Kety Pearl

  • City: Prague
  • Country: Czech republic
  • Age: 27 y.o.
  • Height: 5.64 ft.
  • Weight: 132 lb.
  • Vital statistics: 37" / 26.5" / 38"

At 26 years old, Kety Pearl is a little more experienced than the other girls you see in action here regularly. She is no longer a teen and not quite yet a MILF. She tries harder than other girls and as always, her efforts are rewarded with loyalty from her true fans. Are you a Kety Pearl supporter? See her previews and you'll understand why so many people are now!

Number of shows: 4

Kety Pearl's shows

4.5 (971 votes)


  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Bonus photos: 84
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 369 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (45)

This is a card I haven't looked at in a while, why?, I don't know. But, DAMN!!!!! It's like finding money in a suit you haven't worn in a while. Kety has an incredible ass and a spectacular trim.
Love the way she uses that dido. Nice work.
Kety is absolutely amazing! Beautiful, sensual, so hot! I'd like to have more shows with her.
The sexiest women in this world are found in central Europe and quite possibly the sexiest on the Virtuagirl/Deskbabe site is Kety Perl - gorgeous face and body but what really gets me going are her deep dark eyes and super sexy voice. Her every move just exudes sensuality. Ten plus plus ...
Kety's card is a surprise to me, she is not wearing an outfit that catches my eye, she is not in a smoking hot pose, but does look very good, but the preview was enough to give her card a try. I am very pleased to say that I'm glad I did.
I really like the way she gets into pummeling her pussy.
Die Show ist einfach perfekt in meinen Augen. Super Body, den sie zunächst ausgiebig präsentiert. Die ganze Show über barfuß und wenn sie dann den Dildo nimmt und ihn nach einer ausgiebigen Befeuchtung mit ihrer Zunge schließlich langsam einführt, wird einem ganz heiß.Die Schnitte sind sehr gut gelungen und ihr Blickkontakt und die Mimik haben mich richtig gefangen genommen. Von mir klare 10/10. Tolle Arbeit Toteme und Kety!
i still waiting for the show...
taking the dildo deep 10/10. love this.
Listen to the wetness in this show.. Its awesome!!! So is Kety!!! This show has it all.. You wont be upset after this... Nice Long deep strokes... Great moan and spetacular action... She knows what we want and gives it to us fast, slow, hard, deep, and wet... Who could ask for more
Ein bärenstarkes Mädchen mit einer saugeilen Show. Einfach genau mein Fall!
Beautiful, Sexy and naughty girl but I'm not complaining. I also love her accent and smile :) She's certainly enjoying herself and makes me smile everytime I see her and hear her humour with the comments "I will show you something" and "My best friend"! She puts on a great dildo show and just about buries it a few times! I would love to be her "best friend" anyday! Thank you very much Kety for the great show! ;)
Peerfect show but to short. 10 points
This woman's attitude, vocals, and toy performance are the BOMB!
I must say, Katy Pearl makes my heart skip a beat she is so hot! It's her every seductive move and beauty that keeps me begging for more. She is more than a 10.
By far the best dildo work of any card I've seen. And the way she looks at you while she does it is PHENOMENAL!Her sexy stare is such a turn-on. I can't resist this woman, she is my favorite Deskbabes performer. Elegant, sexy, and a bit dirty all in one package, Kety Pearl is a gem. If you get one DB card get this one! 10/10
I can't believe Kety was in my 1 credit pile, her card has by far been the best I've seen!!! So sexy and incredibly hot show!!!
I find Kety Pearl irresistably beautiful. She is my kind of woman. I'd love to see her do a VGHD set or some more DeskBabes cards. If I ever Make it to Prague, I'd love to see her in person.
she is very sexy girl....very good show 10/10
na geht doch... endlich mal nee geile dildoshow...
She is soooooo sexy!!! I like the dirty talk in her clips. I wish more cards like Kety Pearl.
????????? ????????
She had me at "So, Hi everybody, I'm Katy Pearl and I will show you something... if you want to see"
All around best female on DB from physical to personality a true 10, her solo and duo cards are a must buy.
Very good performance, great body. For all you guys asking for her on Virtuagirl, check her classic card where she uses the single name Kety. Of course, I wouldn't mind seeing her in some new VGHD cards either.
Kety Pearl is a breath of fresh air. Her ability to work the camera and engage the punters out there in cyberspace is second to none! Kety's body symmetry is simply stunning to say the least, a body that the sexiest sports car designers could learn from, lean but curvascious. Kety's sultry smile is just so alluring, I hope to see more of Miss Kety Pearl.
I love this girl, I love her English, her body and everything about her... In a 1-10 she's an 11 the only thing that could make her a 12 or more is for her to play with that lovely ass of hers... I would love to see more of her please... I agree with (38normie) one word stunning...
Kety Prarl you are a 10+++++,and i agree with Smokey98,this girl is very good.
I love kety Pearl, I love your body, she is a wonderful girl. 10/10
Kety zeigt uns eine heisse Show mit vielen geilen Stellungen. Sie weiss sich vor der kamera zu bewegen und genießt es in vollen Zügen.Sie ist sehr gut gebaut, nur ein paar Hautunebenheiten stören ein wenig an ihrem sonst sehr schönen Körper.Sie macht es sich nicht Anal, und dennoch ist sie mit Recht ganz oben beim Ranking dabei.Allgemein ist diese neue Generation an Solo Shows sehr gelungen. Mag ihr Outfit, Sie hätte noch ein wenig mehr dirt Talk einbauen können.heiße Frau...10/10
WOW,HOT!!! she is a really nice woman
Love this card and Kety is hot hot hot and i would like to see more off her on DB and would love to see her on VG
This is another show that was shot perfectly! by that i mean, only 9 scenes,all close ups! gives the show a real personal feel.Beautiful girl,excellent show!
I love the way she rides that dildo , we need more like this
one word stunning
Great show!!
I think I could fall in love with her. She`s gorgeous, has a awesome mimic, nice smile and her photos....WOW
Beatifull Kety. Lovely body. Nice legs. There are two separate scene sequences, and in one of these she keeps those nice pumps on, and in the other - not. But she is lovely, and show is great
I watched this performance 3 or 4 times, because I kept saying to myself that Kety reminded me of someone, and then it struck me...She is a MUCH sexier version of Jennifer Connely! Needless to say, while watching her strut her stuff, I nearly Hulk'd out a number of times! When she lay on her side, and inserted her "special friend" all the way to the hilt, I was blown away! What an absolutely smoking performance! Btw, the scorpion tattoo on her pelvis is a great touch! Luv ya, babe!
I expected more after all the praise. It's still a good card though.9/10.
Kety Pearl is a newcomer to the Desk Babes site, but that doesn't mean she doesn?t know how to perform. She talks dirty, though she isn't as chatty as some others have been and she isn't on the same high sexual plane as talkers like Jana Cova. She is sexy though, and her voice is alluring.Her body is awesome too. She has one of my favorite builds, similar to Sandra Sanchez, and a beautiful face to go with it. She knows how to use her body to effect, striking poses that accentuate her great ass,...
A very dirty girl, very confident and great solo dildo work. Sexy vocals, with humour (I think she knows she can't act. ha ha)It doesn't matter, she can give a sex show, something you might see in a sex club in Prague or Brno. 8/10 might be a bit harsh. I love her really, the sexy minx.
VG can never win so they just have to keep doing what they do. Let me start by saying I like this girl and it seems she not only has a beautiful face but a great body unfortunately you would never know it because the whole card is a closeup with her sitting on the taskbar. To get a full body look at her you need to rely on the photos which is why the card lost 3 point from my rating. I hope this is not her only card.
Queen of the dildo, show not to be missed. One of the best of Deskbabe
4.5 (424 votes)

Duo with Leony April

  • Shows: 1 clips
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Bonus photos: 99
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 400 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (12)

Awesome duo.
Katy Pearl in red fishnets and peep toe heels fucks Leony April, who is wearing black stockings and platform heels... Yes. The girls are dream come true and while the action could be a bit more of the interaction betwwen them, still they are fun to watch. Thanks
Girls are playful and video quality is excellent
Deux belles cochonnes et puis j'ai un faible pour Kety Pearl, cette fille a un regard qui vous en dit long sur ses possibilités.
This card has some of everything in it. It has a dominant, dark-haired Kety Perl teamed up with the semi-submissive Leony April in a duo that has fun conversation, the occasional funny line (even if it is sometimes because English is not the first language), girl-girl interaction in native tongues (pun intended), and hardcore scenes to offset the lipstick lesbian kissy-feely ones.In short, it has almost everything you could ask for in a DeskBabes card. It's a litlte short, but not bad, and very...
Very stimulating dialouge. Awesome
???????? ?????? ?????, ???? ?? ??? ??????????. ??? ?????? 10\10
This is marvelous show! I hope to see more of them in the future. I agree with rageman that a little more one-on-one would be a plus. Being that I am from the USA I get a little curious on what types of accents these beauties have. Some times my guess is NOTHING like what they actually sound. This is certainly NOT the main reason why I prefer this site rather than your sister site VirtuaGirl, but it is within the top 8 reasons... >:)Beautiful show ladies, congrats! WoW!
Same here.... Leony is a warranty of top notch show, and Kety is also adorable... i give'em 10 on spot. But the thing that bugs me is the lack of interviews in video section for all of my 4 cards, maybe i'm still new to DB but i remember that every VG card had interview with a girl.... now it's mostly shower scene or some other bts from the shoot... bring back the interviews!
Don`t need to watch it to say that this is a ten, love both of em.
nice show , nice brunettes and good show :-) lovely
Zwei hübsche Mädchen mit einer schönen show, gehören aber nicht zu meinen Favs. 9/10
4.3 (280 votes)

Duo with Bridget

  • Shows: 7 clips
  • Duration: 21 min.
  • Bonus photos: 79
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 398 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (7)

Two lovely ladys = one great show.
Beautiful girls and awsome pussy action. These two girls have great looking pussies. Their accents make the show even better. This card combines two girls with prominent features and hot personalities. I would eat that.
Zwei sehr schöne Bräute, die auch klasse was herzeigen. Mehr davon!
Excellent duo, très excitant et complice, Kety Peart est divine, Bridget n'est pas mal non plus.
good performance , good show and lovely performerslovely :-)
Buy it!! They are great in this card, both of them, but Kety is outstanding, don´t say anythng else, this deserves the 2 credits. I strongly recomend it.
... Good show and you are correct, Ms. Kety Pearl is a gem (NPI) with real body parts too! Ms. Bridget seemed is bit shy at first. Also with real body parts! Good job girls.Note to JuicEeLM _ you might want to count again.
4.3 (328 votes)

Duo with Kattie Gold

  • Shows: 7 clips
  • Duration: 20 min.
  • Bonus photos: 95
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Level: XXX
  • 720p: 382 MB

Sample pictures

User comments (8)

Kety Pearl feet in the air waring white open toe and side pumps and Kattie's Gold betwwen those lovel legs going at her pussy with black dildo... Oh yes... Another keeper. And yes Kattie does not take of her wedge sandals, and obviously enjoying brinnging her lover to a intense orgasm.
Just missing launch a 3D version
I wish I could join them. Great performance 10.
Deux superbes filles, très chaudes, j'ai un faible pour Kety qui est une vraie cochonne, Kattie est très mignonne aussi, elle ne parle pas du tout anglais, c'est dommage mais pas capital après tout, le show est juste un poil trop court.
Kattie Gold & Kety Pearl you are in the top 5 Duo's,1000+ thank you,money well spent,it's good to watch two sexy beautiful girls enjoying each other. Another card with these two please.What about a threesome with Pussykat,that would be something to see.
These are two ladies that seem to have no shyness - they are looking forward to this and they are at least projecting the image that they want you to see what they are doing with each other, time and time again. Maybe too much time spent interested in looking enthusiastically to the camera when they could be spending it practicing their explorations.
sexy duo, two beauties and a great show simply amazing
Sehr hübsches Paar mit geiler show, aber manchmal, wenn es besonders "spannend" wird, ist die Szene aus ... 9/10

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