• City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Height: 5.74 ft.
  • Weight: 116 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 26" / 32"

When we met Marie we could not believe what a nice sweet girl she really is and you'll see the way that comes through during her performances as well. She considered a career in nursing before choosing to become a dancer instead. With a few well placed tattoos and the most adorable shaved pussy your eyes have ever seen!

Number of shows: 6

Marie's shows

3.8 (1437 votes)

Seaside day

  • Shows: 33 clips
  • Duration: 44 min.
  • Bonus photos: 72
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 342 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (69)

For me, Marie will always be a 10+
I think this girl is lovely, but then I think they're all beautiful... This girl may not be the prettiest or the most talented on VGHD, but she shows me what I want to see and that's worth a 10 in my book any day... Explicit to me is fingering not rubbing or spreading it open everything else is just teasing... so lets get it right... this girl is EXPLICIT... I think I love here!!!
meme si elle a un petit defaut de dentition , j'adore cette fille , c'est une de mes preferée !!elle a quelque chose !! quand reviendra t elle
Toujours aussi explicite dans un très beau shox. J'aime cette fille et son expression.
Marie is a little too much like the girl you want bring home to meet mom, and then keep her.
Marie is just fabulous, fantastic, I just love everything about her. She is very special
Another superior performance from VGHD and Marie! 10
Sge's a beauty sexy girl with horrible long legd. Her clips are very naughty.
Perfect 10. I love everything about you Marie. Don't change a thing about yourself. I love your confidence, your sensuality, and the sense of your personality that I can infer from your performances. You are absolutely in my top 3.
Marie is one of my first favorites, and the perfect combination of sweet and nasty. She's the hot girl next door ... who lets you watch while she rubs her pussy.
My first Marie but will not b my last. Wasn't sure if id like her that much but damn she is HOT. Gorgeous body in great shape and tremendous breasts mmmm she is a VERY attractive lady nice facal features and i think she has nice teeth, she's cute. Marie's a 10 to me im hot on the trail of her other cards and her bod.
Yeah, mArie has nice body, i like her body.
She looks like a girl I used to know with those teeth. The girl i used to know was gorgeous and horny just like Marie. Fantastic show every time for me. 10/10
One of the most erotic I've ever seen. The bit with the cream is sooooo sexy, and the (accidental?) bit with the blob on her cheek adds piquancy. Of course, the beautifully honed body doesn't detract - note the belly and the calves. This is one fine piece woman!
wow. her overbite kept me from buying her for a while but this is a hot show. she touches her coochie constantly and even masterbates. she can dance too. 10/10.
That cute little over-bite is what makes this girl so perfect, people. Just like with Meg Ryan (who was a lot hotter before she got hers fixed), it just adds to her looks, it doesn't take away from them. Marie is a solid 10 in my book.
You cannot lose with Marie! Excellent, enthusiastic dancer, hot, lean, sexy, body,cute'n'lovely face, excellent, and "Havin' fun doin' it" explicit finger insertion! She has exquisite facial expressions throughout this card. Especially when she narrows her witchy, foxy, eyes and coos with her lovely & expansive mouth!She is one of VGHD's best stripper/dancers, moving with an ease & grace that shows off her wonderful body always. She is one of the few babes here that can easilly "invite me to arr...
Wow! Very hot show!
Well, that's me got all of Marie's cards now and the amusing thing is that I avoided this girl like the plague until I received one of her shows in a booster pack. I wasn't terribly impressed with that show because I felt she was sooo scrawny. Since then she has grown on me and grown on me. I think she's put on some weight since then, and now I really enjoy watching her. I even find her overbite appealing, but most of all, I just love her because she is just sooo fucking naughty. She's developin...
Another great show from Marie, at least people have stopped having a pop at her teeth when they realised just how hot her shows are!
Her face still reminds me of Freddy Mercury from Queen, but OMG that body and those moves are unreal! This is my favorite card of Marie's..a 10...a definite must have.
DAAAYYMMMM! Great card to have and hold onto. I really like the Daisy Dukes with high heels outfit!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR NOT WEARING FRANKENSTEIN SHOES! I like how Marie looks at you and not at others in the background. I will play this one over and again!She has a great body and I'm a big fan of her long legs!! Please, Marie...more of the same!! (Love your tattoos as well!) This is the first 10 that I have given...very well deserved!
Wow! What a great looking girl. Those long nips are wonderful. My favorite model, so far.
Marie is always a pleasure to look at. Fun, naughty and very natural. What she doesn't have in looks she makes up with performance. And I rather see a great girl doing a fantastic show than a super gorgeous girl doing some uninspiring repetitive moves. Marie never disappoints.
Marie - the most sexual girl, whom l saw in the life, not only among virtual girls, but also in a real life.Fantastically lovely , very very gentle, Bewitching, little crazy and me has driven mad. I up to madness love the supergirl Marie!! With all my heart l wish it the big love and happiness!!! 1001 my estimation))!!
Oh my, I think I'm making a scene at the seaside.
Marie is one of my favorites. She is always so playful toward the viewer as well as playing with herself for us. Sweet smile and enjoys herself. One of the best overall.
I love this girl i could watch her all day, nice outfit
She has beautiful teeth and smile and is so sexy. Love this shorts/halter outfit on her. She uses the pole well and I just love her.
Marie on a Seaside Day is a slender-legged girl at a beach-front condo getting frisky. The normal clothes and heels for the theme is quite nice, same with her hairstyle. This slim brunette is great at keeping eye contact as she playfully dances around. She twirls on the pole some, and an advanced move or two (even the outtake one is endearing). I've got no problem with her smile, it makes her seem more down to earth. There is some minor clip mis-labeling, but it's not a huge deal.Marie has nice...
Pros - such an adorable and confident babe; love those supple cupcake breasts and perky nipples; this little mami is a sexy mutha,Cons - the show slows down at times; looks off screen for direction a little too oftenFor a guy like me who loves that curvy thickness, a honey as slim in stature as Marie has GOT to have something GOOD going on to stay on my hardrive. In her case, it's a combination of poise and authenticity that I have seen in no other dancer. Marie's energy seems so natural that it...
Nice brown haired girl with nice curves.
Ok Marie has beautiful breasts, long well toned legs, a flat stomach and a cute ass.Only the orthodontistry union are unhappy.Worth 2 credits and an easy 9. Orthodontists and the terminally shallow need not apply.
I would like with her to the sea.
Marie est d'un bon tempérament allié à un physique très avantageux, seul ici sa coiffure n'est pas au top, mais ce n'est qu'un détail.
Marie is sexy, slim she puts a nice exlicit show
Not bad at all. 9/10 very pretty woman with a beautiful body.
I like Marie, she is very attractive, wonderfoul body, and nice explicity shows.
My favorite card! Marie has it all - the looks, the moves, that devilish smile, the way she touches herself...
pick me up and I`ll come... to the beach
Marie has a nice body and she knows how to be explicite! Good p*ssy play on this card. One of her best, in my opinion.
yeah--too bad about the overbite--but a really pretty girl any way--beautiful body---good show---
Marie is a wonderful young woman with delightfully female attributes. Really sweet big breasts and a nice bottom. Her show is enticing and explicit. The outfit suits her very well.
Always unpredictable; always interesting. Marie has a slender, tight body and a lot of sex appeal! You never know what she's going to do next, since she can't stay still for more than 2 seconds, even on the taskbar! ;)I don't like her hairstyle on this card, but her body is always hot!8/10
love this girl, sexy body, good moves, not a fan of her scooping the lotion out of the jar & dripping it on her body but other than that a good card
Love a girl that can not stop from touching herself, she has done better though so a solid 9+
I was browsing the list with a few tickets to spend and i found Marie. She had a fair few negative comments about her teeth, but when having a look at some of the sample pics for all her cards I thought she looked gorgeous :) I had to choose a set (only had a few points to spend)and went with this one as it had the highest average rating. In hindsight I think I chose unwisely, the outfit/hair style doesn't interest me (looking at the sample pics she looks much better on her other cards). not to...
damn... this shows pretty hot. I think its still growing on me, I gave it an 8 for now, but I may raise it. She's the kind of girl that if I saw her in a club, even if she wasn't the best on the pole, I'd flat out want a lap dance from her.
This V-girl is just pure naughtiness and this is my fave outfit of hers. And she just loves to play with herself ;)A 10 from me.
She has very ugly teeth, therefore 7/10. :-E....can I exchange the card ?Sie hat sehr hässliche Zähne , deshalb 7/10 .....kann ich die Karte umtauschen ?
Marie creams my jeans every time she comes on the screen...Oh, here she is again...mmmmmmm!
The Doctor’s personal assessment – Appearance 9; Outfit 8 (prefer skirts, dresses); Technique 15 (dirty girl with the creme); Dance 7; Rhythm 6; X-Factor 12; Hardness 14; Nudity 12 (just got started); Final rating (average) 10.62
wow, i am impressed.. that she scared me..i cant agree with the rest of the guys. looks 1/10 outfit 5/10 moves 6/10over all.. 3/10 not downloading model and card again.
Je ne sais pas ce qui se passe en ce moment mais j'ai des difficultés à télécharger les shows?! N'ayant que la démo de la Playmate du jour je fais confiance aux com's et cela me semble torride. Alors les autres prenez exemple sur Marie! VgHd, c'est pas un tour de manège pour fillettes! Bon! Salut, il fait beau,c'est l'été, je file à la plage. Sea,sex and sun!
Marie de Prague, un très beau show très explicite. Elle n'a pas du tout peur de mettre sa main à l'intérieur. C'est pour quand le dildo?? notée à 100.
10 c'est mérité au vue de l'explicite,continue comme cela et tu seras dans mes favorites!!!
merveillleuse Marie Bravo et chaude
Une très jolie femme avec un corp parfait. Elle nous montre l'ensemble de sont corp et n'a pas peur de le carressé. Carte à acheter sans tarder :-) Merci pour cette belle carte :-)
je n'avais pas vu tout mais je me suis fié aux témoignages des membres.... (du site, lol). Effectivement tu es véritablement une fouineuse..... ça mérite un 10 sur toutes tes cartes. Pour tes dents j'espère que tes premiers cachets permettrons de rectifier le tir (en Hongrie il font des choses très bien). Ne change rien d'autre. bravo
j ai bien ratrappe ta petite culotte mais rends moi mes lunettes de soleil merci
Une des meilleures avec Vicky's, Sharka blue,Angelina crow,Alizée,Mai,Mia hilton
super show , je met 9/10 pour la dentition qui fait un peu lapin crétin mais sinn super show sexy et assez explicite ^^comme on aime ^^
Plus dévergondée que jamais la petite Marie, mais j'adore ça. Je l'aiderais volontiers à s'enduire de crème, un pur moment de bonheur. Magnifique !
seul petit défaut sa bouche sinon rien a redire
Ses doigts fouillent son corps sans tabou, Marie nous donne tout, c'est la folie !
Gangly, but there was always something I liked about her. Decent show.
Marie hat einen schönen Körper, natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi und ein Tattoo auf dem Rücken und am rechten Schulterblatt. Das Outfit ist total langweilig, und die 'very explicit shows' sind nichts besonderes. Hinzu kommt, dass Marie nicht gut tanzen kann, und ihre Bewegungen und Mimik sind nicht sehr erotisch. (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
3.8 (1469 votes)

Prison guard

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 88
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 222 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (66)

Plus que x, mega X !Une actrice charmante ....Merci Marie !
Marie is smoking hot in the show, It would great to have her as my prison guard anytime She is super sexy. The show is well done and she is enjoying each min playing to our eyes. One thing you can say about Marie she is not shy. She has all the right tools to make us hot and horny for her. Love the big tits and nipples, and nice pussy shots. Put the cuff;s on me Marie and take me away. Great job BIG 10 for you.
I think this girl is amazing... Thank you Marie, and thank you Totem... A 10 plus+++
I realy can't believe what I am reading hear! Marie is the best card you have. This teeth bit is stupid. She Comes off as a very down to earth honest girl. Sexier then all the rest of your girls because she plays with her pussy so nice, wish she would play with her ass that way too. She is a 10 in my book. I just wish you had made a video of her telling us about herself. I would have like to hear her voice and to find out if she straight bi or gay. I'd love to be with her.
I would love to capture her.11/11 To Axlle- It's easy to explain her teeth. She used to be a Vampire.
Marie just oozes sex appeal. I have all her cards and this is my favorite. a must have. by far one of my favorite girls on VGHD 10/10
I just love this girl, she is so sexy and explicit, more please
Girl is very nice, also unique among the other VG cards. Recommended for sure
Ecstatic! Beautiful girl that gets the imagination running, and her use of the gun is great :)
For some reason, or combination of reasons, I'm really turned on by this girl. The fact that her teeth look more like what you'd expect from a regular woman (and not a porn star) certainly helps, as does her enthusiasm and her finger insertion. In summary: She's hot. :-)
this chick ..... my place ...... now ? need I say more ?
Just bought a booster pack and 7 tickets.. My first impression was that Marie here was worth the price of my whole collection! I still feel that way:) Marie is gorgeous, VERY sexy, cute, flirty and adorable, all at the same time.. Moves, costume, girl, show- a perfect "10" all the way...
She's the BEST by far! PUT ME IN JAIL NOW! Marie forever!
Out of the 130 Cards I have this show is the hottest and best show followed by Nadine Hot Cop.
A very SUPER performance by her once again! 10
Marie can do no wrong in my book. another 10.
Ouch this is one of the top 2 cards I own. Kinky explicit, and she acts as if the show is for "ME". Loved the gun play (BTW are you going to aution off props if so I want to bid. Here Morgane is well everything I want in a show. If the gun would have dipped in I may have had to buy stock in you company.One word to anyone buying cards, you need to have this one, many good clips I could watch this all day *smile*
She is soooo hot! If she is the prisongaurd I want to go to jail... 10+
Not as classically beautiful as some of the girls, but lovely all the same and what a show!
Marie,she is a sexy woman,and I love her little "overbite" she does grow on you.very much the tease,but she does please you!Hot,Hot,Hot,Beautiful body
In addition to having sexy, gorgeous, looks, Marie has what many girls on VGHD do not have. She has the ability to perform a fine, erotic, creative, stripper babe dance full of incredibly energetic & seductive moves offered with fun & effective sexiness! SHE IS NOT SKINNY but is deliciously fit and lean with a nice pair of fullsome honydolls which she bops most wonderfully.Her lovely face, framed by that gorgeous mane of hair, is most expressive with erotic come on & fun tempting looks. Even bef...
I originally set her as a 9, but she's growing on me. I love the explict fingering. Her brown hair is hot too.
The more I see of Marie the more I just adore her. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous from head to toe. In my view she is the best VG on here bar none. If I could wake up each morning to that beautiful woman laying next to me life would be perfect. And to the people who say "she needs to fix her teeth" & "she has a skinny ass" you haven't a clue. I wouldn't change a single thing about her. >^.^< 11/10 PERFECTION !!
There is something about Marie that just drives me wild. Sure, she's not afraid to finger and insert in that fantastic pussy, but so do a number of other girls. Yet I have fixed the settings so that she is the ONLY one who automatically pops up on my screen. Mai is the only one who comes close to Marie. In fact, now that I think about it, I've goy to get Mai to pop up too!!!!
What crime do i have to admit to end in her prison. Dressed like that; with her wonderfull boots and hot uniform i hope to go for live. Perhaps i try to go for that gun and play her warden for a while. Dont wake me up yet!! Please! I totally love this super sexy chick! And i know she loves me too!
The stuff dreams are made of..another 10.
explicite comme je les aime, very explicit 10/10
Marie always gets a 10/10 from me what a sexy hot body
Sexy outfit, and love they way she moves the panties to the side to slide her finger inside. She also plays with the gun. Makes it look like she is about to slide it in. Man if only that was a dildo.
I love the way she moves. She is one of my favorites...
She is HOT!!!!
I had passed on Marie based on the earlier comments about her teeth. Well disregard them. Marie looks better in her show than the sample pics and preforms nicely.
Ich finde Marie sehr süß und ich verstehe manche nicht, die etwas an ihr auzusetzen haben. Sie bewegt sich super und ihre Show ist toll. Ein sexy Girl in einem sexy Outfit.
I Never wanted to go to jail till now
I prefer her Entrant's Exam show, but this is still trouser-tentingly good!Marie is a good performer, she's got a great body, she moves well and those explicit scenes are just a joy to watch, she's not afraid to plunge a finger in...I'm no longer even distracted by her teeth,(well there are more interesting things to watch in her shows) and the explicit, yum! fact it brings her from an 8 to a 9
When I bought Marie's Nursing Course, I promised myself that I'd never buy another one of her cards. Her dancing was wooden and the more I saw the more it pissed me off. Then this card became available and as it's my policy now to only buy cards that feature finger insertion I checked what had been said about it. Now her teeth don't bother me so I discarded those comments, but the rest seemd to be divided. Opinion seemed to be divided between those who said she was their favourite, (which I foun...
Top class, Marie is Stunning with a very sexy body and gr8 moves.
Marie is not perfect..she does have an overbite and personally I really don't like that big tattoo on her back, but to quote from an episode of red dwarf, "it's those cute little flaws that keep a guy interested". Her hair and make-up really suit her in this card, in the bonus pics especially I think she looks totally knockout. One thing missing though is an interview in the bonus videos, but the two we get are both very nice :) For those looking for racier cards Marie is an excellent choice, sh...
I love how Marie throws herself into this show. She just exudes a free and wild sexuality that I can't resist.
love ger outvit i hope to see more of here
Marie is a wonderful young woman with delightfully female attributes. Really sweet big breasts and a nice bottom. Her show is enticing and explicit. The outfit suits her very well - very sexy.
You might find it strange that I keep purchasing and watching the shows of a girl who is not my type in a physical sense. I'm not into such skinny girls as Marie is, but I buy her shows because she is completely uninhibited in them. There are copious explicit scenes where she lets her fingers go that little bit further than some of the other girls on this site. On the two other cards I have of Marie, I have given both of them a rating of 9 out of 10, and I do likewise here. Mind you, if she had...
I dont like her sex, but nice tits.
Nettes Girl schöner heißer Körper mit guter show 8 Punkte.
Marie is so much sexy, she makes a nice pussy play, expecially in this funny card. Good job !!!
I think I passed on Maria once, for low score or someone else was more interesting when both were on for 1 ticket. This time, I went through several tickets on 1 ticket offers, and thought I would see what was considered "very explicit" - after all, I do have Natali Blond Street Style, which is no shrinking violet.Yep, there is insertion, and as also noted in the comments, there is an overbite. I wouldn't have noticed the overbite if I hadn't read about it in the comments. After Natali, I don't...
Not Bad!
I love Marie. She's a great dancer with personality and great explicit moves. But she moves too fast in this card for me. (get Entrance Exam for slow, sultry performance.) This card she seems in a hurry, constantly bouncing around. But her sexy show is still there, as well as her nicely shaped tits and pretty pussy. She loses a point for speed. 8.5/10.
I had this card as one of my free daily ones the other day...she totally blew me away when she danced! Marie is full of energy & is very good at what she does...she is very sexy and keeps you interested too... 10/10 for effort! If she was drop dead gorgeous the show would be a perfect 10 for me...dont get me wrong, she is good looking, but not quite there for me looks wise...however a very good 9/10 for me!!
Gorgeous gal. Just don't like the fake gun play.
seriously, if you're looking at her face, you're gonna be thrown off. Her shows are good, she just needs dental work. This show is crazy however. Her body is delicious despite lack of rump.
Not very attractive
Silly moves... maybe someone will find them funny, but Marie is a big disappointment for me... the card IS very explicit, but that's not enough. Simply, I didn't like her.
Quelle bombe sexy très explicite. Belle et adorable. Dommage ce tatouage dorsal qui la "défigure". 11/10
Marie est une très jolie fille avec un beau visage qui se cache souvent sous une flamboyante chevelure, de jolis seins qu'elle sait caresser, un corps parfait qu'elle ondule à merveille, un minou tout mignon avec de ravissantes petites lèvres qu'elle écartent avec doigté!! de très longues jambes malheureusement avec des bottes mais ç'est la tenue de prison qui veut ça, bref un très bon show chaud!!!
Marie Marie Marie,ha superbe Marie continue de me faire rever
Marie, Marie, Marie... Tous tes show sont formidable. Si vous ne voulez pas vous tromper, il vous faut possèder cette femme extraordinaire dans votre collection. Merci pour tous tes shows et j'attend avec impatience tes futur prestations :-)
Marie, tes shows sont explcites, une belle petite chatte bien rasée et j'aime voir tes doigts se faufiler à l'intérieur. Tu mérites 10
sempre strepitosa !!! da 11 !!!
J'aime bien sa crinière brune, elle a également un physique très agréable, elle joue peut être un peu trop à mon gout avec son pistolet, en tout cas pas sur le plan érotique, par contre elle s'envole dans la partie explicite où elle se donne vraiment, contrairement à bien d'autres, très excitant au final.
Très explicite, elle n'hésite pas à utiliser ses doigts, de plus cet uniforme et son rôle la rende encore plus sexy, pour moi le meilleur show de Marie !
J'irai bien en prison, si c'est Marie qui vient me garder. Elle est vraiment super mignone et en plus, elle sait se servir de ses doigts. Miam !
encore j'en veut encore
Something about her I like.
Marie hat einen schönen Körper, natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi und ein Tattoo auf dem Rücken und am rechten Schulterblatt. Das Outfit ist originell und richtig sexy, und es gibt wirklich viele 'very explicit shows' zu sehen. Leider kann Marie nicht gut tanzen, und ihre Bewegungen und Mimik sind nicht wirklich erotisch. Wirklich sehr schade.. (Wertung: 8 von 10 Punkten)
3.8 (2037 votes)

Pink palace

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 44
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 285 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (111)

O so sweet.
hello ms marie . . . just love the way that you remove stockings . . . from head to toe, you are one lovely lady . . . would really love to visit your pink palace! jdawg
she's a good she's a better than britney spears. :P
No idea why her rating is so low. She rocks this outfit.....all I can say is WOW
Marie is so beautiful and sexy. For me her teeth and their affect on her smile make her even more beautiful (though I am not a dentist and hope they are healthy, just different.
I think Marie is beautiful. Those friggin shoes though have GOT to go. You folks making offesive comments about her teeth, I'd bet a year's pay check that if she asked to go home with you, you'd have a boner that could hammer railroad spikes
Marie in her Pink Palace is a great show by a slender girl in a cutesy outfit with stockings. Please note: she loses the platforms in about 7 clips, and is barefoot in four. The length of this show is good, and Marie's eye contact has no problems throughout. She has average sized breasts, keeps herself shaved smooth, and the corset purse is a nice touch, especially when used in her teasing. Also her thong is quite interesting, showing off her curvy butt!Though not a real pole dancer, Marie does...
Why oh why are so many of you guys hung up about Marie's teeth? Can't you see beyond that at the natural 'girl next door' beauty this girl has? She knows how to tease and looks so innocent while she's doing it. Marie has always, and unless someone absolutely mind blowing comes along, will always be my favourite Virtuagirl. She simply oozes sexuality and obviously enjoys every minute of what she's doing. I would love to see her back, maybe on a Deskbabes solo. More of Marie please, she's awesome.
This 'Site' has so many beautiful women and is "Marie" among the most 'beautiful'? - maybe not, but consider the total amount of beauty here - That being said, if you had to choose a woman to go out with and know (not even including sex) that you'd have a fantastic evening, laughing, and doing crazy shit the entire night, she'd be a woman I'd want to hang with and if it came to 'including 'sex' - OMG, I have a great imagination, I'm positive she does as well - 10/10
I'm not sure this is my favourite card...... No doubt Marie is my favourite VG model
My dream :D
Fingering, insertion, that's explicit! Some people see pussy and call that explicit. Some people give every girl a ten. Some see a hand hiding that pussy and call that fingering and explicit. Melisa, is the best real explicit and beauty, Mia and Natali Blond are explicit. Marie is explicit too, and she is enjoiing fingering herself. 10/10 and I am not giving tens a lot.
sehr hübsch!
she is one hot sexy babe
I love her
Pop goes the weasel
fantastic legs, love the stockings
I think Marie is very sexy and a very erotic dancer. All those that have problem with her teeth are wrong that is what makes her unique. Don't change a thing Marie you are perfect the way you are.
WoW Marie is sex on legs. Beautiful and sexy she is in my top 3 on this site.
So, Marie you are beautiful. There are many little guys waving at you, probably every day. Some may even get overjoyed. That twinkle in your eye indicates you may like that.
A personal thankyou to Marie. I hope what ever you want out of life you get it..
I love Marie. Plain and simple. She is so beautiful and moves with and inner grace most girls on this site can begin to accomplish. She is absolutely perfect. If I wasn't already married.....
I think her teeth add to her sexiness! Nice performance -- 10
Foxy Lady, sweet little love maker, sweet little heart breaker, ya look sooo good, yea.... FOXY... Makes you feel so.... GOOD !
WoW again...I got Entance Exam before this one and think it is a better card, but if you liked that you will not be disappointed. The oufit really suits (pity about that collar tho) and she does a great job in taking it off several times :) One odd and annoying thing about this card is there are no 'full nudity' shows, however several nude but not explicit cards show up in the 'very explicit'. The more explicit scenes are fantastic, she rubs and finger bangs more convincingly than any other girl...
Outlaw001 is fucked up, she's young, she's hot, she has great play, Marie has it ALL.
Once again she does it for me,she doesn't disapoint the finger playing was out of this world.That's two of hers now and looking forward to the others.perfect 10/10
One DIRTY girl. I love her 10 out of 10 from me. I adore big brown nipples, and Marie's got 'em. SUPERB!!!
Marie - the most sexual girl, whom l saw in the life, not only among virtual girls, but also in a real life. The improbably darling, very very gentle, bewitching,is a little crazy and me has driven mad. I up to madness love it!! With all my heart l wish it the big love and happiness!!!
One of the best in the site. Really enjoy this card, for the explicit show. She rocks. Despite of her skinny body, the movements and the performance worth 10 out 10.
Marie is a totally overwhelmingly beautiful stripperbabe! She has the looks, body, moves, & presence of a complete stripper!As soon as she struts out on stage she is "on" with all her focus on being seductive, playfully & seriously sexy, and is a babe with lots to offer as erotic temptation who offers it freely.She knows how to flash & flang those impeccable long lean legs to make you just dream of capturing them in your horny grasping hands. (Imagine the slide up those slim risers into her wet...
Not quite so good looking as some of the other girls but very explicit and boy what a body, that deserves a 10.
I like them short but for a taller female she puts on a good show and I ike the way she teases!
I love this girl! What a great body and she moves like a temptress. Is there an 11 rating?
Marie is gorgeous, I didn't even notice her teeth until I read the comments. Now I think her teeth are hot, it looks like she is wearing vampire teeth when she smiles. She has a beautiful model-type body, a stunning face, and is definitely not shy; I would want all of her cards even if she was missing a few teeth.
I love that she actually fingers herself. Need much much more of that.
This girl is OUTSTANDING, looks so good in Platform High Heels and knows how to use her fingers both in and out of her pussy. OUTSTANDING spreading her nice Lipps, Great Job !!!
Need ,ore cards like this. She is amazing. Absolutely AMAZING.
There is nothing more beautiful in the whole wide world then a happy girl. This girl looks happy!
Very nice card and a very beautiful girl too. A must have card to own in anyone's collection. Thankyou Marie X
Lovely girl, beautiful body, wonderful show! One of the very best on this site.
Guys, you need to see this one!!! I have downloaded her Entrance Exam, Nursing Course, and now Pink Palace... She is the most explicit girl on this site. She shows EVERYTHING in multiple clips, she loves to show you her pussy and enjoys fingering herself in clips in each show as well... I will download ever show she does! she is my favorite on this site! Well worth the price of admission especially if you want more than the other girls give you. Her body is nice and she is cute!
All girls must perform like this one.
what a great show, and explicit. she is my favorite on here.
Marie has a certain raw sex appeal that is undeniable. Is she drop dead gorgeous? Not really.. Is she extremely spontaneous and unpredictable and fun to watch? You better believe it!She has a killer body that's for sure! Her outfit here matches her perfectly. Sexy stockings, which she takes off twice by the way, and as a bonus, when she gets fully nude and explicit on the taskbar, she REALLY gets explicit!I enjoyed Marie's "Pink Palace" a LOT, and if you give her a try you will too!9/10 from me...
she has the nicest body.. very nice everything ! pretty girl
Charme fou !!! elle a un truc qui fait qu'on est comme hypnotisé par son regard ingénu. Elle est magnifique sans être parfaite. Mais j'aime !
Marie you some pretty eyes and a very nice body. I like the way you move and look at me. So I well rate you a 9.5
I like Marie, she's a cracking unit and gives a great trouser-tent worthy show with some hot explict.Obviously there's a well documented feature of hers that polarises opinion, but I stopped caring long ago...I mean taking the rest of her performance and body into consideration.Great wank material as well, if I can be crude.
This is arguably Marie's best card that I have seen so far. Love the outfit she has on and there she also does some real good explicite play. Great body, cute face and although people have a problem with her teeth it didn't bother much. A good performance by Marie in this one.
Not a typical beautiful face but even so, she is extremely hot and attractive. I like watching a girl while she's fingering her pussy, so her dipping actions make me very happy. She has a sexy body. I love her amazing boobs and admirable tight ass. And I adore her juicy pussy, too. 9/10
The more I watch Marie the more I enjoy her shows. I gave her a 9 for this card.
Marie! very pleasant introduction to this place. You are hot!
This girl was a pleasant surprise. well chosen outfit, and good dance moves coupled with girl next door good looks make this quite a package. and despite all the snide comments on her teeth (and who the hell made you all dentists anyway?) there is nothing wrong with her smile, other than she should show it more. candid and true to the theme of her dance, this girl pleases in all aspects, and tasting her own juices was just icing on the cake! and one of the tightest and nicest asses on here, in m...
A very sexy card. I love how Marie plays with her hair. She strips well and plays with herself nicely. You can keep the collar on for me. And her teeth aren't that bad.I dislike the clunky shoes and am not a tattoo fan. But they are not very dark and easy to overlook.
Marie has a small body, her show is very good. She shows a lot of enthusiasm. She has a very beautiful face, she has that girl next door look that everyone loves. I gave her a 9 out of 10.
A solid 9/10, would be a perfect 10 if she would take that damn collar off.
Thats one ugly purse and the shoes are too much. Cute girl w/ nice legs.
This is actually my first comment on any card...this girl is absolutely stunning, gorgeous. This overbite is something I kinda had to get used to. First time I saw her perform, the overbite was a bit too much for me and I was afraid I might have to delete her beautiful self, which I was reluctant to do. After watching her a couple more times, that overbite isn't so bad, especially when her body is so good. It makes her unique, a reason I might choose her over some other girl...
I don't normally comment on cards otherwise I'd be here typing all day there are so many beautiful women. and totem is doing a good job trying to cater to everyones taste.I have every one of Marie's cards and I'm not disappointed in the slightest, she is quite the attractive woman. I would give her an 8/10 only because of personal preferences.The reason I am commenting is in her defence though rawise2 you seem to come from a drug infested background of hate. What Marie has is an over bite, I'm s...
Marie is a wonderful young woman with delightfully female attributes. Really sweet big breasts and a nice bottom. Her show is enticing and explicit. The outfit suits her very well.
I must agree with members who have criticised this girl's ass - I do think she could maybe do with a square meal or three and put a little more meat on those hips and thighs because I love a meaty ass on a lady. Unlike others, I don't find her teeth all that off-putting - I've definitely seen a lot worse and she has lovely natural pert breasts. Marie does put on a very sexy show for us on this card. She's not a shy girl and she gives us several explicit clips where she parts her pussy lips, rubs...
I like the sexy dress and stockings Girly with great long legs, even there a little bit skinny but here i miss defently her sweet smile, like this on her card picture. i dont like the tatoo on the back, its a no-go so its just a 8 together.
I find this girl fantastic !!! I love her perfect body, and tits are fine. She is so sensual, and I don't know wy, but her teeths make me horney !!!
I know that others have said that her teeth aren't that much of a distraction, but they must not like to look at a girls face. It's so obvious I can't ignore it. Her body is simply stunning, and the stockings make her legs look ridiculously sexy, but I just can't get over how her teeth make her face look. I can honestly say that if she would just get that fixed she would be on par with Morgane in terms of sexiness, no joke.The card itself is pretty good, nice pussy play and she's a seductive dan...
8/10 -2 for looks
My first card of marie and it`s a good one.But this is not the last.Keep her coming.
she looks great naked. Especially the closeup shots. I don't know if I give her a solid 8, or a top 9. for now, an 8, maybe she'll grow on me.
Definitely is an odd little thing... I hate to criticize her for something so trivial, but those teeth... Why do I keep hearing in my head, "GGGosh, Mickey, (unhump)!" I think Disney had her in mind when he designed a certain tall buck-toothed dog! And you guys weren't kidding about the ass either. I like a small, tight butt, but from the back she's a straight line from her neck to the ground! I'm sure she's a nice lady, but that's not why we get this site. Right guys! I give her an 8 for a dece...
The perfect outfit on a naughty girl! Love most VGirls in stockings but i'm at boiling point when its this saucy madam ;)
I've gone through comments for Marie...and there are so many different opinions, I decided to try her for myself (knowing full well the flaws). I honestly couldn't get past a minute with her. Do NOT get me wrong...Marie is a beautiful woman...with a beautiful face. But...if she ever comes back...I'd have to check out her smile and see if it was fixed before I bought more. I hope she's fixed it. Because it's a real shame if not. She's a gorgeous girl.
Hmm body is beautiful but face...i buy her because she has great body and nice clothes... 7
Very nice girl. Great body, stunning chest. Teeth didn't bother me, too. Performance was good, but she lost me right at the moment, she took her stockings off. That's a big NO-GO ! Never ever !
This is no different than the other cards I have of Marie, disappointing and highly overrated. Body is average at best and while her card photos make her look pretty she is not that attractive. Some shows on VGHD get way to high of a grade because of the pussy play, which must be the reason she gets high 8s.
Was looking forward to this card. It is a slight disapointment. I thought she might be alittle thicker then the usual VG, but she is as skinny as the rest. She is pretty tho!
Marie's show is different from what I've seen. She has a playful attitude and she's a cutie.
She is hot, great little body and pretty face; BUT she needs serious dental work. The only thing that ruins it is her teeth.
she don't have a lot going on for her in looks,but i'm going to keep her cause i like her body believe it or not ,and her bottem parts set me on fire.
horny but not hot enough for me....6
nasty girl....older than they say i believe..still hot though i give her a 6......
I was excited about this card. Unfortunately what doesn't show up on the card picture, or the sample overview is her horrible teeth. Well, it's not so much the teeth as the way the teeth fit in the mouth, but still it ruined this card for me. What should've been a great show is virtually unwatchable.
well shes a great dancer, but i realy whis she would use the items in that bag, i got it myself and it acculy contains a sextoy-set that would be lovely to se her use 9/10
Far too much OVERRATED. Her teeth are awfull, and make her look silly. Definetly not my taste, this was my second card from her and will be the last. As for fingering, this is not fingering, this is a small "holing"...
BUTT UGLY! Pleast get some braces.
big 0!
nice girl and austonding boobs
belle fille dans un show super excitant et bien explicite !!! elle n hesite pas a se doigter pas mal de fois,de plus elle est dans certains clips,en pieds nus !!! un grand 10 !!!!
Un show parfait. Marie est très jolie et extrêmement sexy dans cette lingerie rose qui l'est tout autant. Ses accessoires sont également bien assortis ses bas blancs, son col blanc et son sac en forme de bustier rajoute à l'originalité de ce show. Ma note : 10/10
bon show, rien à redire ! marie est belle,,quoiqu'un peu maigre, mais belle quand même !!! c'est un 10/10 !!
très belle fille, bouge bien, et elle a les doigt explorateur. un délice pour les yeux.
Ha Marie si tu savais continue merci
je ne dirais qu"une seule réponse Marie je t'aime continue a me faire rever
un show très excitant , un large sourire, une poitrine généreuse,de belle caresse et un très bon doigter .a faire pâlir Carole g .
Irgendwann werde ich Marie in Prag treffen und dann werden wir heiraten!
Je suis vraiment fan de Marie. Encore une fois, elle n'hésite pas à tout nous montrer et à se toucher si bien comme elle seul sait le faire. Avoir toute la collection de marie ne peu pas décevoir personne. Merci pour cette fantastique carte :-)
une belle fille comme sa qui se tremousse devant vos yeux et pas pouvoir la toucher c est pas humain
Une des meilleures avec Vicky's, Sharka blue,Angelina crow,Alizée,Mai,Mia hilton
Cute outfit on her. I like her.
Un visage d'ange entouré d'une belle chevelure, de jolis petits seins fermes, un minou à croquer, des fesses adorables et des jambes fines interminables, Marie est vraiment superbe. Elle sait comment attiser notre imagination et son show est très explicite. Très bien !
une fois de plus marie m'a envoute. du très grand spectacle
Marie a un trés joli corps, fine à croquer. Je fonds de désir devant ses scènes explicites... Vraiment trés désirable...
oui des bas hummm j'en rafole c'est si feminin et puis blanc ca colle parfaitement a son petit nom MARIE
marie spielt ja wunderschön mit ihrer muschi, aber es sieht irgend wie aus, als ob sie dabei schmerzen hat - am meisten stört mich der doofe hemdkragen der an ihrem hals klebt.
Marie hat einen schönen Körper, natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi und ein Tattoo auf dem Rücken und am rechten Schulterblatt. Das Outfit ist sexy, und es gibt wirklich viele 'very explicit shows' zu sehen. Leider kann Marie nicht gut tanzen, und ihre Bewegungen und Mimik sind nicht wirklich erotisch. Wirklich sehr schade.. (Wertung: 6 von 10 Punkten)
Je sais que Marie a beaucoup de fans et je les comprends Et pourtant.... Oui pourtant , cette fille n'est pas passé loin de la catastrophe!!! Je n'aime pas attaquer le physique car c'est minable , mais Marie devrait se faire arranger les dents... Mais elle compense par une frénésie incroyable à caresser et doigter sa chatte , et son show est très EXPLICITE!!!! Résultat , je lui ai mis 9/10 pour cet effort :))))
Marie ist groß und schlank. Das Gesicht (besonders ihr Gebiss, wenn sie den Mund geöffnet hat)ist für mich jedoch nicht das hübscheste. Das Outfit könnte besser sein. Da sie es bis auf die halterlosen Strümpfe schnell auszieht, stört das aber kaum. Marie hat extreme High Heels an, die ihre langen schlanken Beine sehr betonen. Die Show ist in Teilen sehr gut, z.B. als sie sich ihre komplett rasierte Muschi an der Stange reibt oder masturbiert und sich den Finger tief in die feuchte Muschi steckt...
Un peu décevant!!
Okay. Diesen Kommentar schreibe ich besser in deutsch, da ich fürchte das meine Englischkenntnisse hierfür nicht ausreichen. ... Verdammt noch mal, wo bekommen die hier wirklich die Mädels her??? Marie ist doch niemals 24 !!! Allerhöchstens 18 ... Egal. absolut nichts für mich. Schaut sie Euch an! Das ist der Körper einer Minderjährigen! ...Okay, soll ja Frauen geben die viel, viel jünger aussehen. Aber hej! Welcher "normal" hetero-sexuell orientierter Mann kann sich hierfür begeistern? Also, we...
3.6 (1582 votes)

Sexy plumber

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Bonus photos: 67
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 344 MB

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User comments (86)

Love her, love the theme. You should totatly make more like this. Love girls in uniform. Especially when they sweat.
I just love Marie. 10+
Great show, great girl. 10/10 although I don't like the outfit so much in this one.
Wow!Love the girls who give eye contact and who dance. She does this. I like the fact she teases as well. What is cool about her she is twice as sexy with her cloths on. I love how she teases and plays. I'm glad I bought her card. Blush..I like her nipples. What's most important is she is fun and flirty.WayneStewart.
the best one
Marie as a Sexy Plumber is who you want to fix your pipes. She really gets into character with the tools, getting sugestive with the wrench. She's got a great smile, and is hot & sweaty throughout the show. The work boots are a nice change of pace. She's down to socks in 7 clips, and barefoot in one. Marie is shaved smooth, and not shy in getting explicit for us. She goes commandette in this great interactive show!The length is great at more than 40 minutes, and eye contact is almost perfect. It...
Of all the models I have downloaded, Marie is my favorite. That pair of coveralls is sexy and when she breaks out the dirty oil and starts rubbing all over her body, that was sexy! She is fun to watch and looks like she is enjoying herself! Excellent choice if you're looking for a fun strip tease!
You would think that the novelty of putting a girl in a purposefully unattractive cover-all would wear itself out pretty quickly. It would... if it weren't for Marie's energy, enthusiasm and raw sex appeal! Marie displays so much energy and enthusiasm that there's a constant glisten of sweat on her face and chest, that I found extremely sexy! Other girls may look like they're working hard, but in this case, Marie actually is! ;)Make no mistake! This is a very sexy card performed by very sexy lad...
I just added marie to my collection & WOW i'm hooked on her. the things she does is nothing less than breathtaking. I normally like tattoos but hers adds a certain qulaity to her. i can't take my eys off her
Super show, super fille, vive la plomberie, très très hot.
Marie weiß mit "Werkzeugen" um zu gehen ;-)
How can I reach this plumber? If I can't find something wrong with my bathroom, I'll break something.
Dirty girl! I refer of course to her use of that black oil on her body; even when she's not in costume she still keeps up the persona she is portraying...Seriously, Marie is undoubtedly the best actress I have seen here, I have every one of her cards and in each she grabs hold of the character she portrays and gives it her own special (and sexy) interpretation. For that reason (as well as her exquisite body and inestimable beauty) she is one of the most watchable girls VG has ever used - there i...
Looks very nice in this card. I have no idea why the rating is this low, but she doesn`t deserve such low ratings on this card.Nice plumber, she can fix my toilet any day...
I can't believe she's rated so low. She's wonderful
Please come play with my pipe
When I saw her covering picture, there was no way I was going to download her, when I got it with the pack, what the hell, but when I saw it what a figure, I just loved her ...especially the backside with and without the trousers. BUT WHE IT WAS ON EXPLICIT, IT WAS A BOMB. THIS IS A BEAUTY TO COMPETE WITH ALL. SHE WILL MAKE IT TO THE TOP, no doubt of that.
Marie can do no wrong. I love the way she dives right into her puss. When I first saw her photos, I didn't think to much, but now that I've seen her shows I stop everything while she comes to play for me.
Marie would still be awesome if she wore a sack. She's gorgeous, playful, and explicit. Love it!
Marie has her freak on during this show. She is all over herself. Playing with that wrench is hot. So is her dancing out of the jumpsuit. I'll rub oil on her any day.
Well..... All i can say is this.... "she can take care of my plumming ANYTIME!!!" VERY VERY Sexii!!! 2"THUMBS UP"
This card completes my full set of Marie, and I could just kick myself for waiting so long to get this one. Marie is gorgeous, sweet, playful, and makes a very hot plumber. She is so playful and believable when she is having fun, that you can just lose yourself in her performance. This was the first time I've ever been jealous of a wrench... Marie continues to be in my top 5 girls.
I rather enjoyed this card. Love the plumber-roleplaying theme. She looks like she is having fun and knows how to move it. Looks very nice and is really hot, awesome body and a good performance. 10/10
I absolutely agree with Angelmuci. Marie is a true artiste, and a true artise can make something of the most unpromising materials - including that costume! I would add that her just-got-out-of-bed look adds to the charm - how many models can yawn widely during the performance, not once but twice, and make it even sexier?
Very Beatifull, very sexy, i loved....
Marie has really grown on me, I was a bit sceptical at first due to her overbite but she has proved all her doubters wrong, way to go Marie!
She is Great ,Spunky ,Lovable ,reminds me of "JOE" from "FACTS OF LIFE" .She gets a 10 from me
I don't see what people's problem is with Marie, she's fuckin' HOT!!!
i hope thats not real oil that stuff causes cancer
She is one that I drop everything to watch. Not the prettiest, or the best dancer, but just overall great.
Marie, if it was possible i'd rate this show with an 11 or 12, but i can give you only an full 10 for your great perform! You're cute, horny and sexy. I know where to spend my free time now :)
It's fun to read all the comments. Most viewers see how good Marie's Sexy Plumber is. (yes I'd suggest the teeth fix too)But you know this is as good as it gets, so don't hold your breath for a sexier woman.
Not a big fan of the outfit but she has a very sexy playful attitude that makes her a 10 in my book. It's nice to see some personality come trough.
WOW now if only my plumer looked as good as her i would be clalling 1 everyday
I never gave a comment but marie´s sexy plumbe show is the best show i have ever seen. She´sso great! 101010101010101010!
I have every one of her cards and I can easily say (for me at least) she has NEVER disappointed. Her face is so cute and seductive at the same time & her body is nothing less than 100% sexy (very beautiful feet too >^.^< ). I wouldn't change a single thing on her anywhere. And the clip on here where she puts the "motor oil" on her and rubs it all over is sexy. 10/10 easy on all her cards.
A very hot plummer. Hope she can work on my plumbing. Also has nice hip movement, almost makes me want to dance while watching.
Oh yeah! Love the outfit and the moves. It's a 10.
Oh yes! I love this show. The outfit is something very different and playing with the plumber tool is very sexy. It also is a very explicit show. It is worth a 10 for me.
Very good show hope to see more of her
Another great sexy little show here. A great card also to have in any collection I say. So enjoy!! Thanks Marie X
Everything very o.k., but the teeth
Ah Marie la fraicheur de Virtua Girl et ses shows sont extra.
Good show and sexy women
c'est un coup à provoquer des fuites
YES. her teeth could use a little work, but she's not any less beautiful because of them. In fact they just make her a little more real, alittle more hot chic next door you might actually be able to hook up with. She is Uber sexy and puts on an awsome show every single time. Great eye contact, great smile (yes, even with her teeth) and really turns on the viewer.
any woman that gives herself a damn good fingering on my desktop is all right with me. Love the show, love Marie, one of my favourites
i think the comments on marie are to harsh her teeth are not that bad i give the show a 9.5
She is good looking, and her teeth DO NOT spoil her looks, they make her look sweet. She has a lovely, sexy way about her. Only thing is I wish these girls had skimpier costumes.
very nice appearance ,, Very sexy girl ,, great pair of breast ,, MORE PLEASE
I've got to give Marie her dues; she is always entertaining to watch. What an amusing use for a spanner! She's as explicit as ever with plenty of fingerwork on her pussy and clit. Will she insert the spanner? you'll just have to watch and find out! Another 9 out of 10!
Marie is a wonderful young woman with delightfully female attributes. Really sweet big breasts and a nice bottom. Her show is enticing and explicit. The outfit isn't the best this time, but all of her other shows/outfit are very sexy.
Oh, PLEASE. All you people who complain about her overbite, and have disparaging comments about her figure. You just wish you could bed a girl this fine. ( Ain't going to happen in your lifetime bubba) Damn! There's no way I'D kick her out of bed, except there's more room on the floor. Love her natural tits, and her ass is something I'd love to have slamming onto my cock. (oops, can I say that?) Not that explicit a show but man, she's what dreams are made of.
To date, she has the most explicit show I have ever seen, inserting fingers and stroking simultaneously for over 10 seconds, more than Ive ever seen from Sharka Blue or Vicky S.
Some of my favorite costumed models are the ones wearing the uniform of a testosterone-driven job, but has a beautiful body that is trying to be seen. Much like many of us who are more than we appear to be, but the card does it physically.This is a perfect example of this. Her hair is a bit unkept, and her body is all sweaty, true to the plumber profession (not particularly attractive IMHO) but she has beautiful moves.The teeth thing might kill it if it were filmed in today's HD quality, but lik...
Wow, you can just love this girl, nice body, and this card is more hot of the others. I like her and the way that she spread her pussy. I find her teeth a lot sexy, shes beautiful, and I can fall in love with her everytime. A good 8/10.
just wondering if those who did not like this card watched more than a few of the clips. I wasn't overly thrilled at first, good body, great nipples, but nothing special. then I switched to explicit shows only and WOW! that is what explicit shows should be like. watching her play with herself with both hands was extremely hot
As much as I love Marie and all her cards, this is my least favorite. Not to into the wrench thing... Her performance is still better than most in this card but I my personal opinion is this just isn't as captivating as the others.
I like the outfit and wouldn't mind seeing it on another girl. Good body, good moves, but sadly, Marie's face is a serious turnoff for me. I know a lot of people think she's cute, and more power to them, but she's not my type and this card seems a waste of a good outfit too me. 6/10
The lest explicit card I seen (own 4 now) of this girl, but she still teases, and plays show her all. 9
I found the show adequite. Her titties were flying all over the place. The tool bag I found to be distracting. The one bright spot is that she uses her fingers very well.
I really like Marie and rate her highly on her other cards and a 10 on a couple of them, but this is my least favourite performance. The outfit is partly the reason, though there is something about seeing her pouring what looks like used engine oil over herself that doesn't quite do it for me.
Marie is vary sexy in dead but this outfit Sucks.
Good variety..please more different girls like Marie. This nasty girl rubs some black grease on her ass then rubs her pussy and spreads....not my fav girl but she is a great performer.
Not bad but an ordinary outfit and some of her dancing is a bit amatureish. She does have a fit and lovely body and isn't afraid to show it. 8/10
Not the best outfit, but a fabulous pair of breasts more than make up for it!!And there's definitely an air of filthiness about her....:)
Not sexy.
I had to think long and hard about this card. I have all her shows and she brings something unique to vghd. But her outfit is just too much covering up her gorgeous body. Her movements on the pole are too fast. Finally found some music that fits her dance: Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Wish the lads where here. Or something ZZ top.She has personality. And personality always goes a long way. This is a card that has yet to grow on me. There are better cards of her. My initial reaction was: delete, d...
I dont like being overly critical but this is the worst card I've got, was very disappointed with it and wont be getting any more of hers.3/10
Ok, lets be honest, she plays with herself, that's the only reason people like this one. Otherwise, she's UGLY, and has a messed up real life I wouldn't give her a second look, let alone ask her to do this...
Pissed myself laughing... does anyone even look at these before they get put on the server?... four thumbs down bitches
purée ce show est grandiose !!!! il y a tout : 1 superbe fille qui bouge super bien et qui n a pas peur de faire de l explicite !!! de plus,etant un fetish feet, quel plaisir de la voir en chausette,ce qui est tres rare,voir la 1 ere fois sur vghd,puis en pieds nus,en se titillant le minou!!!! un enorme 10 et une nouvelle favorite pour moi !!!!!
quoi dire sur marie !!!!! il vous faut cette carte elle a tout pour elle belle , attirante ,sexy ,explicite etc.... pour moi c un 10/10 dommage il y a pas plus haut elle le mérite elle ira loin MARIE (c ma deuxième carte et je ne suis pas deçus) je prendrais surement les autres elle vous fait mettre au garde a vous laisser vous tentez @+
C'est ma première carte de marie, mais c'est vraiment l'une des meilleures que j'ai vus jusqu'à maintenant. Drôle (avec sa tenue et ses accessoires celà change du strip classique), belle, sexy et côté explicite alors là elle fait pas dans la dentelle. Elle joue magnifiquement avec sa superbe chatte, doigté et suce son doigt en plus. Et elle a le sourire et semble y prendre du plaisir !! 10/10
bien explicite jme las pas de la rereregardé , i love you :(
Enfin une carte de marie j'en bave déjà avant de la visionner J'adore cette femme pleine de féminité et de tendresse dans ses shows
"Ho Marie si tu savais tout le bien que tu me fais" Voila comment la chanson aurai du etre. Mille bravos sublime Marie.A quand d'autre show et pourquoi pas avec sex toy.
quel corps de reve!!!!!! super show et marie et formidale de sensualité! de superbes scenes,tu es adorable!!!
Tu es tellement bonne que tu vas finir par nous ruiner hihi. Tu es la VirtuaGirl de rêve pour tout ceux qui aime la beauté, la sensualité et l'explicite. Merci pour cette formidable carte :-)
Une des meilleures avec Vicky's, Sharka blue,Angelina crow,Alizée,Mai,Mia hilton
vite viens réparer mes fuite jolie marie
Marie ist groß, hat eine sportliche Figur, eine schöne Oberweite, aber für mich nicht das hübscheste Gesicht. Die weißen Socken finde ich etwas abturnend, jedoch zieht sie diese noch rechtzeitig aus. Dafür zeigt sie sehr abwechslungsreiche, explicite Shows: mal bewegt sie sich flott und sportlich an der Stange, mal nimmt Marie den Schraubschlüssel und "schraubt" an ihren Brustwarzen und an ihrer glatt rasierten Muschi, mal liegt sie auf den Boden und masturbiert, mal beschmutzt sie sich mit Schm...
Not her best outfit, but decent show.
Marie hat einen schönen Körper, natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi und ein Tattoo auf dem Rücken und am rechten Schulterblatt. Das Outfit ist originell (so ein Overall ohne was drunter hat echt was) und es gibt wirklich viele 'very explicit shows' zu sehen. Leider kann Marie nicht gut tanzen, und ihre Bewegungen und Mimik sind nicht sehr erotisch. Wirklich sehr schade.. (Wertung: 8 von 10 Punkten)
3.6 (1843 votes)

Nursing course

  • Shows: 28 clips
  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Bonus photos: 68
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 306 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (89)

J'aime beaucoup Marie, je la trouve très belle et très sexy, dans ce show d'infirmière elle est donc forcement très excitante, un régal.
Marie is always great to watch on all her cards. From being the prison guard to now to the Nursing course. She can fix you up after keeping you cuffed to her. Marie looks great in red, the hair and make-up is good. as well as the outfit. Love the tattoo on the back very sexy. She knows now to work that super hot and sexy body for us all to enjoy. Love her nice tits and nipples, All in all another great show for MarieNursing course get a big 10 from me.
Marie has something special about her that makes her super sensual and sexy. She is stunning and beautiful with an amazing figure.
Marie reste et restera une magnifique danseuse dans ses shows. plus je la regarde plus je la désire
Ah! Ça tombe bien! On a besoin d'une infermière à mon école. Je crois qu'elle va ètre bien occupé la sublime demoiselle de rêve.
This girl is hot, don't care what you say
Please help an ill feeling man...Nurse me back to health with your fine ass
Marie is hot and is ny favorite.
Very beautiful lady. I personaly like her teeth. I makes her seem more natural instead of biger than life. Nice moves and very explicit. I give her a 10.
Marie is one of those woman that has that hypnotic quality, I simply can't stop watching her. Very sexy, mischievous smile and love the outfit. This is actually one of my favourite cards 9/10, one of my top 3 models, and she definitely pushes all the right buttons for me.She does get quite naughty, which is always a good thing!
Marie is some red hot stuff..oh how I would love to be her fingers, if you know what I mean...solid 10+ for this medical assistant I so much yearn for...
Marie - first off all i like naturell born beauty's and love when you smile. Nursing Course is a very explicit show and your perform is as always great so i did rate again with 10 :-)
I think I recognized an interesting phenomenon while watching Marie perform her "Nursing Course" - in the beginnng she seemed to be cute and even a bit shy and then later on she had some kind of metamorphosis going on and became a real femme fatale. From one point on it seemed as if she just didn't want to stop her pussy-waving. Unforgettable the scene where she puts off her slip and puts it in that little first aid box. Watching Marie you get the feeling that there's a girl who likes her job a...
simply the best 10/10
Eveas is on crack. Marie is a hottie, and there's no disputing it. As far as the Jerry Springer comment, haven't I seen you on there like 5 times?
The word to describe Marie's facial beauty is "Foxy"! The intense, piercing, eyes, the expressive, succulent, mouth, her erotically inviting expressions, all combine to create a totally knowing, confident, ohh soo seductive, sex-power babe, tempting you and teasing you into her sphere of sexual delight. When she struts out flashing those twanging legs in those black stockings I felt a rush of happy quivers roll through my body. She is a super gorgeous lean dream of a babe. I love the way her bre...
Marie - the most sexual girl, whom l saw in the life, not only among virtual girls, but also in a real life.Fantastically lovely , very very gentle, Bewitching, little crazy and me has driven mad. I up to madness love the supergirl Marie!! With all my heart l wish it the big love and happiness!!! 1001 out 10 ))!!
another 10 for you Marie. :)
Well I dunno bout you, but she is my fav so far on here. She just seems to know what cha want and when ya want it. Beautiful. :)
Very lovely lady. Easily my favorite on here. Great body, lovely smile and she acts as though she is really enjoying herself.
WOW!! Sharka better watch out....Marie is definately a HOT!! girl but what makes this show great is she's not afraid to go the extra mile. Awesome beautiful girl....need more like her on here that's for sure. She gets a rock hard solid 10 from me
Gorgeous, explicit, great mover and with a body to die for. Marie really does have it all. 10/10
WOW... she is awsome!!! She is the total package and uses everything to entertain you. I love that middle finger she uses on herself, I would love to lick and suck it clean. Her pussy is sweet and she seems to ejoy showing it to you unlike some other girls... she plays with herself I wish she did a little more shen she climbs up and spreads her legs. GUYS this girl is a MUST HAVE! she is hot and that little white medical kit I want those panties in that are in there. Next time please play a litt...
elle a pas un super physique,pas un beau cul,des seins moyens,mais au moins elle se défonce bien,bouge bien,et se mets des doigts meme si ce n'est pas parfait,elle va presque jusqu'au bout du show.
One of the very best shows on the site! Right up there with my other favorite Sharka Blue. Buy this one for sure!
I love this girl, hope she dosen't quit because of some rude comments.
Marie, You are a wet dream come true. Please release more. A duet with Sharka or Sandra H would be awesome.. A bloke can dream I suppose.
I want to play with you so i can taste your flavors you have in side the # 1 box licky doggie here no complaints here bodys all good from head two toes and lips two MARRY MEEEEE
Compared to Marie's other show, this one is pathetic.
WHAT A WOMAN and guys knocking her mouth i have to say you guys are sad girls with a mouth like hers give the best jobs
I love all these guys saying she needs dental work, overbite etc. Meanwhile in real life NONE of you would kick her out of bed. 10/10 and keep on rockin my desktop Marie.
A very nice show again by this stunning girl. A card I would say get in your collection and enjoy. I know I am lol... Thanks Marie X and hope to see much more shows from you. 10/10 from me!!
OMG!!! Bad Bad Puddy Pounder!! She pounds her Puss like a JackHammer!!! Warning!!! For those who are faint at Heart... Stay Away!!!
10+++ just from the bonus photos and bonus vid. WHOA!! She is my new fave. I love her look, her body, her face, her hair,,,,,,, the explicitness is everything I want. More like this and like her please.
Marie-Marie. I'm truly in love. Gave this a 10 before i got it downloaded. Pure sex and can she use that finger. She's my top pick along with Sharka Blue and Elizee. Three woman that know how to enjoy
its been a long while since buying Maria that I have looked at her, and i had forgotten how hot she is, the only drawback is that as its an old VG the picture quality is a little blurry when enlarged and boy can she enlarge things ;-)This is quite an explicit show for VG and hot, Marie has a beautiful body, very nice smaller breasts and a sexy small arse, she moves smoothly and love to touch and play with herself...Marie juse the pole very well indeed, stroking her hands up and down it, or her b...
Hübsches Mädchen, sehr geile show! 9/10
Stunner!Sexy, cheeky, fun and naughty. Really delivers on almost every level. If I saw Marie in a strip club dancing like this then she'd be going home with all my money!
Very nice, natural breasts, nice little fingering action. Tattoo gets in the way, other than that, pretty solid show!
Exactly! Brown hair, awesome natural breasts and some really teasing explicit moves. One of the few that can really blow my steam in front of my laptop.
what's all this crap about her teeth. Get a life she is very attractive and gives a good show. I find her features attractive so I would not want her to change them. how about a little respect for the girls remember they are not slaves just to U. love show Marie and do not change yourself in any way for these tossers
I love her looks. Her face is sexy. Her action is hot. All around, a great card.
What buck teeth!What better to suck on my awha with i'd rather suck on her sexy nipple's or her pussy in my face let's not get to crud you get my point
smoking hot!!! I like the extra long nipples, great ass and plenty finger play
I am getting tired of the same old people commenting on Marie's alleged dental deficiencies. Freddie Mercury also had an overbite and yet you never hear anybody laying into him with such viciousness about it. We remember him for the larger than life character he was and for the musical legacy he has left us. Marie may not be my idea of my perfect woman, but she gives us entertaining, explicit shows to enjoy watching at our leisure. So give the lady a break: if you can't be constructive in your c...
I don't normally comment on cards otherwise I'd be here typing all day there are so many beautiful women. and totem is doing a good job trying to cater to everyones taste.I have every one of Marie's cards and I'm not disappointed in the slightest, she is quite the attractive woman. I would give her an 8/10 only because of personal preferences.The reason I am commenting is in her defence though rawise2 you seem to come from a drug infested background of hate. What Marie has is an over bite, I'm s...
Marie is a wonderful young woman with delightfully female attributes. Really sweet big breasts and a round bottom. Her show is enticing and explicit. I love the outfit...
She is sexy. Loved the show. Instead of downing her, would you kick her out of bed? Do you even have a girl? If you do, is she better than this? She is really hot. Teasing is the best (to me).
I love this girl, she is so sensual, and this outfit is funny. For my opinion this is not her best card, of course she can make much better of this.
Nice body sexy ass and moves...but i dont like his face.. 8
Very good tease, with some nice hot explicitness
I've been seeing Marie's cards on my calendar for months, and ignoring them, ever since I saw the comment comparing her to the nasty girl on "Dodge Ball" - the whole overbite thing. So finally I bought this one for one ticket, and I have to say that she is not my style (boobs not big enough), but the overbite thing is NOT a factor here. She's actually very pretty, and does some much more explicit stuff (including some finger-fucking that some much hotter models *don't* do for some reason... like...
If you like 'em tall and thin with ample natural jubblies Marie is the stripper for you. If you can stomach her draculean overbite she is quite cute and does a pretty good show. I like it when she "flosses" her pussy with her panties.
Excellent body, long and slender. A good card 8/10
Wauw, Marie is great! She's got a very sexy body, nice tits and the most beautiful pussy you've ever seen! Very cute girl, a little bit "the-girl-next-door" kinda thing :)10 out of 10 points!
She's not bad but not great either. At least she knows where her fingers should go...That overbite is in limbo somewhere between cute and awful
Marie is an a big reason I don't like having a subscription. I keep getting her cards and delete them. Not much of a body, not attractive at all, doesn't dance well, and the factor for high ratings is that she is very explicit, big deal.
I dont wanna see finger action. I like sexy dance and strip. But the body are slin and perfect.
No where near the cutes girl or her best show... But she entertains like the best on this site! I for one like her "Dork turned sexy" look... She is hot...
Not one of Marie's best strip performances..but she is explicite in this one.
She is not so attractive woman as her pretendence appeals, but her performance is not boring for me at the present. Anyway, I do not prefer her, but it's only question of taste, of course. Feels to me little bit artificial. 6!
I really like Marie for the variety. I appreciate that even though she is totally not my type and I agree her look is different. But there are alot of really fucking cruel comments about her and I think they are quite shallow and unacceptable! So all you that get off posting such hatred you should look at your loser self in the mirror some time and get a grip?Keep Marie coming. She is very confident and does a good job at entertaining. Alot like how explicit she is, but overall I think it is her...
Another girl that's just a little too skinny for my tastes... Nice boobs though and pretty explicit, but just too skinny and geeky for me and her dance moves are kinda... Clunky.
Such a perfect body. I don't like very much neither her teeth and mouth, but her videos are surely the most explicit that I've never seen on the site. 9/10
not a good card ...her movements are wierd and she could eat an apple thru venitian blinds
She looks great in the promo shots, but the second the show started and she smiled I lost all interest. That gap in he front teeth is very off putting. It kind of givers her a trailer trash look as if they found her on Jerry Springer. The dress also does not conform to her upper proportions very well.
i whant my tickets back , the pictures look good >>> the clips don`t look good :(
It's not often I will ever write something negative. But, what a waste of a ticket. Her movements are awkward and make you feel uncomfortable. Her teeth make me shutter. Every time she realizes she has her mouth opens she pulls it shut. One of the only cards in my entire collection that I have deleted and would love to get my money back on.
Marie Que dire de plus un simple regard sur ses photos vous pousse a l'invitee sur voptre PC Marie comtinue comme ca tes jolies doigts sur ton sexe hummmmmm j'aime Bisou
Sublime merci fantastique Marie
Total süßes Mädchen mit super sexy Beinchen *jam*jam*
Endlich mal wieder eine Naturschönheit ohne gefärbte Haare und Silikon im Busen. Ihre Show ist sehr schön anzusehen, die Klamotten passen dazu und geben einen schönen Kontrast. Man sieht das sie Spass am zeigen hat. Ihre Explizit-Show ist sehr gut.Meine Bewertung: 10 von 10 Punkten
Que dire de plus qui n'a pas encore été dit... Rien du tout, Marie est dans ce show aussi désirable et aussi exitante que dans tous les autres. Sur ce site, tu es pour moi une valeur sur. Tu es belle, sensuelle, tu semble aimer ce que tu fais et tu nous donne le gout d'acheter tes futur shows. Merci pour cette belle carte :-)
Marie, hum, des shows toujours très explicites. A quand un show explicite avec un gode ? Je suis sûr qu'elle aimerait . Un 10 pour la récompense
Marie, tu as toujours une bien jolie poitrine, des doigts aussi agiles lorsqu'ils fouillent ton intimité.
Sensuale e disponibile !!! da 10 e lode
Top Figur, da bekommt man Lust auf Sex. Vom Gesicht her ist sie nicht ganz so mein Favorit. Sie hat meine Erwartungen mit dem Set ganz erfüllen können, 10 von 10 Punkte gibt's von mir.
Dentition pas terrible, pas très sensuelle, mais très explicite , je lui donne pour cela 10/10.
Not fond of the outfit, but she's a nice looking woman.
Un très bon show. Marie est toujours très mignonne et très sexy, et n'en déplaise à ses détracteurs je trouve que ses dents ajoute à son charme. La tenue d'infirmière est très sexy également avec ses résilles et son string très sexy. Le seul bémol de ce show est la couleur rouge dont je ne suis pas particulièrement fan surtout pour une infirmière... Ma note : 09/10
jolie infirmière docile. elle vient me soignée quand elle veut
très jolie femme en tout point. sont show est cool
Oh marie...tu es trop craquante quand tu caresses ton intimite tu as meme quelques soubressots qui me font penser que tu te fais reelement plaisir. Je t'aime bien marie ne change pas.
Des beaux vêtement et le reste mais pas de belle jambes ! Deçu
Marie hat einen schönen Körper, natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi und ein Tattoo auf dem Rücken und am rechten Schulterblatt. Das Outfit ist originell und richtig sexy, und es gibt wirklich viele sehr gute 'very explicit shows' zu sehen (in einer Show fingert sie sich genüßlich, und lutscht den Finger anschließend ab - sehr geil!). (Wertung: 8 von 10 Punkten)
Oui elle danse très bien pas la plus belle mais j'ai été conquis.
3.9 (2952 votes)

Entrance exam

  • Shows: 31 clips
  • Duration: 44 min.
  • Bonus photos: 69
  • Bonus videos: 4
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 342 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (183)

there is not a more perfectly formed pair of feet on this planet (imho) do anything for a chance to spend an hour or two with her feet...honestly...maria (barefooted) is the only reason i joined and bought in...god shes so perfect
Marie is a beautiful girl and a great body. She puts on a long and fantastic show in my opinion. I have a few of her cards and thoroghly enjoy every one of them. 10/10
average pole moves but still uses it to her advantage and your pleasure cute girl upskirt shots galore variety of content 10
Marie taking the Entrance Exam is a stripper-show in a school uniform-like outfit. You'll find no problems with Marie's eye contact in this good length show. She has good interaction as she teases well and strips with a slow sexy hip-swaying motion. The normal white panties are a great touch. Normal shoes would have been better.Marie has long slender legs and a shaved pussy, handful sized breasts, and a lovely naughty smile. She does some twirls on the pole, and it's used as more than a prop. If...
I love her cards...Thanks.
Marie..I like to watch are a fox..
Pros - palpable sexual energy; up-skirt shots galore; slim and lovable frame; very sexy moves; explicit content is....beautifulCons - nothing braces can't fixMy god, I sincerely believe this girl could turn you out. I sense no apprehension, fear, or pretension from her at all, only self assurance and pleasure.Some may not get her, but I like what I saw; she seemed genuinely sexual, and she was a joy to watch. I think she could be your best friend, and your Johnson's best buddy. She gets 10 out o...
I have to agreee. Marie is nothing special to look at. But there is something about this girl that just drives me nuts. Maybe its the girl next door thing. Whatever it is, she is one of my favorite girls on VGHD. I just love the way she moves and teases. TOOO SEXY!!!
There is something special about Marie that makes hew super sexy. Hard to put my finger on it (but I'd like to try). She is beautiful and sultry and very graceful dancer. She gets an A+++ on this show exam.
Marie c'est du très haut de gamme, pas la plus jolie à priori, mais terriblement bien faite et drôlement sexy et coquine, très réussi.
Have to agree with rensje58, and would add to that list Susan (who gives herself a good three fingers and then licks them) and Monica Scott. But back to Marie, I just love this girl, she comes across so sexy, she is really enjoying her dances and giving herself sexual pleasure, I want so much more of this girl
Marie tu me rend fou,certainement l'une des filles les plus oser et la plus sexy.
Sometimes I bought a card because people wrote that it was a explicit card, after buying I saw only pussy and a hand moving before it... more hiding pussy than fingering. Marie, melisa, mia and natali are explicit... real fingering and penetrating themselves... and all that while enjoying themselves... they like it. Marie is also a great actrise she tries to live into the charracter, see her nonnude shows too. Great movies too, also real explisit. 10/10 ofcourse
noth is worng with her teeth she can be my girl any time
Une séduisante étudiante qu'on aimerait avoir en condisciple pour attendre les oraux fort agréablement. Fait d'autant plus vrai quand elle révèle l'absence de sa culotte alors, qu'elle porte son uniforme. Elle a une poitrine aux courbes douces. Ses lents mouvement sensuelles deviennent sulfureux et for suggestifs quand elle se caresse et se doigte, en portant ses doigts en ses lèvres. Le balancement de ses hanches et de ses douces fesses exercent un pouvoir irrémédiable attractif.
fuck the teeth this is the only bitch that penetrates herself come to my house babe :P
What a fantastic girl (and card).. Marie has that incredible combination of fun, flirty sweetness- AND a wonderfuly hot, very explicit side that she pulls off without losing any of that sweetness or charm. It's so refreshing, so unique... (Thank you Marie!:)Marie has a beautiful, natural body (thank God!) and a face that I never tire of looking at (love that little overbite:) And as if all that weren't enough, she really knows how to move (and obviously enjoys what she is doing). This is a MUST...
Marie is a fantasy dream girl come to life, WOW what a gorgeous babe! She is definately the reason I joined this site! A+ Show and I could only hope to win such a living doll as her! Hope she gets her studies completed and comes to visit here in USA! Would love to court and spark this honey bunny! MUWAH Marie!
Everyone praises Marie's explicits, and with good reason. But with this card especially, it's worth running through all her 'no nudity' clips beforehand. This girl has a truly lurid imagination, she obviously understands men, and she doesn't just know how to turn us on - she WANTS to.
Great body, Great face, Great outfit, Sexy attitude, EXTREMELY Explicit... (and a cute as hell overbite!) This card is a 10!
Hot. The outfit and her moves are good. She knows how to work it.
i love it
This girl is "RED HOT"!!! She moves well & is one of the few that knows how to use the pole! She puts the "X" in explicit! I find her slight overbite sexy as hell the way it helps accentuate her full lips! My new favorite! The only true 10 I've seen!!!! Luv U Marie!!
This beautiful woman loves to play with her pussy with LOTS of insertions and I love to watch! The perfect combination. Well worth the tickets!
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U r realy smoukin' woman-not a girl:))) bu' when U start enjoy j'r self 2 much in 2pl places-bit 2 much? wha U think? Generaly absoliutly FIRE,but not 10-sorry...
Amazing card must have the things she does HOT !
I think she has the most seductive eyes,it's like she is saying come and get it. She really gets into her dancing. I think she is a perfect 10 !
Those eyes, omg. That skirt, omg.
One of the best cards I have, and I have 44. Very explicit, the way they should be. Lots of finger action, and a great body. Her prison guard card is also very good.
if I could rate this girl higher than a 10 .... I give her a 11
this is my favorite girl is sexy , hot, fantastic, ilove this women....i love you so much marie....thanks a lot for you are part of my life.....eres fantastica increible me encantas ojala algun dia pueda conocerte de verdad.....gracias por formar parte de mi vida ahora....con cariño.....Albert
Despite all the reviews about her teeth, this girls is amazing! The way she moves is spectacular. This is definitely a case of a womens imperfections making her more perfect. I personally don't want to see the "super model" in every show. I love the fact that she seems very real and genuine.
this girl is devilishly perfect totem if u r listening put more of her cards on offer 10*****S
She is beautiful, absolutely, beautiful. Her mouth is sexy and her face and body are fantastic. She is what men fight wars for.
This girl is by far the most explicit, erotic little thing on this site. She gets a full 10/10 from me. I will get every card she puts out. Marie, keep them coming!!
If I understand Thardy’s comments, and I am not sure I do as they are so obscure, he is complaining about Marie’s teeth. Now I may not be an orthodontist but I find the fact that they are not “perfect” to be quite endearing. Ever check out Katherine Heigl (popular American actress). If you every get past the drop dead beauty you will notice she too has crooked teeth. If you insist on perfect fake boobs, lyposuctioned body, colored hair, and yes a fake whitened straightened smile, then you may no...
Great. Most explicit show I've seen yet.
SPOILER: after she peels her white panties off of her refreshingly REAL, girl-next-door body... she balls them up, sniffs them and tosses them aside with a sly smile. BUY THIS CARD NOW! 10 for perfect hair, REAL body, delicious pussy hair, sultry eye contact and explicit finger play!
If her only flaw is her teeth, and her only flaw is her teeth, then I say wrap that model's overbite around my dick. Lots of finger play, lots of bare feet (even dirty soles in one scene), a perfect body and a pretty face make this a definite 10 for me
Definately a 10 from me.She is gorgeous,a great card love the pussy rubbing YUMMY!!
Great show! It's my second from her and both are hot! Very explicit; wonderful pussy play! Very nice smile. Small tits, but they have great shape. I give her a 10 for giving me the chills!
I had marie's card seaside day and was a bit disappointed, so I bought this based on the comments plus me really fancying her and wanting to see a good show from her. To cut to the chase...incredible card, watching the no nudity shows is more explicit than most girls get when fully naked, plus she works the pole a treat. From then on it just gets better, if you want an explicit card get this one now :) I know I downgraded my 1st marie card to a 7, this is a definate 10 in my book :D p.s i still...
Very hot, I'd recommend Marie to anyone who likes girls. That being said, those of you who criticize her obviously don't.
Marie is like the girl next door! She is sexy, beautiful and she likes to smile and show us that sweet pussy and play with herself and that is a real turn on! She has nice breasts and so I give this card a 10/10 and highly recommend her!
suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerb girl easy 10/1.ok the over bite? but the pussy lay is out of this world
Great card... very sexy girl. She reminds me of the girl from "the Sure Thing" only a bit hotter! Love the skirt and the hair. Great ass too.
Really love this girl. want more. will she do a Christmas / Holiday issue?
Great show, I personally don't understand the complaints about her teeth I think her mouth is one of her most sexy traits...Lovely and fun girl.
Wow so beautiful i'm going to have to buy the rest of her sets totally hot and horny
She is very Hot so sexy and works wounders with her hands! A 10 pluss!
Marie is a very cute girl with legs that go forever and a beautiful ass that make you want to grab it, smack it and f*ck it long and deep. If how often she sticks her finger into her c*unt is any indication, she has a dirty mind to go with that body too.
That is the HOTTEST SHOW I ever saw !!!
Ah, Marie,my first VG! Love her naughty college outfit. She's got a nice body and really gets into her show. Sexy smile and playful. Great show! XOXOX
I love this girl. I love her smouldering eyes, her large brown nipples, and her gorgeous shaven pussy. I'd love to spend the night with her, she's so sexy.
Finally an explicit show. Beautiful girl and very very hot. Nice....
Despite of her being too skinny she deserves a 9 because of the explicit show. I recommend, she is a beautiful girl all natural and with nice movements.
The ladies are all beautiful so I just rate the card. Theme/costume- 9 Dancing/performing- 10 Sex appeal- 10 Explicit- 10 wood factor-10 In your face- 10Overall I rate this card a 10. If you like bare feet, rear shots, and lots of playing you will enjoy this card. Marie will make you a fan of hers.
Marie works the pole better than any of the other girls and makes you wish it was your pole (strap-on -- whatever). Different people have different body-type preferences in women, but Marie is definitely mine--nice, beautifully rounded, firm ass and breasts. If you like this kind of woman, you definitely won't be disappointed by Marie. Check her out!!!
Is it just me or is Marie the sexy epitome of sultriness. Those full pouting lips and that quivering, easy smile. She needs to do a vampire set in time for Halloween - she'd knock everyone dead.
marie is very sexy the over bite is attractive she is very explicit she has a home on my desk top
All I can say is WOW. How do I get her to let me try that entrance exam? That is one exam I wouldn't mind having to retake multiple times!!! This has got to be one of the best shows I have. It rates at the top of my list with Axelle's show Bath Time! If you don't download this show, you will be missing out on one of the best girls this site has to offer! This show is well worth two tickets!!
Lets see..WOW!!..Marie is so enticing, she has a magic about her that makes me wish I could find a girl like her in my life.Her shows are all, well the 3 I have, hypnotic, she has the way about her that causes me to like her not just lust after her. This card is well worth the buy. I just see her perfection. Thats good enough for me.I hope she reads this comment.
I don't normally comment on cards otherwise I'd be here typing all day there are so many beautiful women. and totem is doing a good job trying to cater to everyones taste.I have every one of Marie's cards and I'm not disappointed in the slightest, she is quite the attractive woman. I would give her an 8/10 only because of personal preferences.The reason I am commenting is in her defence though rawise2 you seem to come from a drug infested background of hate. What Marie has is an over bite, I'm s...
Marie is a great performer. So she looks like a female Freddy Mercury..who cares. She has great tits and loves to play with herself. Her shows are very explicit and sexy.
make me hot hot hot.... of the league of sharaka blue.... amazing show and pussy play.... just wow. worth every bit of it a perfect 10.
Very lovely lady. Easily my favorite on here. Great body, lovely smile and she acts as though she is really enjoying herself.
She's like the girl next door, but 100 times more sexy. Not the most pretty face ever. but a super body and she really enjoys herself. I would love to be between her legs and finish what she started. 9+, so I give her a 10.
This lady is very good at moving her behindand it makes me smile.
Ok I understand people who are turned off by specific features there are a few that blow it out for me at times. The comments thus far have mostly been about her teeth. If you have been fortunate enough to get her trailer you can see all of her teeth that you need to see if its gonna turn you off if not check her pics if you like them then the teeth WILL NOT be a problem. This is a perfect 10 with a great show. @@@ If You dont want her you should be on
There is nothing more beautiful in the whole wide world then a happy girl. This girl looks happy!
10+, perfect, nice hair, pretty face, perfect tits, nice ass and legs. And the best pussy play!!!!
What the F**K is wrong with her teeth? I'd like to see the perfect specimens commenting on this. Jeez, give the girl a break, she is giving you a pleasure you would otherwise not have. Me personally, I think she is gorgeous. 10 10 10
One of the best girls that I have seen so far.Great show.
Pretty good girl
So far the most open with her body i've seen yet, turns me right on.................girl next door sexy as hell!
Phenomenal show. She is hands down one of the hottest most erotic women on the site, and this is a must have set. The schoolgirl no panty thing was incredible. By the way, I didn't notice the teeth, but I kind of like a bit of character in that department anyway.
Marie is a naughty slut and is a definite 10. the scenes a very sexual as she does a complete show of stripping her self then fingering her pussy. Everytime she comes out she's full of surprizes. If you don't get her for free definitly worth 2 tickets.
The fact that she does her shows with no panties on is the biggest plus!!! Then she tops you over with a wonderful masterbation.....
to all the other guys knocking this beauty for shame she should be one of the 8 wonders of the world everybody has small imperfections and the guys knocking her are you so perfect? fat chubby small dicks?Marie lovely sexy lady I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!
This could well be the perfect girl and the perfect set. She's gorgeous, she dances beautifully, lovely face and body, great outfit, and explicitness for those who insist on that. More more more of her please!
Who looks at the mantle piece when their poking the fire? If an overbite is the only thing you can see,then your missing out on one of the best girls on virtuagirl. She's Gorgeous...(and HORNY)
I love a girl that isn't afraid to get her fingers wet! What a hottie and hey the teeth are not THAT bad, at least she has a full set and her chest and general shape make up for that anyway. I gave this hottie a 10 and she gave me.... ;-)
Both of her shows are excellent. She knows how to please herself. Great looking girl, explicit shows. MORE PLEASE
If Marie was my lover with every kiss I'd be probing, licking & sucking her lovely teeth. She looks so chimunky cute & I know from experience how mouths like hers feel and how hot it is to feel the track of her teeth across my d**k. I love the erotic temptation of a mouth like hers. If she had nothing else, an average body, I'd be asking her questions just to watch her enunciate vowels & consonants! But have she does! The lass is tall, lean,the barer(yes) of plump, perky nippled tits, long slim,...
If your worried about a little gap in her teeth then yes she needs dental work but it isn't bad at all. Plus she does great work with her pussy you wont care about her teeth at all. I give it a 10/10.
Marie is amazing and her Very Explicit!A great deal of pussy play!LOVE her!I have only seen one show but she is as good if not better than Sharka Blue!
This girl just gets me going, right away. She's perfect with that pole. I have over 150 girls and this is one of the few who can really tease. Definite must have, she knows what she's doing.
This girl is a perfect 10.Great legs, ass, body, Cute face and a PERFECT PUSSY! I collect close-up pussy shots and hers is at the top 10. I bought both her cards and waiting for more.A 10+ from me.
If you want to look at boobs and a body go buy a playboy. Marie is pure sex. Her eyes tease you while her fingers tease herself. I,ve put her in my top 3. Since there are only 3 on this site that are not afraid to show real passion and show there real sexual self. I give Marie a high 10. Go girl give us more of this one..
Despite all the fussin' goin' on, downstairs, I bought this show last night. I just wanted someone new and refreshing. But I have to tell you, This girl isn't going anywhere. She's already there!!!!! Marie is cute, sexy, poised, fun, and not afraid to plow the row. I can't believe, that, this is her first show. She's gonna be a force to be reckoned with. Dude, how I love this site! P.S. This young lady does not, I say again, does not DESERVE to have her feelings hurt for worthless reasons. End o...
WoW!!! Now that is HOTT!! Love everything about this card, the body, the face, the explicit action, the works. The best bonus photos, vids, and I love her mouth, teeth and face too. It is her teeth that shape her HOT! mouth and luscious lips. My new favorite. Robocop56 is right, and those earlier ignorant comments are from insecure wimps afraid she would bite their tiny dicks. Where do those critical a-holes get off running down all these lovely girls.
I am confused. Is this a stripper or a model at a dentist convention. I pay to see women get naked and hopefully play with themselves. This girl does that so I am very happy with this card. Once she starts to take off clothes I dont care if she even has a face, that is not where I am looking
Some of you guys are nuts! She has a beautiful face, with those lips, eyes, hair, and facial structure. Her bod is a real turn-on to me. Her eyes are very seductive. I look forward to getting anything that she puts out. She is now in my top five!
exelent figers in pussy very hot show tanks for fingers in pussy i love it
Beautiful woman with beautiful breasts!! I would like to see her open that lovely box a bit more like in the bonus. Finally a girl besides Sharka who knows where to put her finger!!
holy shit is she hot and her show is outstanding cant wait to see more of her . and she is not shy about playing with her self 15/10
Lovely, face, great moves and a hot body. Love the fact that her nipples stay perky throughout the show. 10/10. Can't wait to see more off you Marie.
Lovely boobs, cheeky smile and very naughty indeed. :-) 10/10
Une exposition très belle et une fille renversante aussi. C'est une nécessité ont la carte que je dis. J'aime cette exposition et je suis dans l'attente pour voir plus de cette belle fille. Merci Marie X
Great card,she`s a debutant,but she soon will make a career,she`s beautifull,10 from me,look forward for more cards.
It's too bad about the technical quality of this card because Marie is a sexy girl. She's a good dancer with some pole skills as well.
I can only say thath I love this girl, she drives me crazy, perfect body, nice moves and great outfit. I reccomanded all her cards, expecially this one !!!!!
Wenn ich Marie in ihrem kurzen Röckchen und den High Heels sehe,dann wird mir heiß. Ihre Beine sind in diesem Outfit der absolute Hammer....einfach himmlisch. Ihre ganze Show ist von vorne bis hinten klasse und total sexy. Besonderst scharf finde ich sie,wenn sie unter ihrem Rock keinen Slip trägt und sie sich so sexy und verführerisch in Szene setzt. Es sind ein paar Clips dabei die mir nicht so gut gefallen haben,aber im großen und ganzen eine tolle Karte....von mir 9 Punkte.
I fully agree with EvilDave1, Marie is not on incredible hottie but she is nevertheless a pretty girl. The explicit content is good and her outfit and hair style suit her well. Few points to know: She has an amazing ass and in 2-3 clips she has no panties under her skirt (for the guys like me who are looking after that).All that makes for me a small 9.
Can't see any thing wrong with her teeth she's got more than me, besides who's looking at her teeth?
Marie is a very sexy woman great desktop show.
I've got her entrance exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very attractive...
Easily Marie's best card. Great outfit and hair, long show clips, truly explicit, and (unlike a good number of shows) FULL nudity is featured. But don't just enjoy the nude scenes...all the clips are worth watching.Minor cons are her teeth and tattoos, but this show is still worth one and possibly two tickets.
Marie is fit as fcuk, and boy does she give a hot show, in fact I'd be hard pressed to think of anyone who delivers such an explicit performance.Great costume and moves, great sensuality and unrivalled dirtiness...This show would be a high 9, but unfortunately like many I do find her teeth a bit distracting...not very, but a little.I've given her a 9, but seriously, don't let the teeth put you off, this is pure wank material!
Pros:Card length(10/10), is awesome @43 mins total. Her clips are nice & long too. Superb clip variety(10/10). Her solo & pole clips vary greatly & her explicits are all different w/ lots of hot closeups. Never boring or repetitive. Really sexy card(10/10). Marie is 1 of the least shy girls on VG & really knows how to get down & dirty. Posing, spreading, rubbing, & fingering w/penetration are all here & in large quantities.Cons:Her looks(8.5/10). Not a bad body(although her ass is a bit flat), b...
She looks french or eastern european. She bares her feet so for guys who luv female feet and I'm one of those guys will quite like this card. I gave it a 9/10
she's just so cute!! i love the way she invites you in with that naughty smile of hers. fantastic pair of tits, and the things this girl does to her pussy.. shes highly entertaining in all aspects. great hair, great body, great show!! I highly recommend her ;)
Okay guys be honest. Marie is the girl you called if you want to get laid and she's the last resort in your black book. Yea, she's not real pretty and you call her to come to your place because you don't want your friends to see you with her. But she has a open mouth, nice tits, poking nipples, and wide open legs. That still earns her a 8.8
If you love watching girls masturbate, this one will be worth the tickets for you! This girl goes further than any of the models I’ve seen so far. Once you buy her if you click the "Perform Now" button with her name highlighted in the "My Collections" tab until you see her sitting there in just her panties she does this long masturbation sequence that's very convincing. The wind is a little distracting when it blows her hair in her face and some of her movements are slightly less than fluid but...
I like Maria a lot. She is very sexy, lovely pussy and not afraid to show it . Very under rated. 10/10 for me
I will refer you to comments I made about her Pink Palace show because they are equally apt here! I award her another 9 out of 10 because of her explicitness.
She really got me by surprise. She was in my booster pack when i bought and after seeing all the other ladies i was getting i just knew i would delete her. Boy was i ever wrong. She is sexy as hell and is a great dancer. Commenting on the previous post about the overbite, I for one think this makes her gorgeous. If all models had symetrical breast, perfect teeth, and just a apple bottom ass, every would be complaining about the same old generic model. Variety is the Universe.9 of 10
What an absoulte DOLL!! As if her great butt, nice tits and great legs aren't enough that overbite is sooooooo sexy! Don't ever change it BABE!!!!
Marie is a wonderful young woman with delightfully female attributes. Really sweet big breasts and a round bottom. Her show is enticing and explicit.
Good show, pretty girl, very explicit but the teeth are an issue! Can't Totem afford a good Orthodontist? Imagine just how hot she'll be when she's had her teeth fixed!
Most explicit I've seen so far...
Yes she does need dental work... But the complete show that puts on takes you for a ride... Teases, Touches, Dips fingers, and makes some of the most sensual faces Ive seen so far...Didnt think I would enjoy this show from the start but man she wooed me!!!
I have over 50 girls in my collection, Marie is definately one of the best. Anyone that doesent get this show because of the other comments about her "needing dental work" is missing out.
HOT,HOT,HOOOOOOOOOT!!!! Don't you thing so?
She's a all natural pretty girl her teeth need some work she's also too skinny and has no shape to her legs prefer girls with some hips, she doesn't have hips the show seems fine to me i still like her though reminds me of Silvie Deluxe pretty upper body kinda lacking from the hips down
look great .....
Would be 9/10 if she did not have that distracting overbite and bucktooth grin. Hot stuff but needs a paper bag.
Finally some explicit action - nice rear end views. Whats with the teeth though.
And that's what I call "explicit". 8/10
Who cares about teeth? She has all of them and I really doubt if any one would resist the chance to sample her pleasures because of them.Just remember there are only three things that smell like fish, one of them is fish....i think it is an ok card not the best not the worst its worth a lousy ticket..You folks are funny as hell and i almost enjoy the critiques as much as the models that receive the square root of 69... 8 something....
if it werent for those teeth of hers id give her a 10/10, dont know why it bothers me too much though 8/10 ^_Ohope she has a new show though, and munchers are fix
Gorgeous girl, nice dance. great card.
I loved her sexy look, outfit, One hot show: I gave her a 9, 8.8 is what I would have 1 point off fo not enough explicitnes, and .2 of for the tattoo. Happy I got this card
Hmm... what to say. I'm usually very critical, but she leaves me with little to say. She's not the best girl on this site, but she's obviously leaps and bounds above the average girl. She dances good, she's got a great body, I love the tattoos and the schoolgirl outfit. More than the outfit, she plays the striptease very well. She doesn't just strip and dance, she really does the whole striptease. I gave her a solid 8/10. She's a great addition to anyone's collection.
This girl is quickly becoming my favourite. This show Rocks
Totally agree with rabbitowl.About explicit level - that show is exactly what I want from Totem, so 10 on that point, BUT .... that girl really turn me off with her head style (not only the teeth, the hair style is also not very sexy), so 6 from me on that point and average 8 for that show.
As much as try to give the benefit of the doubt to Marie not worth spending a ticket for her. Not just because of the overbite problem. Honestly 2 of her shows have been specials in the last 2 days, enough already.
One of Marie's best performances that I have seen yet. Good dancing moves and I like the oufit on this card. Well done.
Not bad. She rates a 7
She can keep your attention no matter what your flavor. Her teeth suck but really!?!?!? Thats the last thing you want anyway. She can definitely work it and she's a nasty, nasty bitch
she shows almost everything, but in a middle class show...
Nothing overly special about this girl. She has weird teeth but she's dirty I guess. Lots of touching. Not my type.
I love the way she dances, slow and sexy. If you can get by her overbite, she is well worth it. Beautiful body and if you like explicit shows this one is for you. The way she touches herself should rock your world. I gave her a "10"
Couldn't recall why I didn't download a previous version of Marie before . Now I know it was the overbite which she didn't flash in the freebie . Still better than a lot of the girls . Not going to be a favorite , though .
The teeth are too distracting; couldn't enjoy the show. Glad others can get past it, though.
Have to agree with some other comments - explicit show with a lot of pussy play and fingering, but the face ...... sorry, it´s wasted money. If all you need is some flesh - the web is full of it.
One of my faves back in the day, so she gets a 5.
ouah !!!!! c chaud jusqu au bout des doights elle ne fais pas semblant
Marie devrait être la référence pour les autres filles de VGHD de se qu'il faut faire pour avoir un superbe show, tout est de qualité, elle est gracieuse, elle sourit, elle bouge bien et dans ses clips explicites elle se donne à font; par exemple: elle se met sur le coté et elle entrouve ses petites lèvres après s'être masturbées et enfonce profondement un doigt ensuite elle le suce!!! en nous regardant dans les yeux; que du bonheur!! 10/10
Jolie fille sans complexe qui ne craint pas de s'exposer ni de s'explorer pour nous faire exploser de plaisir. Comme cela n'est malheureusement pas toujours le cas des autres Girls de VgHd il était nécessaire de le souligner.
lauter hirnis hier was soll daran toll sein.....
10 sur 10 aucun doute c'est ma preferee sensuelle lacive sachant se caresser sans pudeur bravo
Gesicht und Haare ein Traum, so mag ich das!!! Die Brüste sind nicht so wie ich das mag, finden aber hier bestimmt auch Fans, der Po könnte ein bisschen knackiger sein! Dafür eine super Show, zeigt schöne Einblicke auch zwischen den Beinen, daher doch 10
Marie a une prestance dans son show qui vous done le vertige son sourire vous amène au plaisr 10 bien mérité
Vraiment somptueux ... C'est une de mes deux préférées avec Jewel. A ne pas rater.
Bien belle carte, un tatoo dans le dos somptueux, si vous aimez les femmes expressive soyez servi Marie sera à la hauteur de vos attentes 10/10
Cette fille, c'est la perfection. Elle nous montre tout, elle touche à tout et le fait vraiment bien. Tout le monde devrait avoir cette carte dans sa collection. Merci beaucoup pour cette belle carte :-)
Magnifique, comme d'habitude. N'hésites pas à nous montrer sa chatte, elle aussi superbe. Tres sensuelle et toute en volupté. Un régal
Nicht nur das Outfit, das ganzte Girl ist Hammer....10 von 10.....
tois acheter par telephonne rien ne se passe
Very explicit !!!!! dentition pas terrible, pas sensuelle mais très explicite pour cela je lui donne 10/10
Die beste Show die ich hier jemals sah. Zwar ist der Strip nicht der beste, dafür gewährt sie einen tiefe Einblicke, und man kommt auf seine Kosten. PUNKTE: 10/10
What can i say?...I'm in Love with her... :D
Trop top la petite Marie, elle fait rêvé. Si elles pouvaient toutes être aussi chaude.
Marie hat einen schönen Körper, natürliche Brüste, eine glattrasierte Muschi und ein Tattoo auf dem Rücken und am rechten Schulterblatt. Das Outfit ist originell und sehr sexy, und man bekommt schöne 'very explicit shows' zu sehen. Besonders gefreut hat es mich, das sie den Mini auch mal ohne was drunter trägt, und sie in dieser Show richtig erotisch sein kann. Kurzum: Super süß und super sexy. (Wertung: 9 von 10 Punkten)
Un très bon show. Marie est très jolie et très sexy. Sa tenue d'écolière lui va très bien même si je n'aime pas vraiment la jupe. Ma note : 09/10
super bouge bien , prend un peu de plaisir . montre tout , petits doigtes , toujours trop court . 9/10
just wahoo , 9/10 pour la mm raison mais kel impudeur c un régal , alalal good card , to be continued please ^^
tres tres belle super sexybravo
Je lui donnerais volontiers des cours particuliers à notre jolie Marie, afin qu'elle réussisse son examen. En tout cas, pour le moment c'est du tout bon, et son petit air coquin me fait chavirer. Superbe !
ha la marie... c'est le top
je suis fan belle femme qui n'a pas froid aux yeux
Nettes Mädel mit einer guten Show. Die Strip Sequenzen könnten ein wenig variantenreicher sein. Gute explicit shows, daher 9 von 10.
Ihr Outfit ist der Hammer. Der Mini in Kombination mit dem geilen Hintern ist perfekt. Ihr gesamter Body ist der Wahnsinn. Nur bei manch ihrer Blicken wirkt sie etwas einschläfernt. Sie krault sich gern an der Pussy und räkelt sich wunderschön auf der Mattscheibe. Mit Klamotten ist Ihre Show noch besser als nackt.
Ich weiß nicht was viele Männer hier haben, Marie ist doch ganz hübsch. Etwas dünn aber trotzdem sehr süß. 8/10
Très belle femme
Marie hat einen schönen Körper: schlank, nette (natürliche) Brüste und ein geiler Arsch. Das Gesicht (besonders, wenn sie den Mund öffnet) gefällt mir nicht ganz so sehr. Die Show ist gut und erotisch, könnte aber manchmal noch etwas flotter sein. Dafür gibt's viel von ihrer hübschen glatt rasierten Muschi zu sehen. Das Outfit ist sexy, besonders wenn sie keinen Slip unterm Rock trägt. Auch Marie's intensives Mastubieren ist ein Hingucker. 8 Punkte.Alter: 24 Jahre, Größe: 1,75 m, 86/66/81, Gewic...
na, something not right
J'ai faillis pleurer la première fois que je l'ai vue, elle est vraiment trop moche, c'est ignoble je me demande ce qu'elle fait ici. Mais essaie de se faire pardonner en ayant aucune pudeur...(gagné) Attention tout de même j'ai été a limite de l'effacer plusieurs fois, je m'habitue pas à son visage :( Aller un 5...

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