit- 7 wood factor-8.....In your face- 9Overall I rate this card a 8. Yuck to the combo of those spice girl high heels , and pig tails which make her ears look bigger and don't go good with stripes. The gloves matched her outfit but not her theme and white heels threw it all off (at least get black shoes to match outfit). You get plenty of her breasts and none from below.
You don't get the same sexual energy in this show that you get in Cherry Bomb. Where that one was a red hot show of femininity and seduction, this is more of a dance and striptease show. There's is no concerted attempt at explicitness and it doesn't fly to the same extent and Cherry Bomb. It takes a bit of time to get into this show. It's a slow burner worth an 8 out of 10 for me.
faked b00bs & mimic, but she pwns anyway !
Gorgeous woman - the body, the face, everything, but she's too coy by half. Other women put on better shows, if you're looking for explicit content. If you're simply looking for a beautiful woman with large breasts and the body to match, then you can do no better.
wow, Marta... where have you been all this time? You are stunning!
this show is better than the last one but she still needs to loose those stupid shoes
Auch bei diesem ihrer Videoa kein explizit. Sieht mittelmässig aus. Geschmackssache
Pretty cute and enjoyable session. Nice face, hair and rack. Though, Italian Pleasure is better.
Love the outfit and she has some nice big ol' knockers. A cute face too. Could be a bit more explicite though.
While I can't disagree with most of what's said here (Marta is a beautiful, sumptuous, big titted babe), still I think she ranks well below many of the women here simply because she never lets you see her pussy. She keeps it covered at all times, either with closed legs, an interposed foot or pole or actually covering herself with her hands when nothing else is available. The whole point of a tease is to heighten your desire for the end reward; when that reward is denied, then it's no longer a t...
It's really too bad that Marta doesn't show off her box. In some scenes she just rocks back and forth and doesn't take any effort to be sexy besides showing off that voluptuous body. The outfit is lacking along with her overall performance, making this card an average grab.
This show does not show full nudity. and is not even close to explicit. Not advertised properly. 2 tickets spent for nothing. Losing interest in this site quickly.
She is a ten in body, but a one in attitude of dancing, no pussy into this show!!
Whats with the hand covering her pussy???? LAME
I will cancel my membership after this card. Just buy tickets. Tired of getting crappy chicks. Show your fucking pussy. That is the reson we are here.
This may be the first HD show I delete from my hard drive... The model is very self conscious about her body and it shows. It is advertised as having sexually explicit behavior however it is far from the truth. She spends the entire photo shoot trying as hard as she can to ensure you don't see her p***y. I’d rather she never took off her bottom than try to hide herself the whole time. All gripes aside if you just looking for a pretty face with an excellent pair of big boobs, then maybe this mode...
Uhm, Marta is a very hot lady but I don't understand that hand in front her p***y . Two shows of Marta, two shows with that hand continuously. Is it a spite, is it a game, is it a decency question, what is it ?. I don't understand. Sorry, Marta is marvellous but also this show is a bad show for me. Rate = 6
Not a fan of the theme, but I love her. A 5.
Marta hat einfach geile große Titten (natur?), eine anrasierte Muschi, schöne lange Beine, einen gebräunten Körper und ein kleines Tattoo über dem Po. Das Outfit ist für diese Stripshow ist sehr sexy! HAMMER TITTEN, SEXY OUTFIT, GEILE SHOW AN DER POLE! Leider ohne echte 'very explicit shows'. Schade bei einer so schönen Pussy... (Wertung: 10 von 10 Punkten)
ostie j'en peut plus j'en veux une comme çà.......kit as me faire chier par elle ,,,,,,,,,parce que ont dira bien ce que ont voudra elle sont super belle ...mais peuve nous faire chier....................les vg sont en train de me rendre alcoolique .......
kann mich gar nicht satt sehen das geile Luder gebt uns mehr von ihr
Vraiment une femme MAGNIFIQUE !!! Que du bonheur !
Meine Traumfrau !!! 10 von 10
E' una bomba sexy su tutti i fronti,sconsigliato solo a chi si aspetta cose veramente esplicite,purtroppo mancano,ma per il resto state certi che i numeri sono quelli giusti..
Un très bon show. Marta est très belle et sexy. Sa tenue est très sexy même si je n'en suis pas totalement fan tout comme de sa coiffure... Ma note : 09/10
J'adore sa bouche, ses seins et son cul. De la dynamite notre petite Marta !
comme je l'est déjas dit ,une bombe sexuelle
Marta, vraiment le BIG FUN, poitrine généreuse, cul généreux, une merveille de petite brune aux gros seins
She`s so hot. I like her tits!
Quelle poitrine généreuse, le pied de la voir pendante lorsqu'elle est à quatre pattes. Dommage qu'elle soit trop pudique pour nous montrer sa chatte
4.0 (4026 votes)

Italian pleasure

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 225 MB

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Oh the Pleasure! She rocks this show.
probaly my favorite marta card she looks stunning in every clip
In other comments, I've said I like my women with a lot topside; Martam has a LOT topside, and I really like that!!! If I met her in a club and she asked me to dance with her, I definitely would not say, "No." She has a very sultry, sexy, Middle European look to her that says it all.Her moves on the taskbar really do a number for me, especially when she's not wearing a whole lot, although I believe she doesn't need the platform shoes. I kept thinking she was going to fall over, but she didn't. H...
100+ says it all.
Marta: The Art of The Heart-Attack Machine
WOW only in the hight 8ths I giver her a 1 out 10 a 15. She is so hot and tan Dam you all need your eyes checked MMMMM
she is so much sexy
I love you Marta!! You are the best girl of the world!!! sex...
Marta is supersexy and I just adore those big tits of hers, YUMMY!!!!!
OH MARTA, MACHS MOCH MAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marta is sensational, a must have card.
she IS HOTTT!!!
TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! best card i've ever bought =O +9 definetly y also recomend her other cards with this track =P enjoy to die for xD
Pure pleasure to watch and look at this not just beatiful women but seducive and truely one of a kind
???????? ???????!!! ????? ??????????? ??????, ?????!
I just adore Marta's huge tits, gets my panties soaking wet, YUMMY !!!!
I just love women with dark hair and blue eyes, and Marta is my favourite blue-eyed brunette on VG. A fantastic beauty with a slim body and the kind of voluptuous curves that are simply a delight to behold. And there are few sights more delightful than Marta in sexy pink underwear and stockings.On the task-bar Marta wasn't particularly active, but was very expressive with an exceptionally seductive sense of viewer interaction and teasing, the overall effect of which was incredibly sexy. My only...
so damn hot !!!!
the best looking lady on virtual girl hands down. love those sexy eyes and .......
you people are crazy one of the top women on this site you all need your head checked she is hot rate her as a 9 and i dont give tens she is one of my fav wow cant understand the bad comments get a clue ....
Wow - deserves a perfect 10 just for the clip where she rubs the lotion onto her beautiful breasts!!wow wow wow!!
wow, just wow
It is Polish, me too and I'm proud of her. Marta is very slim and hot:) and has a beautiful ass
Tout à prendre... Quelle beauté !! Marta, Merci pour le spectacle :) Je t'aime aussi :)
Pleasure me anytime you want.
hey its no wonder they call you virtuagogh your clearly not with reality or your heads so far up your ass that you cant see something that is magnificent even if it right there in front of you.she is absolutely beautiful and if she wasnt enthused as you put it i doubt she would be doing what it is she is for(possibly a smoker)and the shoes must go who realy gives a damn about those things i mean come on man dont be so judgmental u sound like a snob lighten up no body is perfect there is...
The best chick!! it's 11/10
Marta, Marta, Marta. Oh Marta. Marta is awesome. if Marta's not your first download ur terrible. Marta is awesome.
beautiful girl from my country :) 10/10 :)
Daaaaamn! Super exotic looks, knows how to dance, work that body, Tits and body is un-f n- beleivable, which she just looks so turned on by touching. Yeah she's got what guys are looking for on here. She's one of many reasons VGHD friggin rocks!!!
Marta is definetly one of the best models. She has a fantastic body and I only wish that my titties were as awesome as hers!!!!!
wath i can say? for me this is her best card, body fantastic. W Marta.
She is my Angelina Jolie + Tomb Raider in this VirtuaGirlHD. ^ ^
Now, this italian honey is pretty hot. Has nice sized tits 7 a lovely smile. Wouldn't mind getting her over a table
Love her face, long dark hair, stacked chest and legs. Sexy outfit, and strips the shoes to reveal her feet. I didn't find anything wrong with her. My favorite card, gave her a "10".
OH...MY...GOD!! This is bar in my top 5 cards. Can't wait to get the rest of this beauty's collection. DAMN!
She may be heavy but I'll bet I could make her dance with my tongue on her "G" spot.
Marta is, in my opinion, the hottest overall girl on the site. sultry face, body is perfect in porportions and she moves well. she never fails to please me in any of her shows, and seems to have it all as far as I'm concerned. this show is one of her sexiest outfits that shows what she has to best advantage. always a 10 on my scale.
WOW... what a body, you definitely gotta get this card. excellent show.
Best Girl Ever! This is her best set. I hope she will make more cards soon.
Despite her very young age, she doesn't have that girlish face. She has more of a womanly face, and a beautiful one at that. However it's that gorgeous, scultured figure of hers that made her one of my absolute favorites. Her body is just...absolute perfection!!!
Extremely beautiful woman. Has the annoying habit of covering her pussy with her hands once the panties come off.
You make me so hot
Marta is just her perfect usual self,,, muuuaaaah 10
Smoking hot!!!
I always had a weakness for brunettes with a fair bustsize, but i have never seen one as hot a Marta! This is the best card i have, without any doubt! She uses her entire body and mover really smooth. Plus, she gets extra credit for being able to walk on those shoes :P
Marta is amazing. I'm falling in love...
Marta is a very very pretty and luxurious looking woman.Marta call me! ;) lol
Marta is easily the most stunning and sensual woman on VGHD. She moves in a slow and sexy manner. The only others who come close for my tastes are Zuzana and Chikita. The sexiest card on the site is the Duo with Ariel and Trisha if you haven't seen that yet grab it fast. WOW!!
Marta is your dream women, such quality in dancing, but even a perfect body of her, well develop breast and a fine fit body, She def dissevers a 10, if you don't have her you're missing out something good.10 from me
That little slip was the best part for me. Makes it real. I really love this chick. So sexy, classy, and beautiful. More Marta More give me more.
She is by far my favorite. Amazing body, Beautiful, Exotic, Seductive, Sexy, Sensual....she is very HOT. I would not kick her out of my bed...Hubby would have to make room.
She is TOO Hot to Handle.. How I wish she does a repeat every night in my Bed Room. 10 of 10 to her..
My favorite so far, they don't get any more real then those. I'd like to see her with a different hair style, mabey somthing with curls? MMmmmm
great performance. She is very sexy. 10/10.
she is not lame . its a nice smooth show. really sexy and relaxed .. one of my favs
That's no Italian pleasure, she's the Italian Godess. Damn...
Unlike some other people, I don't really mind fake boobs...I mean a boob is a boob, if its big and round I will look at it. That aside, Marta has the curves that make big fake boobs fall in line with the rest. My new fantasy is having her dance for me in real life.
10/10... I will never hesitate to spend on this girl... She dances so well to all of my tracks too, its like she knows whats playing... Freaky, yet so very sexy...x
i love you marta mmmmm
I really like her in thigh high stockings in this one. I wish they had more like it.
Simple. Lovely.
Beautiful girl !!! :))
F%#KING Beautiful TITS,ASS,PUSSY,FACE my god thats all I could say 10/10 here
Amazing!! Marta is my favorite girl here, and with each viewing of any of her cards her status rises, along with something else. Please, TOTEM, give us more!!
Oh my God she makes me hot and horny
Only one word to describe her: PERFECT 10 of 10 One of the best shows I have seen!
She's is the most beautiful woman on VG, her eyes, her body, her legs are amazing.
She is perfect, I fall in Love to her.
that outfit is amazing
This is a must buy. best body in my collection
she is amazing!!!! i cant stop watching her show!!! she is the best
I love this girl, but while is striping she almost falls and she laughs and still strips now that's skills
she is the most horny woman on VG.
Let me tell you, if you like the way she looks, get the show. It's hot. She's got a banging body that is just unbelievable!
once again must i repeat myself...marta is the sexiest on this entire site....every show she has blows me away....we need some more marta immediately virtuagirl....please put up more marta shows.
Great tits (I love fakes), great ass, pretty face, hot moves and a sexy outfit make it a 10 from me
Her eyes just say "I want to screw." Doesn't get any better than that.
Marta is the hottest girl here, end of story. Love the way she moves.
I think Marta is, with out a doubt, the hottest dancer with the most beautiful body and face any man could ever ask for. Her eyes say alot, her expression heart pounding and I, for one, would love to wake up to her every day.
Gorgeous woman with an unfortunate overdone boob job.
I like Marta so much, she's my facourite girl on this server.:)
God I love her big tits. Wow. Please release more cards of woman like her, please.She has a beautiful face. Sexy moves. Great lingerie.
Love the cream pot!
What is the big deal, I think "fake" tits can be fine if they look nice and Marta's are great plus she has a really hot body and about the explicit content, she's new give her time to work up to it!
PT----Perfect Ten!
Wish I could have her right now for real. Sexy, gorgeus, lovely juggs...not the only girl of my dream but 4sure the best. I want more of her please !
MARTA is a total SEX BOMB!! Beautiful face, great tan, sexy outfit & an absolute BANGIN' BODY! (even though she's had a boob job, it is very well done and doesn't detract from her gorgeous physique!) Well worth the ticket price...MARTA will leave you begging for more!
the most gorgious girl of the group ! She has everything in XXX size !!!! extremly sexy !!!!
marta has quite possibly the hottest body ive seen but her show lacks fire she dosent seem to be enjoying herself. not very explicit either i give her body a 10 and her show a 5
My favorite,love the face and the body is to die for
Very hot body, great ass and very nice tits. just one of the best!
YES! Foxy, foxy. And the do seem to be fake, but if so they are magnificent fakes. 10/10
Marta, you are the absolute HOTTEST girl on VirtuaGirlHD...period.
Grande exposition Marta X et un vrai plaisir d'observer. Merci et moi dites obtiennent cette carte dans votre collection et l'apprécient.
She is the defintion of beauty, Marta is one of my favorites I love her show's and the shoes are awsome btw. I think she dances well and I look forward to seeing more of her.
I can't believe so many people are complaining about Marta. She may not be the best dancer here but nowhere near the worst. I think everyone is missing the true beauty of this lovely lady. We need more of her, and we need it now.
Sorry but too much silicon!!! It not looks good.
Another beautiful girl but who let here wear those shoes? She could hardly move in them.All in all a disappointment but I would still invite her back for another go.
I love her boobs even that are fake i love them and is nice to have more countrys ecxept Czech republic all the time not that i dont like them i love them to but you cant eat the same food every day if u know what i mean any way Marta she is just perfect for me she is original woman with every thing on her on large size this size is the best for striptease womans juisy body, i love you Marta keep going make as feel lucky that we are mans!
polish girls 100% sexy!!!!
Not usually a big fan of the larger titted lady, but Marta has a sensational figure and does an excellent set. Lookin forward to more....
tres belle ; ses shows sont trops plats !!!!
Marta is a VERY attractive lady. Long legs, beautiful smile and those eyes, she makes me melt. Her outfits are very complinentary and her dancing is better than most. Would love to see more "between the legs" but overall very entertaining. Bravo.
I agree with ILOVETHISGAME. Marta is really hot. Nice body and her boobs well OMG eye opener. I give her a 9/10. The only reason i dont get her a 10 is becuase lack of more pussy shots. But that dont bother me. Alot of the new cards have more explicit levels since this one is quite old then thats why but NEAR perfect card.
Mon Dieu cette femme est batie spécialement pour le sexe. Un corps d'enfer, seins refaits mais beaux. Elle bouge super bien et est très sensuelle. Elle sait dandiner ses merveilleuses petites fesses croquables...Quelle femme cette Mertha..
You must heve Her!:)
Man Oh Man, I saw her again.Men and women Mata is a must BUY!!
Yum! Marta is delicious! As easily seen from the pictures, she's not your common-or-garden waif, and all the better for it, what a full figure...I can only imagine how soft she'd feel under you.In all fairness the show could be better, maybe more explicit (or even just a peek or two) and it doesn't hold my attention the way a show from a women this hot should, so for Marta a 9.5, but for the card overall, an 8 (because I can't rate at 8.5)
Fumpser as you are a newbie here apparently, could you please find a way to be more positive. If you like a show by all means comment. We all have different tastes and there are only few woman on VGHD that are actual strippers. In general people disagree with your opinion about Marta, I personally like her boobs, thats me. Overall I like her somewhat nubile body, regret she has no new shows, wish VGHD would bring her back. I think Marta is a beautiful and is worth having in your collection.
Reckon she'd be awesome between the sheets. Dancing ain't bad, just lacking that special something
Verry nice jammie jammie body.
This is one of the lesser explicit shows, since there is not really "pussy-showing" in it. However, Polish lady Marta has a gorgeous pair of juicy tits and also knows how to move her body in a lascivious way. She likes to stroke herself and seems to enjoy "ass-shaking" in this show. Why haven't I been born in Italy, pardon Poland? ;-) I give this clip a 9/10 rating.
She is one of the more pretty ladies to gawk at. She is one of the better dancers. Over all good show and 35D/25/35 how can you go wrong.
She if f#@*king hot but would like tosee a bit more of her
Marta is a tad chesty for taste, but she is beautiful with some very sexy moves. I originally rated this set an 8 but bumped it to 9 because she removes her shoes in one or two clips.
Damn...when I first watch this dance..I thought I died and gone to heaven....She is the perfect girl for me...I wish she could be mine.
I bought this out of curiousity due to her being from playboy and people constantly saying her boobs are fake. I highly doubt they are fake. They only appear it due to her 'mountain peaks' being almost the same color as her skin. Hers are larger then they appear, just view up on her pictures. Hers also has gravity and lack scarring. So she's probally like me, no matter how skinny she gets she'll always have them around that size. as for the show, she's a good dancer and great at modeling. 9/10
Marta is really sexy and hot. She moves her wonderful body very well. Very good show.
Very good card, definately worth the one ticket. Marta is hot in a slightly heavier, big fake breasted kind of way.
What a perfect lady Marta is. She is so hot.
Marta is Italian Fever!!, not just pleasure. What a body and her interview is so sweet you just want to wrap her up and take her home. A 9 from me, 10 if her boobs are real. They have a natural hang, but I'm just not sure.
If her breasts are fake, then she better have tipped her doctor well. They look very natural to me.With that said, I like this show better than her other show. She's a very enticing woman - curves to kill for.
I was really excited to see Marta's show after watching her foto. Her show is good, but she has to improve her dancin'.I give her 8 points, she is beautiful and sexy inspite of her faked boobs. They look still natural.
Ithought her boobs were real,but,what do I know?But,I agree like (it seems)all the girls with large breasts they seem to think that's all anyone wants to see.She's beautiful but not explicit at all.Card was a disappointment I.M.O.
WOW what a body show needs work but not unhappy i would like to see more of her for sure
She is as hot as she looks. Perfect face and body. I tend to agree with others though, she does seem a little inexperienced in the dancing part of her show but overall a great addition to VirtuaGirlHD. If it weren't for the dancing, she would get a perfect 10 from me but still great none-the-less 9/10.
The show is great! Marta is a very young and nice girl !
J'adore cette grande brune aux bas blancs, pulpeuse et sensuelle.
First card of Marta's I've downloaded. Based on rating and comments, I thought this would be a good deal on special. This at best is average for me, although she does attempt to perform for us. I look for a well connected sensuality in the girls I like. Almost as if they are there just for you. Didn't get that from Marta. I am also not a big chest fan, although I try not to let that influence my ratings. Sorry if I'm not in agreement with most, but sometimes you just through the dice and see wha...
This girl is stunning. Perfect body. I am a bit tough on ratings, because there is allways room for improvement so here is 8/10.
good moves sometimes, but the boobs are pump up, i just give her a good 8/10 bc she isnt really my type of Girl.
Not her best card in my opinion. But what a body.
Pros: Love the outfit--good color, stockings look great, and her giant breasts look amazing in that bra. For me, Marta's body is 1 of the top 3 of any girl on VG. Eyes, face, legs, ass, and grrrr those voluptuous tits (fake, but VERY well done)! Marta's moves are always some of my favorite of any girl here--really fits her look. Marta takes it nice and slow. Swaying, rubbing, teasing, squeezing---her style in every move is 100% pure sultry seductress.Cons: Variety could have been better. She has...
A real entertainer! She gets me hypnotized with her sexiness.
For such great (albeit fake) tits, all I can think about is how I want to take her from behind. Hot any way you look at her, though.
If her tits are fake thats fine with me, i think thay are great. Good card.
If you're into big breasts this is a must have set. I loved everything about what she did here other than a few minor things. There is one scene where her body movements seem a little awkward and forced. But everything else was top-notch! 9/10
Her close up clips are super, and she's very sexy. I love the hair loose and her makeup is good too. But those heels make it impossible for her to do a great dance. She just shuffles uncomfortably around. Shame, really.
Marta... this card isn't much differnt from her others, its like getting the same thing all over again. ... That's NOT a bad thing ^_^ After seeing this card, its clear that she's the kind of girl that getting the same kind of routine over and over just in different outfits isn't bad for her. She constantly moves, she constantly gyrates, she looks sultry and she is constantly running her hands down her body. Its hot, no question. The same thing with her really isn't the same thing. Kudos Marta....
good performance and a very nice body. i love that outfit. 8*
She dances well and has a nice body. Again thopugh she is one of those who seemed to have one of those slip ups when she went for the boob job. just kind of kills it a bit for me.
her boobs look fake, to me fake boobs are very unattractive. She does have a beautiful smile and eyes, and ass.
molto bella..pero non è una delle migliori
Definately not on my top list. I'm not sure exactly what it is but I'm just not impressed with this card. Butt to each his own.
She is a beauty, hands down....but, a little too top heavy for size. I would have gave her a higher rating if she had natural breasts, sorry, Marta. Rate her 7/10
not bad, but she looks like a blow up doll especially her breasts lol so gave it a 7/10
can't dance , can't move ,very heavy. for a girl that can not dance she spend a lot of time next to the poule. and thows shoes(o'm'g).no.. great body , look's like a very good fuck, but can she dance ? i dont know--maybe next year.... o.k bye
Marta is a gorgeous woman. I'll bet, when she wears an evening gown, all the heads in the room turn toward her when she walks in. A very lush, elegant body and a face that reminds one of Sophia Loren; the same smoldering eyes. I'd cuddle up to her any day. More Marta please.
how funny just watch in one performance looks like she almost falls off stage this one is good for laughs just to see surprise on her face not one of my favs
Marta has it going on for me. All woman! More tongue action would have been nice. Oh well.She is a 8 and a half. Would not kick out of bed for eating crackers!
Oh dear me! I don't really know what to say about Marta. She's attractive enough and the debate about whether her tits are real or fake will roll and roll. If they are fake,they're definitely not the worst fakes I've seen - at least there are no unsightly scars. This show will definitely disappoint all those who like to girls playing with their pussies because there is absolutely no explicit clips here! I would say this is a pretty safe 7 out of 10.
I dislike fake breasts, but atleast Marta doens't show visible scars like alot of porn starlets do. The natural dark skin and hair of a Polish or Italian woman entices me. Marta has a look in her eyes that is so seductive, she is one beautiful woman. Sadly she doesn't reveal much in this show for me to give her beyond an average rating.
OK... very fine looking lady... But its only like two clip where she take off her panties.. But the kicker is after she does she covers up with her hand the whole time... Plus the one clip she almost falls off whatever she is sitting on... This show pissed me off...
Hot bod.... but fake tits r just too big.... should have been a size smaller....
Her face is lovely but her fake huge breasts are simply horrible ! Give us natural women, they are the Best ! Her dancing is hesitant and uninspired, overall quite a desapointment in my opinion... 7/10
The dance is ok, she seems inexperienced but knows what counts. Maybe she shiould have worn other shoes, seems to be a problem to get rid of the slip :-) Overall, the show is OK - mothing more, but also nothing less. 7/10.
ive been waiting for this show i love big boobs WHATalet down her moves are as fake as her boobs
Nice body and all but her dancing In this card just doesn't do anything for me. Have to give her 7/10 because of that.
Downloaded this one to add a little curve to my collection. Nice body, but looks much older than 22 to me (possibly a smoker). Moves well but doesn't exactly seem too enthused. Agree with others, the shoes must go. Fake boobs are nice just once in a while... still glad to have just one of her cards in my collection.
nice looking women sexy thick girl, but something abt those shoes makes her movement resemble a Clydesdale or something 6/10
What do the other members see in this women,the fake boobs are poorly done,theres no facial features, the shoes where bought from clowns-r-us and hides what is importent.This one is being deleted as i am typing.Poor 6/10(would be lower if it wasn't for the fact from the waist down body is fine)
Just not my type.
Pas la meilleure maIS ELLE EST QUAND MEME PAS MAL.....J AI pas vu toute son strip et on dirait qu elle reste dans le tres soft.....cé de valeur! beau corps mais la face he sais pas........peut etre je vais m y habituer lol
She's too fake for me. Wasted time really. She looks as if she has been around the block way too many times. Her moves are plastic and unemotional. She's also very good at hiiding that muffin
Very Beautiful Girl, but the Tattoo on the back has to go, Not Sexy, and she DOESN'T Spread her very small pussy lips, not very Explicit, Love the Platform Heel High, Would like to SEE more 6-8" heels the better.
Ugly, no fingering, no insertion, not an actrice, not a dancer... 4/10
Nasty fake breast
this bitch is lame im glad i got her as part of a package deal cause if iwould o payed just for her i would want my $ back this chick has obviosly never been to a strip joint and prolly has trouble pleasing a man i give her a 2 only cause shes naked she is so reserved and covers snatch the whole time do not waste your cash on this one
oh my goodness, this one's poor
This makes two cards I have spent money on and does not work
Let's do better than this please. Bad fake boobs (not even attractive ones), very awkward and uninspired "acting". If she were in my local strip club, she'd be gone after one month. Dump her.
She takes very good pictures but her animation are not doing it for me. I really hate those shoes.
Jolie brune aux gros seins !
Breathtaking, just love her.
Marta kann man lange zusehen! Sie hat eine heiße Ausstrahlung! Auch das Outfit ist sexy!! 9 Punkte!
Hyper sexy et sensuelle, elle a tout ce qu'il faut !!!
totalmente espectacular
encore une réussite totale de MARTA . prenez toute les cartes de MARTA vous serrer pas déçus encore 20/10
Une superbe brune pulpeuse,une tenue très sexy,Des seins superbe et un corps appétissant .des fesse bien ronde ,mai .. son show n'ai pas assez explicite ... dommage
sie ist ja süss aber die show dauert keine 29 min. und wie immer fehlt hier mehr pussyshow zb. mal mit dildo usw. das virtuagirl team sollte sich mal was neues einfallen lassen sonnst wird es bald langweilig mit immer den gleichen shows.
FANTASTCA!!!!un corpo meraviglioso per non parlare del viso,le sue forme sono da capogiro la vorrei più esplicita vorrei e baste!!
Marta ist eines der heißesten Girls bei VGHD!! Die Frau weiß wie man sich erotisch bewegt und Ihre Brüste sind auch Weltklasse, Topfigur und eine geile Möse!! Ein MustHave für alle Genießer!! Wertung 10/10
auf ein süße Art ist sie etwas ungeschickt was sie aber durch eine enorme körperliche Präsenz wieder wegmacht.Für mich keine professionelle Strippern eher das üppige Mädchen von neben an das für dich strippt.
Marta ist eine sehr süße Lady mit aufregenden Tittis. In Stockings ist sie der absolute Hingucker. 9 Points.
aucun doute qu'elle vous donnera du plaisir
Avec des formes pareilles Marta prend un 10 d'office. Amaaaaazing comme disent les ricains. C'est pas le meilleur show du site c'est clair mais waouw Marta!!! Je pense que est une fille les mieux (re)faite a vghd. Une poitrine qui laisserai Newton dubitatif a propos de l'apesanteur... Super carte
Marta shake your tits! Your so hot! 9 of 10
Marta est une vrai cochonne et elle le sais :))) Son corps est très sensuel et il est dommage que ses seins soient refaits!!! Mais , si je la rencontre , je la cloue contre le mur :)Smile!!! Son corps est superbe et sa tenue très jolie... Elle a un cul bien rond qui lui donne une croupe d'enfer :)) Sa petite chatte est mignonne , mais elle ne s'en occupe presque pas et c'est dommage car elle doit se caresser comme une folle dans le privé :)) Je lui met 8/10 pour son manque d'entrain et c'est dom...
Des seins un peu trop siliconés .. sinon ca bouge bien mais parfois pas assez explicite ... dommage
Dicke Titten (natur?), geiler Arsch und tolle Kurven. Marta hat einen schlanken und gut gebräunten Körper, eine geil anrasierte Muschi und einen vulgären Gesichtsausdruck. Bei diesem Anblick kann man kaum still vor dem PC sitzen bleiben. Ihre Dessous sind sehr sexy, ihr Show ist EROTIC PUR! SEHR GEILE STRIPSHOW !!! (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
Des mouvements fluides. Ca vient peut-être de moi, mais, j'ai l'impression qu'elle ne sourit pas du tout... ou bien de manière très fugitive
Super show mais j'aurais aimé quelque chose d'un peu moins soft.
Oui, dommage que ses seins soient dopés au silicone! Ah le natuel!Regardez Aria Giovanni dans la plénitude de sa maturité. Point de liposuccion et cela fait tout son charme.
Une superbe brune pulpeuse, mais qui nous cache l'essentiel.
belle femme tres sexy mais pas assez explicite
wirkt manchmal etwas unbeholfen, trotzdem eine recht gute verführerrische show und die dicksten dinger die VGHD bis jetzt zu bieten hat dafür von mir eine 9/10

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  • City: Edinburgh
  • Country: United kingdom
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.64 ft.
  • Weight: 115 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 26" / 33"
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