Mandy Dee

  • City: Saint Petersburg
  • Country: Russia
  • Age: 21 y.o.
  • Height: 5.41 ft.
  • Weight: 115 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 30" / 24" / 35"

Russia has become a hot-bed of erotic talent recently and nobody personifies that move toward sensuality better than Ms. Mandy Dee! A 21 year old petite Russian doll who is capable of the most electrifyingly athletic moves. See her in action any time you want an amazing sexual distraction from the normal girls you meet!

Number of shows: 12

4.4 (768 votes)

Velvet kiss

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 401 MB

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User comments (23)

absolutly hot!!
Mandy est une fabuleuse bombe sexuelle mais si ici il faut reconnaître que le show est un peu léger, nous avons droit au service minimum, mais le minimum avec Mandy c'est déjà tellement.
Simply fantastic, without words.... this girl is so much stunning and horny, loveble in any part of her body... of course this is a reccomended card !!!
She has quickly become one of my favorites. I plan on buying every card she puts out as it becomes available.10/10 performer
Love the tittle
Mandy is a sweet heart.
Fantastic,I love Mandy!
oh Mandy you are better as Candy......sooo....sooo...äääh ...WOW ;-)
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An excellent show, possibly the best in the entire collection, I hope Mandy does more shows soon.
well just seen Mandy show it very good. Love her Big BOOBS. nice butt to, also the way she moves. WOW !!! So rate her 10/10 for me.
Another stellar performance from Mandy Dee, the beautiful Russian with the big natural breasts. She does more desktop dancing than usual in this card and shows that she is capable of some great dance moves to go with her usual sultry Slavic self.The outfit in this card is about average, but as with anything she wears (and strips off), Mandy Dee looks excellent. Her best scenes are on the taskbar, but a couple of standup dance striptease clips are different than her usual and very nicely done.The...
An adorable blonde babe.
Oh my GAWD I am in love with Mandy in this card. To me, she gets everything right. Her looks, body, outfit, energy, moves,'s all there. Definitely one of my top keepers. 10 out of 10.
I have never been a fan of leopard print but I make an exception for her.Well worth the credits. Why are you even reading this just get it already and switch to the pictures.
I love primitive women, I'm Fred Flintstone and Mandy is my Wilma :))
I'm delighted to see a fast return to VG for Mandy. She looks great enough in the leopard print dress, but even better in the gorgeous underwear revealed when she takes the dress off. Just perfect.On the task-bar every movement, expression and nuance of her performance simply oozed 100% seductive sex appeal, and her moves were pretty dynamic at that. Mandy really knows how to show off her body to turn a guy on, and I can't remember seeing her do it better. My only very slight criticism is that h...
Toujours autant de grace dans l'effeuillage et toujours sexy, provocante ... Dommage qu'il n'existe pas de version 3D de VGHD car avec cette carte les frissons sont assurés !
The only thing I don't like about this card is there's only 3 explicit clips. Fortunately they are all very good and if only there was a full nude pole striptease, this would easily have been a 10. It's a real shame, because I really like Mandy's aggressive style on the pole. There's only 1 topless pole dance :( Also it's worth mentioning that the heels stay on. Solid card overall.
Franchement mignonne Mandy Dee.....j'adore sa façon très sensuelle de bouger et d'évoluer dans son show, elle est excitante!!!.....elle se caresse de manière très sensuelle, j'aime ses seins, ses jambes, ses pieds chaussés de jolies sandales à talons très sexy!!!!......pour tout cela Mandy mérite une très bonne note!!!!
belle blonde et jolie forme
Very good show. Love Mandy aliitle more explicit and I would have given a solid ten.
One of the sexiest women on the planet.
4.4 (380 votes)

Duo with Bibi Noel

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 25 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 460 MB

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User comments (10)

WOOOOW! I love you Mandy :)
Mandy is Hot period add to that Bibi and you have a 10 card.
i love this 2 girls
i have to say that i think its the best duo with Mandy Dee The 2nd Dildo clip (33504) contains some great anal action where Mandy uses a dildo on Bibis anus. Bibi on all fours and ass to screen so you see everything clearly. Even a little gaping included in that clip. Probably one of the best anal scenes on the site. Bibi even gets a very loud orgasm while Mandy works on her ass. So if you like anal then you have to get this show. Also i really like Bibi. She is nice with a great smile. And Mand...
All the Duo with Mandy are special :))
Sweet and sexy.
... I have never really been a big fan of Mandy Dee's even though she is ALL natural. Perhaps it's the fact that she has absolutely no pussy hair. Not even a trim job. Or maybe it's the odd look that comes to her face quite often that turns me away. Mandy is a stellar performer - but there is just something. I know very, very little about Ms. Noel and it would be wrong for me to comment about her except to say that on this card Ms. Noel does a wonderful job and is also ALL natural :-) My rating...
Mandy est sublime comme toujours, on reste néanmoins un peu sur notre faim dans ce show.
I give the girls a 10. Both are beautiful, sexy and they gave a good show. I have to take a couple points away for Totem's increasingly annoying butchery. What is the point of so many 15 second or less clips?? Also, I'm gettying tired of being mislead into believing I'm getting a 30-40 minute show when many of the clips are simply reversed.
This is probably the best of the lesbian duo performances that Mandy Dee has done. Which doesn't say much. Both Mandy and Bibi Noel are very hot, but the fake performance and lack of chemistry between the girls is, as with other duo performances Mandy has done, empty.If you aren't looking for anything more than a great lipstick lesbian show with two hot blonds working together, then you'll love this card. If you prefer girls who are at least moderately interested in one another and are getting i...
3.9 (769 votes)

Recruit training with Barbie White

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 57
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 559 MB

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User comments (23)

This is a hot Show from Mandy and Barbie!
Mandy Dee and Barbie White are two, super gorgeous ladies! Love their ass spreads showing their delicious pussies and assholes!! Never get tired of looking at them!
echt heiss die zwei
Naughty...I like it. Thanks.
I agree. One of the best duos on VG. Very good!
Best duo on VG.
Longtemps que je n'avais pas vu un duo d'aussi jolies filles :)
ijust love mandy dee al of her cards love it
This card with Barbie with Mandy is fantastic. Until yesterday I believed that the best duo on VG was: Carmen Gemini & Mina, today I think the best duo is : Barbie White & Mandy Dee Recruit training, very very thanks :))
Remember the old times in school? Just have to do that again: Barbie loves Mandy;-) Really a good duo and you can see how much Barbie adores Mandy again. She seems to want to impress her so even in her solo clips she is a lot better than in her solo show. She almost constantly looks at Mandy and touches her far more often than the other way around. In one clip Mandy actually pushes her away slightly and laughs. But in general i think this is a good duo show. I like the clips when they take off e...
Space Ghost, 90% of the time I agree whole hartdley with you. However, being former military, I kinda like it. These girls are hot! Just reserved in this show.
When i bought it, I was expecting more. They both seemed to ignore eachother rather than work together to make this a really great card.
Ein perfektes Duo,tolle Show, die Girls sehen einfach super aus.
Decent duo. Hot girls. Full nudity in this show. There are some great ass to camera shots in the photo sets, but there is no full on ass pumping to the camera in the actual show. To see how great this can be, take a look at Vicky S. and Eufrat "Final Game" or Keana Moire and Sandra H. "Chicago Girls". Now, that's what should be in all shows...duo or otherwise!!As a picky side note, I see several small bruises on Mandy's legs. Think these would be better covered with a little make up.
Die Mädchen liefern eien show mit sher viel Spaß und Einsatz ab. Sie sind vom Typ nicht so ganz mein Fall.
Nice try to capture a sexy intensity as it happens in the BEST VG DUO, "Pocket Queens" with Silvie Deluxe & Monika.Alas, the real attraction & seduction that is abundantly offered in "Queens" is not on display here & thus limits this cards effectiveness as "hot lez sexy".(Go get/watch "Pocket Queens" to see what I mean) Still,I salute the "try" here, not a bad card,somewhere between "Queens" and the tepid offerings of past VG duos.Both babes are gorgeous & offer some nice "wiggle & show it" acti...
There is a lot of great lesbian interaction in this card that gets you real hot real fast, and the outfits are sexy even if you aren't into the whole military thing like me, but Mandy Dee's performance is at a whole caliber above Barbie White's, it seems like Barbie White is trying all she knows to get noticed but she still can't because of how Mandy Dee tears it up, completely dominating the pole, so balance of skill levels could have been better.
I like Mandy Dee she's consistantly in my top 20 but she kind of comes accross as mean in this card. She completely ignores Barbie. It looks like she was trying really hard to outshine her and she does. The problem I have is that the card is completely unbalanced. Mandy could have brought her performance down a notch to try and make this work a little better. I think she was pissed off that she was paired with someone that she doesn't see as on her level. I get it but this card is unwatchable.
The photos are good but the dancing is goofy and distracting. Overrated.
I'm not a big fan of military style outfits, but these little skimpy ones aren't too bad.The task-bar clips featured more or less the standard VG duo routine with far too much lesbian interaction for me, but likely too little and not explicit enough for those who like that sort of thing. It was very noticeable that Mandy was performing much more with the viewer in mind than Barbie was.In the pole clips, the girls performed together in all of them, making it impossible for either to work properly...
being a huge mandy-fan,i can say this definitely sucked...
Un must !!!!
Good show. Mandy, as always, is amazing.
4.4 (539 votes)

Duo with Barbie White

  • Shows: 6 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 406 MB

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User comments (17)

Siete 2 Bellissime Ragazze, molto Sexy, Eccitanti....insomma 2 vere Bombe Sessuali !!!
boys dont you justt love mandy no matter who she is with , or if she is bye herself what a fabulous girl where does she live in st petersburg , i am going there ,she makes me cum every time
Mandy is very hot,She is my dream girl !
Do we have cum in heaven?
hot!! fucking HOT!!!!!!!!!
These two are so cute together I just wanna eat them
For one of the few cards in my collection, this one is a very scintillating from start to finish. They work well together and it shows on this card. I would have prefered a little less "solo play" and more action together. Still, it is worthy of a top notch grade in my eyes.
Pretty good shot,these girls. Mandy is very natural, not that skinny like others and not such a pimped up girl like others. Clearly 10.
Hm I often agree with my friend Plasonic but not on this occasion. I think there is a lot of chemistry between them . At least Barbie seems to adore Mandy. She just can't take her eyes of her. She enjoys touching and licking Mandy and she also enjoys watching her. Yes the card is not exactly uptempo but there is a lot of passion at least from Barbie towards Mandy. Mandy seems to enjoy the attention she gets from Barbie and moves with a lot of grace. Guess she is showing off to Barbie. However sh...
mandy and barbie super hot
In this card there are my favorite girl : Barbie White with my sex bomb Mandy Dee and the result is the Best Card on DeskBabes at today, very very thanks :))
Hole Lee Smokes!
this is a winner!
Nice duo.
A couple of perfect 10 babes. Super sexy, very horny, but I think the show was a little too nice. Would have been nice to take advantage of their considerable anal skills and see them give each other a good ass pounding. All in very "nice", but 1 point off for a missed opportunity.
another duo from mandy....i love her body, face, boobs etc., and iam happy to see her again and that she has been re-hired for another job, but clearly she does not enjoy being with another woman and probably sees it as something she needs to do for her job. even her porn on the internet is awesome with men, not so much with women.anyway, because mandy has a more attractive partner this time out, she seems to warm up to the attention she gets from the cheerleader. also barbie is definitly more i...
Mandy & Barbie are 2 of the most beautiful girls on VG/DB & look great together here, but who slipped these girls Quaaludes before this show?Where is Aliz when we need her? She would have lit a sexy fire under these lethargic babes.(See Aliz/Antonia duo to see what I mean!)I don't know what it is but Mandy seems to be just "phonin' these duos in".The lack of excitement & chemistry between these babes is quite apparent in the brief & passionless kiss action.There is some hot action, mostly in the...
4.4 (493 votes)

Duo with Lana

  • Shows: 7 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 86
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 448 MB

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User comments (13)

I have to agree that it's not fair to pair someone with Mandy. I hardly noticed Lana, but what I did was very nice!
Perfect shows from Mandy and Lana!
Pas mal du tout, Mandy est vraiment superbe, les deux donnent un bon spectacle.
i love them girls.....they or so damn hot and sexy.....wish i could laid down with them....
Lana and Mandy are anawesome duo, a must have card.
Sexy and hot duo.
lana is freaking hot wow i give her a 100/10
For me this is one of the best Duo on Deskbabes because in this card there is the best 69 that I have seen untill today, very very thanks :))
very hot girls love it 10+
9/10 because of Mandy Dee...I sometimes think that it is not fair to the other girls to pair them with Mandy Dee, because she just makes the show...most of the other girls can not keep up with her performance. If I ever see another girl with Mandy Dee in a Duo that can keep up with her and is just as beautiful, then I will rate a 10/10...but so far, I have not seen that card. Mandy Dee however; makes any card that she is in worth your credits.
Average show, but those hammer noises are really annoying. Mandy Dee is excellent and Lana is rather cute, but something is missing in this show. Passion ? Chemistry ? Real orgasms ? I don't know. It's not a bad card, but I expected it to be better.
Mandy Dee completely ruins this show with her inability to focus on her partner. Most mandy dee cards are worthless because of her blatantly obvious signs that she's not into what she's doing. This is especially dissapointing as her figure and sexiness are top notch. Lana should have been partnered with someone else. She at least knows what shes doing.
Duo de lesbiennes très excitant ......
4.3 (464 votes)

Duo with Candy Alexa

  • Shows: 8 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 62
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 363 MB

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User comments (14)

Good show to watch.
One of the hottest blondes on the planet, Mandy Dee, coupled with her partner both of which have crotchless body suits... Oh, just sit back and enjoy the girls loving each other! WOW... did I mention WOW... These two put on the best lesbian sex show I've seen on DB yet 10/10... and WOW!
Wonderful Mandy and a great show!
So hot, makes me horny as hell. I love them both.
Simple really, awesome show.
Deux super canons aux formes naturelles exquises et pas complexés pour 2 sous, de la dynamite !
This Duo is EXPLOSIVE, the best girls actually on DeskBabes are together in Duo, great Alexa and Mandy a very good work :))
8 clips trop court
Super !!!
Both babes tend to overcome the limitations of the body suit effect by lookin' good in them, especially Mandy.I do not experience the "explosive" aspect others mention 'tho.The vibe of this card is "mellow" mostly with Candy doing a bit of over amped CumStriOnics!It's just not a spectacular card like I've cum to expect with Mandy Dee.It is a tits out,wobble boobs fest 'tho with some nice sucking, squeezing, and jiggle action.They both do some fairly HungryBabe pussy licking,feisty finger diddlin...
Disappointed in this one. I don't mind the body suits to begin with, but at some point they should have come off. While both girls are very sexy, they don't seem to have much chemistry. I'd like to see them again after they practice a bit more.
Both girls are rather pretty and their outfits are hot. All the ingredients for a good show,you would think. Well,it's NOT.Candy Alexa moans and growls and moans a little bit more in such a way that it's not convincing. And she stares at the camera. I supose it's meant to be sexy but it really isn't. Total over-acting. Mandy Dee saves the show. A little bit.
This is another dismal failure wherein two very hot, very beautiful DeskBabes with big natural breasts are paired up and manage to do a show that has no chemistry and that barely qualifies as lipstick lesbian fair.Mandy Dee is one of the hottest and most sensual women to come to Totem in a long time. She has charisma, sexual magnetism, and a near-perfect body. Yet in this pair up with Candy Alexa, the show falls very flat.The girls are often distracted by off-camera happenings and seem to become...
What a waste of brilliant outfits!! Hot bodies, Hot clothes, Horrid performance. These dresses should have been given to desk babes who at the very least know NOT to stare at the camera. Totally disgusting. I'm not getting another Mandy Dee.
4.5 (1373 votes)

Lazy day

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 58
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 510 MB
  • 1080p: 749 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (42)

Mandy fait partie du top 10 des filles d'ici, quoi qu'elle fasse on est subjugué par sa beauté "fatale", donnez nous encore et encore du Mandy.
Mandy is my favourite glamour model and porn star, perfectly formed, curvacious body, firm fleshy boobs, in great shape, sexy sultry face and electric sex appeal. Gorgeous!
You can give less than 10 to this girl? I do not think so !!! There is little to say when the name of this girl is Mandy Dee, basically a sexy bomb, Fantastic in every point of her body, sinuous curves, breasts fabulous, really beautiful and sexy in all, she makes me horny with just one look. A true Queen of VG-DB. If I were you I'd take the whole collection of her ;)
Mmmm . . . man, what an erotic woman. She doesn't leave anthing to the imagination, and she does eveything that I would ever want to see from an exotic dancer. . . a great set of tits, perky ass, and a bit of finger-fucking of her pink cunthole. Mandy is one of the best on VG.
Mandy is Sexy their shows are unique. 10/10
Normally I prefer brunettes, but Mandy is just spectacular! 10/10 =)
Mandy Dee erected me!
oh Mandy...:-)
Mandy reminds me of every girl I ever had a crush on in high school. She's found just the right amount of earthiness to make her routines hot without being too crude. Very nice.
Mandy dee has got to be one my favorite virtuagirl cards, She is such a hottie!
this show is pretty hot, she is so georgeous, i love her! 10/10
Mandy, is a true work of art, the most amazing woman in the universe, what a show stopper.
Mandy Dee est la femme de VirtuaGirls. C'est une bombe . On ne voudrait que des femmes du même type. Elle doit nous faire un nouveau show dans DeskBabes.
Mandy is one very sexy lady...I've got a few of her cards, but this one is by far the best!!! Somebody mentioned somewhere that Mandy's breasts were enhanced, but I beg to differ...look closely, those puppies are definitely doubt about it!!!
10/10...very of the only girls that can compete with Melisa...I would love to see Mandy Dee and Melisa in a bout it Totem?
Glamorous! I don't favor red paint or bottle platinum hair, but I like this girl. She looks great in black lingerie and likes men, only playing with women for "fun" (money). One of the best VG cards ever. And the production values on the interview and the other video approach top-of-the-line Playboy quality. Among the true 10's on here.
Eine schöne russische junge Frau, mit Temperament und Spielvergnügen ... bitte mehr davon!
MMMMmmmmmm perfect!
This is by far Mandy's best performance & costume todate---Mandy always gives a great performance, however this was her best set of performances
Dopo aver scoperto desk babes non pensavo che una card virtual girl mi potesse far impazzire...è accaduto con adoro. è eccitante, ti fa perdere i sensi la vorresti li con te,vorresti fartela di brutto.....oooooohhhhh
I bought this card on a special offer, and I love it! Great tits, amazing ass, and the way she moves aggressively on the pole and looks right at you after flipping her hair...very erotic. I assumed this would be rather average, but I was very pleasantly surprised. 10/10 from me.I would definitely recommend this card.
This is another awesome show from Mandy Dee, one of the best new all natural desktop dancers to grace VirtuaGirlHD. This card features an excellent outfit that seems tailor-made for this beautiful Virtua Girl with her big natural breasts. And for the most part, she uses it to her advantage too.This is the first card I've seen her in that she's utilized the pole as more than just a sideline prop for her striptease. She has one full scene (about 3 minutes) where she focuses on the pole as part of...
Her tits are fcking fantastic!!! BEST tits I've EVER seen!!!!
You wont be disappoint. Probably i will buy her all cards.
Perfect and erotic body!! I love her natural breast and sexy legs, Excellent!!
Moar Mandy! NOW!
the second best girl after melissa
Wow ! My second best after Monica Scott ;)) Great show and what a teasing girl !! 10/10
Two words: Absolute Perfection!
supreme, I love Mandy Dee and with this outfit looks delicious
Mandy's final card for the moment and she looks fantastic in this outfit. My favourite look for her to date.Mandy is undoubtedly one of the sexiest task-bar performers on VG. She was almost faultless here and about as explicit as it gets on VG. Her sense of interaction was excellent. She really knows how to use all her assets, with every movement and expression reaching the height of erotic seduction.I tend to class Mandy as a non-pole dancer using the pole well as a prop, but this was really a...
I don't even have to watch the show. This chick is amazing.
Mandy Dee is my sex bomb, wonderful every clips of this card :))
I like her energy, and to be honest was suprised how good it was, as I'm not big on women with short hair. I maybe becoming a Mandy fan.
Mandy is the kind of woman that you respect for her beauty and the cool attitude she has on a chair, around a pole or just by herself. With great boobs touching and amazing eye contact, she's just gonna make you melt ! That blonde girl is on fire and you can't resist when you start looking at her !
Mandy Dee a un corps parfait et en particulier des seins fabuleux. Gros et pourtant si sexy, si bien proportionnés. En plus elle les caresse avec douceur et gourmandise. Comment ne pas parler aussi de son sexe qu'elle montre avec générosité et qu'elle caresse avec doigté. Quand elle se sontre de face, jambes écratées et que, se caressant doucement la chatte, elle en écarte le s lèvres. Quel bonheur! Alors quand ensuite on arrive au cul!!! Alors là, c'est l'explosion! Je ne l'ai pas vue se doigté...
Are your looks patented or can I sell them to my girlfriends?
Had to re-evaluate this card. Mandy of course looks awesome in spite of this outfit, which I don't like very much. Love the stockings, love the color, lose the annoying, loose hanging vertical strap in the front. Also, Mandy's breasts are so perfect that I can't stand it.Although this performance is not as dynamic as her first two in terms of dancing/energy, but she makes up for it in explicit tactics. She has one finger-playing clip that makes my point. Bumped up from 8 to 9 out of 10.
She is one sexy woman. A definite fave.
4.5 (2214 votes)

Final exam

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Bonus photos: 75
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 570 MB
  • 1080p: 843 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (65)

She really is cute. Loved every clip.
oh she is wanna the blondes you wanna to watch how she do with her fingers and hands and the way she walks and moves also beautiful and sexy lady foxy loxy :)
A "final exam"? Guess I'd better "stay up" all night paying CLOSE attention to her clips to prepare. With that "skirt", those skin tight, red micro panties, the unbelievable body under them, and the stunning poses she strikes -- all with that sultry stare -- well, it just might get REALLY HARD!
It's my second second favourite VG card ever! ;)
Sexy outfit, sexy show, sexy body!
One of the best VIP cards to date! You can never go wrong with a Mandy Dee card. She will never let you down! She is very active and seductive in this one and her natural body along with that face... one word.... AMAZING..
Paired with a killing body, her energy both in eye contact and body movement makes of Mandy Dee one of the best performers in stripping n' dancing on VGHD with Blue Angel. This card is her absolute best for me due to the immensely well-chosen outfit... which impeccably fits Mandy's anatomy : the fact she almost overfills her top combined with her quality of movement makes it, well, quite truly unique... 100+/10.
very very sexy... my favorite card
I like her much. She very sexy. She might be a great actress.
Her she is again, and here is another great 10 from me !!! Spectacular woman, wowww, she drives me crazy everytime I watch her clips. Two nice fantastic boobs, sexual curves, and a beautiful ass !!! She is complete. Just wanna have all her cards ;-)
Mandy you´re a beauty Babe.....
Mandy Dee was one of the first cards I purchase on VG/DB. She instantly became a favorite: she exudes sexiness, has great energy, a well proportioned body, GREAT tits, gorgeous smile, she's shaved, and has sexy blonde hair. I buy her cards every time I see them. 10/10
Mandy you are THE QUEEN of VirtuaGirl, everyone must have this card ;*
I would rate this card a 100++ if I could. Mandy is spectacular!! More, please!
Unquestionably the hottest piece of ass on Deskbabes or Virtuagirl. Slutty perfection from her nips poking out of her top to her red thong pulled tight over her ass. She's damn dirty and it's beautiful.
Wow is not the word!!!!
I'm defenitely in love with Mandy Dee Sh'es so cute sexy, but funny...She remind me the girl charactere in Big Bang TheoryMandy! I love You! You are ma virtual best !
Por algo es la imagen del VG para movil esas tetas no tienen precio grrrr!!!
Hot performance Mandy is my favorite. 10/10
Mandy just oozes sexuality. One gets the impression she wants to come right through the screen and start riding.
This is my first and favorite card. So Sexy, Beautiful, Pretty School girl.
Gracias por esta carta VIP!!!! Qué cuerpo! Buen show. Nunca te aburre. 10 sin duda. Más colegialas como esta por favor VG team!!!
Wow love the way she moves and when she looks at the lens her eyes just call you. Mandy is a turn on from the second she walks out.
Mandy Dee is my second favorite Virtuagirl (second only to Chelsea French, and a very close second). She is completely natural in her movements, and never seems to be "acting." She is beautiful and has an incredible body, but really, it is the look in her eyes, the sexy smile, and the fluidity of her body as she dances, that sets her above the rest.
excellent, all natural, easily one of my top three favorites, never get bored watching her, gorgeous.
Russian female are the sexiesst!!!!! Mandy has everything in her! I keep on staring on her , Shit , whers the Tissuues??
une vrai bombe,superbe seins un cul magnifique,que du bonheur
one of the best cards! this teacher is HOT!!
I've cum to really enjoy Mandy, her outfits, her energy, her hot body, and her sexuality.
If only I could show this much enjoyment out of actual final exams
Mandy Dee....hmmmmm,was soll ich sage.....ich bin immer noch sprachlos von ihrer Show. Ok,fangen wir bei der Optik an.Mandy ist ein süsses kleines Ding an der alles fast perfekt ist.Sie ist verdammt hübsch,hat eine tolle,sexy Figur mit schönen Kurven.Ich mag ihre Brüste sehr...haben genau die richtige Größe.Sie hat toll geformte Beine und einen süssen Po. Ihre Performance war von vorne bis hinten großartig.....egal ob an der Polestange oder auf der Taskleiste....Mandy hat in jedem Clip eine gute...
superbe,des seins magnifiques,mandy fait montre d'un grand talent....génial
OMG. Perfection.
Whow.... what a Girl!!!! Super heiße Show. Geile Titten und super Outfit. Eine echte Augenweide. 10+++ Punkte.
Quel physique, elle est à couper le souffle.
MANDY DEE Thank You for this card. Love EVERYTHING about you GREAT BODY. Can`t sat any more. Just get the cards. You well enjoy all of them. 10/10 for me too.
Pros - Awesome physique, moves, confidence, overflowing sexual energy and appeal, explicit content a-plentyCons - Yeah, right.Not since Melissa has a girl on VG been this convincing, I think. Some are very good, but this 10 out of 10
This is actually one of Mandy Dee's better cards so far. So no wonder it's labeled as a VirtuaGirl VIP card. In this card, the "sexy schoolgirl" thing is all over it. While no one would believe Mandy to be a schoolgirl, everyone can see that she's sexy and this outfit is pretty awesome for her. She is also a lot more playful and teasing than she has been in previous cards.Some of the desktop dancing scenes have Mandy Dee showing that she can wiggle with the best of them and her big natural breas...
Want to watch and play with Mandy 'Bonanza - episode:431 - With Little Joe At The Ponderosa';-)
Now THATS how its done ! I don't give out 10's often but this cards goes above and beyond.
mmm yessss 10+
Wow! As Robert Palmer said once...SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!
Mandy is my new favourite VirtuaGirl and after seeing her performances on Deskbabes, I thought I would try this card on VirtuGirl as I like the schoolgirl theme anyway and I wasn't disappointed. This is a great card and I now have this one on repeat. If you only get one Mandy card on Virtuagirl, I strongly suggest this one. Of course this is dependant on whether you are a V.I.P or not but it's a great reason to get there. 10 out of 10 for me.
I'm not a fan of the Schoolgirl look and although not my favourite outfit for Mandy, I think she is one of only 2 girls on VG who has made it work well for her (the other being Trisha).Although a little slow to get going in 2 or 3 of the task-bar clips, she was incredibly sexy with great movement and good, if not perfect, eye contact. Her stripping was great and she was even more intensely seductive when nude, using all her magnificent assets to great effect.On the pole Mandy certainly knows how...
This is the outfit that I have dreamed for Mandy from the first card, I give to Mandy 110/100 with praise for this exam, this is a incredible hot card :))Very thanks
Another delightful display of the Buxom JuggAlistic,PumperNatic,Cutesie-Wiggle & Spread of the sublime MZ.Dee!This outfit does her fine justice, from the barely holdin' 'em in top to the cutie-ass-cheek-peeks under the skirt.I especially like the nipple slips as she wiggles & bops for us.If you're new to Mandy,check in with her beautiful eyes first, linger there while she pumps her voluptuous body for ya, slide to her luscious lips, revel in their erotic wet & warm,lushness,sensing how they'd fe...
Mandy est une véritable bombe atomique ! Elle ne nous déçoit jamais, la preuve encore une fois avec ce show où elle est irrésistible. Merci à Totem d'avoir sélectionné et convaincu Mandy de se produire ici.
C'est toujours un énorme plaisir de voir cette fille :)
Es especial, extraordinaria, superior, fantastica.....
Ganz hübsch, mir aber zu vollbusig. Schönes outfit. 9/10
Elle est simplement magnifique comme dans tout ses shows.
I do thinck the world of you all. you are all beautifull.I lust you all.I ll be here every day.Im hot and horny myself.
Right out of the box. I just got this card and have only had it a few minutes. So, obviously I haven't seen all of the show. This busty and delicious beauty, captures the spotlight and your attention very quick. The outfit is cute and adds to her performance. Pros: Obviously her body says a lot towards giving her performance. Easily well played with. Eye contact is constant except when she looks down in shy innocence. Cons: The constant re-arranging of her top in both nude & non nude performance...
she is great
ya Mandy hot little girl
I don't know, Just don't particularly care for this one. Maybe it's the make up. But may be because I'm not a fan of her at all.
Mandy Dee est une blonde plantureuse avec un maquillage légère raté, du moins dans ce show. Dommage, son visage est agréable. Elle porte une tenue d'écolière sexy. Son petit haut (soutien-gorge ou bustier) lui octroie un jolie décolleté qui met bien en valeur ses seins lourd de promesses. Elle porte une jupe très courte qui met bien en valeur son petit ventre, ainsi que ses belles cuisses. De la façon dont elle masse son opulente poitrine, cela donne envie de lui caresser ses seins. Cela doit-êt...
Woow, the best show, i recommend this card, she is so sexy. I love the dancing in the tube and how she undresses.
Sexy costumeand gorgeous body. Plenty of cream and delicious pussy lips.
I wonder if she needs help rubbing that cream in?
me encanta esta rubia, es muy rica y tiene unos lindos pechos grandes como a mi me gustan :3
I want to teach at her college. What a woman.
i whant more please
must have!
4.6 (2163 votes)

Personal nurse

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Bonus photos: 63
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 471 MB
  • 1080p: 696 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (60)

Excellent card, Mandy Dee has a great ass.Did anyone else notice that she's a nurse holding a feather duster.
adorabile fica
More Mandy Dee please she so sexy!!
Mandy Dee is SMOKIN HOT. Very sexy, Love to watch her. Permenant desktop VG.
Probably my second favourite VG card ever!
more please Mandy is awesome
Great show.. Fantastic body and what sexy bedroom eyes !!
Mandy is so sexy and natural
L'exemple parfait de la blonde à forte poitrine, son corps a été forgé par le diable afin de rendre les hommes fous de désir et obtenir ainsi leur damnation aux enfers, mission largement accomplie, ah ce grain de beauté sous l'aisselle quelle merveille. Mandy est fabuleuse.
Hot and sexy
Again a very nice show by Mandy. 10/10
Wow! When you go to a strip club, this the type of dancer you go to see--busty, great body, beautiful, energetic, and knows how to move on stage, and use the pole... just a delight to see pop up in the rotation!
mandy dee the best russian porn star everytime amazing girl ,she is so horny
Its always nice to see her big boobs bounding up and down, when she's polishing the pole with her body.
Mandy Dee is the total package, cute face, sexy breasts, ass, legs and feet. She makes want to lick every crevasse and orifice on her body!
This girl is amazing,what a beautiful lady. Don't like the outfit too much.
well boys she always turns me on . from russia with love
Devastating sex appeal in the prime of her life. Mandy must be nearly every mans dream. I know she is mine.
This is my second card of hers and WOW! she did not disappoint! She knows how to move to entice you! You just can't stop looking at her with her natural sex appeal! Thanks again Mandy ;)
I love her!!!
Amazing!!! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Another great show from Mandy Dee.. Great Show.
Mandy has it all and I sure would like to have her as my personal nurse!!!!
this was by far my favorite card but what happened to the other video it was there now its just gone
She is very very sexy she moves really well and has nice boobs
Quien dice que esta es una tarjeta de 10, es mentira por que es de 20, excelente definitivamente una de mis favoritas ampliamente recomendable
YES !! This my 2 card and love every min. WOW !! She every bit of a 10. MY RATE IS 10/10. I love this pink on her to.
That is exactly the girl, you want to spend your holidays with. Excellent
How amazing this girl is! Great natural body (I usually dont like much big boobs), dances alright, outfits fits well and very good explicity. And above all, a real stripper! For me, she's one of the best stripper/teaser here! Guys, that's the first time I give a 10 for a VG show, but Mandy Dee is so close to perfection that I can't put any other note. If you are hesitating to buy or not this card, then dont. This is half an hour full pleasure.
This is another hot performance from this ultra-babe Russian performer. Mandy Dee sports an extremely beautiful, all natural body along with great looks and a sensual, Slavic dangerousness. This killer combination makes her one of the best desktop dancers to ever hit VirtuaGirl HD (or DeskBabes, for that matter).The outfit in this card is nothing special, loosely playing on the nurse theme. Mandy looks good in almost anything, though, and she looks even better without anything.She has great atti...
Y-E-S 10/10
She is just the best. The way she moves and takes her clothes off is so good that you just can't stay away from her And her tits are 10/10
Bellissima !!!
my lord what a true babe, mandy Dee can be my nurse any time.
It's a rare day your new favorite pornstar comes up on this site. Awesome!
Absolutely Luscious!!
i cant get her to play on my desktop
predictably , VGHD gives us contradictory info in the so-called bio but Mandy prevails in a great show ...MORE Mandy Dee!!!
Lovely girl, My first card and she's going to be hard to beat!:)
Amazing... beautiful face, eyes, lips, tits, pussy & ass. Mandy Dee is the complete package!
I wasn't sure about downloading Mandy's performance but holy shit it is outstanding. First off she is gorgeous and what an absolute stunner with her clothes off. She works the stage with class and style, not to mention some insertions! I need to get all of this girls cards!
This outfit is prefect for Mandy Dee, this card is one of the best in my collection, now Mandy is for me the N°1 on VG, in future I dream a card with Mandy like a student :))
Ah...Mandy, your body is like a buffet table. This girl makes me think of whipped cream baths and honey wrestling and lots of licking and sucking. Voluptuous isn't good enough to describe this woman.The ONLY nitpick I'll do is to express confusion over the featherduster. She's a nurse AND a maid?? Seems like she should've had a blood pressure cuff or some other prop. lol.
Mandy seems more like a sexy maid than a nurse in this card to me, with the feather duster in the photo-set. The outfit's style and colour do suit her though.The task-bar clips here show a marked improvement over her previous card. Sexy, charming and active enough to maintain interest, with much better eye contact and a very seductive sense of viewer interaction and teasing.Her pole routine was up-tempo, dynamic and entertaining. She used the pole very well for a non-pole dancer and included som...
OMG ... oooh Nurse *drool* Mandy sure knows how to move and give you the right dose of her erotic meds, that makes your love gun get up and ready for physical therapy!!! \m/
Mandy puts a HoneyBabe StripperDoll spell on me each time she comes on my screen!I smile a silly grin as she triggers "pixelated-girlfriend recognition" circuits in my wetware!In other words, I'm always happy to see her & know that we're gonna have a real good time!She is a Queen of honest explicit action,pussy & anal, as shown amazingly in her DB's solo card!She brings it here and translates some of that energy into a succulently seductive, energetic,straight to you, sexy Stripper performance,...
Oh my God what an amazing woman! Thank goodness Mandy is a personal nurse, because she spiked my blood pressure throughout this card!First off, she's absolutely gorgeous, from her sexy blond hair to her incredible breasts to her sexy legs all the way down to her pretty bare feet! Beautiful eyes that hypnotize you, but while thats nice, it's totally unnecessary.. Mandy puts a spell on you from the first clip you see, and you are hers completely after that! ;)She knows how to move, how to tease an...
What a woman, what a body, what an outfit. A fantastic show! We need more girls like this, VG!
What damn hot girl, pls more of this natural beauty......
Herrlich diese schönen Brüste, gute Show
she could provide home care any time. would have rated higher, but too much time clothed .
Nicely done. This outfit is eye-catching, yet the see-through white mesh outfit was a slam dunk for her. Since I can't take anything away from Mandy personally, comparing this card to her first one is the only way that I can rate it. As such, this one gets 9 out of 10.
Clip Notes™ for a0827 - Mandy Dee/Personal nurse No audio 4. 0:29- Standing, No nudity; Dress, heels, gloves 5. 0:54- Pole, No nudity; Dress, heels, panties 6. 0:41- Standing, No nudity; Dress, heels, panties, gloves 7. 0:40- Pole, No nudity; Dress, heels, panties 8. 0:55- Standing, No nudity; Dress, heels, panties, gloves 9. 0:57- Pole, No nudity; Dress, heels, panties 10. 0:28- Table, No nudity; Dress, heels, panties 11. 0:39- Table, No nudity; Dress, heels, panties 12. 1:11- Table, No nudity;...
this outfit is freakin ugly
Nothing creative same boring undressing. Any model wearing a dress/skirt and never removes her panties is a wasted opportunity Can't keep her shoes on for x rated scenesdeleted*
started cum yesterday, still cum
I wish she worked on the National Health. Gorgeous woman.
4.6 (1601 votes)


  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Bonus photos: 67
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 518 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (73)

Very very hard girl, oneof the best on here, creat card, lovel body, nice show and outfit.
Un mot "whaooou" !
Mandy is so hot and sexy. 10+
i am going to saint petersberg ill ask her to my hotel and have a good meal then invite her to my room and just go to bed and kiss her all the way down to her pusssy and fuck her all night . i wish
I don't go for the uniform look, but Mandy Dee--what can I say. She has it all and always gives a performance that is fantastic. Needless to say, I gave her a 10 (again).
Mandy is very hot and Sexy! Fantastic!
Sexy, sexy Mandy D. She is fucking hot in both of her delicious holes.
How anyone couldn't be a fan of Mandy Dee is completely beyond me. She is the total package, perfect breasts, wonderful ass, beautiful face. If I worked in a US embassy in Moscow I would give up a few secrets for access to Mandy Dee's milkshake.
Dang Mandy is sooooooo DAMN H O T !!!!! I would Fuck her in a heartbeat!
.... I have not been a big fan of Ms. Dee's - - - but things change. Right? Cause her solo has made me one. And Mandy has REAL large tatas :-) too! Good job girl. Buy this card. Today.
I'm guilty in crime of falling in love !!I'm insist that you cuff me and arrest me ... Do what you want with me... I'm entirely yours !!
I love Mandy Dee. She's so damn sexy and I love how she fingers her ass just for me.
Mandy Dee what a hot and sexy babe wanna take her out for a test drive give me more of this sexy cutie
Mandy is one of my Dreams cum true!!!
Was für eine heiße Blondine. Bisher die schärfste bei Deskbabes. Wunderschöne Titten, fantastischer Hintern, süßes Gesicht und tolle Show !
extremely hot. Mandy is the best! Please give more of her!
C'est un plaisir de regarder cette carte très sexy,10 car parfaite pour moi
I can't believe I've never commented on this card. Mandy is one of the most seductive and beautiful woman I have ever seen. Luv her every move!
The hottest cop i have ever seen!!!
great card hot girl
Just Perfect!)
Large breasts? Check. AWESOME anal? Check. Unintentional comedy that will break the mood? You betcha. There are some really stimulating moments in this card; and then there are moments where you look at her and think, "Seriously? That is sexually stimulating to someone?" She trips over her own tongue trying to deliver some hot dialogue, but...the breasts are beautiful, and you gotta respect a woman that can finger her own ass.
Verry nice Card. I like her big tits and her anal scene is verry hot. The police needs more girls like her^^.
Damn! She's so perfect I wanna marry her... I love you Mandy Dee. The sexiest girl around besides Aria Giovanni who will always be my number ONE!!!
Hot! Love the anal play, she doesn't hold anything back. Nice!
Superbe blonde à forte poitrine naturelle, très chaude y compris anal, que dire de plus, elle nous met le feu et doit réchauffer les froides soirées russes mieux que n'importe quoi d'autre.
i wanna touch her boobs, perfect!
sooooooooo sexy like a pornstar, make more cards sexy biatch
??? ? ????????? ???, ???????
Mandy Dee is the hottest of all. All her cards are absolute sexy and make me breathless.
super excitante !! c'est la meilleure !!
I'm noticing the spread of time over which cards are coming out partnering Mandy with other ladies - it almost seems like she has set up a cot in a back corner of the studio and when a new lady comes in, she starts pleading "Can I make out with her? Da? Da?"If that isn't the case, get her a cot for the back corner of the studio - she is great getting hot on her own or with others.
Mandy Dee is Amazing.. Wow.. I would love to meet her. I don't think I'd be able to speak tho. Again Wow....
100% agree with awanafuku.She is SO DAMN SMOKING HOT.The only 2 ways this card could have gotten a higher rating is if she came to one of are homes and placed us under arrest,and added a pair of hand cuffs to her show.On the BigPaulie scale this is a 90/100 the other 10 would have been added in if there was a knock at my door or the hand cuffs :)
DAMN I love those huge, juicy, natural titties!!! Amazing body, sizzling sex appeal... ain't a scale high enough to rate her!!!
can we have more of her please?
so sexy
10/10,one horny babe
Oh Mandy what a horny B---- you are, when you give it some anal it drives me crazy baby. She puts on a great show, I love that Russian accent and her fantastic body, those tits are wonderful.As you can tell I just love the woman. More please. 100/10
Mandy ist der Hammer. Sie besticht durch ihren sehr prallen und großen Busen. Sie hat eine schön weibliche Figur und ist einer der hübschesten Blondinen bei Desk Babes.Ihr Gesicht ist sehr sexy und die Frisur ist passend gewählt.An ihrer Show gibt es nur wenig auszusetzen. Das Waffengeknalle in dem ein oder anderen Clip nervt tierisch.Dafür zeigt uns Mandy ausführlich und ausgibieg ihren geilen Körper.Sie ist eine der wenigen Analqueens hier bei DB.Ihre stimme ist leider nicht so audioerotisch w...
i knew i liked mandy dee from vg, however i was not prepared for what she say's or does here on db.If all solos are as good as this one i'll need a supply of vitaims to keep up my strength.
Wow!! Mandy Dee is by far the all around best on this or any other site. If she had 100 cards I would have all of them. Please give us more of Mandy Dee!! It is well worth getting this card or any other card with her in it....Love Mandy Dee!!
is there anyway i can re-download her because she stopped downloading and wont start again please help!!
beautifull .. sexy.. amazing Body 100% Show 100% Charisma 100%great show with one amazing beauty. 10 of 10 points, allthough she should get 1000 points at least
I love you mandy !
Mandy Dee is one of the hottest new girls to come to both DeskBabes and VirtuaGirlHD. In this performance, you?re treated to a beautiful, all natural girl with a seductive and very erotic Russian accent. Does it get any better?
Vivement une deuxième carte solo de Mandy !
damn, I think this is gonna be my favorite card from now on, she's beautiful, she has a sexy voice, awesome body and the boobs o my god! 10/10!! I wish to see her next card soon with more stocking!!!
Mandy Dee is one of the most beautiful women ever to walk the planet earth. Her body on a scale for one to ten is a 20 and her face is just as spectacular. She has sky rocketed the number one girl on this or the VG sites, number one by a mile! Awesome????..
Buy it Guys!! She shows about 10 explicite scenes and each of them is very hot, amazing show, very talented girl!
Gorgeous card.
Très bon show, bonne interaction entre elle et son audience
This card is unbelievable! Mandy is so insanely hot on this card, she left burn marks on my screen! Her incredibly sexy body is matched by her amazing, sultry voice and when she speaks to us directly it simply drives me crazy!I love when her eyes roll back and her eyelids quickly flutter when she gets really excited! She works her sweet spots so hard at times, I feared for their safety! .... and mine, because she was making my heart flutter just as fast as her eyelids! ;)Mandy has given us a car...
I have not been moved to comment about a show in some time. This one was definitely a scorcher. bravo!
Love Mandy Dee. What I wouldnt give to be with this woman.
This and Jana Cova - best cards on the site! Only thing that could make them better was if the audio was more teasing. "Want to see? No, not yet!" ;)
This woman put on an incredible show! Very pleasant surprise, 10 out of 11!
Mandy brings ALL the explicit eroticism she is famous for on the web to this card! Important aspect, viewer expectations realized,full erotic representation to new viewers!GREAT CARD! She combos intelligent,intensely erotic,EFFECTIVE,seduction talk with much pussy & pucker fingering & dildo play!She invites YOU into her 'sweet ass", asks YOU to fuck her pussy,then proceeds to finger & dildo it intensely and long time.She pussy fucks herself so intensely you can hear the rapid fire squelchin'!Spe...
WOW this is the best show EVER (DB or VG)Please Please Please put out more solos with her. maybe a duo with Cindy Dollar? Either way taboos are ment to be broken and I think you guys have done it in a fantastic way. Thank you makes all the tickts I have ever spent worth it.
Oh finally I have the best card of the site DeskBabes, Mandy Dee plays with her pussy and her ass, this card goes over my best immagination, now for me N°1 are Mandy Dee and Angelica Kitten :))
Eine der besten Karten!!! Super die Sache mit der Pistole!!! Von Mandy lasse ich mich gern verhaften!! 10 Punkte und absolut empfehlenswert!!!
WOW OMG SUPERSEXY... More, more, more
Wonderful set. I love it. I love to see Mandy in stockings. Please use next time more sheer stockings. I think this looks hotter. I love the dirty talk. She do hot masturbation with her fingers and the toy. More like this. Toys-stockings-dirty talk;-) More more more
Lovely girl doing what we want most. What's not to like about it ? And from a leg lover perspective... yes, she keeps stockings and heels on. lovely
Mandy est superbe. De vrais beaux seins que l'on voudrait caresser autant qu'autant. Un corps de rève, une petite chate qu'elle sait ouvrir juste ce qu'il faut. Des pénétrations vaginales délicieuses par gode ou manuelles qui rendent visiblement son intimité humide à souhait et , pour couronner le tout des caresses anales avec les doigts et avec son gode qui m'ont enflammé. Le gode passe du sexe à l'anus et réciproquement. C'est du grand art . Je n'en peux plus. Merci ma belle. Cela vaut largeme...
I like her anal play. She is so hot when she put her dildo in her ass.
elle est tout simplement adorable a regarder . Je ne suis pas deçus d'avoir acheter cette carte . Elle sait vous rendre l'investissement que vous faites !!
Pros: Its Mandy Dee! That outfit Anal play with and without the toy. I truely believe that she enjoys anal as much as vaginal. There is a question to ask her next time Totem. She keeps the viewer engauged through the entire show There is a clip where at the end you will laugh. it is also an honest look at the real Mandy Dee. Cons: Short Clips (Just as the action gets started it cuts off) She takes way to long to get naked She takes to long to get to the action She talks way to much Some of her X...
This is a solid Show, but Mandy is not my cup of tee... Nice breast, love the platinum blonde hair and the contrast of her dark stockings and light skin.. Her explicit clips are good but not many.. Lil anal, deep fingers and a great moan..not bad...
I'd like to beat the hell out of the fool that believes giving these women a weapon (a handgun) is sexy because it is NOT SEXY AT ALL --- I cannot imagine any person, man or woman that wants a gun pointed at them and then fired at them - Plain and simple this is WRONG !!!! --- and to use the sexiest woman on your site for this makes it even more wrong --- Mandi is the absolute best of the best and there is no way I can watch this -- What you are doing is allowing a armed woman into my home and t...
You get the feeling she wants more than just that dildo!
Maybe the hottest show here! She's amazingly beautiful woman.
lovely and gorgeous girl with stunning boobs I wanna more of Mady Dee a very recommendable show
4.5 (2751 votes)

Sexual desire

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: Full nudity
  • 720p: 505 MB
  • 1080p: 745 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (94)

This Mandy's best card. Every clip is amazing.
Sexiest woman on here. Stunning.
Mandy Dee is amazing we need her back with more naughty outfits and her beautiful smile . Bring her back please thankyou
nics ass
A+ Amazing Babe. Very Sexy and Sensual, great ass sexy natural boobs.SEXY SEXY SEXY from head to toe
6 star
J'ai longtemps hésité devant cette carte car je n'aime pas la tenue, mais Mandy est fabuleuse et au final je suis vaincu.
This woman make me crazy. She is so hot!!
I have most of her cards her single I like them allI liked every outfit she used
As they say in archery sport, 10-10-10, lol. She is a girl of ten of vote, mannnn, she drives me crazy, very very hot body. Words are superfluous, we must make the facts, you have to see it and to see it you have to buy it, at all costs, do not miss it. Simply fantastic.
Damn... Mandy is so hot. She has such a sexy body, and the way she moves and girates gets me going every time I watch her. Add her exquisite other features... her sexy legs, cute feet, gorgeous face and sexy hair... she is definitely a woman that brings the lust out of a man, and this man is definitely in lust with her.
She has a fantastic body, even if I prefer brunettes.
Hot ... Hot, wonderful Mandy very nice performance.
Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot... and did I mention: smoking HOT!
Mandy Dee damn i would love tobeat u out an make love to u
Wow, what a beautiful lady! Gorgeous, suckable titties and big nipples that you can't take your eyes off of. The fishnet was perfect for her nipple to peek through. Nice pussy lips and love the ass spreads! She could make a man beg!!
soooo sweet.
Hot and luscious body
Super Frau ! )
very good mandy dee
I think Mandy Dee is a sexy women and in my opinion I think this is her best card
wonderful, wonderful woman, I think a full female, I would recommend it to anyone
Mandy has many wonderful attributes, and this card certainly shows them all. I love the outfit, it had me mesmerized even before "the strip" itself. Of the two cards I have of Mandy, I can't decide which is better...they're both awesome!!! "Sexual desire" is most definitely a good title for this card...very appropriate...mmmmmmmmMandy!!!
This is my first VG card of her but it definitely isn't the last. Her big hard nipples poking through that fishnet top of hers turned me on even before she started to strip and that look in her eyes is begging you for her attention! I would love to have her tease me with her whipping of her hair around onto me the way she does in this show! Can?t wait to see more of her sexy curves and moves! Thank you Mandy ;)
Finger licking good...10/10
absolutely fantastic breasts
Gorgeous natural breast, beautiful body, but the dance skills not that good, 9.9 of rate
god bless you.Christmas Time is finally here, It only comes but once a year. And it's a time to spread good cheer, To those we love and hold so dear.Christmas Time is a time of glee, A time when peace and love run free. A time for those like you and me, To sit beneath the Christmas Tree.Christmas Time is a time of joy, A time to sit back and enjoy. The smile on each girl and boy, As they play with a Christmas Toy.Christmas Time is a time to share, The passing of another year. Birth of Jesus, a j...
Increíble. Gracias TOTEM.Salu2. (:-{)))
Seen alot of women on the internet....but by far MANDY DEE is the hottest i've ever seen....those tits...that ass....and those awsome lips....give her a rating of a 15 if there was
Sexy,sexy girl. One of my favourite hard core porn actresses too, full of raw lust, passion and one of the sexiest bodies I have seen. More of Mandy please.
cant wait to see her
Ich liebe deine Art, sehr SEXYLiebe Grüße, Jürgen
I love her! A definate 10!
No X-rated shot, but I love her anyway. natural and absolutely hot.
It's hard to find fault with this woman, who has become a new favorite at both VirtuaGirlHD and DeskBabes. Her performances and beautiful, natural body are setting benchmarks on both sites.This card features the fishnet outfit that has been seen in some other VirtuaGirl cards, but only Mandy Dee can wear it the way it's worn in this one. Her desktop dancing is OK and her striptease is pretty good, but it's her up close and explicit and her suggestive moves that really make for her show. Mandy De...
Perfect rack.....
The best of the best. Gorgeous and seductive in every way.
Mandy's curves are no joke. In my opinion, Mandy has the most awesome rack on VG, in terms of size, shape, firmness, and look. Simply perfect.Mandy's show is raw, but filled with energy. Nothing fancy or acrobatic; she just puts on the "come-get-me" moves that you look for. Top it off with a cute face, ample ass, and plenty of smiles, and you have a winner. 10 out of 10.
Extremely Sexy.
Sublime !
Mandy is simply outstanding. She has a great show and all I can say about her body is WOW. I love this woman!
Wow! This is by far one of the best ever - easily in the top 1%.
She is amazing
Mandy is so hot and has a great body so why is there not more cards? Mandy is my favorite of all so far.
She is AWESOME; can't wait to see some more of her. 10/10!
i dont know what it is but something about this girl really turns me on
Wow, absolutely flawless. If their girls are even half as much of a knock-out as her, I may move to Russia!
Dammm Mandy Dee , make somme more show for us please. More Porn also for the pigs like us. lol
??? ??????? ???? ??? ?????? ????? ???????????? ?????? :)) ??????? good job 10+ :)))
Wow, I haven't watched a video on this site in over 2 years (I hate interview vids). But with that recommendation, I watched this one and was impressed. Just as good as the card. 10/10 of course.I think I'll start watching the vids of my fav cards now (the non-interview ones of course)
Mandy Dee is very hot, sexy and cute. She needs to make a lot more outfits.
Babelicious describes Mandy perfectly!She is the beautiful, full bodied,vivacious woman that is a classic type in many a "physical lover-desired" Fantasy! She doesn't need to be a dancer to entertain,she is sublime Goddess unfurling in all her naked, fulsome,explicit,juicy,glory. Her moves are perfect temptress pump & wiggle,effectively allowing me to feel the weight & sway of her FullSoft breasts, her SuppleBabe legs,hips, & ass, and her VoluptuoUndulation Torso! She's Stripper babe lovely & EF...
knockout show. cant wait to see her top this. wow.....
Thank you, VGHD ! I was just about to quit thinking the models on the site had degraded so much that it was not worth constantly checking back to your site !!! Then bang, we get Mandy incredible body and beautiful face what else can a man ask for ! Except more please !!!
Eine sehr tolle Sexy Frau!
Mandy Dee is amazing I,d luv to see her in daisy dukes and seductivly cut vest that wud make my motor run. she is so hot!!!!!!
Super caliente!
Damnnnnnn Mandy Dee is HOT! I sure like those tits and the way she wiggles *drools* \m/
Un corps parfait, un visage au regard envoutant, la gestuelle idéale, une tenue terriblement sexy : une des plus belles cartes parues à ce jour, si ce n'est la plus belle. Merci et bravo à toi Mandy, tu es exceptionnelle !
Much, much more Mandy please!
Very nice. Need more natural big boobs!
Mandy Dee is BEYOND HOT!!! She is Absolute DYNAMITE on the desktop!!!As everyone else is Screaming... (With a Rebel Yell...) MORE!!! MORE!!!! MORE!!!!!!
Wow! Only one word to describe Mandy Dee on this card: HOT! She is so sexy she almost melted my screen down! Everything from her hair, to her eyes, to her absolutely fantastic breasts, jiggly ass, sexy legs and cute feet (which she shows, no worries) just scream hotness!!Listening to deadmau5's "Ghosts n Stuff" while I watched her perform almost killed me... but I would've died happy! ;)A big 10/10 from me and prayers to see much more soon!!
Overall a beautiful woman with great curves (her butts a tad small proportionally but still nice to see) and a very pretty face, Mandy Dee puts on a great showing in this card. Her dancing and pole work are not the best or most exciting but definately better than others. Her task bar clips definately leave you wanting more as she makes great eye contact with the viewer and has great expressions. Plus she has some very sensual moments touching her nethers that will really et the blood flowing. Wo...
Finally more Mandy Dee. Want more.
This Girl is a Must-Have! She looks so Naughty, and her hungry Eyes seems to beg the Viewers to take her in their Arms, and she would do everything for you. When the Wind is playing with her Hair and her Nipples are getting hard under her See-Through Top, you really get Sexual Desires! I am looking forward for more Hot Stuff of this Blonde
Oh Wow. What a woman. Her tits look like the most delicious fruit. It makes me think of lowering my mouth on them and tasting sweet honey dripping off the*clear throat*...anyway...Wonderful. Can't wait to see more from this luscious woman.
Awesome, top class! Thank you, totem, for finally bringing this megastar to us! I would love to see her on DB and more of her here of course.
What A Gorgeous Looking Woman
A great looking see thru top- she was worth waiting for- shes a 10 and a keeper
very nice addition thank you. 10/10
Beautiful body, just perfect
Esta tarjeta debería tener un aviso de advertencia: "Bomba sexual en el interior" Gracias Mandy, realmente me encendiste. 10/10
Mandy maintains good eye contact with the viewer. While there are only three explicit clips that I saw, they are there. Though not that explicit. Mandy's out fit is a 9.5 Her dancing is a 7 though she does show signs that she knows how to. Her body gets a 9.8 Over all sex appeal is a 9.2
Great God Almighty this is the stuff!! I rate it a 9. Blonde,big tits, nice outfit perfect card for a buck!
The fishnet outfit looks really good on this girl. It shows her warm erect nipples clearly.
Many is great I would love to be between her great legs sucking on her beutiful tits gorgeous woman
I have a thing about large breasted women that Mandy Dee really satisfies. I rate her a 9 because although I find her quite appealing, she doesn't dance so much as she undulates, and there were some clumsy moments for her on the pole. I do love her costume on this card - the whole monochromatic color scheme works well for her, and this is not one of those bad fantasy military uniforms so many of the models wear on VGHD. One quibble I have is that I noticed small bruises on her legs - a turn off...
She looks like Bobbi Phillips, very fucking hot
The first card I chose ,But then I like a pretty face. This lady has fantastic eyes.
Good blonde.
Wow this is my first card and i realy like it she is HOT!!! are there more girls that have a nice ass or even a nicer ass than she has!!??
Mandy Dee is one of the rising stars of the adult industry and looks gorgeous in her solo VG début, although the outfit reveals too much too soon for a really effective striptease.On the task-bar she certainly put a lot of effort in, but didn't show much personality, sense of interaction or seduction. She was sexy, but lacked charm, didn't smile and gave the impression of pleasuring herself rather than performing for the viewer. Honestly, she can do much better, e.g. "Big Snowflakes".Mandy, howe...
Beauty: Although both her unusal body shape and her hair style, she has a magical charming beauty. Really sexy. 2/2Outfit: This transparent outfit shows all her body during the show. And white color makes a perfect epic contrast with her body. Good choice. 2/2Content: A perfect range of clips from the pole to nude, from nude to explicit. Superb. 2/2Performance: She looks like she dont know what to do really. Sometimes she waits for camera. But if we think that she improvised during the show, the...
Kinda diappionting. Expected more.
je panse qu'elle etait plus chaude dans le trailer
Absolut top! Heiss wie ein Vulkan!
Mandy a un corps fait pour l'amour, tout en elle est irrésistible, ses seins, son sexe, tout son être....
Sexiness personified.
4.1 (1247 votes)

Big Snowflakes with Aletta Ocean

  • Shows: 31 clips
  • Duration: 42 min.
  • Bonus photos: 86
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 663 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (56)

Two beautiful women & one cool show.Whoever did the boob job for Aletta did her an injustice.On another note:Kindness costs nothing and is an insult to the ignorant as well as don't save it all for Christmas Day.God be Praised! and Thanks for performing for us.
a lovely set of coconuts on both!
I have no words, just two fantastic body togheter, wooowww this is the max you can have. 10 +++
Esta pareja es la mejor postal de invierno que puede tener uno al lado de la chimenea. Con el calor que desprenden y estando uno en pelotas, viendo esas tetas, esos culos, esas caderas, esas caritas tan bellas; sólo desea uno meterse entre sus piernas.
Well Mandy is an automatic 10 no matter what she's doing. Her scrumptious natural body and sexy attitude are perfect for this settting. I know Aletta's got fakies, but I still can't help but want to bury my face, or my boner, deep into them. Would love to see these two in a DB card doing nasty things to each other!
Fantastic show of two Girl. Yeahhh! I have at last all cards from Mandy :)
Para esos ratos que uno quiere mucho de todo ;)...Chicas con curvas en exceso y que mejor que vengan en par. 9.6
Cometh the moment, cometh the girls. The contrast between Mandy's sweet beauty and Aletta's unbelievably outrageous pneumatic sluttines, (If you are going to do bad taste, what's the point of half-measures, well done girl!!) works a treat. This will do nicely for a Christmas present.
Best card ever!!! If I only owned one... Mandy is perfect. Aletta is the mouth tits and ass I want to jerk off to everyday. This card has solo and duo dancing. It is a bonerfest.
A Fantastic Duo, Aletta is one of Pornstars that I follow has more big tits rocking, feet and legs that make inpazzire love this card it was wonderful addition to his collection
Justice for Hungary!:)
god bless you.Christmas Time is finally here, It only comes but once a year. And it's a time to spread good cheer, To those we love and hold so dear.Christmas Time is a time of glee, A time when peace and love run free. A time for those like you and me, To sit beneath the Christmas Tree.Christmas Time is a time of joy, A time to sit back and enjoy. The smile on each girl and boy, As they play with a Christmas Toy.Christmas Time is a time to share, The passing of another year. Birth of Jesus, a j...
WOW, if these two big-titted ladies don't get you into the Christmas spirit nothing will, they are HOT
Now I know what I want for Christmas...
Sexy and big busted duo.
Ces deux kolies salopes m'on bien fait mouillé, je me suis empréssée de me faire jouir comme il se doit.Envoyez moi vos messages cochon, ne soyez pas timides !
i must say, this card is awesome, mandy dee is very cute, but aletta is godness, want them jump over from this box at the same time xD i mus say, really 10/10, one of the bests duo's cards :)
I love you Mandy Dee !!! =) Please , i want a thousand shows of you Mandy Dee.
Mandy Dee deserve a ten on her own. The rest is just bonus.
As a duo the girls barely touch each other. But they are smokin' hot with bodies built for sex.
I love Aletta's giant silicone tits, simply fantastic, awesome in fact. For all you fake tits haters, just don't buy the card if it offends you THAT much, it's obvious they're not real before you buy it. I know what I like, and I know what I don't like - and I make my purchases accordingly. I just don't get why people buy this card then moan about her being fake. You guys are weird.
I don't understand all the negative comments on Aletta's tits, what does a girl have to do anyway to satisfy some people, r they stupid or what!!!!! I just love her big boobs, would like to get my hands and mouth on them, they r AWESOME!!!! Be proud girl, and to hell what anybody else thinks, they r yours, not theirs.
Hot StripperBabes!Voluptuous BeautyBabes!Their combined effect is BombasticBoobiLiciousBaDonkaDonks! Mandy, especially, is the epitome of a physical type of woman we need desperately at VG/DB!I hope that she was shot for the MAX of cards for both sites! She moves sensu-eroticly, has perfect buxom babe looks,and does explicit X effortlessly and freely.A good poser, she does nice open to us, cookie spread, pump & finger dip action. Both girls do soft wiggle tease & stroke together.Aletta is formid...
what a nice couple, i like this girls, A++++++++++++++++++ i need more ;)))
Aletta is massively hot, totally enhanced, and, for me, not at all a disappointment. If you're into natural tits, look at Mandy. She was not my focus, although she did provide nice contrast. As is often the case, the shaved tag is meaningless. Mandy has a nice landing strip and Aletta has a cute triangle. I, for one, seriously think there should be a trimmed tag, or shaved should just mean fully shaved.
Well I for one would welcome these two Santa "helpers" into my grotto anytime where they could spend as long as they like wrapping (and unwrapping) my present for them!! The hardest decision would be is where to hang the mistletoe!!!Thank you VG for a great Christmas card to us. So a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all!!!!!
Doesn't suffice kissing =(
Smokin HOT. Cant wait for the solo Adventures.
HO HO D'oh! A HOT stocking stuffer for naughty boys & girls. When the blonde takes off Holiday G string & turns genturing Shhh, I just wanted to jump on the screen & stuff my candy cane into her sweetness ; ).. Happy Holidays. Enjoy !
I am not a big fan of Aletta Ocean, but she is a decent performer, I jus don't find her that attractive...but Mandy Dee however.....da da da damnnnn...she is hot...unfortunately being paired with Aletta drags my rating down to 9/10...and it only stays that high because Mandy Dee has so much charisma
I gave this card a 9 for only 1 reason, the interaction between Mandy & Aletta seems to be lacking. Ths card seems to be a solo not a duo. Other than that very enjoyable.
ho ho ho frohe weinachten , Aletta ist fantastisch mit ihren körperpoportionen. Mandy verblast da mit ihren natur busen einbischen.
@jonny How about those who bought the card for Mandy?Anyway, Aletta's tits dont fit her frame, Miss Roxx's are much better.
Holy Twap! Talk about breasts on a platter, those things that Mandy's got look like they're ready to explode out of that top she's wearing! Very nice. Not very impressed with Aletta, though. Definitely a must buy for the all the big breast lovers out there. Mandy kinda reminds me of Marta, in a way, too, which is definitely a good thing. Looking forward to her solo shows.
It's no secret that I don't like duo cards, but I suppose there had to be an exception sometime and this is it.The show features two of the biggest names in the adult industry in suitably festive attire. Beautiful blue-eyed brunette, Aletta Ocean is one of my favourite adult stars (I've been a fan for some time) and looks simply fantastic here. Blond Mandy Dee is slightly less my cup of tea, but still gorgeous and very sexy.The task bar clips all featured solo performances from either Aletta or...
... fake tatas -------------------- no thank you
sexy card too bad she has fake tits
Not a big fan of Aletta Ocean but damn the girl has a stunning body.
This Christmas is hot because there's Mandy Dee (I dream many card with her in future on VG and DeskBabes). I rate: the card : 8/10 Mandy Dee: 100/10 Aletta Ocean: 6/10 because she is professional. :))
I agree with Albionhunter. This is a mismatch. Mandy Dee is totally gorgeous with generous, natural curves and she presents as girl I'd like to know personally. Aletta seems too artificial for my taste. Her balloon-like breasts may be attractive to many, but not to me. I'm not a fan of her enhanced facial appearance either. Score the card 7/10 (which is an average of 10/10 for Mandy and 4/10 for Aletta.
Mandy is perfect Aletta is wonderfull but she is not good here
disappointing really. expected more from aletta.
aletta ocean, one of my favorites in the porn world, now on my desktop whenever i wish! yay! disappointing bonus pics, though. i was expecting far greater from any photographer who had her as a subject! i wanna see her with tea!
This is a Holiday-themed card featuring two Virtua Girls, one very hot and one a tribute to plastic surgery. That about sums it up.
I was real disappointed in this card. I was looking for a fun sexy hot holiday card to go with Nikky Case & Mina. In stead I got a girl with boobs that are like huge unripe melons. To fake no jiggle at all. Real turn off for me. Show was boring. Girls interaction with one and other was horrid. Actually?. There was non. All in all it a 1 credit card if that. I would not have spent the credit it on this card if I had known how the card truly was. Big Red box is nice though :-/
Cette carte de Noël cuvée 2010 est vraiment sympa :) Mandy Dee est très mignone :) Mais Aletta Ocean est trop silliconée et trop c'est trop :(
Aletta Ocean fake tits are hard to watch they look terrible. Mandy Dee has a sexy body. So I give Aletta Ocean a 0,and Mandy Dee a 10 = 5
Bit dissapointment specially Aletta..Seems like "Pump up the volume". A bit too much...The duo is fine.
A completely mismatched pairing for Christmas sees the buxom, sensuous Mandy and the part mountain range, part amphibian Aletta. When the two are on stage together there's such a contrast between the sultry and voluptuous blonde who continually upstages the, frankly, bizarre brunette.Mandy is one of the sexiest women I've ever seen: she works it effortlessly and sooo effectively. In contrast poor Aletta looks like a carny-show by comparison: when she moves everything jiggles except the two rocks...
Ugh. Aletta Ocean is just plain hard to look at. Those balloons on her chest....horrible!! I've deleted all the scenes with Aletta. Whatever Totem paid for her appearance, it was too much!As for Mandy Dee...great girl, but is it asking too much to have some scenes without the boots and hat?
I can't believe how ugly and vulgar is the brunette girl with long hair. I didn't care which one it is. With his huge breasts and horible big mouth, she looks like a cow, like a cheap hooker on the street. And her dance is just as vulgar as the body, all that take you to the idea of a prostitute who is looking for clients. Horrible! I will remove this card.Anyway, the other girl is quite right. Maybe in a single card ....
Got this card as my daily from my subscription and it is the worst I have seen for a while. The blonde girl is actually rather nice and i'd like to see more of her, but the dark haired girl looks like she came from a badly drawn cartoon
That card is totally ruined by that ugly body... one of the worsts fake tits I have ever seen and add the fake lips... and we get here! Totally wrong way! One more ZERO from me.
Good show. Mandy is stunning.
Tres bon show

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