Leony April

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 22 y.o.
  • Height: 5.25 ft.
  • Weight: 106 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 33" / 23.4" / 33"

Red sequined firecracker Leony April is 22 years old and ready to thrill you with a hardcore performance that puts you right between her thighs up close so tight you can feel her warm breath against your neck as she pushes her way toward the cascading waves of multiple orgasms and the total relief that only comes to her from seeing she has satisfied you completely!

Number of shows: 4

Leony April's shows

4.5 (937 votes)


  • Shows: 2 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 96
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 391 MB

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User comments (49)

This is not the girl you take home to meet your mother. This is the one you hope is in your bedroom. Naughty and nasty. Great audio. If you want a more senous slow show this isn't it. Leony is all about pleasure.
Whew! Where do I start? Well, Leony is one hot, horny, sexy woman. Getting off to her takes no sweat whatsoever (except the obvious sweat from enjoying her actions). She gets into it very very well compared to other gals here. I know someone complained of her talking. She's Czech. English is her second language obviously. You want more fluent speaking, then listen to one of the hot Brit or German girls. Honestly, I like some talk here and there and I love hearing moans and squeals. Sounds just m...
This girl is my new all time favorite. I'm not sure why other than she seems to me to drip sexiness. I'd like to see more of her, perhaps some teasing over on VG? Slutty talk. Pert sassy tits. Beautiful pussy. lovely face. A real fucking whore. Just the way like 'em.
Leony April is a LOVELY YOUNG LADY.She has a beautiful body, sweet small breasts, a juicy pussy, and a tight asshole.She really gets off sucking and sticking the dildo into her pussy and ass.She uses her fingers quite nicely as well.I would have LOVED to see her stick a dildo in her PUSSY and ASSHOLE at the SAME TIME (DOUBLE PENETRATION).One of the better ANAL SHOWS that I have seen on DB.I would love to be able to have her sticking ONE DILDO in her PUSSY while I FUCK HER IN THE ASS.Leony, for y...
Leony April is deliciously sexy, and I love the way she really enjoys masturbating and fucking herself. As one observer noted, she is wonderfully reminiscent of Eufrat's enticing, leering come hither.
Beautiful, natural frame of Leonyy is a sight in itself. Lovely tits. Beautiful legs and really pretty pussy. Lots of leg play in the air - with strappy white platforms on. Lots of pussy rubbing, finger fucking, beautiful spread eagle. Espressive face and intensive anal in second sequence. She does seem to enjoy the show.
Klasse Mädchen mit toller Figur und geiler show, regt zum Mitmachen an! 10/10
Wow! Fantastic 10/10 Too bad, I wanted to seem little more minutes for a beautiful woman like Leony April
Also wenn ich wählen müßte, wär diese Show meine Top 3!!! Leony ist echt heiß und weiß Ihre Reize einzusetzen. Wenn sie Ihren Hintern in die Kamera reckt oder frontal die Beine spreizt möchte mann nur alzu gerne zupacken. Außerdem hat Sie einen absolut klasse Body. ;) Für mich ne glatte 10.
what a smoking hot redhead
Absolutely sexy. I love her slim body, she's hot. A must have, for sure. Thank you and the Totem crew.
Very hot women, very spicy. Good show, nice face and pretty breasts, I love her legs. Vote: 10
Cette très jolie petite jeune femme est très cochonne, excellente prestation.
one girl...2 dildos...all holes filled. that's all you need to know
Dirty,Sexy,Nasty,Just the way I like Leony.We need more of her ASAP.
Schön und Ausgiebig in den "Po" ... braves Mädchen ... 10/10 dafür
For women as beautiful in the face and hot as this one, men are helpless fools.This one would make a rock star feel lucky.
Very hot girl! Recommended!
schade das es kein richtiger faustfick geworden ist... aber der rest ist nee gute show geworden... nee süsse geile analmaus...
Leony is the hottest woman on DeskBabes! She really does have it all!
let me start with, her clit is big "quote". looks like a true nympho
lovely sex player ^^
Words cannot begin to describe how beautiful and how hot this woman is. Leony could turn me on if she was wearing a burqa - but thankfully she isn't.I can't wait for more. Thanks, Leony!
This is one of the hottest solo shows I've seen yet on DeskBabes. Leony April is an absolutely gorgeous, hyper-sexual performer who's not afraid to talk dirty while she double teams dildos for your viewing pleasure.The show is made up of eight clips of progressively more and more intense sexual action as Leony progresses from introducing herself to bringing herself to the Big O time and again with her hand, a dildo, and then two dildos.
Sexiest girl in Deskbabes and Virtuagirl bring her back more cards
You have got a place in my heart for ever. ^^
absolutly the overall best show on db. 100% pure sex
An absolutely stunning perfomance! The way she interacts with the viewer is what I like the most about this wonderful site.
Leony weiss was Männer geil macht, ohne Zweifel... Für ihre 22 Jahre scheint sie ein sehr ausgefülltes Sexualleben zu haben, kein Wunder bei diesem Prachtkörper...Ihr Gesicht und ihre lange Löwenmähne sind eine Augenweide. Ein wunderschöner Knackpo, gerade zum anbeissen. Einziges körperliches Defizit ist ihr Busen, leider etwas zu klein geraten. Sie Show ist richtig heiss. Sie macht es sich mit 2Dildos und rammt sich diese lustvoll in alle Öffnungen. Sie mag es wohl hart, da sie äußerst schnell...
Wow! Leony April is a skilled seductrix! I was so captured by her moves and looks. I enjoyed every second of her performance.But! Where are those love balls?? PLEASE PLEASE add that segment as well!
As well as being beautiful Leony is an excellent explicit erotic performer.She is naturally seductive in voice & action, with moans,creative sex talk, & seriously explicit action.She does not "water down" the sex action by being too cutesy & silly like some girls do.She is present for the sex as a true partner would be with naturally intense cries of passion & horniness.She does the all important "direct to us" sex talk.("C'mon & fuck me,lick my clit,fuck my ass,come on bad boy,I want your cock,...
F'N HOT!!!!!!!
After Melissa Leony is my Favorite girl amazing show amazing body...ass play (my fav) and of course gorgeous face...10/10
This is the best card that I've ever seen/bought here. She is a beautiful lady with all natural curves(no fake tits here!). Being a ass man that I am, I truly enjoy the ass play that she does and any woman that does ass to mouth(vibe,real dick,or beads-does not matter what) is a keeper in my book. I must find more of her cards to add to my collection. I rated her a 10 and it is worth every single point.
This is a gem of a card, she's nearly up with the Mandy Dee solo. Thank god she dumped Bridgette, that card was just a waste a space. Stick with the solo performance Deskbabes lovers, and don't bother with the duo.
Leony's the reason i joined DB even though i had VG acount previously... her duo card with Bridgette was realy hot and entertaining but it took a solo card to show her truly potential as one of the hottest and most promising euro starlet... she's cute as a button, has gorgeous petite body, amazing green eyes and dirty mind! She's innocent and nasty at the same time and she's having tons of fun playing with her petite body... even though anal play isn't very intense it's still amazing to see girl...
Leony April is incredibly hot, she plays with pussy and ass and she gives me the best solo of DeskBabes near Mandy Dee Solo, I hope in future many cards with Leony on Deskbabes and VG :))
The ass-lover will get one's money worth here.
Awsome anal
Upon further review... This girl is ROUGH an NASTY with herself! I was in the mood for a porno style show and she is the one! Anal, Fisting, Hard Toy play and loud moans... They can get annoying after a while but still...
9/10 would've gave 10/10 if this card had her doing some stand up. Beautiful woman with a great body. Easily one of my favorites. Just wish I could see her struting those sexy legs across my screen!!!
Well, let's be honnest : she sounds really stupid when she speaks, I would rather skip that part. The explicit show are nice but the overall is really, really short. So yeah, Leony is hot and really pretty, but she should speak less and provide longer clips. I'm quite disappointed, because she has potential, and doesn't seem to try to enjoy herself for a while.
2 dildoes? 2 dildoes? minus 2 points!!!
Clip Notes™ for b0154 - Leony April/Solo Red sequined bikini, white heels 2. 1:22- Table, Full nudity; Spanking 3. 2:10- Table, XXX; 2-fingering, spanking 4. 2:35- Table, XXX; Oral on dildo, 2-fingering, dildo 5. 3:39- Table, XXX; 4-fingering, pussy slapping, dildo, anal 2-fingering, anal dildo, oral on dildo, rubbing 6. 2:55- Table, XXX; 2-fingering, rubbing, pussy slapping 7. 3:06- Table, Full nudity; Tit slapping, oral on dildoes 8. 2:55- Table, XXX; 2-fingering, spanking 9. 5:06- Table, XXX;...
Voellig entäuscht von der show, viel zu kurze movies, keine aufreizendes ..... in den demos waren scho die besten szenen, nicht empfehelnswert.
Funny strategy in producing shows now. Leony pops out for just 10 seconds in at least three clips. One was a dildo clip even. miss the good old days when shows are 40 mins +
Don't waste you tickets on this one. Leony April is a beautiful woman and theoretically there are anal scenes on this card but neither is worth it IMO.Cons: Excessive misplaced moaning to the point that it is irritating. Fake orgasms The promise of two dildos but only one gets used.(The smallest one!) Anal penetration is less then 1 1/2 inc. Half the clips are trailers and the entire show is only 24min. which means you are actually paying for a 12min show. There is only 1 clip with replay potent...
Le show dure 3 minute... grosse arnaque
I dont know why but this card will not download !!
4.5 (424 votes)

Duo with Kety Pearl

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 99
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 400 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (12)

Awesome duo.
Katy Pearl in red fishnets and peep toe heels fucks Leony April, who is wearing black stockings and platform heels... Yes. The girls are dream come true and while the action could be a bit more of the interaction betwwen them, still they are fun to watch. Thanks
Girls are playful and video quality is excellent
Deux belles cochonnes et puis j'ai un faible pour Kety Pearl, cette fille a un regard qui vous en dit long sur ses possibilités.
This card has some of everything in it. It has a dominant, dark-haired Kety Perl teamed up with the semi-submissive Leony April in a duo that has fun conversation, the occasional funny line (even if it is sometimes because English is not the first language), girl-girl interaction in native tongues (pun intended), and hardcore scenes to offset the lipstick lesbian kissy-feely ones.In short, it has almost everything you could ask for in a DeskBabes card. It's a litlte short, but not bad, and very...
Very stimulating dialouge. Awesome
???????? ?????? ?????, ???? ?? ??? ??????????. ??? ?????? 10\10
This is marvelous show! I hope to see more of them in the future. I agree with rageman that a little more one-on-one would be a plus. Being that I am from the USA I get a little curious on what types of accents these beauties have. Some times my guess is NOTHING like what they actually sound. This is certainly NOT the main reason why I prefer this site rather than your sister site VirtuaGirl, but it is within the top 8 reasons... >:)Beautiful show ladies, congrats! WoW!
Same here.... Leony is a warranty of top notch show, and Kety is also adorable... i give'em 10 on spot. But the thing that bugs me is the lack of interviews in video section for all of my 4 cards, maybe i'm still new to DB but i remember that every VG card had interview with a girl.... now it's mostly shower scene or some other bts from the shoot... bring back the interviews!
Don`t need to watch it to say that this is a ten, love both of em.
nice show , nice brunettes and good show :-) lovely
Zwei hübsche Mädchen mit einer schönen show, gehören aber nicht zu meinen Favs. 9/10
4.4 (333 votes)

Duo with Kattie Gold

  • Shows: 9 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 78
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 404 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (13)

fiche spettacolose
Great babes, amazing orgasms, anal... Well, everything I like in a show ! Good job girls!
Very HOT! I have no clue what they were saying, but I loved it.
2 words to describe this card. AWESOME and HOT. I would love to have these two women in my bed at the same time and have sex with them over and over again, all night and day long. it might kill me but it would be worth it. i don't know what they say but it sounds sexy. we need more anal and strap-ons. fulfill our fantasies!
Zwei sehr hübsche Mädchen, ein tolles Dreieck (könnte gerne noch buschiger sein!), wunderchöne Körper, geile action, 10/10!
kattie is the very best
These two babes are HOT! HOT! HOT!!! Make my panties sopping wet.
Leony never dissapoints... everything with her turns into gold! And i realy enjoyed watching her getting down and dirty in those sexy black stockings, maybe next time shiny brown ones, hmm? ;-)
beautifull duo, very attractive girls (women) great show
2 very beautifull girls, sexy show
Two lovely babes doing all sort of naughty things. A bit of anal, a bit of smile... Unfortunately clips are on the short end, and on the leg lovers' scale... well, nothing special here :)
i would give this a 10 but Leony April talks too much
Kattie fans will love this. Sun shines out of her..she is gorgeous ofc. They both have great chemistry together here and well matched for size. Pity its 5 years ago
4.3 (346 votes)

Duo with Bridget

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 448 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (10)

Nice show.
This card is really AMAZING!!! You can really see that these girls are having fun together! They don't act like they like it, they really do like it! Above all, there is a really horny shower-video and a beautifull photo-set! Congratz to Stanz! Let us see more of this duo (and both apart) please!!!
Les deux filles sont très belles dans leur genre, l'une blonde au visage poupin, et la brune avec sa perfection propre. Les deux filles se godent en cadence, un sexe onctueux et réceptif. C'est une scène enivrante comme une drogue.
Possibile che non si possano trovare ragazze con un po' più di "classe" ! Dove sono finite le Melisa, le Morgane e le Eufrat o le Deny ???
This is a good Duo; I like very much Leony April, she reminds me wonderful Carmen Gemini :))
I purchased this card only because of Leony April and wasn't dissapointed! She's just so damn cute and delicious u can eat her with a spoon! This isn't the most explitic performance but still it's very entertaining and fun to watch with lots of kissing, giggling, pussy licking and girls basicly having tons of fun with each other. I honestly don't care that much about Leony's much taller blonde friend Bridget,but she's making an interesting contrast to Leony's small figure and raven black hair. B...
Zwei hübsche Mädchen in einer guten Show, mann möchte glatt mitspielen, trotzdem keine Favs von mir! 9/10
This is probably the best of the lesbian duo performances that Mandy Dee has done. Which doesn't say much. Both Mandy and Bibi Noel are very hot, but the fake performance and lack of chemistry between the girls is, as with other duo performances Mandy has done, empty.If you aren't looking for anything more than a great lipstick lesbian show with two hot blonds working together, then you'll love this card. If you prefer girls who are at least moderately interested in one another and are getting i...
I wish Bridget would shut the fuck up. Such an annoying voice and whining, I had to turn the sound off. Next time strap a ball gag to her. Loved Leony April but in no rush to see Bridget again. If you like the look of Leony April I suggest you wait for her solo, Bridget just spoilt it for me.

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