Lauryn May

  • City: Budapest
  • Country: Hungary
  • Age: 23 y.o.
  • Height: 5.35 ft.
  • Weight: 110 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 34" / 23.4" / 32"

With her bright red lips and sexy smile, Lauryn May is the kind of student who any teacher would be thrilled to meet. Her pink plaid and black micro-skirt matches the laces on her high heel shoes and that little necktie sways perfectly with the rhythm of her body. Costumes can be so much fun when they match the personality of the performer so perfectly!

Number of shows: 4

Lauryn May's shows

4.5 (668 votes)


  • Shows: 18 clips
  • Duration: 32 min.
  • Bonus photos: 45
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 438 MB

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User comments (31)

Beauty 10+++++
Supremo hottie, sexy
I agree with most of the rest. Lauryn May is very hot indeed. Her vocalization of her cumming is a huge turn on.
Lauryn May , what a great show, will have to get your duo shows. Give us more solo shows.
One of, if not THE, best solo DB cards I've seen. Lauryn is sexy as hell and really gets into herself, just as much as I'd like to get into her!
Lauryn is very cuteand her performance is sexy as hell !!!!!
Lauryn is a beautiful, curvy lass, with lovely face, and here she is getting off in knee high opaque stockings and platform heels - two fingers... one finger - the accessory is a heart shaped cushion, not the usualltoy. But she obviously enjoys her hands. And so am I. Lot's of legs up in the air, eyes closed, and finger play..
I want to see more of her, get her on virtuagirl also.
One of the best solos available ! She is amazing
Lauryn's best card so far. The outfit is just perfect for her, she speaks with an irresistible accent and play the nasty student with perfection ! I can't stop looking at her beautiful eyes while she's licking her dildo with her perfect mouth. The scenes are all very hot, offering the highest quality. There's not much photos and only one video, but the card itelf is just perfect and addictive !
Je recommande chaudement cette carte à toutes celles et ceux qui aiment voir des nanas toutes mignonnes se défonçant la chatte avec un gode limite trop gros !!! C'est une carte qui peut faire mouiller et bander fort...
a very sexy card!
Great performance. A must have for sure. 10 points
Excellent :)
Hehe, wenn man richtig schaut ... ja man kann über 100% Zoomen! (im Vollbildmodus) HURRA
Amazingly Sexy Woman! Love the long fingering scene. Hot!!!
Nice face, body and outfit, I like the way she touches herself wearing skirt with no panties. The last clip with dildo action is pretty long, most of them are longer than just few seconds, and hot. I really enjoy long slow pushes of dildo and answering movement of her body... definitely hot one...
superb card, she is gorgeous and seriously hot. best dildo action on db 10/10
This chick is smoking hot. Her performance is superb, easily one of the best shows I've seen so far. I'm not even certain if it could get any better.
gorgeous and horny, the perfect combo
I totally agree, Great Outfit, Great Body *^__^* Great card all in all. Only thing better would be if she where live on my desk! Need a bigger monitor! Can we get her in 3D?
Awesome show. Sexy outfit, beautiful long brown hair, (I wish I could run my hands through it and just smell it. I bet it smells great), very sexy tights and shoes. Great show! Best of all, Lauryn talks all the way throught it with a very hot, sexy voice. Get this one now, you won't regret it. Another perfect 10.
Very, very simple really. Stunning.
I AGREE WITH Starryk AND Spiderman101. THIS GIRL KNOWS HOW TO WORK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE IS MAKING ME RANDY BABY!!! MUST DOWNLOAD......................................LATER PeteMoss777
I can only say Wow. I mean I expected this after seeing her duo but still. This girl looks great and she is good at teasing the viewer with her sexy voice. There is a general improvement of the quality of these shows lately. Much more talking and teasing. Looks like Totem finally shows the Jana Cova solo to the new girls. And Lauryn learned well from this mistress. The show has 18 clips. 8 Standing and 10 on Taskbar. 6 with props (4 dildo and 2 with a heart shaped pillow) 9 x-rated clips. I love...
I have no words for this card; for me there isn't a scale for rate this card: Lauryn May student is over the top; I have see many Solo on DeskBabes but this is the best : Lauryn May is the "Sandra Shine" of the future; I want many many cards with her. Very thanks :))
Hübsches Mäder und eine sexy Show :)
super sex
Sehr schönes Mädchen, prima show, schafft es aber nicht ganz in meine Fav-Liste. 9/10
i knew she would be spectacular wen i saw her duo card and she completely overshadowed kathy moore in every scene. this card proves me right again!!! her pics are good and her bonus video is very hot.i take exception with the videographer for always cutting off her feet in the video! what the fuck?!? i have read millions of comments from other members who have foot fetishes, so iam not alone. the barefoot thing is the only thing missing in lauryn's stuff.she will still geta nine from me, no girl...
turn the sound on and enjoy Lauryn enjoying herself. a great deskbabe performance
4.5 (485 votes)

Duo with Sandra Shine

  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Bonus photos: 71
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 476 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (14)

lauran may, or then again, she may not!
To be honest i was considering giving a 9 instead of a 10. At start there was something in the show that seemed a little overacted. But when i saw how these two beautiful brunettes dig Like looking at two girlfriends whom just playing with themselves and eachother on a very hot and horny manner. I actually believe that if they turn off the camera Lauryn and Sandra just keep going on with their love-play. Great duo.
Hot & sexy
I'm just one of the biggest Lauryn's fan. She's got that something, I cannot describe it, but she's really amazing. Her talking is sexy, her moves are hypnotizing, her face and body are captivating. She's hot as hell, and looks perfect to me ! I also really like Sandra Shine, because there are not many sexy MILFs on DB. She's probably the most beautiful one. How great to see her performing with Lauryn in that amazing card. Highly recommended for those who love brunettes !
Sehr schöne Mädchen, klasse Paar, geile action. 10/10
This is one of the most complete shows when it comes to girl on girl action... It has almost everything a show needs... Just a lil extra effort and deeper emotional connection and it would have been perfect.. Still these girls are beautiful, have the long hair I love, great bods annd one has stockings... I have to give it a 9.5 and round up...
Sandra you are so naughty, but oh so lovely!
WWWWOOOOOOWWWW,these two are HOT!!!
I love to see them kissing, sucking their tongues and licking eachother. this is definiteli a hot duo. Lauryn Mae is so sexy, makes my blood pressure going up. I need a shower and then I will make my girl screaming...
Have a cold shower ready(for those of you alone ;) Have a hot shower ready if your with your lady, she will be hot, mine was!!! (and still is!)
In this card there are my favorites girl; I rate 1000/10 :))
WOOOOooooooOOOOOOWWWWW....That was more than only thing they didn't do was trib...they need to make another card...I'd buy it....10
Wow, this show is great. These 2 really get down and dirty. They talk to each other and to us, teasing us. They show their pussies and asses a lot, they kiss and lick a lot and look soo great in their outfits. They really seem to harmonize with another and their moaning sounds real. If you are an ass lover GET THIS SHOW. Just have a clip where Lauryn is standing, ass to screen and Sandra is kneeling behind her licking, kissing and spanking Lauryns butt. Need I to say more? I don't think so. This...
OMG this card is so hot
4.3 (328 votes)

Duo with Bambi

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Bonus photos: 60
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 501 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (7)

Great show from two lovely ladys.
I didn't know Bambi and I was hesitating : do I chose Bambi's solo card or her duo with Lauryn May (who is my favourite girl on DB) ? So I decided to chose the duo card, and I don't regret it. But as I thought, Lauryn May is far better than Bambi. She's more beautiful, speaks english very well and incredibly hot. Bambi is nice, but Lauryn's level is really too high compared to hers. But she's good, anyway, it's just like putting the Arctic Monkeys with the Rolling Stones : a legend with a quite...
So viele schöne Rundungen, die so geil präsentiert werden, verdienen eine 10/10. Prächtige Mädels mit schöner Figur und geiler Action!
Amazing girls! Lauryn May is very hot girl! Recommended!
Love looking at Bambi's beautiful nude body; thanks ladys for sharing your sweet spots, you are beautiful!
If you're having trouble getting this card to play today (or ...) go here and follow starry's instructions Enjoy!
I have all the cards of Lauryn May and I love all her cards, for me she is 1000/10 like Sandra Shine in all her cards. :))
4.4 (350 votes)

Duo with Kathy Moore

  • Shows: 25 clips
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Bonus photos: 81
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 583 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (14)

everytime they come on my screen i get distracted from what i am doing.
Stockings... including unusual suspender style stockings with lovely pink ribbon tie detailing... platform heels, and lots of fingering. Yes...
Lauryn May, once again, is a great star ! Shining a bit too much for Kathy Moore, desperately trying to follow the lead. But we don't care, their roles are appropriate and Lauryn proves one more time that she's the best DeskBabe of all times ! This card is just a-ma-zing ! All we want is more Lauryn May solos ! And pink is definitely the perfect color on her !
They are hot! Sweet duo!
A hot and sexy duo, would love to be in on this action!!!!!
Amazing duo !!! Love how they talk dirty to themselves. Lauryn May is incredible and a nice find. Kathy Moore is also hot and a nice comeback for her. The chemistry between them is perfect and its so cute with laughs in between, makes it fun to watch ;) Thanks Totem for this wonderful card.
Ohh yes. Lauryn May is sooo hot. I love to see her in stockings. I hope to see more of her. Give me please a soloset with her in stockings. This set is for me a 10!!!
Being honest, I am not a Kathy fan from her VG shows, but in her 2nd DB duo she is great. Lauryn however is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! What a hot find, excellent work Totem, please say there's lots more of her to come....
An amazing duo. These two talk a lot. If you like girls smiling and talking to you and to each other in a dirty way than this show is highly recommended. They really have a lot of fun are playful and sexy. Best DeskBabes duo I saw so far!!!!!!
Another holy card: here Kathy Moore with Lauryn May do a amazing Duo like Lauryn May say in 2 clips. Lauryn May is sweet and very hot; I want many cards with these 2 girls in future. I rate 1000/10. :))
Nice show to have.
absolutely, instantaneously in love with lauryn may! i wanna see her with tea! i wanna see her with sandra shine! i wanna see her with kari! i wanna see her with herself! more bonus videos, more bonus pics! just plain more!!!!
Ganz hübsche Mädels und nett anzusehen, reißen mich ab ernicht sooo sher vom Hocker. 8/10
Personnellement, je trouve les deux filles pas à mon goût, mais c'est mon avis Voilà le pourquoi de cette note

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