Kitty Jane

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 19 y.o.
  • Height: 6 ft.
  • Weight: 137 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 35" / 26" / 37"

For a sexy dancer to look great in bright pinks and bold reds she has to have a personality that is larger than life and a presence strong enough to allow her to capture the attention of the whole room. Kitty Jane is intense and always brings great energy to her shows! See for yourself what so many of her fans are all talking about!

Number of shows: 6

Kitty Jane's shows

4.3 (885 votes)


  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 566 MB

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User comments (36)

Beautigul legs and body, pretty face and so much sensuality !
Great girl, nice face and very tall. She's got some nice c's and long legs. Herr buttcheeks could be lil bigger.
Hello Legs
super SCHOW sehr sexyGIRL TOP
Ohhh mannn !!! This girl is very very Amazing, this is the first time I see her show and I need to say that she suprised me !!! To much hot !!! Good outfit, nice move and nice speading pussy. Unfortunatley there are only 2 cards for VG, but I hope shes gonna make other cards ;-)
oui kitty est une femme superbedont on ne lasse pas de regarder sur notre ecran je regrette quand meme une chose quelle est basculee a ce point dans le porno je pense quelle aurait pu faire usage de son corps dans des domaines plus glamours le mannequina par exemple quel gachi
What is to say? she is a PRO. Nice body, endless legs and good perforamnce. She isn't my favorite but what right is has to be right. From me 10/10
She is just so sweet, pretty face, great ass - simply delicious yummy!
Kitty Jane is simply gorgeous! I can fantasize about her for days! Definitely one of my top five favorites.
quelle merveille
slender beauty with perfect breasts, 10 for me
Pros - Lovely, long-tall-Sally type babe; all natural, healthy body; love the barely-there little pink dress; she is highly sensual, loves to get naughty; you get plentiful peach shots (fat, juicy lips); lots of authentic eye contact warms you up to herCons - nothing that is not quibblingSometimes, when I move outside my comfort zone and try something different, I am pleasantly rewarded. This card is definitely one of those cases.Kitty Jane is a woman after my own heart. She is a bona-fide angel...
absolute favourite till now! love her cute face, hairstyle, breasts... whole fuc*** body is awesome!
ah kitty!quels seins!quelles hanches,elle bouge divinement bien,se caresse et ne nous laisse rien ignorer de son physique ...assurément une de mes artistes préférées
Perfect girl!!!
Kitty Jane is very sexy and hot. Her beauty and expressiveness is a great plus. Hope to see many more cards.
Kitty Jane is a nubile goddess! (She got da looks & a bod' dat cooks!) Looks great in this ass teasing,tits flirtin', pinky stripper skirt.She does a nice striptease that showcases her hot,long, luscious body fully & satisfactorily! Love her ThighTwangin'WiggleSway, could watch her sway all day!She gets down, long & erotic, for some good on bar pussy/pucker pumps, spreads,& openings direct to us. Never have enough of that on bar, straight to us, erotic explicit action!She's a happy,erotic, leggy...
Wow, a lovely addition.
Kitty est un amour de jolie fille. J'en suis dingue ! Merci Kitty et à bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures ;)
Mmm a 6 footer, I like them tall, she has a great body 10/10
Beatiful lady! Nice Body build! Like it very much! 10/10
J'avais beaucoup aimé la 1ere carte de Kitty Jane et donc j'attendais celle-ci avec impatience ;-) Et je n'ai pas été déçu :)
One of the most graceful models. Her sexy endless legs unique. All lovers of girls with long legs in the collection have required)))
Kitty Jane est une blonde séduisante dont le léger teint halé inspire des rêves de vacances ensoleillées (Est-ce une vraie blonde? ... difficile à savoir de par l'absence de poils pubiens... Les racines de ses cheveux feraient penser que non) Elle danse avec des mouvements fluides et agréable. Elle sait jouer de sa robe sexy, en la faisant remonter ou en laissant voir sa petite culotte. Elle a le sourire facile et charmeur. Elle caresse son corps de manière agréablement suggestives. Cela doit-êt...
Very nice state of art 3-d images! It's amazing,keep up the good work, and Thank You VGHD for everything....GWR8162 3/19/11
elle est mieux en photo que dans son show!!!
Kitty Jane is a welcome addition to VGHD. Being six foot tall, she has wonderful long legs. Her natural breasts cannot be called big or small; they are certainly firm and will draw your eyes. Her eye contact is good, her smile is perfect. While connoisseurs of dancing will be disappointed, Kitty moves well. While there are no bare feet scenes, the show qualifies as full nudity with that exception.The show is a fine production with the new camera and Kitty's pink dress not only suits her, but (un...
it's just a strip show, nothing more, but what a beautiful, sexy woman she is. What she lacks in ability is made up for in great physical attributes. 8/10
9 feet tall and only as big around as the pole she dances on. Yet hot enough to not look like a circus freak.
Kitty Jane has the kind of distinctive beauty that allows her to look good in almost anything and her outfit here suits her, although I preferred the one from her first card.On the task bar she was expressive, charming and seductive. I feel she could have done more in terms of viewer interaction and her eye contact was a bit intermittent. She seemed to grow in confidence as she stripped though, and her nude/explicit clips were the best of the bunch.Kitty Jane was considerably more confident and...
Just 8.
pretty girl, but too much sleaze ~ too little tease!for me
KiTTY JANE SAYS Hello >> She might have a long slender proportionate body but she has also some minuses such as tongue piercing; that black long vulva/lubia that looks like a creature from the Deep ( may scares kids if they accidently come across her exposure on my screen); a large mouth with the upper lip not in harmony with the bottom one;. and in her videos, whenever she moves sideways her pelvis protrudes and her rear rib-cage is also protruding. To me her overall (body & face wise) can aver...
Beautiful girl. Tall and slender. Good performer.
4.3 (335 votes)

Duo with Mona Lee

  • Shows: 23 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 71
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 466 MB

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User comments (8)

It's a really, really long show ! I love Kitty Jane, she's tall and sexy, like a top model. Good show !
nice but these "SSSSSS" sounds again are a nuisance - as if someone would clean the floor nearby
Hübsche Mädchen mit geiler show! Fast meine Favs! 9/10
Very good duo but 26 minutes is too short so 9/10
Nice show.
Bonne alchimie entre les deux filles merci Totem
was für schöne lange beine... nur die show könnte besser sein...
4.4 (1068 votes)


  • Shows: 30 clips
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Bonus photos: 56
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 574 MB
  • 1080p: 839 MB

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User comments (47)

I see, the dress represents the board, and then she reveals her playing pieces!
very handsome
i've had this card for years, love it:)
Best legs ever.
10/10 Kitty, the never ending dream from Heaven.! Thanks it gives you Kitty!
LEGS, LEGS, such Beautiful long legs, and a killer Body , HOTTTTT!!!
Very sexy very nice dreat body love love
o oui kitty tu est magnifique mon reve serait un jour de te voir en live o oui kitty mon reve
you are a very sexy girl and the stripties that you do are very hot,I love you!!
I love Kitty Jane, she is so beautiful, sexy, sweet, exciting. A very delicious Girl :* :*
While my current fav is Isabella Chrystin, Kitty Jane might just be close second. Her amazing body and great moves are just too much for words
absolutely gorgeous! a bit clumsy, almost giraffe like, but not being very agile and confident just adds to the experience!
Sexy, tall cock-teaser. Totally beautiful. Great outfit. Perfect tits. Bald poontang. Wicked hot g-string. Faint thong tan line - which I luv as an ass man.Cool clip of her dancing where her skirt just comes up her ass on it's own. Her g-string barely covers her puss.Damn, the way she plays with those gorgeous pussy lips - it's awesome. She has the sort of lips that just wrap themselves around you while inside her.If you look at the photos of this beauty you can see her asshole gaping a bit - to...
A beauty and a body that could not miss in my collection
Beautiful face, ideal breasts, long sexy legs, and a perfect ass. I WANT MORE KITTY JANE!!
I thought her "awkwardness" was rather appealing, given her age. Regarding a comment made by another member: "Eat some food", I would hardly call this Kitty anorexic. She is obviously naturally built this way, and it definitely works for me!!! 10/ doubt about it!!!
I enjoyed all her cards...she is beautiful.Thanks.
Perfect girl, too bad its a virtual world
Hell Yes!!
nice girl very hot ^_^
The girl i wanna meet in a club!!!
Kitty Jane is so incredibly sexy in this card, it's unreal! She screams sensuality and seduction. Wow! Please, more Kitty Jane!!!
Lovely Gorgeous tall and sexy lady.A 10 for her and this card. More of Kitty Please.
i really love her. im looking forward to the next show of her
Kitty on my desktop! Happy in my pants! A queen of Leggy on VG, Kitty twangs her sweet femurs & wide honey hips in seductive pump & sway! I love her exquisite beauty & body style so much that I am happy to see her anytime I can. I love her ass & have a tactile pre-touch sense of the feel of her cheeks on my palms as I watch her caress it!(all that "acid" in my youth begins to pay off)Unique skirt that focuses us on her endless legs!In one clip she faces away while hip swaying and the skirt zips...
I really like the look of this girl, very sexy!
More of her, she's gorgous
simply fabulous! more please!
Very nice blond babe. Waiting for more cards of her. Have to agree on the photo`s, you always seem to see the same positions for the different girls. Would be nice if there would be different positions too.
Very sweet girl! Can't wait to see more of her!
oh boys do i get hot and sweety every time i see my kity as a matter i cum every time
Pros - simply LUV how the little dress rides up (yummy!!); that teeny tiny thong makes your mouth water 0_0; so warm and inviting while raw-bone sexy; love that peach and those lipsCons - slightly clumsy, like an overgrown adolescent; a little uncreative at times; overuses the finger suck thingKitty is THE most gorgeously awkward babe on VG. She is as hot as she is tall and lanky, a very unusual but magnetic combination. My advice; start at the full nudity clips. 9 out of 10.
The legs had me, but the show didn't.
good 5+
She is thin and her legs are so skinny,still Kitty Jane does it for me!Was just waiting for this card to come up 1dollar. I am not disapointed with this card!
I like thin girls, nothing wrong with them at all. Her legs are long and sexy, nice tits. I guess physically, her weakest feature is her butt, not exactly the most perfect shape, in my opinion.... but still not bad either. Her performance is ok, but not spectacular. She seemed a bit nervous and clumsy, as other posters have mentioned. Still, a good card overall. A pity there are only 2 VG cards of her available. I have all of her DB cards though. Well worth the credits.
Long, leggy and sexy, but lacks style, that dress was not what she needed to give of herself, it made her look awkward in the strip, superb body and moves well away from the pole, shall I say "could do better".Afraid she only gets an 8 from me, I was left feeling I had missed something, nothing to do with her looks, but she needs to work on the performance a lot more.
Very nice.
A pretty and sexy lady; a bit too skinny for my taste though. The thing I didn't like about this show is that she seemed to be in a hurry, like she wasn't enjoying it. Still, I give her a 7.
Beautiful woman with a great body gives a very enthusiastic show. Possibly the clumsiest dancer I've seen on VG: she slips and slides at every opportunity. But it really doesn't detract from this gorgeous young woman's performance. Well above the average show in my estimation.
I will affectionately refer to Kitty Jane as "Stretch". She is somebody I really look up to!!
Kitty is a leggy, very tall girl: you can get the proper idea of it looking at her in some videos where she perfors side by side to other girls. She has a nice face, beautiful eyes, and a natural body..... but of course it's at her long legs you'll go after when you see her for the first times. Although she a nice girl she's not a good dancer: her show on the pole and in other clips is a disaster.
Kitty Jane is a very tall and slim girl with a shapely body and a distinctively pretty face. She looks good in this sexy little red dress.On the task-bar, although she did all the right things to appear sexy and seductive, her eye contact was intermittent, I didn't find her very interactive and the performance seemed a bit static.Her pole routine was varied and she used the pole quite well, but seemed rather hesitant and lacked fluidity of movement. Her striptease with the pole was really very p...
Nice but there's defo better!Legs are more like a stick insect ireckon.....Lol
love your tits and pussy!
Really beautiful woman. Tall and slender, but in proportion. Good show too.
4.4 (327 votes)

Duo with Melissa Ria

  • Shows: 22 clips
  • Duration: 26 min.
  • Bonus photos: 61
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 465 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (5)

Nice and sexy.
The tall Kitty Jane is amazing, as usual. Melissa Ria is quite exotic and really sexy too. If you're looking for sensuality, this card is probably what you need.
surprisingly Melissa actually does good with another girl. this is a enjoyable card. Melissa sucks on her own, but with Kitty it gets hot.
MAJOR babeage here! Kitty & Melissa are luscious in their sensual, undulatory, Kiss and Wiggle intro. Energetic and erotically exploratory they create a fine illusion of lovers at play, with constant kiss, caress, & fuck. Light moaning sounds are in abundance, but, alas, there is no use of speaking erotic invitations to viewer, a sad lack in DB cards!While the card suffers from a few of Totem's FADE TOO EARLY edits,(one in particular/Mel about to lick Kitty's pucker-FADE!Arghh!)it more than make...
4.5 (820 votes)


  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 3
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 397 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (32)

Dream Kitty, love Kitty, get Kitty! Delicious!!!
Great Body. This is the kind of models that deserve to be on Totem. I still don't understand how other models with stretch marks and damaged tits are taken as models.
Lovely lady with a very lovely body. 100+ Super hot and sexy.
WOW she's Pretty and Tall
All Virtuagirl girls are wonderful. Each of them makes us feel and trigger different emotions and desires in our bodies and minds, more or less intense, depending on the emotional situation in which we find ourselves. Honestly, I congratulate the entire team of Virtuagirl, that makes this great software full of wonderful emotions.Congratulations! Great Striptease of Kitty Jane. I love this girl, with a face and a body can only imagine in dreams. She is really wonderful.
Wow one HOT Babe I could live with her to the end of my days! Kitty you are the one, hope to finde somedays girl just like her! Solid 11/10 ;*
Si te gustan las chicas delgadas pero con buen trasero y gomas...esta carta es para tí! Caliente por todos lados. 10
Lovely, beautiful girl, with great prospective talent. However, it might just be my eyes playing tricks on me but her left areola appears larger to me than the right. I personally have nothing against this, as she is still stunning as ever.
Kitty Jane, Why aren't you at the top of the list???? Loved your show. Don't know what this thing is re: Melissa. You are a vision of loveliness!!
Perfect body, just beautifulll - acting kind of worse, since even when pretending to come Kitty keeps looking at someone to the side of camera for directions ...
Elegante, guapa, con un gran estilo y unas piernas kilométricas... Simplemente perfecta
She is fucking amazing!!!
She is perfect 10++++
endlich mal nee süsse geile maus ...
Had to rate her a perfect 10 .... everything lovely and very sexy .......
Kitty Jane is truly drop dead georgous in every way! I am without a doubt one of the biggest Jana Cova fans there is,and i still haven't gotten over the fact that she will no longer be with Totem. but looking at some of the new girls for example:Mandy Dee,Kitty Jane,Susan Snow, and over at virtuagirl,Coxy)and others,i think everything will be alright.
Everything about this babe is long and tall. She shows us that she is well worth the climb.
Kitty Jane est trop hot depuis que je l'ai découverte en 1er sur VGHD :p Mais sur Deskbabes, je ne sais plus si c'est le paradis ou l'enfer avec elle maintenant ^^
Can't get over how hot this girl is! Every time she pops up on my monitor, I just have to stop and watch, no matter what I'm doing. She's got these smoldering eyes, too. Really good show as well. Hope to see lot's more of her in the future.
I have been waiting for this model. More of her, always better :)
Great show, yet a bit short. Someone should fix the bonus video links.
Kitty Jane is a goddess!Her entry is blessed by the gorgeous sound of her speaking voice, which sadly is not used often enough in this card.She has an ease of offering her body that is seductive even before she strips. Nice topless tit squeezing action.There are NO "full nudity" setting clips (if you set just that to play)She gets her groove on full tilt in the Explicit & X rated clips.Digging into her pants before she drops 'em to spank her ass, all the while tangin' back & forth on those sweet...
Kitty Jane hot girl liked to see her in black lingerie 10
Kitty Jane has done some awesome anal adult videos. How about a nice solo anal card from an actual anal star instead of those unknown and lets be honest often below average anal cards you have?
Kitty Jane is an elegant tall girl with an amazing body and a pretty face. Her fingering scenes is amazing and she's good in acting (real orgasm or not ? hard to know). I like her screaming and the look in her eyes, that's very seductive. Why "only" an 8 then ? For two reasons. First, the show is a bit short, I would've expected more. Second, her interview... why does she always talk about her boyfriend ? Jenni Gregg did the same thing, and omg, we don't care about it ! We don't look for girls w...
i totally disagree w/ rawise i think deskbabes is great not all of us want to see dick, i'd much rather see a dildo being sucked than a cock & balls anyday i do have a problem w/the models rubbing thier nipples w/a dildo i just don't get how thats sexy other than that vghd n db r the best thing i've bought 4 my puter
Kitty is damn sexy! I really like this card. If you're into her look, it's totally worth your attention..
Kitty Jane has very hot, very classically beautiful looks. Her big natural breasts, long neck, and square-shouldered, thin body are hard to ignore. What?s also hard to ignore is her repetitive ?Oooo, hiss, Mmm, oooo? routine. She is one of the few girls on DeskBabes that should have had her sount turned off in the final edit.
bitte mehr von ihr!
Here Kitty, Kitty. Come back, Kitty!
i'd love to lick her toes!
4.5 (525 votes)

Duo with Christina Jolie

  • Shows: 27 clips
  • Duration: 28 min.
  • Bonus photos: 73
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 485 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (22)

Some great making out. Christina goes for it.
The clip where Kitty is riding the strap on.... No words
Shameless fucking of steaming beauty Kitty Jane! DELICIOUS! Thank you for that Kitty!
Very hot strap on scenes... one of the best DB cards, highly recommend it
Two of my personal favourites together, and soooo hot. Certainly one of the best shows on DB. And when Cdristina puts on a strap on, and Kitty mounts it - heaven. For leg lovers - Christina sports her bodysuit throughout the show, and keeps on black sandals while Kitty keeps on those lovely classic pumps. Sweet and f...g hot!
The strap-on scenes are great and that's what is missing in many other duo cards. Very complete and extremey hot card, with two different girls with complementary profiles.
Beide ergänzen sich wunderbar und leben ihre Geilheit richtig schön aus; die Dildospiele sind echt scharf.
Zwei feine geile Fickstuten. Das Catsuits ist sehr sexy. Schöne Show mit Umschnall-Dildo
the strap on scenes are great. that is the energy i like to see in the cards.
sweet!!, the strap-on action rocks!! more cards like this!!!
The second card with a strap on being used. WOW! These two certainly know how to perform together. Keep them together I say. ;-D
KITTY JANE OMG KITTY JANE! Very sexy performance. Kitty takes most of my full attention here. Tall,leggy,stacked, model beautiful face,tan,erotically explicit, sounds great. OK I'm obsessed! Card starts with nice intro..I love Jane's delivery & voice, moves on to lots of kissing (yeah!)some nice tit rub & jiggle, honey ass spankin',& more kissing.They do a lot of dual, standing, squatting, spread to us, pussy masturbation,dildo self fucking action that accentuates the contrast of Jolie's open cr...
Two fantastic ladies with very hot bodies. Really enjoyed the strap-on play, would have liked to have seen more scenes with maybe Kitty standing before a kneeling Christina performing orally on the dong. Did not care for Kitty?s cat suit or the fact she did not strip out of it. But I?m looking forward to more of these two, either together, with other girls or solo.
Absolutely brilliant. How about an Ariel and Christina Jolie duet?
Another great shows as expected. Again no panties in this show like in Playful Anns show too. And finally explicit clips where we actually get to see pussy. Both girls look great especially Christina. The show features 14 x-rated clips, 8 with dildo and 6 without dildo. The girls introduce themselves in at least 2 clips(Totems standard introduction as we might call it;-)) The girls are very nice together. Nice boobie play. Wow the explicit dildo clip actually have them rubbing the dildos against...
Mixed feelings with this card. I normally don't care to much for strap-on (i prefer a real cock) but i must admit that these two hot babes make it looks good. Rest of the show is great.
these two could definitly give silvie deluxe a lesson in how to use the strap-on!
Wonderful Duo, the best clips for me are when Kitty Jane ride the strapon of Christina Jolie, great card, very thanks :))
It would have been better if the body suit came off.
Je ne donne que 8 car je n'aime pas le costume de Christina Jolie et elle le garde pendant tout le show, vraiment dommage.
Great card! Beautiful Girls! Strap-ons!.....BUT....Why the weird lace full body suit? Ugh!!! We are men on this site (mostly probably)! We like naked girls! We are simple creatures! Get these girls naked!!!
Joli duo, mais Christina est magnifiquement troublante .....

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