Lucie O

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 25 y.o.
  • Height: 5.4 ft.
  • Weight: 108 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 24" / 35"

We found Lucie O by posting an ad in a local art magazine for a nude model. She answered and wasn’t sure if dancing would be right for her, but she gave it her best try and that kind of ‘can do’ attitude is what we liked most about her. She’s a strong willed woman for sure.

Number of shows: 4

Lucie O's shows

3.1 (212 votes)

Warm Welcome

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Bonus photos: 27
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 319 MB

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User comments (9)

Great show from a lovely red head with a very hot body.
What does the O stand for, Lucie? Perfect titties, pearls, cleavage, yummy bottom with that enticing skin crease. What else could I want - nothing gorgeous girl with the cheeky cum on grin
Note: This is a gap-filling release of an older "missing" card, so it isn't in the latest crystal clear format.Another welcome release from multi-talented Lucie's 2007 set of cards, and this is a great outfit and look for her. I usually prefer free and flowing hair, but this style really suits her.No nudity at all in the task-bar clips, but it was one of Lucie's better performances. Slow and sensual in style again, with little movement in most clips, but she was sexy and engaging in terms of per...
REcht ansehnliches Mädchen mit netter show, weckt aber nicht in mir sen Tiger ;-) 9/10
We have a red head that is very pretty with a nice body. Her show is so so. I do like the outfit it dose bring her eyes out more. 9/10 for me.
I want to like it but very little (almost none) nudity. She is beautiful but I'd like to see more.
désolé,lucie ton show et nul pas un sourir quand a tes foto son archi nul 5 comme note bien payé
I have nothing against the girl, in fact, is a very good girl, but this card does not deserve a 8:02 as a vote for my humble opinion, this is a card that contains only 3 clips nudity, and no clips topless, as may be a score so high? Again, the girl has a beautiful body, and I love her pubic hair down there, but the problem is in the substance of the card.
Nice looking woman, nothing special.
3.8 (342 votes)

Autumn delight

  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 20 min.
  • Bonus photos: 29
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 267 MB

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User comments (17)

Lucie would be a delight in any season!
O ma d?licieuse Lucie, un corps parfait. Elle est belle comme un coeur. Un show tres sensuel. Elle me fait bander a chacune de ses passages. Une belle chatte tres bien entretenue ou j aimerai y deverser mon envie d'elle. Un 10/10
Sensuality at its highest level. Few nudity clips but Lucie O is captivating, and her moves are hyponitizing !
Just wonderfull. 10+
I love her natural breasts and sexy body! Wish she had more all nude scenes though.
I like this card. It is currently on my favorites list. I agree this is her best one yet. Everything came together nicely on this one, the hair, the outfit, the makeup is even better. I dig the slow grove and find it to be very sexy. This is supposed to be a Strip-Tease after all. I'm not so hip on cards where they are doing high impact arobics. As far as lack of nudity... there is enough. To me a woman is often more sexy with a little clothing on. To each his own. Now where is the card of her i...
Thank you!!! this is great card !! :)
Thank you! I love this lady and am so happy to have another card. She is sweet and sexy. I know you get better with this product all the time but I love the effort to bring the old cards to us. Thank you again.
Lucie est vraiment une très jolie femme, extrêmement séduisante dans cette petite robe, bien sur le show est très soft mais elle y démontre beaucoup de charme, de délicatesse et de séduction.
Ooooo! Thx!!! Cool! More of Lucie O shows please!)))
Well she certainly has a perfect body, even if she does not reveal it very much (or should I say very often) here. The style of the show reminds me a lot of Lucianna, which is certainly no bad thing. A solid nine.
It may be an old card , but new it is still good card . I did like her show and outfit right time for this card . 9.5/10 for me .
Elle est Belle, meme Trops Belle. J'aimerais Lui embrasser en les jambes..... Le Corps Parfait....... Je voudrais Te ? .....
Gap filling ?? Then I am missing card #66 and #69. Because on my card display I have Cards #65, 67, 68, and 70. If we get the other two then we will have gap filling cards.
Considering the time period and less-quality look of this card, it's definitely much better than her others. Lucie O is a hot desktop dancer with a great little body and beautiful look. Although this card has a lot of non-nude and only partially nude scenes, given the time frame, that can't be held against it as that was the norm in the early days of VGHD.Her outfit is a beautiful dress that seems custom-made for Lucie's hot body. She has a look that complements the pulled back hair as well, esp...
Note: This is a gap-filling release of an older "missing" card, so it isn't in the latest crystal clear format.Nice to see another card released from Lucie at long last, in an outfit with the kind of Autumn colours that suit her.As in her previous shows, her style on the task-bar was slow and sensual, but not quite so static this time. There was a bit more movement and variation to her performance in most clips, which raised it from simply pleasant to actually quite good. She also seemed a littl...
Not the best, but a pretty woman.
2.7 (1444 votes)

Spanish fantasy

  • Shows: 21 clips
  • Duration: 18 min.
  • Bonus photos: 33
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 136 MB

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User comments (63)

She seems shy.
OK, I'll admit it ... I've fallen in love with Lucie O. Her natural beauty is so captivating that she doesn't even need to shed her clothing. Actually she does very little of that in her shows unfortunately but that's probably what fascinates me so much about her. One final thought; her breasts are simply divine and the way she slowly strokes them is so erotic.
She does not fly around the pole or look like she belongs in a hip-hop video, but there is something that I really really like about this Lucie O. I hope to see more of her.
Le show n'est pas terrible, mais Lucie O est vraiment très belle.
I hope in her other cards she moves/dances ... some, just a little bit would be nice. She is cute, but only seemed interested in longingly looking at the camera. She has a nice butt, but she needs to shake it up a little.
Lucie is my favorite, 10 stars! Wish she had more cards.
there are no words that describe her beauty. she is just breathtaking. i like her alot. she is the first one i bought.
Super girl; Turn out well who climbs with her into bed; My heart jumps if I see her; Embellish beautifully beautifully !!!
{{LOL}} My 1st childhood crush was on a redhead that looked ALOT like Lucie O...and I was only 4. And let me just say she ruined me for redheads forever. I don't care what anyone else says or what her overall score might reflect, Lucie O is a 10/10 on the Snowflake scale...period. >^.^< Always loving me some redheads and always will. More of her please. And yes more taskbar animations...the more closeups of that very lovely face the better.
She looks very beautiful and a few more shows and shell be my favourite. She is incredibly cute.
She simply melts your heart. One of my first full sets, and I love it. Sure there are better sets out there, but you should still keep this one in mind.
Sure, it's a very nice babe,a few more shows, and she's one of the top.
Lovely show Lucie O, 11/10 I think and thankyou. X & All the best for 2008
I usually wouldn't give such a high rating to a card that features so little nudity and such a static performance, but there's just something about this girl. I really enjoyed this card, that's why I gave it 4 and a half stars. Most clips are similar to the preview clips, except 2 pole clips which are 3-4 minutes long and are pretty good. I even bought another card from Lucie. Shoe note: heels stay on.
vraiment tres belle et reposante , sa lenteur et sa maniere de se deplacer me font craquer , même si son show est pas terrible , limite visible par tous publique .
I´d like to see this pretty and sexy girl playing in Deskbabes with a dildo or another girl. It would be superb.
Lucie O you are sexy girl. I did like your legs and ass. You need to losen up. So I rate you a 9.5.
Beautiful girl, nice body and GREATTTT legs
Catty eyes, and subtile sensuality. Don't know what the other guy is seeing,but to each his own. Have not really examined this deeply,don't know about explictness. I just like her sensual movements and stroking of herself.
Lucie is a pretty lady and I think the rating is a little harsh as she takes her time, the occasional smile and she seems to enjoy what she is doing which is nice! I gave her a 9/10 and would recommend her!
she is very pretty
She is Beautiful and I like Her.
Nice girl but needs to work on her act, additionally her hair colour seems to be brown rather than red which is a pity as I find red hair quite attractive especially red pubic hair!
The colours of this outfit again very much suit Lucie, although I personally thought her first was sexier. I prefer her hairstyle in this one though.The task-bar clips were very similar in style to those in her first card. Very slow, with a certain amount of charm and sex appeal, but very little entertainment value. If anything these were even more static than in her previous show. Also her eye contact wasn't quite so good. In one clip she hardly looked at the camera at all. As previously, 2 top...
The best red haired girl for me.
Actually she reminds me of "amature night" at the local club. Which I find kind of fun. No not explicit, but still sexy.
I wish she'd do more cards. I agree that she's not the most explicit dancer or maybe even the most talented, but there is something truly sexy about her.
One of the prettier girls on the site. Too bad she can't dance.
Bigfootryan – Natural Beauty 10; Shaved or Smoothie 10; -2 Small to Natural Large Breast 10;
I like her...she has a slow and sensual style. So many of the girls are just too bouncy...this girl takes her time. She teases you. She's be owned? or will she own you? She has a sadness about her, but it is seductive.
I like this ,It's a bit slow-YES- But she is beautiful , A mouse like novice . If she works in a real strip club , she will learn quick what get's TIPS .....
I really wanted to love this card... I love Lucie's body and shy, sex appeal and I found her slow pace, sometimes a little too slow, very attractive. But, despite her great ass, she seems lost when dancing, especially at the pole, which makes those clips pretty pointless.Her taskbar poses were still very nice so I'm giving her a 7/10
Her face is gorgeous but her moves are amateurish.
I like her looks and her red hair, but she looks so uncomfortable dancing. I don't think this is a good job for her. 9 for looks 5 for performance.
I liked it more than I think I should have. She's pretty, in an almost classy way. Like her burnette hair and pert brests. Also like her landing strip. The outfit is neat (the bottome sash thing) But all in all, the show was too short, and the good parts too few. It kept coming back to a scene where she was just lying down slowly rubbing her breasts. I ended up clicking the 'do not play this clip again' on it so I could stop skipping it every time it came back to it. Its strange, I kinda liked h...
I should have listen to the previous writers, because even though she is totally naked she doesn't show anything below the waist and very little tit action. She is a very good looking lady though just wish I could see more of her.
Lovely young woman, just wish the show had more of the 'taskbar' animations in it and not just the pole.
She´s a pretty nice girl. Much more because she is natural.
I'm pretty sure she must have been all kinds of high in this show. I'm actually a little surprised a bag of funyuns wasn't used as a prop
less nudity -1 a nice girl
Very pretty girl but she doesnt show too much. :( i'll have to give this card a 6 just because of how pretty she is, it would be nice if there was another card of her being a bit more explicit. ^.^
Man, this girl needs work! Very hot, very pretty, and she has that sultry look about here that could melt a rock.However, she has got to work on her routine and loosen up! She can do so much more and baby, stop tripping over your shoes.
A yawner! Not worth one, much less two tickets.
Her look is cute. She's sexy, but the show isn't as good as it could be. She really needs to improve her dancing. Only 6 points
Not bad but... I think it's her first time, she's so imbarassed, so "unskilled"... Sure, it's a very nice babe, but if you can choose another girl, make that...
Nem igazán tetszett
This is the worst card I have , shes attractive and has a very seductive look , but I almost got the feeling watching her that she thought she was to good to be doing this, and was doing a favor being here. It's unfortunate , I think she has the goods and ability to be one of the best, but it's just not there .
Pretty girl, but not that good as a dancer. The outfit does nothing for me and there is very little nudity. Average at best.
plutôt jolie mais dommage un seul clips explicites. Ce qui est inacceptables pour une notes très généreux pour ce clip!
this chic is boring and she dosent get freaky
I agree with everyone else, not a good dancer. For a Spanish theme, it doesn't do credit.
not quite there yet needs to relax and no fluidity to her dance
Lucie O. great body, nice enough size tits, worn out face...amature dancing, pretty boring when showing the bare back only and hiding behind the pole... pls. open those legs and show some ass and pussy but take a lesson first from Lorene, Morgane, Melissa etc. how to do it the right way
I got this one on one of my daily randoms. Normally, I don't like to comment negatively. However it really is a horrible 'performance' and she doesn't seem to have much better of an attitude. I honestly wonder how exactly this card made it onto this site, probably shouldn't have made the cut... Crazy to me that this is rated at 7.50.. ... man, I hope they don't give me her other card.
I'm really sorry for her, she looks so sad like typical amateur who feels bad for what she is doing and don't understands that striptease act is just a show - not punishment. So naive and pathetic, instant cockblock. And ofcourse like most shows on VGHD ther's no dance and so called striptease at all, just boring random generic stuff.
jana ah est vraiment trop trop bien comme carte , vraimen tres bo show
Very attractive woman, nice outfit.
Lucie O. est trés agréable à regarder et à contempler... Je flash pour son minou décoré d'une touffe de poils qui rajoute au plaisir... Sans son foulard j'aurai succombé totalement
Pas vilaine physiquement, bon jeu de regard, mais beaucoup trop réservée dans le déshabillage, on a à peine droit au minimum des minimums, dommage.
Lucie O. hat einen schönen Körper, kleine natürliche Brüste, eine anrasierte Muschi mit "Landestreifen" und ist recht hellhäutig (was gut zu den roten Haaren passt). Ihre Performance ist eher langweilig als erotisch. Ihre Klamotten in dieser Show sind langweilig, einziges Highlight ist der Mini ohne Slip darunter. Ihre Strips sind leider nur durchschnittlich, auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man vergeblich... (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
plus court que ca et plus nul existe pas
Ein nettes Girl aber eine Show zum einschlafen. Das Thema hört sich nicht schlecht an aber Temperament fehlt und sie wirkt beim tanzen auch sehr gelangweilt. Lohnt sich nicht…..
2.7 (1549 votes)

Divine beauty

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 40
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Level: Nudity
  • 720p: 211 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (51)

Needs more nude shots, but still hot!
Lucie est très jolie, bien faite et son show quoique à priori sage est emprunt de beaucoup de sensualité, sa petite robe est des plus sexy et elle en joue à merveille, je pense vraiment que le show vaut mieux que la moyenne actuelle.
Nice girl.
would love to see more of lucie o
Lucie O is #1 on my list, a solid 10. Out classes the other ladies I've seen here easily. Slow & sensual! Nice body and captivating eyes ... although, I'd like to see those eyes with a little less applied pigmentation.No reflection on Lucie O, but this site sucks! I've paid for almost twice as many cards as I have successfully downloaded.
Mmmm, this is a beautiful woman. She may not win a beauty pageant, but she's natural and feminine, and makes her beautiful in my eyes. She has a very seductive look in her eyes that entices you into her world and a warm, very suggestive smile that makes you feel there are erotic fires burning deep inside her core. There's no overt explicitness here but by jove, this is a very sexy woman. Her stripping style is unhurried and teasing. I like what she's wearing - it kind of hugs her curves. And yes...
Very nice, and its great to watch her on my laptop. She brings the screen to life lol. x great work 11/10 five star***** Stunning***** Very Very nice and a real beautiful girlxx A Very Merry Christmas To You Lucie O xxxxxxxxxx
Many people leaving comments are finding it odd they are attracted to this woman. I believe the reason men are drawn to her is because she is the girl next door many guys dream about. She appears nice and friendly, is defiantly the girl you would have meet your family, and yet behind close doors is very sensual. I find her very attractive. She is unique in the fact she is most likely NOT a dancer, but she has good feel about her. If you like a girl next door look she's perfect, she is all natura...
Gorgeous multi-talented redhead Lucie is a model, actress and lead singer with Slovakian rock band Kapela E.K.G. She looks truly divine in this flimsy little multi-coloured number.Her task-bar performance was sexy and pleasant to watch, despite 2 topless clips being the only ones with a little nudity. Her style was sensual rather than overtly erotic, but her movement was very slow. Many of the clips seemed very static, in fact, with Lucie hardly moving at all. Her eye contact was good and her ex...
she really is a divine beauty!!! would like more explicit content, but she is worth her points!!!
Sexy figure, beautiful thighs, enchanting eyes... exciting... hope to see her again!
Lucie O - I did watch one clip, than another... just a second, did get a longdrink... than the next clip and... you do a great perform! Especially at the pole you did it very well for a beginner. Ok, you show some part of your sexy body only in privat but that's fine with me. Fascinating eyes by the way :-) -merry christmas-
Lucy O has haunted my dreams since I was a teenager. I mean that quite literally. I think we all have that image of a perfect woman in our heads and Lucy O was mine. Slow moving with the glow of burning coals waiting to be fanned to an all consuming fire of passion. Her eyes reach into a place inside me that no one else has ever touched. Thank you Lucy O and thank you Totem crew for making me feel like a tounge tied awkward teen once again.
Lucy what can you say but wow there's my den mother! Is that the reason for only 1? You Have Class I would love to dirty up!
She has a nice face, and her body is just amazing, her boobs are perfect! 9/10
i really like the style she gives to this card. Its not the typical vg card for sure, but I find it interesting and seducting.
Lucie O porte une petite nuisette aux couleurs chaudes. Elle danse avec des mouvements fluides. Elle sait fort bien jouer avec la barre avec des caresses très suggestives. Somme toute, c'est belle petite rousse bien chaleureuse. ;-)
Boring show. Okay girl.
Well I think she's cracking - her show may not be overally explicit and she's not the best dancer but she has a phenomenal body if, like me, you like 'real' looking girls rather than cartoon-esque blondes with oversized chests. LOVELY - a 9 from me.
Nice and sexy natural body :) , but she needs a little more practice to become a really sexy and hot striper. Nice strip over color pillows :) . 8 from me.
She’s adorable – beautiful body, with great teasing and tantalising moves, and lovely face and hair with the most seductive and suggestive smiles.
She has that MILF quality. Kinda sexy but is there more?
A lovely, young, lady.
YES humungus you are right. the show is bad, she need to move more. But she has a nice body. I`m a BIG BOOBS man myself. She also has good legs, and a nice round ass. So I rate her 7/10.
Only four totally nude cards! I don't know if strong willed is the correct name for it, stone cold woman is more like it.
not so great.
The ladies are all beautiful so I just rate the card. Theme/costume- 7 Dancing/performing- 7 Sex appeal- 7 Explicit- 1 wood factor-5 In your face- 6Overall I rate this card a 7. If you aren't gonna be explicit to get the audience going than you better dance your butt off, smile alot, and turn on the sex appeal. Just being attractive isn't enough.
That's the OLDest 25 year old I've ever seen. Gezzzz! If these were american girls they would be doing all the right things. Hell and the american culture is so tight compared to Europe! Damn the hookers on the street corners do better than most of these females!
She has a nice natural body and a seductive stare that makes you fall in love.. Althought, her pole dancing need a little work..., if she was expicit she would have been a ten...
Lucie O is a beautiful, well-built girl, but her performance is like watching a bored housewife who lost a bet for her husband?s birthday and has to do a striptease for him. Some scenes are pretty good, a few of her moves are good, but overall her attitude is pretty blah and her desktop dancer routines are barely cliche.
Her look is cute. She's sexy, but the show isn't as good as it could be. She really needs to improve her dancing. Only 6 points
Nem sikerült valami jól
it took me a long time to find any scene of hers worthwhile. She has only 1 nudity scene listed under 'full nudity'. somethings wrong... anyway, good body, but kinda a wierd look in her face. only a 5/10 since the shows mechanics are so messed up, not recommended.
this dude looks like a lady
Bored old housewife trying to spice up a marriage or something. Simply not worth it. Average body/looks/moves. Skip!
If I was dying and only a boner could save me, this card would kill me. Don't waste your time unless you happen to hate nudity and like being bored to tears.
Beautiful girl. Slow and boring show.
She does have a great body and boobs. She needs to smile a little more and show her boobs more. She seems to hide them a lot.
Doeesn't show much tit and not enough pussy. Needs some more training.
Beautiful woman but her show is horrible. I don't know if she is just ashamed of her boobs or if she feels were not worthy to see them. also not very sexy at dancing.
Très beau corps, sensuelle et attirante.. fesses superbes.
très belle femme,même avec sa tenue sexy j'ai un plaisir a la regardé.
Pretty girl, nice outfit.
je désire ajouter que lorsqu'elle est alongée elle est plus grande et j'apprécie qu'elle n'ai pas de chaussures son nom lui va très bien "DIVINE BEAUTY"
jolie petit bout
Salut,En effet, très jolie fille, je ne vois pas de défaut, bien que ... elle se cache un peut trop, elle nous laissent un peu sur notre faim comme on dit.
Un show moyen. Certes Lucie est mignonne et sexy mais sa tenue n'est pas exceptionnelle tout comme ses mouvements et sont charisme. Ma note : 06/10
Lucie O. hat einen schönen Körper, kleine natürliche Brüste, eine anrasierte Muschi mit "Landestreifen" und ist recht hellhäutig (was gut zu den roten Haaren passt). Ihre Performance ist eher einschläfernd und lahm als erotisch und sinnlich. Ihre Klamotten in dieser Show sind chick aber nichts besonderes. Auf 'very explicit shows' wartet man vergeblich... (Wertung: 5 von 10 Punkten)
Keine großartige Show bekommt man hier! Langweilige Bewegungen und nur 4 Animationen, die das Modell so zeigen, wie es geschaffen ist. Keine Explicit-Darstellung und den Rest sollte man löschen, wenn man überhaupt mal was zu Gesicht bekommen will. Zu empfehlen sind nur 4303 & 4304 sowie 96301 & 96302. Von mir keine Punkte.

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